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10 songs i’ve been listening to daily

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1. SHOPPINGMALL by tofubeats (not got7 lol that song booty)

2. Hit Me by SHINee (even tho they didn’t perform this i’m still shook by how i saw them live)

3. Temptation by Destiny’s Child 

4. Ghetto Boy by Tinashe

5. The Tree From Mount Fuji (my FAV song from The Handmaiden soundtrack)

6. Can’t by GOT7 (still a bop)

7. Jinora’s Light by Jeremy Zuckerman

8. Dream in a Dream by Ten

9. Maester by Ramin Djawadi

10. Boy by EXID

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Take A Break

Note: This one is super fluffy, so I hope y’all enjoy it. I didn’t get to really make edits to it because I have this queued for my vaycay, so…oh well?


  1. Can I request #38 with TJeff
  2. I’d like a fanfiction #49 promise. You simply must give me a reader x thomas thomas! (Please, if you didn’t mind. Ps your blog gives me life)

Word Count: 1097

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warnings: None

AU: College

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“Y/N, I’m a needy boyfriend. I need your attention.” Thomas dragged as if he was a little kid.

“Thomas, no, I need to study.” You said, glancing over at him for the first time in a while.

You were studying for an important exam you had in two days. You hadn’t taken a break all day, and when Thomas came to visit you, that hadn’t changed. He had made it his mission to get you to take a break, but so far, he failed.

“You’ve been ignoring me this whole time.” He pouted. You’d never thought you’d see him pout until now.

You chuckled. “That’s kinda been the point.”

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I wish the internet was working better in the arena so I could say this as we went but I am more in love with Melnikova after seeing her in person. She’s beautiful (when she’s not falling off things) as is Tabea. I rarely watch women’s floor on video and I’d forgotten how much better it is in person.

Negatives: I’m already sick of almost everyone using the same (usually ugly) front tumbling requirement, I still have no idea what's​ so exciting about Victoria, excessive turns on beam/floor look even worse in person, and please no one make me sit through cheerleading again.

Send prayers and good vibes my way!! aaah so tomorrow I’m taking the ACT test (again.)(very important for college admissions and scholarships! Working towards a big scholarship, actually) and I’ll need to score high. I’ve been practicing a bunch for this test, but prayers and kind thoughts and good vibes are very much appreciated!

cinnamonrollhagrid  asked:

How many credit cards should a person have? I got my first credit card almost two years ago, and I got a car loan a little less than a year ago. I know I have a good credit score. Do I need to get another credit card? I don't feel like I do. I never spend more money than I have.

There’s no set number of credit cards each person should have, so if you don’t feel like you need another one right now, then wait awhile. It’s nice to have more than one, because the second serves as a backup in case of emergency, but it’s also very easy to let credit card debt get out of hand if you have too many. The number you can handle is up to you.

Here’s a pro/con list for getting more cards:


  • Access to extra funds in case of emergency
  • Backup card if the primary card is compromised or lost
  • Rewards (example: get a card that you only use to pay for gas to help you earn frequent flier miles or get a store card to open up better finance options on large ticket items)
  • More overall available credit


  • Harder to keep track of spending
  • Unused cards can count against you in terms of credit
  • Regularly opening new accounts will also cause a decrease in credit.

So, while I can’t give you a good number, my advice is to get more than one card, but have less than five when you’re still starting out. You can add more later as they become necessary, but don’t get any cards just for the sake of getting a card. Get one because it offers you benefits that apply to your life (like maybe don’t get those frequent flier miles if you’re afraid of flying). The most important thing is that you keep an eye on your spending, occasionally use any cards you have, and always make your payments on time (and in full, if possible).

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Locker Room Love

Request: Can you do one where Michael is a baseball pitcher for your schools high school team and you are dating and after he wins a big game he wants to “celebrate” 

It was the bottom of the ninth inning and you were leaning against the railing, sweat running down your forehead from the bright stadium lights. The crowd was going wild as Michael started walking out from the dugout. He reached the mound and he scanned the home crowd, his eyes locking with yours. He smiled as you mouthed a ‘good luck’, but immediately got into the zone again. He needed to strike this hitter out for your high school to win the state championship, something that has never happened. This year was our year, you thought.

