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Hello maam. Terribly sorry to bother you. I have 2 questions…. Would it be possible for you to make your new pieces of art as bigger posters. I have your art all over my house. (Seriously, my house is becoming a shrine of your work. I have zero regrets. Your work is wonderful.) Anyways… I ordered two of your new pieces and the only option was the small posters. They are too small to match the other ones I have. Next question, can you make some of your art into tapestries? God I hate to be this person who sounds needy but I’m going there. If it’s possible. If not I totally understand. I hope your day is going amazing! Thank you for reading this!

@challenger4gaming Hello! I’m sorry for the delay!! OHHHHHHHHHHH LOOK AT THESE!!! that is so amazing!! your house and the frames makes it look like an art gallery ;; THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It is no bother!! I will try to upload bigger versions of my previous drawings and start working in higher resolutions, i’ll aim to have them updated on the shop sometime next week, as for the tapestries I’ll have to check how big the files need to be for them, It will probably be too big for my older pictures and I would have to stretch them out a lot to fit and the quality of the image wont be good enough to print but I’ll try to make this option available for drawings I make from now on, thank you so much again!! 💕


2 x 13  ||  6 x 15


I’m constantly defending found-footage/docu-horror movies, but my defense usually goes a lot like “OK, yeah, there’s a lot of trash, but it’s not ALL trash, and I’m not just talking about Chronicle”, followed by me trying to remember movies that aren’t Chronicle and dodging objects thrown at me by Cloverfield defenders (look, I watch these movies for fun, so I have to respect your life choices, but we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that one). ANYWAY, the point of this post is that now I have an actual list that I can show to people to demonstrate that there is some decent/not boring found-footage/docu-horror out there. These are my top 10 favorite ones (of what I’ve watched so far), and they’re sort of in order:

  1. The Dinosaur Project: I like this one because, well, dinosaurs, the effects are actually pretty good, and, for a horror movie, it’s a lot of fun (DINOSAURS). I also really like the ending.
  2. The Tunnel: This movie is sufficiently creepy throughout (AUSTRALIA, MAN), helped a lot by the very claustrophobic feel of the tunnels. I still don’t know what the hell that thing is, but I do know that I think “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!” every single time I rewatch this. 
  3. Banshee Chapter: First of all, I have to mention that this is one of those movies that falls into the “someone’s filming but all our characters are in front of the camera” trap during some parts, but I honestly think it adds to this one, in a strange way. It’s really not at all what I expected, and there are a lot of moments where you, along with the characters, wonder if any of it’s real. Also, I almost pissed myself AT LEAST twice.
  4. Afflicted: This movie is HELLA. I honestly don’t know what to say. It’s a really great movie and a really great horror movie that just happens to be done in the found-footage style.
  5. Evidence (2012): I specified the year on this one because someone else made another found-footage movie called Evidence a year later, but this one is MUCH better (or so I think). I don’t even know where to start with this one. It’s one hell of a ride, that’s for sure. It’s all normal (for a horror movie) at the beginning and then proceeds off the deep end at a very high speed and just keeps diving deeper and deeper. 
  6. As Above, So Below: This one is a lot like Evidence in that what you think it’s going to be at the beginning is not at all what it turns out to be. It is also one hell of a ride. I sort of stumbled out of the theater in a daze the first time I saw this, trying to figure out what the hell I’d just seen (the second time was mostly spent suppressing laughter because the two other people in the theater with me were legit screaming at certain points).
  7. Lake Mungo: I wouldn’t really consider this a straight-up horror movie, in that it’s not really outright scary (except for that one jump scare, OH GOD), but it’s HELLA FUCKING CREEPY. There’s a sequence at the very end that just made my skin crawl.
  8. Incident At Loch Ness: This is also not really scary, but it’s HILARIOUS. It’s a movie about a guy making a movie about Werner Herzog making a movie about the Loch Ness Monster, and IT’S AS RIDICULOUS AS THAT SOUNDS.
  9. The Wicksboro Incident: I feel the need to make a disclaimer about the quality of this movie. It’s a VERY low budget movie, and some of the effects could use some work, but that’s the ONLY reason this isn’t higher up on the list. It’s like that COPS episode of The X-Files, but on a shoestring budget.
  10. Exists: This movie is what happens when someone is watching one of those Jack Link’s “Messin’ With Sasquatch” commercials and thinks to themselves “how could I make this into a full-length movie?”, and then proceeds to actually write that movie, and I have to say that I really liked the answer to that question.

