i need a life so i dont think of this stupid shit


So long story short an “army” that goes by the name of Venny is pretty good at making celebrities notice bangtan. She got a retweet from wale from an old cover from namjoon and even got tinashe to notice hobi. 

But heres why you SHOULD NOT treat here as the best namjoon stan ever because she is not

*i dont want to bring up the past but a lot of people are comparing her with namjoon because VENNY IS PROBLEMATIC SHE MADE A LOT OF RACIST REMARKS AND NEVER APOLOGIZED OR OWNED UP TO THEM AND EVEN REPEATED THEM UNLIKE NAMJOON*

So basically many armys AND HER claim that the collab happened because of her WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT BECAUSE ME KNOWING NAMJOON HE WOULD OF SAID SOMETHING HIMSELF

so then venny venn diagram releases these on her twitter (WHICH IS NOW PRIVATE COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT)

Okay but e ven before i knew that this was fake I HIGHLY DOUBTED IT namjoon would of done something himself he has the full capability to dm and message intl armys he has done so before

also she sounded soooooo shady i wasnt buying it


so then seeing this beef wale assumed namjoon knows venny venn diagram not knowing the real situation



I feel really bad for her BECAUSE SHE IS SO PETTY

okay but basically i dont know what to do

the whole situation is so petty and stupid, like did this girl REALLY have to do this, being a namjoon stan since pre-debut i wouldnt be this thirsty to get namjoon to notice me, like i dont really know what to do because she already has done it and really cant take it back.

but hey im happy this happened because the twitter memes about her are so funny

peace, love, and support namjoon’s mixtape

*note* so many people are supporting namjoon remember when everyone used to fucking hate him people are giving him so much love i love armys we are amazing we need to protect namjoon 

i feel bad for namjoon bc this is affecting his career, some “armys” are no different from antis using namjoon as a fucking target for everything, i remember him mentioning that he wont feel as if his life has purpose until his music affect the lives of his fans and now when he actually gets to know an intl “army” its about something negative and false accusations against him. Imagine how hard breaking he would feel GREAT START TO HIS SECOND MIXTAPE UGH


atfirst i thought it was stupid to hate on  venny as what she did was a harmless petty joke but this can really affect namjoon’s image in his rap career as wale knows about this

imagine how ashamed he felt goddamn

5 mile run new Boku No Hero thoughts are as follows:

  • this is my all-time favorite “previously on” section. it was highlighting Bakugou’s resolve to win by mashing together all the clips of him declaring his ambitions but because its Bakugou it was actually just a 2 minute montage of Bakugou fucking screaming
  • Todo acts naive but i doubt that more and more each day with the number of sick fucking burns he’s gotten in at people, case in point:
  • Bakugou: -storms on in to Todo’s room and starts yelling at him.-
    Todo: Hey Bakugou :))) you know what this reminds me of? :))) That guy you fucking hate. :))) Except he did this better. :)))) You really cant ever live up to him can you :)))))))
  • Bakugou calls Todoroki “IcyHot” in the dub and I watched the dub today specifically in hopes that he’d call him IcyHot again and he DID.
  • I’m not done with this scene because the PHRASING HAD ME IN STITCHES–Bakugou stormed in like “Hey IcyHot, is this how you fucking treat your opponents!?” while blowing up Todo’s table. And Todo responded with “That’s what Midoriya said too…” I dont think Deku said it quite like that, Todo. But too late now I can’t stop picturing:
  • Deku voice: “Hey you stupid piece of shit sore-muscle hot-and-cold sports pack you better fucking look at me while i stand here and break all my fingers and yell, because fuck you, you fucking icepack.”
  • Bakugou his table
  • His table Bakugou
  • This is the screamiest Bakugou’s been to date, I’m glad for him
  • ominous BOOM noises from inside the iceberg
  • dub!Sero called Bakugou a “moleman” and i want the world to know that Bakugou’s been canonically called a “moleman”. Moleman Bakugou.
  • Bakugou, grabbing Todo by the hair and piledriving him into the ground: “GIT FUCKING GUD, ICYHOT
  • Aizawa: -provides commentary on the strategy, strengths, and weaknesses of the children’s fighting techniques-
    Present Mic: -sees Todo surfing on an ice wave and says “Looks like fun!!!”-
  • Bakugou: “Use your full power IcyHot! I want the world to know you’re trying to destroy me!! THIS MEANS NOTHING IF I CAN’T SURPASS DEKU!!”
    (Regina George voice) Why are you so obsessed with me?
  • Bakugou, or better known by his full name, Katsuki “Fidget Spinner” Bakugou
  • Bakugou: -screams incoherently for 20 minutes trying to rile Todo up-
    Deku: -says one thing-
    Todo, heart racing, palms sweaty: holy fuck. holy shit. thats my fucking boyfriend.
  • Srs for a moment, I really adore and am moved by Todo’s character development here. The easy shonen answer would be for Todo to be “fixed” following his fight with Deku, but the poor kid’s sitting on like 10 years of trauma. He’s not fixed. He’s healing. And healing comes with pain and doubt sometimes.
  • Like I actually clutched my shirt while his fire unraveled.
  • Bakugou: -pulls of the coolest fucking spin projectile move in history-
    Bakugou: -lands like this-

  • We are blessed with Dad Might in this house today
  • Todo: “My path forward isn’t as clear as I thought. There’s still someone I need to settle things with…”
    Todo: -steps off the podium, walks into the crowd, punches Endeavor in the face- “Fuck you Dad”
  • In the sub All Might calls Bakugou’s face “amazing” but in the dub he calls it “scary” and 4 years were added to my life when dub!All Might gave Bakugou the once over with the medal in his mouth and went “…still scary.”
  • I want to empahsize that several hours pass after that scene cut. It’s evening. The kids are changed back into their school uniforms AND back at the classroom. And Bakugou still has the fucking medal in his mouth. No one took it out. 
  • me: fuck…i hope iida will be okay
    also me, who’s read the manga: (hes not gonna be okay)
  • The hospital scene makes me kinda want to take back all the making fun of Todo I did because…god fucking this poor child…he deserved so much better
  • Protect Mama Midoriya she deserves the world


kicking you out

for the anon who asked for a groupchat celebrity au with twitter. ik this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but i will do a proper celebrity au one day. probably. dedicated to my wife @jiilys bc she deserves all this and more

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thanks for tuning in last night! check us out next week when we’ll be discussing whether sand dollars should be a viable form of currency

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: james no one cares about ur stupid fuckign radio show

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: ur the co-host

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i dont see how thats a relevant piece of information

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) tweeted: @jimsradio why do you have pine trees listed as your topic for next week

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: why not

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: theyr an important part of our capitalist, consumer-driven society

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: is this just because you couldn’t come up with a better topic

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: r u insinuating that i had no ideas and decided on pine trees bc there happens to be one outside peters bedroom window

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: fair

James Potter to radioheads: how about we have remus as our special guest next week

Sirius Black: i have legitimately never heard of a worse idea

Remus Lupin: good luck driving yourself to the lido next week then dickhead

Sirius Black: i already lost that job

Remus Lupin: why am i not surprised

Sirius Black: jokes on u lupin, ur the one who’s been driving me 40 minutes out of your way every morning for nothing

Remus Lupin: fucker

Remus Lupin to James Potter: we need more advertising

James Potter: ?? we have plenty of advertising

Remus Lupin: we have the same ad for your dad’s hair gel playing every break on a ten minute loop

James Potter: ?? what’s ur point

Peter Pettigrew to james you know i love monty but we need more advertising: guys 2, 141 people listened in last week

Remus Lupin: are you kidding

James Potter: result!!!!

Sirius Black: was that the one where we talked about freaks & geeks conspiracy theories

Remus Lupin: no that was the one where you talked about crunchy chips vs squishies

Remus Lupin: do you even listen to the show

Sirius Black: im the co-host thank you very much

Remus Lupin: could’ve fooled me

Sirius Black has removed Remus Lupin from the chat.

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) tweeted: @petepettigrew i still cant believe u prefer squishies to crunchies

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: what?? theyr more flavoursome

James Potter to Sirius Black: remus has been our special guest for the past five episodes i think we need someone new

Sirius Black: what about pete

James Potter: pete does sound

Sirius Black: then get someone else to do sound

James Potter: u, my friend, are a genius

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we need someone with tech experience to do our sound booth pls and thank

Peter Pettigrew to fifa plays would make a shitty topic: I thought I was sound technician??

James Potter: u can still be sound technician we’re just having u as our special guest

Sirius Black: im not sure i can handle having a special guest who thinks squishies r better than crunchies

James Potter: ??? u were the one who suggested pete in the first place

Sirius Black: i was?? funny that

Peter Pettigrew: i hate u all

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @jimsradio i have two years worth of tech experience and can do friday evenings if ur still looking for a sound technician

James Potter to shitdick central™: holy shit check out the chick who just applied for techie

Peter Pettigrew: who is she

Remus Lupin: lily evans

Remus Lupin: she had her own radio show a couple of years back with this really awful guy

Remus Lupin: it was really popular

Peter Pettigrew: the radio show or the guy

Remus Lupin: ?? the radio show

Remus Lupin: the guy turned out to be a massive racist

Remus Lupin: in her last interview she called him ‘an abusive fuckface’

Sirius Black: i say we hire her

James Potter: seconded

Remus Lupin to James Potter: is the only reason you want to hire her is because you think she’s hot

James Potter: do you really think i’m that shallow

Remus Lupin: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: @liljane you’re hired. i’ll dm you the details

Sirius Black to i’m not shallow remus i just have an appreciation for the finer things in life: i cant believe that you both literally and figuratively slid into her dm’s

James Potter: im blocking u

James Potter to what the fuck is an aardvark anyway: that went rather well if you ask me

Sirius Black: ?? it was a fucking atrocity

Sirius Black: you were staring at her the whole time

James Potter: no i wasn’t

Remus Lupin: you missed five of your queues

James Potter: ok, so maybe i was a little off

Sirius Black: there were more awkward silences than that one time peter tried to pick up rosmerta at the three broomsticks

Peter Pettigrew: you promised you wouldn’t bring that up again!!

Sirius Black: sry pete, desperate times call for desperate measures

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: make sure to check us out at our new time of 7:00pm fridays!!

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you do realise no-one actually watches this show

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: he’s right you know

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: i hate both of u

Lily Evans to James Potter: can u stop making jokes about lamps

James Potter: i don’t know what u filamean

Peter Pettigrew to wes anderson is better than quentin taratino and you know it james: ALMOST 10K PEOPLE LISTENED IN LAST NIGHT

James Potter: HOLY SHIT

Lily Evans: james u owe me $50 and your 1st edition copy of the great gatsby

James Potter: i’d rather die

Lily Evans: then die, jim

Remus Lupin: christ

Sirius Black: u called??

Peter Pettigrew: what even is this group chat

James Potter to Lily Evans: was that u tearing up i saw in the sound booth when i was reading out my piece about foreshadowing in the simpsons

Lily Evans: i was tearing up over how bad it was

Lily Evans: there was something in my eye

Lily Evans: i think it was your complete lack of a writing style

James Potter: stop it

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: petition to kick sirius out of the group chat bc he won’t stop talking about scooby doo conspiracy theories at 3am

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i can scooby do what i want

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: blocked

James Potter to Sirius Black: WHERE ARE YOU WE’RE ON IN 5

James Potter: sirs

James Potter: where r you

Sirius Black: ran in tp regulus at the cineplex

James Potter: where are you now

Sirius Black: field next to cneplex

James Potter: don’t move

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: sorry that there was no show this week folks!! sirius got mauled by a bear and i had to drive up to toronto to help amputate his right arm

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: @jimsradio who’s going to wank you off now

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: @remuslupout bitch im left-handed

Sirius Black to velma, daphne and fred: i’m sure evans would do it for you james

Lily Evans: you want to lose the other arm black

Peter Pettigrew to cry me a river lupin: maybe we should make our group chats accessible to the public to get more hits

James Potter: i would but no one wants to see screenshots of sirius in a bra

Sirius Black: by no-one do you mean everyone

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 20k hits the other night!! more content coming

Sirius Black to bitches bitchin: GRAHAM NORTON TONIGHT BITCHES

Lily Evans: are you sober

Sirius Black: am i ever sober

Lily Evans: good point

James Potter to sirius stop changing the group chat name while graham is in the middle of asking you questions: i think that went well

Lily Evans: james im leaving you for graham norton

Sirius Black: not if i leave him first

Severus Snape (@halfbloodprince) tweeted: @jimsradio feel like keeping your hands off my co-host you wanker??

