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idea: human on the Lost Light gives everyone nicknames that they call them in public, and secret nicknames no one else knows about. Ratchet is Docbot (secretly 'Dr Grumpy') Rung is Grandpa ('Dr Psyche') Swerve is Gaffer ('Get the fuck out my bar') Rodimus is Cap'n Terror ('Johnny Storm' or 'Frat Boy Captain') Tailgate is Sweetheart/Sweetspark ('Cuddlykins') Cyclonus is Dear/Darling ('Reindeer') Whirl is Whirl ('Tiddy Guns') and Getaway is Trash Kitty. Just. Trash Kitty.

Oh and Fort Max is ‘Fort Maxipad’

The reaction varies from bot to bot, depending on what affectionate moniker you give them.  

  • Ratchet is indifferent, as he’s used to those sort of nicknames.  
  • Rung is secretly a bit offended, but endures it with a smile.  
  • Swerve thinks it’s hilarious.  
  • Rodimus has three new name plaques made for his desk.  
  • Tailgate will only let Cyclonus call him Cuddlykins (spoiler: he won’t).  
  • Cyclonus just sulks, but then what else is new?  
  • Whirl will let you call him tiddy guns, if he can call you flesh bag.  
  • Getaway is high key offended at first, but then reclaims it so that it can never be used against him again.  >:3
  • Fort Max is Not Amused.

Kitty la Kitty!

I like to think that Ryuko has black dots on her ears, just like tigers have.
Satsuki’s ears are rather small.
Mako has got short whiskers, but on the other hand kitty girls usually have shorter whiskers - except Ryuko and Satsuki.

Second Kitty la Kitty set
Third Kitty la Kitty set
Fourth Kitta la Kitty set

x-men: days of future past/first class remix | it’s the future. the sentinels are close to eliminating all of mutantkind. armed with the knowledge that stopping the assassination of senator robert kelly could potentially prevent the sentinels from ever being invented, wolverine and kitty pryde go back in time to enlist the help of the only ones who can offer them: the x-men.

the brotherhood of evil mutants has remained silent for too long. the worst fears of charles xavier are confirmed when wolverine and kitty pryde show up at their doorstep. now xavier and his team of proactive young mutants–with the help of their future alumni–must somehow get the brotherhood to see reason, or else there will be no future to look forward to.

[fancast: emma stone as jean grey, max irons as scott summers, lupita nyong'o as ororo munroe, zane holtz as hank mccoy, colton haynes as warren worthington iii, and harry shum jr. as bobby drake]