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I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.



I have posted this set before, but i did some mistakes, and i decide to fix it. First of all, I have tried to fix Lance’s skin colour, wich was wrong in first version of this set (i hope this is better q^q sorry please for this mistake), and also i have fixed some details in other arts in set. So, I hope this post is better UuU

and so, here is information about this set. I will just copy my text from first version of this post. So, here it is:


I have saw headcanon about Hunk, wich is about him supporting members of team. And headcanon about Hunk’s hugs with Shiro and headcanon about cookies for Pidge from him and I am be like HMMM!!!!! So here it is, 

multi-headcanon about that kind of hugs everyone in team gets from our cinnamon roll then they need it

Big “Who wants space peanut cookies?” hugs for Pidge

Warm “We will do something with your nightmares. Come here” hugs for Shiro

Silent “I can just sit here with you if it will make you feel better” hugs for Keith

Trust “Tell me about your problems, i will listen you” hugs for Lance

p.s. thanks people in tumblr for headcanons wich are inspired me! As i remember they were @captainsbones and @yarrayora and i cant find that post with cookies for Pidge headcanon so i dont have the athor D”””: …and if i did something wrong please tell me, its just my first expierience with headcanons, au and other things like that so i dont understand how it works :D 

Because some asked why I needed Truthwitch to break out...

Some people have asked me what I meant by a statement in my postmortem – about WHY I needed Truthwitch to break out (because if it didn’t, my career was over). I’m not sure how in-depth I’ve been in my newsletter, so here’s an answer for you:

Basically, my first series tanked. I mean…tanked. We’re talking, Truthwitch sold more copies in its first two weeks than the entire SS&D series COMBINED.

Bad sales hurt an author – you’re way better off as an untested debut than an author with shitty sales. So I was at a crossroads in my career, where the plan was to change my name. That way, I could be a “debut” again. (Sadly, this happens a LOT in the industry. Which is why please do not pirate our books!)

But then Tor decided to take a chance on me. Because they’re a small (and amazing) house, they have more room to take on projects that they’re passionate about (instead of just commercially successful). HOWEVER, if Truthwitch didn’t sell well…. Then yeah. That was it. “Susan Dennard” would be dead, and I’d have to reinvent/start over my career.

There’s no shame in that. I was totally willing to reinvent! The problem was that I had this great audience for my writing advice – thousands upon thousands of people who were coming back for my blog and newsletter. Yet none of them were buying my books. Which is fine – I don’t give free writing help to sell copies. I do it because I love doing it.

BUT…if I reinvented myself, I would lose what little crossover I had between writing-advice-fans and book-readers – not to mention the handful of amazing fans who did like the SS&D trilogy (I will never ever forget my wonderful Misfits!).

So…I needed + desperately wanted Truthwitch to sell well. I wanted Tor to be happy. I wanted to keep my name. That led to me going “all in” on self-promo.

Full disclosure: I allocated $15,000 of my advance to promote Truthwitch. (Which, in case you’re wondering, was most of the advance.) I ended up going over that amount…by a lot. Costs ranged from travel to important events (this was really where the bulk got eaten up!) to running/maintaining my street team (swag, postage, hiring an assistant to help me keep it going) to learning how to + making my own book trailer.***

And like…I honestly don’t even know what kind of TIME I spent promoting. It was a lot more than I thought it would be. Literally most of 2015.

But…it paid off, right? At least in terms of “success.” I’m a New York Times Bestseller now!!

That said, I haven’t earned back the money I spent yet (“bestseller” doesn’t automatically mean “rich”), and I will never get back the time I spent. Plus, the nightmare that was 2016 as I tried to rush-create Windwitch

It begs the question: were the costs worth the rewards? I don’t know. I think so since, hopefully, the rewards will continue to pay forward for a long time – and my career is definitely growing!

Best of all, though, I CAN KEEP MY NAME. Susan Dennard. C’est moi pour toujours. ❤️


I want to add two more things – because this post has opened up a lot of conversations I wasn’t expecting to have (but welcome!!).