James Potter to i haven’t been able to listen to eyes on fire by blue foundation since they played it over bella and ryan’s scene in eyewitness: how are we gonna handle this

James Potter: my vote is firmly rooted in manslaughter

Lily Evans: leave it to me

Lily Evans: but keep manslaughter as a backup

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince i wonder what it’d be like to not be so ridiculously self-involved as to impose yourself where you’re strictly not wanted?

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince stay out of my life or you’ll be receiving numerous calls from my lawyer

Lily Evans to manslaughter: yes or no: its sorted

Sirius Black: you don’t even have a lawyer

Lily Evans: he doesn’t know that

James Potter to Lily Evans: whats a rlly interesting and extensive subject we could cover this week

Lily Evans: milk

James Potter: excellent

Lily Evans to tangled is so much better than frozen: im at the studio and i have liquor

Sirius Black: be there in 5

Peter Pettigrew: can u pick me up

Sirius Black: McNo™

Remus Lupin: i regret the day i gave u that keyboard shortcut

Sirius Black: i dont

James Potter to Lily Evans: r u ok

Lily Evans: fine just sistet stuff

James Potter: u sound trashed

Lily Evans: thsts bc i Am

James Potter: where r u

Lily Evans: blcony

Lily Evans: jim

Lily Evans: can u tak e me hpme

Lily Evans: jaems

Lily Evans: i love you

Lily Evans to James Potter: what did i say last night

James Potter: nothing its fine

James Potter: don’t worry about it

Lily Evans: i am worried about it

James Potter: don’t be

James Potter: see you at work

Remus Lupin to James Potter: whats goin on between u two

James Potter: ???

Remus Lupin: you know what i mean

Remus Lupin: you keep looking at her and looking away

Remus Lupin: she keeps forgetting to give you your queues

James Potter: probably distracted by that hickey on your neck

Remus Lupin: i TOLD you i FELL OVER

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 100k! i’ve made @jimsradio promise to change his username if we make it to 1mil in the next two months

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: he should change it to @wanker

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: i checked its already taken by @halfbloodprince

Sirius Black to james potter and co: can you and evans stop eye-fucking during the sets

James Potter changed the chat name to i dont know what you’re talking about.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to yes u do.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to do too.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Remus Lupin: you guys know she’s getting all of these right

James Potter: shit

Lily Evans to James Potter: u have something u want to tell me

James Potter: i’d rather do it in person,,,,,if thats ok

Lily Evans: only if we announce our engagement during a set

James Potter: deal

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we hit 1mil! also @liljane and i are fucking

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: about time

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you don’t say

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: i do say

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: im blocking both of u

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: r u gonna hold up your end of the bargain @jimsradio

James Potter changed his username to @lilandjimsradio.

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: nice

anonymous asked:

Sorry if I'm bothering you but can you share why you think avatar is bad?

hoo boy man ur asking for a lot bc that show is a complete and utter M E S S. first, heres the main phrase my tibetan ass wants u to think about: its a show using asian/indigenous ppl and their devastating histories made by ignorant weeaboo white men. I want to write about it in detail bc i’ve always wanted to say something about this but never rly got around to doing it. maybe ill send this in letter format to the writers lol. anyways im going to split this up into parts. I’ll put a readmore bc its kinda long

@bryankonietzko take a nice long look if u still use tumblr lmao

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LOOK AT THE PHOTO MORE CLOSELY...They are naked?! Um Hiro, are you saying this whole time Gajeel and Levy have been doing naughty things?? Also RBOZ is doing a mini comic/comic for the picture!!!!

dude you have no idea how long I’ve been staring at that piece of perfection, they are naked as fuck, they have no clothes, Gajeel is really up in her personal space like really up in her personal space and Levy looks like she is about to have the time of her life with her man’s dick in her.

look at how happy they are being in each other’s presence with nothing but skin and air between them.

I put this on twitter but for fun’s sake lemme put it here too

Beautiful bitch’s titty is out

I do not doubt for a second that they’ve been having intimate fucking for a while now. Taking away the fact that they consensually spent a year together, a year that we don’t know exactly what happened other than the fact that they were in the council and their feelings for each other obviously grew, Mashima’s a troll and has left clues to dot together:

the first clue was this fucking blanket scandal controversy I wasn’t in the fandom when this chapter came out but i did my research and went through fairy tail confess for help as well so i know what shit went down with Gajeel being shirtless and Levy in her tank top pajama, they were the only ones in bed

lemme just bring up the fact that if Levy was asleep and barely waking up in fairy hills, you know the only known residence of hers, then when Irene’s shit wore off, and people assumingely ended up at the place they were when the war began, wouldn’t she have been near Erza and Wendy? She wasn’t she was right next to Gajeel and Lily.

second, this dirty ass innuendo, where we see Gajeel’s sparkling eyes for Levy for the first time 

that position with his arm looks familiar If he meant that with no kind of double entendre we would’ve known from Levy’s expression and Im sure she would’ve been pissed and pulled her “Gajeel’s being a stupid fuck” face  aka my favorite levy face but 

she’s cool with it, like “okay he’s going to throw me in jail alright it’s cool, this is normal, code for he’s going to fuck me”

third, the one spoken at the most heartbreaking moment 


gonna say this with a little bit of sex ed. Ok so Gajeel wants kids with Levy, kids, two children, twins, offspring, the common product of unprotected sex. In order for Gajeel to want a family with Levy he has to want to fuck her. Let me repeat, he needs to have sex with Levy in order to get the kids he wants. More vulgarly, Gajeel needs to put his dick inside of Levy’s pussy in order for Levy to get pregnant, something that Gajeel wants. Again, Gajeel needs to stick his penis inside of Levy’s vagina, make friction and have that penis ejaculate sperm which will then swim up Levy’s uterus and fight to be the first one inside of Levy’s egg which has to be attached to Levy’s fallopian tube, waiting to be fertilized  i got a B in human biology i forgot if this is how it happens but google is free so feel free to correct me, Im just going by memory rn. idk if the twins are supposed to be identical or fraternal but either way for fraternal, two eggs have to be fertilized by two sperm and for identical, one sperm penetrates one egg which will then split as the pregnancy progresses.Ok and this is based on my own view point, people can have a different viewpoint on this but for me I would have to be in an intimate relationship with someone before i think about having kids with them, idk if either Gajeel or Levy are the same way but that’s just me.

this is the one that convinced me that they’ve had sex before and that Levy likes being on top

their reunion was eye opening to me, it surprised me just how comfortable they were in this position as if they’ve done a million times before, there was no embarrassed blushes and constant apologizing for invading personal space, Levy wanted to be in Gajeel’s personal space and vice versa,

their reaction and actions after this just proved how normal this was to them

as if they weren’t just in a position where Levy looked like she was riding him, they’re not mortified, they’re not embarrassed that there was people around who saw their reunion and intimate position. 

i got no idea where the hot springs pictures go here to be honest, i don’t think they were necessary and i get it wasn’t Gajeel’s fault stupid ichiya but it was still uncomfortable for both of them I bet, they weren’t able to enjoy it because they didn’t want to be in that position at that time, it was not consensual on both parts, again i saw stupid ichiya but yeah other than that i dont know

I hope hope that Mashima gives us more in regards to them and their relationship status and how long they’ve been together but we just have to wait and see.

oh dude and you don’t even know how hyped i am about Rusky doing some art for this and I am looking forward to any fanfic or art based on that very picture because it is perfection and should be in the Louvre, Mona Lisa who??

added bonuses just to show that Levy loves Gajeel’s titties Gajeel knows this too as alluded in the “a future” panel where Levy has her hand on his upper titty:

^^this one just made me realize that they’ve lain together like that.

and Im sorry this post got so long I got carried away with this but I have a lot of feels about these two people being naked together

Snapchat Mishaps {Pt 4}

Warnings:  S M U T , NSFW gifs, swearing , bucky being an ass. angst.

~ I don’t know why this chapter came out to angst, but the next ones will be pure smut I swear ; just hang in there 😘😏😏

MasterList    Snapchat Mishap Masterlist !

 Spending the night in buckys room was like having a sleepover with wanda or Nat( minus the booze and face masks ) . You stayed up and talked for a while , just about random things and you managed to learn a lot about each other that you didn’t know ; then you watched movies for hours , until you fell asleep cuddled into his side in the early hours of the morning .

When you wake up, you find yourself pressing up against Bucky, his arms wi ding tightly around you body keep you to him. Your face is nuzzling into his neck, and you don’t think you ever been comfier . It’s one thing for me to be fucking around with Bucky, but this isn’t - I didn’t plan on liking being this close to him him a non sexual way so much .

“ good morning doll.” His sleepy voice startles you , but as you go to move he doesn’t let you.

“ morning asshat.” You say with a yawn . You wiggle around and his grip still stays strong .

“ where do you think you’re going?”

“ to my room?”

“ no I don’t think so . ”
He ducks his head down , nudging his nose against yours . Your heart flutters at the action , and nearlyJumps out of your chest when his lips gently kiss yours.

Originally posted by lovershub

 A smile forms on both of your faces into the kiss, the. Bucky starts leaving kisses all over your face, making you giggle and try to shove him away .  

“ Bucky stooppp !” You squeal ,he stops kissing you to laugh and you send him a pout .

“ why’d you stop?” You ask , his laughter goes up a notch in volume , making you laugh as well.
This is such a weird couple moment , but we aren’t a couple . So how the fuck is this even a thing right now ? Fuck , I’m screwed.

He goes in for another kisss but is interrupted when a loud knock sounds on his door .

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“ buck you awake ?” Fuck , Steve .

“ no !” Bucky shouts , then connects your lips . His hand slides under his v neck that’s still covering your body , and stop once they hit your chest. This kiss is still slow and lazy, his hands follow the same lead , gently and lazily palming your chest in sync with the kiss.

Steve begins knocking again , harder this time .

“ we have a mission Bucky, we gotta go !”
Fuck no no no .

“ call in sick .” You whisper against his lips . He Laughs before fully removing his lips from yours .

“ sorry doll , duty calls .” He places one last kiss to your lips before springing out of bed .

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

“ I’ll meet you in the hangar steve !” Bucky calls out and you hear steve accept his answer . You groan, rolling out of his bed until your feet land on the floor . Bucky flings your shorts at you with a wink before he disappears into his bathroom . You pull on your pants and leave his room , sending one last look over your shoulder to his messy bed . What have I gotten myself into?

Before you leave buckys out of his bathroom , fully geared up .

“ leaving without saying goodbye y/n, that’s cold.” There was a tiny hint of humor in his voice , but he sounded genuinely shocked or upset? You couldn’t tell .

“ figured I’d meet you in the hangar to say by to everyone .”
He smiles , taking the lead as you follow him to the elevator . The ride up was filled with laughs and new movie night ideas .

When you reach the hangar , your pace slowed down, letting him get ahead to the team . It looks like everyone but wanda and Bruce are going . You say your usual goodbyes before a mission, You say goodbye and goodluck to everyone , giving them quick hugs , lastly stopping in front of Bucky. His goodbye usually consisted of “ don’t fuck up too bad , I don’t feel like spending the night playing babysitter in the infirmary, then a quick flirty retort from him and a wink . But this time, you couldn’t help the change .

” good luck buck .“ You wrap your arms around his neck tightly , his go around your waist . You let you lips brush against his ear as you whisper ,
” come home in one piece , please .“ When you drop your arms you see a faint blush on his cheeks. 

Originally posted by huzursuzhayaller

” you got it sweet cheeks .“ There’s that damn wink

” fuck off barnes , just so you know , your favorite bro nurse is on duty the next couple days , I’ll make sure he takes real good care of you if you end up in the med bay .“ You return his wink, watching him cringe at the thought of having to deal with how rough john ( the bro nurse as he liked to be called ) is with IVs and exams . The blush grows darker on his face now , God he’s adorable . What happened to the cocksure Bucky Barnes from before ?

