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What Happened w/ SS

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Normal, right. Just a random person complaining about a name they don’t like. Most just ignore it and move on. I pitched in and said basically what the first person said, “Once it leaves your lair, it’s not yours. Naming before you sell can help.”

The second I jump in, they complain some more and I send another explanation. Right before I hit send, I get this ping.

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Huh? So I go back and revise my original message as so:

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Okay? I literally don’t care and I guess we’re ignoring the fact that you just wrongly claim that I’M the one buying your ugly dragons and exalting them. Like I’d waste my time/money on ya.

I bring up the quote from them saying that I did all this and ask them to quit pinging me.

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Yeah, I could’ve been nicer, but at this point I’m just really done with this conversation and don’t have the patience for it. After this, I get three pings in a row saying that pings don’t hurt me and I need to get over it and they’re gonna ping me all they like, so I replied naturally.

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(Cornpops joke because they’re upset over their dragon being named Cornpops.)

They continue whining to others in their thread for a bit while maintaining that I’m the big bad wolf even though I didn’t buy their dumb dragons.

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At this point, I take a stroll through their lair and notice a lovely orca/mulberry/periwinkle RB who I buy and name “LUCKYCHARMS”. Not out of spite, actually, I’m going to keep her and breed fodder w/ her. Think I’ll name her mate “COCOAPUFFS”.

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They obviously notice as they go absolutely batshit. The following images just speak for themselves.

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Comments left on my userpage:

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So, in the end, like 3 different threads of theirs got deleted for being obviously rude and harassing others (all on the topic of “WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIND WHO EXALTS OUR DRAGONS”) but you know what? I’m feeling pretty lucky.

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I Came Back

Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, couple of nameless OCs

Word count: 600-ish

Warnings: Bit of angst, drinking, bit of fluff

A/N: This is my contribution to @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps Steph’s 500+ Followers and Birthday Challenge I hope this time I’m right with the deadline lol

Unbetad. So yeah, mistakes…

Song Prompt: She’s Not You by Elvis

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I Came Back

The bartender places a fresh bottle and re-fills your glass as you asked. “It’s on the house,” he adds at your quizzical look.

He’s wearing a flirty smirk and his eyebrows are up. You roll your eyes and shake your head. “Thanks though,” you smile politely taking a swing of your free beer.

With a sigh you tap the wooden countertop with tingling fingers, following the rhythm of the 80’s one-hit-wonder playing in the background. The ugly guy that’s been eyeing you for past hour gathers enough courage to sit on the barstool next to yours. Helping your decision of going back to the motel after this one last drink.

But before you can even hop off your sit the door of the pub opens and in comes a tall guy. A hot, tall guy. A hot, tall guy you know a little too well. A hot, tall guy, you know a little too well, own your heart and is the reason you’re getting drunk right now.

You don’t turn around, not even when you hear his low raspy voice as he kicks ugly stinky guy out of his sit.

“Beat it.” It’s like a growl and then the dragging of the metal legs around the dirty concrete floor.

Through the mirror at the back wall you observe carefully as he licks his lips, grazing his lower one with white teeth and stares at you.

“Still here,” he asks after a minute or two.

You just shrug and take another sip of beer. “Had fun?” Is your turn to make a dumb question.

His eyebrows knit in confusion, you roll your eyes. “With big-boobed blondie!”   

Dean scoffs and your eyes finally meet his. “What you think… you think me and-”

“I don’t need to know’er name,” you interrupt with one hand up. Downing your whiskey in one final big chug, you shudder and slip off the barstool.  

“Look, I get it. We’re not together anymore-”

“Only because you wanted t-”

“I know! Anyways… I don’t need you to rub your one night stands in my face.” With two finger on your temple you salute him and turn to leave.

Dean has your old beer in hand, so you assume he’s just sticking around until he finish it before he heads back.

“Y/N. Wait!” The loud stomping of his boots accompany his voice.

You stop only when you’re already outside and wait for him to get to you. “What?”

He looks down at you with a sad smile and sighs. “I just need you to know I didn’t. I didn’t sleep with her.” His hands move to your arms and his thumbs caress the naked skin of your forearms.

“You want me to believe that after all that flirting and touching,” -you shudder again at the memory- “you didn’t sleep with her.That Dean Winchester, let the hottest woman in the bar tonight, just walk away and didn’t- ”

Plump soft lips against yours stop every sound coming from your mouth. And like something you’d been doing all your life and never stopped, you kiss him back. Leaning your body to his, sucking in the heat emanating from him. Fisting the rough fabric of his jacket, pulling him closer to you. Parting your lips to allow his sweet tongue to meet yours.

His big hands roam your body, settling in the back of your head; fingers tangling in your hair and on your lower back; pulling you impossibly closer to him, letting you know how much you still excite him.

Only when your lungs burn for air you break the kiss and take a big ragged breath.