First: I cannot emphasize enough just how important LUCK is in this equation. On top of the time, money, publisher-partnership, and salty desperation that I poured into Truthwitch, I ALSO GOT LUCKY. I had the Right Book at the Right Moment with the Right Cover in the Right Genre coming out in the Right Month.

A publisher can pour all the money in the world into a book, but nothing will make readers buy it. There is no predicting trends.

So a lot of the success of Truthwitch (which is still pretty small, relatively speaking. I’m not a Big Author by any means!!) boils down to that intangible, finicky sprite known as Lady Luck.

Second: This is just ROUND ONE of “reinvention.” I have no illusions or expectations that my success will remain. The Witchlands series has already exceeded my wildest hopes, but no author stays “on top” forever. It’s a constant up and down, and frankly, we’re all just really lucky to even be able to share our words in the first place.

Sure, I’d love to be successful forever, but it’s not my primary dream – and definitely not my expectation. Realism is key to longevity in this industry, and more than that: gratitude.

So on that note: thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for being the reason I keep writing.

***Note: I need to also mention that, once it was clear my own self-promotion was starting to pick up momentum, Tor really stepped in and helped me. This was not a solo journey, and it NEVER is. I had/have an amazing team, and we’ve forged a real partnership while getting the Witchlands into readers’ hands.

I just got an email, forwarded from out from our university’s art department no less, for “"Students in need of experience opportunities.” 

Client: Students in need of hours or experience opportunities; we are looking for photographers to cover an upcoming event. We can offer photo credit in any future marketing, and are happy to send copies for your portfolios, as well as admission tickets to the event. We have photographers on site for the event, but are lacking a creative eye to capture more candid moments, and better documentation of the overall experience.

If I’m reading that right, they’re not only bringing in students alongside a hired photographer (which I’m sure they’re thrilled about), but don’t think the photographer is even worth their salt. 

Suffice to say I declined, and I’m still wondering what the hell they’re thinking. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, so this is going to sound really stupid but I love to draw and I have this freind who also loves to draw and when we get together we share each others sketch books and Evey time she see mine she laughs and says that's hers are a lot better or says that I am copying her and it's making me being really private about my drawing to the point when some one looks in my sketch book I want to cry and I don't know what to do so I was wondering if you have any advice for me if not that's fine

Anony.. that is SO unfair. ,(é~è),

I’m truthfully sorry to hear about this happening to you- Artists commonly have self-confidence issues because when you draw something, you’re reaching into your mind and laying it down in reality. It’s soulful work, and to have that mocked is not cool. 😱

It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to have this skill that you and I are both so fortunate to find pleasure in, and if someone is making you feel bad about it in ANY way, you must, must, must find a way to heal yourself from this. 

Art is as unique as a fingerprint. No matter what kind of content you draw, fanart or original, it’s a drawing YOU created because it came from YOUR fingertips. That’s something to take so much pride in and love yourself over. 👏💖

Anony, I hope to whatever god is up or down that this experience doesn’t deter you from copying other artists. I say this because it’s important to copy. It’s important to know that if you see something you like, be it a character,🐰 a shading technique,🌇 a unique mouth gesture,💋 a pose…💃 you should try it out yourself because ALL artists grow with observing, replicating, molding it into something new, and using it as a stepping stone for improvement. 🎉✏️

DO NOT let that girl get to you. If SHE says her artwork is better, let her believe whatever she wants. Because art👏 is👏 not👏 a👏 race.👏 You have already won in this world because YOUR art is YOURS and nobody elses. Embrace the things that makes your artwork unique.

That was always the hardest part for me. I didn’t like my linework because I liked how so-n-so drew theirs so clean while mine is messy.

But darling, once I learned to embrace my messy lines, I’ve been able to improve and focus more on the soul in a drawing rather than it bein’ pretty. An’ it’ll improve with time, anyway.

My advice; If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

Hugs and kisses Anony, keep your chin up, don’t let anyone put a wet blanket on your passion. XOXO


Made some voltron icons for all your valentine needs !!!