  It’s been two days since the team left for their mission, and both of the days you’ve spent thinking about Bucky . You think about all the things you talked about with him the other night; it was like meeting an entirely different person than the Bucky you knew . He told you stories of things he remember from the 40’s, about the things he did to keep busy when he was hiding after leaving steve in DC , about being in wake dad , and things that interest him that you never knew . You discovered he loves learning about space , that when he can’t sleep from nightmares he likes to sit on the roof of the tower and watch the stars until morning , along with a shit ton of other things . Some things you knew already from observing him , or that have come up in conversations before ; like his favorite color , food, drink , that he hates modern day music and he gets sick enjoyment out of torturing Sam on a daily basis. Your  image of Bucky has shifted , from being a flirty dickbag to still being a flirty dickbag, but not in bad way, in a way that makes you not want to kick him in the balls when he flirts with you or shoot him in the face when he acts like a jerk . You’ve seen a caring side of him now , getting to know more things about him actually makes you want to be near him more ; you just haven’t sorted out if you want to be near him more as friends or …. ya know .

  You’ve forgotten about the ‘game ’ you two have been playing a few times over these two days and have to keep reminding yourself ; to him it’s just for fun . Even if we do end up fucking , we can still be friends after right?

  It’s day 3 , and almost 8pm , you’re about to start a movie when FRIDAY announces the teams return . You book it to the hangar , and wait silently as the jet lands . The door drops open , and the team exits .

“ any injuries ?” You call out You receive a chorus of no’s , then hello’s .

Bucky is the last one that gets off the jet , his face showing no emotion . As he approaches you smile ,

“ hey bu-”

“ could you just not right now .” He snaps, your eyes widen at his harsh tone . He step onto the elevator , his cold eyes locking on yours as the doors glide shut. What the fuck ?

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Buckys been cold to you since he returned, barely speaking to you and when he does it’s never pleasant . It’s been three days since he came back , with a completely different personality . You finally confront steve about it

“ steve what the hell happened on that mission ?”

“ it’s classi-”

“ Say it’s classified Rogers, and I will break your damn nose .” You snap

He sighs , “ it was suppose to be an abandoned hydra base, we just needed the intel off the computer. We got there and got ambushed and one of them hr Bucky with a shock gun and it must of triggered a flashback and he went into soldier mode . It took a while to calm him down, and when he did he saw all the destruction around him and closed himself off. ”

Poor Bucky , he didn’t go into much detail about his time as the soldier the other night, but he mentioned his fear of relapsing a little . So you can only imagine how hard this must be for him . You decide to check on him , bringing him a glass of his favorite ice tea , when you step off into his floor you hear loud, high pitched moans , that definitely aren’t coming from Bucky . You back up into the elevator , pushing the tears of anger and confusion back . Before the doors shut you see a girl run into the hall in her underwear giggling , with a shirtless Bucky chasing after her and stopping when his eyes lock onto your tearing ones.

Once the doors shut all the way you let the tears loose , “I’m so fucking stupid .”

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I Give Up - part 27 (A Baekhyun Series)

You were putting on mascara when your phone buzzed, letting you know of an incoming text. It was probably one of the friends who were meeting up later at the small bar near campus. You swiped when you recognized Minah’s name, your best friend who you had invited along. Your exams and being so busy with your boyfriend had made you neglect your best friend lately and you made her promise to join tonight.

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the gang on a cruise - hcs

requested by anon - these take place in a modern au!!

  • who comes up with this wild idea???? 
    • “so…….guys…. we got u all together here today because” (soda looks at two)
    • “how bout we go….”
    • “on A CRUISE”
    • two and soda said that and nearly everyone erupted in a collective “NOOOOOOOO”
    • steve and johnny were the only two to say “yEAH”
    • lil steve has never been more excited for anything in his damn LIFE 
  • the curtis household is an actual MESS between booking it, packing and just the whole thing in general
    • there’s literally never a dull/quiet moment (as always) (but now it’s 10x worse)
  • they literally dont pack until last minute
    • like it’s 5 hours before they’re supposed to be leaving 
    • and nO ONE
    • NO ONE
    • bc we know darry probably drilled down on pony to make sure he was packed on time
    • darry is losing his fuckin mind when everyone is at the Curtis house asking for shit
  • they have to catch a flight to miami bc their cruise is to the bahamas
    • darry saw the groupon and he hasn’t looked back since
    • darry is def on the plane asking if someone has aspirin or excedrin
      • “sometHING I NEED SOMETHING” 
      • dar thought he was getting a vacation asap but this whole process of preparing and getting there has never made the times so stressful
  • steve keeps asking for food??
    • yknow how they give out pretzels or peanuts?
  • johnny is softly sleepin
  • dally is kicking the chair of the lady in front of him
  • and two is snoring at mAX volume
  • before they board the ship
    • they have all their luggages and shit and their hair is all messy and fucked up w/out grease!! (but in a sloppy-cute way)
    • but darry turns around and he’s like
    • “when we’re here, i don’t know any of you. i don’t know your names, u don’t know mine. if you bother me or make trouble, i swear on our parents that i WILL RING YOUR DAMN NECKS”
  • steve ends up yelling
    • “AWWWW FUCK”
  • soda’s all
    • “can we drink it”
    • “it’s water isn’t it?” (steve)
    • “ITS BLUE WATER” (soda)
    • and then u can hear darry speedwalk w his squeaking flipflops 
    • “god, you guys r just embaras-”
    • *already drinking it*
    • “you guys it’s saLTWATer”
    • *already spitting it out*
  • dally’s reaction to the water is ike
    • guys it’s just water
    • it’s just saltwater
  • stevepop takes another swing at drinkin the water to see maybe if it tastes different a second time (spoiler alert….it doesn’t)
  • but pony and johnny r still so struck by it
    • “wow. it’s just so beautiful. you see how the sun glistens off the water johnny? it’s awfully gorgeous”
    • and johnny’s like
    • “i aint never seen somethin so big in my life. well, except for the sky of course. it just looks neverendin”
    • steve overhears and says passingly
    • “calm down u two, the water aint nothing special it just tastes like ass”
  • two foR once in his LIFE
    • isn’t putting his two-bit into somethin
    • he’s actually speechless about the water
  • on the cruise itself tho,
    • darry is deadass in the saunas
      • he’s gettin massages and facials and shit
    • steve and soda are chasing each other around one of the decks
    • pony is getting seasick as FUCK
    • johnny is eating icecream
    • dally is smoking his life away
      • and getting yelled at by staff for it
      • and then continuing to do so anyways
    • two is having margaritas and sangrias at 3 in the afternoon bc he promised not to drink heavy
      • even tho by like midnight
      • he drinks a six pack of beer and he’s havin a grand ol time
  • steve and soda are horseplaying
    • on the deck
    • in the saunas
    • in the pool
    • in the meditation room
    • all im picturing is that in each room darry is somewhere w a grump face
    • while steve and soda are messin around with the playfighting and chasing and backflips??
    • LMFaO just change the backdrop of the location and stevepop are still fuckin around while darry is just “omgfdsfkh”
  • im tellin u rn that the playfighting becomes real after some time
    • like someone’s startin a fight
    • steve gets his tooth knocked out again
    • “cmon soda really??? the doc just replaced it”
    • “don’t be stupid it’s the tooth doctor u fuckin airhead”
    • “it’s the deNTIST U DROPOUT”
  • dally & two are always checkin out girls w soda
    • but soda only comes along when steve sleeps in
    • bc he loves hangin w his bro :’))
    • “soda what are you doing”
    • “move, ya michelin man. ur blocking my sun”
    • “you’re sunbathing?”
    • “well darry whAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE”
    • “well u need sunscreen, that’s what it looks like”
    • “go and get a massage or somethin jeez”
  • pony is 1000% gonna yank johnny down where they can see the sky real well at 7:02pm exACTLY
    • in order to see the sunset and stargaze afterwards
    • johnny will probably appreciate it but knock the fuck out
  • dally is definitely burning holes in towels with his cigarettes on purpose after he gets yelled at for smoking
    • they have to drag two away from the mic
    • buT before he leaves, he gives the microphone a drunk peck of a kiss??
  • okay well johnny is just THE happiest lil boy
    • he’s just so happy to be there with everyone in a place so far away from home
    • he’s just chillin with that ice creams and makin sure pony isn’t dead
    • and fkjshfk he’s just a lil ball of sunshine on the cruise, this kid
Promt list

1. “Thats my phone”
2. “Why do you have my bra in your hand?”
3. “I don’t feel so good”
4. “You mean everything to me….”
5. “You lost your ring?….”
6. “Great now the fire alarm is going off”
7. “You mean to tell me that you ate all my food?…”
8. “How dare you use me when you knew i loved you….”
9. “Forget it”
10. “Maybe wishes do come true after all
11. “Maybe soulmates are a thing”
12. “Lets go travel the world”
13. “Can we sleep under the stars?”
14. “I saw you sitting alone and thought you would use some company”
15. “Are you seriously horny right now?”
16. “Whats with the cheesy pickup lines?”
17. “Nooo! They belonged together”
18. “Your jealous over my celebrity crush?”
19. “Could i maybe get your number?”
20. “How about a date?”
21. “Netflix?”
22. “Was it really worth it?”
23. “Yeah well now you’ve lost me”
24. “Let me help you goddammit”
25. “Stop being stubborn and come cuddle me”
26. “You drove here at 2 in the morning to come and get cuddles?”
27. “Soooo…..what now?”
28. “I thought you locked the door”
29. “This is going to be the end of me”
30. “You are going to be the death of me”
31. “Your just another player and its game over for us”
32. “You’re seriously a man-child”
33. “I want you. Only you”
34. “Do you belive in love at first sight?”
35. “Im so stupid. I fell for my best friend”
36. “Its cute when you blush”
37. “Back off”
38. “Is there a reason your crawling threw my window?”
39. “Thats a cute laugh. I like it”
40. “Move in with me?”
41. “I guess this is it…”
42. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this”
43. “You owe me 10 bucks”
44. “Can you bring pizza and beer”
45. “What did that asshole do to you?”
46. “What did you do?”
47. “Ewww thats gross”
48. “Stick that toung out again and i will cut it off”
49. “Im not crying. Theres something in my eye”
50. “Wow. Your stupid”
51. “Did i fucking stutter?”
52. “You should leave”
53. “Dont mind me”
54. “Nice moves love”
55. “What a dumb idea. Im in”
56. “Can someone shoot him?”
57. “Don’t say a word”
58. “Shit, thats hot”
59. “I dont care”
60. “You need to leave”
61. “Fuck off”
62. “NEVER!”
63. “Do you even love me?”
64. “I think i just fell in love”
65. “I cant do this anymore”
66. “You’re so whipped”
67. “Forever?”
68. “I fall in love with you more and more ever day”
69. “Your all i have left”
70. “Care to dance?”
71. “Please. Just dont”
72. “Im sorry”
73. “I said im sorry what more do you want!”
74. “You cant just sit there all day”
75. “You can lock yourself away from everyone else….but please dont push me away”
76. “You can’t banish me!! This is my bed too”
77. “Talk about awkward”
78. “If you die. I’ll kill you”
79. “That dosn’t make sense”
80. “Just smile. I just really need to see you smile right now”
81. “How funny. You think i care”
82. “Tell me what’s happened. Why have we changed”
83. “I don’t even know you anymore.”
84. “Do you really need all that candy?”
85. “Don’t yell at me”
86. “Good thing i didn’t ask for your opinion”
87. “She’s hiding behind the sofa”
89. “He’s respectable. But you know, a little dodgy”
90. “Your too good for this world”
91. “Only if you give me a piggy back ride”
92. “Let’s build a fort”
93. “Wait, you like me?”
94. “Wait….is this a date?”
95. “If i did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you”
96. “Listen i really dont like you but you hsve a puppy so im going to be over a lot”
97. “I desere an explanation. I desereve an acceptable reason”
98. “You can hate me. You can dislike me. But why cheat on me?”
99. “Your hair is so soft”
100. “I thought it’d be less hurt if i left now. But it turn out i was wrong. I promise ill never leave again”

Suggest who you would like it to be with and what number/s. Stay groovy 😎

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The Truth Comes Out

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 2,352

Summary: The reader’s quiet night at home is interrupted when Dean shows up looking bruised and bloody. 

“Thank god I live alone.” You grumble to yourself, thankful no one’s around to witness your behavior. You’re lazily sitting on your kitchen counter in a ridiculous onesie stuffing your face.

You twist open an Oreo, put a scoop of chocolate ice cream then add whipped cream and chocolate syrup. While singing along to the radio, you smoosh the Oreo back together and shove it into your mouth.

