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Prompt: Dirk wearing a dress

“Of course, you would choose yellow,” were the first words out of Todd’s mouth when he saw the dress. This reaction was really a testament to how much time he had spent with Dirk, enough that the dress itself wasn’t that much of a shock.

“Oh! Todd, I’m so glad you’re here, can you zip me up?” Dirk said, turning around. Todd glanced over at Farah – who was straightening the cuffs of her tuxedo, an outfit she had evidently been able to put on without any extra assistance – and she just shrugged at him, so he sighed before stepping over to zip up the dress.

“Do I even want to know why?” he asked, eyeing a particularly ridiculous looking blonde wig that sat on the coffee table but was obviously destined for Dirk’s head.

“No,” said Farah, just as Dirk opened his mouth (no doubt to say the opposite). “Dirk, you need to put on some makeup. If we’re doing this, we’re not taking any risks by half-assing it, okay?” she continued firmly.

“Drag convention, very important to the case,” Dirk explained in a stage whisper once Farah had turned her back, though nobody in the room was under the impression that she couldn’t hear him. Alarm bells were beginning to ring in Todd’s head.

“Right. Well, good luck, I think I have plans to see Amanda so-“ Todd was cut off.

“Nice try. Your outfit’s in the bathroom,” Farah interjected, sounding very much like somebody who wouldn’t have their mission put in jeopardy by anything so silly as Todd not wanting to put on a dress. Dirk was grinning, and Todd was regretting the fact that Farah took her job at this ridiculous detective agency so very seriously.

He regretted it less when, three hours later, Farah was hauling them both out of a gun-fight as Dirk chattered excitedly about all the progress they’d made. Allowing Dirk to snap a photo of them all at the convention, though, Todd would regret forever.


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I'm all in for #nowig. Wouldn't mind a blonde Scully at all. But I just remembered that Gillian talked about looking forward to become red in 2015 - but she had issues because of needing to return to blonde afterwards due to The Fall and that could have killed her hair. No THE FALL this time, so maybe we'll get a red haired Scully without wig 😁

I’m all for no wig too, and I’m actually all for blond Scully because I don’t think Gillian’s dedication to The X-Files will go to the point of going red again for real. I’m sure American Gods will prove that good looking wigs are possible, though. So 🤞

The Right Place

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 802


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Hey lovely. Can I request a Tony Stark x Reader where the reader has a buzzcut and she has never thought of she was pretty and then people judge her about her hair and such and she just feels down about herself and tony finds out and is determined to prove to her just how beautiful she is. It’s hard having a buzzcut in the fanfic world, never seen a story with one, id love you so much if you did this 😘 ps love your writing, your an angel

A/N: A lot happened since this request came in so this took me a lot longer to finish than I ever wanted. I just wanted it to live up to your expectations, and I can only hope I accomplished that.

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You gasp when you hear a knock at your bedroom door but sigh in relief when you remember that the door is locked.

“Are you ready?” Natasha calls through the door, “We’re going to be late.”

“I’m going to need a few more minutes. You guys go on without me.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. I’ll catch up in a bit.”

“Well… okay.”

Though she seems hesitant, you eventually hear Natasha’s footsteps grow further from the door.

You meet your own gaze in the mirror, reaching to grab something to your right. You close your eyes as you settle the long blonde wig on your head. You brush it through a few times before grabbing your things and trying to ignore the anxiety that’s settling over you.

It wasn’t always your choice to keep your hair so short, but you’d gotten used to it. At least, you thought you had. Insecurity crept its way into your head and heart as you established your career path. You’d heard the comments, the whispers. This was your hail Mary, your chance to feel normal, to feel beautiful, for just one night.

As you walk into the party, you can feel the eyes on you. A lot of people smile. A waiter stops to offer you a glass of champagne. You spot the others where they’ve convened on the other side of the room. As you approach them, they expressions go from confused to a mix of concern and acceptance. No one says anything; the hair remains the elephant in the room.

After a while, it almost seems like everyone has forgotten about it. That is, until a drink arrives at your table that you didn’t order.

“It’s from the gentleman at the bar.”

You look to the bar to see some dark-haired guy you don’t recognize raising a glass to you. You accept the drink with half a smile and turn back to the others.

“Hey.” Tony says, draping his arm over the back of the couch behind you, “How ‘bout a dance?”

You smile, “Sure.”

You set the drink on the table as Tony rises to his feet. He offers you his hand, which you happily accept. He leads you out to the dance floor. He pulls you close, one hand at the small of your back, the other wrapped around yours.

It’s a comfortable silence, but he’s the one to break it.

“I don’t get it.”

“Get what?”

“The hair.”

You shrug, avoiding his eyes, “It’s just something different.” You look back at him, “Do you not like it?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just not you.”

You stifle the urge to roll your eyes, but you can hide the disdain in your voice. “No one ever looked at me twice before tonight, and that’s if they noticed me at all.”

You nearly drop your gaze, but he takes your chin in his hand, keeping your eyes up, “I’ve always noticed you,” He touches the ends of the blonde hair that rests over your shoulder, “but this is not you.”

When you don’t respond, he smiles, taking your hands in his.

“Come with me.”


“Just come with me.”