Of course, those aren’t the ONLY good movies, but I wanted to keep the list short, so here are 5 honorable mentions:

  1. Haunted Poland: This is probably the realest found footage film in terms of filler content (so it’s kind of boring in spots, since it’s normal vacation stuff). It’s what we all WISHED Paranormal Activity had been.
  2. The Hunted: I just really liked this one. It’s kind of generic, in terms of story, but it’s executed well and it’s also genuinely creepy.
  3. The Bay: I know that a lot of people think this is the best ever, and I won’t deny that this one is good, but I think that the quality of a lot of the video is TOO good. That’s probably in my top 5 found-footage pet peeves, to be honest. It’s hella gross, though, and also hella creepy.
  4. Grave Encounters: A LAUGH RIOT, but not very scary (to me, at least).
  5. The Frankenstein Theory: This one is kind of the opposite of The Hunted, wherein it’s a good story with a somewhat generic execution, but it’s still a good movie.
How to Gif with adobe products + Vlc media player

Since ive just learned how to gif things i thaught id teach you guys how to do it too since I love you. 

Step 1: File format

Personally i prefer if files are in the format MP4 because aobe products can read them. Though things have reciently started coming in MKV format which cannot be read. 

Go to your episode/movie/clip that you want to gif and right click and select properties.

If the file is in MP4 format you can skip to STEP 3

Step 2: converting it

Open Vlc media player and go to media in the top left then convert/save in that menu. Select Add from the new menu that appears and select the file you want to convert.

Then choose Convert / Save. This will open up the following box, Choose browse.

Im going to save my file to the desktop since i know where that is. 

name the file something you’ll remember such as “Httydclip.mp4
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUType ”.mp4“after the filename. Make sure that the Profile selected is .MP4 

Now this method to my knowledge unfortunetly disrupts the audio track however if we are making gif’s there is no audio so it sint needed

Click on the setting icon and make sure your settings match mine:

If you want subtitles in your gif and the source MKV already has subtitles you can select that option from the menu otherwise leave it unchecked. 

Select Save and then start 


Close Vlc media player because it is no longer needed.

STEP 3: Getting a piece of the clip.

Open up adobe Premier Pro I use this programme because it has a built in Gif maker basically. 

Go to file then import and select the file you want to convert if it doesnt exist according to premier pro you may need to convert it into a format such as MP4 (see step 1) or search youtube for multiple tutorials on how to convert files ect. 

Click and drag the file into the dialoge box marked source and then you’re ready to begin editingthe clip.

Im just going to gif the very first part of this clip selecting the 2 curly bracket icons set the start of the clip and the end of the clip.

Click and drag the video clip from the source window to the timeline window This will create a new sequence of that little clip. Usually its best to make sure that the clip is less than 5 seconds long because the next bit gets tricky its playing with filezise 

Go to File then Export then media then make sure that in this new diloge box the Format is set to animated GIF 

From here you can play with the settings until you’re happy my file is in 1080P quality so im changing the width and height of the output file to match some version of quality that i have if you just want a regular gif select the preset and scale the height down until you get rig odf the black space that is created

Check the frame rate and do a little math. Ok so naturally your Gif needes frames the more FPS the higher quality but the larget the filesize tumblr lets you uplaod gif’s that are 1mb if the width is over 500 px The next step is changing the filezise in photoshop but it is still very important that you have a good number of frames. 

id choose 12.5 or 10 basically try to keep the number of frames as few as possible whilst still keeping the animation fluid.

