i need a 720p video please

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Hello~ I LOVE your edits! can you please make a tutorial about how you make gif? of course if you don't mind

Hi anonnie! There are two ways of making gifs and that is either using screencaps or videos!

If you’re using the video method or need to extract the video from anywhere to get the screencaps, clipconverteryoutube-mp3, or keepvid can convert the youtube videos into a video format your computer can read! Be sure to find videos with high resolutions such as 720p or 1080p.

If you’re making them using screencaps, to get screencaps you would need a video player like VLC media player or KMPlayer 

There are some really wonderful tutorials out there that are better at explaining how to make gifs than I ever will. I will just link you to them down below!

Making Gifs using the Screencap Method:

Making Gifs using the Video Method:

  • video method (isolates a section of the video for desired gif)

How to Sharpen your Gifs:

Adding Colouring to Gifs:

Making your Gifs Fun:

Gif Colourings (PSDs Galore):

Additional Notes: 

  • Make sure you save your gif using File > Save for Web and Devices; be sure to save it as forever for looping
  • Gifs only work on Tumblr if they’re under 2GB!


Watch in HD please.

So, here I am, hoping you might just like this video. I felt the need of vidding these two with this song, I think it really fits them. Did this in two days, so you better be kind with me =P

Watch in 720p HD or 1080p, trust me, it’s better :)

Fandom: The 100

Couple: Bellamy & Clarke (Bellarke)

Software: Final Cut Video Pro X

Thank you for watching and let me know your thoughts :)