You let him lead you away from the party and into the elevator. After the short trip to his penthouse, you find yourself standing barefoot in front of a floor length mirror in his bedroom. He stands behind you, his hands on your hips. The longer you stare at your reflection, the more you begin to understand what Tony’s been saying all along.

“That’s not me.” You whisper.

You slide your hand under the edge of the wig, sliding it back and off your head. His arms move to tighten around your waist. He rests his chin on your shoulder and smiles.

“There’s the girl I know and love.”

You smile, too, leaning into him.

“Thank you, Tony.”

“For what?”

“For seeing me when I thought no one else did.”

That’s when it hits you, his words from moments before playing back in your head.

You turn in his arms, gripping the lapels of his jacket. “You said love?”

“I did.”

“But what does that mean?”

“It means I love you, like I’m in love with you.”

You already have him by his coat so you take the advantage and pull him in, landing a kiss against his lips that seems to catch him off guard. You pull back, your laughter just breaths between you.

“Is that your way of saying you love me too?”

“Something like that.”

“I guess I’ll take what I can get.”

He keeps one arm around your waist while his other hand cups your cheek. He brings your lips back to his, and in his kiss, in his embrace, you find all those feelings you’d been searching for.



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Tangled Rapunzel Wig Tutorial by nocturnalbloom

Hello bunnies, this is my rapunzel wig I just finished for Anime Revolution 2015 in Vancouver. No photoshoot pics yet because the con is August 14-16. The wig is 150 cm and does not weigh too much! I saw these on etsy selling for like 300$??? I think in total this costed me like 75$. Not gonna lie though, this wig made me cry once, I hate tangly wigs ToT. Thinking about adding battery operated lights? I looked up a ton of tutorials but i ended up doing it a bit differently. Anywho here’s how I did this, i’m sorry I’m terrible at explaining things:

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lari, is junmyeon's hair a wig?

i dont see why he’d choose to wear a wig to go to a wedding and a variety show the next day lol
the only way i see that happening is he in fact had dyed it blond, but it still looks bad so he chose to wear a wig on top of it (i dont see why he’d wear a blond wig on top of his normal brown hair lol??? OR choose to wear a wig when he’s not on set of his movie?) either way he NEEDS to be blond for his movie role so. if it’s a wig i think he’d only wear it if his hair looks like poop underneath. i do think he dyed it though, either way

Voldie's Isabelle/Shizue wig tutorial

Hey guys, so I decided to go as Shizue from Animal Crossing:New Leaf for Halloween this year, and I took photos of the process of me making the wig. Of course, this whole process would have been easier if I had time/money to get a yellow base wig with blonde bang clips, but what can ya do? Anyways, the supplies I used for this are:

First thing’s first, I dyed the base wig to be a more vibrant yellow. If you’d like a tutorial on how to dye a wig, I posted one here

Alrighty, time for some surgery! It’s important to (kinda) know the anatomy of the wig you’re cutting. I started by cutting the lace cap off of the blonde wig. The lace cap contains the bangs, as well as the hair on the crown of the head. It usually has a skin cap as well, which is the centre circle of the lace cap. In the photo below, you can see how I cut the lace cap off of the rest of the wig. The lines running parallel along the wig are the wefts, and cutting these is usually messy (though you have to for this tutorial)

After removing the lace cap, I put the other bits aside. They’re not needed for this wig, but it might be good to keep them in case you ever need platinum blonde wefts in the future! Then I trimmed down the lace cap so it was just the bang part of the wig. I cut just above the centre of the skin cap, because all those hairs are facing forward or to the side, and everything I cut off faces backwards. 

This is the final product for the bangs

Then, after waiting forever for my base wig to dry, I cut the bang section of that wig off. Make sure to keep the bang section as well, because it’s needed later in this tutorial. 

Next I puzzle pieced the bangs to the base wig and sewed them together. Except I forgot to take photos of the process, so here are so photos courtesy of God Save the Queen Fashions! (Note that in these photos, the entire lace cap is being replaced on the wig, but it’s the same idea)

Now that you’ve got a nice, two toned wig, you’re going to want to add in Isabelle’s bun. This is where the yellow bangs come in. I sectioned it off into 3 parts, and used the middle because it was the thickest. Don’t forget to avoid cutting the wefts when sectioning it off

Next I folded the wefts into 3 to make a thick weft that’s about an inch thick. 

I folded the weft in half to give it a bun look. Then I sewed fabric over the ends to keep it all together. It’s important to sew over a few times, and to use a very short stitch, otherwise the hairs will come loose.

I found the spot where I wanted the bun to sit, which is right behind the skin cap. I cut a little hole in the netting between two wefts, just wide enough for me to shove the bun top through.

Then I shoved the bun weft through, and sewed the end of the weft (the fabric part) down to the inside of the wig as shown in the photo. I sewed it down behind the bun, so the bun will flop forward easier, otherwise it would have drooped so far back that it wouldn’t be perky and visible. 

Here’s a photo of the final product (excuse the instagram filter)

I hope this tutorial comes in handy. I’ve used the same techniques for other characters, including Shirahoshi from One Piece (the bun tutorial), and a rogue wig commission. Please feel free to send me any questions, or photos of your finished products! 