 Set the quality to 100 Aspect to square pixles (1.0) and basically match my settings: 


Look up and click on the output name option to open up a dilage box that will allow you to save the file somewhere meeningfull. Again im saving mine to my desktop:

Hit export and open your gif to check it worked if something looks wrong try exporting it without frame blending or change the FPS till it looks accepotable. 

Now for uploading it to tumblr and making sure its ok to do.

The filesize may be HUGE! mine is over 10mb’s but we’ll fix that in Step 4 (If you want to have a go at skipping step 4 change the width of the output gif to be 499 pxand the height to something that keeps the desired effect of a cool gif) 

Step 4: Filesize!

You can now close premier pro because its inadiquate and not worth our time anymore and open up Photoshop Select file then open then select the gif you made in the previous step. 

Go to window and select timeline to bring up the (you guesed it) timeline of the gif and edit to your hearts content.

I highly sudgest playing around in the timeline and photoshop in general because its not always possible to have a 5 second gif with 12.5 frames be under 2 mb’s without removing some of those frames. 

Now select File then save for web then just below preset change the selection to GIF.

I’ve numbered the next bit for you because its difficult to understand sometimes. 

OK tumblr fact time. 
Tumblr doesnt let you have a gif that is 500px wide and over 1mb however if you change the width to be 499 px wide you can upload a maximum of 2mb so.

SUB STEP 1: Change that image size:
Change the width of the image to 499 pixles (Highlighted in red and marked as 1) 

SUB STEP 2: Check the filesize:
Look at the fllesize and determine if it is under 2mb or 2M If it is Congratulations save it and move on over to step 5

SUB STEP 3: Limit the filesize:
That little arrow highlighted in a 2 is your fix all button. Click it and then select optimize to file size (Oooh that rhymes) In the desired filesize box type 2048 (2048K = 2M you dont have to understand that its computer talk just trust me) 

Select Ok and let the programme do it for you: 

Repeat step 2 and save your gif somewhere and thats you 

It is important to note that the color table also dictates how much quality a gif will have if you want more colors try removing every 5th frame in your timeline this will allow you to have more colors in the long run but less FPS. 

Step 5: TUMBLR!!!!!!!! 

Now its everyones favorite bit uploading the hard work to tumblr and here’s mine: 


Buying your first firearm can be a lengthy research project(as it should be!) via YouTube, online websites, magazines, etc.

I was not raised around firearms, nor did I have any intentions of getting into firearms but it has escalated quickly by how enjoyable they are to shoot, the right to defend myself and loved ones, collect, hold their values, and enjoy with others. While it isn’t the cheapest of hobbies anymore, it has its benefits and rewards.

I’m no expert, nor have I claimed to be. I have been around firearms since I was 16 and am now a photographer in the firearms industry, attending SHOT Shows, NRA Conventions, and shooting events.

First time buyers guide explained:

Those of you who are looking to purchase a firearm/s for the first time.

1. Take a gun safety course!

Firearm safety is vital to any purchaser, you have to know how to be safe with it on the range, during transportation, and disassembly/reassembly. Firearms are an inanimate object but can still cause bodily harm or death.

2. Familiarize yourself with the different firearms

There are shotguns, pistols, and rifles(not getting into SBR’s and SBS’s today).

3. What are you going to be using the firearm for?

Pistols can be purchased in a wide array of calibers. Ranging in carry sizes to completion or hunting.

Rifles have several action types, bolt action, semi-auto, lever action, and pumps.

Shotguns as well, bolt action, pump, semi-auto, and lever action.

4. What’s your price range?

Keep in mind everything when it comes to pricing:

Quality and dependability. You want a firearm that’ll last a lifetime. You shouldn’t have to worry about a firearm that might not function at the range, or in a moment your life depends on it.

Don’t forget to include ammunition, carrying case, a safe to lock it in, holster, different accessories, etc. to be included in your budget.

