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Patater Week Day 3 - Fake Dating ( Part 1/?)

Another partially complete one because this fic has decided it wants to be really long. Here’s like 4k though.


Kent looked up from his cocktail to see Jack looking at him with a frown on his face, various Falconers arrayed behind him and looking on curiously. Oh shit. He had been successfully avoiding Jack for months, and now he goes and picks the same goddamn bar after the game. Is this the universe telling him to stop drinking? Fuck you, universe.

“Jack,” he said evenly. There is an absolutely zero percent chance that Jack will believe him that this is just a coincidence, especially because none of his teammates are here. Sue him for wanting to have a quiet night. Next time he’d just go with them to the shitty club.

“Why are you here?” Jack said forbiddingly. “I thought I made myself clear—“

“Yeah, yeah, I got it, Zimms, you don’t want to see me.” He pushed back from the bar, mouth twisting bitterly, and abandoned his drink. “I’m not stalking you, promise.” He made a split-second, impulsive decision. “I’m here to see him.” He reached out and pulls in the nearest Falconer, not even looking at his face.

“You’re here to see…Tater?” Jack asked incredulously.

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little dog models on the prairie

body positivity

authors note: this was a requested imagine about body confidence. sorry it’s kinda long. but let me know if you want a part 2 ;)

“Beautiful.” Your boyfriend Shawn mumbled under his breath as he looked at you looking at yourself in the mirror. You had just ordered a new swimsuit and you couldn’t wait to try it on. When you were younger, you struggled with your weight, and you never really loved yourself. It took time, and effort, but eventually you got sick of hating mirrors, and you got tired of feeling sad about how your body was created. You learned to love the skin you’re in, and accept who you are. You were no where near a VS model, or anything like that, but you were still beautiful. You were on the bigger side, and even when you worked out, there were certain parts of your body that stayed large. But you didn’t care anymore. With the help of yourself, your family, and Shawn, you were happy with your body.

“I never thought I’d be wearing one of these.” You smiled at yourself in the mirror with your new swimsuit on. You used to never show your body in public, at beaches, or pool parties. You would usually wear a t shirt and shorts, so right now was kind of an exciting time for you. You felt healthy, and happy with yourself, so you grabbed your phone and snapped a picture of yourself in your new suit.

“I’m so proud of you Y/N.” Shawn put his arms around you, and kissed your cheek, as he looked at the picture you just took.

“Women crush everyday!!!” Shawn yelled, and you laughed.

Soon, you had posted the picture, writing a nice caption, hoping to inspire those who didn’t have confidence in themselves. Your comments blew up with positive feedback, and people thanking you for your bravery of posting a picture of your body, and so on. You could feel your heart bursting with love. All you wanted was to help people who didn’t feel good, to feel good about themselves, the way your friends and family helped you. Knowing that you were starting to do that, made you so happy.

“What do you say, we head to the beach so everyone else can see your beauty? Plus, I need to show you off in person, and to the people who aren’t just the internet.” Shawn grinned and grabbed your hand to kiss it. You just laughed and said, “I love you.” And you were both off to the beach.


The water was getting cold, so you turned it off, and hopped out of the shower, and putting a robe on. You wrapped a towel on your head, attempting to rid the leftover sand in your hair from yesterday at the beach. You walked into your bedroom, to find some clothes, and grabbed your phone off the nightstand. You had millions of notifications, that didn’t exactly look positive. You unlocked your phone to see a featured Snapchat story from “The Daily Mail” about your post on Instagram yesterday.

“Y/N Y/L/N shaming skinny people, to make herself feel better.”

You almost dropped your phone, reading the the headline. Heat was now rising to your face and you were angry. Your anger became ten times worse, once you checked Twitter to see your mentions filled with people hating on you for supposedly shaming people who aren’t plus size. You noticed that a lot of Shawn’s fans were still supporting you, and backing you up though. You even noticed Shawn tweet something about it. Just as you were about to read it, he came upstairs, walking into your room saying, “You see it yet?”

“See that dumb article? Yeah and I’m kinda pissed. Why would they do that?”

“Don’t worry about it baby, they just want attention. But you got me supporting you, my fans, your family and friends and everything. Don’t stress.” Shawn was calm and it made you feel a little better. He was right. There was only a small amount of people who believed that article. It made you sick though, to see people twisting your words into something like that.

The rest of the day wasn’t that eventful. Your anger almost disappeared, because of how many people you saw backing you up, and you just felt better. You had so many strong feelings towards this topic, that you decided to tweet about it instead of just staying silent and favoriting nice tweets from your supporters. You tweeted a couple paragraphs, one at a time explaining how that article completely twisted your words. You also thanked those who were backing you up and you apologized to anyone who misunderstood you. You made sure to let everyone know that both skinny, fat, chubby, or whatever, everyone was beautiful in their own way. Shawn had tweeted about it several times too.

@/ShawnMendes: hey, @/thedailymail stop twisting people’s words. thanks :)

@/ShawnMendes: please respect y/n. she’s only trying to make the world a better place.

@/ShawnMendes thank you to those supporting y/n. i appreciate it !

You felt so lucky to have someone as supportive and sweet as Shawn. His fans were just as sweet too.

After you and Shawn’s tweets, the drama died down a bit. Everything was okay again, and you felt so blessed to have people on your side. Every once in a while, whenever you’d sit in bed or at the dinner table with your nose in your phone checking for more drama, Shawn would take your phone out of your hands and kiss your nose.

“I love you no matter what k? Just don’t forget that.” He would say this almost every hour or something, and it melted your heart. Several days had passed now and just when you thought things couldn’t get better now, all the time you spent with your eyes on your phone and phone only, weren’t being wasted, when you saw a new article put out from Cosmopolitan.

“Shawn Mendes’ Girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N slams the media with her body positivity posts.”

The whole article was about how you stood up for yourself after that article twisted your words. The writers from Cosmopolitan were basically praising you for everything you’d done after what happened. You felt shocked since all you did was clear things up, and you didn’t feel like you deserved a whole article about how great you were. But at the same time, you felt grateful.

