i need 2 do homework

color whomst?


a pathetic excuse to stare at that picture for 2 hours

which side of the coin are you on?

WHOOOOOOOO TaG COMES BACK TOMORROW AND I MANAGED TO GET ALL FIVE SKETCHES DONE IN TIIIME!! I would have had this done MUCH sooner but it’s been kind of a rough day, and just getting this finished feels AMAZING.

I knew from basically the minute that I decided to do ALL five bros that this was going to be Scott’s, because what else does he like about his job as much as just being able to fly? And it’s obvious in the show that he has a bit of a reckless streak (which he may be getting over some, we’ll see once season 2 rolls around I’m sure.) So standing on the nose of Thunderbird One with his magnetic boots for just a little bit really just feels like a Scott moment.

And with that, the countdown is finished! Hope you all enjoyed it!

brotherbear2003  asked:

Opinion please: I work for the chicken ("my pleasure") & when hired I was told college comes before job, they'll respect my schedule, etc. I gave them my availability (T,Th,F,S required) but also told them I can only do 2 days/wk: any days, but JUST 2 bc college is full time and I need to do homework. They said okay and have been scheduling me a 2/week. But just now gave me 20 hours. Leaves me literally 0 time for homework. Its midterms. They said I "prefer 2" so its my problem. Should I quit?

WELP the textbook got worse

synposizing cuz i dont want to put full quotes but

actully im also putting under cut cuz i dont want my followers to have to be angry either (ableism cw, towards all disabled people in general and addicts in specific, which addiction is a disability but was not referred to as such in the text book. both groups mentioned by name)

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Updates on  all of my web comics ( @ask-freddyfazbearspizza , @illtrytobegood and @askapiratesotp ) will most likely not be seeing updates during the whole weekend due to me working from 5:30 tonight until 6pm on sunday on the international game jam- it’s where a small group of people create a program a game in a certain amount of time (normally 24 hours but in the case of my college it’s a 48 hour game jam since they want people to get some sleep)