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Overwatch Chatroom: Dog Days

Requested by Anon

Okay so basically i got back into tf2 and ive just been “overwatch who?? Idk her.” also all my overwatch knowledge flew out the window. Its lost

Sorry yall

Also this is longer than it was supposed to be heck

- Forest

Tracer has started a chatroom

Tracer has invited Winston, 76, Ana, Lucio, Reaper, Junkrat, and Zenyatta.

Tracer: Can we get a dog?

Hanzo: We don’t need a dog.

Tracer: I want a dog.

76: Why do you want a dog?

Junkrat: We already have a pe

Lucio: no we dont

Junkrat: yeah we do, its winston

Winston: Jamie

Ana: Don’t be rude to Winston.

Lucio: winston is a gorilla shaped like a friend. Hes not a pet

Tracer: Winston is a friend, not a pet! >:0

Junkrat: it was a joke, calm down.

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In The Heat Of The Moment

Summary: Spiderman meets another vigilant in an inconvenient way and they team up, not knowing they’d get a lot closer than just teammates.

Warnings: a kiss, bullying? (Flash you bitch)

A/N: ok so… To keep things right, reader is not stupid ok? It’s not like, she doesn’t know Peter is Spidey bc she’s dumb, she’s just in love, and like, you can focus in only one person when this happens so…

part1  part2

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    It didn’t take long for monday to come around. I no longer need the bandage around my fist, my dad healed it with his power. I am taking a few books out of the locker when Peter shows up by my side. He hit the back of his head in the lockers and groans.

“What’s up, Peter?” I ask concerned.

“Flash… Again…”

“Do you want me to teach him a lesson? It’s not like I haven’t done it before, so…” I ask closing my locker. He shakes his head ‘no’ as he pouts.

“Could you kiss it better?” He asks showing me a forming bruise under his eye.

    I give him a sided smile before reaching my tiptoes to press a gentle kiss where it hurt. I wish I had my father’s power so I could heal him. But all I could do is this, give him a simple kiss.


“Much better… Wanna walk to class together?”


    He offers me his arm and I gladly take it. Peter and I didn’t have much classes together, and right now wasn’t one of that, but our classrooms were next to each other.

    As we walked through the halls I noticed how silent he was, and how he was playing with the fingers of his other hand. I started to wonder if Flash’s encounter was the only thing that made him upset.

“Hey, you okay, Peter?”

“Y-Yeah! I’m fine!” He says in a high-pitched voice.

    I stop walking and make him look at me. His eyes are a little lost and he look nervous. He is so precious. If I could take away all his worries and troubles just to see him happy, I would. I wonder if that’s how people feel when they’re falling.

“I-Uhm… I-I was scared you might’ve regretted saturday…”

“I don’t” I cut him off before he starts rambling “I don’t regret anything that happened saturday… It was… Perfect” He smiles.

   I pull his face closer by the neck. I intended to give him a simple peck on the lips, but when I was about to pull away, he didn’t let me do it. He pulls me closer by the waist and press his lips firmly against mines. I sigh when he pulls apart. He was smiling so widely that I couldn’t help but do the same. He hugs me and hide his face in my neck.

“Aren’t you two the cutest new couple in midtown?” We laugh as we heard Ned say.

“You missed the show, we’re just hugging” I say taking my arms from Peter’s neck and sneaking them around his waist.

“It seems like you two came out of a fairytale, I still can’t believe I was the one who match you two”

“What kind of fairytales you’ve been reading recently, Ned?” Peter asks.

“Anyone where the nerd guy gets the hot chick” At this we can’t help but laugh again.

“I gotta go to class now, see you guys at lunch” I tell them. I give Ned a quick hug and Peter a quick kiss before heading to class

                                                         ☆ ★ ☆

“Well… You’ve got her, Peter, when are planning to tell her about itsy bitsy spider?”

“Uhm… I don’t know, Ned… I’ve known her as Cheshire but I really wanna know Y/N… And I want her to fall in love with me and not my alter ego”

“This is really messed up bro”

“I know, I know, but you gotta hel me out, Ned, I really like her”

“Well, Spiderman can’t stop fighting along with Cheshire… If Cheshire suspects Spider is avoiding her, she might start fighting by her own, and if that happens, you can’t protect her”

“Well, she can protect herself, I mean, she’s badas-”

“Peter!” Ned cuts me off “You’re a guy in love, you’ll want to protect her even from a fly, no matter how deadly she can be”

“You’ve got a point” I bite the tip of my thumb “I-I’ll figure something out”

    I dismiss my best friend and walk straight to class. I couldn’t pay attention to what the teacher was saying as my head was looking for a solution to my dilemma. How and when would I tell her that? I’ve had so many chances to come clean as we fought together, why didn’t I do it? 

