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The Tale of Lodane the wolf Warrior

For context : I was DMing a group of four players composed of a Paladin, a druid, a female barbarian and a female ranger. Their objective was to find the creatures that were causing trouble in a nearby village. They quickly discovered that those creatures weren’t like anything they’ve seen in the region and that their presence was not natural. Indeed, it was caused by a magic artifact that ended up recently in the forest, creating them. So they fight their way to the cave where the artifact is and they end up fighting the Alpha of the creatures…or well, they try. Because, one by one, they’re taken down to 0 hp and rendered unconscious. In the end there is only one of them left against a mid life boss and one of their offspring : Lodane, the female wolf companion of the druid

[DM] Me : [Paladin] you collapse, after you feel the claws of the beast pulled back of your chest. Your vision is blurred and slowly drifting towards the darkness of unconsciousness. You were the last of your party still holding your ground, but now, you can only pray to your Merciful God as you feel like this could be your end…

*A pause, I’m looking at all the players*

…as your fate now rest in the paws of Lodane.

Paladin : I pray to the God of Light to give strength to that canine, our last hope

DM : You hope that your god has heard your plea, before everything around you just become darkness.

Ranger (OOC) : Pffff, it’s over guys, no way this wolf is gonna do anything against the boss.

Druid (OOC) : Well she still got all of her HP.

Paladin (OOC) : Only the God of Dices can save us now…and her.

Barbarian (OOC) : It was a good run guys, we’ll just have to be more careful next time

At this point, both my players and I think it’s over, that the group is going to be wiped out, so I continue, all the while thinking about the boss and starting to wonder if I made it too hard.

Me : As she see the Paladin falling to the ground, the beast clawing at his now broken armor, the wolf stops and let go of the dead offspring’s neck…

*Roll a will dice to see what her reaction would be. Result is 18*

Me : Even if she now see you’re all to the ground, the wolf isn’t intimidated. Without hesitating, she charges the last of the offspring and jump on it, aiming for the neck of the poor thing.

*Rolls a nat 20. Rolls maximum damage.*

Me (A bit surprised) : Her jaw literally snap as her fangs easily pierces the soft skin of the creature’s neck, that dies almost instantly, it’s carotid in utter ruin, letting a quick shriek of agony. However, it’s not of the likes of the Alpha, that promptly turn around before launching it’s huge claws at Lodane.

*Rolls a 2, it’s not enough to touch the wolf*

Paladin (OOC) : Wow, my prayer actually did something?

Me : But the swing is far too slow for the wolf. She graciously avoid it before jumping on the right and jumping unto the beast back, trying to bite it.

*Rolls a nat 20, at this point the players are both stunned and laughing as I’m looking at the magic happening in front of my eyes with both surprise and amusement. Then I roll maximum damage, again.*

Barbarian (OOC) : That’s not a wolf, that’s a warrior in disguise!

Druid (OOC) : My god I didn’t know I had a pet that was more badass than me!

Paladin (OOC) : It’s a warrior? It’s a wolf? It’s both! It’s WARRIOOOOOR LODANE! ♫

Me (Having trouble continuing as I’m nearly laughing because of their reaction and those dices) : She bite the beast at top of it’s left paw, taking a good chunk of pale skin and flesh. The beast emits a deep growl of anger before trying to bite her back.

*Rolls a 8. It’s not touching. The players are going crazy as they start to chant “Warriooooor Lodane!” like a super-hero theme of the eighties. I continue, tears in my eyes.*

Me : So, to no avail, the beast tries. But Lodane is too swift, Lodane is too strong. As soon as it was going to get her, she jumps down, before immediately turning and jumping to the Beast’s neck.

*Rolls a nat 20, for the third time in a row. Now they’re just shouting and laughing while the Paladin is still chanting, louder, Warrior Lodane’s Theme. Then I roll nearly maximum damage. She just took down the boss to a few hp and she is not even scraped*

Me : Lodane’s leap at it’s neck with ferocity and might! She manages to pierce it’s skin, but it’s not enough to take down the beast that is now howling madly, making sounds straight out of nightmares. It opens it’s mouth and tries to bit at that incredibly strong wolf.

*This time, the beast rolls enough to damage Lodane, who is now taken down at 2 hp. The table gasps and they stop as I continue*

Me : Lodane tries to escape it’s fury, alas! It’s teeth sinks into the poor wolf’s hide as it swiftly swing it. Lodane rolls to the ground…slowly, she is standing up again, growling menacingly. With what strength she have left, she charges. The beast is doing the same. It’s the final clash…they run, and run, and Lodan’s jump, her jaw wide open, ready to pierce through it’s neck and into it’s throat to finish what you all and she started. 

*I roll the dice. It’s enough to touch. But I look at my players, looking at me, tense, waiting.*

Me (Not narrating) : In order to kill it, she have to do maximum damage.

*I roll the dice for the damage…it’s slowly goes and goes…and it stops. And then, it’s a little silence, a magical silence. I’m nearly crying and my forehead on the table when I’m continuing* 

Me : Okay so…okay. Lodane leaps at her prey, and her fangs finally goes through the whole thing’s throat, god, it’s a mess. Never has the forest see such fury and might inside an animal, any animal, but here she is, putting down a beast twice her size to the ground while it’s roaring in agony. The beast is shaking, for a few seconds, before she literally snap her powerful jaw. There is a cracking sound, before the beast just stops….it’s dead. Lodane let it go…and she jumps unto it’s corpse before sitting down on it, majestic as all hell, victorious…….her, the killer of beasts. Her….the Warrior.

The whole table (In an explosion of joy while I’m just here smiling with tears in my eyes, both upset at this wolf that killed my boss and utterly literally trying not to laugh or join the players) : Warrioooooooor Lodane! ♫ 

And that’s how a wolf managed to save the party from a complete wipe. After this incredible feat, they slowly came to their senses with 1 hp, looking at the carnage Lodane had done. She was looking at her druid master with wide eyes and her tail was showing signs of immense joy. Needless to say, she was treated like no other pet after that day, and she was so impressive that I gave her a boost in stats. Because now she wasn’t any wolf anymore. 

She was Lodane, the killer of beasts.

Warrior Lodane.

Careful What You Wish For // Yoongi Angst // TRIGGER WARNING **

Trigger Warning // This scenario does involve suicide attempt and some harsh language, please do not feel as if you should subject yourself to this topic if you do not want to. If you ever need help dealing with an abusive relationship, bullying, etc, where you feel as if you want to commit suicide, please do not be afraid to message me and we’ll talk it out together, and we’ll get you the help you need lovely. You are beautiful and should never think of suicide as an answer.♥

With that being said, I did a collab with another tumblr user on here. All credit goes to them for the text posts included in this scenario @nochu707 !! They did an absolutely wonderful job at basing this scenario with the heart wrenching angst, and I did ask permission to use the text post. Hopefully you all enjoy what I’ve written, and maybe there will be a part two follow up in the future but who knows because I like cliff hangers. ♥♥♥

Texts Credit goes to @nochu707 @nochu707 @nochu707 ~ check out their page! Send them some love as well!

PT.1 // PT.2

You froze in place as you stared down at what you’ve done. You watched a Yoongi’s keyboard malfunctioned and LED lights underneath the keys faded out. Your clumsy nature caused you to spill a bottle of water all over it and you knew that once Yoongi found out, he would be angry. Rap Monster had been a witness to the destruction, surprised he hadn’t caused it himself, but at the same time knowing better not to go near Yoongi’s area of work, and definitely not to bring food or drinks, especially drinks, into the studio in the first place.

“Yoongi will kill me, he’ll be so mad Namjoon—what am I going to do?” you started to panic, moving the get the napkins from the bag you brought, pressing feverishly down on the keyboard hoping it would revive back to life.

“Don’t worry about it Y/n. I’m sure he’ll understand that your intentions were good,” he would shrug it off, still knowing that Suga was going to react with anger, “Just buy him a new one and he should be fine, at least it was you of all people.”

“Okay,” you nodded, still with a distraught look on your face, trying to calculate how much money it would cost and how fast the same version of keyboard could possibly be delivered to you. “I’ll make it up to him, I swear. Just tell him I’m sorry and that I’ll see him later, and to eat.” With that you left the studio in a hurry, you had to get home to finish up a project assignment for class, and to now order a new keyboard for your boyfriend.

It was about an hour later while you were just reading up on your research, when your phone buzzed; knowing it was Yoongi, you read it immediately.

You bit down on your bottom lip, quickly responding in order to try to not escalate the situation more than what it needed to. The only thing you wanted was to help your boyfriend, you wanted him to stay healthy, knowing the long days and nights he was working in the studio; all you wanted was to help.

Holding your breath, you could only hope that he would accept your apology. He couldn’t be that mad at his girlfriend for wanting him to eat.

Another buzz.

