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10 seconds || Dan Howell

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POV: Reader


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Keeping a relationship a secret is a good idea, right?

No, not at all.

‘Can’t wait to see you tonight, baby.’

I read Dan’s text message with a huge smile as I stood in front of my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. There were so many options and at the same time there were none.

Dan and I had been dating-ish for two months now without telling anybody. We were afraid of how people would react since nobody would have ever expected us two to get together. We wanted to be sure about this before we told somebody else.

It was a Friday night and Dan’s friends were throwing a party. He invited me to come with him, not as his date though. I was worried about who to talk to tonight since none of my close friends were going and I also didn’t know about how to interact with Dan in public.

I had to park my car a little further away from the house where the party was held at because all of the good parking spots were taken already, signalizing that a lot of people came.

As I walked into the big house so late that Dan must have arrived an hour ago, I immediately spotted him drinking beer with his friends. They were joking about something and laughing out loud from time to time. Since Dan and his friends were by far the most popular and attractive guys in our town a lot of females were surrounding them, trying to start a conversation.

I had to stop myself from smiling at Dan who noticed me the second I walked into the room. He was clearly checking me out in my dress that wasn’t too fancy but he seemed to like it anyway. I also had to stop myself from telling those girls to back off my boyfriend.

Sweaty bodies were dancing to music that was shitty and way too loud. There was alcohol everywhere and people were flirting with strangers while getting drunk. A typical teenager party therefore. Some people just live for weekends like this.

I talked to a few girls that I knew from school. They were updating me on all the recent gossip since I wasn’t good with stuff like that. I never hung out with the ‘cool and scandalous kids’.

“I heard Tiffany tell her friends at school today that she wants to get with Dan tonight.” Jessica, one of the girls I had chemistry class with told me under her breath. I nearly chocked on my drink at her words.

“Dan as in Dan Howell?” I asked her, gritting my teeth while trying to not sound too interested.

“What other Dan is there?” She wanted to know, indirectly answering my question.

Great. Miss Popular was after my guy not knowing that he was already taken. By me!

“Let’s play Truth or Dare” Somebody shouted in between two songs. The response was quite diverse. Some people seemed to really hate the game while others seemed to love it.

“C’mon let’s play.” Jessica excitedly exclaimed, grabbed my arm and dragged me along with her.

“I really don’t wan-“ I was in the middle of saying as she made me sit down on the floor where everybody who was playing was already gathered in a circle.

My eyes suddenly landed on Dan who was sat right opposite me. He didn’t look that comfortable either and I could clearly hear his friend Jason tell him “I bet it will be fun, don’t be so boring!”

There was a little twinkle in Dan’s eyes as he saw me and he raised his eyebrow surprised to see me here. He was looking as handsome as ever. His hair was a little bit curly and he was wearing the black leather jacket that I loved so much on him.  

A guy I had never seen around before started spinning an empty glass bottle and it landed right on Jason, making Dan smirk.

“Truth or Dare” the guy asked Jason. He obviously said ‘Dare’ since he was an outgoing guy and up for almost any challenge.

“I dare you to knock on the neighbour’s door in just your underwear and ask him if you can borrow a jar of peanut butter.”

“What the fuck, mate?!” Jason shouted as everybody laughed and some girls giggled.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked the guy who dared him to do this as he started to take off his shirt, revealing his toned chest.

People started to whistle as Jason walked to the door and opened it wearing nothing but his boxers.

“It’s freezing outside!” he complained as he wrapped his arms around his own body for warmth, shielding his nipples from the cold air of the night.

He quickly ran across the street, as he saw that no car was in sight. The neighbour, a 50 year old man, was not too pleased to see Jason.

“I’m going to call the cops, you dumb pack of teenagers!” he shouted after Jason as he sprinted back into the house after he was obviously denied some peanut butter.

We were laughing our butts off while Jason’s cheeks were bright red from running and embarrassment.

“It will be fun, right?” Dan asked Jason, making me giggle.

We continued playing and after a few rounds the bottle still hadn’t landed on me or Dan. One of Tiffany’s friends was just dared by a guy to take her shirt off was now spinning the bottle in a pink Victoria Secrets bra.

It landed on the devil herself, Tiffany.

“Dare” she said and I already had a weird feeling in my stomach region.

“I dare you to kiss Dan for at least 10 seconds.”

My mouth hung open as I tried to suppress a gasp.

Tiffany was seductively smirking at my boyfriend whose eyes had grown wide in shock. He was taking a quick glance at me. His face spoke of panic as Tiffany said, “A dare is a dare, right?”

With that being said she pressed her lips onto my boyfriend’s, making my heart sink. And those 10 seconds were the hardest 10 seconds of my life.


I swallowed hard although my mouth was completely dry


I tried looking away, but I couldn’t 


My blood started to boil as I watched Tiffany eagerly kiss my boyfriend


My cheeks grew bright red as anger filled every inch of my body


I wanted to rip my heart out just so it wouldn’t hurt that much


I wanted to yell for them to stop but I had to sit here in silence


My hands started to shake with anger as they were clenched into fists


My eyes got watery and the first tears were about to spill


I decided to get up and leave, not being able to bear this anymore


I lef-

Dan pushed Tiffany off his body right before I could get up to leave.

“Y/N is my girlfriend!” he shouted and all eyes suddenly landed on me.

Andre Burakovsky #1.3


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Anonymous said: your writing is so good!!!! and definitely do not apologize for length! your writing is so good, i would read it even if you write 10,000+ words for one imagine!!!

Anonymous said: are you gonna add onto that andre burakovsky imagine? i really hope theres more

A/N: I honestly didn’t expect this much response out of this imagine but I’m so okay with it haha!! also buckle up cause it’s a long one folks, but hey you guys said it was okay sooooo :))))

Word Count: 3,397

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A new summer day had begun in Washington. The reality that your vacation was over was officially hitting you. You were no longer in Europe, celebrating with Andre’s family. Although the celebrations weren’t quite down. Though it was no longer Andre’s day with the cup, the ring on your left hand was still there. 

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Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 1

written for: @itsmeayishaa . Hope you enjoy~ <3 - Nami

PART 1 |PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7| PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 | PART 11


Sometimes life was unfair. I learned that long time ago.

I was okay with growing up in a rich family, without many friends,because it wasn’t safe for my family.

I was okay with having almost no contact with my busy parents.

I was even okay when my father’s company closed down and my family had to live on the money we still had from our rich past.

I didn’t complain once.

But my fathers ways of solving our problems, made me speak up.

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D.Gray Man Cafe

So today, I went to the DGM collaboration cafe. 

The last one I did was the Haikyuu!! cafe in collaboration with Animate and I remember it was really impressive and the atmosphere was nice. Since DGM isn’t aired yet, there’s a lot less material for the decoration and everything. But still, I liked it. 

About the menu, let me tell you I had a hell of a time deciding what to order. The thing is, this kind of cafe are usually expensive, so you have to choose carefully. 
The one dish I knew I wanted to try was the Timcampy Omurice (because yes, if you don’t know food and drinks are all made to match the characters)

I got it. It was cute AND tasty. For the others dishes we had sandwiches for Allen, Soba for Kanda (surprising uh ?), Yakiniku for Lavi (he has great taste), Hamburger for the Earl and some crab pasta for Tyki. 

For dessert, I choose Allen’s Mitarashi Dango. Look at how good it looks !

I ate miratashi dango before. And I’m always amazed about how Allen can manage to eat about thirty of this in one meal. Because it doesn’t look like it, but once you’ve eaten two or three, you’re full. (Btw it’s matcha ice cream, red beans paste and wipped cream in the corner)
The two others dessert were a pumpkin pie for Link (it looked yummy) and a S’more parfait for Lavi (was a sparkling candle on it).

I tried two different drinks. The one above is Allen’s mango frappe. I love mango, and since it’s really hot in Japan right now, it was cool and sweet. The other drink I tried was blue. Piece of advice : there’s always a blue drink in collaboration cafe, and i’s always good. Order it. 
Bonus, this is the only thing on the menu linked to two characters. It was called “Yuu and Alma’s blue ice”. 

And I have to tell you, I nearly chocked on my food at some ponit, because a girl next to me ordered Cross’ drink (which was called Pink Lady fyi) and the waiter gave her the drink, and then came back and said “it was add to Allen’s debts” and then handed her a piece of paper with debts on it. And I was laughing so much because godammit Cross Marian !!! 
Lavi’s drink (tapioca and blood orange drink) was pretty popular and Komui’s drink (you could read “Komubitan D” on the menu and I was like noooope, we all know what happened last time) was served in a fricking beaker !
Road, Link, the Earl, Lenalee and Timcampy also had drinks.

The fun thing when you order in a cafe like that, is that with every dishes you get little pictures or posters of the characters. And then the customers look around to exchange the ones they want or not. 

In conclusion (sorry for the long ass post) it was great and worth the money, and I’ll be back in three days to tell you about the premiere in Shinjuku ! 

They Don’t Like Me - Conor Maynard



So you know the classic ‘Meeting his parents’ stories? God I do. And that they all end in the same way. They like you after you fitting that they won’t well. That didn’t work out for me.

I giggled at Conor as I kissed his lips for a second then pulled away just to go back again for another second. “Y/n my parent’s are coming soon.” Conor whined as I still kissed him. I giggled at him again and looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. “They’ll like me right Con?” I asked as my eye sparkled. “Of course why wouldn’t they?” Conor asked confused. “Because of my past.” I sighed.

“Don’t worry love. They’ll love you.” He whispered kissing me but then got up and out of bed. I frowned at him. “I think you should get changed into the adorable dress I met you in and meet me in the kitchen.” Conor said with his hand on the door knob. “Okay.” I smiled at him. He returned my smile and left our shared me.

I got up and went into our shared closet and grabbed the dress Conor was talking about. Me and Conor have been living with each other for little over a year now and have been dating for little over two years. One a year and a half we kept our relationship a secret in till his younger brother found up cuddling well sleeping in Conor’s old bed.

I changed into the beautiful sundress and fixed my h/c hair show it layed on my shoulders and fixed my makeup. After finishing I walked out of our room and into the kitchen where Conor was trying to cook. “What are you cooking?” I asked as I walked up being him wrapping my arms around his waist and laid my head on his back.

“Your famous food.” He replied turning around to look at me. “Your going to make my famous chicken?” I asked. He nodded and smiled. “Conor I’m just not even going to ask.” I giggled at him. “They should be here any minute. They are going to stay till after dinner. I also got pie yesterday.” He explained. I stiffed up as he mentioned the pie.

“That was for today?” I asked embarrassed. “Did you eat it?” He asked with seriousness on his voice. I looked at up him and nodded. “I’m sorry but it was tempting me to eat it.” I pointed out frowning. He sighed. “It was saying stuff like ‘Y/n eat me, I want to be in your stomach’ bla bla.” I explained. He chuckled at me and kissed my forehead.

“Go out and get another one okay love?” He asked. i nodded and smiled up at him. “I’ll make sure to buy two.” I smiled. He returned my smiled and kissed my cheek after kissing my lips. “See you soon.” I sung as I grabbed the keys to Conor’s car and left as he said a quickly bye and love you.

I made it too the store and went in to find the pies to be stopped by all the cookies. I looked at the price and said fut it and put it in the cart. I walked over to the pies and picked up to apple pies but then I picked up one of the other flavors. I looked over and saw donuts and mentally died in my head.

I grabbed maybe two dozen. I have a problem. I grabbed some other things and made it to the check out and blushed at the person who was looking at me. I had a bunch of junk food and a tampons.I quickly got out of the shop and loaded it into Conor’s car and made my way back to our apartment.