    I still remember how we met…

    I’ve intercepted a police radio about a robeery going on, but when I got there, there she was. Gracefully kicking, and punching, and throwing the bad guys at the floor. I was startled, so I just hid and watched her. At some point, one of the robbers was able to rip her old mask off and throw it away. I catch it with my web. She gets angrier and kick the guy out. The building was dark, the robbers had cut the lights out so the alarm wouldn’t pound. I leave the dark and give her her mask. She blushes.

“U-Uhm… T-Thanks… Could you keep it a secret?” I only nodded as I felt myself being bewitched by her looks in the moonlight. I stared at her for a bit.

    I heard the police sirens from afar. I told her we had to go. We ran to the nearest opened window - which happened to be the size of a large door.

“Hold onto me” I managed to say and she did so. And I swang us to a safe roof building.

    Since that day, I was damned to her.

“Mr Parker? Are you with us?” I snap out of it when I hear the teacher’s voice.

“Y-Yes!” I stutter and sit straight up.

    A few students laugh and I feel a paper ball hit the back of my neck. I tense but soon forget about it, opting to start copying what was written in the board.

    I could have told her since the begining, but I didn’t, and now, I’m wrapped up in this mess.

    At lunch, we gathered all together. As she promised, Y/N is sitting with us, specifically by my side. Betty and Ned are in front of us.

“So, when is the second date?”

“I-I’m still p-planning on it… It has to be perfect”

“Dude, is your second date, you won’t propose” Ned jokes and Y/N laughs.

“Ned! Let them be!” Betty scolds him.

“It’s okay… Anything you plan will be perfect, Peter” Y/N tells me holding my hand underneath the table. Bett goes ‘awn’.

“Hey, Y/N, did you get lost and ended up in the losers’ table?” Flash Thompson shows up smirking, his ‘bodyguards’ - the other jocks - close behind.

“Fuck off, Thompson” She says firmly. I notice she sits a bit closer to me.

“C’mon, Y/N! Do you really rather be with these nerds than us?” He snaps the back of my head.

    She stands up quickly and grab his collar down so he’s face to face with her. She has a deadly gaze in her eyes. Like the ones I used to see in Cheshire before she got lens while fighting.

“You ever dare to touch them again… I’ll rip you hand off” She lets him go. Stumbling he walks away with his friends.

“Peter, you’ve got a badass of a girlfriend” Ned says.

“I know” I mumble before she sits back with us.

“What were we talking about?” She asks putting a stay of hair behind her ear.

“Your next date!” Betty squeals happy. We both blush and can’t contain our smiles.

    Night finally came. I was dressed up in my suit and swinging in the silent city streets. I see Cheshire walking in a alley. I land near and the soft ‘tud’ I made with the fall makes her look at me.

“Hey, spidey!” She says happily, giving me a hug.

“Oh, h-hey!” I giggles.

“So, what do we got tonight?”

“Uhm… Nothing yet, wanna just… Swing by the city?”

“Sure, why not?”

    I hold her waist and makes us ‘fly’ with my web. Tonight’s night was beautiful. The sky was clear. We could see all of the stars. The moon was shining brightly. The wind was not too cold and the weather not too hot. These details I would normally don’t take notice of now seemed as the center of my attention. 

“Uhm… I made this so… We could just lay down and wait for something or-” I didn’t take notice in how I was nervous and unsure that night.

“Sounds cool! Come on!” She lets go of me and lay in a web of my own.

    As we were laying there, I tried to make small talk. Asking about her parents, school, and friends. We’ve been a team for over a month, but only then I’ve noticed we barely knew each other.

“But hey, why am I the only one answering your questions?”

“U-Uhm… Sure… A-Ask something” I stutter.

“How would your perfect date be like?”



“I thought you would ask something personal”

“Isn’t that kind of personal?”

“Personal like, to take my mask off, or what’s my name, where do I live”

“I don’t need to know that… Honestly, I trust you, you know my face because of an accident, I have principles, it’s not like you own me something just because of that… If you don’t say it willingly to me, I won’t force it… You know I trust you, and I hope you trust me someday…”

    I looked at her. She was still looking at the dark sky. Honestly, I had no idea of how to answer her question. I could ask aunt May for help. The only things that crossed around my mind seemed so much of a cliche. Movies. Picnic. Amusement park. The arcade again. None of them felt right as I wanted the best and the better for her.

“I don’t know… I think I should ask my aunt for help in that one…” I answer honestly, earning a giggle from her.

“You’re funny, Spidey… You wanna know how mine would be?” She looks at me.

“Enlight me” I shrug.

“I don’t care about the cliches, I don’t care about the place we go, or what we’ll do… If I’m with the right person… It’ll be perfect”

“Do you have the right person?”

    Her eyes drift off. As if she was remembering something. And then she smiles wildly, looking to the other way so she could hide her blush. I couldn’t help but smile under the mask too. Hoping faithfully that she had had some thought about me.