“I can’t believe you’re dating him,” a preppy girl named Lindsey said, distracting you from Michael. You hummed in reply, not wanting to get too invested in a conversation. Michael stepped back and wound his arm up, before you knew it, the ball was securely in the catcher’s glove. Strike one. The crowd started to get louder, which baffled you. People were supposed to be quiet so Michael could concentrate, not the other way around. Michael stepped back again in the exact same formation he had just done and threw the ball again. It was almost invisible as it sliced through the air. The hitter’s bat swung forward, but once again missed the ball by just inches. Strike two. Michael glanced over at you, his eyes looking at you as if you were the only person watching him. “This one’s for you,” he mouthed, tossing the ball a couple times. He spat on the ground, which he somehow managed to make attractive and readjusted the baseball cap on his head. He threw the ball again, this time unexpectedly, catching the hitter off guard. He got nervous and attempted to swing, obviously missing and nearly falling as his bat swung behind him, making him stumble. Strike three. I didn’t have time to process what had happened by the time students and parents started flooding onto the field, running towards Michael. The rest of the baseball team lifted him up into the air and started chanting, “Michael! Michael! Michael!” You couldn’t help but laugh as you sat back down on the bleachers, not wanting to join that mess. You weren’t exactly a people person.

“You must be so proud of him. I heard he got a baseball scholarship,” one of your friends, Hunter said as he sat down next to you. You two talked for what seemed like ages as you waited for the crowd to die down. More and more people went on the field as the medal ceremony commenced and Michael was flanked by people when he got named MVP.

When the crowd finally fizzled out, you said goodbye to Hunter and hopped over the railing, ungracefully landing on the field.

“We are the champions my frieeeeeeend, and weeeeeeeeeee’ll keep on fighting tillll theeee end,” you sang as you approached Michael, who hoisted a large trophy. He laughed out loud at how ridiculous you were being and set his trophy down in order to pull you into a hug. He was so tall, he lifted you off of your feet and twirled you around.

“You were my good luck charm,” he whispered, pressing his soft lips against your neck. You rolled your eyes and cupped his ass. “Have I ever told you how amazing your ass looks in a baseball uniform?” He set you down back on your feet and chuckled. “Mhmm, about fifty thousand times per game.” He finally pressed his lips to yours and he only pulled away to remove the medal he had around his neck. “You wear it. It’ll look much better on you,” he said, putting it around your neck. It fell just below your breasts and he bit his lip. “Hey, my eyes are up here Clifford,” you joked, lifting his chin up.

“Hey Michael!” One of his teammates called out. “There’s a party at Ryan’s to celebrate. You coming?” Michael nodded and waved him off. “Yeah, yeah, be right there.” He looked down at you and pressed his forehead to yours. He knew you weren’t into parties, so he knew better than to ask if you wanted to go with him. “I’ll celebrate with you later. Go on, they’re waiting for you,” you said. His lips curled down into a frown and he shook his head. “Or you could celebrate with me now? I have a couple ideas in mind.” His eyes ogled your breasts again and you knew exactly what his “ideas” were. You were always the shy girl around school, but when it came to sex with Michael, it was fair game. “Unless one of those ideas involves eating pizza and the ice cream, then I’m not interested,” you teased, leaning down to grab the trophy, which was a lot heavier than you expected it to be. He grunted but didn’t say anything as he laced his fingers through yours and started pulling you towards the locker room.

“Michael, what’re you doing? There’s going to be boys in there,” you squealed, not really in the mood to get whistled at or checked out by Michael’s teammates, most of which were proper jerks. “No there isn’t. Everyone’s gone to Ryan’s by now,” he reassured you. He stepped into the dimly lit room and turned on a row of lights. He removed his cap and tossed it into his duffel, which was the only one left in the room. You watched him carefully as he rid himself of his shirt, the muscles in his back contracting. “Enjoy the view?” He giggled, catching you staring at him for a lot longer than you intended. You sat down on the bench and nodded shyly, wanting him to get dressed so you could get the heck out of there. He cowered over to you and grabbed your hands, lifting you back up. “Remember when I said I had other ways to celebrate?” He asked softly, almost inaudibly. You nodded, unsure of what he was saying. His lust filled eyes looked at you up and down, telling you exactly what you needed to know.  He put your hands on his chest over the small patch of hair that had taken him a year to grow.