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Sorry if I sound whiney. But what's so good about using ardaswigs? I've seen you been using them and I recently had an incident where someone said I wasn't a good cosplayer because I didn't use their wigs in a cosplay.

I actually really like my wig i’m using. Its beautiful and really long, I don’t think arda has anything similar to it. If anything I would have to style a wig I would get from there and this wig was already styled since it was made for the cosplay.

Hey there Anon! So sorry you have to deal with someone like this. They are clearly being an elitist for the sake of being an elitist, because they don’t seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to wigs. I’m personally a fan of Arda, and their wigs are good for my uses, but they aren’t the end-all-be-all of cosplay wigs, and are actually bad for many uses.

Going to leave aside a lot of the cosplay positivity “what makes a good cosplay is if you have fun!” stuff for now. Yes, that’s true, but what I’m going to be talking about is quality. This isn’t an objective standard by any means, but there is some degree of objectivity to it, since this is what you can be judged on in contests, etc.

Basically, quality-wise, what makes a good wig is if it works for what you need it for. There are many factors that go into this – 99% of quality wigs will have dense wefts, generally smooth-laying fibers (as opposed to a frizzy Party City type wig), good color (color blends look more natural even for bright colors, neon does not), etc. etc. However, a lot of that is based on subjective standards – does it work for this character? If I need to style it, can it take the styling that I need it to? If It’s a basic style (say, long and straight with bangs), does it come in that style and look good? Does it tangle a lot? etc. etc.

I’ve worked with “good wigs” all the way from $8 Ebay and Taobao wigs left generally unstyled to heavily-styled $80 Arda long lacefronts. While the brand of the wig will determine many properties of the wig, and some wigs are inherently “higher quality” than others (many of the US-based cosplay wig companies, like Arda, Epic Cosplay, The Five Wits, etc., will have better fiber types, denser fiber, better colors, etc. than no-name Chinese Ebay seller #9347395), that doesn’t mean that a cosplay using one of these wigs is inherently better than a cosplay using a wig from another company. Look at my cosplays for example – my Roxy cosplay is gorgeous. That wig probably cost me under $10 on Taobao. It’s not the highest quality wig in the world, and it doesn’t like to keep my styling in place, but the fibers are smooth, the color is nice, no wig tracks show, etc. It’s a good wig. It looks good, and it works in the application I have it in. Would the cosplay be somehow magically better if I had an Arda wig? It might be a marginal improvement, but not really.

I have a feeling that this person thinks this way because Arda is used by a lot of good cosplayers (and their wigs are more expensive than your average Ebay wig), therefore, Arda wigs = good wigs, and the only good wigs. It’s a brand loyalty based not on the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, but based on the name of the brand itself and the false sense of prestige that comes with it. Here’s a pro tip: There’s no prestige with different wig brands. Really. No one worth your time cares. It’s what is done with the wig that matters.

Pre-styled wigs are actually a really great resource. If you’re cosplaying a popular character and companies make the pre-styled wig and you don’t have the time, money, expertise, or desire to make the wig yourself? Go for it. You may have to do a little touch up on the styling once it arrives, but that’s not a huge deal. Sometimes these mass-produced pre-styled wigs can go for the same amount or cheaper than buying the raw materials from a company like Arda, and if you’re happy with the wig, it really doesn’t matter if you styled it yourself or not (barring competition or your own personal satisfaction).

Here’s the reason why this person clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about: besides not caring that a good wig is what makes a good wig for that costume, they clearly don’t know that /Arda isn’t good for everything/. (Or they are purposefully trolling you, in which case, block them and move on with your life. :])
Arda is good for many things. I’ll run through them here. But Arda is also not the best choice in many circumstances. I’ll also run through those reasons.

I’ve been buying a lot from Arda recently, yes. It’s because their wigs work for what I need them for, and because I like their product despite many of their shortcomings, or because there isn’t another option out there that I know I’ll be satisfied with.

The good:

