i need a lot of money and my parents but


“When I was 6, my family had almost no money. My parents had both lost their jobs, and they had separated from one another. My mom was not yet getting any government assistance and we barely had cash for staple groceries. At that point, we were poor enough that my brother and I were probably not going to get much in the way of Christmas presents. And then, a mother of a boy in my first grade class somehow noticed our need and gave my mother $100 to buy gifts for us. She wasn’t a mom who had a lot of money herself, but it was a very generous gift and made a huge impact on us. Not only did we get some material delights that Christmas, but I’m still talking about this gesture more than three decades later. I’m still moved by the kindness of a woman whose name I can’t remember. And more than that, when I was working on founding Random Acts and thinking about what I wanted its mission to be, I couldn’t stop thinking about this small act and how it had stayed with me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that small acts of kindness can have a huge and lasting impact. So here I find myself: A well-to-do grownup with two little kids, having to be gently reminded to stop and notice those struggling around me.” -Misha Collins


Don't take my lawn decorations.

I had purchased my first home in a slightly lower class area of town, which is pretty close to an even lower class area of town. (Think slightly ghetto a mile from absolute trailer trash.) I know most of my immediate neighbors, since most of them are pretty loud and I’d rather be friendly with them than have them be my enemy.

Some local kid likes to go around collecting trash in his free time. A real nice kid, does it for really no reason. Whenever I see him, I usually get him a drink, lemonade or soda so he can stay hydrated. (California is hot.) Sometimes I give him a few dollars, I offer the kid $30 a month to mow my lawn 2x a month. So, kid has a gig for small, but consistent income.

The kid takes a lot of pride in his work. He mows the lawn, pulls weeds, moves rocks out of the driveway, and just makes my place look extra nice, even though I don’t even ask him to do any extra work. This guy is great.

This goes on for a few years, kid is now a senior in highschool. Family is not doing so great, dad just lost his main source of income, and mom had accumulated debt which put a lot of stress on their failing marriage. Mom was abusive verbally and sometimes physically to both the kid, and the Father. But the kid keeps on walking, doing work, volunteering and being a real happy, up beat dude.

Despite his troubles at home, the kid starts buying lawn decorations. Mostly small, little gnomes, some decorative rocks, and bird bath, and he decorates my yard. It looks amazing, but I knew he must have spent a lot of his own money on that. I try to reimburse him, and he denies. He won’t take it.
I know he needs a car, and I was about to get a newer one for myself, so I gave my mine for free. It really was the least I could do for this guy for everything he has done for me.

A few weeks later, a drunk driver T bones the kid, and he dies on the scene. I was devastated, his parents were devastated, and they soon after got a divorce.

They were fighting over who gets what, and the father discovers that the mother had a drug addiction she had been hiding. Straight out of left field. She wants everything they had, and she lawyers up to fight the battle. Due to the debt the mother had accumulated on the father’s bank account, he had really no money. And nobody knew where she got her money from.
As sad as it is, it’s not my affair. Until she sent me a letter claiming that the yard decorations are rightfully hers, and that she will take them “or else”. Now, this is a problem.

I get it, you lost your only child. You’re in a lot of pain as a parent. But you were never a good parent to him. I was closer to him than you, by a long shot.
So, I had a meeting with the father, and told him not to worry about the court costs. I decided I was going to fund him in court.

Long story short about their divorce battle, but he wins, and gets to keep everything, and even gets a restraining order on her. He then files for credit card fraud, and puts all the debt on her.

I heard from the father that she was recently arrested for driving while drunk, and was search and has a decent stash of meth on her. She is currently awaiting trial for that, while the father is living a life now relatively stress free.
And I got to keep my lawn decorations.
RIP Johnathan. You are missed.


Please Help me and my cat!

Hello there and sorry for taking up some of your time but if you could help me it would be really much appreciated!

First of all my name is Killian, I’m 20 and living at home in germany with my parents and my precious cat who helped me through a lot of trouble and emotional stuff, and I’m really really grateful for having him.