  • more icons on my icon page
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Don’t see a character/pairing you want? Send me a request! I’ll make valentine icon requests until tomorrow evening but will make regular icons whenever <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I feel so guilty when people add me to a list of beneficial accounts because I know myself. Whatever you see of me online, it’s just that, online. Many people who meet me in real life know how I really am, how my manners are and how much I actually know of the deen. Wallahi it’s just copy and paste, I haven’t memorised much of the Qur'an and I haven’t studied Arabic as much as I can or should. Just make dua for me instead, you don’t need to add me to lists in the future, it plants sorrow in me because I fear that I will be brought to question for displaying something which I am not. Idek if that makes sense but, may Allah grant you all Firdous and may He make me better than what I portray to the people.


[Enlarge for better quality]

Alright! Opening up commissions again, nice. Just had surgery and I’m trying to move out so I need some $$$Cash Money$$$

I’ll pretty much draw anything, furries, anthro, nsfw and gore included. As long as it stays within my morals I’ll probably draw it, message me if you have any questions regarding this.

Prices may go up a bit for the colored sketch and full drawing if your character is a little more complex! (etc. mech, armor, excess accessories)

I’ll only be accepting payment through paypal! Not kidding, paypal only.

So, if you have any interest in commissioning me or and questions for me, contact me through my tumblr! (Preferably via. messenger)

Also!! Signal boosting is highly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Clever Girl

Aside from the links for my Shrike I did get some much-needed replacement parts for my Franchi SPAS-12.

Due to the age of the SPAS, with most being made in the 1980′s, there are two polymer pieces that will corrode and become brittle. On the left-hand side of the picture is the drum swivel which has cracked so I could no longer attach a sling. Those individual pieces are what’s left of the grip plug which is located in the pistol grip.

On the right-hand side is the new replacement grip plug which is an exact copy of the original but with better polymer/plastic. I already installed the replacement drum swivel but instead of polymer, the new one is made of solid steel. It’s a bit more involved to install because you have to drill out the retaining pin rivet for the folding stock. A replacement retaining pin which uses a screw is supplied.

I pretty much thought I would have to buy a secondary SPAS-12 to scavenge spare parts from. I only recently found out that a new website called the SPAS-12 Project is making new parts AND finally offering the service to convert the unsafe paddle safety to the upgraded cross-bolt safety. Franchi no longer offers this service which meant many owners had to rely on an unsafe and dangerous safety mechanism. Keep in mind there is an older website called spas12.com; they are not the same group of people. You have to go to spas-12.com.  I think their mascot is Ellie from Jurassic Park. I don’t think Robert Muldoon would have been as cute.

If anyone else owns the SPAS-12, now you have a source for parts and guides on how to maintain your collectible little shotgun. I’m just glad to have mine back to 100%. I just need to send it off for refinishing. I’m half tempted to hard chrome it. (GRH)

Honestly, I understand Rucas shippers being upset but I don’t think the writers ever intended to keep them together. If they did it would just be a complete copy of Boy Meets World. They want Riley to have her own story. They’ve made a point to say the characters will make mistakes and they need to learn what love really is. Riley having a huge crush on a boy she just meets and they stay together forever? Or after years of closeness and learning about each other she falls in love with one of her best friends? It’s just a better story.

Shawn told Angela in BMW “I think you have to be friends before you can fall in love.” Angela told Shawn in GMW “Let what we had make you ready for something.” Important advice and completely relevant to the story happening now.

Farkle and Riley are falling in love.

Some updates to address multiple questions in my inbox!
  • The content infringement issue now over. The other person voluntarily removed the videos that were an issue of their own will without any legal action or copyright filing having to take place (primarily to stop some of you who were lurking on their content and trying to psychoanalyze timecodes). They knew which videos were a problem (and were aware that these issues were not limited to their most recent video but instead spanned over multiple videos, copied voiceovers, branding, and more over the course of a year) without me having to explain it, and they’ve resolved it on their own. You, as anonymous strangers outside of the issue, do not need to know more than that. The situation has concluded, so please let it rest. Let the other channel be so they can focus on their own content and find their own direction; I think both of us would appreciate it if you can move on like we clearly want to now that the problems have been resolved. (edit: I’m removing past asks about this situation to dissuade continued harassment.)

