i need a girl like this


I love how Albert has like, these two tough looking guys in perpetual sunglasses who drive him around and just kinda stand behind him menacingly while he snarks at people and while they are referred to as “his team” they’re never actually around when he works, so it’s safe to assume they’re there specifically to help him make a cooler entrance 

Do you ever think about how Anne Bronte’s first book was 2/3s a damning exposition of how governesses were treated by their employers, 1/3 a retelling of her own life where she got to start a school and the man she loved found her again next to her beloved ocean and they had children and grew old together as equals… instead of the school plans falling through and William dying while she was working away from home, not even knowing he was ill, and spending the rest of her life mourning him but never betraying by a single word to anybody how much she’d loved him, only bleeding out all that pain and gratitude into her books and poetry, and returning to the sea only once more in her life, when her sister took her there so she could die staring out into it.

And do you ever just 

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can you believe the wynonna earp twitter is wayhaught af and uses the "tm"? lmao i bet it's emily she's so funny

All of the wynonna gang on twitter are just so Iconic™?? idk what we did to deserve this but i am grateful

I need a fic where it’s comeback time and your bias doesn’t want to workout so they ask another member to help give them motivation, but the other member is totally into some kinky shit so instead of giving motivation, they tell the other member that they can enter into an agreement (master/slave) and if they don’t want to be punished, they’ll have to workout and eat right. 

On the unmotivated days, your bias gets up and follows through with eating right and exercising because a) they don’t want punishment b) they want a reward. But there are times when they can’t resist being lazy or going over the limit and the punishment isn’t cute spankings or cum denial. The punishment is whatever would truly punish your bias, like masturbating in front of the group or their managers. And so they do really well… until they don’t.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i like girls
who resemble the sun;
burning, brilliant,
blinding, if you look for too long.
the kind of light that lingers on your eyelids.

i like girls
who remind me of moonlight;
who have a way of lighting the dark spaces
in my mind on cold nights,
when dawn seems like a distant dream.

i like girls
who personify the ocean;
wild laughter and wide eyes, salt slick skin,
arms raised as they sway as one with the waves,
tide drunk and dizzy with the scent of the sea.

i like girls
who embody the earth;
who ground with a touch. who fight off lightning
and kiss like how rain tastes on your tongue
when you open your mouth to the sky.

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lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

flame decals!