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Ah funny it is valentine's soon i surpose i am you secret admirer for some time now though And not just because of your looks..Sweet sweet Atem

“Is that so? Yet you’ve been quiet all this time?” He then remembered that the other was right. Valentine’s Day was coming soon. “I certainly hope to see you soon then, my friend.”

Light Up the Night

Once again, Lucy’s fallen sick during the festivities of the guild… much to Natsu’s dismay. [NaLu]

“Are you crying?" 

"No,” Lucy rubbed at her burning eyes with the back of her hands. “It’s just allergies.” She sniffed, feeling downright miserable. 

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You know that amazing feeling you get when you come home after weeks of being away and everyone comes to greet you and cuddle you? It’s all good until they spot your boyfriend behind you and you fade into the background so you just go sit on the floor with your baby brother to play with him as he seems rather unimpressed.