“I came back for her,” Dean whispers and you just blink no knowing what he’s talking about. “I came back to take the hottest woman back to my room with me.”

“What? But she was-”

“No,” he sweetly drags a few stranded hairs behind your ear and cups your cheek. “She wasn’t you.”

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I had to write something about Wes Weston. I think I’m in love.


Wes looked up at the white clock that hung just above the whiteboard, its second hand going slower the longer he stared at it. He needed the bell to ring and he needed it to ring now!

He needed to talk to Danny.

He’d been desperate to talk to the boy since yesterday but settled for waiting until today to do it. Of course, Danny had been late to school (probably due to him fighting ghosts or something. Wes didn’t know. He didn’t stalk the boy’s every move just because he knew he was Danny Phantom) which forced Wes to wait until the end of the school day to talk to Danny.

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–– ♡ ❛ + VERSE/OTP NAME IDEAS [ PART 2 ] !

       there are a lot of master lists like these based on songs. and songs are great, but, as a movie lover, i decided to put together a bunch of quotes from movies to be used for the same purpose. so under the cut you’ll find 178 movie quotes that can be used as otp/verse names. these are organized by movie title and some may even fit a brotp. hope it comes in handy to any of you!

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i don’t know how likely it is that the video dan was talking about will be a coming out video, but it makes sense considering his views on sexuality, especially in current years. he’s gone on a number of rants about it not being important to self identify and how societies obsession with labels is dumb, but also hasn’t tried to hide his attraction to boys and mentioned how important it is for representation in the media. it makes sense for him to make a video about his experiences with crushes on boys or something like that rather than a serious ‘here’s how i identify’ video. if he decides to do this, i’ll be really proud of him for not only using his name to represent the lgbt+ community, but for just being open with himself too

So….I was reading the recap for Raw to see if there was anything I missed, and yeah…I missed the part where the crowd apparently chanted “fire Roman” when Foley had to make his decision on who to terminate.

You smarks have a hilarious way of shooting yourselves in the foot.

Remember when Roman was suspended? The noticeable DIP in viewership and ratings as a result on BOTH SHOWS? Clearly you buffoons need a reason to stand up and scream at your tvs/the entranceway, and guess what? Roman is the reason whether you hate or love him. Before saying dumb crap like “fire Roman” maybe you smarks need to stop and think about a WWE without Roman Reigns and realize how much that would fucking SUCK.

Yeah. The WWE would SUCK without Roman Reigns.

Even with Seth Rollins.
Even with Finn Balor.
Even with Sami Zayn.
Even with Kevin Owens.
Even with Chris Jericho.
Even with Bayley.
Even with Charlotte Flair.

You get my point. Am I wrong? Again, look at the huge dip in the rating when we had to go a MONTH without The Big Dog. Dropping these names isn’t to say that these stars couldn’t carry Raw, at all. Because they damn well could, Kevin Owens especially, I hope he gets the belt again soon so he can REALLY show out. But again, when it comes to reasons why people watch, Roman Reigns tops it, whether ya’ll can’t wait to boo him, or he’s your favorite, or hell, if you wanna see a damn good fight. I’ll argue this point until I’m blue in the face.

Hi I’m sorry but I need to gush about my sad and gay and probably unrequited crush. Her name is Stevie and she is so goddamn cute? She’s so fricking pretty like she has these really nice short brown curly locks that are always a damn mess but its honestly even more endearing and cute that way?She has glasses and really big blue eyes and her smile’s radiant and it makes my heart stop and i forget my name for a second its so dumb i hate it! She has this really soft and kinda quiet gentle voice and she’s really funny and sarcastic and I have a bunch of classes with her but we’re not really friends and it makes me sad bc sometimes shes really talkative and sometimes i get like nothing really text or even sometimes in person and i’ve liked her since the beginning of the semester and shes just really great and i want to be that person who can tell her how great she is and how amazing and cute and funny and everything but I know that’s really never going to happen and it makes me sad

It was just a stupid wish

Me and my best friend Luke are almost the same person. Except I’m white and gay and he’s black and straight. Also his name is Luke and my name is Aaron. We both love soccer, we both are pretty dumb and we both spend a lot of time at the gym. We’re basically the same person. And then there’s one more BIG difference.

I invited Luke over for a sleepover tonight, not a gay thing just a friend thing, chill. We stayed up playing video games and texting and talking about stupid things. At one point, Luke decided to go to bathroom. Me, being into the video game must have not noticed and decided I needed to go aswell. I walked into the bathroom and saw Luke jerking off to a picture of a nude woman. We both screamed, him because I had walked in on him, but me because he had the biggest dick I had ever seen. I was already tenting in my pants from the couple seconds I had seen it. It had to be at least a foot long.

I went outside and was freaking out and trying to not have an erection. I finially calmed and came back inside and he was acting like nothing happened. I decided to do the same. We played for about 2 more hours and he decided he wanted to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep. I just kept thinking about the snake inside of Luke’s pants I didn’t know about. I wanted it. Not like I normally do, like to have sex with him, but I want to have a dick as long as his.