“You should try the championship shirt,” you whispered, changing the subject and eyeing the sole shirt left in the dressing room, clearly meant for him. He shook his head and smiled, “Can I try you on?” He backed us to the row of lockers behind us. “I think you’d look real pretty with your lips wrapped around my dick,” he purred. You bit your lip and ran your hand through his dark hair, twirling a piece of one of his purple streaks that he had gotten for game day.

“I h-have an exam tomorrow,” you stammered as his lips found your neck.

“On a Saturday?” He chuckled. You nodded and he pulled away, looking at you questioningly. “I’m taking the SAT again, I didn’t make a good enough score last time and I need to get into a good college or my parents will kill me,” you explained, “They already want to kill me for dating you.”

“Why don’t your parents like me?” He frowned, not even bothering to ask about your exam anymore.

“Because you’re popular, not exactly extremely intelligent and I don’t know- we have a lot of sex?” I muttered a little sarcastically. He rolled his eyes, his large hands moving to the hem of your shirt, pulling it up slightly. “They don’t know that. I can guarantee you they still think you’re a virgin,” he said, finally pulling the shirt over your head, leaving you in your lace bra. His hands were rough against your skin, but they gave you goose bumps, especially as he cupped your breasts. “Perfect fit,” he said to himself.

You ignored him and went back to your parents, “They think you’ll corrupt me sooner or later, which is much sooner than they anticipated.” He was annoyed and pressed his lips against yours, making you be quiet. He undid your bra and threw it behind him, one of his hands tangling in your hair, while the other pinched your nipple. You gasped, giving him the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth. You moaned and moved your hands to his pants, trying to undo them somehow.

“Fuck, this is the one thing I hate about these pants. I hate all these fucking buttons,” you hissed, pulling away from him to look at what your hands were doing. You kneeled and roughly tugged them down his legs, beginning to rub him through his boxers. Instead of groaning like he usually did, he laughed, “I thought you had an exam tomorrow?”

You grunted in response and cupped his balls, giving them a firm squeeze. “The only sport I play are with these balls,” you giggled, placing open mouthed kisses over his clothed and hardening erection. You looked up at him and batted your eyelashes, making him whimper. “You’re good at it too,” he said softly, his voice almost sounding vulnerable. “Come on baby, please,” he pleaded, pulling at your hair impatiently. You finally slid his boxers down and took him in your hand, your lips kissing his pink tip softly. You put him into your mouth inch by inch, your tongue putting extra pressure on his veins. Once he was fully in your mouth, you nudged your nose against his base just below a couple of pubic hairs. A throaty moan filled the room, the air thick with a smell of sex. You bobbed your head on him, until he started doing the work, his hands on either side of your head, holding you in place so he could thrust his hips into your mouth.

“Fuuuuuuck,” he groaned, his head rolling back as his tip reached the back of your throat each time. You swallowed, contracting your throat muscles each time he moved into it, making him cry out your name. “I love you,” he whimpered afterwards. You gripped his hips so he couldn’t move and tried to take control of the situation again. He growled and took a hold of your hands, pinning them above your head as he began to thrust into your mouth with all his force, forcing himself down your throat, nearly making you choke. Your body hit the lockers repeatedly making you moan with both pain and pleasure. He finally pulled out of your mouth and pulled you up to him, crashing his lips against yours before turning you around. “I want to fuck you,” he panted. “Please tell me I can. Please.”