You’re really baffled as to why you’re not married yet. Your boyfriend would be crazy to not lock down all of this sexiness. Realizing it’s almost time for a new episode of Scandal, you make way towards the couch.

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anonymous asked:

do u know any good supercorp fan fics

do i ever (these aren’t in any particular order, but they are all complete. i’ve got a whole separate rec list for wip fics if you want it)

  • Oblivious: kara danvers getting jealous of herself for getting to make out with lena is so relatable (lena dates supergirl to make kara jealous)
  • heroism is a full time job: who doesnt want to live with lena honestly??? (protective custody au)
  • the way we mend: domestic! incredible! im gonna cry! (fluff! fluff! fluff!)
  • exception: do u need some musings about love in your life? well ive got just the fic for u! (romance! romance! fluff!)
  • i’ll be there for you (in your darkest nights): fix-it fics have fixed my soul (fix-it fic)
  • I Always Want You: this made me ascend into another plane where everything is okay and life is Good and Nice and Gay (harry potter au)
  • inevitable: i cant believe kara just failed at inventing lying. i cant believe im kara (supergirl reveal fic)
  • when all is shaken: im the one shaken after this fic wow (hurt/comfort)
  • Something to Write About: this is most definitely something to write about (kinda social media au?)
  • Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets: catch me screaming about this fic forever! oh my god! i love jess! i love this fic! aaah! (jess-centric fic!!!)
  • (Super)Man’s Best Friend: im the dog that kara just straight up randomly gives lena (dog fic!!)
  • such unruly heads and hearts: so um i lied this is the one wip on this list because honestly it Changed Me and literally invented the concept of love (harry potter au)
  • negotiations and commands: ever imagined what life would be like if we had gotten krypto in that pod? now u dont have to just imagine it (dog fic!!)
  • Her Brother’s Keeper: i literally cried more than five times while reading this. holy shit. im thinking about it and crying again (angst and fluff and Wow)
  • Did we do that?: theyre so cute! i cant handle it!! theyre s o c u t e!!!! (domestic)
  • no more ferris wheels: i hate ferris wheels too but i love this fic!! (strangers go to a carnival au)
  • Drunk Puppy: i also talk about lena’s eyes when im drunk so this fic really speaks to me (kara appears at lena’s office drunk)
  • For as Long as You’ll Let Me: i cant believe kara just invented support and comfort (hurt/comfort)
  • somewhere i have never travelled: this fic travelled straight into my heart and saved my life from canon supergirl (character study/au)
  • Don’t Let Her Go: protective cat grant? And supercorp? u better believe it!!! (love and cat grant that’s all i need to say)
  • Puppy Love: this fic? cured my depression, made me love dogs even more than i already do, watered my crops,, (dog fic!!!)
  • sun is gonna shine above: ive said this multiple times now but this fic also made me cry several times. and yes i cry a lot but seriously!! this fic!! is so good!! (supercorp with kids au!!)
  • Almost.: fun fact! lena luthor is a nerd who thinks about kissing kara 24/7 i cant believe this is canon (romance romance romance)
  • The Enchanted Florist: its so gay and so touching and i cried reading this one too (lena goes to a flower shop)
  • pain: look i know im ending a fic rec list with a fic named pain but i swear itll only pain u with how good it is (soulmate au)
the signs IMO

aries: can’t fuckin chill for one goddamn second. everythin is a fight to u. stop yelling im 2 metres away from you. maybe i should be 200000 metres away from you BYE. u need to get ur ass kicked. egoistic bastards. they’re not even that egoistic in reality they’re just big fuckin babies but they gotta put on this dumbass mask so nobody can hurt their stupid fragile feelings. suck a fuck arians

taurus: fuckin sloths. ur not as cool as u think u are. stop acting so fuckin chill when i kno ur dyin on the inside. also fuckin leave the house once a while alright. ever heard of vitamin d? didnt think so. bitch. chocolate ice cream is their religion

gemini: DEAR FUCKIN LORD FORBID WE HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS. DEAR FUCKIN LORD FORBID I TALK TO U . fuckin blabbing all the fuckin time. 24/7 non stop. can’t chill for 2 secs eve n if it depended on their life. ur like an eastern european old lady at christmas dear god help me. they also leave the house only when the wifi is down. they go to the palce they kno has free wifi. leave me the hell alone two face d bitches

cancer: fuckin cry babies. always the victim and always has a reason to cry. gets offended because the leaves fall from the trees in autumn. tells at least 20 lies a day. manipulates and cries their way through life. probably through sex too. sissy ass little bitches thinkin they the shit. guess what. ur not. fuckin satan in disguise. no t the cool kind of satan tho. 

leo: do u think about anytihng else other than clothes and being in the spotlight? didnt think so . get off social media and get a grip. this isnt fuckin kim kardashian reality tv show. dumbasses. favorite hobby is throwing shade at ppl they kno through statuses on facebook. doesn’t have a life outside of social media unless they get hammered. put s on glitter to go to the store. has 20+ crushes at the same time and gets heartbroken about each and every one. my god. disgusting

virgo: MY FUCiNG GOD. grown up babies. u is not always right. there’s filth in this world too. get over it. and dont bring the vacuum cleaner to the party pls thanx. nobody is interested in shakespeares gay ass poems either. fuck off vorgis. lubes their dick and ass with hand sanitizer

libra: BITCH YOU’RE NOT EVEN REAL. HAVE U EVER HEARD OF STATING UR OPINION WITHOUT GIVING A SHIT. real life words i’ve heard come from a libra “have you tried charming them” BUH BYE. fake ass bitches

scorpio: calm down satan princess/ this isnt hell. and its also healthy to let go of grudges. please dont kill me because i dont like cats. also stop staring at people like they killed your family in front of your eyes. fuckin freaks 

sagittarius: def not as cool as you think you are. def not the party animal u say u are. stop bein a fuck up and a little bitch and settle down for ONE FUCKIN THING IN YOUR LIFE. also u not as philosophical as u think, no real facts just fancy vocabulary. likes big words cuz they think it makes them smart. it doesnt. suck my dick sag fags

capricorn: dear fucking lord. all of u stay the FUCK AWAY FROM ME. always ready to fuk u up without even listening to u first. think they kno what u saying before u even say it. they have a funny way of twisting ur words. shows the convos with u to all of their friends. pretentious little fucks. theyre gonna gauge ur eyes out for asking if they r ok when they’re sad. then they gonna flip out cuz ur “never there for them” or “don’t pay attention to them” and then they gonna go like nothing ever happened a while later. fuck u honestly. fuck u in the ass capricorns. fuckin spawns of satan

aquarius: def not emotionless. definitely too fuckin sissy to show their tru emotions. will wear a dress made out of plastic flowers and shit just to show their “UNIQUE INTELLECTUAL REBEL SIDE”. fuck off aquas . fuck off. their world crashes down when their intellectuality and opinions are being questioned . fuck off alright u and ur dumbass lana del ray aesthetics. they prolly run a hipster blog too. ew. definitely has a poster of a sexy alien in their room

pisces: D R A M A QUEENS. attention whores, m y god have you ever heard of privacy????????????????????????? THE WHOLE WORLD DOESNT HAVE TO KNO ALL OF UR PERSONAL SHIT. if they got a problem with you theyre gonna drag you to a crowd of ppl and start their shit there. god forbid they talk to you alone about it. they all just wanna be super duper artistic but all they do is fuckin zone out and day dream about some gay shit prolly. i dont know. dont wanna go into their heads. i love and respect myself too much to wanna see whats goin on in a pisces head.  they all post pics of their collar bones and their “90′s pastel grunge torn up jeans” on social media. no matter what happens they are always the victim, and everybody hurts them. fuck off and grow a pair and tell it how it is aight. sick and tired of ur bullshit

Old friends (1/?)

This is my first time writing so I’m sorry if this is terrible! I’d really like any feedback or help ! 

summary:  y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Warnings : swearing, ( that’s it for now )

Pairing: none yet ;)  Sam Wilson x reader (Platonic)

( things in bold are readers thoughts)

    Its been almost 2 years since you’ve seen Sam Wilson, 3 years since you moved to NewYork  from the small town you grew up in . Sam was the first person to treat you kindly, and you became very close over the years . From Netflix marathons to being his wingwoman at bars, to comforting him when he has nightmares from his time as paratrooper, he became your bestfriend. But since he became an avenger apparently he cant be bothered with visiting anymore. You saw him a couple times between the events of D.C and Sokovia but after that it was radio silence from him. You can’t be that mad though, you know about what happened between the avengers that split them up , and even sent Sam to jail. But that’s over with now, they are all back together somehow, who knows how that worked out.  Even though its been so long , Sam still has a lease with his apartment next to yours. So that means he has been getting a shit ton of mail, whether its important or his weird music & movie magazines . You have at least 7 bags worth of his mail sitting on the counter in your kitchen, and you’ve finally had enough.  “ I cant keep staring at this shit.” You grab all the bags , your purse and your keys and make your way out to your car. Looking at your phone , you see you’ve got an hour before your shift at the hospital. You start making your way to Stark tower, hoping Sam is there so you can yell at him .“ Just because he’s a stupid superhero saving the stupid fucking world doesn’t give him an excuse to not come see me or even fucking call me.”

15 minutes later you pull up to the curb in front of the tower, grabbing all the bags you make your way through the doors to the front desk.

   “ Hello, how can I help you Miss?” says the girl behind the desk . She was young, maybe early 20’s, short blonde hair and green  eyes . Sam had totally hit on her . Poor girl .

    “Hi , I was wondering if Sam Wilson is available, I’m an old friend and I have some of his things here ” you lifted the bags to show her and she just rolled her eyes at you.

   “ Ofcourse you are , listen Miss I get you are a fan, but Mr. Wilson is a hero, he has more important things to do that entertain a fan right now.” Oh hell no, not today bitch .

   “ Listen ,” you look at her name badge, “ Melissa, call Sam down here and Tell him y/n is here . I’m really not in the mood to be late to work today , and frankly I’m not in the mood to deal with someone like you either. So do us both a favor and just call him .“  She looked at you and hit a little green button on the desk infront of her,

   ” Security, I’m going to need you down here .“ Are you kidding me. ” And bring down Mr.Wilson with you . “ She looked up to make eye contact with you, ” Might as well let Sam watch his crazy fan get escorted out , maybe itll make his day .“ she had a little smirk on her face. Oh just wait, jokes on you idiot. You shoot a playful smirk right back.  20 seconds later, two very, very muscular security guards walk up on both sides of you . You look between the 2 and back at Melissa.

 ” Ma'am you are going to have to leave.“  You don’t see Sam anywhere so you sigh and grab the bags of mail and start to walk out. You hear the ping of the elevator that is behind Melissa.

” You called me down here sweetheart? “ SAM.

  You heard her giggle and felt your eyes roll all the way to the back of your head.

 "You had a crazy fan in here for you , I figured you would enjoy watching her get escorted out .”

   You whipped around and saw him leaning on the desk, he look up at you for a second and looked back at Melissa, but did a double take and his mouth dropped open.

“ Yeah Sammy, you enjoying this ? ” you winked and smiled at him .

“ Y/n/n !" 

 You felt your smile get bigger when you saw how wide and genuine Sam’s smile was. He ran over to you and you dropped the million bags of mail to throw yourself in his arms. You didn’t realize how much you actually missed him .  To you , Sam Wilson was your comfort , your home. After leaving your family and friends to come to New York, he filled all the missing spots for you. He was your family, and he was your friend.  But you still have a right to be mad,  You’re mad y/n, don’t forget that. At that thought, you pushed off of Sam and punched him in the shoulder.

 " Ow what the hell y/n ! Why are you so strong now !? and what’s with all the bags?” he rubbed at his arm and glared at you .

    “ You actually know her?! ” Melissa spoke and stared at you and Sam.  ahahah kiss my ass bitch

    Sam laughed and looked at you , “ why didn’t you just tell Melissa you knew me?” Oh sweet sweet Sam. So naïve .

    “ well Sammy, you see I did, and your friend over here so kindly told me to pretty much fuck off and went ahead and called jackup tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum to show me the exit .  And these millions of bags are full of all your mail that has been sitting my apartment since you apparently forgot you had a life before you threw those damn wings on. "  Your voice was raised slightly, and you could feel your heart starting to race . Sam was just staring at you with wide eyes, actually they all were, the guards and the desk snob.

” y/n , im sorry i didnt even think ..“

 " Yeah i figured you didnt. Sammy. ” You dropped the bags at his feet and started to make your way to the doors .You can feel your eyes start to water , but you try to push them back. Dont cry, dont cry.