I decided to make a wish. “I wish I had Luke’s dick.” I would come to regret that choice of words later. That must have worked to help me sleep because immediately after I saw a white light and got knocked out. 

I woke up feeling groggy and walked into the bathroom to see my best friend staring back at me in the mirror. I shrieked and walked back out. Sure enough, there was the old me sleeping soundly. I woke myself up and we both screamed not knowing how or why this happened. 

We decided since now I had already seen his dick and he had seen mine a long while back we could take showers and not worry about seeing each others cocks. He took one first and it was especially quick. Once he came out, I went in. I knew exactly what I wanted to do so I looked up porn he would’ve liked to have watched and waited. But I couldn’t get aroused. So I looked up gay porn and sure enough I got hard in seconds. All 12 inches of his massive cock in its glory. I went to town and massaged this massive meat. I busted a load all over the bathroom so I cleaned it up and took my shower. 

As I left the shower I saw a note I was sure wasn’t there when I got in. “Hope you’re enjoying your gift. You get a day in Luke’s body with his cock you wanted. The spell will wear off as you sleep. I also swapped your orientations  so you don’t have to worry about liking women

P.S. do NOT masturbate or the swap will be sealed. You may have sex but you can’t cum by yourself.

Love, your guardian angel.”

I started panicking. How was I gonna tell Aaron, I mean Luke?

I just decided not to and I left the bathroom.

“Hey Luke, took long enough bro”

“Huh?” confused why he called me Luke.

“What were you watching gay porn? Don’t worry I don’t judge just because I’m straight”

Luke had completely forgotten he used to be me. In an instant, Luke’s old memories came into my head. I could play it off like I was always him. Now, Luke is black and gay and me. And Aaron is a white straight guy with a small cock. But, Aaron got us to the championships. So, fair trade I think.

What’s Better Than Studying?

Ryan Murray x Reader

Team: Columbus Blue Jackets

Warnings: Implied sexual themes, mentions of Geography

POV: Second Person

Summary: Ryan helps (Y/n) destress from overstudying and stuff

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Your name: submit What is this?


No, the other projection. 

That’s not the right type of diffusion!

That’s five, not six. 

Wrong language!

Look at the shape, it’s clearly based around the bottom meaning-

“Ugh!” You threw your hands up in the air, your pencil flying across the room. 

This practice test was not going the way you expected. 

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Decided it redraw and redesign one of my old characters I made at school in 2011.

Her name is “Maria Candilth” 

Originally she was some dumb Dead Space Oc but I’ve been wanting to remake her and put her in the universe with Chezzy, Agent, And all the gang. 

She’s one of Agents old Partners that she worked with for years. There buddies and are still at it! Both her and Agent are big heads in the “Secret Super Service” company.

Agent commands small units and will sometimes be sent out when needed by the HIGH HIGH folks of the Agency.

While Maria has been assigned to be the President. She is the first Cyborg President and she does a pretty good job being one.


She’s sorta like a super sentai cyborg hero. I got this idea from watching Concrete Revolutio. 

She’s very popular too! The kids love her so thats great PR! 

They nicknamed her “Gold Iron President Maria” 

Hope you enjoy Maria! I really like how this redraw and redesign came out. 

GOTG2 reaction

So, just watched Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2 and wow I was disappointed? I say this with a question mark only because the graphics were pretty good and the dialogue was passable (pretty sure we passed the Bechdel test? ish? Still pretty sexist/reductionist at points?) 

I had liked the trailer and I enjoyed the first film. But this film didn’t really have anything particularly memorable that hadn’t been shown in the trailer and seemed to make the opposite mistake that Rogue One made; namely, shoehorning in funny scenes from the trailer into the film when they should have just left them alone.

Anyway, as a way to get this film off my mind, here’s what I found dumb (SPOILERS AHEAD) : 

1) They stretched the Ego-the-planet story line too long.

Basically, the main antagonist “Ego” is simply a lonely megalomaniac who needs Peter Quill/Starlord to complete his galaxy-wide (does it really matter how big the damage is? at this point high risk in movies are all the same the words only change, not the scale) domination. Something that should have taken maybe 30 min to set up with some good dialogue and acting takes the entire first two acts, leaving the third act as a somewhat standard CGI battle. The film deals with this substantial lack of plot with four (not one, not two, not even three but FOUR) subplots. (1) Rocket, Groot and Yondu in a Ravager’s mutiny and rescue, (2) Nebula (who can fly across the galaxy faster that the other three could used worm holes) and Gamora fighting to the death only for Nebula to change her mind without much prompting, (3) Mantis and Drax not really flirting and (4) The “Sovereign”/Golden Eugenicists chasing them to Ego. As a result the timing of all the events are completely off and no character arcs make much of an impact (they make sense but no time was given to them to make it engaging for the audience)  

2) They not only forced the romance but also dumbed it down

So, as expected from the set up in the last film, Peter and Gamora are the “Will they? Won’t they?” hetero couple that no one particularly wants to see but expect anyway. Instead of having some good scenes with possible chemistry, the film just has awkward arguments about “denying the unspoken connection” and shouting each others names when they could just be friends. 