As I made it to the garage I called Conor. “Hey baby.” He replied once he answered. “Hey, can you come help me I may or may have not bought a lot of pies. And um donuts. And um cookies and tampons.” I explained. I heard Conor chuckled. “Sure baby anything.” He replied and hung up after saying be there soon.

I got out of the car and opened the trunk and grabbed as many bags as I could as Conor came in about time and grabbed the rest. “Let me guess were having a fat night.” He asked chuckling. I nodded as he closed the trunk and locked the car. “Oh well you were out my parent’s and Anna showed up. She’s excited to meet you.” Conor explained pushing the up arrow on the elevator. 

“I hope she likes me as well.” I laughed as we got on to the elevator. “She will don’t worry. She’s been dying for another girl friend.” He laughed as we reached our floor. we walked out onto the floor and walked to our door which happened to be a walk. Once there Conor opened the door and we both walked in. 

“We’re back.” Conor called out as his family look over. I smiled at them and said a quick hello before going to the kitchen to unpack the food and junk. “Babe did you put a timer on for the chicken?” I asked looking over at the stove then him.

“I thought you just threw it in?” Conor questioned. I shook my head and chuckled. “That’s because I remember things. You don’t.” I said opening the oven door to look at them. “Sorry princess.” Conor replied frowning. “Don’t sweat it big baby.” I chuckled throwing the brown bags away.

We both walked into the living room and Conor introduced us and before we knew it Diner was done. I sat next to Conor and Anna as his parents sat across. Conor at the head. Everyone was talking and I was just picking at my food. “Conor did you make this?” His father asked. “Yes, but no. It’s actually Y/ns recipe but I tried to make it.” Conor smiled. “It’s good son.” He replied. I smiled at Conor and looked at his parents who were unimpressed with me well Anna seemed to love me.

After eating dinner me and Conor cut up one of the pies and served it. “Sorry that Y/n wasn’t here when you first came. She ate the pie I bought yesterday and had to get a new one Conor explained. I chuckled a bit along with Anna. “Seems like she would.” His father commented. I nearly chocked on my food.

“Excuse me?” I asked confused. “Seems like you would.” His dad repeated. He didn’t like me. Neither did his mom. “Dad why would you say that?” Conor asked confused hurt. “Have you seen her? She’s overweight.” His mom brought in. “Excuse me.” I replied quietly getting up leaving the table and walked into our shared room and fell onto the bed and cried.

I laid in there for what seemed like hours but was only five minutes before Conor came in and pulled me closer to him. “Don’t listen to the baby.” He whispered in my ear. “They hate me Conor.” I cried. Conor sighed and nodded. “They do, but that doesn’t matter because I love you. Also Jack and Anna. But mostly me. We love you.” He said kissing my cheek.

I sniffled my nose and smiled. “I love you to Conor.” I said before he kissed my lips. “Do you want to eat those pies now since they left?” He asked. “Is that even a question.” I giggled wiping my tears. Conor chuckled at me and left to get the pies.

[JB] Good Job, Soldier (Chapitre 2)

A/N: sorry for the wait guys! This chapter is quite long, hope it’s making it up for the delay :)

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Anna yawned as she retrieved her bag from the lockers room. This shift had been quite intense. As wild as a Friday night can get. She had briefly considered changing jobs while pulling out 43 pins out of a man’s back, but now all she had in mind wad her bed. And food. She swung her bag over her shoulder and went out, dragging her feet behind her. She had an internal dilemma: she was starving, famished, she had to eat. But that would mean she wouldn’t get to just kick her shoes off and collapse onto her bed, disappearing in a deep comatose state. She was tired, exhausted, beat.

“Annie, baby.” Caleb trotted, catching up with her. He had his bag as well and was ready to finish what had been the most tiring night shift ever.

“Hi.” She murmured as he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.

“Tryna escape without giving me a kiss?” He teased, giving her cheek a wet kiss. She moaned and recoiled. Gross.

“Thought Gavin was keeping you busy.” She sniped back, looking up at him to watch his reaction. He threw his head back and clutched his chest like he had been shot and groaned dramatically.

“Lame.” He shook his head, and Annabelle giggled. “Lame.”

“I knew you would chicken out. I knew it.” She celebrated, elbowing him in the rib-cage.

“Listen, Gave’s a little asshole, okay?” Caleb held a finger up pointedly. “He’s an asshole. Let’s start there.”


"Comes to me all flirty and shit, keeps giving me those fuck me eyes.” He muttered. God, the fuck me eyes. Annabelle had been served a freaking rant about those. It lasted days.

“And he shows up with a belt and dress shoes.” He said bitterly. Annabelle thought she had missed a part of the story.


“Yeah.” Caleb concurred. “A belt.”

“How’s that a turnoff?” She asked as they avoided an incoming stretcher.

“Clearly, the guy had dressed for a date.” Caleb explained as they arrived in the hall and the reception. “I don’t-”

“Do dates, yeah.” Annabelle rolled her eyes as she grabbed a tablet to check out. Caleb had to be both the straightest and gayest man on earth. He just did one night stands one after the other. Girls, boys, trans, threesomes, foursomes, some things he did were ugly. And Caleb was happy with that. He was a slut and he lived for it. Annabelle, on her side, was just amazed he managed to meet people while being on the night shift team.

“But. Maybe he wanted to whip you with it.” Annabelle proposed; and it sounded like a joke, but she meant it. Caleb froze, eyebrows meeting his airlines. Oh.

“Do you mind checking me out?” He said quietly, handing her his badge. Annabelle shook her head at him. He hadn’t even thought about that.

“Gotta go brush my…stethoscope.” He said, eyes eyeing the pathology department’s door. Where Gavin worked.

“Sure.” She tittered, and Caleb just bolted away.

“If it works out, you treat me breakfast.” She called after him.

“Okay! Watch my bag!” He replied, waving a hand over his head. 


When Caleb went back to Bertha’s desk, he was humming Sexual Healing with a smug smile on his face. He picked up his bag and badge, and Annabelle watched him with an equally smug look.

“So?” She prompted as they headed towards the exit. Caleb took a deep breath and pulled Annabelle closer.

“Apparently, the guy had a belt 'cause he had no underwear." 

"My god.” Annabelle chocked on her own laugh.

“Off to Leon’s. My treat!” He declared, and boy he was happy.

“Can I tag along? Did my first tracheo today.” Christine chimed in, joining them as they stepped out of the hospital.

“Really?” Caleb replied.

“She handled it like a pro.” Annabelle explained. She had been here, and it was so much better than the butchery Jaebum did when they met.

“That deserves a bagel.” He said, snaking an arm around Christine’s shoulders, pulling both of his chicks close.

“It was so impressive.” Christine beamed, recalling the operation. "The patient was allergic to peanuts, and his friends shoved a handful of themin his mouth. Everything was so swollen, I couldn’t even see his glottis.“

"What a friend.” Caleb grimaced. “Sounds like something I would do.”


“How’s your soldier doing?” Christine asked as they sat down on the terrace of their favorite breakfast place, trading their usual seats for the sunny bit of the restaurant since it was a particularly hot day.

“Good.” Annabelle replied, digging into her pancakes before even putting her tray down. "He just needs to let his back heal, and he’ll be fine.“

"So his spinal cord is intact?” Caleb asked. Annabelle shoved half of her plate in her mouth.

“Errthing’s fine.” She mumbled. Caleb shifted in his seat.

“Even…” He trailed off, shrugging a shoulder to make it look like he was acting casual. "Can he stand… tall? In all- all his glory…?“

"Chaleph.” Annabelle was appalled by his question.

“He made the remark himself!” He argued, defensive.

“Was so worried he couldn’t bang you against every fucking surface.” Christine snickered. Annabelle wanted to tell them off, but she realized that she couldn’t have been expecting less from them. Actually, why hadn’t they asked earlier?

“Everything is fine there too.”  She replied before swallowing. Caleb and Christine glanced at each other.

“And is it efficient?” He asked.  Annabelle looked up from her plate and gave him a 'really?“ look. She wasn’t sure she wanted to talk about that now, and not with Christine. She knew sex talk was a way to get closer to people, but she didn’t want to have that kind of talk with her. Especially not about what was really happening. 

"Are you guys going to interrogate me about my sex life?” She asked, exasperatedly. 

“Hell yeah.” Christine exclaimed. "I have a major soldier kink.“

Annabelle looked at her and tilted her head in a thoughtful manner. She didn’t realize Christine was such a… Caleb.

"Did you know Caleb has a vibrating dildo?” She blurted out. Caleb nearly chocked on his food.

“Hey you-”

“Does he?” Christine’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“No, don’t change subjects-”

“Five inches wide.” Annabelle precised, nodding slowly. Christine laughed, slapping a hand on his shoulder while he glared at Annabelle.

“No wonder why you’re so easy to talk to. It’s been long since you’re not uptight anymore.” She complimented. And really it was a compliment to her.

“Okay, we’re splitting the bill.” Caleb announced.

“I can afford a bagel, Brad Pitt.” Annabelle retorted, condescendingly.

“Yeah, you can take your money and shove it up your ass along with your massive sex toy.” Christine added.

“Lame.” Caleb muttered. “Lame.”


“Alright, guys. I’m beat, gonna get some sleep.” Christine declared, stretching her arms over her head. 

“See ya.” Caleb said as she gave his cheek a peck and blew Annabelle a kiss.

“Bye.” Annabelle waved, and Christine collected her bag and left. Annabelle watched her walk away while taking a long sip of his soda.

“Anna.” He called to get her attention, and shifted uncomfortably when she put her eyes on him.

“I got that you didn’t want to talk about your sex life with Christine.” Captain obvious said. "But you know you can tell me. We’ve known each other for years.“ He argued, and he was right, she could tell him. They’ve known each other since med school, and it took time, like it always does with Annabelle, but he became her only and best friend over the years and they could pretty much talk about everything.

"We haven’t done it yet.” She admitted quietly.

“Why?” Caleb sounded astonished. She looked down and shoved two strawberries in her mouth..

“Oh, c'mon Annie. Don’t get shy with me now.” Caleb egged. "Is it because it’s, like, small?“

Annabelle nearly chocked.

"I mean, he’s asian.” Did je just-

“Chaleph.” She scolded. When he gave her a wry smile, she understood it was useless o try to make him decent. "I’ll jusss shay phat’s the leasht Asian part of him.“

"Woah, okay!” Caleb laughed, holding his hands up in defeat.

“It’s just that…” She shrugged, struggling to put a word on her feelings. Annabelle hadn’t thought about sex with JB until he was able to get up and walk, displaying his perfect ass and making his muscles roll with each step she took. Then, after that he started acting cocky and making innuendos. Clearly he wanted her and it made her surprisingly nervous. Not the butterflies in the stomach and blushing nervous but 'i don’t know what’s going to happen after that’ nervous. She knew there was going to be a fallout after they did it. Good? Bad? She didn’t know. He was the first man she had let in in a long time, and it was nice before, over skype, but now she had to do things with him and be in a real relationship. And she found that much scarier than long-distance relationships.

“I don’t know. I avoid it.” She confessed.

“Why is that?”

“Because-” She shrugged. "I don’t know.“ But she did. "Anxiety.”

“Annie.” Caleb cooed.

“I can’t give him that yet, what if-”

“Have you discussed it with him?” Caleb cut her off, knowing if she let her brain get started it would never stop until next year.


"He hasn’t tried anything on you yet?” Caleb’s eyebrow made a triangle.

“It’s only been a few days since he can move his back." 

