i need a brotp name

Guys I think I need to tell you about Gilmore and Kima in the college AU because Gilmore and Kima are the best:

- Gilmore tries so fucking hard to pull off his canon persona. However, he is nineteen.
- Kima has 100% as much passion as she does in canon, only instead of channeling it into socially acceptable things like religion and fighting evil, she channels it into a college sketch comedy group.
- Gilmore is in Men’s Naked Shakespeare. He frequently fails to explain that it does not actually involve nudity.
- They are best friends and live on the same floor of the worst building on campus.
- This is Kima’s second year in the building and she is so salty about it. She did her time.
- While showing a horror film to first years, they put a somewhat ridiculous effort into creating Atmosphere, then ruined it because they couldn’t keep themselves from commenting on how unintentionally gay it was.

Alec and Clary

Ok guys, I have a question. Clary and Alec is my brotp and I seriously need to know, if the brotp name ship is clalec or fraywood, like I usually say clalec brotp or just clalec but it’s reminds clalec romance to some people, but I saw some post saying that fraywood is the name of the brotp ship. So do I use clalec or fraywood? Thanks.

I need a tag for Killua & Alluka being together (like a brotp name y’know, like when I tag Reno & Rude “Best Partners”) because I love reblogging them but I don’t feel like tagging them “Zoldyck Siblings” because of the obvious reasons I don’t want to have it any close to Illumi and the others

b u t I need a tag for them and I don’t know what o(-(

We have OTP for romantic ships

BrOTP for platonic/best friend ships

But why isn’t there a name for ships that are parent/child type relationships? Something that can describe two characters who are like a surrogate parent to a child like character and they love and care for each other like family even though there is no official relation between them? I adore ships like this and I need a name for them!

also, 3x02 will never not kill me

not just because of my darling sara

or felicity saying she was an amazonian warrior and invincible

or my poor baby laurel talking about that stuffed shark 


she’s like “you’d better not be using (my computer) to tweet”

and “oliver needs to see this. you need to show it to him”

seriously they are like actual mother and son and that works perfectly because oliver is like his father figure so together they are like his parents :D 

High school Au where Dean and Charlie are best friends. And one day Charlie gets yelled at for wearing a ‘revealing’ shirt (which she finds hilarious because hellooo lesbian) and Dean gets pretty pissed about it. Especially since it was a fandom shirt. So, the next day Dean comes in wearing just a muscle-t. 

No one says anything.

Then in the class that Charlie got in trouble she raises her hand. 

“yes charlie?”

“I’m sorry I can’t concentrate, Dean’s sexy shoulders are calling to me.”

They both get detention.  

It was totally worth it.

Changing Tides - Chapter 8

The Black Knights and The Jolly Roger

ff.net: current chapter - from the beginning

AO3:  current chapter - from the beginning

Tumblr: Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 

Hello everyone! I have a question for you: One of my beautiful reviewers suggested that Killian and Dopey need a brotp name. I’m not very good at that, so I thought I’d ask your opinions. What do you think? Hookey? Hokey? Dopey Pirate? Dopey Captain? Something else? I’m gonna take a poll, so please send me a message or leave a review and I’ll let everyone know what the winner is when I post the next chapter!

Thanks! Now, back to the story…

Emma brings her fingers to her swollen lips and stares at the closed door, her body still warm from their kisses, his spicy scent still lingering in the air.

She’s not exactly an expert in these matters, but she can definitely see why he’s earned the reputation he has. Her whole body feels wound tight, like a spring ready to vault her up to the stars.  Smiling to herself, she closes her eyes and runs her hands down her sides, remembering the way his hand had gripped at her hip, buried itself in her hair, the overwhelming urgency she’d felt to get closer, to feel that hand everywhere.

It had never been like that between them before. There had been times when their kisses had grown heated but nothing like the fire that had ignited in her veins tonight. It had never been so desperate and needy.  Where he’d made her head spin before, now he’s made her body burn.

She considers for a moment going after him, laying her heart at his feet and begging him to show her more of these incredible sensations but changes her mind, something about that look in his eye as he’d released her telling her she should wait. And besides, there’s no rush.  She’ll find him tomorrow. She won’t let him retreat again – not after this. If he tries to avoid her, she’ll follow him.  She’ll wear him down.  He can’t hide from her on this ship.  And now that she knows he wants her, she won't let him hide.

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