Not to long after, you received an email from Cosmopolitan saying that they wanted to interview you about the whole situation.

“SHAWN GET UP HERE.” You yelled downstairs to him.

“What what?? Is everything okay?” He immediately came running up, worried.

“Cosmopolitan wants me to do an interview with them. Do you know what that means? An interview also means a photo shoot, which also means modeling which means a possible job opportunity and-” You stopped talking to take a breath, trying not to get too ahead of yourself. But you were just so excited.

“That’s incredible Y/N.” Shawn exclaimed and picked you up, and spun you around.

When he put you down, he grabbed your face with both his hands and kissed you. You kissed back, harder, feeling so much love for yourself and him. It was really interesting to you to see a bad situation turn into something good. Your heart was beating indescribably fast and you couldn’t control your emotions.

“I love you!” You and Shawn said at the same time, as you pulled away from the kiss. You both laughed and you kissed him again, feeling a certain type of happy that you never thought you’d feel.

Distance That Took You Away

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Premise: A crumbling long distance relationship is really held up by one thing, you.

Word count/genre: 1630 / angst

SONG: The Distance That Took You Away by SayWeCanFly


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Yay!! You liked it! I’ll guess I’ll keep going then!

Summary: The early days told in a series of photos. Jack Lowden/Reader 
Warnings: None 

She smiled and even closer to take another photo of the strangely curious squirrel. Straightening, she checked the screen on her camera and chuckled. 

“My, you are cute!” 

She took another picture as the creature leaned into the the lens, little hands grabbing at the camera. 

“Squirrels, Y/N? Really, hen?” 

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Don’t Forget - Grayson

He hadn’t seen her in almost two months.

It’s the longest time he had been apart from her in the past year. While they dated he would go on tour with her, she would come back to LA as much as possible, they practically lived at her apartment, and if they weren’t together they were texting all day and face timing at night.

Comments always flooding their instagrams, “GOALS!” “Mom & Dad” “I love you two!” & “Perfect for each other!” They were right. Grayson and Josie were a perfect fit. Everyone knew it from the moment they met. Everything clicked, they finished each others sentences, she got along with Ethan and he got along with her best friend/roommate Andrea.

But three tours in one year; along with promotional tours, guests spots on tours, traveling to record and write had Josie gone a lot. When she was home Grayson was on tour, or traveling to film, or busy with meetings. As much as they were meant for each other, the world was slowly pulling them apart.

Two months later and her heart was still shattered, his brain was still confused, and they both wondered why they called it quits in her driveway one night after a small fight about him picking her up from the airport.

Ethan tried to make him feel better, scheduling double dates, taking him to play paintball, racing 4 wheelers, even flying back to Jersey to try and take his mind off of it.

It’s hard to do that when she was still his phone background. He “kept forgetting to change it” he said, every time Ethan asked. Till one day Ethan took his phone, changed it from the picture of Josie, bare faced, hair in a ponytail, sitting across from him on their balcony, smiling up at the sky, laughing at something Grayson had said…. to a picture of his own butt.

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written for @ocsickficsideblog using her lovely OCs! it’s rly long n angsty but i hope you enjoy anyway <3 


Julius has been woken up in a lot of ways. The best requires no explanation (skin on skin, his hips, the smell of pine and that godawful shampoo, just because it requires no explanation doesn’t mean he can’t remember) (and softer days, too - fine hair tickling his cheeks and forehead kisses and chamomile tea, pictures of cats you have to see right now Julius oh my god look at them, sleepy smiles reserved just for him). The worst…well. (His screams. A phone receiver pressed to the ear, it doesn’t hurt that bad, Julius, promise, I shouldn’t have made Father so angry. Cold sheets soaked with something warm, and somewhere locked behind the bathroom door, weeping, strained like he’s trying to be quiet.)

Suffice to say, waking up to a note is not the worst way Julius has been woken, but today it feels like it. It’s folded into a triangle, signed with Alistair’s distinctive sloppy cursive:

You know that kitten I fell in love with at the shelter? She’s officially up for adoption! I’m going to go cuddle with her for a bit. They say adoption takes a few days but I could be bringing her home as soon as Friday! Didn’t want to wake you since you’ve been so tired. :( 
I’ll be home by 5:30. Make sure to eat something! Love you
. -A

For reasons he can’t explain, Julius’s eyes fill with tears. He sniffles wretchedly and buries his face in Alistair’s pillow.




It’s like this, some days.

He’s sitting at their little kitchen island, feet perched on the bottom of the stool, shivering in one of Alistair’s too-big hoodies, sleeves folded over his trembling fingers. He has two pieces of toast in front of him - two more than he wants to be eating, because Alistair asked him to. It’s late afternoon - he can’t believe he slept this long - and his bladder is still full from when he woke, a dull, sloshing ache low in his belly. That coupled with the way his stomach has tightened around his anxiety, the lump in his throat that’s two parts nervousness and at least one part he’s not here and I need him, would be enough to curb his appetite on a good day, but today…

He remembers high school, his lunches spent in bathroom stalls, and to his shame, to his utter horror, he is not repulsed by the memory. In fact, he kind of misses it.

It’s like this, some days.



Alistair sends him a picture of himself cradling a kitten, a wide, reckless grin on his face. True to Alistair fashion, he’s coupled the objectively adorable photo with a self-deprecating and horribly punctuated caption - can i keep him mom? :p - and Julius musters a watery grin. He’s curled up on the couch, now. He forced himself to do the opposite of what he wanted to do, choking down not two but four slices of toast washed down with a large glass of milk, proving to himself that he’s in control. He regrets it, now. The food sits heavy on his stomach, burbling and groaning intermittently. He swears he can feel it churning beneath the palm he has pressed to his tummy, and the pressure is almost unbearable. He still hasn’t relieved his bladder, and the dull ache has escalated to a sharp, constant pain that increases his nausea tenfold, but he can’t bring himself to go to the bathroom. He’s frightened of what may happen if he does - of how his stomach will rebel, or worse, how he’ll make it rebel. How he’ll cause Alistair pain. How he’ll…he’ll mess up, and everything will be ruined, and it will be his fault, and he’s always like this, always doing this, why does Alistair stay with him, anyways, and it’s probably just out of pity, and -

He’s worked himself into quite a state, fat tears spilling over his lips and down his chin, trembling in his stolen hoodie. He realizes there’s no one to keep quiet for, and he buries his face in the couch cushions, letting out a keening wail. His heart aches. More than anything he wants to be held. 