You nodded, sticking your ass out. “Fuck me, Michael,” you whispered. He pulled your jeans and panties down in a swift movement, not even having to unbutton your pants to do so. He tossed the clothes to where your bra was and spread your legs a little. He licked a fat stripe up your wet slit and groaned, smiling when he realized that you wanted him just as much as he wanted you.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he murmured, kissing your spine as he stood up again and lined himself at your entrance. He rubbed your clit softly, dipping the tip of his finger inside of you, teasing you, before properly thrusting his hard dick into you. He didn’t wait for you to adjust, he just started to move, his hips snapping to yours over and over, making a quiet smacking sound. You moaned under him, your body shoved against the cool lockers. His hands gripped your hips as he grunted, the sound resembling a wild animal.

“God I love you,” you whimpered, your fingers desperately trying to hold onto something with no avail. The only thing you could do was shake your ass, bouncing it up and down as he pushed into you. He growled and gripped your hips even tighter, giving you absolutely no wiggle room. You slumped into the wall, defeated and he spanked you. “Good girl,” he hissed, kneading your ass with great pleasure.

“Fuck me with that big cock Michael,” you moaned as your knees buckled, “harder baby.” You were trying hard not to collapse and it was made much more difficult when he started pounding into you.

“Oh Go- Yes!” You shouted, moving his hands to your breasts again. He squeezed them and tugged at your nipple, but soon moved his hands back to your waist so he could support you. He shoved you down onto him, your screams not quite stopping. You were only about ten minutes in, sex between you and him always lasting thirty or more. You didn’t know how much longer you were going to last, your walls clenching around him, feeling like you would burst right there.

“Oh shit! Do that again,” he demanded. You squeezed his dick with your walls again and he let out a moan. You knew he was close, by the way he twitched inside of you and he knew you were close too, by the way your body shook, rattling the lockers.

“Let me ride you,” you whispered, inhaling sharply. He pulled out of you without a second thought and spun you around, pulling you back to the bench his bag was on. He tossed it to the floor and sat down, holding onto you as you slid onto him. Your eyes fluttered shut as bliss took over your body again.

You grabbed onto his shoulders and started bouncing up and down him, gravity bringing you back down to him with a loud slap. Your breasts shook in front of his face and you mumbled something about his cock feeling good, but you weren’t too sure. Your hips moved in crazy circles, your body shaking more and more until you came all over him with a loud cry. Your walls clenched on him refusing to take anymore, but you kept going, wanting him to release. It didn’t take long before his breathing became ragged and his legs started to tense up. He put his hands on your hips and shoved you down onto him harshly. You cried out from pleasure and you both slowly stopped moving, but he remained inside of you, filling you up completely.

“Congratulations,” you whispered, remembering the reason we were in here. He chuckled deep in his chest and wrapped his arms around your naked body. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and hummed, “For what?”

“For winning,” you said simply, too tired to make conversation. He chuckled again and rubbed shapes on your back, letting you rest on his chest. “Well, being with you is still my biggest accomplishment,” he whispered lovingly, lulling you to sleep. 

This is my first Mikey smut…I hope you enjoy :)

- Maria 

anonymous asked:

You have told a little about your depression and school in that time. I'm in the same situation right now - i'm on my last year and i struggle soo much with keeping my grades up. I stress a lot about not being "good enough" at school. I just wondered how you dealt with this? Did you stress a lot about grades, and how did you do? (grade wise). I love your thoughts and videos, xx <3

I put a lot of pressure on myself to be great in school. I used to get good grades, but the last years of high school I didn’t find joy in learning those subjects anymore. I wanted to be more creative. So it was hard to keep my grades up when I really wanted to do other things.
I had a few conversations with the principal and a psychologist and they were super cool about it. I was used to grown-ups being like : “school is everything, if you do bad in school you’ll do bad in life..” etc. 
But they told me I could do whatever I wanted in life. I didn’t need top scores to get a good job or to be happy.. So they gave me the challenge of JUST passing in all the subjects, so that I would get the high school certificate. 

Even though they told me it was ok to not be the best, I still struggled a bit with it. I felt like a failure. But I managed to pass in all the subjects, some of them with pretty good grades, others with the lowest grades haha. 