"You’ll have to sort it out with him eventually.” Caleb murmured.

“I know.” She said, and took a nostalgic sip of her soda.

 Annabelle went home and slept the morning away. She woke up at noon, her four hours of sleep more than enough for her. She showered and prepared herself for her daily workout.


Annabelle took the last turn before she arrived to the military medical center that was eight feet away for her. The street was empty and it was a straight line. She could have accelerated to cheat on her time but she never privileged speed. Her goal was to be able to run any distance at her maximal aerobic speed, and slowly increasing its level to be a long-lasting runner. Running was her priority workout. She had learned it only a few years ago but got good very quickly. Her backpack fastened on her shoulders and tied around her waist, she arrived to the center in what she thought was a good time. JB was waiting for her on the stairs like every day for the past week, timer in hand. And he had a real timer. Like, the round machine with buttons. Because he was old school. Annabelle didn’t miss that occasion to make fun of him. Jaebum called her a brat ad thew his timer at her.

“Seven minutes and 14 seconds.” He annouced, making a weir moue with his mouth. Annabelle put her hands on her knees to catch her breath. "Did you stop at Starbucks?“

When she looked up, flipping her ponytail back, JB had that same old smug smirk on his beautiful face. He was dressed in a T-shirt and workout shorts, his backpack sitting on the stairs below him between his legs. She was 3 seconds above her record.

"I left a minute late.” She panted, and it was a vain lie.

“Don’t lie to me, soldier.” He replied, pushing himself up on his feet. Annabelle drank the sight of him, all dreamy and sporty and sexy. He stepped closer and leaned in, Annabelle’s hands coming up to palm his biceps as he circled his arms around her.

“Hello.” She murmured before he kissed her sweet and tender. He smelled good. And he was about to get sweaty and sexy and he kissed like a goddamned pro. Annabelle had to pull away because she hadn’t caught her breath yet.

“How’s your back?” She asked, looking up at his eyes.

“Still bitchin’ a little, but keeps getting better.” He kissed her cheek twice.

“My doctor says I can’t be a contortionist anymore, but I’ll live with that.” He murmurs, his tongue darting out to lick a drop of sweat bellow her ear. Annabelle squeezed his arms, holding on tight to hide the fact that her knees almolst buckled.

“S'long as I can fight.” He grinned down at her. His words made the angry machine her brain was start to reel again. He had started the engine of her train of thoughts. An infernal machinery that had her frowning up at him as she jumped to a conclusion.

“Does it mean you’ll go back to Syria?” She asked. And that’s where that furious train of anxiety had taken her. He was happy as long as his injury didn’t prevent him from fighting for his country, which meant he had the intention to go back and fight, which meant he was going to leave her.

“What? Hey.” JB frowned, his grip around her loosening. Annabelle panicked.

“Woah, Annabelle.” He stepped back, holding his hand up, and she refrained herself from clinging to him.

“You’re already asking me to quit my job?” He asked, and she knew it was too soon for her to express her reticence. She had fucked up. And judging his reaction, he did have the intention to leave.

“I was just asking.” She lied, because she knew if she had been honest, he would have ran off.

“No, I know what it means to you. We’ve talked about this.” He argues. He knows how Annabelle is, she had warned him about her anxiety. About her fear of abandon and about how irrational she could get. 

“I was just asking.” She repeated, trying to convince herself. Jaebum eyed her, untrusting, but caved in the second she touched his arm to pull him back to her.

“Okay.” He murmured as she ran her hands over his shoulders.

“Relax, okay?” She cooed, eyes convincing, insisting. She could be a very good manipulator when she tried. She rose on the tips of her toes and planted another kiss on his lips, and Jaebum was a sucker for her kisses. He was so sweet on her it should be forbidden. When he hummed against her mouth, she pulled away.

“Let’s go.” She encouraged.


Annabelle and Jaebum have started working out at the medical center’s gym since he started reeducation. She keeps him company there and does her daily workout as well. It turned out to be a real torture for Jaebum to workout with her. The first time she arrived in just a sports bra and tight leggings he nearly fell over. 

She was a fine piece of cake, and she would get sweaty, which only made it harder for him. Literally. She’d come dressed like that every day but he never actually got used to it. She was like a prize he was proud of showing off around the gym. Most of the people there were men, and sometimes she’d be the only female there. It could get really feisty really fast.

 He still remembered the first time she arrived when they literally all stopped what they were doing and clapped in union. Annabelle had been embarrassed but still laughed it off. Jaebum wasn’t the overly jealous type. He knew fellas were constantly checking her out but he was proud of her. He only had two rules: don’t touch, don’t speak. If anyone approached her too closely, Annabelle would get her first glimpse of thermonuclear captain Im.

But today Annabelle was distant. She had decided to shut him out, but it wasn’t totally intentional. Her thoughts were loud in her head and she couldn’t bring herself to be present. She kept thinking about the discussion they had outside and making calculations to know if he was going to leave her. She wondered if she should leave him first. Obviously he was going to leave and Annabelle would never forgive him, she thought maybe she should end it before he did, to save her time and tears. She was so busy thinking, she barely heard anything outside her head- JB’s voice for instance.  And the more she kept thinking the more she was comforted in the idea that there was literally no point of staying with him if he was going back to Syria.

She wondered why she felt that way. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. She hadn’t let JB all the way in. There were things he didn’t know and she had no intention to reveal, mostly because it would put her life in danger, but also because she thought he previous relationship crashed because she was in too deep. She didn’t dive in this relationship in hopes of becoming his wife or something. She just wanted to try. He was sweet, funny, handsome, a little bit arrogant, and he had that older brother vibe that made her feel a little bit safer. She just knew she wanted to be more than friends, but not that much more. Nothing that serious. Nothing that would want to make her ask him to quit his job and stay with her forever. He was supposed to be close to her heart but far enough that she wouldn’t fear being abandoned that much. Needless to say her plan was a disaster.

“One more.” Jaebum ordered when Annabelle finished her last set of leg press. Her thighs were sore and trembling.

“You said fifty.” She argued, shooting him a disapproving glare.

“I said fifty-five.” He lied, propping his hands on his hips. His T-shirt was drenched in sweat around his collar, she noticed at that moment. 

“Ugh.” She muttered and did five more of them, painfully.

“And we’re done, good job soldier.” JB complimented, and her knees gave up on her. She whimpered but JB blocked the weights in time before the machine crashed her legs.

“You okay?” He asked worriedly, giving her his hand.

“Yeah.” She replied, taking it and pulling her sore body out of the thing.

“I’m going to run again for a bit.” She lied, and it was just so she could have some time without him being sexy and sweaty and making her life hard.

“Okay.” JB said, already adding more weight onto the leg press for his own use. The treadmills were across the room. Still too close for her not to feel her sex appeal from there. So when JB laid down on the machine she took a sharp turn to the left and escaped this corner of the gym. She went to the section with mats, benches and other machines for abs workout. She crossed the room towards the most isolated corner to use a mat and hear herself think. She laid down and less than a second later she was already being disturbed.


She looked up to find a sweaty dude smiling down at her, elbow propped on a crunch machine. She sat up and gave him a quizzical look.

“Do you know how that thing works?” He asked, feigning ignorance. Lame. She thought. Lame.

“Yes.” She replied. “And you do too, I saw you on the other one.” She pointed towards the other machine across the room. The man didn’t let that faze him. He showed her his perfect teeth.

“So you were looking at me?” He retorted, Annabelle had to laugh at that, because it was kind of smooth. She knew it would only encourage him but she couldn’t help it.

“Are you single?” The guy asked once her laughter faded.


It wasn’t Annabelle that answered. She leaned to the side to see where that familiar voice came from, and saw JB stuttering over. 




She scrambled on her feet quickly.

“The treadmills are over there.” JB said to her, pointing a finger over his shoulder. He wasn’t even looking at the guy whose shoulders had creeped up to his ears and who was trying to make a quick escape.

Annabelle was annoyed that she had been caught.

“If you want me to leave you alone, just say it.” JB muttered, crossing his arms over his chest as she walked past him without a word.

“Leave me alone.” She said to herself, quietly enough so he wouldn’t hear, but he did. He followed her until she got out of the gym, and took her by surprise when he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her inside the first door he found.

She yelped as she was pulled in the dark, before he found a switch and turned the lights on. They were in a broom closet, and JB was fuming, way too close to her for her to think straight.

“What the hell is your problem?” He snarled, and rather than processing his words, she just drank the sight of him, angry and sweaty and muscular and he smelled obscenely good for someone who had been working out and this, all of this- him- he should be illegal. "We were fine before we stepped in here and now you don’t want me around you anymore?“

Annabelle didn’t want to express herself. She never expressed her anger or opinion when she thought it might hurt or anger her boyfriend. The "leave me alone” that he had heard was a massive mistake from her; he wasn’t supposed to hear that. She never got mad at her boyfriends or expressed any kind of opposition because even if she did want to be left alone, she was scared they would take the opportunity to actually leave her. She had an abandonment issue.

“Jaebum-” She was going to lie to him, because she had too, even if she was so angry she had to bite her tongue to prevent the truth from slapping out.

“No!” He snarled, sensing her lame excuse.

“What is wrong?”  He urged. "What did I do? What did I say?“

"You think I don’t know you’ll go back to Syria the minute you can?” And just like that, the words were out. JB wasn’t surprised at all. He knew she wasn’t completely over their discussion from earlier.

“Yeah, because you know me that well.” He muttered.

“Or maybe I don’t.” She snapped back. JB crossed his arms over his chest.

“You’re rushing, Annabelle.” He stated.

“Rushing?” She repeated incredulous

“I assume we’ve only been together for the two weeks, then.” She challenged “I started counting when you asked me out over Skype. Six months ago." 

JB rolled his eyes.

"Being physically together isn’t the same thing, and you know it.”  He said and he was righ,t it was much more difficult. Her brain was working more than usual and even faster ever since he came back, and now she had to think about her actions and how to behave around him because she spends more time in his company. Before she would only think about what she was going to well when they would video call each other, and now they spent more than just half an hour together. They went from that to  spending hours and hours and maybe it was too much and too soon for her. Maybe she really did not know him because everything was so different now, and it was better and worse and now she was just really confused and her brain was going to explode. It had taken her to the final stop of the train which was “this was not a good idea”.

“I…” She opened and closed her mouth because she was not going to do this

“No, tell me. I’m very interested.”  JB urged.

“Let me go home.” Despite the fact that it was at its final stop her brain train continued to try and move forward, reeling and short-circuiting.

“If you think you’re-”


Annabelle heard a groan of frustration reverberating in the air and then her back was slammed against the nearest wall, a hand wrapped around her jaw and lips crashing against hers. JB kissed her and their teeth collided before he pushed his tongue inside her gaping mouth. He tilted her head back and took her mouth repeatedly, and everything turned blurry and fuzzy inside her. JB’s brain had short-circuited as well, he wanted her for fuck’s sake. He wanted her more than anything and they were fighting.

“Jaebum.” She mumbled between his assaults, hands coming up to his shoulders. He licked on the inside of her mouth, the tip of his tongue tickling the inside of her lower lip, and her whole body sagged, a moan bubbling up in the back of her throat. He pressed himself closer against her, and he was possessive and takin and taking, and Annabelle couldn’t think; didn’t have time to. He kissed her like an animal and Annabelle felt… How did she feel?

“JB.” She moaned, the sound weak and breathy but it sounded like fucking music to his ears. He groaned, one knee parting her legs as he pinned her with his hips. And he was getting so hard so quickly. Annabelle couldn’t know how she felt but she sure knew it felt great. It was amazing, she couldn’t think, she was out of herself, she was being taken and worshipped at the same time.

