i need a break from the internet now lol

LOL I'm watching Lying Detective again

Like, with what we’ve seen now, with the “I love you” scene… think of all that came before, in the episode that aired right before this: they’re talking about romance so fucking much in these last scenes, and Sherlock is totally denying that’s his thing and John is telling him to go for it cuz it would complete him as a person…

And I’m supposed to think that him having a realization while saying “I love you” to Molly (a second unnecessary time) is somehow NOT about romance?

People denying the romance aspect 100% must be shipping something else specific and therefore cannot except the reality, which is SHERLOCK HAS ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR MOLLY. The internet is full of weird fucking people because every single human I’ve showed this series to in real life is completely convinced that he feels romantic feelings for her and that that was the entire point of that scene. Y'all are making me batty with all this denial of the presented facts.