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Static Quake Forever Alive: One of us AU

Daisy blames herself for Lincoln’s death. What she doesn’t know is that Coulson had backup plan and sent Hunter and Bobbi to save Lincoln…


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Gloatfest 2k15

Warning: The following post is not very nice–but considering what I and the OUAT fandom in general have had to put up with from a certain fringe element of Hook stans/Rumple haters, I feel the need to indulge. Please scroll along past if you don’t feel like being a catty bitch. 

To be fair, I haven’t watched last night’s ep and am unlikely to do so, but from what I am told or understand from what I’ve read, basically a major defense the CY bonnacon brigade made for Hook is kaput, their theories of glory were wrong, and 90% of the baseless accusations they made about Rumbelle are now CANON for CY. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

  • “Killybunny Cuddlekins neverest killed anyone except those two guards to Belle’s cell!”

He not only killed at least three people as a pirate, but kept trophies of the murders. (And the fact that he killed anyone in his pirating implies that there may have been more.) This puts his murder/attempted murder count above Rumple’s, I believe (three+ piracy victims, two guards, Rufio [?], Cora, Team Princess, Belle x4, Blackbeard and thus Eric, Ursula, and of course his complicity in Cora’s massacre of the village).


  • “Ewww, gross, sick–Rumple kept Killy’s hand as a trophy.”

We already knew that Killy kept Ursula’s voice for a trophy, but just in case people thought that was for future magical use: no, he keeps ACTUAL nonmagical murder trinkets, and wears them ALL THE TIME like a necklace of ears.

  • “Killy’s name on Excalibur means he’s the rightful king of Camelot and CY are destined twu wuv through the ages!”


  • “Rumple is so manipulative of Belle!”

Killy literally attempted suicide to get Emma’s attention. I don’t mean to treat this as a joke, because it is the most unhealthy and downright dangerous thing that Once has ever romanticized–and the competition for that is fierce. 

  • “Rumple took Belle’s agency in the AU!”

Emma deliberately turned Killy into the thing he hates most.

  • “Rumple accepted the DO darkness for selfish reasons!”

Rumple accepted the darkness for the very same reason Emma did: to save the life of his loved one. And Emma did it the minute her boo was threatened, just as Rumple did for Bae. Emma’s “resistance” wasn’t just because she was so strong but because she had no motive to embrace the DO. (Which, by the way, was my point quite a while back.) The only difference between Rumple and Emma is that Rumple didn’t magically steal Bae’s agency.

  • “Killy is such a changed and reformed man, not for Emma, but because he regrets his past!”

So changed and reformed that neither he nor anyone else even NOTICED when he became the Dark One.


  • “Robert Carlyle is a mediocre B-list actor!”

The movie Robert starred in (and directed) is the best Scottish film of the year.

Double bonus:

I defy anyone with the slightest understanding of drama to tell me now that the climax of this story was not originally intended to be Rumple fighting the DO in his son’s body. (With the corollary that yes, Swanfire was Emma’s planned endgame–unless Kitsowitz were smart enough to realize that a betrayal like that should end a couple forever, and they’re not.)


If I’m wrong about any of these, please let me know–and if you have any gloats of your own, please chime in. :-)