i nearly chocked

A friend of mine just sent me this picture and I nearly chocked with laugh!
I think that I’ll probably be a “Doctor Who fan” because every time that someone mentions angels the first thing that comes up on my mind is a David Tennant saying “Don’t blink! Blink and you’re dead!”

And what about you?
Which fandom suits you best?
Tell me!!


Stucky headcannon
  • Steve walks in to the kitchen one day where Nat is making breakfast
  • "Did you get a card for Tony?" She asks
  • "Oh, no I forgot, I was busy" Steve says
  • "Doing what?"
  • "Just doing stuff!" Steve sweats nervously
  • Bucky at the other end of the kitchen looks up from his pancakes and says "I'm stuff"....
  • Sam nearly chocked on his toast.