    ” y/n wait !  “ You felt a hand wrap around your wrist, you turned and looked Sam in the eyes, and you could feel a few stray tears slip down your cheeks. 

“ I’m done waiting Sam. I don’t know what the hell your issue is, but last time I checked friends don’t abandon each other. All I needed was a damn call and you couldn’t pull your head out of your birdy ass to fucking make it ! ” by now the tears were gone and you were pissed. Sam looked terrified, did he forget how you were when you were mad ? All the night you were pissed about work, or your family when he had to calm you down or let you go a round with his punching bag?


Sam opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off before he could.“ Is there a problem out here Sam?” You peered around Sam to see a muscular tall blonde man, and an equally muscular man with shoulder length brown hair and a metal arm peeking out of his tshirt.

  a metal arm? OH SHIT . 

You were staring at Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. and they were staring right back.  ” No, there’s no problem Steve. Just talking with a friend.“ Sam sounded calm, but you have the feeling he doesn’t want either of them to hear this argument for some reason. ” Really bird boy? because it sounds like you friend was about to hand your ass to you. Weren’t ya doll? “ Barnes smiled at you and you could tell he was trying not to laugh. But you didn’t hold it in,  you laughed and nodded .

Damn.  I just.. damn . How are they so attractive.  

 ” Back off Barnes before I stick you back in the freezer. “ you saw Bucky roll his  eyes and Steve just looked annoyed.

 ” Hello ma'am , I’m Steve Rogers, and this is Bucky Barnes.“ Steve stepped forward and put his hand out.

   ” Hi Captain Rogers, I’m y/n. Its great to meet you  . “You shook his hand, when you let go you looked over to Bucky and nodded you head. He smiled back at you and you heard Sam Huff.

  ” y/n why don’t you just come inside so we can talk .“ Sam gave you his famous puppy dog eyes and pouty lip. You melted a little bit.

Before you could answer Bucky beat you to it.” What the hell is  that face Wilson? Maybe that’s why girls never come up with you “ You couldn’t hold back you laugh and ended up snorting in the process.

All 3 men looked at you and smiled. You feel the blush creep on your cheeks, and look down. ” oh God that was so unattractive" you mentally face palm yourself.

“ I think the exact opposite Doll.” You look up and see Bucky smirking at you, and Sam just kinda looks like he’s going to barf.   “ Can you control yourself grandpa, y/n isn’t interested in old men. What do you say y/n, lets go in and talk maybe ill even make you some hot chocolate.” Sam winked at you ,  Damn he knows how much I love hot chocolate.

 You look down to your phone and see the time. 10 minutes until you have to be at work.  " Sorry Sammy, I have to be at the hospital in 10! “ You started backing away towards your car .” It was nice meeting you guys !“ you waved to Steve and Bucky. Before you could process what you were doing  you called over to bucky,” And Bucky, I’m very interested in older men, especially soldiers “ You winked and got in your car.  You heard Sam yell ” OH HELL NO" and started laughing. you looked in the mirror as you pulled away from the tower and saw Bucky just standing there smiling while Sam stomped around .

  I cant believe I actally said that. what the hell is wrong with me, he probably thinks I’m insane

You pull into the hospital 2 minutes late, and start your 14 hour shift. All you can think about is Sam . You wish you could of stayed , but it wasn’t worth losing your job over. Your boss is not a nice man, and you cant give him any reason to get rid of you . Maybe one day you’ll go back and talk things out with Sam, maybe things could be normal again.   You go through work with no problems,  nothing interesting today . You made it home and by the time you made it to your door you were exhausted.

  I would do anything just to be in bed already . 

When you walked in you dropped your purse on the counter and went to grab water bottle before you make it to your bed. When you go to open the fridge you notice a paper that wasn’t there this morning.  You rip it out from under the magnet,

      Y/n/n ,Bet you’re shocked I still have a key ;) , I know you’re mad, and I don’t blame you.I don’t know you schedule anymore, but I’m at the tower for the rest of the week. Come by and hear me out. 

 love, Sammy.

P.s. Since when did you learn how to flirt, I’m proud . I’ve never seen Barnes turn so red. Good job, but just don’t ever do that infront of me again. Or with him. ever.  

 He’s there until the end of the week, its already Friday. 2 days, 2 days to maybe have a chance back at normal . do it !You put the note on the counter by your purse and head towards your room. 

Nap , shower, then Go see Sam.  Don’t lose your bestfriend again y/n.

♊ danny and philly’s astrological compatibility ♒

DISCLAIMER: First of all, im no astrologer (my mom is though but im not gonna ask her to help me lol can u imagine that conversation?); second of all this is based on their sun signs (other placements may affect their behavior and personality as well if not more than their suns, but because apparently both dan and phil have the same moon as their suns – wtf – they could pretty easily be the stereotype of their sun signs lol but who knowse *coff* wheres my astrology video u cowards!) and astrology isn’t balck and white, astrology is 50 shades of grey; third, this is also based on things I’ve read on both signs and their relationship on the internet, I’ve never read an astrology book in my life! I’ve never even read a book wtf!; and last, this is purely for the sake of entertainment and procrastination (bye college paper); I also don’t know Dan and Phil personally so these are pure assumptions – these words are not be read as “proof” since there’s no fucking evidence of anything here. It’s pure speculation based on astrology, some of y’all don’t even believe that so chill. Don’t take it too seriously, my word isn’t final.

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okay so today I yelled, just because I got frustrated and well I cried a little I dont like crying I was really emotional as a kid and I always started crying for the silliest things and when I cry now I just get so tired of everything and well I just.. ugh I dunno what I´m trying to say here , anyhow here are some gifs just to cheer myself up (and maybe somebody else who reads this..maybe)

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okay so is Thomas Sangster a cutie or what? :D no just me? okay

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I don´t know who made this but you sir or madame are awesome 

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you know I started watching durarara (is that the name?) last year I think but I did´nt get to finish it. I need to get back into that

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I´ve watched all the episodes of adventure time from the beginning up until now. is there gonna be more I´m waiting 

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pigeon: YoU CaN fLy WhY ArE yOU WaLkiNG 

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woo wooo wooo

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Me the one showing life the finger its a finger LOOK AT IT

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I wonder when I the time comes after my cousins wedding I will just be able too sitt in like some formal clothes and eat and just relax like these 3 ladys 

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when you think about the stupid shit you did as a kid

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I watched all of community also I didn’t that one of the producers is now the current producer of Rick and Morty like how awesome is that?

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I just watched rick and morty for the 4th time

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this is so beautiful also I wanna know if white Diamond is like the boss or something of the diamonds, I´m avoiding spoilers for the new episodes

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this just adorable

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I am watching the amazing world of gumball, penny is so awesome

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EXACTLY but I love the show there is gonna be a 5th season right?

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bye see you later

(tyler x reader)

word count: 1,128

You were recently on one of marks video for a skit! And you were so so proud of being apart of it. You and the squad helped design this skit. People on twitter were only spouting positivity about it!

Amy warned you about not looking at youtube comments. That even though theres positive comments on twitter there is so much shit on youtube. But you thought maybe you would see advice or more positivity. You just wanted to know you were doing something right..

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How would “some of the members” react to listening to History Maker and watching an episode of YOI


Saeran: *HIS POV*

  • “ Babe I swear to god shut that shit off.” He sighed. But he knew this song was on repeat every fucking Tuesday thru Thursday. JESUS Christ WHAT IS THE FUCKING HYPE OF THIS FUCKING ANIME!! She doesn’t even want to spend time with me. She just sits on the couch and watches it on her laptop. She has this thing. She does a marathon by herself on Tuesday. She looks for spoilers on a thing called Tumblr on Wednesday, she watches the dub which is EPISODES behind ( the stupid thing in English) in the morning then she watches raw around lunchtime and then she watches the episode with subs around dinner time. And throughout the whole FUCKING TIME SHE IS SCREAMING.
  • It’s not me making her scream. It’s this fucker called victuuri and yurio. Like what the fuck? What kind of names. I finally decided to sit down next to her and slowly asked her “ Babe….. what is Yuri on I-” she fucking ran to the freezer pulled out ice cream and shoved it to me. She went on google and typed the names of the three main characters. Okay. So it’s a tall Zen looking guy, a guy , and another guy who looks like a pist off yoosung. Okay this should be interesting. She showed me the first episode and hmm. Still don’t see the hype.
  • * 6 EPISODES LATER* Hi my name is Saeran and I am a Yuri on Ice addict. My favorite character is Yurio because he is literally me. We reached episode 7 and the only reaction this show had given me is so many emotions within me. I will not let my girlfriend see me enjoying this anime.
  • She was recording me the whole time
  • This is the story of how I got 10 million views on YouTube because everyone supposedly love my reaction………..
  • never…… again,….

Yoosung: * his pov*

  • BABE WHERE ARE YOU I NEED MY PARTNER IN CRIMES HELP * you heard bags being put down and your heard fast footsteps. Door is drastically open*
  • You: Baby hurry up it’s going up in 10 MINS!!! I already bought lunch for us!!
  • God damn I love Wednesdays. I finished my shower quickly and dried myself and put on boxers and just ran to her.
  • *episode 8* *victor kissed YURIS FUCKING SKATES*
  • Yoosung: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD BABE * both of you guys grabbed each other’s hand and FUCKING fan girled* they. Need. To. Get. Married.
  • *end of the episode*

Seven: *His POV*

  • you: *cosplays Christophe Giacometti* *starts dancing around sexually* *takes a leap and lands on the floor with your head tilted back* I I think I’m going to come again
  • When he was running to you he notice you were laughing and he knew it was because of the makeup. He picked you up and kissed your forehead and danced your way to his laptop.
  • You placed your S/O on your lap and and waited for it to start. You got the other laptop ready to download so when the episode is down you can upload all the best gifs on tumblr
  • You loved how you can be yourself around your s/o because both of you literally scream HISTORY maker
  • You guys were screaming at literally everything. The whole show is full of screams because of you two. When you saw Yurio missed his first triple axel you fucking cried. Your Christophe had to comfort you.
  • When MAKKACHIN might die you had to comfrot your Christophe
  • Y'all were serious goals TBH
  • Because it was a different cosplay every Wednesday and it was a fucking tradition in the house

Jumin: *your POV*

  • “Jumin….. please watch it with me :/”
  • “ I rather spend my time counting Elizabeth 3rds shedding hair again and compare the angle of it rather than seeing a man name YURI just standing there on ice. How can commoners like watching a man just be there on ice.”
  • “The song is catchy I must say but I just don’t want to watch it. Sorry my love”
  • “ Fine whatever, you won’t get sex till the season is over.” You walked away pist because he always didn’t want to watch your fav anime with you. You grabbed your MacBook from the shared master bedroom and went to the guest bedroom and got the speakers out connected it to the computer so you can be surrounded with YOI. stupid Jumin.
  • Jumin felt bad because you always did what he wanted to do so he went to the master bedroom to apologize and cuddle with you but you weren’t fucking there.
  • “CAN YOU HEAR MY HEARTBEAT” he heard the music coming from the guest bedroom and he saw Elizabeth 3rd going to the guest bedroom. He slowly walked there and he saw you dancing it. He never seen you so lost into the music. He felt horrible for refusing to see the thing that made you happy. He went to you and gave you a big hug and he sat down and you showed him each and every single episode
  • “ I’m sorry but YURI P. Is my favorite. Did you see his previous feline. He is my favorite.” You laughed because he was getting more and more into it.
  • *episode 7* you were freaking out because of the kiss and he was confused ? Like okay he thought Victor and Yuri made an excellent couple but how come they didn’t show the kiss? He was rather confused till you explained to him about the stupid censorship. He notice you were quite upset.
  • *next wednesday* THEY WERE HAVING A FUCKING HOUR SPECIAL. It was a rerun with them showing Victor and YURI kissed and in episode 8 while YURI grabbed victor tie after the whole LOVE speech he gave victor a kiss near his lips and you were dying and you saw the credits were changed with C&R INTERNATIONAL. and you looked at him next to you and you fucking gave him sex listening to born to make history. Because this man gave the fandom what they want

Zen: *his POV*

  • YALL are always arguing for spelling. Y'all SHIP the same ship but you say Viktuuri and he says VICTUURI. He says it’s Victor not VIKTOR. You say is Yuri K and then Yuuri P he says the opposite. That’s the main fights from Monday Thru Wednesday.  
  • He actually does the programs really similar and he literally looks like he is about to skate in real life but boy is just dancing to the song. You love him because he literally performs HISTORY MAKER for you every single Wednesday. He dances and sings to it and you decided to record him one day and he posted it up on his blog and he became even more famous LOL
  • his favorite is Victor because he says that Victor has every right to be confident and to show it in every performance xD
  • When the kiss happened. You thought the reaction videos were hilarious but this MAN STARTED TO BURST OUR CRYING AND HE PERFORMED HISTORY MAKER AND YOU RECORDED EVERYTHING AND HE GOT 1827482920101373737281 VIEWS


  • he actually introduce you to the anime because you always seen him on the computer just losing it every Wednesday.
  • You asked him what he was watching and before he told you… he made you listen a song. It was a song called history maker. You actually fucking loved it. And he said you pass the test and INTRODUCED YOU TO EVERYBODY!!!
  • He made you watch the episode Dub ( to where it reached) and sub and you were falling in love. You were entering the gates of Yuri on Ice HELL.
  • By the second episode you notice
  • REAL
  • LIFE
  • he didn’t see it at ALL
  • till episode 8 where VIKTOR WORE THE SUNGLASESS
  • he felt honored that he resemble an amazing character !?!!!!!?
  • He was so happy that he PROMISE he will wear the VIKTOR outfit for you every Wednesday :’D

anonymous asked:

i have a request! i dont have a preference of rfa members tbh but seven, jumin and yoosung are my favorites so you can do them if youd like or whoever! mc just joined the rfa (probs day 2 or 3) and dont know what each other look like (tho i guess seven would? they just dont say it?). mc goes shopping and runs into the rfa member. they dont recognize each other or their names but start hanging out (and dating?), but on the day of the party, they meet each other as members. their reactions?