“I’m so mad at you.” JB muttered, his hand letting her jaw go. He bent a little and hooked his hands on the back of her thighs, hoisting her small form up against the wall effortlessly. Annabelle wrapped her legs around his waist, her fingers curling around the back of his neck. He was mad at her; but he wasn’t leaving.

“So fucking mad at you.” He kissed her again, long and hard and angry, and that alone was enough to turn her on like she had never been before. When her libido was unleashed, there was no going back. 

JB lips moved from hers to her jaw, freeing her mouth and she gasped for air, sweaty chest heaving. He licked a long a torturous path down the side of her neck, and the tingles traveling to her core made the back of her head hit the wall, her mouth hanging open, her nails digging into the back of his neck. JB pulled back just in time. He moved and saw what had to be the most erotic sight he’d ever seen. Annabelle with head tossed back, cheeks and chest pink and flushed, her gorgeous lips parted, her tight, round and glistening breasts rising and falling as she panted. Too soon, she moved and looked down at him, her eyes clouded with desire. His cock twitched.

“I’ve been wanting you like this. For so fucking long.” He murmured, his legendary smirk stretching his lips. He fucked her up. He had this ravaging smile and he was sweaty and muscular and sexy and Annabelle just started to kiss him, really kiss him, taking his mouth just like he had taken hers earlier. JB hummed and kissed her back, and it all turned into an insanely sensual dance of tongues. They kissed like they had never before, letting go and caving in to the attraction they had felt ever since they saw each other in that restaurant. It took Annabelle some time to admit it, but if she hadn’t had a patient with an empty pen in his throat, she would have dragged him to the toilets of that place and fucked his sass out of him.

When Annabelle started racking her nails around his scalp while tugging on his hair, JB couldn’t refrain the small roll of his hips. It was subtle but Annabelle definitely felt it, his prominent hard on pressed against her core. Everything started to burn. and tighten inside her. Her blood started to sing and pump fast, she was listless. She moaned out loud, mouth dropping open against his, eyes closed in bliss. JB groaned, his lips claiming hers again, and he tried to press his body even closer, shove himself inside her as if he could.

“I need to make you come. I keep thinking about it. Every goddamned day.” He muttered against her mouth, hips jerking steadily against hers, and Annabelle grinded down on him, matching his movements with equal eagerness. And it did make him crazy to be around her every day and not be able to fuck the daily lights out of her every time she’d call him old. She had to be one of the sexiest woman he had ever seen. She was petite but voluptuous and she had nice, nice breasts. She had fucking freckles on her nose and neck, silky and shiny hair, and an ass to die for. She was a fucking bombshell. So fucking sexy and unaware of it.
“Please.” Annabelle breathed, throwing her head back, heat radiating in her body, from her pussy to the tip of her toes. She kept riding him over his clothes, his anatomy getting more and more defined against her with each one of his movement. He was big and she could feel it. She had noticed how his workout shorts barely contained him, but god he felt even bigger against her. JB could feel her heat, want and need even through his pants. It felt so, so hot against him;

“I can feel you. God, you’re wet.” He growled, slamming his forehead against her shoulder and slapping his hand against the wall. Annabelle yelped, her nails scratching his scalp and neck, and it hurt so goo JB had to bite down on her shoulder to prevent himself from moaning too loudly.  "Oh, fuck. Oh, that’s it, princess.“

Annabelle kept going. It felt too good to stop. It started building up inside her and there was no way she was stopping. JB would already have lowered his pants to let his cock free and plow her until they both passed out but he was just too close, to desperate to feel her close that he kept humping her, and didn’t stop when his balls drew up tight.

"JB.” She moaned as silently as she managed, gasping for air as her orgasm washed over her like a hurricane. She was coming. She was coming and it sounded so fucking erotic and sexy- goddammit. She tightened her grip around his hair, her eyes squeezed shut as he panted against the skin of her neck.

"Oh, JB…I…” She mumbled, her back arching off the wall. JB closed his eyes and frowned while he came; spilling himself in his pants before he could realize what was happening. His orgasm shook him to his toes and he bit her again, dragging her release on and on.

“Oh, god.” She moaned, circling her hips against his. JB pulled away to take a look at her orgasmic bliss.

“I’ve got you. Ride it out.” He murmured. God she was beautiful. He had come in his pants but it was so fucking worth it.

“That’s it, yes.” He complimented, his eyes clouded with adoration. “You’re so pretty when you come for me.”

Annabelle groaned, bringing her head down and taking his face in her hands. She kissed him hard and demanding, still riding the aftershock of her high, until the firework inside her faded away. Their kiss turned into a slow and sensual dance; then into sweet and tender licks of their tongues, and JB smiled against her lips.

“Well.” He breathed, and he had that goddamned smirk that made Annabelle swoon like a teenager. “That wasn’t the discussion I expected.” He said, remiding her there was something happening before her brain short-circuited like that. She frowned, hearing her train-brain ready to depart. She pulled a few inches away from him, blinking. When she shifted, JB’s smirk disappeared and he winced.

“Oh.” Annabelle said. “Sorry.”

“Ah.” JB groaned, letting her body slide back down to the floor. Annabelle leaned against the wall because her legs took a moment to wake up. “Let’s get cleaned up.” He grimaced. Annabelle nodded and nearly bolted out. Striding out of that broom closet like the plague was inside it and never looking back.

She would usually shower at the gym, but JB was certainly expecting that, so she didn’t. She went to the lockers room, dried her sweat with her towel, changed socks- because she always had to have clean socks before she ran, and headed out of the medical center in less than five minutes. Outside, she found no one.

When she tried to jog away, she felt a sharp tug at her backpack and almost fell on her behind. When she caught her balance and glanced back, JB had a firm grip on her. He wasn’t happy.
“You’ll have to lose that habit of running off every time something upsets you, soldier.” He muttered.


“Let me go.” She bristled. JB’s eyebrows met his hair line.

“Oh, you’re mad at me now?” He challenged. She was assessing.

“No.” She said. "I just want to go home.“

"I’m not done with you.” He retorted and started dragging her towards the parking lot of the center while JB said something about brats and spanking.

“Well, I am. So-” She was cut of by the sound of her own back hitting a cold mortar wall, and then JB’s lips were on her again, her face held between his hands. And Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl all over again. He kissed her hard and demanding, tongue first, licking into her mouth in the possessive way that nearly made her come a few minutes ago. She moaned and sighed and sagged against him, hands clinging and palming and grabbing while took her mouth again and again with angry yet velvet licks of his tongue.

When he pulled away, his face was flushed and he was frowning. Annabelle opened her eyes and saw how wrecked he looked, breathing heavily against her face.

“I. Am. Not. Done. With. You.” He gritted out. Affirmative. "And you’re not done with me either.“

Annabelle could not deny that. She still couldn’t pinpoint the feeling that invaded her every time he kissed her like that. She was a little bit mad at that.

"Come.” He ordered, taking her hand and pulling her into the parking lot.

“Where are you taking me?" 

"To my apartment.”


“Because obviously we need to talk."He said as they arrived to his car. The man had a pick-up. Just how old was he?

"I didn’t shower.”

“Guessed you wouldn’t. You’ll do it at my place.” He proposed, opening the passenger’s door for her. He just wasn’t done with her at all.


JB lived in a luxurious apartment in the city center. How could he afford it? His mother was a rich entrepreneur who made millions by making money off of rich assholes’ backs and giving it back to the poor. She died when he was eleven, and he inherited part of her wealth when she was eighteen. He said he only used it for his apartment and his studies. After first coming back from war the first time, he felt the need of living in a safe place, and thought it was right to put some money in it. The building was very highly secured. You either had to have a passcode or a badge to enter the parking lot, and a code to get to the top floor, where his apartment was.

Despite his money, JB was very down to earth. Really it was the only fancy thing he had. His pickup was at least seven years old, and he dressed just as any other civilian would do.

When he was eighteen, he cut all ties with the rest of his family. His father, sister and brother. He never developed the story. He did not talk to them, period. Annabelle hadn’t bugged him to tell he more about it, because they had agreed not go that deep in each other’s live. They were the same kind of person. They both had a past they completely let go, forgot and buried, and did not want to bring back to life at any cost. Their past was something that had become totally independent from the persons they were. But that was most true for JB, not Annabelle. Annabelle had her secrets too, and JB wasn’t supposed to want to know them. And frankly, it was a blessing for Annabelle that he didn’t want her to meet his family. She always found it too pressuring.

Annabelle had been in his apartment before, but only around the living room and the kitchen. Never stayed the night or went to his bedroom. But he led her straight there. His room was so tidy she felt out of place. Bed done like a square, and boy his closet. That man had to have OCD.

“The bathroom’s yours.” He said as he opened the door of what had to be a spa. It was also so clean she was sure he didn’t shower here.

“You can grab a T-shirt in my closet.” He winked down at her before exiting the room. The cleanness of the place was bothering her. She wanted to knock everything over. Nothing was out of place, but at the same time everything was. She opened the cupboard above the double sink and the squareness of the arrangements almost blinded her. She took a closer look and remarked that every bottle and container was disposed according to their sizes. 


She dropped her bag and shoes in his bedroom and went back in the bathroom to undress. He had an Italian shower and it was nice. She showered and grabbed a towel from the drawer underneath the sink where they were all neatly folded. She wrapped it around herself and opened the cupboard again to find some lotion to moisturize her skin. She didn’t find any in there, so she wandered out. Some people put their lotion in their closet because that’s where they dress.

Her eyes swiped around the room but there were only clothes and a small frame on a shelf. It was a picture of a woman and a little girl on a beach. They were both Asian. The woman was holding the toddler in her arms, and he was pointing towards the camera with a big grin. 

“Looking for something?”

Annabelle almost jumped, turning around to find JB leaning against the doorframe, hands in his pockets. 

“Who is it?” She asked, pointing towards the frame.

“My mother. With my sister.” He replied simply. Annabelle wasn’t supposed to ask more. Didn’t feel the need to.

“Do you have body lotion?” She enquired, and JB tried not to look to relived by the change of subject. He frowned.

“I don’t know. Maybe.” He said, and shuffled out towards the bathroom, Annabelle following him.

“You don’t moisturize?” She was low-key scandalized.

“Uhm, no.”

In the bathroom, JB opened the cupboard above the vanity and ruffled through he perfectly aligned bottles.

“In the army, you end up sweating all the time.” He explained. That argument went through her like crap in a goose.

“You still need to moisturize.” She scolded. JB turned his head towards her and frowned.

“Are you naked under that?”

“No, I have a turtle neck.” She deadpanned.



JB had to laugh at that.

"Here.” He handed her a tiny bottle. She took it and sighed.

“That’s a hand cream." 

JB didn’t see her point.

"I’m sure you won’t die if you use it somewhere else.” He countered, and she was defeated.

“Right. Thank you.” She said. He smiled and kissed her cheeks before ambling out again. And it was at that moment she realized she didn’t know why he had come in here at first.

She did what she could with the hand cream. Really it didn’t make that much of a difference but still felt odd for her taste. She dressed in yoga pants and one of JB’s T-shirts, though she hesitated a bit to disturb the balance in the equality of their stacking. Three piles of five T-shirts each.

“You done moisturizing?” JB asked when she walked back inside the living room. The man was on his couch, legs crossed at his ankles, and feet propped up on his coffee table, a beer can on top of it. He had a book in his hands and wasn’t tearing his eyes off it.