Around a month ago he started crying all the time, had trouble peeing and some other issues. We went to the vet and they managed to fix it for around 3 weeks, but now the same issue is back, and even worse. We went there again but it’s not clear what he has and how bad it is and worst; how expensive it could be to find out and fix it. I’m currently without a job because of my apprenticeship (which I’m not getting paid for), I get around (~80€) $90 a month from my parents but I have to buy food for myself and for the cat so I don’t really have any to pay what’s coming up. But the vet expects it to be at least ~(280€) $300, which is terribly expensive. And I’m in (~150€) $160 dollar in debt because of an uncleared issue with the registry office and it might get more and more expensive.

I’m trying to earn money with drawing and selling designs but it doesn’t give me that much, my friends can’t help me because they don’t have any money themself.

Any help will be appreciated, even if it’s just $1 or even less, I need anything I can get. Reblogging would also help a lot to share it, so if you can’t help us, maybe someone else can..

If you wanna help me, my paypal is: askjell.lindner@googlemail.com


tfw family is having money issues so i want to lighten my parent’s load and try to pay for my own things. DM if interested! im struggling with school as well, so, please take that in to consideration, thank you!

payment thru paypal!

feel free to message if you have any questions

Are you Daddy’s lady fwiend? Pt.3


Word count: 1,700+

Warnings: Some bad words but that’s it.

part 1    part 2 


When I got to my apartment, I felt drained.

I couldn’t help but feel as if Calum being upset was my fault.  He might have regretted me meeting kaiden.

He probably didn’t want me to be a mom with him, he just said he did so Kaiden wouldn’t be upset anymore.

I let my bag fall on to the couch and went into my rom. Ready to sleep for eternity.

I put on some sweatpants and a shirt and got under the covers, plugging in my hone to charge. As I Laid back on the bed closing my eyes, I heard my phone ring. Turning over, I reached for it, seeing that it was calum calling I sat up and answered.

“Hey,” I bit my lip, not sure of why he was calling since he didn’t even say bye to me when I left.

“I love you princess” His voice was groggy, tired, and it seemed as if he had been crying. Nonetheless, hearing those words made me smile and made my stomach fill up with butterflies, no, Dinosaurs, made my stomach fill up with dinosaurs having a party.

“I love you too” I played with my hands, closing my eyes, still fearing what he would say next.

“I-I’m sorry, for acting like a douche when you left. Just know that I love you and I’m so fucking thankful for having you in my life. Thank you for being so good to me, and now to Kaiden. I Love you.” You heard him sniffle, and got worried.

“Cal? Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” I got up and started pacing.

“I-I’m okay princess, don’t worry about me.” He sniffled once more and hung up the phone.

I called him back but he wasn’t answering.

I kept trying, leaving him voice mails, until he texted me.

Squishy Cal <3: Go to sleep. I’m okay

While vague, his answer did calm me down. I knew Calum wouldn’t hide something from me. If he said he was okay, and that was it.

He wouldn’t keep anything from me.



This couldn’t be happening.

I was running late. Like really late.

And today I had to open the shop earlier, because I had appointments all day. Weirdly enough, Mndays were quite the popular day to get tattoos, that’s why my schedule was so full today. I had a guy in at 7:30 to get inked.

It was currently 7:45.

To top it off, my mom couldn’t watch Kaiden today.

I had no idea what to do.

I grabbed my phone, deciding that I would take Ky with me with work, when I hear the text message notification. I ignored it, I didn’t have the time to socialize right now.

I put Kaiden in his car seat, got behind the wheel and drove the shop.

“Jet Black Heart” was the second most important thing I’ve ever done. The first one being Kaiden of course. I had always wanted to be a tattoo artist, so while I was in high school, I worked my butt of trying to get enough money to someday open my own shop.

My parents gave me the best graduation present, they bought me a place where I could put my shop. It was quite big actually, and it needed a lot of work, but luckily it was all aesthetic work so I could do it at my own pace. For 4 years I worked 4 days a week at a restaurant, as a waiter. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays were spent as an apprentice Kyle Harris, who had taught me everything I knew about design, technique and tattoos in general.

Finally, at age 22, Jet Black Heart was born.

It felt fucking great.

When I parked my car behind the shop, I got Kaiden and put on my sunglasses. I walked inside from the back door, carrying Kaiden on my hip, and saw that the guy I was meant to tattoo at 7:30, was waiting outside, leaning on a Porsche.

I scoffed, I hated tattooing rich kids.

I opened the door, and mumbled a come in to him. He took off his sun glasses and walked in.

