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Dear Journal,

Hey it’s Teddy again. I didn’t feel like writing in here today. I needed to. We had a typical morning. Sirius reading the Daily Prophet, Remus reading a book and I, eating eggs and bacon with hunger. Regulus was still in upstairs but he was probably in the shower. The door bell rang and Sirius walked to the door, opening it slightly.

“Hi hum.. Does Teddy Lupin live here?” A girl’s voice asked.

“Oh.. Yes he does, who’s asking?” Sirius said, opening the door a bit wider.

“I’m Ella.. His sister.”

For a moment I couldn’t think clearly. I knew I was adopted but I would never think about it. My real parents were Remus and Sirius. I dropped my fork and looked at the girl. She was tall and had golden curly hair. Her lips were coated with a red lipstick and her face was full of freckles. I had to remember how to breathe for a moment. How could she be my sister? I would have known. The orphanage would have told my dads.

“You..You’re his real sister?” Sirius asked.

“Yes. Can I.. Can I please see him?” She said, tears in her eyes.

I stood up and she looked behind Sirius. When she saw me she gasped and colapsed on her knees. I didn’t know what to do so I walked up to her slowly bending to take her in my arms. She held me tightly.

“It’s really you.” She cried.

I didn’t say anything. I just held her. I didn’t know what to do. After a few seconds, Remus told her to come in. She quickly wipped her tears away and sat down, feeling like a burden.

“I’m so sorry to disturb you so early in the morning.. I just had to see him.” She said, smiling at me.

“It’s alright. We..We thought that Teddy only had a mother.” Sirius said, sitting down.

“We did once. I never knew her. It was one of her maid that took care of us, until she took us to the orphanage because she needed to escape the country. I was only a toddler when it happened. I was adopted days before Teddy and I never knew where he ended up. I wanted to see him. To make sure he was okay.” She said, looking at me.

“H-How did you know my name and where I was?” I asked her, already feeling like i was talking to a long lost friend.

“I went back to the orphanage and found my way into the system, trying to find our file. Oh Teddy when I found you I just wanted to cry of happiness. I didn’t want to arrive there and see you, still locked up without a family.. i took your adress and obliviated whomever saw me.” She said, looking down at her hands.

“Wait.. you’re a witch too?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She smiled. “I was addopted by this lovely french couple and got to attend Beauxbatons. When my parents told me we were moving back to London, I took the opportunity to do what I always wanted to. Find you.” She said.

At this moment I hugged her. She was like me. I had a sister.

“But.. I don’t remember you..” I said, looking down.

“You were only a newborn when we got seperated. Don’t blame yourself, you couldn’t know..” she said, her hand brushing on my cheek.

“Ella..” I whispered.

She nodded and hugged me again. It’s only now that I started crying. It was only silent tears running on my cheeks. My dads layed their hands on my shoulders and Remus spoke up.

“Are you okay Ted?” He asked.

“Yeah..” I said.

“We’re going to let you two talk okay? You have a lot to catch up on.” Sirius smiled, kissing my hairline before leaving to the library downstairs with Remus.

“Do you want to go to my room?” I asked.

“Sure.” She smiled.

When she walked in she smiled and spoke up.

“I knew you would like books. I use to tell you stories when we were at the orphanage. You couldn’t fall asleep without one.” She smiled.

“Yeah my dad gave me his passion. He owns the library downstairs, I could show you one day. I mean, if you’re going to stick around..”

“I will, only if you want me to.”

I nodded and she smiled, sitting on my bed.

“I can’t believe how you’ve grown up. I’m so glad you found a family Teddy.”

“Is your family nice to you?” I asked.

“Oh yes they are! They were quite suprised when they figured out I was a witch but they are so suportive and they love me a lot.” She said, her eyes shinning.

She looked around my room and couldn’t stop smiling.

“I’m sorry I didn’t look for you earlier Teddy..” she said, looking down once more.

“Hey.. It’s okay. I can understand.” I said, taking her hand.