Now for some more specific points:

I always recommend a great .22lr for everyone’s first firearm. Or at least go out with a friend and familiarize yourself with a .22lr. They’re cheap to shoot, very little recoil, and gets you accustom to firearms.

Some recommended .22lr firearms include:

Ruger 10/22. Can be had for around $200, used or new. Can be customized to your liking. Lifetime warranty(transferable).

Smith & Wesson M&P15-22. The best AR style .22lr available. Disassembles just like a AR(bolt design and standard blowback system is different than AR’s).

S&W M&P 22 Compact. One of the best .22lr pistols available. Familiarizes you to standard pistol designs for later purchases.

Ruger SR22 Pistol. Without a doubt, the most reliable, any ammo eating pistol available. Lifetime warranty(transferable).

Self-Defense/carry pistols:

Glock 42, 43, 26, and 30.

My four pistols of choice.
42: soft shooting .380ACP. Striker fired pistol with a smooth trigger with dozens of holster options available.

43: a bit bigger than the 42, but packs the punch of a 9mm.

26: bigger and thicker, but holds 10+1 or 12+1 with mag plates. 9mm

30: thicker yet, but holds 10+1 in .45 ACP.

Other quality pistol manufacturers:

Springfield Armory, S&W, Beretta, Ruger, and Walther.

Self Defense rifles:

Quality but on a tight budget:

Ruger AR-556. Lifetime warranty, AR carbine that is a huge bang for your buck. Around $600, you get a rifle that is ready to shoot out of the box.

Smith and Wesson M&P15. Different models available but you can find these just about anywhere and are similar to the Ruger.

Do not recommend rifles:

Bushmaster, DPMS, Colt, etc. there’s nothing wrong with them, but you can find better customer service elsewhere, better quality for lesser or equal money. Colt is a company who just filed bankruptcy and may not be around to warranty your rifle. They’ve always been heavy on not supporting the civilian market which is shameful and I don’t feel the need to pay higher prices for colts due to their name brand.


I prefer my Winchester 1300’s because of their smooth action, back trigger guard pump release, and their choke system.

Remington 870’s quality has dramatically weakened over the past 5-10 years.

Other quality shotgun manufacturers:

Benelli, Beretta, Kel-Tec, FNH, & CZ.

I wrote this without structure and I know some of you have wanted a guide. If you have anymore questions, comments, if I missed something, etc. please chime in! Reblog, add your recommendations to the list. I’m not expert, just a person who is passionate about firearms, and the second amendment.

I will more than likely come out with a full firearms guide in relation to different firearms instead of clumping it all into one like this.

For example, a write-up on AR’s, a write-up on Glocks, etc.

Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen. I’m just getting started!!

Picture perspective

Client: Can you make this image file size larger so it prints at a higher quality?

Me: Sure I will send over a higher resolution version. 

I send him the larger resolution file.

Client: No. I want this file to be bigger.

Me: It is bigger. We made it larger in order to fit the printed size of the magazine paper.

Client: But the file still says 1MB. In order for it to be printed at a higher quality it needs to be 25MB.

I open up the files code and add extra junk file data to the image to make the file 25MB while maintaining the resolution. Then I send the new file.

Client: This printed perfectly, thanks!

What’s In My Bag: London Edition

Last week I shared my stash of stuff for travel and coverage in Japan. At the end of the post, I tagged another far flung journalist, the London-based producer, Rich Preston, to give us a glimpse of HIS stash. Rich works with correspondents to cover the UK and further afield as necessary, and he’s on loan to NPR from the BBC, where his background is in news and programs for BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. Here’s what’s in his rucksack:

Rich’s notes:

“If traveling reporters can never be sure what they need, then producers can be even more uncertain. As well as considering the editorial content, we’ve often coordinated logistics for entire groups, are thinking about technical quality, arranging live feeds into shows and – depending on where we’re going – safety, stringers and local contacts. Here’s what I carry in my rucksack.  From top row, left-right:

Headphones.  I use Sennheiser HD-25 headphones.  They’re lightweight, rugged, and give great sound quality.  One ear on, one ear off means I can monitor the quality of the sound I’m recording, whilst also keeping an ear for what’s going on around me.    

