i need a new edit tag

I know this has been talked about, but I need to speak about it again and revel in the beauty of it because it’s given me new shipper life.

Have you guys looked at Sam’s hashtag on Instagram before? Yes, I know that’s a rhetorical question. He is hashtagged in thousands of pictures a day, and there are ALWAYS recent tags of stills from the show or promo shots of Jamie and Claire from the show. ALWAYS.

And yet he was online at 4am and decided to regram a fan edit of him and Caitriona at the Globes where they look absolutely STUNNING together. He could have picked one of just JAMMF or Jamie and Claire if he wanted to talk about his excitement for S3 because it doesn’t match the picture of them from the Globes. But he didn’t.

He just wanted them on his feed because they look so freaking gorgeous together and now love has exploded in the air and if people want to act like what he did wasn’t intentional or solely about him and Cait, then they are choosing to be blind. I literally want to explode with rainbows and hearts because they’re just everything together and I don’t care if that makes me a fool, I will wrap myself in tin foil. 😭

following spree 🌻

keeping up with this blog has been super hard lately!! i am patiently waiting for season 3 of hq!! so hopefully things will pick up then. in the meantime, i need new blogs to follow. please reblog if you post ANY of the following:

  • haikyuu!!
  • kenhina
  • voltron
  • video games - skyrim, oblivion, portal (2), loz
  • aes (especially sunny blogs!!)
  • lgbt+ positivity
  • any kind of positivity (for my cozy tag)

thank you so much!! have a nice day ♡

edit: more likely to follow if you have a tagging system!!

pardon the terrible graphic it doesn’t really matter to the rest of this post

anyways, do you love the new ghostbusters? did you fall in love with jillian holtzmann and erin gilbert(’s relationship)? well then this is the network for you! (oh my gosh this sounds like a bad infomercial)

👻 how to apply 👻

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post (until about august 31 or maybe longer)
  • this post needs to get at least 30 notes pls
  • fill out this form

👻 what i’m looking for 👻

  • nice bloggers
  • some posts about ghostbusters and holtzbert 
  • multifandom is cool

👻 what you get 👻

  • a spot on the network page (once i make it)
  • a place to tag all your edits, selfies, text posts, etc.
  • new friends !

message me with questions !

shoutout to me for this bomb ass edit

so i decided to make a groupchat?? i have no theme but i wanna make new friends so yeah :-)


  • follow me
  • reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking)
  • fill out this form
  • be a nice person!

why you should join:

  • i need friends and you could be my friend??
  • loads of other new mutuals/friends
  • likes/reblogs on your selfies/art/posts
  • possibly skype chats? we dont have to if you dont wanna :-)
  • a safe place to talk about life and fandoms
  • a lot of other stuff im forgetting

extra info:

  • tag me in your stuff! that includes tag games, art, selfies, or just posts you want me to see/reblog! also feel free to just send me the link :-)
  • if you wanna follow me on other social media, you can, it isn’t required though! message me your usernames for a follow back :) here’s a post with all my social medias!
  • i’ll be choosing about 8-12 people around august 10th, the date may be pushed back if no one enters rip

any comments or questions can be sent to me either on or off anon!

Yes! The King T’Challa Network is accepting more members! I’d really love to add as many more people as I can in the network! So, here we go!


What I’m Looking For

  • people who love T’Challa
  • friendly and active bloggers
  • organized blog and some sort of tagging system
  • blogs marvel (multi fandom is fine)

What You Get

  • a spot on the member page
  • a group of cool people who share your love of T’Challa
  • new friends
  • a place to share your gifs, edits, selfies, icons, etc.
  • a safe place to obsess over T’Challa


  • if you are accepted you will need to send me a 150x150 icon for the page and a quote/description to go with it
  • track the tag #kingtchallanet (also if you get accepted)
  • ends August 7th at 6pm EST (there’s a clock in my updates tab)
  • members will be announced 1-3 days after

That’s it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! :)

artdefines06  asked:

Dan's new vid was so great but did anyone else feel like everyone got dragged lol. he secretly sassed tumblr, pastel edits, shipping, societies need to put people in boxes, other youtubers never tagging them, etc. and it was great. The subtleties will take weeks to find. I need these songs (this and the end of tatinof) as mp3's to play randomly in my car lol.

tbh it’s one of the things that made the video so great. because dan didn’t just ‘drag’ himself, but the byproducts of his work (phan shipping, sexual ambiguity, etc.), which takes a lot of courage, doesn’t it?

anonymous asked:

do you have any new fic recs i need something new to read thx ily

uhhhmmm i’m not really reading anything rn except for the fire you put me through turned me into gold by @petalmikey but anything by @mikeykink and @paper-storm is always worth a read, and i have a page tagged/recs where i reblog fics i’ve read or plan on reading :-)