He sobs, curled up around himself, the pressure in his belly increasing. He thinks he’ll pop if it gets any worse, his stomach absurdly bloated and churning wretchedly in his hands. 

He thinks that’d be okay with him.



He knows he’s being ridiculous, is the thing.
Alistair loves him. Of course he does. The family you choose is just as strong as the family you’re born to - stronger, in Alistair’s case - and they certainly chose each other, every time they curled together like a couple of parentheses when they were kids, giggling under blanket forts at sleepovers, Julius dabbing Alistair’s bruised eyes and cut faces and resolutely talking about anything but how they got there, Alistair threatening anyone who dared to look at them wrong, Alistair tucking Julius’s hair behind his ears, kissing every part of him that made him feel like he had to do what he did in high school…

But what if? 

He said he’d be back by 5:30. 

What if he’s gone? Taken the kitten and run? Alistair runs from his problems. It’s not unreasonable. Julius wouldn’t blame him, it’s a lot to cope with… his breathing has sped up, and the pressure in his belly is increasing, increasing–


The burp is unexpected, and he presses a fist to his mouth, feeling incredibly ill and flushing even though there’s no one to hear him. The milk really isn’t sitting well, curdling in his stomach, and Julius grits his teeth and forces back any further expulsions of air. He didn’t think the pressure could increase any higher. His bladder is screaming, but he can’t, he just can’t, and Alistair is gone and he can’t do this anymore–

He can’t do this anymore.

He stands up, both hands pressed to his aching tummy, desperately trying to keep the contents of his stomach where they belong. He just needs to get to bed, put his face in Alistair’s pillow -
But what if Alistair is gone? What if he’s never coming back? 

A darker thought crosses his anxious mind. 

What if Alistair isn’t back…because he can’t be? 

Alistair’s father tracking him down, finding him on the street…at the animal shelter…Alistair lying on the ground covered in blood…


This, of all things, is what undoes him. His knees buckle, and he drags himself to the bathroom, barely making it over the toilet. His belly emits one last, desperate gurgle, and he heaves.


He begins to sob as he heaves over the toilet, all that pressure in his tummy releasing itself at once. He misses Alistair desperately, and his hitching breaths are started to tip toward hyperventilation. He’s gone…he’s pushed Alistair away, he thinks he did this on purpose….the thought upsets him so much that he–


With that, the other pressure – the sloshing, aching pressure in his lower belly –is unbearable. His bladder, which has been struggling for far too long now, bursts.

His vision is starting to blur as his breaths grow faster and faster in time with his hysterical crying. He can’t– he won’t–

He doesn’t know what else to do, so he does this:

Sent: 5:47pm
To: Star <3
please help me

Julius curls himself as small as he can against the bathtub, terrified, shaking so hard he can’t see straight.

He hopes.


Alistair’s nearly home when his phone buzzes. He got caught up letting the cat nuzzle him for hours, tantalizing the tiny thing with treats and toys until she curled up, exhausted, on Alistair’s lap. Then, of course, he couldn’t possibly move her. 

A soft smile curls his lips upward when he sees that the text is from Julius–probably an absurdly supportive response to that selfie with the kitten–until he reads it and the smile drops from his face. 

Alistair runs.


Jules?!” He tries not to scream, but his heart is pounding out of his chest. If something happened to Julius and he wasn’t here to protect him - if someone hurt Jules - if he failed so dramatically and Jules was hurt for it, Alistair will offer himself up to his father on a platter. There’s no coming back from that. 

He searches the living room frantically, fists balled nervously, ready to tear apart whoever dared hurt his Jules, when he hears it from the bathroom. The softest, most heartbreaking cry. He recognizes it immediately. 

“Jules?! What’s wrong, are you hurt?! What’s–” He stops short when he bursts into the bathroom, sees the mess of the toilet and floor, and in the middle of it, Julius, wearing one of Alistair’s own sweatshirts and emitting high, keening sobs. 

“Oh, sweetheart…” He crouches down in front of his boyfriend, gathering him to his chest. Julius’s entire body is heaving with sobs, and he struggles out of Alistair’s arms, pulling back, and Alistair feels a flash of hurt before Julius is saying “Star? I thought you had left–” and is suddenly gagging over the toilet. Alistair holds him tightly, tears forming in his own eyes, rubs his back and presses kisses to the back of his neck. 

“Are you sick, love?” Alistair’s voice is very, very soft. He doesn’t know how to do this, never has, but Julius likes words, likes comfort and affection, and fuck, Alistair has never seen him look so broken. So yes, pet names it is.

  “No–I j–I just–I tried–” 

Julius is weeping so hard he can barely speak, hyperventilating between sobs, and Alistair’s heart just can’t take it. 

“Come here, sweetheart.” 

He’s crying so fucking hard, is the thing. His forehead isn’t hot, and he wasn’t sniffly before Alistair left. Maybe he’s just sad. 

Alistair can’t do words, so he carries him. 

He starts the tub, takes note of Julius’s trembling and heats it until steam is billowing, empties some of their pine-scented bubble bath (for special occasions, Alistair! Jules has chided him more than once) into it. Gently, he strips Julius of his clothes, and it’s when he flinches, wraps protective arms around his stomach, that Alistair understands. 

It was one of Julius’s anxiety days…and Alistair wasn’t here. 

He pushes his own hurt aside - it’s not time for him to handle his hurt right now - and gathers Jules closer than ever. He takes off his own clothes and lifts Julius into the bath, pulling him against his chest. 

“What can I do, Jules?” he murmurs, carding a hand through his hair. “How can I fix it?” 