You couldn’t help but feel the sharp pinge in your chest at his words.You annoyed him? He knew that you were sensitive and you tried to reason with him. Yoongi was your sweet boyfriend, he was just saying this because he was angry, that’s all, right?

Sometimes he needed to be reminded where to stop before he crossed the line, so you responded one again.

You stared at your phone, watching as the bubbles popped up while he was typing. The anxiety creeping in your chest was almost unbearable, hoping that he would understand how sorry you were.

His next message appeared.

Now he was really hitting below the belt. No feelings of anger surfaced for you, just guilt and sadness. He knew that you had a hard time with your confidence and often times would fall into a state of depression. This was mainly because a lot of his fans would deteriorate your character and looks on social media. Constantly berating you with insults and telling you just how much you didn’t deserve Yoongi, that you were an ugly, gold digging lowlife that should just disappear.

You responded, wishing that he would stop already. You didn’t want to make this anything more than what it already has become.

You couldn’t really get much out of you, already on the brink of tears. You begged him before he started to respond once again.

By this point, he didn’t realize that tears were streaming down your face. Yoongi was throwing all your insecurities right back in your face as if you wanted to be this way. You couldn’t help the fact that you didn’t feel worth his time sometimes, and you felt bad every time you asked for his help. There was no way that you thought it was bothersome because he always led on that he would build you up no matter what.

After your last response, you hoped that this would be the end of the discussion. It wasn’t like he wasn’t going to get a new keyboard from you, so it was completely unnecessary and rather painful that he was lashing out at you without any type of remorse.

The next messages to appear shattered you into pieces.

I just wish you would disappear.

His words absolutely destroyed you, turning you into a bawling mess as you sat on the edge of your bed. Water stains hit your paperwork as you reread his last few messages over and over again, feeling the undeniable pain in your chest. He broke you. Of all the people in the world, him telling you to disappear was the final straw.

You couldn’t help but feel like you were a burden, on him and everyone else that constantly reminded you of this through messages and comments, no matter how hard you tried to escape. But hearing it from Yoongi, your sugar bear, was proof enough that it was all true.

Barely being able to see through your tear blurred vision, you typed your final response, apologizing and finally deciding to give him what he wanted. For you to disappear.

With that being said, you turned off your phone, letting it fall down to your feet. The only thing going through your head was that he didn’t want you anymore. He couldn’t stand dealing with you and all the emotional baggage he claimed that you brought to this relationship. If he thought that you were irritating and should just disappear then what’s stopping you?

With tear stained cheeks, red eyes, blurred vision, and a broken demeanor, you got the strength to get up and go to the bathroom, searching for the strongest pills you could find.

You wouldn’t be problem anymore, you would just disappear.

Having already closed the texts after he let out his frustrations on you, Yoongi didn’t see your very last text to him just yet.

“I can’t believe she would even come in here. She knew that I wasn’t here. God Y/n knew that I was taking a nap and didn’t need her help,” Suga would be non-stop ranting to Namjoon, oblivious of your texts and your actions, “She’s so damn annoying, how am I supposed to get my work done now?!”

“You should relax man, when she came in here earlier, she really was just checking up on you,” he shrugged it off, handing Suga a notebook and pen, “besides, you know how clumsy I can get myself, show her some mercy. Use this anger in the positive way man and just write down your lyrics the old fashioned way while she gets you a new keyboard. Lashing out on her isn’t the way to go and you know it.”

He did know that, and he felt bad. Even though you frustrated him sometimes, he knew that your intentions were good and lashing out on your character was indeed going too far. He was ready to finally apologize and hash it out, given his maknae’s wise words. Lifting his phone, he was planning to text you to treat you to dinner tonight, but what he didn’t expect was to open your texts, seeing that you took him serious in his fit of rage.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Yoongi would begin to rapidly type on his phone, panic beginning to settle in his chest.

It had finally started sinking in what he’s done. He would slowly stand, phone in hand, waiting impatiently for you to respond.

“What’s going on?” Namjoon would speak up.

“C’mon Y/n,” Yoongi would mumble under his breath, eyes glued to his phone screen, searching for any type of sign that you were getting his texts, “please, oh my god.”

His fingers would rapidly keep typing, needing to know that you were okay.

He waited another moment, re-reading his previous texts and seeing how cruel he was to you, it brought tears to his eyes, standing up and holding onto his phone tightly. Yoongi would then dial your number, listening to the endless rings before your voicemail came through. He tried again and again, each ring sending him into a further panic.

“Joon, call 911, now, send it to Y/n’s apartment,” his words would practically slur because of him speaking so fast, but Joon would immediately do what he was told, “Fuck Y/n, pick up your damn phone!” He was shaking, he could barely even text you with his hands trembling the way they were in absolute fear of what you could’ve done to yourself because of his carelessness.

He would try calling you again and again, anger and stress overwhelming him.

“They’re on their way over there now,” Namjoon tore him away from his distressed state for a moment, “do you need me to co—,” he was cut off once his hyung quickly dispersed from the studio, leaving everything behind except for his keys, phone in hand, quickly sending you another few texts just before getting in the car and heading toward your apartment himself, needing to know that you were okay.

On his way there, it would be his fifteenth time calling your phone to no avail. Somehow he managed to get there before the ambulance did. Yoongi burst into your apartment, screaming out for you. In his panic, he would search everywhere, seeing that your room  was left empty, with trails of you all around it. It wasn’t until he searched most of the apartment that he realized the only place left to look was the bathroom which was closed.

Upon turning the knob, he would find that it’s locked.

“Y/n?! Y/n, baby, open the door,” he would speak to you through the door, and upon receiving no answer, he would start to bang on the wooden surface standing between the both of you. “Open the door! Y/N! Babygirl please I’m sorry, please, open the door, oh god—,” his voice would begin to crack, the worst possible scenarios crossing his mind. Feeling the rush of adrenaline pulse through him at the thought of your limp body, he would kick the door in, finding his absolute nightmare come true.

He fell down onto his knees, instantly cradling your unconscious body, crying above you as he held on tight to you.

“No, no, please, wake up, please, y/n,” he would whimper, not paying attention to the EMTs rushing into the apartment, “baby no, y/n wake up! Please? Please, wake up for me. I’m so so sorry.” Yoongi would then be forcefully dragged away from you, his face red and being stained with tears as he watched them check over your limp body, not knowing if he would ever get you back, not knowing if he could ever apologize and hold you again in his arms, and kiss you, and tell you how much you meant to him.

He didn’t mean it when he said to disappear, and now seeing that he broke you to the point where you would actually want to leave him like this, broke him too.

“Please y/n..”




pc: this gem

Note: Are any of you even alive? Because I Am Not. This is just a short drabble to let you guys know I’m still here. Can I just say that I love these particular frames A Lot! More than any of his other frames. Like these are my favorite. God. I’m-

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 1991




It’s never an accident whenever Yoongi wears those glasses. He isn’t one to preen too often, but seeing your reaction anytime he wears that specific pair is always good for his ego. Yoongi finds it fascinating and gratifying that your reaction to him wearing those glasses doesn’t seem to change after all these years. 

It always starts with mild surprise because you can’t keep a poker face to save your life. He adores the way your eyes widen and lips part the moment you catch sight of him. Sometimes the hitch in your breath and gaping-fish look can last for a full two seconds. Sometimes (regrettably) you recover quicker than that. 

The surprise fades to lust at an exceptionally quick rate, and Yoongi is not at all embarrassed to say that this is his favorite part of the whole cycle. It’s like watching dominoes fall, one on top of the other, on top of the other, and so on and so forth - falling pieces knocking down the next piece towards that inevitable, satisfying end. He sees it in the pattern of your breaths, in your small, dry swallows and soft clearings of your throat. 

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Made by: @astro-princey and I


-Connor is Slytherin (of course)

-Evan is Hufflepuff

-Alana is Ravenclaw

-Jared is Gryffindor (and god damn PROUD)

-When Tree Bros happens, so much hate. Hufflepuff and Slytherin? Together? Wha…? (So much angst)

-People just thinking that Connor is evil and being a dark lord and would destroy the school

-Evan being muggle-born! MUGGLE-BORN

-Doesn’t think he belongs (more angst)

-Connor being secretly good at Quidditch

-Tri-Wizard Tournament happens and CONNOR gets chosen

-Evan worries SOO much

-Connor is really scared, but stays strong for Evan

-Students being really hesitant to support him

-Connor saves Evan during one of the events

-Connor almost dies in the last task and Evan being so worried breaks the rules to save him

-Evan not being able to come home for Christmas because Heidi can’t afford a good Christmas

-Heidi doesn’t understand wizard stuff but does her FUCKING BEST

-She blames herself for not understanding and thinks that the differences pushes him away

-But Evan just sometimes he was normal for her.