The second under developed romance was even worse though. Drax, the macho idiot, and Mantis, the naive and frightening wide eyed and pale empath, have several interactions that are all over the place with comically awkward dialogue where Dax tells Mantis she’s (1) a pet, (2) ugly (and that’s a “good thing” because ugly people can only be in real relationships because they can only be loved for their personality), and that (3) he’s nauseated by the idea of having sex with her (without much prompting, it really seemed like a 13-year-old stole the script and the editors in post-prod couldn’t find any other joke material) 

Also, within the first 15 minuted we get poop jokes, sex jokes and “i’m sorry for flirting” shit that really set the tone for teen boy humour.

3) Someone was going to die and it would be heroic/self sacrifice

The moment the shit about the code and Yondu’s honor came into question, I knew he was going to die saving Peter. It was not only obvious but shallow. I didn’t care about Yondu’s old Ravager friends and I certainly didn’t care for Yondu’s sacrafice when Peter had learnt about his molecular telekinesis (yes I know the word is molekinesis but frankly how many other people do?) just before. The set up was there, unlike with Quicksilver in Age of Ultron, but nowawadays someone always dies in a marvel film and unless they are Loki or a SHEILD agent they don’t have to come back. It would have been nice to have a Marvel film without someone dying as a sacrifice and just move on!

A side issue from this is that self sacrifice is now consistently portrayed as death. You only sacrifice yourself when you die and frankly that’s not true. Self sacrifice, more often than not, is living with a decision that is for the benefit of someone else at the expense of yourself. Honoring self sacrifice is important but keeping it in proportion is just as important. People can find themselves in vastly unequal and possibly abusive relationship/friendships because of how society honors self sacrifice or more commonly putting others before oneself.

4) A character’s pain/trauma is only good for a back story

Quick list; (1) Gamora and Nebula were kidnapped as children and “raised” by Thanos to not only fight each other (Nebula consistently losing) but become his soldiers. (2) Rocket has lost his best friend (who he is now raising with three other people while running about the cosmos) and was experimented on/genetically modified (read as abused) by alien scientists somewhere (3) Peter Quill watched his mother die of cancer and was abducted and raised by thieving aliens who apparently threatened to eat him (4) Yondu was sold into slavery as a child and was freed into adulthood by Ravagers (bandits, thieves, outlaws, etc) only to become an instrument of Ego’s in abducting and murdering kids. That’s a short list right? That only covers the characters introduced in the last film and were main characters in this film so damn.

this film has some powerful moments which are completely overshadowed by iffy plot points and bad jokes. Just to name a few, Nebula expresses two completely different goals rooted in the torture she faced as a child and the process of becoming an cyborg (one was killing Gamora to finally “win” and then hunting down Thanos for revenge and two was about how she only wanted a sister in Gamora when they were both trapped by Thanos); Yondu and Rocket had a scene about their trust issues and the issues of being treated (and abused) as being less than worthy (of consideration, respect, kindness etc. The list is ongoing there because they were slaves); Peter is angry with his father for not wanting to watch his mother die when Peter, a child, had to be there the entire time. 

All of this is just throw away. This is a trend in most comic book movies, where consequences are erased and character arcs are abandoned in favor of a flashy cgi battle against another throw away villain (whether they are compelling or not is another issue entirely). 

To be fair, for a 2-hour long film that needs to tie over to Infinity Wars, keep us engaged with this crew of characters, and reveal/resolve the issue of Peter Quill’s father, so there is not commitment to talk about any of these traumas/backstories (well maybe Peter’s issues but not at the expense of the other characters on the team). In fact, trying to address all of these back stories and traumas in one film is impossible to do in any real or interesting way and would be insulting to the character’s development/arc. This movie half-assed every single one just to fill the time.

In the end, this was an average superhero/comic book movie with a simple but half-assed plot, too many characters for any real character development and good CGI. I suggest people watch only to keep up with the MCU, nothing more. It doesn’t require IMAX or 3D so save your money and either see it on standard screens if you go to the cinema or watch on your computer. 

PS. Baby Groot was awesome. This film would have been so much better if they have recognized that the Gaurdians of the Galaxy are basically four mercenaries (An assassin, a thief, an indestructable idiot and a bounty hunter) raising a twig while living in a space ship (equivalent to a van going across country)

PPS. Sorry. I completely forgot Drax’s back story when I wrote this. But his back story is treated in exactly the same way as everyone else’s, half assed and inconsequential.

