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Konohana Drabble [EXTENDED]

So I wrote a quick drabble last night based on this lovely art piece by auroralynne. And then I decided to extend it today into a full blown smut piece! The smut will be under the read more and it is very NSFW. Please enjoy and go give the rest of Auroralynne’s art a gander it’s simply gorgeous! 


“Oi! Hanabi what the hell do you think you are doing?” Konohamaru whispered harshly as Hanabi’s hands slid under his flak jacket, her small fingers smoothing over the thin shirt underneath as she felt for the hem. They had been patrolling the hall when she’d suddenly grabbed him by the neck of his vest and tugged him into a shadowing corridor.

“What does it look like i’m doing stupid?” she replied teasingly, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders in straight silky waves. Her ever confident milk colored eyes met his and she smiled innocently. “Don’t you want me?” she batted her long eyelashes and he groaned.

“Yeah, of course I do what kind of question is that? But we’re kind of on patrol and in your brother-in-law, the Hokage’s mansion if I might add?” Konohamaru grabbed the corner of the wall above her head and gave her a ‘you know we should be working’ look.

“Pssh please, right about now Naruto and Hinata will be snuggling down for the night with Hikari by now.” she said whilst unzipping the flak jacket and sliding it down his muscular arms.

“Aand what if some other patrol team happens to pass by?” he queried as his breath thickened.

Hanabi grabbed the side of his face and pulled him down for a kiss, it lasted only for a moment before she murmured against his mouth “Then we’ll be very, very quiet.”

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‘’Not if I find you first.’’

A/N: Just something that popped into my mind and begged to be written. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: You never thought you’d see him again after you stumbled upon your trashed apartment in Bucharest. Even if you would find him alive, things would never be the same..ANGST

Warnings: None

Word count: 1804

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The breeze ruffled your hair, sending shivers down your back as it gently brushed your face. You moved your hand up to tuck the loose strands of hair behind you ear, looking up at the older woman that stood in front of you. You gave her a shy smile, which she returned. Glancing to the right, a small smile made it’s way to your lips as you watched the children play by the fountain. 

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