EDIT: oh and @thiccassluke has been posting some new work, and @mukehug‘s fic is really good! 

anonymous asked:

Ok but you have some tips for somebody that is really new on Photoshop? Just like everthing looks so easy... BUT IT'S SO HARD I'M JUST /(T-T)/

it took me a while to understand ps as well, if you look at my edits back in 2013 they were scary, haha.  I made this for my friend zuzu to show the tools I use the most (X). Besides that check out my tutorial tag (X) or I’d recommend searching on tumblr “graphic tutorial” or something similar. Keep it up anon! I’m sure you’ll create some masterpieces soon! ^-^

Hi!!! I’m Roxy and I just remade tumblr after not having it for like a year and a half. It would be rlly cool if I could find some new blogs to follow and maybe mutuals yerp. So anyway you know the drill could you please reblog this if you post

  • Homestuck
  • Undertale
  • Pokemon
  • Pink/Pastel Aesthetic Stuff

Or if you are hskin, utkin, pokekin…or kin in general.


(Edit: Whoop I forgot here’s my links if you wanna check that out)

Promo’s & Compliments - 3/8

Mutuals ||| Favourites


i truly identify with your url– also you mentioned wanting to make an edit with halsey lyrics?! gurl, just go for it! tbh there are theories that literally nothing in this world is original anymore, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from creating - how dull would the world be if no one would ever be creative again?! if you make the thing, don’t hesitate to tag me in it! i’d love to see it!


mar is a bae, what else could i say?! hey woah that rhymes! also i deeply respect the way you turned your families into marvel nerds lmao, if only my fam was like that! also guyssss mar has some grEAt edits so if you’re in the need for a new icon, check them out!

@buchunan​ +f

this text post is yours?!?!?! waaaaaaaahhhhh first off how dare you
ugh anyway your posts are great and i’m glad to be following you now!!


vicky vicky vicky vicky vicky!!!!!!!
ok everyone probably knows vicky already right?! because if you don’t, you sure are missing out like,,,,,,, ehm,,,, look at her edits,,,,,,,,,,, her icons,,,,,,,,,,, i’m just— vicky is too good for this world! if you’re not following her already, do eeeet, and help her reach her 1k goal before her birthday!


ok so i haven’t been following you for a very long time but i’m already happy i did?! i love seeing your pink icon on my dash! or purple idk,,, same

prettydamianwayne replied to your

postBless you for keeping the Dick-Tiger fandom alive

Anna you are the backbone of it all!! Honestly you are the best!! MVP!! (Also not to make excuses but my edits kind of super suck and there hasn’t been much new content anyways ��)




bc at the moment it’s The Pomegranate Show which is probably gonna turn off potential shippers looking at the tag for the first time lmfao

So old. And i need a little help!

I updated a few pages on the Lost Room wiki…. good God, its last edit was from 2012!! Geez! And it’s very bad too. They don’t even reference specific episodes and have less than 100 images!

Please, I didn’t watch the show, but I know a friend who did and maybe you guys did too? If you could help update that wiki, it would be so awesome to give it new life.

I need people who can watch episodes of The Lost Room, and are good with editing wikis. And I’ll be reblogging this post a few times a day to keep people reminded. And to start off, I’ll tag some people who might be able to help.

@prof-draco, @balencia, @affectos, @reggie2524, @locky-chan, @the-glitchiest-glitch, maybe you all can help?

@choi-jiyong tagged me to do 11 questions im gonna be a bummer and not make up new ones tho. i tag @feministgot7 and anyone else who wants to!

1. who is your ultimate bias? 🔹min yoongi💕
2. what is your list order for your fav group? 🔹yoongi>tae>the rest
3. music video you’ve watched the most times? 🔹probably like….i need u just bc ive used it to edit so much
4. place where you feel the most at home? 🔹my actual home prob or my college😪
5. if you could be an animal, what would you be? 🔹an eagle or some other big bird
6. favorite cold drink in the summer? (like not alcoholic, like from starbucks or something lol)🔹just like iced coffee or like birch beer at the beach
7. one goal you have for 2017? 🔹find a job that is career based!
8. if you won the lottery, what would you use the money for?🔹i would split it up: invest, donate, get family and friends nice things, etc
9. favorite candle scent? 🔹SUN AND SAND by yankee candle is my all time fav but I love so many omg
10. one song/artist you’re listening to outside of kpop? 🔹some songs rn: cheap thrills-sia, toothbrush-dnce, good grief-bastille
11. guilty pleasure? 🔹fluffy het fic

i really need active ships, so if anyone’s interested.. i miss it..