-Evan tells Connor as he is about to leave and he is like “I AINT GONNA LEAVE YOU NOW THEN”

-Evan and Connor together at the Yule Ball

-Them sneaking away and CONNOR FREAKING CONFESSES

-Both of them being embarrassed but get together and kiss

-Evan is actually fantastic wizard and is really good with silent spells


-Actually Evan’s dad

-People hate Evan even more

-Dark Lord Hansen tries to convince Connor to join him in order to keep Evan safe














-CONNOR FINDING OUT THAT MCR BROKE UP (Evan has to comfort him)



-(slightly) JEALOUS EVAN 101





















Just One Dance Pt. 1 (Peter Parker Imagine)

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

request:Can you do an imagine with Peter and Reader where they are just messing around until te reader says “I will give you 50 bucks if I can take you to Christmas dinner and tell my family we’re together.They always ask if I’m dating and I can’t have that conversation again.” Peter says yes they go they do a great job but Peter ends up liking her she does to and they end up a relationship. Sorry it us so long thanks you ! Love your writing!!!” (requested by anon)

short summary: after you find yourself making a hasty bet with flash about getting a date for homecoming, you need Peter to help keep your end of the bargain. (this will be a multipart series partly bc i’m tired and partly bc i wanna develop this more)

length: 2k words 

warnings: some swearing & it’s so teen angsty i’m sorry i truly am aaaa sorry 

A/N: i kinda loosely followed the request bc like it really gave off a “im in my mid-20s and my old fashioned ass fam thinks ppl need to be married by now” so i kinda edited a bit to be more realistic amongst teens hope it worked soz it’s short but it’s gonna be a series

You were always stubborn. A lot of people called you a bitch for it, but you just called it taking no shit from anyone, and never backing down from a challenge.

So when Flash started running his big mouth during homeroom at your expense, it took everything in you not to smack him in the face. You tried to ignore it at first, as you worked on your calculus homework, you truly did. But Flash always liked to get a rise out of you because he knew he could get under your skin.

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His Soft Spot (Harry Hook)

Everyone’s been so supportive and wonderful these last few days, I worked my butt off to give you another imagine tonight! Hope you all enjoy it :D If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with Harry Hook. 

Prompt: I’ve been wanting to write something about Smee having a daughter who caters to Harry because she just can’t help but feel loyal to him and he always has a soft spot for her. 

Originally posted by butterflywingednight

           He looked at her with amusement mixed with annoyance and compassion. She stood across the room from him, sitting with Gil and explaining something with lots of hand gestures. Gil was supposed to be in a time out but Harry didn’t have the heart to tell Esmee to get lost while pirate thinks back on his dumb mistake of calling Uma shrimpy.

           She caught Harry’s glance and waved absentmindedly, her laugh carrying across the air. He loved her, he couldn’t help it. The two had grown up together in Neverland, their father’s close mates and Harry had taken Esmee under his wing to keep her from harm, to keep her from harming herself in her clumsy and misguided ways.

               She was hardly a Villian Kid, only ever guilty by association and Uma wasn’t fond of her because of her positive attitude and absentmindedness, but she was just like Gil and Harry knew that it’s why they got on so well. Harry wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t kick her out no matter how hard Uma pushed him. Esmee had moved from speaking with Gil to taking the washcloth from his hands and doing his dirty work for him, something that Harry would normally scold her for. She wasn’t here to work, especially to do chores given to someone else. Esmee was wiping down some of the windows in the Fish & Chips restaurant and helping, Uma shook her head at Harry.

               “She’s gotta go,” Uma told him, throwing her apron to the counter and placing her hand on his shoulder. “She wants to help Harry. Do you see how good she is? She’s not one of us,” Uma stated with conviction.

               “It’s just in Esmee’s nature, you’ve seen her dad. It’s just how she was raised,” Harry replied with a struggle as he gripped his hook in one hand.

               “She’s not a villain and she needs to go,” Uma said, “That’s an order, first mate.” Harry’s grip on the hook tighten and for a moment, Uma saw such a daunting look flash across his features that she feared for her safety.

               “If she goes, Captain,” he spat, “I go. How does that sound?” he cackled and Uma stared up at him in shock as he moved to grab Esmee from the window and pulled her out of the restaurant. His large hand grasped her tiny fingers and pulled her through the streets of the Isle back to her home. He often stayed with Esmee, something that both satisfied her and his father.

Her because she loved cuddling and though he’d never admit it out loud, it was his favorite part of the day to just lay on her bed and wrap his arms around her. It satisfied his father because Captain Hook approved of the friendship between Esmee and his son, maybe the only thing that he was proud of his son for.

               “Is everything okay?” you asked, an innocent look on your face as you looked up at your best friend and squeezed his hand in reassurance, hoping it would calm him down.

               “Everything’s quite fine,” his tone tense, his jaw clenched as he kept moving to her small apartment. She pulled with all her might, the small girl holding the well grown boy to a halt. He took a deep breath and turned back to look at her, her father’s classic red cap hanging slightly too far down on her forehead, her curly hair a mess. She looked adorable.

               “Is there something I can do?” Esmee asked with concern, her lips in a perfect pout as she laced her fingers with his. She always stayed so loyal even after the times Harry would snap at her in frustration with things that didn’t concern her. She never strayed from him, always pulling him close, placing her hand on his heart and telling him to breathe, count to ten and try again. It was something she would sing the rhyme and it almost made his blood boil but she was right. She was always right, she was the sun in his sky.

               “Never change lass, you’re a perfect person in this inhumane world,” Harry whispered, his hand found her warm cheek and he pulled her face to his. His forehead touched hers lightly and he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Imagine building IKEA furniture with Chris.

A/N: This is a request from @brobrobreja. I’m so sorry it took so long, the mini-series had my hands pretty tied. I hope you like it! X

You sat on the other side of the bedroom, the instruction manual for your new bed frame in your hand. You giggled softly at the cartoon man who looked as clueless as the both of you, wondering if you should do as he did; call IKEA for help. Of course you couldn’t because your boyfriend, Chris believed he was more than capable of installing the bed frame himself. You looked up at him and bit back your smile when you saw him narrow his eyes at a strange metal piece, muttering cuss words under his breath.

“What does the manual say?” He quizzed as he looked up at you. “Where does this piece go?” He held up the strange metal piece and you studied it for a moment before looking back down at the manual. “Well?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Beats me,” you looked up and shrugged; he chuckled wearily and shook his head. “What?” You giggled. “I told you I’m not good at these things, why do you think I called you?” He sighed and got to his feet, dodging loose pieces on your bedroom floor as he made his way over to you.

“Give me that,” he took the manual from you then settled on the floor behind you with his legs on either side. “You’re lucky you’re cute, Y/N.” You smiled and leaned back against him, resting your cheek against his bearded face. “Let’s see,” he studied the manual, his arm absentmindedly draped around your waist. “Well, it looks like that metal piece goes…Hm,” he hummed with pursed lips. “Maybe it’s meant to go in the joint?”

“Maybe you should just let me call the staff at IKEA,” you whispered then kissed his jawline when he chuckled. “We’ve been doing this for hours and we still haven’t made any progress. It’s eight-thirty and we haven’t had food, can we just order some takeout and call IKEA in the morning?”

“What are we going to sleep on tonight then?”

“You do realize a bed frame is just to prop the mattress up, right?” You teased him and he rolled his eyes, smiling. “It doesn’t change the fact that a mattress is still a mattress. Just leave the mess here and we’ll sleep out in the living room, it’ll be like camping except without the yucky stuff.”

“You mean nature?” He quizzed, chuckling.

“You know it,” you winked and got off the ground. “I’m going to go order some food, what are we feeling tonight?” He shrugged, giving you one of those ‘you pick’ faces. “Well, I feel like Chinese so- General Chang’s it is then.” You held out a hand for him to take so you could pull him to his feet. “Coming?”

“I’ll come when the food gets here, I just want to give this another shot.” He told you, returning his gaze to the manual. “I mean- it’s just a bed frame,” he looked up at you when he heard you chuckle, “how hard can it be to figure out? I’m Captain America, for crying out loud,” he said and tried not to laugh when you did.

“Okay Cap,” you kissed the top of his head. “I’ll come get you when the food’s here.”

Forty-five minutes later, the food arrived and Chris still hadn’t made progress with your bed frame. When you went into your bedroom to get him, his head was hung in defeat. “I don’t wike it,” he imitated his nephew’s catchphrase, making you laugh.

“C'mon Cap,” you grabbed his hands and pulled him to his feet. “Let it go,” you told him as you wrapped an arm around his waist; his arm draped around your shoulder as the two of you made your way out into the living room. “We’ll call the guy in the morning.”

“IKEA should really have better instruction manuals,” he muttered bitterly. “There is no way anyone can build anything from that dumb sheet of paper. It doesn’t even have instructions, there are just numbers and pictures.”

“Let it go,” you chuckled, rubbing his back.