Now I’m very proud of myself. Going through high school with a depression is rough! I’m not a failure at all, rather the opposite. 

I hope my little story helps somehow! Do your best. Maybe it’s not enough to get top grades in school, but it will be enough for what you are meant to do in life. And: you DON’T need to know what that is right now :) You got lots of time to find out what career you want. 

Wish you the best! lovelove


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word count: 1209

The answer is so obvious; You forget everything when you see me.

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2014-2015 Season So Far

New Musicals

Holler if You Hear Me

Honeymoon in Vegas

Fun Home**

Finding Neverland

The Last Ship

Musical Revivals

The King and I

Side Show

On the Town

On the 20th Century

New Plays

The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-Time*

The Audience*

This is Our Youth


Play Revivals

Love Letters

It’s Only a Play

You Can’t Take it with You***

*Denotes London transfer

**Denotes Pulitzer Prize Finalist

***Denotes Pulitzer Prize Winner

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I only have a debit card and I'm 19. Will this fuck me up later in life when I need a good credit score? When should I get a credit card??

I recommend starting your credit as soon as you can. You’ll need it sooner than you think. 19 is def not too early to get a credit card. Maybe start with a store card to somewhere you already frequently shop, or get a gas card. Whatever you get, read my credit (and debit) card guide, as well as my guide to convincing credit card companies you’re not worthless (which you really should’ve read before you sent this ask).

Back Hugs

Inspired by when I was writing up a ship (cough/ send me ships) and this little idea sprung into my head. 

You were studying hard at your desk, blissfully ignoring the world around you. You had a test coming up soon, and wanted to make sure that you would pass the test with flying colours. It was something that Yoongi had always loved about you, the way that you could fall so deeply into something and just work

However, he did not love it today. Today, he wanted to be the centre of your attention, 24/7. At first, he respected that you needed to study, yet after the umpteenth hour it was being to get monotonous. At first, he started out softly, calling out your name. 

There was no response. 

Undeterred, he tried again, raising his voice a little. 


“Are you done with studying yet?”


“Wait is that a yes or a no?”

You sighed, your eyes still fixated on the paper. 

“I’ll be done as soon as I’ve gone over this once more.”

“You know, I’ve been watching you and you’ve already gone through your notes three times now? It would be back luck to do it a fourth time, so stop focussing on them so much.” 

“I really need a good score on this, oppa. I’ll cuddle with you later.” 

Finally, Yoongi decided that short of lifting you up and dragging you away from your desk, he was going to do everything else. He remembered how you’d always become incredibly shy whenever he hugged you, and so this time he decided to do the same. 

Sneaking up behind you, he had his book of half-written lyrics in his hand. Luckily, you sat so far forwards on your chair that when he swooped down, he easily captured you in a back hug. 

“Wait what? Yoongi, what’s this?” 

“Nothing, I just wanted to ask your opinion on some lyrics.”

“I..um, I’ll look them over?” Your voice embarrassingly rose at the end, and it was so cute that he pecked you on the cheek to add further effect. 

“Oppa, something’s with you today…why are you acting like this?” 

“Because I want to be with you, but you keep studying! I know your test is important and all, but so is your boyfriend!” 

You looked down at the papers one last time. Truthfully, you’d already memorised most of the material anyway. And besides, you were really starting to get sick of your books. You looked back up at Yoongi and smiled.

“Alright then. So, where do you want to go?”

Now theres been many things in the history of the Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album that has made me question wether or not they actually have something that resembles a brain over there- Riverdance being Rent in 1997, The Lion King winning and Parade not even being nominated in 1999, Next to Normal not winning, and the complete idiotic decision to not even nominate Off-Broadway Fun Home or Bridges last year, when clearly they’re some of the best scores to be written in musical theatre history.
If they go so far as to snub Hamilton this year that is all the evidence I need that they clearly have no idea what makes a good score.     

GUESS WHO GOT AN INTERVIEW FOR THE NURSING PROGRAM!!! my gpa + kaplan score were good enough aaaaaa. i just need to ace this interview and i’ll be in the program