Alright people, I need to ask. Where is this perception coming from that I’m somehow a “big name” in this fandom? How did this happen? I am alarmed. I have NEVER considered myself to be of a large standing in this fandom. My only claim to fame is yelling and making dumb flower crown edits. I’ve always considered myself kind of a smaller blog???

I’m so confused and alarmed.

Me: Okay, I’m just gonna work an an outline for a short Zootopia drabble, probably enough info so I can make a 5K story, maybe even shorter than that, no big deal

Also me: [spends hours researching brand names and location maps to plan out logical pathways, overthinks character behaviors and emotional states, and ends up with enough information to write a 10-15K story]

Too Much Energy

Request: 6 with Yoongi

6) You and your bias run into your ex.

Prompt list can be found here

Member: BTS Suga x Y/N

Type: angst/fluff

Yoongi grumbled again as his sneakers slid along the pavement. I put emphasis on the word “slide” because he was putting so little of an effort into actually walking. 

“Yoongi,” I mumbled, tugging on his hand. “Can you be a little more enthusiastic?” 

“There’s sunlight, I’m not sitting, and it’s so hot,” he moaned, tilting his head back on his shoulders. He squinted up to the sky.

“My love,” I sighed, shaking my head. “If you walked a little more quickly you will not only be out of the sunlight, but sitting IN air conditioning.”

“If I would have know it was this far, I would’ve suggested taking the bus,” Yoongi muttered, shooting me a look.

This comment made me stop. I heaved a large sigh and spun on my heel. “Turn around Yoongi.”

He gave me a questioning look as he spun as well and looked behind us. 

“Do you see where that stop light is?” I asked, pointing into the distance about a block away. Yoongi nodded and looked back at me, still giving a bit of attitude. 

“That is where your dorm is,” I concluded. I spun the opposite way, dragging him with me. I pointed to about a block further away.

“You see that boba sign?” He nodded again. “That is where we’re going.”

“…so a cab would’ve been more applicable?” he asked. I groaned and grabbed his hand again, pulling him down the sidewalk. 

“If you wouldn’t have stayed up so late in the studio,” I muttered, trudging along. 

“I had to finish that song!” Yoongi gasped. “And it’s cold…and dark in there.”

“And you even get to sit,” I said, saying it like it made the most sense in the world. 

“You get me jagi,” he nodded. I chuckled, shaking my head and pulling open the door of the boba shop. 

“What do you want?” he asked, pulling his wallet from his jeans. 

“Mmm taro flavor?” I said, squinting up at the menu board. He nodded and placed a quick kiss on my temple. 

“Go sit,” he sighed. “I’ll order.”

“Thanks Min Genius ,” I smiled. I turned and began navigating the dining area and plopping down. 

In a few minutes, I felt a shadow appear at the table and didn’t bother looking up from my phone, assuming it was Suga. 

“Hey,” a confident voice whispered. It took a moment for my brain to register the interaction as the person slid into the chair across from me at the table. “It’s been a long time beautiful. You’re just as pretty as the last time  I saw you.”

My breath hitched and I was scared to lift my eyes from my screen. Panic had set in and turned my blood to ice. 

“Minjae,” I breathed. 

“Princess,” he cooed. “I didn’t even know you lived around here anymore. What a coincidence.” I looked up to see a gentle smile plastered on his handsome face. Such a facade he managed to uphold. The gentle, handsome man who was the ideal boyfriend. If only people could hear the words he had spoken to me, seen the bruises he had placed on my skin. 

I placed my phone on the table as his hand reached out, softly pushing away a piece of my hair from my forehead. I instinctually turned away from his touch. I didn’t want any part of his fingers touching me. I had heard it took the body seven years to shed skin cells and I was so looking forward to the day that no part of my body had ever been touched by him. 

“Yeah, I’m going to need you to get up,” Yoongi’s harsh tone said from behind me. He reached around and set my bubble tea in front of me and kept a hand on my shoulder. 

“Yoongi…this is Minjae,” I said quietly, wilting. Yoongi’s eyes grew wide. He knew that name and he knew what he had done to me. “Minjae, this is my boyfriend, Yoongi.”

“Ah, so you’re the big rock star from Daegu,” Minjae chuckled. “Saving the princess.”

“Do you realize how dumb you look right now?” Yoongi asked, pulling up a chair and sitting beside me instead. He placed a protective hand on my knee and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Thanks for your time…uh, what did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t,” Minjae chuckled. “But your girl did…

…she was even screaming it not too long ago.”

“Alright asshole, outside,” Yoongi said, springing up. “You aren’t going to talk about her like that, to her like that, or even in her near vicinity like that.”

“You wanna go?” Minjae asked, lifting his eyebrows. I thought I was going to stop breathing. I loved Yoongi so much, but Minjae was twice his size. 

“Yeah, let’s go!” Yoongi nodded confidently, standing. 

“Yoongji,” I hissed as he stood and began to follow Minjae out of the cafe. 