“We wouldn’t have this problem if you’d just move in with me,” he mumbled into your hair; he was a little nervous about bringing up the subject again, the first decline was a little gut wrenching. You stopped walking and he stopped with you, wincing when you looked up at him. “I know you want to be independent and this place is nearer to work-”

“Those are the real reason I won’t move in with you, Chris,” you confessed then pressed your lips together when he narrowed his eyes. “I just-” you began then huffed. “I don’t think you realize what moving in together means.”

“Living together instead of living separately?”

“Funny,” you slapped his arm, biting back your smile when he chuckled. “I’m talking about the reality of it, like are you sure you’re going to be okay coming home to my face all day every day? What if we have a big fight and you can’t get any space from me? What if you just want some down time with your guys and I’m in the way? What if you decide-” He cut you off, pressing his lips against yours.

“My biggest wish is to come home to your face all day every day, Y/N,” he told you, smiling. “And you should know by now that the last thing I want is space when we fight, it just makes the problem bigger. As for downtime with my guys?” He chuckled. “I’d love for you to be there. Always, because you are my girl and there is no one I’d rather spend time with.” You smiled and he chuckled, “any other concerns you need me to address?”

“What if you decide I’m much too annoying to live with?”

“You’re annoying all the time,” he poked your side, laughing when you scoff. “But I’m still here, aren’t I?” He quizzed, sliding his arms around your waist and to your lower back. “C'mon, move in with me. I have proper furniture there, nothing that needs assembling.” He teased and you chuckled. “We’re going to be living together when you marry me,” he reminded you and you smiled, feeling your cheeks heat up at that. “Why not just get a head start? C'mon,” he pressed when you smiled, “it’ll be fun.”

“Fine,” you gave in, smiling. “Let’s move in together.”

“Yes!” He cheered and hugged you. “It’s going to be great, I’ll hire a moving truck ASAP.”

“Just out of curiosity,” you teased him as you broke the hug, wrapping your arms around his neck as his hands moved to your hips. “What makes you so sure I’m going to marry you?”

“My wonderful furniture assembling skills, of course.”

In Sickness and in Health

Okay Mark, what should you be working on?

Benefit of the Doubt, the long one you’ve been whittling at way too slowly?

The angsty chapters where actual things happen?

oh wait i know


All while writing this, I couldn’t help but think, eat it, eat the soup. XD

A lot of betting goes on in this household. I should stop making people bet on things.

Previous works in chronological order: Hired, Lovestarved, Trial & Trust, Deeper Than Skin, A Small Solace


The Black Hat manor is very spacious. There are a few rooms in it that hardly ever see any use, maybe aside from storing random junk. 

Flug could only assume one of those places was where Black Hat disappeared to whenever he fell ill.

It didn’t happen often, mind you. Maybe four or five times a year, sometimes more. But whenever he did get sick, Dementia, Flug, and 5.0.5. would never see him. He’d always have disappeared, simply leaving them notes that usually read something along the lines of, “Ill. Expect me back within the week. PS: No slacking off while I’m gone!!!” This time was no different. 

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wanting pt.2 (complete)

*request —> Anonymous said: Wait wait wait. Stop everything. Are u gonna do a part2 of ‘wanting’? Because i liked it so much and now you got me suffering wanting to know what’s next and i really really need a Part 2. I really loved it. I love you and your writing 💓💓👌😭

Originally posted by sugutie

author’s note: 1,216 words. 

I wasn’t going to write a second part tbh. I really hated the first part to this like I hated it with a passion. But then I saw your request again recently and went “Oh, why the hell not.” Let’s hope this goes a bit better. (thank you so so much for your kind words anon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  I’m very appreciative of you loving me and my writing. one person’s trash is another person’s treasure lolol

wanting pt.1 here

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Business Partners- Part 1

Prompt/Summary: Your business partner invites himself to your sister’s wedding

Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Reader, Natasha, Clint, Coulson, Sam, Steve, Bucky, Scott.  Everybody

Warnings: cursing, drinking, reader is going to be a bit of an idiot later on.  You should work on your communication skills.  ;)

Word Count: 2085

Author’s Note:  I am cutting this down to the wire. But this is my submission for @bionic-buckyb 5000 follower celebration!!!!  I claimed the fake dating AU.  As of posting this, the end isn’t finished.  So I plan on eating pizza at home and try to get it done by the deadline.  (I’m going to come back and tag people)

Originally posted by ayumifuru95

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Past to Present

A/N: Two requests down three to go! Hello my Lovely Wonderfuls! I hope you’re all doing well, and I hope you enjoy this story! To the Anon who requested this I really hope you enjoy this, and I deeply apologize for how long it took me to do this. Now, a little disclaimer, I don’t watch porn except for when I forget to turn off cinemax and it surprises and I immediately change the channel. So I tried my best. The names and the title of the video were just off the top of my head and if they are remotely close to anything it’s purely a coincidence. You’re totally welcome to laugh at them, I surely did. Anyway, Anon if you would like rewrite let me know! I hope you all have a marvelous day!



Request: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader where the boys have been with the Reader for awhile and they notice they really don’t know much about her past and they jokingly look her up and find out she used to be a pretty popular porn star before she met them

Warning: There’s like two curse words





When the boys had first met you, they thought you were sweet, strong, funny, and beautiful. They were surprised by how taken they became with you.



Alex had met you first. He had come into the bakery you owned. You had come to the counter while he was looking at what you had out.

“Can I help you, sir?”

He looks up, and he’s taken aback by your kind eyes and bright smile. His heart races a little.

“Is there something you want specifically, sir?” You ask again.

He had been staring for a little while, and you thought he had been lost in thought. He coughs and looks away, before he answers.

“Are these chocolate croissants any good?” He says pointing at them in the case.

“They’re one of our best sellers,” you say with your smile still in place.

He nods, as if contemplating whether or not to get them.

“They are quite good, sir,” you say grabbing his attention once more. “And if I may suggest,” you say smiling, walking towards the other end of the display case, “we have some absolutely delicious Triple Chocolate Cupcakes, if you’re in the mood for chocolate.”

You smile brightly with raised eyebrows, nodding your head up and down, in reassurance.

He smiles and chuckles a bit.

“There we go!” You exclaim, glad he didn’t look so serious anymore. “I’m happy I got a smile on that face.”

“I apologize,” he says, trying to come up with an excuse, “I still had work on my mind.”

“Ah, I see,” you nod in understanding, “you have one of those serious jobs.”

He chuckles again, liking you more each second.

“Do you have any other recommendations?”

You smile brightly and point out your personal favorites. You mention what you like to have when you’re in certain moods.

Soon he had more than what he came for.

You give him one last smile as he walks out the door. On his way home you’re the only thing on his mind, and he wonders how he’ll tell his lovers.

He decides to visit you a few more times, just to see if his feelings were something he even had to tell them about. By the fifth visit in one month, he realized that he was completely enamored by you.

He gets home and tells the boys about you, the excitement in his eyes and the smile on his face, made them curious about you.
They decide to pay a visit to the bakery, separately through the next week.



John is the first to visit and much like Alex is taken with you instantly. When he walks in, he can see you rollout out dough in the back.

“Welcome! I’ll be with you in just a moment,” you say with quick smile, walking towards the back.

He waits, looking at the goodies you had on display.

“Sorry about the wait, how can I help you sir?” you smile brightly.

He looks at you seeing exactly why Alex had been so taken with you. You had beautiful eyes, and the sweetest smile he had ever seen. You were simply beautiful.

“Can I, uh,” he struggles looking at the display case trying to decide what he wanted, “the red velvet cupcakes.”

“I’ve always loved red velvet,” you grab a cupcake placing it on a plate. “Mostly because of the color, and the cream cheese frosting.”

You hand him his plate with the same sweet smile.

“Can I get you something to drink, sir?”

“Some coffee would be great, thank you.”

He takes a seat at one of the few tables you have set up and you bring him a cup of coffee.

“Do you do everything here?” he notices, that you seem to be the only one in the small bakery.

“Well, I have help most of the time, but my employees happen to be sisters and it’s one of their birthdays, so I gave them the day off.” You shrug with a smile. “Plus I’m okay on my own.”

“That’s really nice of you,” he smiles up at you.

“They deserve it,” you smile. “Well, enjoy.” You start to walk away.

“Actually,” he says stopping you. “I-I hate eating alone, would you sit with me?”

You smile and give him a nod, taking a seat across from him. You wind up talking for over an hour, laughing back and forth, smiling the entire time.

As he leaves, he extends his hand to you.

“I’m John, by the way,” he smiles brightly at you.

You smile matches his and you place your hand in his.

“(Y/N), it’s nice to meet you.”

Your kind nature drew him to you, your smile and laugh making him want to stay longer. When he gets home, he tells his partners of his approval and has to keep himself from going with Herc and Laf.