He’s quiet for a long moment, save his crying, each tear hitting Alistair like bullets. (Like blows. Like his father’s hands. Unworthy. Unworthy. Unworthy.)

“Just hold me?” He finally says, so quietly, like he’s scared Alistair will say no. “I know I’m gross…I couldn’t even…make it to the toilet…” 

“Shhh,” Alistair soothes, pressing kisses to his boyfriend’s forehead. “I of all people understand. Accidents happen. I’m sorry I left you,” he grinds out, the last part scraping like glass. The guilt pools in his ribcage, oily and sick. “Of course I’ll hold you, Jules.”
He lets him cry, lets him curl into his chest, and when his hands finally relax, loosen their grip on his belly, Alistair presses a warm hand to the swollen flesh, rubbing gently.
“My tummy hurts,” Jules mumbles.
“I know. I’m sorry. Is the rub helping?”
“Yeah,” he says, and pauses. “You’re never this mushy.” He presses his face into Alistair’s collarbone.
“And you’re never this sad. But don’t worry. I’ll make up for it by giving you lots of shit tomorrow.” He holds this boy so tight, and he feels the ghost of a smile on his collarbone, so yeah, he’ll call that a victory.
A moment goes by. “Star, what if I could never eat again? What if it stayed this bad?”
Alistair thinks about it for a moment. “I’d stay, always. I’ll make you chamomile tea for every meal.”
“Mmmm. Tea.”
Alistair smiles. “I’ll make some for you when we get out.”
“Let’s stay a little longer.”
Alistair continues rubbing Julius’s upset tummy, his free hand clasped in Julius’s and the sick boy’s shoulders begin to sag as the shaking stops.
“I’ll stay forever,” Alistair says.

It’s like this, some days.

anonymous asked:

So, idea: after the gala with bond!Lexi, the tabloids and media are exploding about Kara and Lena's suave daughter. And Taylor is proud but jealous. But ofc Lexi only has eyes for her. And Kara and Lena are like omg out baby girl is growing up whyyyy

Kara and Lena always shielded Lexi from the media growing up, and how much the public got to see her in the media was extremely limited (and always through James or Cat). Lexi pretty much hates talking to the media - as much as they try to get exclusives. She really only talks about charities or science in public, and her life is like super private - which only fuels media speculation more.

Because of her limited media presence, the tabloid speculation just kind of goes wild - especially after a public appearance. The only problem is they often get things completely wrong - like that she’s sort of a playboy that gets all the girls when in reality she stutters around pretty girls and blushes every time Taylor flirts with her. They also think she’s like this big spender, which is just not true compared to how much money she’s earned from patents - not even taking her family fortune into consideration.

So when the tabloids go crazy about her Bond adventure, Astraid just teases her incessantly about it, and Taylor finds the whole thing adorable.

“Lexington Luthor-Danvers - The Billionaire Playboy Recluse.” Kara says dropping a magazine on Lena’s desk.

“Are you kidding me?” Lena reaches for the magazine, groaning when she sees the cover. It’s their daughter, dressed in an extravagant tux, with one arm around Taylor’s waist. She recognizes the outfits from the L-Corp gala last week, and she groans again as she remembers Lexi’s antics from the event.

“She does all this as a joke, and then of course the tabloids have to take her seriously.”

“And you know she isn’t going to actually talk to them and clear things up.” Kara says ruefully as she sinks into the chair across the desk.

“At least it isn’t bad press, maybe it’ll all blow over soon.”


“I wonder how Taylor is taking it, it isn’t exactly easy just getting tossed into the media spotlight, even if this isn’t the first time.”

“Oh, yeah, so there’s also this -” Kara hands over her phone and Lena sees a picture of Lexington, head bent over a sheet of graph paper, pencil in each hand and one tucked behind her ear.

‘shh, don’t tell her she has three pencils. she needs them all. for science stuff.  #playaproblems #mygirlfriendiscuterthanyours’ the caption reads, and Lena can’t help but laugh.

“Taking everything in stride, it appears.”

“They’re good kids, even if one of them does have issues with hoarding pencils.”

Sticks and Stones

Pairing: BamBam X reader
Genre: Angst/fluff
Word count: 1,559
Summary: After you and your boyfriend decide to go public about your relationship you start to see some comments that have you questioning yourself. Are you really the best person for him?
(A/N: I used they/them pronouns so anyone could read and it wasn’t strictly female or male, so you can replace them with your pronouns if it makes you feel as if it flows better!)


Hey guys, so I couldn’t sleep last night which apparently makes me want to write a bit of angst. I’m not the best at angst so I hope it’s okay, still has fluff as well! Also first Got7 drabble, yay!
~Mod Phoenix


“Are you positive you want to go public?” JYP asked as he looked between you and BamBam seated beside you. You both had been together for months and have managed to stay under the radar, other than the rest of Got7 and JYP. JYP knew early on and didn’t try to stop the relationship as long as it didn’t become a scandal or come to light quickly.

“Yes, sir,” BamBam responded, “Y/N and I have both thought long and hard about this. We decided now is the best time because we’ve been together for a while and the dating ban was lifted a while ago. We’re done with trying to hide our relationship and I feel like it’s almost like lying to the fans.”

“It’s not lying, it’s for your own safety,” JYP responded sternly before turning his gaze to you, “It is a mutual agreement right? You want it to be public as well? You know the responses some fans will have, right?”

You answered without hesitation, “Yes, it’s mutual and I know how some ahgase’s will react, but I’m ready for it.” ‘I hope..’ You thought.

With a sigh the company founder nodded, “Okay then, I’ll write up the official statement to release to the public. Once that’s out your free to post about each other and make your own statements if you wish.”

The two of you said in unison, “Thank you!” Before getting up and leaving his office.

“I have an hour and a half before I have to practice, so wanna hang out in the dance studio?” Bam asked as he happily grabbed your hand, no longer afraid of who saw.

“Sounds like a plan!” You responded happily. As you made your way to the studio you looked up at your boyfriend and questioned, “When do you think the statement will be released?”