“Yoongi,” I hissed again. 

He gave me a glare, instructing with a simple facial expression to stay silent. I followed, feeling like I had weights strapped to all of my appendages. I knew Minjae’s strength and I didn’t want to see it used against my boyfriend. 

Minjae slammed into the door of the cafe and stepped outside. I held my breath as Yoongi took ahold of the door. 

And then promptly closed it. 

He held onto the bar and spun the lock, locking the entrance to the cafe. He stood there, a sly smirk on his face as he lifted his hand to the window and stuck out his middle finger. 

I couldn’t hear, but saw Minjae yell, slamming a fist into the glass of the door. 

“Is everything okay sir?” one of the cafe workers asked, stopping by. 

“Just give it five minutes,” Yoongi nodded, a smug look on his face. “I apologize for the inconvenience.” 

The cafe worker nodded, giving Yoongi and I a curious look before moving on and cleaning a table. 

We watched in silence as Minjae stomped around, yelling obscenities we couldn’t understand before finally pacing off. As his figure was lost in the distance, Yoongi slid the doors to unlock and took my hand, walking back to the table. 

“Now can you try not to get into trouble the next time I leave you alone?” Yoongi chuckled, plopping down. Before I could even sit, I placed both of my hands on either side of his face and gave him a deep kiss. He pulled back in surprise and coughed. Yoongi was not the biggest on skin ship and sometimes it was hard for me to respect that. 

“Thank you,” I whispered, trying to keep tears from slipping out of my eyes. 

Yoongi gave me a gummy smile. “Of course jagi, but please don’t make me go outside for awhile…all of this takes too much energy.”

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@thelunarshark it technically arrived on monday, but i am a goddamn wimp and the closest i could bring myself to opening the door was peeking from the top of the stairs r.i.p so i had to go to the newsagent today to get it b/c i didn’t know if i’d get there before they closed yesterday after uni.

long story short, i got it !!! +ty for the happy feels pal ccc: (although still won’t be able to use it for its main purpose yet b/c i was using one of them big sim cards and now i need a nano sim lmaooooo)
tbh it’s a samsung, so i probably got ripped off or smth even tho it’s from one of their like. side series ((whispers it’s a galaxy c5 if ur interested? tbh i hate saying model names and whatnot b/c now it’s like. ok how dumb was i, how much did i get ripped off. ok but rly, pls tell me how much of a mistake i made if u kno)? 
and i think you would be pleased to hear it is actually pink????? well i mean, it’s that rose gold colour (or pink gold as it’s labelled on the box). 

although i kind of forgot to buy myself a phone case as well, so oops i’ll probably have to go through online shopping hell again 
right tho? like how do ppl impulsive online shop??? i don’t understand

Caffeine Overdose

Apparently I wrote this story a little while ago when I was drunk like a fish and I only just found it and edited it today (don’t even recall writing it, that’s how drunk I was, I guess). It’s absolute rubbish and I’m not too sure why I’m even posting it, but I figure it’s okay to post rubbish every now and again because I write for me and someone out there probably thinks this isn’t rubbish and is the best thing they’ve ever read, I hope. Enjoy.

“Maybe I can ask someone to cover the rest of my shift this afternoon,” Owen suggested as Amelia paced the room, occasionally looking at the scans illuminated on the board in front of her.

“No, I’ll figure it out in a few minutes,” she assured him, biting her bottom lip and folding her arms, “Then I’ll release Ryan and the three demons from day care and we can go home.”

“The demons have names,” he reminded her, leaning against a nearby table. She looked blankly back at him before turning back to her scans. Owen watched her pick up a cup of coffee and take a big gulp out of it. There were two other empty cups next to the one she was currently drinking from.

“When was the last time you slept?” he asked her, sticking his hands in his lab coat pockets.


“Sleep, Amelia,” he repeated, standing straight and walking towards her, “When was the last time you had some of that?”

“I’m not tired,” she dismissed, finishing her third cup of coffee, “It’s 9 in the morning on a wonderful Wednesday. Why would I be tired?”

“Because you’ve been working nonstop since Monday night,” Owen finished, grabbing her waist and spinning her around to face him, “Plus, it’s 3:30PM.”

Flabbergasted, Amelia gave him a confused look, “3:30PM…?”

“How long have you been in this X-Ray room?”

“Since my last surgery,” she recalled, “Which was a few hours ago, so not that long.”

“Your last surgery was on Tuesday night,” he reminded her, “A lot more than a few hours.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” she quipped, shrugging her shoulders.

“I’ll call April and see if she can cover for me,” Owen said. He could see she was a mess because of this case. He knew that she needed to come up with a plan of action for the tumour before it was too late for them to operate, but there was no way she could do that in her state.

“Owen, I’m fine,” she said, “I’ll pick up the money suckers and take them home. Read those stories and then we’ll switch off when you come home and everything will be alright.”