“But tell me about you! What do you like? Did you go to Hogwarts? Tell me everything!” She said, excitingly.

So i told her everything. From being a metamorphmagus to having the cutest boyfriend ever. She was so wonderful. After what only felt like minutes, my dads came in, asking if we wanted to join them for lunch. It had been 3 hours of us talking.

“Yeah we want to learn about your sister!” Sirius said.

“That’s my dad, Sirius. He’s the one who likes motorbikes and black leather jackets! Pads, she actually likes the same bands you do!” I said, hoping they would get along.

“I feel like you and me are going to be friends.” He smirked.

“And this is my dad, Remus. The book lover, chocolate conoisseur and jumper collecter!” I laughed.

“And I’d love to learn more about you, Ella.” Dadda added.

We shared lunch together and she met Regulus. I couldn’t wait to tell James Sirius about my lost sister.

June 25th 2014

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Can u do andreil with Neil getting jealous??

This is probably not what you had in mind, but…. hehe. I hope you like it anyway :)

Send me aftg prompts! Andreil, Nicky/Erik, Kevin, the girls… everything but Riko and shitty AUs please <3



Neil has been running around in their apartment for ten minutes now and he’s slowly losing his patience. 

“Have you seen King?” 

Of course Andrew doesn’t answer because he’s in bed with a book, glasses sliding down his nose. Neil gave it to him and he is happy Andrew seems to like it, but right now, he needs an answer. 

“I’m almost late for his vet appointment! Damn it, King.”, he cusses, and stops in front of the bed, cat box in hand, the other hand on his hips. Andrew’s eyes slowly drag up from the book and he looks at Neil with his usual bored expression.

“Have you seen him?”, Neil repeats, but still doesn’t get a reply. “Andrew…” 

Right at that moment, something moves under the covers to Andrew’s side, and a little, muffled ‘mrow’ makes Neil let out a noise of relief. He grabs the corner of the covers and yanks, uncovering a dishevelled King and Andrew’s legs, which King has pressed himself to, probably in hope for protection from Neil and the vet. 

Neil puts the cat box down and needs a moment to take in the sight. Andrew has gone back to reading. 

“…did he cuddle up to you?!”, Neil asks after a moment, clearly in disbelief. 

Andrew grunts out a noise which Neil knows to interpret as yes. Neil lunges forward and a moment later, he’s got Kind in his hands. The cat meows unhappily but he’s too soft and nice to scratch (unlike Sir), and so he just settles to glare at his master when Neil holds him up. 

“King, I’m wounded. I’m trying to care for you and you go to Andrew for help. He doesn’t even like you.” Neil knows it’s not true, but it’s kind of everyone’s ongoing inside joke. 

King gives a little mewl, and then has the audacity to put a paw on Neil’s lips. Andrew’s snort at that hurts even more than the cat’s betrayal. 



Sorry, I just can’t see Neil as someone who gets jealous and I can’t see Andrew giving him a reason to. 

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Ahh, you saying the library house thing about the host makes me think of the Great Gatsby and now I can't help but think the host holds neighborhood get togethers for the rest of them, but never shows himself

And the host would have the money (like Gatsby had) from when he was the author

i actually really love this holy shit. great gatsby is one of my all time favorite books for some odd reason. but that would be really cool??? like he invites all the egos (jack’s included) and whoever else wants to come, but he’s nowhere to be seen at his parties? he just stays in his library during them 💛

I want so much. I want a life filled with good friends and fun times. Nights out with good music and maybe one too many drinks. I want to laugh until my cheeks hurt and “last night was so much fun” texts. I want people who care about me enough to turn to me when they need help or support, and return my calls when I seek the same. I want so so so much. I want busy days but still have enough time for self care. I want to spend Sundays in my favorite sweater with a warm cup of tea and nothing but the sound of rain filling up my room, making it feel like time stopped and I have all the time in the world to let my mind wonder. I want to read good books. Inspiring poetry that puts problems in perspective. I want both peace and chaos. I want to find mountains and climb them. I want happiness. Love. Laughter. I want to chase stories to tell when I’m old.

Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 813
Characters: Reader x Bucky (Full cast list can be found here however)
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: None
Author note: Okay so this is inspired by a game i’ve played and also by a few other things. I’ve chosen to not go all out with the first part, i want to see what people think, before I continue.

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Quick headcanon relating to the Ego Family thing with Wilford and Dark-- The Author could be their neighbor, and would babysit KTS and Yandere. They'd LOVE when he told them stories. Googe could be an IT repair guy, who woud ave to come over ofen since Wilford would often get frustrated with slow internet and such, so their system would get destroyed a lot. Thoughts??

ahh, i love it!! it’s almost like the egos have their own little neighborhood. i feel like host’s house would be a small, one story house, surrounded by trees for privacy, but has a gigantic library where he places all is books when he was the author.

google would definitely have that very clean and very modern looking house for him and the other googles to live too. bing’s probably his messy and carefree roommate who needs to start paying rent. 💚

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man i was just rereading trk in prep for re-working the final chapter of seventeen and i realised i don't know how to say gansey's name?? at all?? like is it 'gan-see' (like fancy) or 'gan-zee'? or 'gan-say'? i cant believe i read all four books and didnt parse this out l m a o

YEAH OKAY THAT’S. DAMN. my friends and i say ‘gan-zee’ but that?? might not be right? especially because like.. the virginian accents they all speak in?? i need to know how everyone pronounces gansey Right Now. everyone leave ur interpretation in the replies pls

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What's mind-boggling to me about GoT's adaptation of Euron is how well a more canon Euron would fit the show's model of escalating villainy. Like, after show!Ramsey dying after serving as the major Northern antagonist, and Cersei having basically peaked in how villainous and successful she can be at the end of last season, the best way to up the stakes and finally bring the mystical plot into the political would have some flavor of magic-wielding sadist like book!Euron

Budget, tone, etc…but yeah, overall, I agree. An apocalyptic mage-pirate is just the sort of character you need to put things over the top. For the record, from the rumors I’ve heard about where Season 7 is headed, I’m more and more convinced that the show gave Euron’s major plot contributions in TWOW to their Night King instead, and has no purpose for the Crow’s Eye beyond a left-field ally for Cersei. My heart is steel, and I know not tears.

While shopping this evening, I noticed a display of Guardians of the Galaxy-related merchandise, and started looking through it, as you do. One of the items was a junior novelization of Vol. 2, apparently aimed at fairly young children (early grade school/just reading chapter books age).

I ended up flipping through it out of curiosity, because I really needed to know how they managed a child-appropriate treatment of a movie in which 70-80% of the plot consists of what you might call extremely fucked-up shit.

I mean, what do you do with a movie that includes multiple instances of mass murder (including mass murder committed by Our Heroes), child trafficking, Stockholm Syndrome/grooming, a very young child being tortured, the aforementioned small child straight-up murdering his torturer, a cave full of the bones of thousands of murdered children, slavery, sororicide (attempted), patricide (with extreme prejudice), parents killing and abusing their kids … In terms of disturbing content, this movie skirts the edge of its PG-13 hard. So how do you take all of that and turn it into a book for second-graders?

The answer, my friends, is that you follow the plot with reasonable faithfulness right up to the point where the fucked-up shit starts happening, and then you veer off into total wtf-land, in a completely-missing-the-point-of-the-whole-movie kind of way.

It sticks pretty close to the general plot of the movie right up to the point where the Ravagers corner Rocket on Berhert. There are a few changes along the way that make sense for the ageset they’re aiming at, e.g. the brothel on Contraxia was changed to a bar, and they just skipped over the exact reason why the Ravagers kicked out Yondu. But in general it reads like a typical novelization until you get to the point where everything goes from zero to MASSIVELY FUCKED UP, i.e. right before the mutiny and Nebula shooting Yondu in the head, and, well …

What happens is, the book wraps up in about four pages. Ego’s ship drops out of the sky so Team Peter can rescue Rocket from Yondu, and Nebula shows up in an “I escaped so I could help you, and now we’re all friends” kind of way, and then everyone goes off to have galactic adventures with Ego. The end. 