  • Arda wigs are great for styling, especially heavy styling. Their fibers are a bit rougher than those from most companies, so they have more “grip” and do excellently with spiking, updos, and the like. They also make wigs that are specifically meant for heavy styling, such as wigs with the wefts sewn in backwards for spiking straight up, or wigs with the wefts already sewn for pigtails, etc. If you are doing heavy styling, this is the wig company you want. Their wigs are also entirely heat resistant, which is great for styling. They have pretty densely-packed fibers, as well, unlike a lot of cheaper wigs that have a row of short wefts for artificial volume and then a row of longer wefts, since this saves on costs. My last few wigs have had heavy styling – Pearl had that big foamcore point (I got a wig meant for updos so that the wefts on the underside would already be going in the right direction), Juri has those massive curls (and a lacefront), Angela is going to have spiking up top (and I know that the Jareth Long is already cut in the layers I need), etc.
  • Arda has good color blends. Even their unnatural colors are made of fibers of different shades instead of having them all in a single shade, or only having a couple of colors blended together. 
  • Arda has a wide selection of styles and colors. They are set up differently from a lot of China-based wig companies, who will make a few base wigs in many colors and then a lot of specialized wigs for whatever characters are popular. Instead, they have a wide range of base wigs and a wide range of color options, and while every wig doesn’t come in every color, there’s a huge selection. They also have a pretty good selection of lacefronts in various unnatural colors, which is unusual to find, since these are mostly worn for fashion purposes and come in natural colors (typically darker natural colors, since a lot of black women wear them and that’s what’s most popular with that demographic).
  • You can know almost exactly what you are getting with Arda. They have extensive customer galleries, as well as shop-made wig information sheets, so it’s easy to see exactly what features a wig has (skin tops, layers, etc.) and how it looks worn. If you still aren’t sure on a color, you can buy sample fiber for fairly cheap so you can see it in person. Sample fiber is also great if you plan on dyeing a wig (as I often do), since you can buy a whole bunch (they’re 25 cents each so it doesn’t break the bank to buy 10 of them to test on) and test your dyebath or experiment with colors without ruining your actual wig. They also sell wefts and extensions in all of their colors, so you can be sure that you can get wefts that match your wig perfectly.
  • For example: my second Julia wig was from Arda because I knew that I could test the color with samples beforehand. My first wig was from Taobao, and while it was a lovely wig in all other respects, it turns /bright yellow/ in sunlight, which is something you can’t know easily from stock images. So I went to Arda, bought some blonde samples, and tested them in varying lights. This is also why I got my Utena wig from there, since I wanted a very specific type of pink (we’ll see when it gets here!). My second Samus wig is also from there because it was the /only/ wig shop I could find with a long, layered wig in a decent looking shade of green. 
  • Their customer service and community engagement are awesome. Prompt email replies, runs a tumblr blog, has all sorts of tutorials (you don’t need to buy from them to use those though ;]), puts out wig suggestions for currently-popular series, etc.

The neutral:

  • Their wigs are fairly matte. I like it, others don’t, so this is down to personal preference.
  • They have large wig caps. A lot of people with larger heads or a lot of hair swear by Arda for this reason. I have a tiny head and practically no hair, so this is a drawback for me.

  • Some wigs have crimped fiber at the base. Not all. Some. This adds volume, but can make styling harder or make some wigs look frizzier than they actually are. I’ve never had an issue with it, but it’s something I’ve heard others complain about.

The bad:

  • Do you remember the “grippy” fibers good for styling? Great for styling, TERRIBLE for tangling. You have a long wig, Classic fiber, untreated? Those grippy fibers will latch onto each other and create a rat’s nest. It’s not inevitable, but it happens a lot more often than with wigs that have smoother fibers. This is the single largest drawback of Arda. If you need a long wig, unless it’s a very specific color or style, I’d say to stay away just for this. (For the record: I have two medium-length wigs from them that are both fine, since I treated them with silicone, and one long wig, which is also fine, since it’s in highly structured curls that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.)
  • They don’t seem to keep up with color or style trends, especially when it comes to popular moebait type anime. So many characters with hair is varying shades of milk tea, and no such option at Arda. They don’t have a lot of soft-looking pastels in general.

  • Speaking of colors, their wigs in natural colors don’t look as natural as wigs from some other companies. While their color blends are generally great, especially for unnatural colors, a lot of people complain about their lack of natural-looking natural color options (though they still have a wide variety of options), especially in blondes. If you need a natural-colored wig without a lot of styling, there are far better places to go.

  • They are more expensive than many other wigs (though on par with other US-based cosplay-specific wig companies, like Epic Cosplay or The Five Wits). If you don’t need any of the positive properties of an Arda wig, or if the negatives are a dealbreaker, it’s better to either go to another company for the same price or save some money and go elsewhere.

Overall, Arda can be really good, depending on what you need. Since they tend to make wigs for styling, they also tend to not be a good place to go if you are planning on using the wig out of the bag with just a bang trim or other minimal styling. For those wigs, you can get a wig from practically anywhere as long as the fiber is smooth and not overly shiny, and the color is right, and the wig tracks don’t show, which is really the bare minimum you want in any wig. And if you want a wig that you don’t have to touch, pre-styled (or commissioning a stylist if you have the money) is the way to go. If you want a higher-quality wig that won’t tangle as much (smoother fiber) or has a different color or style selection, but doesn’t take as heavy of styling,  Epic Cosplay tends to be the go-to US-based seller there.

But even with all this talk of wig quality, I’ll say it again: a good wig is a wig that works for your needs. Are you happy with how it looks with your costume? Does it feel right on your head (not too tight or itchy)? Can it be styled how you need? Do you like it? If yes, it’s a good wig, regardless of brand or anything else. Don’t listen to the haters.

The magical wig part

Okay so here it goes basically. Note: this is just how I did it for this particular wig style. There are certainly other ways to do this.

Glue down a row of hair where you want the part to be and fold it over, like so:

(nice comb over bro. don’t mind that little bit)

Now you might want to do a double thickness row of hair for this, as in glue a row then another right on top of the same row. I didn’t for this side and am kinda sad. Then secure that down with a rubber band to keep it separate from what you’re about to do next.

Glue a row going the opposite(or same I guess since it’s folded over) direction of the one you just did. Basically like little waves of hair crashing in to each other. Like this:

Beautiful. Here’s where the rubber band comes in handy.