“With a hand cream. I feel guilty.” She muttered, making a detour by the kitchen to get herself something to drink.

“Drama queen.” She heard him say. She smiled to herself and grabbed a soda can from the fridge before settling herself on the couch as well with a content sigh. She picked up the TV remote but JB snatched it from her hand, bending and putting it back down next to the four other different remotes, perfectly aligned.

“The fuck?” She blurted out, speaking before finding a more appropriate words. JB glared.

“Watch your mouth.” He ordered, pointing a threatening finger at her. JB didn’t understand why she had sworn. He thought there was a basic type of swearing, and basic occasions people could swear, but when people placed a swearword between each of their words it just reminded him of his dad.

Annabelle loved to offend him.

He closed his book and dropped it on the table. That’s at that moment she remembered they had something to talk about. She had forgotten for a little while and now she was getting anxious again. Jaebum pivoted so he was facing her, swinging an arm over the backrest of his sofa. She swallowed and fidgeted with her can.

“You don’t want me to go back to Syria.” He stated, and Annabelle opened her mouth automatically.

“I was just-”

“You were not, Annabelle. For fuck’s sake.” JB rolled her eyes and Annabelle kept her mouth open.


“Don’t.” He cut her off with his damned threatening index. She sagged against the soda and opened her can. She looked like a rebellious teenager getting scolded. Annabelle didn’t know why she was a brat around him. JB smiled to himself while she wasn’t looking. She was even more maddening than the first time he saw her.

“It’s way too soon for you to make that kind of demand, and you know it.” He added, watching her swirl her finger around the hole at the top of the can. Annabelle knew he was right. It wasn’t her fault: it was her brain-train.

“Yes, but…” She sighed, refusing to look at him. "I know I can’t ask you to quit your job, and I know you leaving wouldn’t be the end of our relationship. I know it would be different from when my exes left me. I know it would only be because of your job and nothing else. I know you’re right, and I think like that too. I do. I don’t want you to leave the army because of me. That would be too much pressure.“ She said, and she spoke she really started to wonder why she couldn’t’ stick with that mindset. Why she couldn’t stop getting ahead of everything and assuming the worst.

"But I know myself.” She looked up at his eyes.

“And?” He prompted calmly. He was calm but her eyes still went back down.

“I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you.” She whispered. JB kept quiet. He was pretty sure that was an ultimatum. He was also sure she didn’t want to make that demand.

“And I’m sorry for putting so much pressure on you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you ran away.” She added quickly.

“Soldiers never run away.” JB retorted, and she thought he was too serious but didn’t make fun of him. She just snorted and took a sip of her soda. She was uncomfortable and trying so hard to keep her brain-train docked, she didn’t notice him just staring at her with eyes full of something that would have made her even more anxious: love.

“Come here.” He murmured, and Annabelle leaned close but still kept her eyes on her can.  He curled his arm around her neck and tilted her head back so he could look at her in the eyes as he spoke.

“If I ever leave the country, I’ll do everything it takes for you to take me back.” He declared. That wasn’t the answer Annabelle was expecting. Or maybe it was, if she had been reasonable, but it wasn’t the answer she wanted. A “I promise I won’t ever leave” would have been perfect. It would actually have made h&&er feel better.

“I see that you don’t trust me yet, but I’ll earn your trust. And you’ll know deep down that I’ll never abandon you.” He added quietly. Annabelle felt bad because he was sure of himself. She was a hopeless case, she had zero confidence in her relationship. She didn’t trust that easily. She could never be convinced her boyfriends would stay. Yet he was saying that like all of her exes. They all were so sure they could change her. She couldn’t be changed.

“Alright, princess?” He piped up, kissing her nose. Annabelle definitely wasn’t feeling better at all, if not worse than before.

“I hope you’re right.” She murmured.

“Stop worrying, my sweet.” He retorted. “You look cute in my T-shirt.”

Annabelle rolled her eyes. She had heard that line at least a trillion times.

“That’s a classic.” She said, and he smiled.

“But it’s true.” He replied before kissing her soft and sweet. When she slid her fingers in the hair at the back of his head, he almost shivered, his lips seeking hers in a more demanding manner, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Annabelle held his neck and racked her finger tips in the short hair at his nape, smiling when her soldier bit her lip as a sign of approval. He pushed her down onto the sofa, his lips pressed against hers as he maneuvered his larger body between her legs. He kissed her jaw and Annabelle arched her neck, sighing in content and holding him close. His tongue felt like a velvet brush while he slowly traced the outline of her jawline with it, before dropping open-mouthed kisses along the skin of her neck. Annabelle made a small dying nose when he kissed her again, possessive and controlling and everything stated to feel better and better. He licked the inside of her mouth in a way that made her toes curl around his calves. He pulled away and kissed her chin, her throat, her collarbones… that was it, they were finally going to do it. He tried not to show his impatience and raging boner but the words he spoke gave him away.

“Want to take this to my bed?” He breathed against her collarbone, and he felt her hands freeze his hair. He looked up and her eyes were open but still clouded. He kissed the side of her neck and put a hand on her waist but she was rigid.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned down at her.

“I’m sorry. I can’t I-“She stopped and slid her hands down his shoulders, sighing. Brain train was heating up. “I have anxiety.” She said.

“I’ve figured.” He smiled sympathetically. She looked away from his eyes and swallowed.

“I want to take it slow.” She murmured, and when she heard no answer she looked back him at him, his smile hadn’t changed.

“Okay.” He whispered. Annabelle was used to this. Them saying 'okay take your time’ but freaking out and running away whenever her anxiety got out of hand. She didn’t pick up on it as much as she should have, in that aspect, JB wasn’t different from anyone she’d ever had in her life.

“It’s cool.” He said before giving her lips a peck. There it was, the sudden change, the 'gotta be careful with her now’. Annabelle didn’t say she wanted no sexy time at all, just that she wanted to go slow. Prude pecks weren’t what she wanted from him, anxiety or not, he was fine as hell, and she wanted to make out with him. When she kissed him again, hard and sloppy, his cock jumped to attention.

“I thought you wanted to take it slow.” He muttered against her lips, pushing a hand into her hair. He kissed her back though, because he could not resist.

“I want to do it at my own speed.” She replied, bucking her hips in a suggestive manner. JB smirked against her mouth and bit her lip, his own hips reacting and curling against hers. He was down for anything she would want to do, but he didn’t want to scare her away by getting too excited.

“Tell me when things get uncomfortable.” He ordered while Annabelle caught her lip betqeen her teeth, her hips rollings and grinding.

“Yeah?” She breathed, her eyes challwnfing him. They were dark and erotic and sesuctive.

“Yeah.” Be murmured before kissing her. He ran his hands down her sides, his thumb tracing circles on he hipbones while he moved his hips in ainc with hers. Annabelle tangled her fingers in his hair while his hands slid under her T-shirt and caresses the akin of her stomach. JB hesitated to go further up. He wanted to feel her breasts, toucj them, squeeze them, lick and kiss them, but he wasn’t sure about what he could do or not.

“Jae..” She sighed, her voice high and vaporous. Her eyes flittered close while she rose him from the bottom.

"That’s it. God, that’s it princess, sing for me.” JB said appreciatively.

“Oh, god.” She arched and writhed against him, her moans making it so hard for him to not fall apart. She sounded so erotic, he had never had a parter like that. Her sighs and moans travelled directly to his cock, each sound making it jerk and twitch. He groaned when she ran her nails down his torso.


She was loud but the way her moans poured in his ear made him feel like she was moaning only for him, that it was a secret she was sharing with him and meant for no one else. She sighed, her breath fanning against the side of his neck while her mouth hung open against his jaw. Her teeth closed around the sensitive skin while her nail scratched his chest. He shivered, hips jerking up and Annabelle yelped.

"Godammit.”  He muttered, pulling his body off of her. He still was towering over her on all fours but there was no way he was putting his body over hers again. Annabelle’s eyes opened in surprise, and she saw him panting, his face turned away from hers.

“What’s wrong?” She breathed. JB looked at her, his face flushed. The man had been struggling so hard, but this woman had no idea of what he had been going through. Even as a soldier, he thought sexy time with Annabelle Alstead required way more self-control than he had. 

“I’m not-” He stuttered, collecting his thoughts. How could he say 'you’re too hot for me not to fuck you sensless’ in a nice way?

“We shouldn’t.” Is what coming out. Annabelle frowned and shifted, ready to protest, but he cut her off with a loud groan while he sat back on his heels, clutching his back while making a grimace. Annabelle just couldn’t resist. Her brow ceased, eyes mischievous.

“Scared you might hurt your back, pops?” She teased. JB turned his head to glare at her.

“You really need to get your ass whooped.” He declared.

“Maybe I do.” She retorted with a grin. Her phone buzzed on the coffee table, and she took a glance at the Caller’s ID.

“Oh, no.” She gasped, remembering. "It’s Caleb. I forgot we were supposed to meet up after his hook up.“ She winced, slapping her hand on her forehead.


“Never mind. I have to go.” She muttered, dropping her barely drunken soda can on the table and standing up.

“Can I come with you?” JB forced himself not to look as panicked as he was. He didn’t like not spending time with her.

“I guess.” She frowned. "You sure you want to?“

"Yeah, just..” JB groaned, painfully standing up as well, his erection still prominent. "Let me have a cold shower real quick.“

When Annabelle and her boyfriend arrived to the bar, Caleb was already there. Had been for about half an hour. He was sitting at a table fo four, perched on a stool and sipping on a bottle of beer. When he saw the couple walk in, he grinned and stood.

"Hi.” Annabelle beamed, wrapping an arm around his neck and hugging him.

“Sup, princess?” Caleb replied, returning her embrace. When she pulled back, she gave him an apologetic pout.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” She said.

“S'all good.” He replied, waving a dismissive hand. "Good to know he keeps you busy.“ He murmured low enough so JB wouldn’t hear him. She flushed and turned scarlet while he moved to greet her boyfriend. They shook hands.

"Nice to see you again, JB. How’s your back?” Caleb asked as they all took place around the table, perching themselves up on stools.

“It’s fine. Keeps getting better.” He replied casually.

“That’s cool.” Caleb grinned. "It should be fine by the time you have your post-op exam with me.“ He said. Since Caleb had been his referring doctor when he went to the hospital, he had to do all the follow-up process with him. ” I’ll give you an autograph and you’ll be ready to go back to Syria.“ He added, and Annabelle’s eye bulged out. There was a silence, and then JB breathed a fake laugh.

"Yeah.” He grumbled, while Annabelle just glared at Caleb who was deliberately ignoring her.

“By the way, how’s civil life going for you?” Caleb asked. Jaebum shrugged a shoulder.

“It’s great. I get bored sometimes but s'alright.” He murmured.

“Yeah, I imagine.” Caleb nodded. "D'you know how long you’ll be here for?“ He asked. Annabelle placed an elbow on the table and pinched her nose. The silence was much longer this time. JB, who had understood his endeavor since the beginning was giving him an impassive stare, eyes slightly narrowed.

Annabelle could have told Caleb off at that moment (she should have) put part of her wasn’t over the discussion they had had earlier). Part of her wanted to actually corner him just like Caleb was doing.

"No.” He replied finally.

“Well, you’ve got at least until I give you the green light. Should I postpone our appointment so you can stay a little longer?” Caleb retorted.

“Caleb.” Annabelle snapped.

“What?” He gave her a quizzical look.

“Is that some kind of shovel talk?” Jaebum asked, flashing something too sharp to be a smirk. Caleb held his bottle up.

“Not my style. At all.” He said before throwing his drink back and getting up.