“It’s eight o’clock,” he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m aware.” I put Kaiden down and motioned for him to go into the room where I chilled when there was no one here. He looked up at me.

“I’m hungry daddy” Crap!  I didn’t make breakfast!

This day couldn’t get worse.

“I’ll get you something in a little bit yeah? Just go into the TV room and wait there.” I ruffled his hair and looked up at the guy, who was holding in his laughter.

“What’s so funny mate?” I asked as I looked at the agenda, looking to see if he had given me a design.

“You got a kid?” He looked amused,

I stared at him, contemplating whether or not I should answer him “Yes,” even if he was a douche, I couldn’t be rude to a client.

He chuckled. “There’s this thing called condoms dude. It doesn’t feel the same but it saves you from taking care of that” He pointed to the room where Kaiden had gone in.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, your dad should’ve used one of those.”  I grabbed my phone and plugged it in to charge. I saw that y/n was the person that had texted me.

My love <3: Good morning babe :)

“What did you just say to me?!” I ignored him and answered Y/n.

Squishy Cal <3:  HI baby,are you busy?

I hoped she wasn’t working early today.

I found the design I had previously made for the guy, Jungkook apparently, and told him to go into the tattooing room to the left. He clenched his jaw, but did as I said anyways.

My love <3: Not right now, why?

Squishy Cal <3: Can you come over to the shop? I didn’t have time to make breakfast, and I’ve kaiden here with me, hungry.

My love <3: I’ll be there in 15. Is McDonald’s okay?

Squishy Cal <3: It’s perfect.

Squishy Cal <3: Thank you princess <3

I went in the TV room and saw that Kaiden was watching cartoon. “Y/n will bring food in a little bit bud”. He looked up.

“Mommy?”  I nodded and he smiled. He leaned back on the black couch and kept watching TV.

I went into the tattooing room and washed my hands and put on a new pair of rubber gloves. I checked that I had my machines ready and grabbed a new needle. I stood in front of douche guy and opened the needle in front of him. He just looked at me while I sterilized the needle.

“Take off your shirt,” I told him, since in my agenda it said that he wanted a back piece.

“You’re not gay, are you?” He took off his shirt and waited for my reaction. He was buff, but nothing compared to me of course.

I smirked. “I’m not. And If I was, I wouldn’t be interested. So don’t worry” I cleaned his back and laid the stencil on him. “There,” I moved aside so he could look at the stencil placement on the wall-length mirror. “Is it okay there?”

He nods, no wanting to speak, apparently. Once he lays on the seat I start tattooing him, carefully following the lines of the stencil on his skin. He wanted an Aztec type of design, and while it looked complex, to was actually quite easy to do.

About 20 minutes in, I hear the door open. “I’ll be right there, just give me a minute!” I wiped off the guy’s skin, ready to get up and see who it was who had just walked in.

“Take you time, I’ll be with kaiden.” I heard Y/n’s voice and took a deep breath. I didn’t know if I was ready to see her, after last night.

I saw the guy turn is head, trying to get a glimpse of y/n and I chuckled and moved his head to rest against the seat. “Stop moving.”

“You’re very demanding.” He closed his eyes. “Was that your wife?”

Without thinking too much about it I answered him. “Yes.”

He chuckled, “Take care of that one. She’s good in bed.”

I stopped my movements and stared at the smirk growing on his face. “What did you say?”

“I said she’s good in bed.” He kept smirking. “Or on the couch, against the wall, on the floo-“

“How the fuck would you know?!” I had put the machine down and was having a hard time not beating the daylights out of him.

“Well, I was her first.” He cracked a devilish grin.

I stared, not believing him. I knew this! Y/n had told me that she lost her virginity to a guy named Joe. He was just trying to rile me up.

I took a deep breath and took the machine in my hand again. I kept working despite the thought swirling in my head.


After about an hour, I was done and I could finally stop any contact with douche guy. I cleaned the tattoo one last time and started cleaning the equipment and disposing of the needed as he looked at his ink on the mirror.

“Looks good man” He said as he grabbed his shirt and started to put it on but I stopped him.

“I have to bandage it first” He groaned and I rolled my eyes. He did however, let me do my job.

After giving him the instructions on how to take care of his fresh tattoo, I walked over to the cash register and charged him. He gave me his card and I swiped it. Giving it back, I looked behind me and saw that y/n was cleaning the TV room.