  • Please stop sending me lists of other channels who have copied my thumbnails and branding. Please do not attack them. It may be upsetting to see but I want to believe y’all know better than to harass anyone online. I know they exist and I’m not looking to witch hunt them. I will privately deal with them if they ever grow to be a bigger issue in terms of copyright infringement like this other channel became, but until then I’m just going to hope they realize what they’re doing and stop on their own. I do appreciate you all trying to look out for me.
  • Anon messaging is now off because I’m sick of reading horrible messages from the Voltron fandom insulting my skin color and my girlfriend’s skin too. If you’d like to say cruel things to us, you can do so with your name attached. Thank you for confirming how truly awful this fandom can be and killing my faith in it once and for all.

  • For those in the back who still can’t seem to get it, this is the natural unfiltered difference between Emily’s skin and mine in natural daylight:

Happy holidays.

TUTORIAL: how to avoid a flat drawing

deppered: yay! could you give a few tips on adding depth to cartoonish faces (like how not to let them come out looking flat)?

DISCLAIMER: i don’t consider myself incredibly qualified to answer this- so please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete answer, and you can definitely go a lot more in depth with it! i’ll answer to the best of my abilities :>

you’re creating the illusion of depth, so first you need to understand the mechanics of how it works. otherwise you’re just guessing/copying what you see other people do (which isn’t something that doesn’t WORK but you’ll be infinitely better once you understand the fundamentals)

to start off, we need to acknowledge that there are lots of curves and dips to a human face. (take a moment to slowly run your hands over different parts of your face. it sounds stupid but it really helps to take a moment to examine smth closely) to help visualize the curves a drawing would have, i’ll use a grid

(hahaHA using lance as an example, what a surprise)

an important part (the most important part??) of creating a convincing drawing is understanding and using shadows. if you’re inexperienced, this is something you’re going to have to look up (or create your own) reference for and study. applying some shadow, you can see that they follow the grid i made

[IMPORTANT: if you’re applying shadows, don’t forget about the source of light!! inconsistent lighting leads to messed up drawings]

small details are what’ll really pull your drawing together. consider shadows on things like the teeth/tongue, eyebags, eyelids, EYES, lips, etc

but you don’t always need to add shadows/colour to a drawing it make it look believable! a lot of the time i’ll add a drop shadow beneath the face because it’s quick, i like how it looks, and it’s already a step towards giving a line drawing a little depth.

also consider using varying angles when you draw a character. front-facing and profile views get very boring very quickly, and are probably easier to go flat with. turning a character to ¾, 5/6, whatever fraction u want, that’ll convey a sense of dimension, with or without shadows to help

more examples (u can see that the top two drawings don’t feel very flat):

anonymous: do u hav any tips for developing ur art style + actually being able to draw semi-realistically? (like when u can tell where to put shadows and anatomy and stuff like that IM OSRRY I JUST LOVE AND ADMIRE UR ART AND ART STYLE AND UR EFFORT AND ITS JUST ALL SO AMAZING $!!!!)!)!!

WOW i’m glad i caught this ask like.. while making this tutorial LOL thank u anon, for coincidentally asking smth that falls perfectly in line with the nature of this tutorial- i’ll continue my answer under the cut

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okAY waiT can we talk about THE FOXHOLE COURT (or all for the game series) for just one fuCKING SECOND?!?! if you haven’t rEad this fuckinG book you better go get yourself a copy bECAUSE holy hell. ALL OF THE CHARACTERS are so vibrant and you fall in deep gross love with all of them except maybe aaron and the development in the main character will have you fall to your knees in pridE. you will give your first born child just to make neil smile and every interaction with andrew has your stomach doing backFliPS and you literallY just want EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY. the writing style will kill you, like be prepared to just read the end in your fuCking coffin.

IF YOU HAVEN’T TAKEN ANYTHING FROM THIS JUST REMEMBER THIS ONE THING: these books will haunt you forever, in the most beautiful way.