“Probably within the hour since it’s such big news,” He guessed, “Hopefully within the hour so we can post something on my social media together!” His eyes sparkled with excitement as he locked eyes with you. Both of you had dreamed of having a public relationship and now it was finally coming true.

“We can finally do normal couple things, no more hiding!” You beamed, already planning on what you could do together.

You had made your way to the studio and both of you sat on the floor, gently leaning on one another. “You know where I want to take you first?” He asked before answering it in the same breath, “I want to take you to a fancy restaurant, no more dates in the dorm with takeout.”

You giggled at his confession, “That sounds perfect, Bammie. Maybe we could go see a movie together in theaters for once, too.”

He smiled at that, “Sounds like a date!”

You both sat and talked for a while or sat in a comfortable silence. After about forty five minutes he checked his phone and exclaimed, “The official statement was released!”

You quickly looked over his shoulder at the document, the confirmation that you two were officially public. You both hugged each other tightly before he pulled away with the brightest smile you had ever seen, “We have to take a selfie together so I can post about this!”

You laughed as he pulled his camera up, “Why can’t you use one of the hundreds of selfies we already have on your phone?”

“Because it’s our first day officially out to the fans, it needs to be commemorated!” He held his phone up and was still beaming. You smiled as well, holding up a peace sign. He quickly snapped the picture and went to type up the caption for the picture on Instagram. ‘Hello ahgase’s, I’m sure you all are surprised by the sudden announcement that just came out. So here we are, this is Y/N! We’ve been together for almost six months and decided now was a good time to tell the public. I hope it’s not too shocking, but I really love them and I hope you support us as well as continue supporting Got7!’

“Annnd, posted!” He declared. He looked at you again and giggled, “I’m so excited, Y/N, I can’t wait for what’s ahead of us.” He kissed your cheek happily with another giddy laugh.

“Me either, it’s going to be amazing,” You giggled and lay your head on his shoulder, watching him post similar stuff on his other social media.

Soon the other boys began to enter, congratulating the both of you and there was plenty of teasing. You stood up and stretched, BamBam following suit.

“I’m gonna head back to my place, text me if you want to do something after your done at practice,” You chimed as you headed towards the door.

“Of course! Text you when we’re done!” He answered excitedly.

When you left you could here the boys teasing Bam, to which you just shook your head and smiled.


When you returned home you decided to check the buzz on social media you two must have caused. You knew some people would be cruel about it, but you weren’t as ready as you thought you were for these comments. There were so many hateful comments, some were simple and tame compared to others, 'they stole our oppa!’ Others stung a lot more than you thought, 'Who is this ugly bitch? How the hell did they ever get him?’, 'They’re no good for him, he can do way better.’, 'Why would he choose them when he could date anyone he wanted?’ The worst ones were the death threats, there were many comments saying 'If I see them I’ll kill them.’ or 'I hope they get hit by a car.’

You spent a long time reading these comments and they affected you a lot more than you had anticipated. You could feel your chest tighten and tears come to your eyes. You set your phone down and slowly laid down on your couch. The tears came quickly and you found yourself sobbing. Thoughts raced in your head, 'Maybe you’re not good enough for him.’, 'He could do way better.’ 'Why does he like me? I’m just some nobody, really..’ 'Am I no good for him?’ Thoughts like these took over your conscience and you couldn’t escape. You cried and cried, you thought you could handle this, but maybe you were wrong. The next hours were complete silence broken up by bouts of crying.

The black screen of your phone lit up, when you checked it was a text from BamBam, 'Hey babe, just finished practice! Want to do something?’

You couldn’t bring yourself to respond, you felt hot tears burn your face again as you ignored the text. Ten minutes later another one followed, 'Hey, you okay? It’s not like you not to respond. I’m going back to the dorm if you want to come over.’ Again you didn’t respond and fifteen minutes later another text, 'Y/N, please answer me. I’m really worried…’ You turned your phone over and sighed, you just couldn’t bring yourself to answer him, you felt like you didn’t deserve to talk to him.


'Why aren’t they responding, they always answers in a few minutes..’ Bam thought as he helplessly stared at his texts. That’s when he decided to check social media, he was shocked at the hostile comments and knew you had seen them. “Oh no.. No,no..” He muttered to himself and ran to Mark’s room and knocked frantically.

“What?” Mark opened the door, annoyance clear on his face before seeing the young boy so distraught. “What’s wrong?”

“I need you to drive me to Y/N’s place!” He almost yelled out of a mixture of panic and anger.

“Yeah, yeah I can,” the older boy stuttered at the question, “Why?”

To answer he simply held up his phone with the horrible comments and stated, “She’s not responding and I’m guessing she’s read these. I have to make sure she’s okay.”


You had just stopped crying again when you heard a knock on your door followed by Bam’s panicked voice, “Y/N? Are you in there? Please let me in.”

You didn’t have the energy to get up from the couch, but you did sit up and call, “It’s unlocked, you can come in.” Your voice was strained from crying.

He burst through the door and ran to the couch sitting down beside you, “Why didn’t you respond to my texts? Are you okay? You’ve been crying.” The last sentence wasn’t a question as he looked at your red, puffy eyes and the tears still present on your face.

“Why did you choose me? You could find someone so much better than me, why me? You could date anyone you wanted, models, other idols, actors, but you chose a nobody. Why? Why did you fall for me? I’m nothing special.” You rambled off your thoughts so quickly you were surprised he even caught any of it. You had started to cry again and you couldn’t bring yourself to look at your boyfriend, so you stared at your hands in your lap.

He took your hands in his and gently pleaded, “Look at me. Y/N, please look at me.” When you refused to look up he released one of your hands and lifted your chin to look at his face. His dark eyes were glistening with tears and you could see the hurt on his face. He moved his hand from your face and took ahold of your hand again.