Hey! Well…Today I don´t feel like shit and now I can get out of my bed…I´m sorry if I haven´t been active for some time but now I´m feeling pretty  good.So let´s stop my depressing story and let the Hc begin.


  • Seven needs a refill of HBC.
  • Seven sneaks out of his house because Vanderwood and he goes to his favorite convenient store.
  • He can buy his HBC online but he likes the experience of going to that specific store.Why?
  1. Because in that store the chips are a lot more cheaper .
  2. The chips are in the perfect temperature and there are not broken (but he is the broken one.Ok no…)
  3. THE DRAMA some times he just sit in the chairs of the store and he waits for the drama,I don´t want to enter into details but lets just say the the Boy that works in the store has a very interesting life like a tenelovela/ soap opera(HINT:It involves a dog,2 girls,his grandpa,bubblegum,a lot of calls.Just do the math )
  4. Vanderwood never will find him here.
  5. He likes the music that is in the store.
  • In day 3 he goes to the store and he goes directlly to the the aisle were the HBC are.And when he grabs one bag of chips he notice someone´s hand is grabbing to the same bag that him.
  • Sorry for such cheesy and cliche moment

-“Oh sorry” seven and you say at the same time and see each other.

-”Wow!”seven say with a sparkle in his eyes.”I love you´re hair.” He scratches his head and with a smile says “Sorry if it sound weird but…” he clears his throat “It reminds me of HBC”

-You give him a big smile and with a spark in your eyes too and you say “You notice?! You are the first one that sees” “because I actually dyed my hair inspired on The HBC” you put your head down “My friends say that is a stupid reason but I love HBC so much”

-”It is not stupid! I think it looks very good on you”

-”Really? Thank you,I have not posted a picture online of my new style because it seams like no one likes it”

(That´s why he didn´t recognized you,plus You had big ass glasses)

-”Do you want to sit and eat HBC.I invite.” said seven

-”Ok but I put the the Dr.pepper soda”

-”I love you”


-”ahh…I said that I love my HBC with Dr.Pepper”

  • From that moment on you to saw each other every night,eating HBC and Dr.pepper,trying new candy that was in the store,seeing the boy of the store with his drama,you told him about some kittens that lived right around the corner and you two played with them.
  • You two never told each other´s name because there was so much other things more interesting to talk and you all ways forgot.
  • First it was like:

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But then it was like:

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  • How? he didn´t notice ?
  • Well it doesn´t matter now you to are together.

Lets say that the whole saeran in your apartment didn´t happened and seven didn´t had security cameras in you apartment…there is so many wholes in this HC but n djn ckesnskdinewkjm just use YOUR IMAGINATION.(I´m sorry)
nothing is PERFECT ok? :(


  • You were on your work.In Walmart.
  • And 2 costumers come with cleaning supplies,clothes and Healthy food.

-“Yoosung! Come here!” the woman says

-”Mom,I don´t need new cloths…”a young man with a cap and sunglasses

-”But you look so cute in them”

-”Mom,I´m a man now I don´t need to be cute”

-”well you look handsome,What you think?” the women says and looks at you.


-”I´m sorry…you don´t…”

“Yes, You look handsome in that clothes”

“would you date him?”  said the mother

“ahhh…Of course” You see that people are waiting in the line “so are you going to buy it?”

“only if you give your number to my son”

“OMG Mom?!?!!?” He is so red in this moment

“ahhh” people are getting angry because the line doesn´t move and your manager is seeing you.”ok” you write your number and give it to yoosung and as fast as you can,you are registering all the things “it will be 209.50″ 

“son pay, I will wait in the car”

The mom lefts 

-”I´m sorry You did´t had to”

-”don´t worry” you say and at the same time you give him the change

-”take” yoosung gives you the paper with your number

-”you will not called me?”

-”What? You want me to call you?” he is red and confused

-”Yes, that´s why I give you my number.” ”well…Thank you Sir. for your purchase”


  • Eventually he called you and the first date was a little bit awkward but fun.
  •  the second was calm and funny
  • the third he planed to inviting you to the RFA party but than you told him that you were organizing the party 

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In the party he  just was bragging of who he already knew you before every one else (I am talking about Knowing in person) but he stopped when you mention who you to meet.


CAT protect + mc architect and cat lover + cat store + Elly = Happy jumin.

 so yeah…

For Jumin is much of the same.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Matchups: Here /Masterlist: Here

Perfume regret Sehun X Reader

OMFGGGGGDYGSYUGYGYGYU I am so incredibly sorry for not updating for like months, I was just so fucking upset that my written chanyeol fic got deleted, and yeah, i was just lazy. Anywayyyyyyyys I thought I would just write a Sehun fic because that boi is C LI MB ING up my bias list. ANd he is just rud. ANywyas I hope yall enjoy this <3 <3 <3 

                                                      5940 words 

Summary: Your best friend, your crush, Sehun had left you for other people he called friends. Did he actually though? or was it all just a big misunderstanding? 

You walked towards the boring hallways dragging your body with your black boots. You reached your locker and looked at the paper that was stuck on top of it. ‘Get a life slut!’ You gasped under your breath, it must have been those two girls again. Emily And  Ji Hee, The two girls that bother you without any reason. You took a hold of the paper ripping it off of the locker roughly, you crumpled it up and threw it behind your head, not caring where the paper landed. You entered the code to your padlock. When you opened the locker door you saw another note fall down in front of your face and land on the ground. You bend down taking the note in your hand. You sighed lightly while unfolding the note as you tried to read the sloppy handwriting. ‘Stay away from oppa you bitch’ You scrunched your face in disgust, cringing at the word ‘oppa’ you definitely didn’t know who the oppa was and you certainly didn’t care, once more you scrambled up the paper and threw it into your locker. Taking your books and the things you needed you shut your locker. You were just about to leave before you felt a piece of paper hit your head. You sighed loudly and turned around.

- “Jeezus! Can you stop it already?! It’s getting annoying you know?! If throwing paper at me is all you can do then you might be more of a pussy then i thought you were!”

You glared deadly into the handsome boy’s eyes, the one that the threw the paper ball at you, the one and only Sehun. His beautiful lips turned upwards forming an oh so hot smirk that you wanted to smack right off.

- “Easy there tiger, you were the one who threw the paper at me, I was just giving it back.”

You looked at him glaring, even more. He could have thrown it away quietly, or he could have confronted you, but no, he chose to annoy the hell out of you.

- “Well you know normal people would just hand it to me, in my hand”

You made to emphasize the last parts.

- “ But I guess your majesty Sehun is an exception, why? you too scared to come up to my face and tell me whats wrong? You have no guts sehun, you have no balls, that’s why your actual dick is smaller than your attitude”

You mentally patted your back happy with your lame response. You could see the way sehun’s smirk fell into an annoyed one, and the way his friends were laughing and ‘oohing’ at your comeback.

Now you were the one who had a sly smirk, you lifted your bag and put one of the straps on your right shoulder.

- “Hey! Who do you think you are, how dare you say that to oppa?!”

You turned around facing Ji Hee. She was glaring at you with her beautiful eyes, such a waste, she was beautiful in every way, except she stank form the inside.

- “Hey! Guess what!”

You grinned bigger lifting your middle finger.

- “You and your oppa can take this and stick it up your asses!”

More laughter came from the background, and you couldn’t help but laugh slightly at the priceless face that was painted over Ji Hee and Sehun.

- “Yah! You slu-”

Emily was about to back up for her “friends” but someone interrupted her.

- “Yah! Shut up! Go away leave her alone!”

You looked at the boy whose arms were now draped around you, Jongin, your best friend. You watched as Sehun tensed under the presence of Jongin, and you smile.

- “It’s not a surprise that y/n would need Jongin in her life, I mean without him she would be all alone, since Sehun has already left her.”

Now it was your turn to look annoyed, the cards had flipped, and you ball your fist remembering the time.

-  “I mean, y/n you didn’t actually think Sehun would ever continue being your friend, did you?”

Ji-Hee moved towards Sehun tracing the nape of his neck with her fake long nails while looking into your eyes, your fist got tighter, and tighter and Jongin noticed. He tried to calm you down he gently kissing your temples. Sehun noticed, he tried to not to say anything, so he bit down his jaw as hard as he could.

- “He left you y/n, he left you and Jongin, for us. Who do you think you are? no matter what you do or say, you will always be known as the friend Sehun dumped.”

You moved your hands to the small of Jongin’s back and fisted the light cloth of his shirt.

- “No matter what y/n you will always be a loser.”

Ji-Hee smirked at your silent form, you looked pissed, Jongin noticed, they noticed, Sehun noticed. You looked into her eyes yet again.

- “You think you are a friend Ji Hee?”

You spoke in a cold voice which somehow managed to send a shiver down her back.

- “You actually think that what you and Sehun have is friendship, heck, you and Emily don’t even like each other. Sehun picked shit over gold, and that’s his loss because he never was and never will be mine or Jongin’s friend. I hate him, I hate you, I hate fake people, go sort your lifes out”

Ji-Hee walked towards you ready to punch you right in your face, but Sehun immediately pulled her back.

- “Stop, dont”

- “But sehu-”

- “I said stop! Leave her alone! Just go to your class!”

Sehun looked furious leaving Ji Hee scared, she gulped down the lump of saliva that had built up in her throat.

- “Come on y/n lets go.”

Jongin took your hand in his and lead you the way, your eyes wouldn’t leave Sehun however, the memories flowing back into your head. You felt tears starting to well up in your eyes but you forced yourself to blink them away.

Sehun looked at your back leaving his presence, he missed you, he really did, he missed Jongin, he missed both of you. He had fallen in love with you a long time ago and still was in love with you. Sehun and Jongin used to talk about his little crush on you everyday. Jongin had told Sehun that you were just like his little sister, but why was he getting jealous all of the sudden? He didn’t have the right to be jealous, he left you two for these scum bags. Sehuns gaze was stuck on the floor thinking about how you used to laugh at all his lame jokes and how you used to play with his hair while he laid on your stomach. The way you him and Jongin watched movies while throwing popcorn at each other. The way you used to glance at him, and when he caught you staring your would turn away blushing. He missed everything he missed you guys, you and Jongin, he wanted back what he had lost, but Sehun knew better.

- “Sehun picked shit over gold, and that’s his loss, because he never was and never will be mine or Jongin’s friend. I hate him”

Your words echoed through his head and he almost felt a tear drip down his eyes, those words that he never wanted to hear from you, he wanted to hold you in his arm so bad he wanted to tell you sorry, he wanted to sit on the couch with Jongin playing the stupid old video games. But he couldn’t, he knew if he ever got close to you again, you would be in danger. He didn’t want that, Sehun didn’t want you to suffer because of him, that’s why even though this hurts him too much he must do it for you.