“Leave that alone, I’ll do it later” I gave douche guy his receipt and smiled when I saw Y/n approach me. I wrapped my arms around her and kiss her forehead. “Thanks for feeding my kid” I chuckled.

Our kid” She smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder, she looked ahead and stiffened.

I saw douche guy smirk. “y/n”


That’s Jungkook right there  ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

He’s from a Kpop band called “BTS”

ALSO: i’m not a tattoo artist, therefore all of the tattoo info in this chapter is based on what I saw on the show Ink Master and or through google.

Thank you so much for the feedback I’ve been getting!

Hope you like it, if you want part 4, just request it :).

The first person that requests part 4, will get an itty bitty spoiler ;) Only if it’s off-anon.


Monthly Commissions

Hey guys! Need help… AGAIN.

So my dad has been in a pickle with financial stuff unfortunately, resulting in him needin money from me. I STILL haven’t gotten an actual job yet because applications have been submitting but still processing and interviews have come as well. So again, I rely on my art to get me through stuff.

If you want proof…

I just paid for my medical deductible, and my dad needed $40 for gas, so.. ^^; That only leaves me with $49 in my account right now.

And you know, I’m supporting the house I’m in right now. Buying groceries for the house, things we need around the house like pet food, food for dinner so I can cook… And now I need money for clothes because I’m losing weight so fast that some of my clothes actually don’t fit on me(I have to tie my pants down so tight, it’s ridiculous)

Anyway :’D;; I would appreciate it if ya’ll could help me out by commissioning me, leaving tips or donating! I prefer commissions but I know some people aren’t into that and would rather give, which is fine too!!! Every little bit counts to be honest.

If you’re interested, please send me an email/donations at the9divinearts@gmail.com/message me here on tumblr and I will get back to you ASAP. 

If you want to know what my art looks like, here it is:

If not, please reblog!!! This is my only way of income for the time being while I’m on my job hunt, so this means a lot to me! Otherwise I won’t be able to stay at my parents place while I maintain a job and go to school.

anonymous asked:

I have a question: I'm still a student and that's why we get money from the state every month or rather our parents do. And they requirement for this is hat we don't work more that 50 hours a month. But since I have no school anyone only have to study for my finals I have been scheduled a lot recently and I worry that they don't know this. I told them at the beginning but I think they forgot because I told them something else at the beginning and they did forget. How do I bring this up?

Just nicely let them know you need to stay under 50 hours a month. They may have forgotten. -mandie

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What made you want to be a doctor?

I would like to become a doctor for many reasons– it’s really due to an accumulation of events and my personality in general.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved science and being able to help people whenever I could (volunteered at hospitals, tutored HS kids for free that couldnt afford chemistry tutoring). 

But I credit my love for helping people to my older brother– he has been such an inspiration for me because he has been a volunteer firefighter for basically my entire life, even now (he is over 15 yrs older than me, has been a volly fireman for around 20 years now). Since I was never really the type to run into a burning building, but still wanted to help, thats when I stumbled upon EMS. I joined my first volly EMS  (which I am still part of today, ~4yrs with them) once I turned 16. I absolutely loved it. I was bit by the bug. I started to develop passion for healthcare/ emergency medicine/ trauma. I not only found a passion for the medical field, but a gained a super awesome/ fucked up at times (ems-way/sense of humor, which is great)/ always there for me–family.

Originally posted by michaelmosleyfan

But in HS, I was not a very confident kid, I was quiet, and honestly- I didn’t think I had the potential to amount to much. I have an aunt, and for as long as I can remember, she always put me down. When I decided I wanted to apply to NYU, she told me not to bother because I didn’t have a chance of getting in (I am currently finishing my junior year at NYU, Biology major, premed track, child adolescent mental health studies minor)— and now when I talk about becoming a doctor, she says to pick a field thats not so hard to do/get into. “Its very hard to get into medical school, You should look into becoming a PA or nurse!” And in no way am I bashing PA’s or nurses (they can be fuckin badasses), but the way she said it was to insinuate those were less rigorous/ more achievable because there was no way I can get into medical school. (currently im in the ill allow her to talk mentality because she is family– but also in the same headspace, she can go fuck herself because nothing is going to stop me)

But, to continue–I also credit my desire to go into medicine to one of my teachers in HS. He was the one that helped me see that I have the potential to do anything I want. He re-sparked my love for science and inspired me to pursue my passions. This was about the same time I got into EMS too. And my confidence in myself and my abilities to help people grew. 