Laf goes next and if your smile and sweet nature weren’t enough to draw him in, your mutual love of baking was.

“How did you get into baking?” he asks, after ordering and he was sitting at a table.

“When I was about sixteen,” you hand him the cinnamon roll he ordered. “It gave me a sense of peace when my life was a bit of a mess.

“It calmed you,” he says as if knowing.

You smile and nod enthusiastically.

“Yes, exactly. It was so cathartic. It still is.”

“I like seeing other people eat my food and enjoy it,” he bites into his cinnamon roll and hums in delight.

Your smile grows seeing his reaction to something you made.

“This is my favorite part, the way someone’s face lights up when they take a bite, and they make that yummy sound.”

He laughs and nods in agreement.

“Oui, I love the yummy sound.”

“Let me know if you’d like anything else.”

“Could I ask you a question?”


“You own this bakery? Do you bake everything yourself?”

“That’s two questions,” you laugh. “To answer them, yes and mostly yes.”

“Mostly yes?”

“I bake almost everything myself, but I do have help and sometimes they bake some of the yummy things we have on display.”

“When did you buy the place or start renting it?”

“It was actually given to me by the original owner,” you smile fondly. “I had started working for her when I moved here and we became very close. I was like a daughter to her and when she passed she left it to me.”

“That’s amazing,” he says surprised.

“I’m very lucky.”

You’re both silent for a moment and just about as you’re about to excuse yourself, he speaks again.

“What’s your favorite thing to bake?”

You laugh and smile with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you sure you want to have this conversation? It could take a while.”

He smiles big at you, not minding in the least how long it could take.

“I’m positive.”

You were more than happy to talk about all the ins and outs of baking with him. Your passion for it made him like you right away. He agreed with Alex and John, and told Hercules he was sure to approve as well.



Herc was last, but certainly not least. He was very curious about you and went into the shop with an open mind, knowing how much his lovers liked you. While, he was prepared for your kind nature, and bright smile. He wasn’t prepared for the sweet tone of your voice, or just how lovely your smile was.

While he stood there, looking utterly confused because of the emotions running rampant through his body.

You approached him with a gentle smile and asked if you could help him.

“I- I, um,” he took a breath, trying to steady his voice, “I would like a few pastries, please.”

He internally kicked himself for sounding so stupid, he was obviously here for pastries, this was a bakery. You made no comment, and just smiled brightly.

“Of course,” you say, lightly taking his arm and leading him to the display case.

He seemed so nervous and you found him so incredibly sweet. Everything you pointed out to him, he asked for.

“You don’t have to get everything,” looking at him with kind eyes that made his heart melt, “you can say if you don’t like something, I’m just suggesting.”

“No, no, everything looks so good, I’m taking it all,” he says with a kind smile of his own.

“As long as you’re sure.”

He ended up with two boxes of assorted pastries. When he came through the door that day, he had a huge smile on his face.

“She’s amazing.”

They all discuss what it would mean if they tried to date you, and how they all felt about it. When they decide how to approach you, they pay you a visit.



They come in the next day, and Peggy is the first to notice them. Her eyes widen as a smile spread across her face.

“(Y/N), your boyfriends are here,” she yells at you in the back.

“Peggy,” you say exasperated before you notice the group.

You’re a little confused to see four different customers all together, but then you figure that they’re all friends.

“Well now, who would’ve thought, my four best customers are all buddies,” you say with a big smile.

You liked all four of them, each of them were wonderful in different ways and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t have crushes on all of them. The trio of sisters were having a little too much fun teasing you about them. They all looked a little nervous and you were curious as to why.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were all friends?”

“We’re not,” Alex says stepping towards you, cautiously.

“You’re not?”

They all shake their heads.

“Then….” You trail off.

“We have a special relationship,” Laf chips in.

You still look confused.

“We’re all together,” Herc tries to explain further.

“You’re all together, together?”

“Yes,” they all say in unison.

“So, you all date each other?”


You nod slowly, understanding, as a smile spreads on your face. They were in a polyamorous relationship. You had heard about relationships like this, but never met anyone in one before. Let alone all the people in the relationship, not that any of this bothered you. Love is love and love is beautiful.

“That’s wonderful, but why are you telling me this?” you ask, as a thought pops into your head. “Do you need a wedding cake?!” you say excitedly.

“No, actually we came here to ask you out on a date,” John says looking at you sweetly.

“You want to date me?”

They all nod.

“Me?” you ask pointing at yourself.

They all chuckle, nodding again.

“We understand this is a little overwhelming, so we thought you could go out with each of us individually, if you want.”

They all look at you hopefully and you take a deep breath, trying digest this. Four incredibly sweet, wonderful, handsome men, came into your bakery and said they want to date you. All together.

You look back at Peggy, who nods and waves her hands, gesturing you to say yes.

“Wow, you know it’s not everyday a girl gets asked out by four handsome men at once,” you say with a light chuckle.

They laugh as well, knowing it was a lot for you to take in.

“As long as it’s okay with you,” you say slowly, “going on a date with each of you would be great.”

“Really?” Alex asks in disbelief.

They never thought you would say yes.

“Yeah,” you smile brightly at the four of them, “I mean before we all go out together, that way I can focus on each of you.”

They look at you smiles matching yours and the joy on their faces warms your heart.

“So, who’s taking me out first?” you say placing your hands on your hips. “Oh, and I don’t mind paying half of the bill. It seems a little unfair I get four free dinners.”

“We decided on the order we met, so I’ll be taking you out first,” Alex says, stepping closer and taking your hand in his, “and there is no way you’re paying for anything.”

You laugh and shake your head, these boys were going to have to get used to you.




And that’s how it all started. Before you knew it you were in love with all of them. After eight months, they asked you to move in. It was hard for you, you were so used to being independent, but you missed them so much that you couldn’t help but say yes.

Now, a year and half later, you were so happy you almost found it ridiculous. You and the boys had fallen in love with each other and you felt lucky everyday.

The boys were waiting for you to get home one friday, they had all gotten off early, but you had to work late. They were sitting in the living room just hanging out, when they started talking.

“Where are we going tonight?” John asks his lovers, forgetting their date night plans.

“That Italian restaurant on 44th street,” Alex says, wrapping his arms around John and pulling him close.

“When does l’ange get off?”

“Not until seven,” Herc replies, looking at his watch to check the time and seeing it was just past six.

“Does she know we’re going there?” John asks, snuggling into Alex.

“Nope, but she’ll be excited,” Hercules smiles, loving to surprise his loves. “Its her favorite.”

“It was the first Italian restaurant she went to when she moved here, right?”

“Yeah, her friend took her, for her birthday and she insists it’s still the best,” Alex answers Laf with a chuckle.

“Where did she move from again?” John asks, trying to remember when you’ve mentioned it.

They all try to think back, but don’t remember you telling them where you were from before moving to New York.

“Has she ever mentioned it?” Alex asks, confused.

“I don’t think so,” Laf says, trying to think of when you could have told them.

“We really don’t know much about her life before she moved here,” Herc thinks out loud.

“We should Google her,” Alex says jokingly.
“Maybe we’ll find an old Facebook account from when she was younger,” Laf says smiling at the thought of seeing the younger you.

“It couldn’t hurt, we probably won’t find anything.”

“Yeah, she really doesn’t like social media,” John agrees with Hercules.

“So, are we gonna Google our girl?” Alex asks, looking at his partners.

They all nod with a smile. Alex goes to get his laptop and they all sit at the dining table, looking at the screen. Alex types in your name and clicks search.

At first there’s pictures and accounts of other women by the same name. But just when they were about to give up, John sees a woman that looks exactly like you.

“Is that our baby girl?”

They all look at the picture of a woman in lacy white lingerie, biting her lip with a man grabbing her from behind.

“It can’t be,” Hercules says in disbelief.
Alex clicks on the link and a website opens up. The caption on the video says, ‘Lily Sugar and Derek Don in Secrets in the Dark’.

“It has to be a coincidence,” John says not believing it could be you.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Alex says pressing play.

It was clear as day, it was you. Your voice, your smile, your body. It was you, in a porn video and they couldn’t believe it.




You get out of work excited to get home to your lovers, and go out for date night. The boys had wanted to surprise you with where you were going and you were more than happy to play along.

As you make your way into the apartment, you don’t see or hear your lovers.

“My loves, I’m home,” you call out.

When you get no answer, you walk further into the apartment. You can hear moaning the closer you get to the dining room. You scrunch up your face because it sounds like a woman. You see them huddled around Alex’s computer and between Laf and John you can see the screen.

Your eyes widen as heart drops and you feel like you can’t breathe.

“How did you find that?!” you say panicked and making your presence known.

Alex immediately closes his laptop, as they all turn to look at you.

“You were in porn?” is the only thing Alex can get out.

You ignore his question and ask again, a bit angrier this time.