Originally posted by sailormoonfavorites

So yeah. That was a creative choice that somebody got paid money to make. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for the actual book.

Another Ducktales (2017) PSA!

ComiXology is accepting pre-orders for Ducktales (2017) issue #0 digitally that’ll be coming out on July 19th. You can sign up for ComiXology by connecting your Amazon account to the site since it’s owned by the same people. 

This’ll be a ongoing series and I can’t wait because it’ll be one of the few series on Disney XD that’ll have a comic book series coming out at the same time as the TV show. If you would like to help support the series and you need something to tie you over until the release, PLEASE pre-order your digital copy of the issue or pick up the physical issue when it comes out on July 19th at your local comic book shop. 

Also, if you haven’t read my other post, Disney has officially put up the theme song on iTunes in it’s extended cut. So if you would like to jam out to the theme song you can now do that legally through iTunes

Show Disney that we’re really excited for this series!

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It makes me sad how loud those Clace shippers are about their disgust towards Jaia, did you see the responses on the Shadowhunters twitter with that Jaia gif kiss tweet? I so want Dom and Alisha to encourage the writers to go with where they see the chemistry and not go with Clace because they feel like they have to because of the books. Natural chemistry should count more than book canon? The actors ship It, the writers see their chemistry so lol.

anon please, i’ve seen it all. on instagram, facebook and twitter. it’s insane, i don’t get it? surely they know jace & maia aren’t going anywhere, their ship will rise, is there a need to resort to spewing racist bs like calling maia a dog. it’s never ever that deep. dom & alisha probably don’t know whats happening tbh, and its better that way. what you said about natural chemistry is exactly what i said on twitter and i ended up arguing w/ a clacey so! tragique all around 

Tagged by @zaera-d to list my current/future projects!

Summer Commissions Yup, my top summer project is working on them. It’s a great learning experience and thanks a ton guys for being supportive and…. super patient….. 8DD

Suit Porn au with @longstoryshortikilledhim / The salt and light of my life  apparently <3 Johanna and I have talked a lot about what will come in the future and I’m just so excite!!

Your Name au with @creepycreepyspacewizard / Vee and I have talked about doing another collab this year, and it’ll be Your Name this time!! I need some sweet, time-travelling Benarmie in my life so <3

Kylo’s Moving Castle What I want to see more - some moments involving Hux and Kylo bickering over small things, or Hux realizing he’s falling in love with Kylo (and not liking it)…..

And in the second book Sophie is pregnant with Howl’s baby but she gets cursed (again, what a life) and turns into a cat and gives birth to a healthy kitty. In the end both mom and baby return to human forms but yeah that’s some concept I like a lot. So headcanon accepted \o/ … Like imagine Kylo holding his dear family in his arms… who are… cats….

I might have omitted one or two I should mention here but uhm, that’s about it. And I’m tagging @longstoryshortikilledhim, @brawlite, @jeusus, @kawaiilo-ren @creepycreepyspacewizard if you guys’re inclined~~~

hiii, here I am, again, on my own blog.