- “Yah Sehun!”

Sehuns train of thoughts was broken when he heard Emily shouting for him.

- “What do you want Emily?”

Sehun asked in a cold voice.

- “Ji Hee wants to talk to you, come down to the basement”

Emily looked at him waiting for a reply, but he only rolled his eyes in response.

- “I’m busy tell her I will talk to her some other time.”

- “She said now, you do know what would happen if you don’t listen to Ji Hee right?”

Sehun scoffed, looking down on the floor. He hated all this crap, he didn’t want this anymore. But he forced himself to drag his feet towards the basement where Ji Hee and her gang hung out.


Sehun looked coldly at Ji Hee, the girl he despised the most.

- “What do you want?”

- “Sehun, why did you stop me, why didn’t you let me hit her?”

Sehun scoffed at her.

- “Because you deserved it.”

Ji Hee fisted sehun’s white color bringing him closer to her.

- “You do remember what will happen to your little friends if you don’t do what I tell you to, right? If I ever see you talking to her, I will break that little bitch of yours.”

Sehun Looked up at Ji Hee with a furious gaze.

- “Who do you think you are calling her a bit-”

- “She was talking bullshit Sehun, she should know her place.”

Ji-Hee looked into sehun’s eyes, bringing him closer by his collar.

- “I really did pick shit over gold.”

Ji Hee fisted Sehun’s collars tighter shoving him into a wall, her right knee was between his legs and Sehun slowly hissed at the pain that struck him on his back.

- “Listen up Sehun, I will do anything it takes to make you mine do you understand?”

Ji-Hee reaches up to the crook of Sehun’s neck and starts to kiss his neck softly.

-  “If you really care about your friends then you will just have to do what I tell you, do you understand?”

Sehun tried to push her away and he succeeded, Ji Hee’s eyes widened while she was stumbling on her feet trying to get a hold of her balance.

- “Whatever Ji Hee, I’m not scared of you, I am just doing this because I love y/n and I care for Jongin if you do anything to them especially y/n, You won’t even be able to recognize your own face.”

Sehun tugged on his shirt and collar to fix it, while two of the guys came up behind Ji Hee. One of the boys reached towards sehun trying to attack him.

- “You fucking dick, do you not know any manners, talk to girls properly.”

But that same boy felt a sting on the cheek, Ji Hee slapped him as hard as she could and the poor boy fell on the floor holding onto his now red cheek.

- “Don’t you dare call him a dick do you hear me?!”

Sehuns eyes widened, this girl was crazy, Sehun looked down at Ji Hee in disgust.

- “You are sick”

She looked down on the floor while nodding and chuckling slightly.

- “I know Sehun, I know”


You left your math class heading towards the lunch room until a soft hand touched your shoulders, they reminded you of someone you used to love so dearly.

- “Get off of me se-”

- “I will always care for you y/n”

He walked right past you, he didn’t look at you, he didn’t say anything after that. You stopped moving and took a step back. Were you hearing things, did you miss him that badly? You felt something wet stain your cheeks, tears, you couldn’t stop them, you never could when it came to Sehun.

- “Hey y/n!”

You wiped your tears quickly turning around only to see Jongin running towards you.

- “Hey, Jongin!”

- “No time for greetings, I need to talk to you. NOW”

You looked at him confused, he was panting.

- “Jongin, are you oka-”

Jongin took a hold of your wrist and dragged you towards the roof, you followed him though, you followed his every step.

- “Jongin, why are we going to the terrace?”

Jongin opened the door of the entrance and you felt a cold breeze hit your face. 

- “Jongin, talk to me, you are scaring me. What is happening!”

Both of you were panting especially Jongin.

- “y-y/n you won’t guess what I just found out”

Your gaze moved towards Jongin and you looked up at his sweet eyes, they had tears in them they had sadness, yet a sign of relief.

- “Jong-”

- “y/n Sehun, he, he s-still, Sehun, y/n it’s not what it looks like, he still cares for us, that’s why he is doing all of this.”

You look at Jongin with wide eyes, you’re confused form felt a little numb, you didn’t know what to think you didn’t know what to say.

- “How does that make any sense?”

Jongin took a hold of your shoulders and looked you deep into the eyes.

- “Trust me, it’s not what it looks like.”


*Jongin’s POV*

After what Sehun had done to me and y/n there is no way I am going to forgive him. I walked y/n to her class, she was crying and her tears started to damp my shoulders, Sehun what have you done?

- “Jongin, I am okay, I will see you after class yeah?”

I nodded, smiling to make her feel better one way or another.

- “Okay, I will meet you by your locker.”

She smiled back, maybe to make me feel better and reassured, or maybe to reassure herself.

After I had left y/n I walked down the hall towards my classroom, but then I saw him there, I saw Sehun there.

 “Why is he not in class?”

I mumbled to myself.

- “Yah Sehun!”

After hearing Emily’s voice I quickly hid behind one of the walls, I don’t know why I was hiding, but something was off, Sehun loved y/n it just doesn’t make sense that he would leave her for Ji Hee.

- “What do you want Emily?”

Sehun seemed cold while talking to her, weren’t they so called friends?

- “Ji Hee wants to talk to you, come down to the basement”

- “I’m busy tell her I will talk to her some other time.”

- “She said now, you do know what would happen if you don’t listen to Ji Hee right?”

I noticed how Sehun had scoffed and rolled his eyes, Emily and Sehun started to walk my way and I tried to camouflage behind the plain dirty white walls. I followed them, was I surprised over what I saw?  yeah, did i regret it?… no.


- “Sehun did this for us, he wanted to make sure that you and I were safe.”

You couldn’t believe what Jongin had just told you, should you feel reviled, should you feel sad, should you smile, should you cry, you didn’t know what to feel.

- “w-what”

You looked down Shocked and speechless, Jongin placed his hands onto your shoulders.

- “y/n we need to talk to him about it.”

- “What will we say? That we followed you and we know that you are forced into being friends with them just so they don’t hurt me and you? Jongin he still had a choice, it was his choice of being a dick to us in the first place.”

Jongin sighed letting his hands drop down.

- “ I don’t know about you, but, I miss Sehun, he has been our best friend for who knows how long, he deserves to give us an explanation, and we deserve to hear it.”

- “ what if I don’t want to? He chose to do this Jongin-”

- “y/n I know you still love him”

- “No I don’t Jongin, I lost feelings for him a long time ago”

- “You don’t have to talk to him but I will”

- “What n-”

Jongin left the roof shutting the door harshly, was he seriously mad at you?! You sat down on the concrete and watched as the wind passed by. You were tired and your energy had drained.

- “Fucking hell Sehun, what are you thinking?”


You walked towards the cafeteria dragging your feet on the dirty floor. You had to put some food into yourself before you collapsed on the floor. You were hoping that Jongin would be sitting at one of the tables waving towards you, but you didn’t see him anywhere, you didn’t expect to.

Your plate was filled with this brown gooey meat with mash potato on the sides, it looked disgusting. You walked towards an empty seat and sat down, you hoped you wouldn’t see sehun and his friends, you weren’t really in the mood to talk to anyone, you just wanted to forget the existence of human beings.

But of course, the world had to go against your simple wish. Your peace was broken when you heard the sound of the chair beside you dragging on the floor. You really didn’t want anything surrounding you, what makes it even worse is that he is Sehun’s friend. You lifted your head and sighed loudly wanting him to know you weren’t very happy with his presence. You were about to move when you felt someone holding onto your arm.

- “Hey, where you going?”

You flinched your arms away from his grip.

- “Its none of your business Chanyeol ”

He looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed.

- “Chill will ya? I just wanted to sit beside you that’s why I sat here in the first place”

You cocked your eyebrows looking at him in disbelief.

- “You, Park Chanyeol, wants to sit beside me?”

He nodded smiling sweetly.

- “I am lowkey happy that you know my full name, but yeah I Park Chanyeol, wants to sit beside you, one of the most beautiful girl in the school”

You blushed heavily, he said it so bluntly, but he was still looking at you with that famous smile of his.

- “W-what you on about, listen if this is one of your evil schemes-”

Chanyeol started to grin, it annoyed the hell out of you, but somehow it sent butterflies down your stomach.

- “Nah, I just wanted to get to know you.”

He took a hold of your arm again and jerked it slightly.

- “Please?”

You sighed loudly.

- “Whatever I need to finish my food anyway”

You sat down and continued eating your food like you did before Chanyeol decided to disturb you. You looked at the beautiful boy sitting beside you, trying to steal a glance you moved your gaze towards his tall frame. You felt the blood rushing to your cheeks, he was looking at you already.

- “U-um, so Chanyeol, is Sehun even okay with you sitting here?”

He looked at you taking a bite of the mashed potato.

- “I don’t need his permission for things, I can do whatever I want, whether he likes it or not.”

You nodded slowly.

- “oh, okay, but what about Jihee, she hates me.”

Chanyeol sighed while looking at you.

- “Why do you worry about what others think, I want to have a nice lunch with you, so I am going to be doing that, and I don’t need anyone’s consent.”

You went back to eating your food, the next thing that happened made you regret that you even agreed to sit beside Chanyeol in the first place. Jihee and some of her other friends, including Sehun, walked towards the table, and your form stiffened. Somehow Chanyeol managed to notice, he shifted his chair closer towards you to somewhat give you a sign of protection. You looked at him smiling slightly. Ji hee stopped in her tracks looking at you.

- “What the fuck are you doing here?”

You looked at her, not a single word coming out of your throat, thankfully Chanyeol was there to help you out.

- “She was actually sitting here before, and I wanted to join her for lunch. If you don’t want to then you can leave, or you can just quietly sit down and eat your food.”

Ji-hee looked shocked, and you heard Sehun scoffing in the background.

- “What did you just say?”

Chanyeol looked back at her with a blank expression.

- “Did I stutter?”

- “Whatever”

Ji-hee dragged the chair in front of chanyeol, placing her food onto the table, and Sehun moved to sit in front of you.

- “Hey y/n”

Sehun quietly greeted you.

- “Hey, sehun.”

Ji-hee noticed you two staring at each other, and of course, she had to  butt in.

- “So, where is that friend of yours? That guy named Jongin was it?”

You looked at her not answering, turning your gaze towards your food.

- “Hey! I just asked you a question”

You jumped slightly at the tone of her voice, you wish you would have gained your confidence back from this morning. Chanyeol moved his hands towards your thigh and squeezed it slightly. If it was another day you would be swatting his hand away, but at this moment it felt comforting. Sehun noticed how Chanyeol’s  hands were squeezing your thighs and how you seemed to relax under his touch, he felt himself boil in anger, you were his for godsakes.

- “ He had to go somewhere”

Ji-Hee looked at you not convinced by your excuse.

- “That’s sad, he just left you here all alone.”

Ji Hee lifted her arm only to place her hand on the back of Sehun neck, her nails scratching lightly on his porcelain skin, she made sure to look into your eyes.

- “Sehun would never leave me alone like that”

You looked at her with a blank face, you almost didn’t care.

- “Maybe because he doesn’t have a choice?”

The whole table chuckled lightly trying to contain them. Chanyeol turned towards you with a bright smile. You didn’t notice anything you were just busy in finishing your food and leaving as fast as you can, you had had such a rough day that your baby hairs started to block your sight. You felt Chanyeol’s form move in closer and he slowly tucked your hair behind your ear, you looked at him shocked

- “It’ll be easier for you to see what you’re eating and because it’s blocking your pretty face.”

You looked at up from your plate with wide eyes, your cheeks leaving a tint of red.

- “Sorry, was that a bit too much?”

Chanyeol chuckled when he saw your expression, you were so shocked you became speechless. You had seen Chanyeol around many times, he was actually the most decent out of the entire group. You had never talked to Chanyeol, the only time you did was when you were paired together for a group work. You would be lying if you said that you didn’t like the attention. Sehun, on the other hand, was not liking one bit of this, Chanyeol was being too close for comfort. What pissed him off even more was that you didn’t seem to mind it.  

- “So, chanyeol, how’s it going with Mina?”

You lifted  your eyebrows a little staring back at Sehun. Mina was known to be dating Chanyeol, on and off.

- “What about her?”

Chanyeol asked confused.

- “Didn’t you guys just makeup or something?”

Your gaze turned towards Chanyeol, looking at him questioningly.