“You guys want anything? It’s on me.” He said, pointing one index to each of them.

“No, thanks.” JB refused.

“Baby girl?” Caleb prompted, and Annabelle shot bullets with her eyes.

“A beer, please.” She gritted out.

“Got it.” He winked. And he was only acting clueless. He was very aware of what he had done and did not give the slightest fuck about the consequences. When Caleb turned on his heels and left towards the counter, Annabelle spoke.

“He was-”

“Just asking?” JB snapped, and he looked pissed more than anything. Touché. Annabelle thought. She kept quiet, not knowing what to say in her friend’s defense.

“And 'baby girl’? ’Princess’?Really?” JB spoke after a beat. What now? 

“He gave me those long before you did.” She argued. "He doesn’t mean it like you do.“

Jaebum actually snorted, but he wasn’t smiling.

"Okay, I’ll have my female friends call me baby boy when you meet them, see how that makes you feel.” He declared.

“You have female friends?” Annabelle couldn’t refrain herself from teasing him.

“Course I do.” He frowned. "Brat.“

"Look.” He said, sighing. "I’ll just go home, alright? Don’t want to deal with him.“ He decided? Annabelle wanted to hold him back, but she didn’t see the point of forcing him when she knew Caleb was going to shovel talk him until he punched him. She had to talk to Caleb before they could be in the same room again.

"Okay.” She agreed. "I’ll get him to apologize or something. Promise it won’t happen again.“

"Okay.” He said before hopping down his stool. They kissed, and the second his lips touched hers she didn’t want him to leave anymore. He tasted sweet and lovely and he was tender with each soft suction of his lips on hers, and during the ten second their kiss lasted she had no doubts about Syria.

“Get a room.” Caleb muttered as he returned with two beers. They parted and JB gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks.” Annabelle said, grabbing her drink.

“I’m leaving.” Jaebum declared.

“Already?” Caleb faked disappointment.

“Yeah.” He replied. "Unless your shovel talk wasn’t over?“

"It was, don’t worry.” Caleb grinned. If he wasn’t that handsome when he smiled like a little shit, he would get punched in the face on a daily basis.

“Good.” Jaebum muttered before Annabelle leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“I’ll call you.” She promised.

“Bye.” Caleb waved, and JB returned the gesture before ambling off and out of the bar.

“He didn’t quite like that, did he?” Caleb said, and was proud and happy with himself.

“Neither did I.” Annabelle sniped back. "What the fuck is wrong with you?“

"Annie, now we’re sure he’s going to stay for at least a month.” Caleb said. We?

“Yay, thanks, fuck you.” She muttered.

“I don’t want you to suffer.” He said more seriously.

“I know, neither do I.” She replied. "But stay the fuck out of this.“

"Sure.” He caved in a little too quickly. Annabelle sighed and took a long sip of her beer to calm herself down.

“So.” She prompted. "Gavin.“

Caleb grinned again.

"Sweet.” He gushed. "He’s a full on dom, and he has a huge-“

"TMI. Are you going to see him again?” Annabelle cut him off.

“No.” He replied. "Why would I?“

"So who’s your next victim?” She asked. Caleb jerked his head over his shoulder.

“The bartender.”

“Now that’s why you’ve been paying drinks to everybody.”

My worst but best Scat experience

Many of you have been asking me about my experiences being a human toilet and the best or worst ones that I had. So this one was both the worst but the most exciting. So initially, I couldn’t get hired if I didn’t have a good CV or experience as a toilet otherwise women won’t pay a guy if he wouldn’t complete their fetish because although most want you to struggle and they force you (they enjoy it), some women want you to swallow everything without a fight and they get off at the fact that they’re shitting into a man’s mouth and he’s swallowing of it and they usually try to eat strong food to make it smellier and to know that it’s harder for you.

Anyways, what I did when I first started; I went to a borderline poor neighborhood so nearly middle class but not quite there (its usually all poor students living in shared apartments) and I looked for an apartment with girls who wanted to make money; I got lucky and found 2 joint apartment inhabited by 6 girls. I brought them around a table and explained to them if they wanted to make 200 euros each (to them that’s a shit tonne) I explained that I enjoy being force fed shit as a love human toilet whilst struggling and tied down; 5 of them hesitantly agreed because they needed the money and 1 thought i was extremely disgusting and got mad and said she won’t agree. When she left, the others decided that they wanted 300 euros each. I told them okay and the deal was I spend an entire weekend and the days before (4 days in total) in their apartments and they have to use me as a toilet for all their toiletry needs including periods if they needed that. I also told them that they won’t get their motley unless I swallow everything from everyone I thought that was a good incentive to help them forcefeed but oh boy was I an idiot for saying that. The first day started and I was tied down with a home made toilet bowl holding my head fixed and a tube on my mouth with my lips ductapped to the tube. They used me on irregular times and shat all different types of shit honestly; normal, hard, watery, soft, squishy, diahrea and the taste was horrendous; no matter how much I cried or begged them to stop, they didn’t care, finished their business and used this plastic rod that had a rubber o-ring on it to push all the shit down the pipe and lock it in the bottom of the tube so I Couldn’t push the shit back out. I cried and nearly chocked sometimes but they really didn’t care it was extremely scary and I legit cried literally thinking I was going to die. One girl took the worst smelling and tasting shit I have ever experienced and it was a huge load and she was very impatient and immediately pushed the entire thing with force down the tube and I panicked because it was a lot and I didn’t even have time to chew it and some of it even went down my throat it was horrible and then she left to go out and no one was home and I had to finish this enormous dump that tasted so bad that I started crying so much. The morning pee was also not nice to swallow. After i finished and payed everyone, I spent 2 nights in the hospital because I got “food poisining” and I had to take IV antibiotics and other things but I got better after 1 week of antibiotics at home and some fever and chills.

Although it was an exciting experience; in real life it’s nothing like your fantasies; try shitting a huge load, tape a tube to your mouth, stuff it in a tube and push it very hard into your mouth whilst trying to keep up with the swallowing and see how hard and painful that is; and that’s with you knowing when your pushing.

The moral of the story is the following:
-Don’t play forced scat play like I did with girls who don’t have experience in it, otherwise you may actually cause yourself physical harm.
-Always make a safeword with your feeder so they know when you truly need help and only use it when you are chockingor about to
- you will probably get sick

Phan: Those Who Trust - Part 34

Wordcount: 2.8k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
Beta: legendarygalaxydragon
A/N: I’m leaving for the airport at 4 a.m. and Han was lovely enough to quickly beta this before I go. You should send her some love. Hope you enjoy. x

|| Masterpost ||

It had been a year since Dan had moved in with Phil now. It was late September, and Dan had returned to university once again for his third year. The leaves on the trees slowly shifted from dark green to golden, and the supermarkets had already started to sell pumpkins and Halloween decorations. At times a harsh wind whistled through the streets of London, ruffling hair and clothes. Summer was gone and autumn ruled the city with an iron fist.

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Anonymous said:
Can you make a Nate imagine (dirty) where he is your best friend and you hang out and some and end up having rough sex after he confesses his fantasies about you and him dating and fucking? Thanks ily 💘

Warning this is my first actual smut on here &I I wrote this at like 3:30 in the morning last night, so I apologize in advance if it sucks but hey I tried 😇.

Sexual Vibes

Lately my bestfriend, Nate, has been acting pretty weird if you ask me. I’ve been trying to hang out with him for the past month and all I get is excuse after excuse as to why he can’t hang when he dam well knows he’s not doing anything except kicking it back smoking blunt after blunt. After so many tries I convinced him to finally hang out with me and I’m gonna get to the bottom of why he really hasn’t been answering my requests to see him. I walked into the fancy decorated elevator headed straight to Nate’s apartment, I was wearing some black joggers with a black crop top and some black shoes. I got out the elevator and knocked on the door, I heard fumbling and him take a deep breath before he opened “hey kid” I said smiling and pulling him in for a hug, his arms wrapped around me tight but a protective kind of tight. We pulled apart and he flashed me his million dollar smile. “So what’s the plan for today?” I asked throwing myself down “I got everything we need here and even got some movies” he smiled slightly avoiding eye contact, something made me want to ask him why he’s so nervous but i barley got here gotta give it some time then ease into some questions. He brought in our favorite snacks and set the movie “what are we watching” “fifty shades of grey” I nearly chocked on my spit “why?” “I don’t know, I heard it’s a good movie, full of all that sappy shit you like, so I just decided to get it” he said sitting in the opposite sofa across from me. I don’t think he realizes what fifty shades of grey really is about. Should I tell him, should I not? Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes “Nate…” “Hmp?” He said throwing his head up like a little kid “thanks” I smiled, guess we are going with no. He relaxed in the chair “why are you over there come here” I said patting the seat next to me with a blanket. He rubbed his hand in his hair before dragging his feet over to me. He sat down eating some chips before leaning back. I threw the cover over us and put my feet on his. It was towards the first sex scene when I decided to record his reaction, I quickly opened snapchat and the scene started at first he was calm and quiet but as soon as the sex started he freaked out, I laughed while recording him as he jumped up trying to shut the tv off “okay let’s not watch that” he nervously laughed as I ended the video. I bawled out in laughter as he sat in the same sofa he sat in the beginning, I got ticked off and decided to confront him.

“Whats wrong with you?” I asked sitting Indian style “what do you mean?” He said avoiding eye contact “there you go again! Stop avoiding eye contact and look at me dammit, I’m your bestfriend” he took a slight breath “that’s the thing….” He chuckled a bit, kinda psychotic if you ask me “what do YOU mean?” I asked furrowing my brows “ that’s all your gonna ever be my best fucking friend” “what are you trying to say?” He took a long breath this time “ I” “you” “I -I.” “Spit it out Nathan!” “I fucking love you” I sat there processing what he just said. “ I fucking love you dammit!….. I love everything about you, your smile, your body, your eyes, the way you bite your cheeks when you get nervous. Every fucking thing” I just looked at him watching his movements. “At first I thought it was a stupid feeling you know like that feeling when I see a fresh bag of weed, I get excited and once it’s gone it’s kinda like oh let’s cop a new bag” he fumbled his hands, I just nodded “but time passed and it wasn’t just a feeling, I found myself falling for you and needing your opinion on everything, I got jealous seeing you on guys that wasn’t me and dammit I found myself yearning for your approval! I put myself in denial, nah it couldn’t be love, it’s just a crush. I told myself sun up to sun down… But then the dreams happened” “dreams?” I asked tilting my head “I mean I’m already in too deep so this isn’t gonna really do shit” he laughed “ a while back I started having these dreams, dreams of us being together and doing other things…. I had dreams I was holding your hand, taking you places and even smoking blunts with you… I also had dreams I was fucking the shit out of you, dreams I was fucking you everywhere, dreams you were moaning and screaming my name, dreams of you not being so innocent and dreams that you would feel some type of way under my touch.” He looked at me looking for a reaction but I couldn’t offer anything “I wanna be able to do shit to you, shit that only we know about, I wanna be able to fuck you whenever and where ever I want to. But I don’t know how you feel and that’s what made me push you away, the more I saw you the more I fell and the more dreams I had. I didn’t know how you felt so why put myself through this if you don’t feel the same?” I leaned back in his chair. I didn’t know how to react, he just laid this all on the table without giving me a heads up. I don’t remember much that happened, I remember getting up and taking everything off except my bra and panties, I remember walking towards him as he looked at me in shock, I remember straddling him, I remember kissing him all over his jaw then moving to his lips. He didn’t know what to do he was shocked, I took both his hands and placed them on my ass, I kissed him hard and at first he didn’t but that changed. I was in control or so I thought. He lifted us up with my legs wrapped around his back, he took me to his room lying me on the bed slightly, he broke the kiss, kissing my jaw then my neck going down my tummy, he stood up removing his shirt and pants. I looked up glancing at how hard he was and knew this was gonna be one hell of a night.