I got my EMT certification a little over a year ago because I wanted to be able to have a wider scope/ do more. I don’t want to make EMS my final career path, I see it as a stepping stone because although I can help people, I just want to be able to do more– not only medically, but also be able to teach upcoming generations/ be able to provide opportunities that I wasn’t open to because I dont have anyone in my family with connections. 

My goals/desires that I believe I will fulfil by becoming a doctor:

1) Have a job that I will actually enjoy / take pride in ( and i know there will be rough days, long days, etc– but that’s all part of the package)

2) Be able to teach upcoming generations– and provide opportunities to those that are not able/ dont have those family connections

3)Be financially stable-– i know people say dont go into medicine for the money– but growing up, I saw my parents struggle financially– because of that, a main goal of mine is to be financially stable. I’m not wanting/ needing a lot of money– I just want to be able to live comfortably/ not have to worry and stress about being thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt. I dont my kids to have to see that burden (do not have kids, but speaking towards the future)– I know my parents tried to hide it, but I always knew– i saw how upset my parents were/ what they had to give up to make sure my brother and I were cared for– and I dont want to go through that. They gave up, so I would not have to. I want to be able to give back to them as well.

This ended up being a lot longer than I intended– but in the end, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

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So many abusive parents posts...

I have done my living it out of spite.

Spite is an amazing thing to have.

It helps me with suicidal thoughts, manipulative toxic people and myself in general. It may sound selfish but it okay to be selfish.

I go out of my way for so many people. I send money to tons of people, I listen to people problems and suggest stuff and I might be harsh to those who think they are better than everyone else.

My parents don’t have a say how I live my life, I do.

You need to do something about your situation. If you having problems then leave. I became homeless instead of being abused. It took a lot to do it but I did. Cause it’s my life and I have the right to be treated with respect.

Tell a doctor. Phone people for advice, do anything if you feel like you aren’t safe.

The Shinsenlosers - I

Chapter one: A start with broken things

Okita Sougo threw the green-coloured bills on the table in front of the woman. They were in the Snack Smile cabaret, liked for being one of the rare neutral club where you could have fun without being part of the Yakuzas, and without being led to unfortunate accidents. The Shinsengumi took up after the feudal wolves for their name, their ways could be compared to their precursors: they roamed through the streets of Roponggi and Kabuki districts, and kept them relatively calm from other gangs.

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anonymous asked:

shannon just responded to the choreographers comment on her post: " I would be justifying it too if I choreographed it. She knew it was original cause I know who gave it to you and you did know it was original. I think ethically choreographers need to do a better job at being original. I take pride in finding new fresh ideas and I think parents pay a lot of money for something that should be fresh and not a redone piece. Unfortunately too many dance teachers reuse/ recycle and use YouTube as..."

..Unfortunately too many dance teachers reuse/ recycle and use YouTube as their go to for “getting the job done ” and making money!!! Sorry your embarrassed for being called out my suggestion is next time be original!“ (2/2)

ummm like all her non mather pieces are just songs or concepts she used for own studio??? original. why even respond at this point. just think the whole thing coulda been handled off line

I’ve decided to set up commissions (only for the SPN fandom), considering that the exams are already behind me and I have a lot of free time to devote now to write specifically for you! (I’ll still write normally, like I used to, this is simply a way of trying to get you exactly what you want to and a way for me to get a bit of extra money :))

I could use some money, considering that:

  • I’ll be going to college in October and I’m going to need to prepare for that (textbooks, accomodation, etc.);
  • I’ll be trying to get my driver’s license (every exam costs a lot), and if that succeeds, a car, so there’s quite a bit of money needed here;
  • One word: braces. I need to save some money for all the check-ups and what not, ‘cause it’s expensive as hell;

I still live with my parents so they’re covering 99% of my needs and, considering that I’ll be on their income for at least next 6 years (because my health won’t allow me to work somewhere, even part-time, when I’m in college), I would like to help them out a bit. And, the problem is that, even though I’m tutoring kids (that’s the only part-time job I can devote time to), it’s only a drop in the ocean, so, that’s why I decided to try commissions.