“How did you find that?” you look at each of them waiting for an answer.

They all stood still, like deer caught in the headlights. With each second you grew more frustrated.


“We Googled you,” John sputters out.


“We realized we didn’t know a lot about your past, and as a joke, we Googled you,” Herc says gently, not wanting to upset you further.

“Why couldn’t you have just asked me, why would you invade my privacy like this?”

“Its not as if you’re that forth coming with this information,” Alex says looking almost accusatory at you.

You look at him in disbelief and anger. The fact that your other partners said nothing only hurt you further.

“Did you think, for one second, that maybe, just maybe, that this was something I needed to tell you in my own time?”

When you were met with silence, you continued.

“This is something personal about my past, that I wasn’t ready to share and instead of just asking me about it, you snoop around behind my back? Do you know how awful that makes me feel? Do you know how hard that makes it for me trust you?”

You stare at them waiting for them to answer, apologize, something. They just stood there in shock and looking uncomfortable, none of them would really look at you. You feel tears well up in your eyes.

“This,” you say gesturing between all of you, “is exactly why I kept this to myself.”

You sigh and look at each of them, you shake your head.

“You can’t even look at me.”

You wipe away your tears, as they stand still.

“I can’t do this,” you say walking away from them, grabbing your things, and leaving the apartment.

When they hear the door slam, they all look at the ground and then at each other.

“We fucked up,” Herc says, wanting to go after you, but knew you needed space.

Your other partners nod, knowing they would have to find a way to apologize and get you to come back home.




You make your way Marias, crying the whole time. You had texted to let her know you were coming over and she was waiting for you.

When you got there and she opened the door to see you, and saw your tear stained face, she opened up her arms. You fell into your best friends embrace and cried some more. She simply hugged you and let you cry knowing you weren’t someone who cried often. You needed to get it all out and she waited patiently.

When you had calmed, she led you to the couch and made you some tea. She sat next to you on the couch and wrapped a blanket over your shoulders.
“Thanks,” you whisper, giving her tight smile.

“Of course, you know I’m always here,” she says smiling and grabbing your hand. “Now, what happened?”

You sigh and lean your head back on the couch, staring at the ceiling.

“They found out.”

“About the,” she pauses trying to find a better word, “work you used to do.”

You nod, still staring at the ceiling and trying not to cry.

“Judging by all this, I’m guessing it didn’t go well.”

You shake your head, closing your eyes and willing the tears to go away.

“I wasn’t ready for them to find out.”

“Hon, why would you tell them if you weren’t ready?” she asks you confused.

You sit up and look at her. She can see the slight anger in your eyes.

“I didn’t! They Googled me!”

“They what?!”

You simply nod.

“How dare they invade your privacy like that?!” She says outraged for you. “What did you tell them?”

“Basically the same thing and that if they were that curious they should’ve just asked me.” You take a breath and look at her tears rimming your eyes again. “You should have seen the way they were acting, they couldn’t even look at me.”

“No,” she says firmly grabbing your face and making you look at her. “You don’t let them make you feel bad, do you understand me? You did what you had to do at the time and it’s nothing you should be ashamed of. If they can’t deal it’s them, they have no right to judge you.”

You nod and lean on her again as she hugged you tightly, and told you how wonderful you were, as you fell asleep.



Maria makes sure you’re comfortable on the couch, before going to her bedroom and making a phone call.

Hercules answers on the first ring.


Before he has a chance to say anymore, Maria starts.

“You put me on speaker so you all can hear me,” she pauses giving them a chance. “You listen to me, you have no right to invade someone’s privacy the way you did hers and you have absolutely no right to judge her. She did what she had to do at the time, you don’t know the ins and outs of the situation. The only reason I am not over there, yelling at you in person is because she needs me here. She deserves so much better than this and you better fix it, or my yelling will be the least of your worries.”

She hangs up and turns off your phone, knowing you needed the time and they needed to sweat.




You wake up the next morning with a throbbing headache. You sit up rubbing your temples.

“Hey there doll,” Maria says walking over to you from the kitchen.

She hands you a plate of food, a glass of juice, and some Tylenol.

“Thank you,” you say gratefully, beginning to eat.

“Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do today,” she says with a smile. “You’re going to take a shower and borrow some of my clothes, then we’re going shopping and out to eat.”

You smile at her, and then frown a bit.

“I should probably go and talk to the boys…”

“Nope.” She shakes her head. “You’re spending the day with me, and when you’re ready, then you can go talk to the boys, but you need a clear head.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” You say looking at your plate, you look up at her with a small smile.

“Where are we shopping?”

She laughs, happy to see a genuine smile.

“Anywhere you want.”



You went to several shops, and got a few new things, courtesy of your best friend. You insisted you buy lunch and she only relented after you promised she could pay for dessert.

Once you’re back at her apartment, you gather your stuff and thank her again.

“Anytime,” she says with a smile.

You take a deep breath, thinking of the conversation you’d have to have when you got home.

“Hey,” she says grabbing your attention.

“Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your past you did what you to do at the time,” she says her hands on your shoulders.

“We both did.”

You nod and give her small smile, as she pulls you into a hug.

“If you need me just call,” she pulls away, “I’ll be there in a hot second.”

“I know,” you smile. “Love you lady.”

“Love you, doll.”




You take a few deep breaths before entering the apartment, mentally preparing yourself for the conversation. You open the door and you hear foot steps rush to the door way. Your partners staring at you as if they couldn’t believe you were real.

“Are you okay?”

John is the first to speak, the gentle look in his eyes making you want to run to him. You couldn’t though, not yet.

“Physically, yes.”

They all look at the ground, guilt filling their hearts. You sigh, catching their attention.

“We need to talk,” you gesture towards the couch.

“Talk?” Alex asks nervously.

You simply nod and move past them to the living room. You wait as they get settled, once they are you begin.

“I’m still mad about you googling me. I know it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but it’s not something I’m particularly proud of and once people find it tends to be the only thing they can associate me with. I try to keep myself separated from that part of my life. I really wish you could have let me tell you in time.”

“Would you have?” Alex asks quietly.

“Yes, if you had given me the chance, I would have.”

You take a breath thinking of where to start.

“I had just graduated high school and got a partial scholarship for culinary school, but my family didn’t have money to cover the rest of my school expenses. Not to mention the amount of debt my father had left us with. It was just me, my mom, and my little sister and working a full time job just didn’t cut it.”

You pause taking a deep breath and keeping your eyes on the ground.

“My boyfriend at the time, who was a bit of a skeeze, convinced me to do a video. He said it was really good money and it was. At first I refused, but I needed that money. So, he took me to this office and I signed paperwork and I did it.”

“And that’s how it started, they liked me and wanted me to come back, again I refused, but they offered me more money and I couldn’t pass it up. My boyfriend convinced me to go all in and just work with the company. He told me it could help me get through college, help my family and I couldn’t argue with that. There was probably better ways of solving my problems, but I was young and impressionable and I had good money in front my face.”

They listen intently and their hearts ache thinking about how much you had struggled.

“I never did anything raunchy or degrading, just the basic stuff I guess. I had the whole innocent girl thing, so I was never handled too harshly.”

You look up at them now.

“I’m not ashamed of the choices I made. I did what I had to when something needed to be done. I took care of my family, I got through college, ditched my crummy boyfriend and moved here with my best friend.”

They say the strength they always admired about you in full force at that moment. They also saw the walls you had up, ready to defend yourself.

“What made you finally leave your scum boyfriend?” Alex asks curious.

“I found out he was getting paid for every video I did because he got me to work for the company.”

“Are you serious?!” John yells, looking outraged.

“Yep,” you nod. “He didn’t care about anything, but getting his own cash.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Laf looks sadly at you.

“It only made me stronger,” you shrug your shoulders. “It taught me a few lessons, too. About life and sex.”

They all stare at you for a moment.

“Come on,” you smile small with a light laugh, “that was funny and true.”

Hercules chuckles shaking his head, and your other partners loosen up a bit, chuckling as well.

“I can’t believe we’re joking about such a serious situation,” Herc looks at you a small smile of disbelief on his face.

“It was a crummy situation, but I got through it and it’s in the past. If I can’t joke about it, it’s like a weight I have to carry around with me. I don’t want that, I never have. It actually makes me proud to see how far I’ve come.”
Your smile grows in self pride.

“I mean, I went from struggling and turning to porn to graduating college and owning my own bakery. I worked hard to get where I am and I don’t regret anything. Ultimately, it lead me to you.”

“We’re so sorry we invaded your privacy, mon ange.”

Laf comes to your side first, taking your hands in his and kissing them softly.

“We love you no matter what.”

“You are the most amazing woman we have ever met and you just keep showing us how remarkable you are,” Herc kisses your temple, looking into your eyes with nothing but love.

John comes to you next kissing you all over you face with quick sweet kisses, making you giggle.