I don’t talk about this a whole lot but I like snail mail, pen pals, all that jazz and I’m looking for someone who does as well? 

a few things abt me:

  • I like to write, it’s fucking bomb
  • mythology is everything (especially Greek because I am a cliche and I need to explore other mythologies because it’s all awesome).
  • I like art, puns, pastels, some books and complaining about YA lit.
  • once I get my shit together I’ll send you lots of pictures.
  • I have a whole collection of photographs dedicated to marble butts I know you want to see that shit.
  • my cat is the cutest.
  • I will provide proof in my letters.
  • I have time to make things pretty now because I have a gap year…yaaay (I am unhappy abt that, I can tell you why in a letter ;) )
  • water makes me anxious
  • I like interpunction
  • sometimes, on a very rare occasion I’m a human shitpost
  • otherwise I’m pretty fucking normal

what I’m looking for kinda sorta yeah (not strict on most of these, except for the first one)

  • be fun, don’t be a bigot or something like that, I don’t enjoy that, bye.
  • be somewhere between like 16 and 20?? (I want there to be some sort of connection idk, this is in no way hate to people who are younger or older than that if you’re cool I’ll probs make an exception idk we’ll see, I’m not super duper strict on that.)
  • so bcs of money reasons I’d prefer it if you were from Europe, or north America, sending letters is expensive and I’m a broke (ex) high school student so…pls
  • I’M NOT STRICT ON ANY OF THESE!!! (besides the first one lol) now you can ask yourself, why put them in your post?? I put them in because these are things I would prefer, but if you happen to be a dope person who lives on the other side of the world then it’s cool too, idk, I just want us both to save money and shit aaaaah.
  • also if you live in Europe and we become close/besties af we could potentially meet, that’s always fun (depending on where you live because Europe is actually not that small, I mean it’s small compared to other continents but still…Europe ain’t tiny).

Anyway if you’re interested in all of this (if you’re still reading this bcs I made a long ass post, sorryyyy) then hmu.

studyblr: amsterdamstudies
main: vanduiven
aesthetic: chovanstsjina 

(I’m giving you options, you contact me on whichever tumblr you like lol).

Strawberry gazpacho for a hot day

External image

Keep fingers crossed for Thursday! I am secretly counting on it and officially not caring. I got ukulele, songs by Jonny Cash to learn on the road, new Wow Wow for Mia (she thinks it’s the old one which she already lost twice), books prepared. I have a notebook with recipes for the road and it looks like the next 4 months of my life could already begin. So hopefully this time we’ll get our registration places and will hit the road. If not, there will be some yawning and crying, possibly cursing over here.

For now I work like crazy, trying to do as much as possible before the trip and I try to entertain Mia. Or myself, as I need distractions. She’s been to a polish seaside quite a few times (Wisełka is only 2,5h away from Berlin and it’s awesome), strawberry picking adventure, strawberry adventure park, many crazy playgrounds, few lakes and she’s ready to drive hours before we reach Portugal. At least I hope that we won’t stop each 30 minutes.

Hot days are coming and we should all try to take advantage of them. Did you always want do have a breakfast or picnic over a lake? Just do it this year! You can take this strawberry gazpacho with you, it is a delicious solution, easy and fast. Prepare it the night before and just grab in the morning. Easy.

External image

External image

You will need for 2:

  • 250g strawberries
  • ½ medium size tomato
  • ¼ cucumber
  • ¼ red pepper
  • ½ garlic clove
  • ¼ tsp thyme
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • ¼ cup vegetable broth, cold

I could describe the whole process step after step, but all you need to do is place all the ingredients in a blender and blend it well.

Place your strawberry gazpacho in a fridge for a couple of hours, as it’s amazing super cold.

Serve with sliced strawberries on top.

Enjoy, Marta

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External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

yourgiantpinkspacewife  asked:

If I may be so presumptuous to ask, what exactly are the problems you see in Dresden Files?

Sexism. Pretty much just a lot of sexism. Some of it I can excuse because that’s the genre, and Harry does get called out on his chauvanism periodically, but…I can only excuse it as part of the genre if it’s being subverted, or maybe made fun of a little, and it’s not. And Harry periodically being called out for, like, trying to protect women who don’t need it, doesn’t make up for