“Why don’t you ask for Derek’s help?” he tried, rubbing the sides of her arms as he stared lovingly down at her, “Or better yet, why don’t you let him take the case so you can get some rest and spend some time with the kids?”

“What, you think I can’t do it?” she asked, “That I need my brother to save me or something because I’m drowning?” With all the caffeine she’d inhaled and the lack of sleep, Amelia had almost tripped off on him.

“No, it’s not that,” Owen quickly said, trying to clean up the mess he made before it was too late.

She rolled her eyes at him and pulled away from his embrace, “I don’t need anyone’s help. I can do my job and take care of my children perfectly fine without your help. I’m fine.” Owen sighed, defeated; there was no changing her mind.

When Owen entered the house at 2 in the morning, it was a loud, raging, yelling competition.

“Ry, what’s going on?” he asked when he entered the living room. The poor boy looked tired beyond comprehension.

“Mom can’t get the twins to shut up,” Ryan explained, handing Rosie a letter block, “Specifically Isabella.” The little girl squeezed her tiny 1 year old fingers around the block and made a poor attempt to throw it back at him.

“Why is she yelling then?” Owen asked as he set down his briefcase and loosened his tie. He walked over and picked Rosie up, dismissing Ryan of his brotherly duties.

“I think she thinks it’ll make her stop crying, I don’t know. I’m gonna try to sleep, if that’s possible.” And with that, the eldest got up and murmured a good night before retiring to his bedroom.

“Amelia?” Owen cautiously called out as he entered the kitchen. Finn was in his carrier, fast asleep while Isabella fought and screamed in Amelia’s arms while pulling at her hair. However, the second Isabella saw her father, her cries stopped and she began reaching out towards him.

“It’s like she doesn’t know who I am,” Amelia complained as they switched babies.

“Well, you’re barely home anymore, so I don’t blame her for being confused,” he commented.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she angrily accused, shooting daggers at her partner.

“I’m not trying to criticise you…”

“Well, it sounds like that,” she said, cutting him off.

“I’m not trying to start a fight,” Owen said as she picked up her handbag and car keys from the kitchen table, “Amelia, can we please just talk for a few minutes before you leave? I’m worried about you.”

She pushed the baby into his free hand and told him, “I’m already late for my shift.”

“Dr. Hunt, a word,” Callie called Owen the second he entered the ER.

“What’s up?” the red head asked as he came closer.

“Your crazy wife, that’s what,” she said with an eye roll, “She’s logged 62 hours in the last three days. She’s been drinking coffee by the gallon, she’s jittery, restless and nervous and she can’t keep still. She keeps talking about this big thing she has, with some guy named Gerard, that’s going to be the future of neurology and the understanding of tumours. Plus, she just yelled at me for no reason when she asked me for a consult on her dumb tumour patient!”

“I can’t scold her for yelling at you, Callie,” he said with disinterest in his voice. He didn’t care who Gerard was or what breakthrough she had in the understanding of tumours. After what happened earlier that morning, he was absolutely done trying to take care of his ‘crazy’ wife.

“She needs to take a nap,” she continued, snoopy as ever, “And have sex, because she’s way too wound up. When was the last time you two had sex?”

“I’ll go check on her,” Owen assured her, giving Callie a pat on the shoulder.

“Amelia?” Owen asked, turning on the light. Someone groaned. There were coffee cups everywhere. They were on the table, on the floor, mixed in with x-rays; it was a mess. He counted about 8 coffee cups before he heard soft mumbling coming from somewhere in the room.

“Who turned on the light?” the voice asked. Owen followed the sound and found Amelia huddled behind the sofa, her hands wrapping tightly around her legs.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he stooped down to her level, “Amelia?”

“Only Derek calls me Amelia,” she said in a spaced out tone, “You will refer to me as Dr. Shepherd the seventh, heiress to the throne of the Shepherds.”

“Amelia, wake up,” Owen said forcefully, snapping his fingers in her face. She opened her eyes and they were red to the point where they could be considered bloody. She was a mess.

“I was never asleep,” she said, “Now turn back off the lights. I can only see my friend in the dark.”

“Okay, get up,” he stood and pulled her to her feet.

“Don’t touch me!” she yelled, punching him in his chest, “I don’t know you! Leave me alone!”

“Enough of the drama.”

“Help!” she screamed as he fought in his arms, “I’ll yell rape if you don’t stop touching me.”

“Hey, hey!” he said, “Amelia, it’s me, Owen.” She stopping fighting his grip for a second and squinted at him.

“Owen?” she asked. He sighed in relief and smiled. “Owen, the one who thinks I’m a crazy doctor and a terrible mother?”

“Yes, me Amelia,” he surrendered, knowing that logic wouldn’t work in this situation, “How much coffee did you drink?”

“Today or since Monday?” she asked, “Because, if it’s today, then I only had four cups, but if it’s since Monday, then I only had 15-20 cups, which isn’t so bad if you factor in the amount of coffee they actually put in your cup because that thing tastes like water to me so they couldn’t be using that much, I mean many, coffee beans to make my coffee.”

