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FINALLY, after nearly three months and everyone probably thinking I either abandoned or forgot about my initial post on TLOU’s unused dialogues, I give you

80 tracks and nearly 12 minutes of unused/alternate dialogue from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us!

This was a HUGE undertaking - there were over 30,000 original files that I went through one by one, all of which were completely out of order and named some mess of random letters and numbers. I made it my mission to find and pull the most interesting unused conversations and pieces of dialogue from the game, taught myself audio editing basics in order to thread them together, and upload them in a Soundcloud playlist.

Every single line in a conversation is its own file, so some of the conversations are actually 8 or 9 files that I put together. It features nearly every major character; the only characters I couldn’t find extra dialogues from were Henry and Sam, and Tommy and Maria.

The vast majority of these are unused, however some are alternate takes of conversations that happen in-game, such as Ellie telling Joel about her wanting to be an astronaut, or Bill telling Joel about the caravan in the high school. Others are just compilations of funny audio clips I put together, like Joel complaining about his flashlight, or Tess calling Joel “Tex” (❤️). Either way, they all add something to the game, so I suggest giving every file a listen!

Please reblog and let me know what ya’ll think! Enjoy!! :)

P.S. This post is dedicated to @raffinit for being my closest confidante and my bestest fran, @joelmillersbeard for having the god damn cutest, most handsome little BeardBaby™️ in the world, @joelismyhero for understanding how sinfully hot Joel is and sending me pics to drool over, and to @cansofpeaches because we all love you, miss you terribly, and wish you nothing but the best!! ❤️

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Social Media Headcanons

There were a lot of messages in my ask box requesting I do this;; 

Dick Grayson rarely updates his Facebook status, but when he does, it is just, like. Outrageously passive-aggressive;

Dick Grayson    when you can’t do anything but Hope for Karma #betrayed

He otherwise Facebooks like a middle-aged mom, commenting on unrelated stuff “OMG, looks like you are up to some really fun stuff Roy! We need to catch up soon, love from Dick and the rest of the fam”.
He shares minion memes.

He is a chronic Snapchatter, but has a very select friends list. He is also the Selfie King. Every day. #nofilter #blueeyes

Jason “Off The Grid” Todd makes a new FB profile weekly, using increasingly less subtle dirty pseudonyms. (He starts off with, like “Ignatius Percival Freely”, but is eventually just “Dicks McButt”, which isn’t nearly as clever.) All he ever does with these accounts is add Tim, who never, ever gets an explanation to this odd (admittedly terrible) behaviour. And no matter how far-removed each new account is from his actual identity, somehow Dick Grayson always finds him within 5 hours, adds him, and mom-posts on his wall, and no, Jason, Sad Pepe is not a response. And how come you never poke me back?

He does have an actual proper-ish account, which he mostly uses to post links to local causes, the occasional literary quote if it’s especially relevant, and ‘like’ any post relevant to his friends or family. He doesn’t ever comment on anything, though.

Tim Drake has a huge following on Instagram, even though it’s not officially linked to Tim Wayne. He has a bunch of really great photos up there, as well as the occasional candid of like, the world’s most attractive people, but he never updates anything. Jason and Babs take turns hacking Tim’s computer and scheduling posts; Tim has yet to notice.

And, in true stalker fashion, Tim is that one guy that is apparently never on Facebook. Until a notification pops up saying that he liked that one post back from 2009.

Damian is 10, so he has virtually no online presence. If given the choice though, he will always communicate via emoji instead of words, especially with his family. Especially with cat-emojis.

He doesn’t know it, but Dick has an Instagram where he sneak-posts Damian’s art.

I feel like Bruce is just, so bad at the internet. He has a lot of skills, but the world wide web is not one of them. I think after getting into one too many celebrity feuds via Twitter, he has someone managing all of his social media accounts for him. And, even though he doesn’t understand, use, or even approve of social media, he is most definitely smug about how many friends and followers he has across his various platforms.

Some misc stuff;

The Batkids stole Jim Gordon’s smartphone specifically to install Snapchat. They created a joint account, to which they all know the login details, and they usually snap him really stupid stuff in costume. Whether it’s a couple of them chilling in the Cave, short, shaky-cam vids of Nightwing antagonising Batman, or action shots from patrol, it always makes Jim smile.

They also opened a joint Vine account with their hero identities, where they uploaded a total of 3 videos, and with each upload, they nearly broke the internet. They promptly forgot all about it, and have no idea how many subscribers are eagerly awaiting their next vine.  

jealous of the nights (that I don’t spend with you) (wip)

When Yuri is nine, he names his cat Puma Tiger Scorpion. He never regrets it.

In hindsight, that sort of behavior was a neon bright sign of things to come.

“You haven’t spoken to me in three days because you had a dream I liked someone else?” Otabek’s sigh is heavy.

“A nightmare,” Yuri corrects cooly, unsure if his tone should be outraged or Lilia-Pointed-but-Proper.

Yuri’s not one to victim blame, but honestly, Beka should have expected something like this from him.

(pieces of a sequel to every time I try, every time I win that I’m working on)

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Oh, I nearly forgot to upload this >_>

That was my entry for the Fanart-Competition at the Aninite-Convention, Grell and William in “Little Red Riding Hood” ^-^ I didn’t win anything, unfortunately, but it was still fun to do and I’m actually really satisfied with how the picture turned out c:
Except…the handwriting…I tried but it still doesn’t look as good as I wanted it to v_v aaaaah nevermind 

Done with watercolours, black ink and gel pens

oh dang, nearly forgot to upload this!

I wanted to draw Cyberpunk!Syl from the Epic Quest, so I did. and then a li'l Wander made his way in here, and now for some reason my brain is like, “so this is an AU where their entire story is about their epic quest and they fight space outlaws and stuff right?” so I’m just like…… ok…………. but that’s also what they normally do but WHATEVER hahaha

(this was my inking warmup that I messed up on so just… don’t look too close at Sylvia’s tail ahahaha)


>> Happy Birthday, Matsuoka Rin!

I had this video done weeks ago and it was purely coincidental that it was Rin centric; so I made it a thing for his birthday.

You live for that applause, my man! ヽ(・ω・ゞ)