“You want to know why I chose you? Why I fell for you?” He asked before explaining, “I fell for you because you could see the real me, not the me everyone thinks they know. I’m seen as the guy who can’t stop dabbing, the guy who can never be serious, that member of Got7 that’s a walking meme. Nobody ever took me seriously, they saw me as an idol who loved to be goofy. But you were different, you didn’t treat me differently because I was an idol. When we first met you didn’t assume I was this goofy guy, instead you asked about my personal life and learned about the real me. You’re the first person to do that other than my family and the other guys. I don’t want a model, an actor, or an idol- I want you. You’re my rock that grounds me, you’re there for me no matter what, so don’t you dare say you’re a nobody. You can’t say you’re not special either, you’re the most kind, smart, funny, easygoing, and trustworthy person I know. THAT’S why I fell for you, THAT’S why I chose you, THAT’S why I love you,” He squeezed your hands tightly as some tears fell.

You were crying as well and took your hands from his to tightly hug him. He embraced you as you tucked your head in his chest and cried, “I love you too, Bammie. I’m sorry about all of this, it’s just those fans comments got to me…”

“You don’t need to apologize, you’re human and have emotions that will always be valid. And those nasty comments may come from so called 'fans’, but the real fans are the ones who support us, not try and tear us down.”

You nodded as he planted a kiss on top of your head. You looked up at him and mustered a smile, “Thank you.”

“We’ll get through this together,” He stated, returning the smile and squeezing you a bit tighter.

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tell me a love story <3

(Okay, THIS is the end of Starshine and Jason. I think. None of my remaining prompts really have anything to do with them, anyway.)

Jason doesn’t know how Stella became his best friend, but he knows it happened because Maddy, the newest person on the IT team, asks him out and his first response (after stammering his way through an acceptance that he’s not sure he wants to give) is to send her a panicked text.

Do I need to look up her background? Stella texts back right away, even though he’s fairly sure she’s not even in the country right now. She’s been cagey about this job, which usually means it’s the kind of job tailor-made for someone with weapons training like the original Starshine was supposed to be. He’s backed her up once or twice, but only on local jobs and only on a strictly unofficial basis. He’s good at Bellwether. He’s applying for a supervisory position when it opens up next month.

Don’t be creepy, he texts back, because Stella is going to look her up either way but maybe he can keep her from being too invasive. I don’t even know if I’m going on the date.

He gets a picture text back. It appears to be a coffee shop menu in some kind of Cyrillic script. There’s no accompanying caption.

Jason sighs. You need to start bringing your own caffeine on these missions.

The next picture text is her giving a thumbs up in front of what appears to be a plain coffee. Haven’t been poisoned this time! Also, go on the date, like four of your co-workers are pining after you and it’s frankly depressing.

He has never been the kind of person someone was pining after, and he has no idea what to do with it, but Stella gets a kind of pinched look on her face sometimes when he explains things like that and he doesn’t want to do it when she’s in a different time zone and he can’t hand her a beer and let her kick his ass at whatever video game is on top of his stack.

Please stop ordering drinks on jobs, he texts, and goes to put up with some teasing from the rest of his team.


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In my overconfidence at having Easter pretty much tied up (Peeps! Independence Day eggs!) and maybe even St Patrick (that would be the existing holiday closest to the Roman Liberalia and so perhaps a good date equivalent for the Genitalia Festival) that I completely neglected to consider Valentines Day. 

“You’re my cup of tea” has potential. Maybe “I think you could be a captain,” though that one needs some working through.

Or, maybe a picture of Translator Zeiat (or Dlique would do!) with the caption, “YOU STOLE MY HEART. I can’t imagine why you’d want it, it must make a terrible mess. And actually, your doing that is a potential treaty violation.”

Or, no. Dlique. “HEARTS BELONG INSIDE YOUR BODY happy valentines day.”

Matthew Tkachuk #1 - Surprise

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A/N- heyo! sorry I havent been posting recently, school has been really busy lately but I’m trying my best. Also, THE LEAFS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!! We have to go up against Washington bt that’s okay…. I’m trying to stay positive over here. 

for the anon request: Sorry if I requested this already, and I know you did a similar chychrun prompt but could you do a Matthew tkachuk imagine where you meet his teammates and wags and you play for the inferno?


Of course. The one weekend that Matt had free all season was at the tail-end of your road trip to play the Ontario teams of the CWHL. On top of that, as soon as you get back on Sunday, you have to play a game that afternoon. Which is where you were now; you had arrived back home in Calgary this morning, promptly drove home to take a nap and now you were back at the arena warming up and going over video before playing the Canadiennes.  You hadn’t even gotten to see your boyfriend when you were home because he was at practice. Ugh, if girls thought that dating a professional athlete was hard, try doing it when you are also one as well.

When you got out of your video session, you checked your phone one last time before you needed to get into the headspace of pregame prep. You smiled when you saw two snapchats from Matt: one with just a picture of his stupid face with the caption ‘I have a surprise for you tonight :)’ and the second one he was making a kissy face at the camera and drew hearts all around him with the caption ‘good luck babe <3 <3’. You screenshotted the kissy one because it was so extra and sent him back one of your goalie going through her pregame rituals involving visualization but her zoned-out face looks more like she’s seen the horrors of the universe and always makes you laugh. You put your phone away carefully in your locker and exhaled out once before cracking your neck. Let’s do this.


You didn’t notice “the surprise” until you heard the game commentator halfway through warm up say, “It’s great to see the Calgary Flames out here tonight supporting their sister team”. Before you could even look in the crowd your captain skated up beside you and pointed behind your net, “Looks like your boy brought the whole cheering section with him”

“Oh my god.” there, right where Brianne had pointed was Matt Tkachuk standing up and holding the most cheesy sign you had ever seen reading ‘the Inferno are RED HOT’. To either side of him you saw the entire Calgary Flames roster, complete with all of the WAGs, decked out head-to-toe in Inferno gear, also wielding signs that varied from cute and supportive, to ridiculously cheesy, to just plain hilarious. You had to take a second to pick your jaw up off the floor and skate over to them. When you got close they all started to cheer and bang on the glass making you roll your eyes and laugh. You jumped and shoulder checked the glass before skating away and getting back to focus.