- “Dude that was a long time ago”

Sehun took a bite out of his food still staring down at Chanyeol.

- “Was it really? Didn’t you ask her out like 3 weeks ago or something?”

Chanyeol immediately looked you with knitted eyebrows.

- “y-y/n”

You smiled softly.

- “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain me anything, I barely know you.”

Chanyeols face softened at what you just said, yeah, you guys didn’t know each other that well but he had always had some sort of feelings for you. And he made sure to mention it to his friends, including Sehun.

- “y/n w-”

You stood up lightly.

- “Anyways, we start class in less than 5 minutes I need to go now. Thank you for keeping me company Chanyeol.”

You smiled sincerely towards him, and he smiled back showing off his beautiful pearly teeth.

- “I’ll see you later y/n?”

You nodded softly.

- “Why not-”

- “You’re seriously going to hang out with this loser”

You rolled your eyes at Ji-hee.

- “Shut up Ji Hee”

Chanyeol said defensively. You chuckled lightly and left the cafeteria.


*Sehuns POV*

I walked out of the lunch room, moving onto the next class, I just wanted the day to be done. I was walking through the corridors peacefully before a boy pulled me into the corner.

- “What the fu- Jongin?”

Jongin quickly took Sehun into an embrace, hugging my tight. Sehun was shocked, his eyes wide.

- “J- Jongin?”

Sehun looked down at the boy who had held onto him tighter than ever.

- “You stupid boy! How could you do that?! You ass!”

Jongin shoved Sehun into the wall clutching his white t shirt.

- “How could you lie to me and y/n! You bastard! You didn’t have to fucking be friends with them just because you wanted to seem like the good guy! We could have protected y/n together, and how stupid could you get?! Ji hee, doesn’t have the gut to do anything to y/n heck not unless you and I are standing beside her! So why did you have to be such an ignorant bitch and hurt her so much?! You said you would always be there for me, you said you would always be there for her! You fucking lied Sehun, you fucking lied!”

Jongin was panting, he was fisting into Sehun’s collar. Sehun could feel tears threatening to fall down.

- “I-am-sorry I thought I was doing the best for you and y/n”

Jongin looked at the male in front of him” 

- “Sehun, you left her, you made her few weeks living hell. She cried everyday for you, she was so confused as to why you would do something like this. y/n loved you Sehun, and now she hates you. I am your friend, I am like your brother. But you just got yourself in a big mess dude, a mess you need to get yourself out off as soon as possible before anything else escalates.”

Sehun took a hold of kai’s shoulder and started to sob quietly.

- “I’m sorry I… didn’t know what to do, Jongin, oh god i am so sorry. Please forgive me I just, I just want y/n back, I want you back. I want the old times back. I miss you, please help me.”

Jongin immediately took the younger one into a tight embrace, patting his back in a soothing manner.

- “ I will help you, but y/n is the problem. She was really hurt when you left us, and she’s not ready to forgive you yet.”

Sehun nodded to his elder and hugged him back tighter.

- “ I’m sorry Jongin, I am so sorry”


You were walking towards your locker, the school had finally ended and you were ready to get back home and just take a long hot shower. But of course, those dreams were shattered when your science teacher walked towards you.

- “Y/n! Hey I was just looking for you!”

You forced a smile and looked at her.

- “Hi miss, what can I help you with?”

- “I was wondering if you could do me a favor, see I have to meet up my son at the hospital, he is very sick. And I had promised one of my students that I would help him with his homework, but since you know all this came up…. I was wondering,”

You sighed.

- “You were hoping that I would help the student with the homework?”

You finished off her sentence trying to muster up the fakest smile. Your teacher smiles back at you with a slight nod, she looked guilty. Was the student that bad you though? You were just about to ask her about the student before she cut you off and ran as soon as possible. You shrugged your shoulder, throwing your backpack over your shoulders.

You walked towards the science room.

- “Okay, this student better not be-”

Your eyes widened.

- “Sehun?! W-what are you doing here?”

Sehun looked towards you with a sly smirk.

- “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? y/n what are you doing here?”

You gripped the strap of your backpack tighter.

- “ The teacher asked me to help a student out, but since I can’t see anyone, i’m just gonna go.”

You weren’t dumb, you knew that Sehun was that student, but you just didn’t want to have anything to do with him, you were so tired and so worn out that you couldn’t bother with his shit.

- “You know, just because you hate me doesn’t mean that I don’t go to this school. That student that you are talking about is me.”

You sighed loudly.

- “So if you don’t mind could you help me?”

- “Sehun-”

- “ You wouldn’t want the teacher to know that you didn’t do as she told you to do.”

You sighed in defeat and moved towards him.

- “Whatever, just, don’t do anything stupid, I will help you out but right after you understand the homework I am leaving.”

He nodded amused, Sehun thought that you would just not give a fuck and leave him there stuck with this stupid ass question that he just doesn’t understand. You sit beside sehun taking out your own pencil and notebook.

- “Okay so what do you need help with?”

You leaned in closer to take a look at the complicated equation.

- “Oh shit okay, so how far have you gotten?”

You put your hands on his desk looking at his work book. You were so incredibly close to him.

- “U-um well, I managed to write down the question number…”

You giggled lightly.

- “Well isn’t that an accomplishment”

Sehun giggles back while shaking his head, his gaze diverted towards you, his lower lip stuck between his teeth. You couldn’t help but stare at him he looked so beauti-

No Y/n don’t get stuck into his irresistible beauty.

Your light cough brought Sehun back to reality.

- “So basically you just have to start off by dividing these two numbers”

Sehuns eyes were still piercing into you, and you were here absolutely flustered pretending not to feel his gaze.

- “y/n”

You stopped talking and looked at him questioningly.

- “Sorry, am I going too fast?”

You and Sehun were sharing gazes.

- “y/n”

His body came closer to yours and you froze on your spot.

- “Seh-”

You were taken aback when Sehun’s soft plush lips landed on yours. Your eyes widened, you were shocked to say the least. Sehuns hands snaked at the small of your back pulling you into the kiss. His warmth that you missed so dearly, this moment you were waiting for so long. You gave into him, something you promised yourself you would never do. Your nails started to play with the small brown locks. Your tongues were clashing together, your bodies stuck to each other. You yelped when Sehun picked you up so that you were straddled onto his lap. The sound of tables and chairs falling over blended into the background. You didn’t care, he didn’t care, you both needed this, you both wanted this. You started to grind up on his lap in need, a small whimper came out of Sehun’s lips, and you felt wet, you felt exposed, you felt blessed. You loved every bit of this, form him biting on your lips, leaving love marks on the crook of your neck. Pang! Reality hit you when you felt his hardness on your woman hood. You placed your hands on top of his hard chest and pushed him away harshly. Sehun looked at you with a confused look, his eyes hooded with slight lust visible. You looked back at him confused, frustrated, annoyed, you felt like crying, but most of all you wanted to feel his lips on yours, you wanted to touch him again. Sehun noticed the silence and he started to panic.

- “y/n.. No… please…. don't….leave me I beg you.”

- “Just like you did to me? Just like you left me?”

You looked at Sehun eyes filled with sadness.

- “y/n please, hear me out”

His hands snaked around you to hold you closer, to make sure you won’t leave him.

- “ I know what happened between you and Ji Hee, don’t worry, I know you wanted to protect me. But Sehun, you really did hurt me, you made me cry, you made me hate you. You made me feel like garbage, you made me feel things that I should never feel about someone I love.”

Sehuns eyes widened. Did he just hear that?

- “W-what?”

You looked at him placing your forehead against his, tears visible in your beautiful eyes.

- “I loved you, heck I still do, but you left me, just like you said you wouldn’t.”

He was staring at you with awe, the girl he was in love with for years loves him back? Sehun knew that he had hurt you, something that he will never forgive himself for.

- “y/n I- I don’t want you to go anywhere, please stay here…. please…. I love you more than anything in this world, Forgive me, I regret everything I have done I never wanted to hurt you, that’s the last thing I wanted to to. I just don’t want anything to happen to you, I was scared, Ji Hee is a dangerous girl, you have seen what she has done to the other girls. I regret listening to her, I regret leaving you guys for them, I regret getting scared, I regret making you cry, I regret making you hate me. I am sorry… I am so fucking sorry”

Sehuns head hung low avoiding your gaze, although his hands were still tightly wrapped around you. You took a hold of his cheeks in your warm hands.

- “You’re so stupid sometimes Sehun.”

You smiled softly at him, Sehun leaned forward and placed his lips back onto yours. You responded to the kiss quickly. Your lips moving the way they did before.

- “Does that mean you forgive me”

Sehun asked into the kiss.

You pressed yourself harder against him.

- “ Surprisingly yes.”

You could feel his smile creeping into the kiss. Both of you leaned away from each other’s lips, giggles, and smiles all over the place. You felt Sehun’s long fingers trace the side of your neck and your gaze followed the spot.

- “Sehun ! Did you just give me a hickey”

Your wide eyes looked back at sehun while your lips left a small scoff. Sehun responded with a small shrug and grinned big.

- “At Least Chanyeol will know that you belong to me”

You flicked his forehead with your two fingers.

- “ I always have”

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honestly @u fu

I’m so fucking pissed.

I worked a 7hr retail shift today at a fucking shoe store.

At 5min till closing our manager closes 3 out of 4 of our doors, and dims the light to signal people to leave.

At 3min till close FOUR groups of people waltzed right in. Like did you not get the hint when THREE doors were locked, the lights were half out, and my manager was standing right at the door with her keys ??

Three of the groups left real quick after being told we closed in two minutes.

When we did close I had to go over to this lady and her daughter and tell them to very politely SCRAM and get the fuck out. She’s like okok in a pissy voice and went up to the register to pay. I’m like w/e and go to check her out so we can close but right AFTER i total everything and i tell her, her damage she sends her daughter to go look at our H U G E wall of stockings bc ‘hey dont u need stockings for school’ = the first ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

I very politely glare at her and i’m like are you all set? in my firm i’m annoyed as fuck but i kinda don’t wanna loose my job voice and the mom is like can u help her find her size. mind u our stocking wall has over 15 brands of stockings, approx like 25 colors of stockings and some colors have like 10 shades, and like 75 different styles. it’s a huge fucking stocking wall. = the second ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

(read: this is now 9 minutes after close on christmas eve)

so i go over and i’m like wtf do u want in my polite voice and she’s like this in this size so i’m like ok and literally find it in 2 minutes when she couldn’t find it in like 5

so we go back to the register and the mom snatches it and is literally like FUCK NO in russian and tries to have this discussion about how stupid i am that i got the wrong tights but fuck them I’m Ukrainian and can understand everything they say :’’’’’’’’’’’’) good thing i didn’t have my name tag on bc they would have known hahahaha = the third are you FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

so they’re arguing and i’m like is this it? and the mom turns and goes STOP BEING SO RUDE AND RUSHING US and i give her the tilted head snarl face an I’m like we closed 15 minutes ago

(read: this is now like 15 minutes after closing time)

so they’re standing there arguing in russian about me and the socks and my manager finally gets po’d enough that she comes over and is like can i help you find anything we have been closed for 15 minutes and i need to close the store. and the lady starts to say something changes her mind mid sentances and then goes THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER EXPERIENCE AND IT’S CHRISTMAS. YOU’D THINK YOU COULD NICELY HELP ME ON CHRISTMAS, IT’S YOUR job. =read fourth are you FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

 My manager literally stares at her and finally goes we closed 17 minutes ago. We’re are now working on our own time and we want to go home to spend time with our families on the holiday. This lady literally glares at her and goes but you’re here, what is the difference if I shop here until you leave or not. You are getting my money if I stay = read fifth are you FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

anyway long story short she finally pays for her shoes and some tights her daughter picked out while her mom yelled at us…. and tbh i should have bit my tongue but as she was grabbing her bag handles I told the lady that our website is open 24/7 with the same price as if she would order the shoes in store (aka what she wanted to do, but dry anal fuck me if I was going to ring her in-store purchase and THEN open up the online ordering system and order her shoes for her (a 5~ minute process) 35 minutes after our store closed) or she could come back at 9am Monday when we reopen in Ukrainian but the fucking look on that bitch’s face was priceless  because in that moment she knew that i knew every piece of shit she just talked about me right in front of my face. 

anyway^2 moral of the story is DON’T BE A DOUCHE AND LEAVE WHEN STORES CLOSE