  • the constant sexualization of Molly, even though - hell, particularly because - every time it comes up, the narration is like, “I can’t think of her Like That because I remember her in diapers, but [description of Molly scantily clad with a model figure, etc.]”
  • I want to ship Thomas and Justine, I truly do, there’s a way that it’s really sweet and periodically even badass - and, you know, 1000% Fucked Up. I’ll take sex vampires as a trope of the Hardboiled Urban Fantasy genre, that’s fine - I particularly enjoyed the scene where Lara tore out Melanie’s organs and it was utterly horrifying despite still being incredibly erotic, and the narration balanced them well to great effect. But, dude. Justine was not there of her own free will for a long time. Just because Thomas “fell in love with her”, and Justine “fell in love with him” does not make that okay, nor, um, should that romance have happened at all. Thomas falling in love with what he thinks this girl is like - heck, what she truly is, kind, caring, brave, etc. except that oh by the way he’s lowkey mind-controlling her? Fine. Great. Typical, and potentially fun to watch as a Fucked Up thing. That never being acknowledged as Fucked Up, and in fact it works out perfectly for him? NO.
  • the Actual Nonsensical Bullshit of Hannah Ascher’s “death”, which I put in quote marks because I want to give Butcher the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s not actually dead. Because otherwise, he spent literally an entire book describing how she truly loves and understands fire, in a way possibly no other magic-user does, only for Harry to be like, “Ascher’s mistake was that she only knew magic, whereas I [a male, truly knowledgable and invested in my craft] understand Physics…so I tricked her into collapsing the roof with heat.”
    • I’m not saying that’s not an incredibly Harry Dresden thing to do - he really is invested in both the physical and arcane aspect of magic; it’s well-established and I appreciate the heck out of it. And that was a very clever trick, and just the sort of thing he’d pull. But it should not have worked on Hannah Ascher.
  • in general, Butcher has about three female types he’s comfortable writing. The Ingenue - innocent, naive, sexual but chaste, enamored of the male protagonist (Molly, Justine, Susan at first, Lash as she learned humanity.) The Mother - non-violent, support class, caring, non-sexual (Charity, Susan later, Isana from Codex Alera). And The Femme Fatale - powerful, deceptive, evil, sexual and acts on it (Mab, Lea, Lash at first, Lara, Bianca, Mavra, probably Elaine, Invidia from CA…) Only the Hero’s Romantic Interest is allowed to be neither innocent nor evil nor a mother (Karrin, CA’s Kitai) but even then she’s inevitably a step behind the protagonist in savviness and day-saving, and not just because he’s the protagonist. Or, kind of because he’s hte protagonist, but it…wears thin, you know? And it’s not like the have sex any time early in the series, so she’s still an Ingenue that way - note that Karrin’s been taken out of her regular combat role simultaneous with her and Harry actually consumating their romance. 
    • yes, there are women who don’t fit these tropes. Gard is pure muscle. Ivy is a girl - though she fills pretty much every other aspect of the Ingenue trope, and I painfully anticipate the inevitable timeskip that puts her post-puberty so Harry notices her equally inevitable new curves. Luccio bounced around - but she was, you know, being used to get to Harry via romance, so…femme fatale just without the agency…
  • also, sometimes he’s just a little too pleased with his own cleverness. Jim. Jim. Harry didn’t need to explicitly, in-narration remember to Uriel that scene where he was wishing for a Knight to come fight Cassius and Butters showed up. First off, that’s called foreshadowing, and you’re supposed to let it lie for clever readers to catch. Second, we all caught it. You didn’t need to draw attention. We’ve all been theorizing about this shit for the whole damn series. Third, unlike the fans, Harry is generally shit at remembering details like that, so it was genuinely out-of-character.

All that said, I do LOVE all the theorizing, and the characters are generally fun, with perhaps a mental filter to ignore some glaring failures and trends. The narration is snappy, the plot twists are solid and exciting, and the elaborate web of supernatural politics and secrets yet to be uncovered keeps me coming back for more. I fully intend to keep reading them, perhaps even do some rereading someday. I just…also fully intend to keep to my habit for the last few books, of not paying a cent for them. They’re fun, but I’m not sure how much I want to encourage all this.