You were having a great game. Being a defenseman means that you don’t really get the same glory that high-point-total scoring wingers do, but by the middle of the second your team was up 2-0 and you had assisted on both goals. Right now, you had just drawn a tripping penalty and lined up in position at the face off dot. As soon as the ref dropped the puck, your centre won the draw and kicked it back to your d-partner. You immediately skated towards the middle of the blue line on a set play, anticipating the pass from Meaghan Mikkelson. She sauced it over the stick of a forechecking Canadienne and landed right on your tape. You took two strides into the slot, wound up the shot, and fired a clapper hard towards the net, aiming for the top corner.

Sure enough you heard a satisfying *ping!* and the puck went bardown into the back of the net. Your teammates came screaming at you a second later and tackled you in a bear hug. When they finally broke apart you looked up to see your cheering squad going nuts with most of the younger guys with their phones out, most likely documenting it on snapchat. Your grin was huge as you skated back to your bench, fist bumping all the girls before sitting back down beside Meaghan.

“The Flames boys need to come more often, those clowns seem to be our good luck charms.” she laughed as she bumped shoulders with you. You laughed with her once more before turning your attention back to the game


The locker room was rowdy after the game, and for good reason as the final score was 5-0 for the good guys.  Rebecca Johnson had the speakers pumping what she deems to be her “hoe” playlist and you were all laughing as girls were trying to dance in the middle of the room while getting changed out of your gear. A little while later after you had all showered, danced some more, and put on some fancier clothes for the dinner that Matt had promised you, you walked back out of the locker room laughing with Meaghan and Rebecca.

“(Y/N)!” you heard a large group of people yell and you snapped your head up. All of the sudden you were confronted with, yet again, the entire Calgary Flames roster plus WAGs who had apparently not only watched your game and bought a whole lot of Inferno merch, but also stayed to meet you after. Your teammates snickered beside you and made some innuendo comment about you not getting laid tonight if the whole squad was here and you gave them a discreet middle finger making them laugh. As soon as you were within arms reach of Matt, he swept you up in a hug and spun you around making you giggle and your teammates snicker.

When Chucky finally let you down, you started to introduce your teammates to Matt’s teammates and their significant others. Once everyone was introduced, Johnny Gaudreau turned to you, “That was awesome.”

“I know,” Sean Monahan agreed, “Chucky always talks about how good his girl is but until you see that in person, damn”

You were blushing hard now, “Well, you guys caught a good game! I can assure you, they aren’t always like that.”

“I disagree.” Matt wrapped an arm around your back, “I think you are amazing every game.”

“Are you sure you are not just a little bit biased there?” Meaghan laughed

“Hmmm… maybe.” he smiled before kissing your forehead.

You were probably blushing like a tomato now, “So… Are we going for dinner now?” you asked.  

“Yup.” Matt popped the ‘p’, “I made a reservation for all of us at your favourite Thai place that we should probably get going to.”

You smiled brightly up at Matt while the rest of your huge group started towards the exit.

“You, sir, never cease to surprise me.” you teased as Matt brought both of his hands together behind your back, encircling you in his arms.

“Good.” he returned your bright smile and placed a soft kiss against your lips.


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He Grabbed Her In His Arms & Thats All She Ever Needed

“He grabbed her in his arms and that’s all she ever needed.”

Sharna’s phone buzzed signaling she had a text but she decided to ignore it. Tonight was about her, her puppies, and whatever ridiculous movie she could find on Netflix. Her phone buzzed three more times before she groaned and reached for the stupid device.

“This better be good, you’re interrupting my…oh.” She said with a smile. The first one was a picture of her Shai bug in the last set of pajamas she had bought him with a caption that read, “I love my Aunt Sharna and miss her cuddles.” She quickly texted Peta back to set up a date to see her favorite nephew. It had been about a week since she had seen the little munchkin.

She then moved on to check the other three texts, which were from Noah. She smiled happily realizing just how much she missed her old partner. There had never been anything sexual or romantic there for them since he was getting engaged to Jamie however it was just easy and comfortable. She could have used some of that easy and comfortable this season.

‘So what’s my favorite red head up to tonight?’
‘Ignoring me I see.’
'Fine, fine, I see how I rank on your list, Miss Burgess.’

She giggled slightly as Daisy came and curled up on her hip. She was going to text him back but decided that hearing his voice would be more therapeutic. She dialed his number hoping she had missed her window of opportunity.

“Ohhhh now she answers.” He answered on the second ring.

“Hey you.” She said softly as her fingers trailed through Daisy’s hair. Duke came and curled against her belly jealous that he was missing the cuddle fest.

“Hey, you okay?” He said immediately catching the off tone in her voice.

“I…yeah. Just tired. Exhausted honestly. Mentally. Not physically.”

“Babe.” He pressed.

“I’m okay Noah. I promise. Now what are you up to?”

“Well, I’m actually in LA. I had some meetings today and some tomorrow. I was going to see if you wanted some company if you weren’t busy. But since you’re probably just relaxing, it’s…”

“No! I want to see you.” She interrupted him and with much more intensity than she intended. “Sorry, I just, when I seen your texts I realized how much I missed you. I’m not very fancy since I was just planning on puppy cuddles and Netflix but I would love your company. And I’m sure you have a room but my guest room is yours if you’d like.”

“Pizza?” He asked.

“Olives and chicken?”

“Always. I’ll be there in 15. Pick a movie babe. We’ll just continue your relaxation night.”

“See you soon.” She said with a small grin as she hung up. She pulled Duke and Daisy up a little closer to her and snuggled them in.

“Mister Noah is coming to visit him. He was one of my partners like Bon….that guy we don’t really like huh? Noah, however, he was a sweetheart. He was in the army and he lost his one arm and leg but you’d never know it. He’s never backed down and he always puts up a good valid fight. And even when he was frustrated, he never took it out on me. I promise, not all of mommy’s partners are like the mean guy.” She said as she closed her eyes for a few moments and just took in her babies.

She meant to get up and get something ready but the 15 minutes must have passed quicker than she expected. There was a knock on the door and both puppies immediately jumped off her lap and headed for the door.