Grab that sucker and fold it back on itself like the other one.

You can leave it like this, just heat press the hair down smooth or run hot water over it(not necessarily recommended with glue wigs), yadda yadda you get it.

Or if you hate yourself as much as I do you can painstakingly criss-cross the two sides together, basically unfolding them a couple strands at a time, alternating each side. You’ll end up with something like this:

Which I think looks a bit more natural. See?

BEAUTIFUL. The front part wasn’t criss crossed, I might have fucked up and need to redo that part. However, the rest of it is awesome. I like to do the part before finishing the rest of the rows so I can tuck the last row right up under the part which is where the double thickness helps to cover up that bit of glue.

kleincrew - Hope this helped! If there’s anything else I can show you just let me know I’d be glad to take pictures. Also the hair is a sandy brown/dirty blonde color, not quite red enough to be ginger. That would be an awesome color to have though. ;D 

So uh … @saarsyshe and I did a head swap today.

And now I’m adding this cutie to my roster.

Soom Laon, from the really old 60cm soom dolls.

This is actually the Laon that Meggilu painted with the heart on his cheek, very distinct because of that.  From what I can tell he’s really well traveled (and just about the only Laon you can find photos of anywhere?!)

Unfortunately I’m going to have to commit faceup sacrilege and remove this.  Cause the heart really doesn’t do it for me.  It’s super well painted, though.

I think he needs a darker wig, but probably going to stick with blonde.  He also needs a name OTL.

“Mr. Jack Skellington” - Alex Gaskarth imagine

I haven’t written/posted any imagine in forever and I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been really busy with college and work and internship and everything…But anyway I’ll try to get back at writing and post more often now :)

This request was sent to me months ago and I’ve finally written it, I hope you’ll like it. I had to make the smut part a bit shorter or it would have been even longer (and I think it’s already too long ^^). Sorry for the wait!

WARNING smut ahead!

I studied my look in the mirror for the hundredth time, flattening my top and fixing a strand of hair

My band Y/B/N was opening for All Time Low for their US tour, and wewere exactly halfway through the tour, and since we had the next day off wedecided to throw a party to celebrate. Plus it was Halloween, so we were allgoing to go to a club wearing costumes

I was dressed up as Catwoman : I was wearing black leather leggings with a small black tail I had sewn at the waist, a black tank top and black heels. I had put my Y/H/C hair in a tight ponytail, and the last touch to my costume was cute cat ears and a black eye mask. I applied my favorite dark red lipstick and sprayed some perfume on my neck and behind my ears. I was finally ready to go

I left my hotel room and met my band members in the hall. As we were all ready to go we went out and started walking since the club was only a few streets away from the hotel. As we were all talking and laughing the 10 minutes walk passed rather quickly and we soon arrived at the club. We showed the guard our invitations and he let us in. Being on tour with a famous band has its perks !

The club was quite crowded, with people all wearing various costumes, making it almost impossible to guess who was hidden behind the masks and wigs. A waitress, also wearing a black mask, lead us to the VIP corner that had been booked by the ATL guys. It was filled with band members, some of their friends and the techs who were on tour with us. We greeted them all and took seats on one of the couches and ordered drinks.

Everybody was now chatting with the others, sipping on their drinks and laughing. We were all trying to guess who was hidden behind every costume. Jack was the first to be unmasked, his “costume” only consisting of a blonde wig and a tight short red dress with big fake boobs under it. The other people here either wore masks or were covered in make-up though, making it almost impossible to guess who they were, but it was quite funny.

I was happy that nobody – except for my band members – could figure out who I was behind my Catwoman costume and black mask. Being in a band that was getting more and more famous was great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I needed to become anonymous again and not get any attention. And the ATL guys probably felt the same way too, since they were kind of “attacked” by crazy fan girls every night on tour. Also I had developed a small crush on ATL’s singer Alex, and my band members loved to make fun of me for that: I could probably forget about him that night and who knows, maybe would I meet some nice guys that night.

After a while and with a few drinks down, someone suggested we all go dancing and that’s what we did. At first we were all dancing as a group, but soon smaller groups started forming. Finally I ended up dancing face to face, and rather close to an attractive stranger. He was wearing black pants, a black jacket with a white button up shirt underneath, and his face was covered in black and white make up making him look like Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

I was now quite tipsy, and it seemed like he was too. We got closer and closer with each passing minutes. I wasn’t really paying attention to the music until I recognized the song “S&M” by Rihanna.

Cause I may be bad but Im perfectly good at it

Sex in the air, I dont care, I love the smell of it…”

This song fitted perfectly with my mood. This man was irresistible and seemed to have an amazing body so I was determined in showing it to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started swaying my hips from side to side, occasionally grinding against him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and looked me in the eyes. I bit my lower lip, feeling incredibly attracted by this stranger, and finally his hands reached my butt. He brought my body even closer to his, as if it was even possible.

We danced like that for a few minutes, and it could have continued for a while since I didn’t mind at all. But he suggested getting some drinks for both of us, which wasn’t a bad idea. I was determined to have fun, and getting drunk could be a part of it. He took my hand in his and I followed him through the crowd and to the bar. He ordered shots for both of us and the bartender came back seconds later with 8 small glasses and filled them with red liquor.