“You’re absolutely the most beautiful woman, baby girl, and we’re shit for hurting you, but we’re going to make it up to you.”

“And if that means, making you breakfast every morning, giving you foot rubs, and telling you how wonderful, strong, amazingly sexy, and incredible you are everyday for as long as it takes for you to forgive us we’ll do it.”

Alex caresses your face, with loving, pleading eyes. You hadn’t realized you had started crying until he wiped away your tears and kissed you softly.

“I’ll tell you what,” you smile at each of them, “breakfast in bed on my birthday every year, telling me sweet things at least three times a month, and at least one kiss from each of you everyday and we’ve got a deal.”

They all chuckle at you.

“Make it three kisses or more from each of us and it’s a deal,” Herc says before pulling you between all of them.

You pretend to think about it and nod.


You squeal as they all kiss you at once, your cheeks, your neck, your stomach.

Everywhere, tickling you the entire time and making you laugh.

“We love you so much, cupcake.”

You look at each of your lovers seeing nothing, but love and admiration in their eyes.

“I love all of you so much.”

You lay there, content, surrounded by your loves. Suddenly, Laf lifts you up in his arms.

“What are you doing?” you laugh.

“We have a surprise, mon ange.”

“A surprise?”

Alex nods and smiles at your excitement.

“Close your eyes, baby girl.”

You do as your told a big smile on your face.

They say you can open your eyes and you gasp when see the scene before you.

Roses. Roses everywhere, with daisies and lilies scattered among them. Candles were lit, they had even hung twinkle lights around the room.

“This,” you take a breath, trying to find words, “this is beautiful.”

“Tonight, love,” Alex takes your hand leading you to the bed, “we’re going to show you just how much we love you.”

Your heart rate picks up, as they slowly take off your clothes, placing sweet, tender kisses all over your body, and making you feel more loved than you ever had before.




Later that night, you get a text from Maria.

*I’m guessing it went okay, by the lack of communication?

You smile lazily, looking at your lovers on each side of you, sound asleep.

-Way better than okay ; ) Call you tomorrow.

You put your phone down, as John wraps his arms around your waist and pulls to his chest, kissing your forehead. You snuggle into him, smiling into a blissful sleep.

New Beginnings - Three

This time there was only four days before you saw Spencer again. He’d texted you, apologising again for having to run out on your coffee meeting and yet again, you’d assured him that it was fine. You got it. His job was obviously a very important one and you completely understood.

In fact you were used to it. But you were used to being the one to run out on other people due to your own line of work. You did wonder exactly what he did for a living, and you’d been tempted to Google him but decided against it. You had both agreed to wait to discuss your jobs and you wanted to honour that decision.

Your phone started to buzz signalling a call. At 9.30pm on a Saturday night, you wondered who it was? It was unlikely to be your mum, you’d spoken to her earlier in the day to let her know how you were settling in. You grabbed it, seeing the name Spencer flashing up on the screen and hurridly swiping to answer it.


“Hey Y/N, are you busy tonight?” Spencer asked. You could hear a lot of noise in the background and wondered where on earth he was.

“Not really no.” Your plan had been to curl up in front of the TV to catchup on Game of Thrones but that could wait if you had a better offer.

“We got back into town a few hours ago and Morgan has insisted on dragging me out to a bar. D-do you wanna c-come join us?” The stutter was back again suddenly.

“Is it just you two?” you asked, not quite ready to meet anymore of his work colleagues or friends before you’d got chance to get to know him better yourself.

“Yep, everyone else had things to do, so I’m the unfortunate soul who got dragged along.”

“Okay sure. Just let me get ready and I’ll come meet you.“

“G-great.” Spencer gave you the name and address of the bar and advised roughly where he and Morgan would be sat.

You dressed quickly having not long showered. You chose a simple purple sundress which you knew you looked nice in and a pair of black heels. You left your long hair loose as it had dried in its natural waves. Expertly you applied your make up, keeping it simple but still wanting to look like you’d made some sort of effort, just not too much effort. Stepping back, you surveyed yourself in the mirror. You approved.

The bar wasn’t far from your apartment so you walked, the summer breeze flowing through your hair. It took maybe ten minutes to find the place and you entered, scanning the room for Derek and Spencer and quickly spotting them. Waving at them, you headed to the bar ordering a pitcher of beer and nodding over to the table, showing the bar tender where you would be.

You wandered over to the guys, Derek greeting you warmly, “Hey kitten. Good to see you again. Nice legs by the way.”

“Kitten?” you raised an eyebrow, mildly amused.

“He does this with everyone Y/N,” Spencer sighed. “He can’t seem to call people by their actual names.”

“Fair enough.“ You shrugged as the bartender bought over your pitcher. You poured, taking a long sip, the refreshing beer cool on your lips.

“So Y/N, how are you liking the city so far? Reid says you moved here for work but that you wouldn’t say what you do?” Derek leaned closer so you could hear him over the music that was playing.

“Well the city is okay. I haven’t really seen much of it yet to be honest,” you replied idly playing with strand of your hair. “And I start my new job on Monday, so all being well, I’ll be able to tell Spence all about it.”

“So he’s not told you what we do either then?”

“Nope,” you popped the p sound, grinning at the two men. “Although I’m very intrigued I must say. But we did kind of make a deal so I can hold out for a few more days not knowing.”

Derek laughed and the three of you bantered for a while before Derek headed off to get more drinks.

“You look nice by the way Y/N,” Spencer turned to you once his friend had left the table.

“Thank you. So do you.”

He did look nice. Obviously having come straight from work, he was in black trousers and a dark purple shirt. His tie was still on but was slightly loose and his top few buttons were open. His sleeves were rolled up and his suit jacket was slung over the back of his chair. His dark hair was messy, but in a good way, a way that kinda made you want to run your fingers through it.

He blushed lightly at your compliment, as you leant over fingering the fabric of his shirt. “We’re both in purple,” you stated the obvious.

“It’s my favourite colour.”

“Mine too,” you smiled at each other as Derek returned with a tray of drinks.

“Drink up kids, we need to get this party started. I wanna get my groove on.”

You groaned realising he had returned with shots.

He passed them out, three to you and two to himself and Spencer.

“Wait, why do I get extra?” you protested.

“Because we’ve been here, drinking for longer, Kitty cat.” He smirked. “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get you drunk so Pretty Boy can take advantage of you.”

You saw Spencer flush red and felt bad for him.

"Meh,” you shrugged. "Maybe I’ll be the one taking advantage of him.”

Derek laughed loudly. "Nice one Kitten. I bet he’d love that… Now drink.”

You downed your drinks, wincing at the sourness of the liquor, and you talked some more, feeling increasingly at ease and relaxed as the alcohol made its way into your system.

One of your favourite songs to dance to came on; Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. You hopped off your chair, “Come dance with me Spencer.” You grabbed his hands and tugged lightly.

His eyes widened and he shook his head furiously, pulling his hands free. “No no no, no way. I don’t dance.”

You pouted at him, trying to win him over.

“Sorry no. I can’t do it.” He protested again.

“Pretty Boy doesn’t dance. I do though.” Morgan hopped off his stool too leaving Spencer looking relieved.

You let Derek lead you to the dance floor as you started swaying to the music, your hips moving in time. Derek pulled you close, his hands resting on your hips, his pace matching yours. You could see Spencer watching you over Derek’s shoulder. You smiled at him and he smiled back, his eyes watching your every move.

“So, I gotta ask,” Derek spoke quietly, close to your ear. “What’s the deal with you two?”

“The deal?”

“Yes, the deal. Are you into him or what? I’m only asking cos Reid is one of my closest friends. He’s like a little brother to me and I wanna make sure he’s not being messed with. He doesn’t really have any female friends outside of work.”

You pulled back slightly looking Derek in the eye. “Honestly I don’t know what our deal is. I’m new here and he, and now you are the only people I know in this city.”

“But you do like him right? I can see you looking at him over my shoulder even though you’re dancing with me.”

“Yes,” you sighed. “I do like him. He’s smart and funny, and we seem to be into a lot of the same stuff….plus he’s hot.”

Derek chuckled, “It’s not everyday I hear the boy genius described as hot, I must say.”

You giggled back and then more seriously you continued. "Listen Morgan, I get that you care about him. It’s nice. He’s also told me that he’s never really had a girlfriend. At the moment, we’re just friends but I’d like to see where it goes. Wherever it goes though, it will go slowly. My last relationship was a few years ago and it was a bad one, so I’m a not about to jump into anything.”

Derek looked you in the eyes as the song came to an end, “Fair enough, I like you Y/N. You seem like a nice girl. And you’re good for him. He’s smiled a lot more since he met you. Now let’s get you back to him.”

You woke up the next morning confused and feeling like someone had taken a dump in your mouth. You moved to grab your phone, grimacing and groaning out a low, “Fuck,” the motion making your head pound. It was past noon and you had a text from Spencer.