“What?” Owen queried, missing half of what she said because of how fast she said it.

“I figured out a treatment plan for my patient,” she continued, as if he didn’t exist, “It’s a lot simpler than I thought, actually. Here I was, looking for surgical options when there was a better solution for his problem.” She clasped her hands together in excitement. He could tell that she was completely unaware that her hands were shaking uncontrollably.

“And what’s that?” he wondered. As she spoke, he subtly guided her out of the room and towards the ER, hoping they could get her hooked up to an IV to dilute all the coffee she’d drank.

“A new medical compound I created and named the amicus compound,” she mused, “Named after me, clearly. It solves all tumour related problems. The only downside is that it has to be inserted anally. Gerard helped me come up with it.”

“Gerard?” They entered the elevator; she was oblivious to their surroundings.

“Yes, the one you made run away when you turned on the lights,” she confirmed, “He’s a trauma surgeon with red hair and blue eyes. He’s super tall and has a large penis and I’ve been having an affair with him, so I’m leaving you and the kids for him.”

“Gerard kind of sounds like me,” Owen joked.

Amelia turned towards him and looked him dead in the eye, “My Gerard is not an Owen, silly. I know the difference.” The elevator dinged and scared her as they reached the ground floor, the noise intensified by her caffeine overdose.

“This isn’t the x-ray room,” she realised, looking suspiciously around, “Gerard, where are we?”

“This is the coffee shop, Amelia,” he lied as he guided her to a private exam room. He asked a nursed to bring him an IV kit. When the nurse came in the room with the kit a few minutes later, Owen was fighting to keep her still.

“Dr. Hunt, should I page someone to help you?” the nurse asked. He nodded and tried to calm Amelia down, but nothing would work. Her hallucination of him was hell bent on believing that he was trying to sexually assault her and he could only imagine how the staff personnel outside the room felt when they heard her yelling phrases like “leave me alone, you old man” and “Gerard would never do this to me”. With the help of Callie and Meredith, they managed to get the IV in and, minutes later, she’d fallen asleep.

After approximately 24 hours of unconsciousness, she finally came around.

“Gerard?” Amelia laughed as she ate from a cup of jello, “I think I remember that, although I don’t recall coming up with a compound called amicus.”

“You also said that you were cheating on me with him,” Owen teased as he sat at the side of her hospital bed, “Claimed that he had red hair, blue eyes and a large penis.” Her cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

“I am so sorry,” she admitted, dropping her eyes to her jello cup, “I just wanted to get rid of that tumour so badly, and then Derek ended up taking it anyway. I’m so stupid.”

“Don’t push yourself so hard next time,” he gently scolded, “Izzie is going to forget she has a mother if you keep coming home so late all the time.”

“I hope she does,” Amelia said, “Otherwise my plan to leave you for Gerard won’t work out as smoothly as I want it to.”

“That’s not funny, Amelia Shepherd,” Owen said seriously, “Where did you even get that name from?”

His First Kiss~

Summary: So, if you remember the episode “Avast Ye Eds”, you know that Marie was Double D’s first kiss. It is a canon fact, because Double D says and I quote, “I was kind of hoping my first kiss would be enjoyable.” So yeah, that was a thing… correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember any mention of Kevin’s first kiss or anything. So basically, this is a take on that - Kevin’s first kiss; who, when, where, and why. 

Word Count: 1750

Age: I went with with like freshmen year here, and I would have chosen middle school, buuut then I changed my mind.

It had started out with just a simple game of Truth or Dare while they were hanging out at the park – Kevin, Rolf, Nazz, Sarah, and Jimmy. The sun was barely setting and they decided on a short game before heading home for dinner. It was Sarah’s suggestion to play truth or dare, and the others went with it, deciding why not? They hadn’t played the game in a long while, and it didn’t hurt to do so now. Kevin lied on his back, staring up at the sky as it slowly turned from blue to pink and orange, waiting for when it was his turn to pick or to ask. He would roll his eyes every time someone dared someone else to do something dumb, such as, run around the park screaming some absurd word. It was times like these that he wasn’t surprised the juniors and seniors at school loved picking on them for being freshmen, and especially loved to pick on the younger grades like Sarah and Jimmy.

When Nazz returned from doing her run, she finally called on Kevin, “Alright, Kevin. Truth or dare?”

Kevin sighed as he thought about it. Everyone had chosen ‘dare’, and he decided to be different.

“Truth,” he said with a shrug.

“Who was your first kiss?” Nazz asked.

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And the beat goes on.

In other anecdotal matters, I’m so happy I found the document Dori Schneider’s name was tucked away in. I knew I had given Neener’s parents actual names. Always be ready, man. You never know when you’ll need to know the name of your character’s third cousin’s niece’s sister’s stuffed dog.