We both took a glass and clinked them, then downed them quickly. We did the same to the 6 other glasses, laughing and flirting a bit between each. 5 minutes later we were both more than tipsy now, and decided to go back to the dancefloor. We got back to dancing like we did earlier, grinding against each other from time to time. This led to him placing kisses along my jaw line and down my neck, and me nibbling at his earlobe and biting his neck gently.

Oh, I love the feeling you bring to me,

Oh, you turn me on…”

The lyrics of the Rihanna song from earlier came back to my mind and seemed once again to fit perfectly with the situation. I had a sudden urge leave the club with this stranger and go back to the hotel. I needed him, now.

“Want to leave?” I asked, shouting over the loud music.

He didn’t take any time to answer and took my hand in his right away, dragging me through the crowd. As soon as we were outside we started running in the night, still hand in hand. We were both drunk and it seemed like a pretty normal thing to do at the moment, even if we probably looked totally crazy to passersby.

“No name, no question, okay?” The stranger suggested.

I agreed, perfectly okay with his idea. We arrived at the hotel and I realized he must probably be staying at the same hotel since I hadn’t told him anything about me, but at that moment I couldn’t care less. We crossed the empty lobby quickly and entered the elevator. He entered the number of his floor and the doors closed. The few seconds of the elevator ride were spent kissing passionately, until the doors opened and he led me to his room. He rummaged through his pockets to find the key and unlock the door of his hotel room.

As soon as we had entered his room, he had me pressed against the wall and we were kissing passionately once again. He slipped one of his hands in my leggings and between my legs while the other one was intertwined with mine. A small moan escaped my mouth has he started touching me through the fabric of my underwear. I could already feel myself getting wetter and wetter with each one of his touches. But I wasn’t the only one who was turned on considering the bulge that had now formed in his pants.

I quickly unbuttoned his jacket and shirt, he took the hint and let them fall on the floor. He went back to kissing my neck, his hands now placed on my butt. One of my hands was tangled in his hair, and the other one slipped from his neck, to his torso and finally to his stomach. I could feel his muscles tense as I got closer to his pants.

I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants, giving me access to his crotch. I slipped my hand under the waistband and in his boxers. I took his length in my hand and started pumping it up and down. I could feel him getting harder under my touch and that made me giggle a bit.

One of his hands left my butt and found the zipper of my top, undoing it quickly. I let the fabric fall down around my feet. He got down on his knees, leaving kisses on my chest and stomach on his way. He easily pulled down my leggings, leaving me in my black lace bra and thong. I was still wearing my black mask and cat ears, and he still had a good amount of make-up on his face, making both of us unrecognizable.

He pulled down my thong all of a sudden and lifted my left leg over his shoulder, giving him better access to my core. He started by slowly caressing my folds, then kissed and licked them. He also gave my clit some attention, nibbling on it gently, while his fingers were teasing my entrance.

“Oh please…” I moaned out, my hands tangled in his hair.

I heard him laugh, feeling his warm breath against my wetness. He licked my clit quickly in circular motions, and suddenly inserted two of his fingers into me. I gasped at the sudden feeling and my grip on his hair tightened even more. He pumped his fingers in me at a fast pace, going faster and faster, all the while playing with my clit at the same time. My legs were getting weak and a familiar knot started forming in my stomach.

“Fuck, I’m gonna…” I breathed out, and with that his mouth and fingers were gone.

“What the fuck ?!” I whined, suddenly feeling empty as he stood back up.

“I want you, sexy stranger…” He whispered in my ear in the sexiest voice ever.

Having drunken sex with a stranger in his hotel room was the most exciting thing to do for me at the moment, and I was more than turned on by him now so there was no going back.

“I want you too, now” I replied eagerly, dragging him with me toward the king size bed.

I pushed him on the bed and quickly joined him, straddling his waist. He wrapped his arms around my neck, bringing me toward him and kissed me passionately. The kiss soon turned desperate. One of his hands found my bra and unclasped it skillfully; I was now fully exposed to his eyes. His hand grabbed one of my breasts and he started playing with it, massaging the sensitive skin and pinching my nipple gently. I gasped and bit my lower lip in pleasure.

He seemed satisfied with my reaction as a small grin formed on his lips. His mouth found mine again, his tongue licking my lips begging for entrance. Our tongues touched and started dancing together, fighting for dominance. Our hands were exploring each other’s body, not leaving an inch of skin untouched.

“I want you now…” He growled in my ear as his hand found my core again.

He laid me down on the bed and straddled me in all his glory. He stripped off his boxers quickly, his eyes never leaving mine. He grabbed his pants in a hurry, searching for a condom and rolling it on his length when he had finally found one. I hadn’t even realized I was touching myself while watching him until he swatted my hand away.

“No touching yourself love, I’m the one who’s going to make you feel good tonight” He whispered in my ear, hovering over me again.

Extending his arm toward the bedside table, he turned off the light so that only the street lamps from outside lit up the room a bit, making it almost impossible to see each other. He looked into my eyes to make sure I was ready before entering me slowly, making me gasp at the sudden feeling. He pulled out almost completely and pulled back into me all at once, creating a fast and steady pace.