Mini jack cable.  A 3.5mm jack plug – 3.5mm jack plug stereo cable means I can take audio from a number of external sources in to my portable recorder.  It can be anything from a speech on the TV, to a video off YouTube, to a phone conversation with an interviewee.

Alcohol gel.  As discussed here, this serves 3 valuable purposes in the field.  Cleaning hands, cleaning electrical connections, and starting fires.*

* This is only sometimes useful in the field.  More likely to be useful in an actual field.

Mini gaffer tape.  Vital for quick fixes, or crucial labels, from ‘DO NOT DELETE’ on your memory card, to ‘Reserved for NPR News’ on the chair at a press conference.

Mic cables. Two. A cable can break relatively easily, and although our recorders have built-in mics if you get really stuck, they’re not perfect.

Case.  This is the bag that most of this stuff fits in to.

Batteries. Three packs of rechargeable. I used to use straight AAs, but was horrified at the number I was throwing away each month and how much this was costing both the budget and the environment. I switched to rechargeables and have never looked back.

Spare memory card.  For the portable recorder.  It gets used a lot more than you might imagine.

USB stick.  Someone always needs to transfer audio somehow.  Again, this gets used more often than you’d think.

Business cards.  Despite being in the age of email/Twitter/Facebook, it’s surprising how often I exchange physical pieces of cards with my details on.

USB cable.  Connects the portable recorder to my laptop for pulling audio.  It’s preferable to yanking out the SD card each time, which can damage the internal connections after a while.

Headphone splitter.  Useful when you and your colleague both want to listen to the same audio.

Headphone jack adaptors.  For adapting my cans (headphones) from 3.5mm plug as used on my phone and laptop to a 6.3mm plug as needed on the recorder.  I carry a couple of spares because they’re easily lost, and people frequently need to borrow one.

Periscope cable.  This is an XLR – 4 pole 3.5mm jack plug cable.  In short, it means I can connect a broadcast quality microphone to my phone.  This is great for filing reports or for using things like Periscope.  It gives a much higher quality than using the phone’s internal mics.

Phone charger cable.  (The blue one).  For giving my Mohpie case and my phone that top-up of juice.

Sharpie.  Never be without a Sharpie.

Stills camera.  The camera on an iPhone is great, but where I really want sharp, quality images, I take this stills camera with me.

Beyer MCE58 Microphone.  This gives a more open sound than the shotgun mic (which I’ll come to in a moment).  It’s also equipped here with a Rycote windshield to cut down the noise of wind buffeting the microphone.  This is also the mic I use for Periscope broadcasts.

Recorder.  Marantz 661.  It may be obvious, but without this we wouldn’t capture all the glorious, rich, audio that makes its way to your ears from across the globe. This can record from a single mic, two mics, in stereo, and from an external source.  It’s an easy to use, rugged bit of kit.

Rain cover.  This keeps the recorder protected when recording in rough weather.  I.e. Scotland.

Shotgun mic.  This is an Audio Technica AT835b.  It’s more directional than the Beyer Dynamic mic I mentioned previously and gives a very high quality sound response.  It’s coupled here with a Rycote windshield.”

NEXT UP. As part of this series, I’m having each participant nominate the next person to share what’s in her or his bag. Rich nominates Gregory Warner, International Correspondent in East Africa.  “A hugely interesting part of the world, and one I’ve never had the pleasure to visit…so I’m curious as to what gets him through his day,” Rich says.


“So here’s the incomplete animation, with it’s glorious lag. The boxes are present because this is the sample version I was sent (I didn’t actually put the audio and video together myself in Vegas yet.) There aren’t any voices put to it because I was planning to add them after it was fixed.”

Read on for the full explanation.

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