He came back kissing me, he moved from my lips to my neck earning tons of moans, as he continued to suck on my sweet spot he slipped two fingers in my underwear, he teased me at first rubbing circles in my area that felt so amazing. I couldn’t help but moan louder squeezing my legs tighter with every circle he drew, I felt him smirk within my skin as he plunged a finger into me causing me to jerk forward, he plunged the second one into me as I held on to his shoulder wimping with amusement. He pulled me back down looking me in my eyes, watching my reaction and movements as he repeatedly pushed and pulled his fingers in and out slow then fast, I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head as my breaths became unsteady and quick. I pulled him by his neck about a inch away from my face looking him in his eyes, my facial expressions changing as I took breaths in, he smirked and plunged one last time into me sending my body into a mix of emotions, I layed back arching my back and he slowly pulled his fingers out of me. He yanked me by my hair and made me lick my juices off of him. He removed his boxers and I got up to go do my job when he stopped me “this isn’t about me it’s about you tonight” he layed me on my back teasing me tracing circles with his hard on by my entrance “fuck me” I begged and he listened, without any warning he plunged into me causing my back to involuntarily arch. “Fuck” he moaned as he quickened his pace, he leaned down pecking my lips. I removed my bra and he scanned my breasts, he took hold of one while slowing down his pace, after sometime he lifted me up placing my back along a wall. “I’m almost there” he said with a low raspy quick voice, I nodded my head as he entered me once again. Harder and harder he would go looking me straight in the eye to see how he was doing. I couldn’t describe the amount of pleasure I was getting if my life depended on it. I felt my back hit the wall and the silent room being filled with profanity, moans and skin slaps. He yanked my body off the wall placing his hands on my ass lifting me up and down his length fast as I moaned. His hair coming in his face blocking his eyes as he moaned and kissed my neck “I’m gonna cum” I moaned bouncing “together” he said yanking my hair. He took three final thrusts and on the final one my nails pierced his skin as I moaned slight profanities, his hands gripping my ass as he let out a manly moan while releasing inside me. He carried me still on his length and placed me on the bed,I climbed under the blankets as he layed across from me doing the same. We regained our breathing, I layed there thinking about the actions that just took place as he took my hand playing with our nails before saying something “ didn’t know you had that in you lil mama” “theres a lot you don’t know about me” I chuckled “can I be the only one to find out?” He asked “is this you asking me out? Because if so then yes” I said cuddling in his chest, he kissed my forehead and eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Mornings (Cas X Reader)

Pairing: Cas X Reader 

Summary: Sam and Dean finding about you and Cas 

Word Count: 486 

Warnings: None :) 

Originally posted by saidonsbrain

Morning. 9am to be exact. Morning after one of the best nights of your life. Nope. Definitely the best one.

 You roll on your back so you’re facing the left side of the bed. So you were facing Cas. Who could’ve thought that an angel of the Lord, one of the most innocent creatures on Earth could do such wonders in bed? Sure he had explained to you that he might be an angel but he was inside a human vessel. And vessels have memory. Both psychological and physical. So sex wasn’t a strange action at all to him - to Jimmy. 

“Good Morning… ” you whisper in his ear knowing that he doesn’t sleep. Angels don’t. “Good Morning…” he replies turning to face you. He had shaved in a couple of days. You could tell. But it added a strange sexiness to his form. He leaned him and kissed you. A lazy morning kiss. 

 "Y/N…Yesterday night was…“ he started but you didn’t even let him finish. 

 "You don’t need to say anything. We both know how it was.” he just kept quiet and smiled at you. You had never seen him smile like that. So genuinely, so honest. It made you so happy and proud. You were the one who was making him smile like that. 

 "I’m going to take a shower. Body only. Be right back" you say before running to the bathroom and closing the door behind you. 

 Cas was just laying there looking up to the bunker’s room ceiling. And that made him wonder: had the guys heard any of what happened last night? Sure your bedroom was the opposite side of the bunker and you had your door closed. He decided to find out. You know, just to ask to Sam or Dean if any of them had been bothered by any of last night’s “noises”. 

He got up from your comfortable bed, dressed his robe and wandered down the bunker’s hallways trying to find the main division of it. The brothers would definitely be there. 

“Morning Cas! ” Dean greeted with a cup of coffee and a donut in his hand.

“Already up?” Sam asked popping out of the kitchen. 

 "Yeah I–I just…“ he couldn’t remember what he went there to say and before he could even be able to remember he saw the brothers’ both mesmerized looking at him. A little lower than his eyes’ level. That’s only when he noticed that the robe was open and his material was showing. With the most natural look on his face he closed the robe again 

"Sorry for that…" 

"Cas did you…? ” Sam started to question stepping closer to him. 

“Had sex? Yes I did.” Dean nearly chocked in his donut and Sam almost fell back. 

“You had sex with Y/N?" 


 "NO! ” you screamed almost simultaneously when you entered the room causing all three of them to look at you. 

 "You had sex with Cas?“ Dean asked with both the mug and donut threatening to fall out of his hands. 

"Wow Y/N… This is a whole new level of… I don’t even care… ” he says throwing his hands up in the air in defeat. “But I’m proud of you Cas! Way to go!" 

"Dean let them alone… ” Sam said from the other side of the room where he had walked to work on his computer. 

 "Okay but did she do that thing with her hands where–“ 


Invisible - Chapter 13

Jay’s POV: Inappropriate

I went to my cafe because earlier today I got a text message from my mom saying that she missed me. I hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time with my family lately, since I was busy with my own label. And it didn’t help either that I just started dating. I was constantly going back and forth my work and my girlfriend. It was exhausting, but there were responsibilities I had to take care of.

My mom’s face lit up as soon as she saw me. She quickly walked to me and pulled me into a tight hug. She took my face into both of her hands and gave me a peck on my forehead. I looked away embarrassed while Jehan was smirking at me amused. No matter how old I got, my mom always treated me like a little boy.

“How are you?” I asked and while examining her face . She still looked good despite her age. The crinkles on her face may had become more visible but overall she was still beautiful.

“I’m fine, Jaebummie, but you look tired!” She said in a worried tone and she looked at me pitiful.

“I’m alright, mom,” I reassured her with a smile. She returned my smile and made her way to the counter to make me something to drink. I sat down at a near table and watched her.
When she finished with the coffee she came back.
“So, when will I meet her?”

“What?” I nearly chocked on my drink. I turned my widened eyes to her surprised. How did she know? I never told her about Mina nor did she ever see us together.

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History Part 4

Author’s Note: So, this part may be a little boring, sorry about that :/ Thank you all for being so patient with me, I really appreciate it! Enjoy c:

Warnings: Talk/implication of sexual things


Saturday morning sunlight streamed in through the blinds, rousing me from my sleep. I let out a small groan, my body aching in protest when I tried to stretch out. There was stirring in the bed next to me, and I looked over to find Derek slowly waking up. I smiled to myself at the memory of the night before and rolled so I was facing him, curled into his side as he laid on his back.

“Good morning,” I said quietly, resting my chin on his chest. He groaned and threw his arm over his eyes, muscles bulging out. I giggled and began to place tiny kisses all over his chest, one of my hands coming to rest on his abs. “Wake uuuuup.”

“I don’t want to,” he whined, rolling over and grabbing my body, pulling it to him as he nuzzled into my neck. I laughed, squished between Derek’s arms and the bed.

“If you get up then I’ll make us breakfast,” I offered. His eyes snapped open and he grinned.

“Deal,” he announced, kissing my nose before sitting up and stretching. My mouth watered as I watched his back muscles flex beautifully. Derek stood up and pulled his boxers on. I grabbed an old oversized t-shirt from my dresser and headed for the kitchen, getting started while Derek was in the bathroom. I decided to make some eggs and bacon with toast and even some fried potatoes, one of my favorite breakfasts. Derek walked in a few minutes later and took a seat at the island bar, watching me.

“Why do you look so happy this morning?” I asked playfully, dancing around from place to place. Derek chuckled and gave me a smile.

“Because of you,” he told me simply. I felt a blush creep up my cheeks as he a tiny grin graced my lips. “That smells fantastic, Y/N.” I hummed in response, flipping the potatoes and the bacon. “Is that my shirt?” he asked, brows knitting together as he studied the faded material. I glanced down and blushed again. 

“I didn’t even realize…” I mumbled, shaking my head.

“You kept it,” Derek stated, a huge smile splitting his face. 

“Yeah, I guess I did.” I smiled back at him before finishing breakfast. I poured us two glasses of orange juice and took a seat next to Derek, digging in.

“This is delicious,” he complimented, shoveling food into his mouth. I chuckled a bit and thanked him. “I have really missed your cooking.” Derek leaned over and placed a small kiss to my lips in between bites. When we were finished, he helped me clean up the kitchen before we made our way back to the bedroom, not able to keep our hands off of each other.

Derek and I spent the entire day in bed, making love to catch up on lost time. We laid together, breathless and satisfied, legs tangled, my hand on his chest, his fingers in my hair. We talked about old memories and shared stories, laughing and remembering together.

“Oh my gosh, do you remember when,” I started, laughter taking over. “My roommate came back right when we were in the middle of things- and she screamed so loud that you fell off of the bed?” Derek let out a laugh at the memory, a beautiful and full sound.

“Yeah. That was the first time I ever met her,” he chuckled. 

“That was the moment I decided to room alone the next year.”

“Good thing you did, too,” he said. “Remember the pregnancy scare? God, we paced that little room for what felt like hours waiting on the results of those tests.”

“That was one of the scariest moments of my life,” I mumbled, thinking back. I had no idea what Derek and I would have done if I had gotten pregnant. We were still so young and so dumb, definitely not ready to  be parents. “Safe to say we were a lot more conscious of using protection after that.” We stayed silent for a few moments until a grin split my face. I rolled over to lay on my stomach, chin resting on Derek’s chest so I could look into his eyes. “Whatever happened to your Camaro?”

“Traded it in. Got something a little more…suited to what I needed,” he answered nonchalantly.

“That’s a damn shame,” I told him. “That car had a lot of memories.” He chuckled at the thought, smiling down at me. “We did a little bit of everything in there, didn’t we?”

“I’m pretty sure that it smelled like sex permanently,” he said, raising his eyebrows.

“I guess we’ll just have to break in your new one,” I purred, moving up to kiss him flirtatiously. Derek hummed and kissed back, his hand traveling to rest over my spine, his other landing on my hip. The kiss deepened, but I pulled away after a bit to tease him. He gave a small growl and then flipped us over, pinning me to the mattress. I giggled and kissed him again, relishing the moment.

We ordered pizza for dinner and curled up on the couch together, watching movies and enjoy each other’s company. This was the happiest I had felt in a long time, and I could tell that Derek had changed his attitude already. That night, after making each other slip into bliss yet again, we laid in the darkness, fingers entwined and just on the brink of sleep.

“I have to tell you something,” Derek whispered.

“Hm?” I responded, not opening my eyes.

“Stiles didn’t ask me to bring Scott those notes,” he admitted. “I, uhm- I sort of threatened to rip his throat out if he didn’t give them to me to bring over here…” My eyes opened to find his green ones in the darkness.

“With your teeth?” I asked playfully, a grin dancing on my lips. Derek’s face mimicked mine as he nodded. I leaned over and pecked his lips before sighing and resting my forehead against  his.