The rest of the night was filled with moans, cries of pleasure and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

- The next morning -

I was awoken by the sun peering through the curtains and a massive hangover. My head was pounding and all my body was sore. I tried to keep my eyes shut because the light was making it even worse. Gosh it hurts

“Yeah I know, we had a little too much last night” A voice laughed from behind me.

Oops, did I say it aloud?

The stranger’s arms wrapped around my waist and he nuzzled his head in my neck before resting his chin on my shoulder.

“What happened yesterday?” I asked, my memory of the night totally blurry.

“From what I remember, we got drunk at a club and had passionate sex all night.” He mumbled in my ear. “I don’t even know your name…” He added.

“Wow…” I exclaimed, trying to remember a bit more from our night. “I don’t know your name either by the way.”

Curious, I opened my eyes and looked at the hands that were placed on my bare stomach. On the left one was a colorful rose tattoo that wasn’t unknown to me.

“Alex?!” I gasped, sitting up abruptly.

“Y/N?!” He gasped at the same time.

We sat silently in front of each other for a few seconds, mouth agape. Finally Alex started laughing silently, making me feel awkward in front of me.

“What are you laughing about?” I asked, slightly annoyed at his reaction.

“It’s just that… I have been too shy to take you on a date since the beginning of this tour and now… We got drunk and slept together without even knowing it.” He laughed, smiling.

Wait, what did he just say?

“You… You wanted to take me on a date? Like… You-”

“Yes, I like you Y/N. I’ve liked you since this tour started.” He cut me off gently, taking my hands in his. “And every night I’ve been watching you from side stage, admiring you from afar. But I was too scared to even ask you, I’m almost sure that you don’t like me that-”

I cut him off by getting on my knees and pecking his lips gently. He pulled back, looking surprised, before a big grin appeared on his lips.

“So… Does this mean that I’m not the only one feeling this way?” He asked hopefuly.

“Exactly, Mr. Jack Skellington!” I replied grinning, before kissing his lips once again.


hey guys! i’m a little strapped for cash that i need for new cosplay projects and personal things, so i’m selling my old rose wig and my hinata wig! obviously they don’t have to be used for these characters, but basically yes, two cut and styled wigs for sale!

the rose wig is white-blonde and about chin-length, and the hinata wig is a dark blue and goes past my shoulders (i’m estimating about 10-12 inches in length?)

prices are as follows (though i’m willing to negotiate!):

  • rose: $15 plus shipping
  • hinata: $17 plus shipping

payments will be made over paypal. please message me if you’re interested!

Agent Carter

Okay there’s just some things I love and I need to talk about even though this is in no way coherent I just need to say things (SPOILERS ABOUND):

  • I love that Peggy used a thousand symbols of feminity to her advantage throughout the episode. There was: the perfume bottle she defused a fucking bomb with, kitchen supplies she also defused said bomb with, the lipstick she used to knock the dude out with, the blonde wig/cleavage-tastic dress, her “lady problems” excuse that got her out of work so she go do REAL work, the broach that’s a lock-pick, the women’s watch that’s a safe-cracker, and maybe my favorite of all: she took one of Howard Stark’s “Sexy timez” outfits and turned it into a bad-ass outfit for ESPIONAGE REASONS. 
  • The fact that there were lots of ladies on the show around Peggy doing their lady things. Like the lady in the call-switch room–I get the feeling she’s going to end up being a helpful Q or something for Peggy. She already utilized her a couple times in the premier and I expect to see more of her. Plus diner lady, of course, and plus SAD SAD SAD SAD roommate lady ;___; which SPEAKING OF WHICH
  • Loved the fact that Peggy cried over roommate after throwing the dude out a fucking window.
  • I love how Peggy uses ALL aspects of being a woman as a weapon/tool, basically. it’s not JUST her sexuality, which she does use, but it’s also what men think are women’s weaknesses–oh no I have my period I better leave (TO GET SHIT DONE). Oh no I wouldn’t want to see this guy interrogated since I’m a lady, better leave (TO GET SHIT DONE). Oh no I’m sad over Steve that’s definitely the only reason I’m reading this file (EXCEPT I’M TAKING TOOLS OUT OF IT. TO GET SHIT DONE). Like I’m sick of women’s ONLY weapon being their damn sexuality, and Peggy did SO MUCH OTHER THAN THAT.
  • Peggy and Jarvis out britishing each other I can’t wait until they start having tea-making offs where it’s like “YOU sit down and have some tea” “no YOU sit down and have some tea” but seriously
  • JARVIIISSSSSSSSS THE CUTE I already LOVE their relationship/way they work together/dynamic it’s SO FREAKING CUTE
  • THE RADIO SHOW hot fucking damn that was perfect that was PERFECT especially her kicking dairy driver’s ass while it played and her fucking ANNOYANCE with it GOSH IT WAS PERFECT
  • Like this show was just SO unapologetically FEMINIST it felt like the original Ms Marvel comics where it was just “she is a LADY and she will not put up with this MAN’S world and look at her kicking butt as a LADY and look at her LADY friends FEMINISM.”
  • Seriously this show gives me so much hope for the Captain Marvel movie because THIS. DO IT LIKE THIS. DO IT EXACTLY LIKE THIS.
  • my gosh the SETS and the CLOTHES and Peggy’s OUTFITS UGH LET ME DIE NOW HAPPY 
  • I love that the secondary antagonist of the show is blonde good agent white guy. Like normally HE would be the star of the damn show, and he’s not a bad guy or bad agent (as far as we know), and normally we’d be rooting for him. but because he’s not PEGGY and because he gets in the way of our PEGGY we’re just like “pfttt get out of here loser Peggy’s got shit to do”
  • And I think my favorite bit of all, and the bit that was most important to me: when waitress lady said to Peggy that they’ve just got to “pay our dues”. Gosh, and seeing Peggy–PEGGY FREAKING CARTER, of all people–going to waste sitting in an office, wondering if her days of use are past, wondering if she’s peaked and done, wondering if she’ll ever have a purpose again, wondering if she’ll ever get the chance to DO anything again. Gosh, GOSH, gosh, it’s so fucking important to me to see someone like PEGGY going through that, someone so good and brave and strong and worthwhile. GOSH. 