(Every reblog of this post will be tagged with #commissions, so you’re free to blacklist, if you don’t want to see those posts!)

All the rules, prizes, and other things under the cut!

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TL; DR: If I had no bad luck, I’d have no luck at all

I bought my first S14 back in 2002, a used ‘98 SE model from Nissan of Fife/Tacoma WA, priced at 16k. I loved it. I would watch Best Motoring touge videos and dream of what I could do with it. I didn’t have much money but the car by itself in it’s stock form was fantastic. At the time I was working a mind numbing call center position at AT&T and an oppourtunity arose for unlimited overtime. Cingular was merging with AT&T and the queues were so high so they wanted people in, all the time. I figured, what the heck, let’s make things happen. For 4 months I worked 90 hours a week, eating the same mustard & ham sandwich combination every day, for 4 fucking months! I managed to save up 15k, needless to say I was ecstatic. I worked hard and it paid off, I could finally do something with my S14. I bought a front clip, bolt ons, suspension, wheels and a bunch of other stuff and now my s14 just needed some buttoning up and ready to go do some track events. At the time a lot of people were going to the PGP go kart track for drifting events , that was my goal, I wanted to get out there with them and do that.

 … but then, my parents saw my sudden influx of money and wanted 1k month for rent, I didn’t know any better, I didn’t know how much housing/apartments were, so I just did it, long story short things got rough, I couldn’t afford it. I was working overtime just to pay my parents, then my friend says hey you can move in with me. I decided I’d move out into my friends place. I picked up a second job and figured now’s my chance to start making moves again, but my money never seemed to really grow, I felt like I wasn’t making ends meet, I didn’t know what to do.

 I felt like I was doing something wrong, I’d drive down the street saying “look at all these houses, all these people were able to buy a home to live in, and here I am working all of my days away and can barely make it.” Thinking to myself that every one of those people was better than me, because even while working two jobs I can barely pay my bills. So I decide to push myself further, I figure I’m better at hard labor than I was at my contract IT positions, so I picked up an –>unpaid<– training opportunity.  I would train for 8 hours starting at 5am, unpaid, for 3 months. So for three months , I’d wake up in the morning and go to into a training class for 8 hours, after that I’d go work my 8 at the call center, after that I’d go do custodial duty at business complexes for 2-3 hours, after that I go home to try and get some sleep. I was working 3 jobs, getting paid for 2, and not making enough.

Three months later, I finish my training, top of my class, and now I wait and pray I get a phone call for the job. Months waiting, I finally get the call, I’m going to work at Boeing. I’m thinking this is it, this is where I make a career for myself. First day of orientation arrives, it’s at 6:00am, I wake up at 4:00am, I get ready, I walk into the parking lot and then bam, my car is missing, gone, forever, my car is gone. My roommate let’s me borrow their car for that day so I can get to work. All throughout the day I’m trying to get everything sorted out, for the next few weeks I’m going through all my transaction history to find purchase receipts for car parts and I find a bunch of random charges that I don’t understand. My ex girlfriend and my roommate from the looks ( crazy story ), had been using my bank information for paying off random bills and I never noticed it, the entire time I was working my ass off, I was paying their bills. I confront them, it’s a crazy situation, I debate on going to court. I think to myself, do I have time for this shit, do I have time for their shit, I’m trying to focus on my new job, the bank can help me even if I don’t know the source… I said fuck it, tell them to fuck off, I leave, I cut my losses, I get new credit cards, bank helps me out,  I move on.

 The situation sucks, I got no place to stay, I just quit my other 2 jobs so I can focus on this new job, and my fucking car is gone. Insurance from a stolen car doesn’t come for a long time. When you do get the money from a stolen car you, you forfeit ownership. If the car is found they will auction it and let you know when it’s auctioned but i never got the call.

 The earth cracked.

Now here we are, I’ve been at Boeing almost 9 yrs since I lost that car, I spent over a decade stuck on the idea of making my “perfect S14”, and it’s done now, I track it, I maintain it, I have a home for it, and I made some good friends along the way.

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anonymous asked:

You are doing such a good job with your kids. They are very lucky to have such an involved parent who is so open and approachable. My siblings and I had a lot of emotional issues but had to suppress them living in an Eastern European home where feelings were taboo to show and especially talk about. I'm always so glad to see parents who encourage kids to express themselves.