“I’m really glad you did,” I whispered. 

“Me too.”


On Sunday, I decided that I should probably see my family. Scott had sent both me and Derek a million txts that neither of us had answered. Thankfully he hadn’t come knocking. Also, Derek needed to head back to the loft and change, shower, etc. After running some errands that afternoon, I picked up some Chinese and drove over to the house. Mom wasn’t working tonight for once, so we could actually have a decent family dinner.

Or so I thought.

When I got there, Scott bombarded me with a million questions. I shushed him hurriedly, wanting to enjoy the night with my mom and brother.

“What happened between you two?” he whispered furiously. 

“Don’t worry about it!” I hissed, heading toward the kitchen. Thankfully, Mom was still in the shower. 

“I am going to worry about it, I’m your brother!” he insisted, helping me pull the food out of the bags and organize it.

“Scott, I love you, but please stay out of my business with Derek! It’s between him and I.”

“Did you guys sleep together?” he asked bluntly. i nearly dropped the glass I had been holding and spun to face him.

“I am not talking about my sex life with my little brother!” I nearly yelled.

“Why? It isn’t like I’m a virgin.”

“Okay, I didn’t need to know that,” I told him, putting my hand up. Gross. “Regardless of whether or not you’re a virgin, talking about sex with my little brother is weird. And just…wrong!” I shook my head.

“I can smell him all over you. Your shower didn’t scrub off his scent.”

“Okay! We slept together! Happy?” I said, cracking. Scott gave a triumphant grin, but that quickly turned into a disgusted face. 

“Oh, you’re right. That is gross,” he said. I gave him a look and huffed, turning my attention back to the food. Mom came in just in time for us to get everything sorted and drinks taken care of. We headed for the table, sitting down to have a nice meal. Unfortunately, that was interrupted by several insistent knocks on the front door. “I’ll get it,” Scott offered, pushing his chair away hurriedly. Mom and I waited, but Scott didn’t come back. After a few minutes, I headed toward the door to see what was going on.

“Everything alright?” I asked. Stiles and Scott were arguing by the door as Scott put his shoes on. Then my eyes landed on Derek, waiting just outside, large arms crossed. He looked up and caught my gaze, a smirk landing on his lips. “Hey,” I offered, totally going all soft.

“Hi,” he replied. We held eye contact for several seconds. I could feel myself smiling like an idiot, but I didn’t care. We didn’t break away until Stiles butted in.

“Ew,” he whined. “That’s disgusting, come on!”

“What?” I snapped. 

“You guys totally did it!” he said, throwing his hands up. Derek’s face turned to one of confusion.

“How the hell did you know that?” he asked, disbelief in his voice.

“The whole eye holding and voice changing and blehh, it’s gross, okay? I didn’t need to know that!” He was moving his hands wildly in that Stiles fashion.

“Y/N, I have to go. They need me for something. Sorry about dinner,” Scott said, giving me an apologetic smile. 

“It’s fine, go ahead,” I sighed. He gave me a quick hug before heading out the door with Stiles. Derek hung back for a second and I walked to the doorway, leaning down to plant my lips on his. “Be careful, whatever you’re doing.”

“We will. I’ll talk to you later?” he asked. I nodded and offered a smile before he headed off after the boys. Heading back into the dining room, I explained things to Mom and we ate dinner together. It was better than nothing, that’s for sure. Plus, it gave us time to catch up, not something we’d been able to do much of with her crazy work schedule.

“So,” she started. “Who’s the guy?” I nearly chocked on my chicken at her questions.

“How’d you know there was a guy?” i asked incredulously. Mom just chuckled.

“Please, honey. I’m your mother. I know everything,” she replied, giving me that smile and look. I sighed.

“I’m uh- he’s an old friend,” I said. It wasn’t a lie, I was just dancing around the details. My mom sighed, her eyes meeting mine.

“You’re with Derek again, aren’t you?” I nodded, a tiny smile on my face as I picked up more food, looking down at my plate. “Y/N, how many times have you guys been through this?”

“I know, but…this time just feels…different,” I explained, looking at her now. “Besides, we haven’t even talked about anything yet. There’s no label or anything.”

“Just be careful, alright, sweetheart?”

“I will, Mom. I promise.”

Where Babies Come From - One Shot

TITLE:Where babies come from
GENRE: fluff
FIC SUMMARY: Abby wants to know where babies come from, and Tom is always willing to give his daughter an answer
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: my second fanfiction. it takes place a couple of months after my first fanfic “Naming Baby” so read that if you haven’t already. again the OC in this is suppose to be me ;)
now onward to the story!


Abby, Tom and I were at the kitchen table eating supper, Abby slurping up the spaghetti on her plate, like most five year olds do, Abby  swallowed her spaghetti and then looked at us both.

“Mummy, Daddy, I know you told me that I came from your tummy, Mummy. But how did I get there?” Abby asked, I nearly chocked on my spaghetti, but I managed not to and I swallowed. Before I could answer her question however, my goofball husband told her something I did not expect him to say.

Keep reading

pinkstarpirater  asked:

WBW! Centaurstuck--> Three questions: 1) What is the dorkiest thing Dave has done? I need *NEED* to know how dorky centaur!Dave is. 2) How do the male centaurs handle puberty when they don't wear pants? It sounds very embarrassing if they are at all hormonal like human male teenagers. 3)Tell us a little about the Signless' past (feel free to table the Signless question until later, because I know it is a complex question).

1) There are so many dorky things you don’t know
(minor spoilers next centaurstuck part will have Dave in a straw hat and Striders trying to skateboard). But it’s still Dave, so there’ll be raps and selfies. Probably drawing a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff cutie mark on his rear with a sharpie (it took ages to get off).

2) and here thepioden and I were going ‘NO DON’T THINK ABOUT THE CENTAURSEX’ and then you come along BUT WHAT ABOUT BONERS?!
I am laughing so fucking hard I nearly chocked on a peanut, I hope you’re happy XD
I think the answer for this is: they don’t. Handle it. (I fear this is like Karkat tucking his tail over his hole BECAUSE MY SHPINCTER IS NOT FOR DISPLAY). 
Oh man, thepioden how do they handle boners?

3) Okay, I am putting this one ‘on hold’ because, if I can pull it off, you’ll know a big defining chunk of it within the next update (or the one after that) ^_^

Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 33 [FINAL]

Photo not mine

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,009

Luke’s P.O.V

I watched my shoe covered feet walk the grounds of the church that Ella and I are going to be wedded at in the next hour. We decided to fly back home to Sydney both of us knowing it was where we needed to get married, New York just wasn’t the same as home. We also picked this church for one reason in particular: for Luca to join us, as Ella would say.

“Hey.” I smiled, kneeling down to be eye level with the tombstone, I read the words that were imprinted into the smooth stone. A loving friend, son and brother. One person who will never be forgotten about and will be dearly missed. My eyes skipped to the line below. Luca Thomas Grey. 1996-2014. “Too young.” I muttered.

“But I got over it.” My body fully whipped around to find whoever said the comment, but there was no one there. I squinted into the distance seeing if I just over heard someones conversation a ways from where I crouched on the grass but ended up with the same result. “Over here.” My head swiftly turned back to the gave stone to find another figure towering over it and myself. I traced up the legs that wore dirty and ripped jeans to the torso that was cover in splattered, crimson liquid that took me a minute to realize it was blood. I nearly chocked once my eyes landed on the person’s face or should I say his face.

“Luca.” I muttered his name like an idiot before regaining myself and getting to my feet. “But how…” My question about how I could see him trailed off.

He just shrugged giving me a smug look, his face was pale like Jai’s when I thought I saw his ghost those two times. His figure was transparent as I could make out the old oak tree behind him.

“I couldn’t tell you.” Luca shrugged again like seeing him was no big deal. “I guess when a strong emotion is triggered in your brain this happens.” He studied me. “You’re feeling guilt right now, it’s kind of like the overwhelming joy you had the night you first saw Jai.” My mouth opened to ask him how he knew but he beat me to it. “We ran into one another on the otherside.”

A quizzical look spread across my face. “Otherside?”

“Heaven, ghost town, call it what you’d like. It’s just the place where all spirits gather. Most mediums can reach it and I guess you can too.”

“So I’m a medium?” I asked but he looked as though I never said my question.

“Stop feeling so guilty.” Luca finally said. “You did the right thing to save my sister over me.”

“What happens if that’s not the thing I’m feeling guilty about?” The words came out in a whisper.

I heard him hum. “Don’t feel guilty about spreading my secret either. I had to tell people one day that no girl would ever be my type, I just didn’t want to break any girls hearts.” He jokingly stated.

I shook my head in argument. “But not like that, not the way I did it. I was just angry.”

“and I was too, key word being was. And now I’m saying I forgive you.” He told me. “Which means you can stop feeling so much guilt.” I nodded as my eyes fell shut while I let out a breath, feeling a weight I never knew was there fall off my shoulders. “Now go marry my sister.” Luca whispered in my ear causing my eyes to open only now I was alone.

I did a full 360 but found no other figure around me.

“Thank you.” I whispered into the wind hoping that Luca heard it.


Ella’s P.O.V

My fingers trailed up the sleeve of my white, lace dress before turning back to face myself in the mirror that stretched from my head to toe. I watched as Gabrielle, the women who I hired to do my hair, finished pinning back the last stands to the top of my head creating a perfect bun. 

“Hey, honey.” My gaze moved to the top of the mirror where my mom stood in her navy blue gown at the doorway.

“I’ll leave you two.” Gabrielle smiled politely before passing my mom through the door. 

I watched as my mom moved towards me, placing her hands on both my shoulders and smiling. “You look beautiful.” She told me, tears filling her brown eyes that matched mine. I returned her smile before she directed me out of the dressing room doors. Further away, I spotted my dad standing in front of the chapel doors as he took me fully in, a proud smile filling his lips while we moved closer to him.

“Luke is one lucky man.” My dad smiled.

I nodded. “And I’m one lucky women." 

My dad’s head bobbed in agreement to my comment and for the first time ever I saw that my dad didn’t hate Luke and nor did my mom. They were happy that I was marrying him even with everything that has happened in our lives with Luke being in it.

"Thank you.” I told them both. They only smiled knowing why I was thanking them before my mom sneaked into the doors to take her spot next to Lottie who were both going to be standing beside me at the alter.


I turned back to face my dad letting out a long breath of nerves as I linked our arms together. My dad leaned over and opened the door reveling the hundred or so people Luke and I had invited. I scanned the room picking out each face individually; Liz, Kean, Michael, Ashton, Calum, My mom, Lottie. And finally Luke.

We locked eyes as I stood completely frozen under his gaze. His smile sent butterflies coursing throughout me making my heart do tiny flips.I nodded to my dad’s question before, never taking my eyes off of Luke.



A/N: OH MY GOSH IT’S FINALLY COME TO AN END! What the hay man… this has been such an awesome experience like seriously I never thought that this fan fic would get any attention when I started typing the first chapter back in the summer. I do apologize for all the times it has taken me a long time to update *cough cough* this last chapter in general, but I do sincerely appreciate all of your patients and understandings! Thank you to everyone who’s been reading and thank you for all of the kind comments you’ve given me :) each one of them puts a smile on my face! Seriously though if it weren’t for you guys I probably wouldn’t have written as far as I did so thank you for letting me share my creative thoughts with you all! I will begin to write a Ashton Fan Fiction soon so stay tuned but until then give me any imagine ideas you have and want me to write and I’ll try my best to get to them all! Thank you to the moon and back, I love you guys :3