Here she is! Finished for the time being.

She’s a heavily modded Gooliope Jellington from Monster High. Here’s what I did in order to mod her:

-Removing the head: A hassle. I cut the plastic piece that attached her head to her neck. She has a peg support that is in her neck, and I just looped an elastic around that and through her head.

-Cut and removed her hair: In order to do this, I had to cut a whole in the top of her head. I used the casting marks from when she was produced, since it was a perfect circle about 2 inches across. I used this to remove her hair (which was melted inside her head. No glue, just melted.) It took about 4 hours to remove all the hair. Her head has quite a bit of damage, because her parting line was so heavily plugged that it basically made her head come apart at the hair parting line. I just cut the roughness away, so she has a large V-shaped hole in her head. I’ll buy some epoxy putty later, but it doesn’t show at all. I haven’t reattached the circular part of her head (I plan to have it be like the headcap of an Unoa, where the elastic goes around the headcap through small holes in the side.)

-Custom 16mm eyes. I wanted something perfect to match her skin. I was going to reproduce her old blue eyes, but the red looked a lot better. Took tons of eye putty to stay in place. She might look better with 18mm, but these are fine for now.

-Removed her eyes. This was one of the hardest parts, since I had to go so slow and careful so it didn’t come out jagged. I believe her head is a thick type of vinyl, at least twice as thick as a regular MH head. Thicker than a Dollfie Dream, even.

-Paint touch up: Around her eyes where I had cut were bright pink, like her skin. Her skin is glittery all through, even on the back of her face mold. It’s pretty! I remember I had an Abbey who’s glitter was just sprayed on her face and it got removed when I repainted, so this is a very welcome thing for me.

-Gave her a Leekeworld blonde wig. I wanted pink, but I don’t have pink~

Overall, I’d say her head is the size of an SD head on an MSD body.  I really love her! I can’t wait to do a proper faceup on her. I need to buy more of her, so I can have twins or try other mods! Overall, she’s a very good deal for a MSD sized doll at only $30. Right now, it’s pretty hard to find her though.

Hello everybody! I just got back from Comic-con and after review of my finances I realized that I’m severely in the red for the month and that I owe my dad like 400 dollars, so I figured now would be a good time to send out a post asking for help/selling old stuff to try to pull myself out of this post-con-depreciation I’ve seemed to have fallen into. Looking back on it, I probably should have budgeted better, and I thought I did! But all of the money I had saved up for it ended up being used by my dad for things so I really need help now.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, Hello my name is Hanari and I’m the cosplayer who looked like this all throughout NYCC:

You probably saw me. If you didn’t well, I wish you would have! I think I looked pretty cool! Long story short is that I’m a cosplayer and I cosplay a lot of things, and I plan on continuing to cosplay a lot of things in the near and far future. I see cosplaying as something I can make a career out of, so if you like my cosplays and want to help support me in my day-to-day cosplaying life, there’s a really neat DONATE button on the front page of my blog over to the left hand side. I’d sure as hell appreciate any and all help.

But this post isn’t about donations. This post is about me giving something back to you guys! I have a lot of extra cosplay and costuming crap in my closet, and with Halloween coming up around the corner and NYCC over, I figure now is probably the best time to get rid of anything I don’t want anymore. So without any further ado, let’s see what i’ve got for you guys!

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hey everyone! i recently bought this wig only to find that it was too short for my intended purposes so i was hoping that someone would be willing to trade me for it. it’s really white-blonde, soft, and hangs in a pretty natural way (though it came with a little curl action at the ends).

it’s currently unstyled and looks as shown in the photos though i’d be willing to cut it for you if you want (i can do some basic stuff)!

i’m looking for any of the following wigs:

  • a long-ish (mid-back) black wig - preferably wavy
  • a pretty pastel wig (any length but i wanna see it first!)
  • a dark or light brown wig (idk what id use it for but id find something)
  • any wig that isnt blonde? i have a lot of blonde wigs and i dont need one more haha

we’ll both pay for our own shipping fees and i might also be interested in trading for props or other things?

pm me on tumblr if youre interested!