Awww thanks anon!

DS is giving us a run for our money.

He did have a meltdown tonight, but not a full blown rage. He was pretty angry. He was able to tell us he needed food. We got that for him but he continued to fall apart. I think it’s the noise that gets to him (it bothers me too). You guys, the baby screams ALL the time. He’s not screaming because he’s crying, he’s screaming because he wants something or he’s frustrated or annoyed. Is this normal? I can’t remember in my continual state of too much stress and sleep deprivation. It is so stressful to listen to and just adds to the chaos in a small home with several young children.

After DS went to his room I brought his food into him and he said he wanted to be left alone. He was getting sassier and I was getting angry so I let him be and just continued on with dinner. It is critical that DH and I are calm when DS is raging or about to. At any rate, he came out of his room about ten minutes later asking if he could go outside and scream. We gave him other options looking for a compromise. I was a little nervous the neighbors would call the police if they heard him screaming in the yard. He agreed to go in the basement and screamed and stomped his feet. Then he came up and apologized for his earlier behavior and seemed okay afterwards. I said that I thought some quiet space would be good. He agreed and asked to play cards on the porch. DH played with him for twenty minutes and is putting him to bed now. Victory?

He raged at least three nights this week after having four or five days in a row where he didn’t.

He had fasting blood work done last week and we got the results yesterday. His cholesterol is high! He’s ten. What the what? His overall number is 218. Apparently that may be a daily from his abilify and antidepressant interacting?

We tried to get into see a new psych. Wait list is six months. Not sure what to do next but desperate to get him off the abilify. We moved his dose today from dinnertime to 12:30pm. Hoping maybe that will help since he seems to struggle most between after school and bedtime (4-7pm). He was taking it at night because it made him sleepy. Wondering if maybe all of his meds wear off by the afternoon (he takes the antidepressant and ADHD medications in the morning around 7am).

His current prescriber wants us to go back to the 5mg dose. We are very reluctant to do that. Thinking if we can’t manage this week we may try him at like 3 or 3.5mg but then we have to figure out how to cut the pill up accordingly. In addition to the high cholesterol, he’s gained a good 15-20 pounds since November when he started the medication. He’s always been tiny so that’s a lot of weight for him. He’s gained eight pounds alone since February. Sheesh! It would be so awesome to have a decent provider on board so we weren’t doing this alone. Google is awesome, but not as great as an actual doctor who will work with you and wants to see your kid be successful.

hey y'all do any of you have a suggestion for a laptop? i gotta get a new one. :/ price doesn’t matter i’m gonna see if i can raise my credit limit or borrow the money from my parents and pay them back.

i want a mac but i DO NOT want to learn a new paint tool (i use sai) so please don’t suggest mac

i need a laptop that has a lot of space for files & runs programs well. i don’t know much about that techhy stuff so i can’t give any fancy terms wdjjdisos but what i do on my laptop is online university courses, drawing, photoshop, basic internet browsing, netflix, etc. i don’t use it for any games or anything.

last time i got advice from the employees at the store they recommended me the one i have now (HP, idk the model offhand) which i’ve been having issues with ever since i got it just over only 2 years ago. i don’t know where to start and i want some suggestions to look into so i have some knowledge before i go into the store and get fucked like i did last time lol.

bubblebuni  asked:

Hi, big fan of your art!! So gorgeous <3 I need some advice. For the past few years, I planned to become a doctor, but art has always been my passion, so I'm starting to rethink it. Recently I've been looking graphic design/web design/software engineering, & since you work in design I'm very curious! Do you enjoy your work? Do u feel it gives you enough creative freedom? And do you feel you earn/will earn enough money? (My mom thinks I won't get paid enough to be happy ;-;) thanks in advance <3

Hi hi ♥ Thanks for your support – it means a lot ;;o;; ♥

Mmmm to start, my parents were also against me going into design and wanted me to pursue a more ‘proper’ career like being an Engineer/Architect or a Lawyer because that’s ‘where the money is’ ;;; I’ve also personally heard relatives tell their children “Don’t go into art, there’s no money there” O<-< 

But then I tell myself, I want to do something that I like for the rest of my life – something that I enjoy and I won’t regret later on. Like, I don’t really care if I don’t get rich – I just want to be happy.

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anything to help, dude !! i know medications can cost a lot of money!!

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