“Hi.” She said with a smile as she let the man she suddenly missed more than anything in.

“Hi yourself. You look comfy.” He said with a grin looking down at her sweats and tank. He put the pizza on the counter before bending down to pet the puppies.

“Hey, I warned you I wasn’t fancy. You could have declined. And now this is Duke, and this is Daisy. My babies. Babies, this is mister Noah.” Sharna said bending down with him as both dogs rejoiced in finding another human that would love them up.

“Don’t tell anyone but they are cuter in person than on your stories.” He said with a grin.

“Secrets safe with me, well as long as you’re okay with the fact that I’m picking Beauty & the Beast.” She said standing up and going to grab plates and cups.

“Ugh, if you must.”

“Need I remind you, you’re crashing my evening.”

“I can go, pizza and all.”

“Oh no, you’re here. You stay.”

“We taking the pizza in? Like usual?”

“Yup, drink?” She said opening the fridge. He chose some type of flavored water and then headed into the living room to set up the pizza. During their season, once a week they would to a movie night at Sharna’s. They’d have pizza and movies and just enjoy the time together. Once the season ended, they squeezed in the tradition whenever they could which ended up being once a year.

“I have a question.” He said once they were settled in the living room, both with a dog begging next to them. She was getting ready to start the movie but he wanted to talk a bit first.

“Noahhh.” She whined. She knew if he asked and got her to start talking she’d cave. While normally she didn’t mind getting things off her chest she just wanted to push the season of hell behind her.

“What? Your season was hell. I know it. I just, I need to know you’re okay.” He said reaching across the couch and resting his hand onto hers.

“It’s over. And I’m thankful for that. I didn’t realize he hated me as much as he did. And I stood up for him. And now to think about it, I don’t even know if what I stuck up for was smart. I just, I felt horrible but I wanted it to be over.”

“I don’t blame you.”

“He’d get frustrated and get so angry. I’ve dealt with something like that before but never like this. I mean I feel like it comes with the territory. We get stuck and frustrated and anger comes out. But this was different.”

“Sharna, he never hurt you did he?” Noah said suddenly becoming very protective.

“Not physically. Emotionally…now that’s different.” She said pulling her hand away from his to catch a tear that was lingering in her eye.

“You know his words were lies.” He said shuffling closer.

“I know, I just, ugh, this is why I didn’t want to talk about this. I hate it. I know they weren’t but I can’t shake them from my head. The ignorance and rude things.” She said dropping her head into her hands as she tried to block out all of Bonner’s memories.

“I’m sorry Shar.” Noah’s voice said and suddenly it sounded like he was much closer than before. She picked her head up to look at him for a second. When she did, their eyes locked and he held his arm out to her. She hesitated just looking at him, not sure if she should give into that desire with him. He made the decision for her as He grabbed her in his arms and that’s all she ever needed.

“I’m sorry.” She said as she held tight to him as tears and frustrations of the season seemed to fall out of her. She hated that the little time she got with him was going to be taken over by this.

“Shush. I got you. You wanted relaxing and that’s what you’ll get. And if you want to talk more we can do that too.” He said tipping back onto the couch bringing her with him. He found the remote and pressed play on the movie, the sound of Disney filling the room.

“All those practices, when he would lose his cool and yell about his neck. All I could think about was you and how I wished you were back with me. And it was us all over again.” She murmured into him.

“Well for right now, it is. It’s us. For tonight anyways.” He said as he pressed his lips to her head. He felt her shudder once more and debated pausing the movie however she seemed to settle further into him and relax slightly. He let the movie continue as his fingers stroked her back gently, letting her relax and catch back up with herself as she put this previous season to rest.


**The end. I hope you love it! I definitely enjoyed the shortness. And it was all done on my phone so excuse any typos. I proofed twice but they always slip by.
***Thank you all for the prompts! You’re more than welcome to keep them coming! I’ll do them as I can and in times when I need short things to write.
****Let me know if you liked the story or not with your likes and words, they are my favorite! Love you guys!!!

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That photo lili posted on ig with cole and camila in caption she says good things to camila and something like "also Cole." I am %100 sure that she could have posted a photo of her and camila rather than Cole between them having one hand on her shoulder -as always- smiling happily af for a caption like this. But she didn't. SHE DIDN'T :))))) and also lets talk about how Cole seems like the happiest man on earth when he has one hand on lilis shoulder

Oh she did DEFINTITELY NOT need to post a picture of Cole whilst “missing” Cami. I just now noticed that the picture itself is a screenshot of a Snap from Camila? Like imagine the amount of selfies Lili and Camila have together? It is so so so amusing to me. And something I easily couldve done: 


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DRAKE POSTED AND DELETED THE PICTURE OF HIM AND NICKI where he captioned it " this that "I still need some satisfaction" HIS LINES FROM ICE MELLTS SIS I AM CRYING not only did he confirm ice melts was about nicki (WE BEEN KNEW) but my good sis still got his heart they're so perfect for each other yesterday was everything to a veteran dricki supporter like us

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Making him do that first denial and then bringing those fake significant others into their relationship, was a big mistake on her part, maybe that's the reason she looks so broken and sad lately, she was setting up her own trap by serving her man on a silver platter to certain famewhores. She made her own bed on this one. (Imo)

As you say that’s your opinion and I respect it. I see where you are coming from and how starting from a certain scenario then recent happenings make it look just as you said. If favour of this would be Cait’s mood change happening funnily enough around the EW red carpet. Also if you consider this theory, seeing Skipper’s character over the months…well I can’t see Cait being happy with the rainbow mocking tweet for example (but then she went and posted the belated one so…)

However my own opinion is different. I agree with you on Cait looking sad lately (and sorry but those denying this based on projecting and perception are missing the point of the message Cait is sending herself, no interpretation needed: look at her pictures, look at a graveyard, read the Van Gogh quote, read her friend’s caption about chicken soup for the soul (hello?!?!) but linking that to Sam or Outlander is a guess just as good as any other (again for me the red carpet the other day was a big deal so while I think it could be related somehow it may be in truth a mix of more factors).