“You still alive? I feel like I might have died and gone to hell,” it read, sent only a few minutes ago.

There had been lots more shots last night, and a fair amount of dancing with Derek. Evertime a song that you liked came on you’d pleaded with Spencer to join you but he flatly refused everytime, laughing at your failed attempts to physically drag him to the floor. He was stronger than he looked.

You vaguely remembered walking home with him and him draping his jacket around your shoulders like a true gentlemen.

“I think I’m alive. I’m not sure. I need food. And a new brain please. Mine hurts,” you typed back. Your phone buzzed again a few minutes later.

“I still have the pizza’s you insisted we bought on the way home, but then decided you couldn’t stomach when we got here.”

Cold pizza sounded amazing right now. “Let me shower and I’ll be right down.”

“K. I’ve just showered, doors on the latch. I’ll be dying on my couch,” Spencer replied.

You quickly showered and brushed your teeth, pulling your damp hair into a messy top knot. Throwing on some sweat pants and an old band tee, you headed downstairs.

You pushed open his apartment door and looked around. You’d been here last night you recalled as you’d decided in your drunken state that you wanted to see where he lived. In fact your heels were still on his floor from where you must have kicked them off, walking barefoot back up to your apartment when you’d decided you needed to sleep.

Spencer was lying on his couch, his hair damp from the shower. He was wearing tartan pajama bottoms and an old grey tee shirt with mis matched socks. You realised that you’d never seen him in anything other than a shirt and trousers. Casual suited him 

He moved his feet so you could join him on the couch and you settled in opposite him. “I blame you for this,” you croaked at him.

“Why me? I feel like death too,” he croaked back, his voice low and gravelly.

“I was planning on having a nice quiet night in and then you called. And then I wake up this morning feeling like a family of badgers have shit in my mouth and taken a sledgehammer to my head.”

He smiled weakly, “Badgers?”

“Yes, Badgers.”

You grabbed the pizza box from the floor opening it and taking a slice passing the box to Spencer.

“You know who I blame?” he asked as he took a slice.

You looked at him before saying at the same time as him, "Derek.”

You both laughed as he flicked his TV on. You spent the afternoon talking, watching crappy Sunday TV, and falling in and out of consciousness as you both napped.

It had reached 7pm when you decided that you needed to leave. You needed to sort some stuff out and get a good night’s sleep ready for the your new job tomorrow.

You nudged Spencer who had nodded off again. “Spence. I need to go,” the shortened version of his name just rolling off your tongue.

“What….?” he mumbled sleepily, his eyes still closed. You giggled. He looked so adorable half asleep.

“I’ve got things to sort out for tomorrow.” You moved his legs from next to you and climbed off his couch.

You bent down giving him a hug, feeling him tense initially before hugging you back. “Last night and today, strangely was fun Spence. Thanks for being my new friend. It’s made moving to a new city easier.”

He smiled at you now more awake. “No worries Y/N. And good luck for tomorrow. Let me know how it goes. I look forward to finally finding out what you do.”

You waved as you headed out, climbing the stairs back up to your own apartment.

When you got home, you set about making preparations. You rummaged through your wardrobe picking out your outfit for tomorrow and packing a small bag with a change of clothes and toiletries like you’d been instructed to. All of your documents were in a folder on your desk ready for you to take with you.

You had a long relaxing bath, washing yourself properly this time before falling into bed and opening your laptop to check your emails.

You’d had one from your new boss reminding you that he wanted to meet with you early tomorrow before the rest of the team got in, just to go over some things with you. He’d also included a list of your new teammates names and their job descriptions.

Your eyes scanned the list, one name and then another jumping out at you. Your eyes widened.

“Fuck! Fuckity fuck!”

This could definitely complicate things.

You Googled the names hoping there was a mistake and it was a different person.


The images displayed on the screen matched the images in your head.

You sighed. Tomorrow was going to be……. Interesting.




I Forgive You

Summery: y/n has a history and all it it takes is one slip up to tear thier world apart.

Warnings: so much angst, mentions of domestic violence

A/N: this is for my @lovelynemesis who has helped me through the worst week of my life. Also please forgive any grammar mistakes or spelling errors. ha see what I did there. 

Inspired by the song i forgive you- Sia


    The room goes deadly silent as the tears you’ve been holding back come rolling down your face. You stare at him Almost astonished, holding your cheek sure it would be bruised by in the morning, and whisper

“ Do you really mean that?”

     When he doesn’t answer you turn on your heal and run out of your shared.. no longer shared bedroom running straight into Steve. He takes in your red rimmed eyes and tear stained cheeks and the way you can’t seem to keep eye contact for longer than ten seconds and it worries him. Then he notices it.

“ Hey Y/N what happened”

All your able to manage is a half chocked sob before you push past the blond super soldier seeking the solstice of the only other person you fully trust besides Steve and Bucky, and seeing as you could talk to either one of them without being called out on it you sought out the comfort of the red headed ex soviet spy you had come to call your sister.

Natasha had taken you under her wing in a sorts upon your arrival at the tower. she taught you basic defense, gave you advice and was protective over you, her maternal instincts being killer literally. You had assumed it was because she would never be able to have a child herself that she took to caring for you as she had. So naturally when you came to her door in a disheveled mess, begging to be let in she was ready to pounce. She took one look at you, and pulled you into her arms , stroking your long Y/H/C hair and whispering soothing words to try and get you to calm down.

“ Tell me what happened Y/N” she demanded once she had secured the door and placed you onto her bed. “ God Natalia it was just like Aaron all over again. One moment we’re fighting and the next I’m on the floor.” you croak into the red heads chest desperate for any sort of comfort.

“ Barnes hit you”

You can tell she’s surprised by the statement as much as you were. You peer up to her and gently plead

“ Can i please just stay here Natalia. As long as your here I’ll be okay” you beg your voice going hoarse from crying. She kisses the top of your head and holds you close.

“ Yes, Your not going anywhere. We’ll sort this out tomorrow” she promised. She waited until you had dozed off and told F.R.I.D.A.Y. to secure the door, not letting anyone other than her in and to discourage you if you tried to leave. She planned on confronting James, and apparently she wasn’t the only one.  As she neared the common room She was met with the rest of the avengers all grim toned and murderous looks resting upon their faces.

“ It could have been an accident” Steve tried to tell them blocking the hall to Bucky’s room. Natasha cleared her throat causing the team to look at her then set her glare on Steve.

“ Accidents like that don’t happen Rodgers” she half snarled marching up to Steve and poking  his chest with her perfectly polished nail. “ Especially not to people like her Now move Captain before we make you”
Steve was awed at the amount of emotion Natasha was allowing herself to show, but that also meant she wasn’t letting this go. He opened his mouth to respond but before he could he was interrupted.

“ Just let'em by Stevie. Go ahead and get it over with” Bucky said in a regretful whisper. His head was hung low and it looked as if he had been crying as well. “ Good” Natasha thought.

“ Buck explained what happened we need to hear the whole story before jumping to any conclusions” Steve all but ordered looking to everyone.

“ We were arguing. She was worried that I wasn’t sleeping enough and she was persistent on talking about my nightmares. She thought it would help. I told her I didn’t want to, and she just kept pushing. One minute she’s coming towards me And the next She’s on the floor. I don’t” Bucky chocked tears flowing freely as he tried to relive the moment for them

“ I don’t remember hitting her. I just remember that terrified look in her eyes as she looked up at me and I knew I had screwed up. I told her to get out. I was scared to hurt her anymore, but it came out as more of a scream. Then she ran off. ”

Bucky story was followed by silence from everyone. Some faces changed to more calculative ( Bruce and vision) and the rest still looked pretty pissed off. “ Sergent Barnes ” Vision said suddenly jarring the whole group out of whatever thoughts they had been in. “ what were you thinking of when she came at you”
Everyone realized the importance of his next words. It proved weather or not he meant to hit her or not. either way thought he was still screwed. “ I was thinking about a bad nightmare I had last night. I didn’t want to tell her because she was involved in it.”

“ You hurt her in your nightmare didn’t you” Wanda asked in an inquisitive tone. Bucky only managed to nod. In truth the nightmare had been about his time when he was the soldier, except this time you had been his victim. He remember pinning you down and then…

“ It is highly probably that your body reacted in fear to the environment around it, and at the time was unable to recognize Y/N and considered her a threat while in it’s vulnerable state. Thus why you did not remember the actions that accured. You weren’t aware of them until it was too late” Vison said directing the stament to everyone.  

At Visons analysis of the situation the room became less tense, well everyone expet Natasha who was the only one who knew what the repercussions of this were gonna be.

“ Miss Rommanoff” Natasha glanced at the ceiling  to the A.I. “ What is it F.R.I.D.A.Y.” She asked gritting her teeth. “ Miss Y/N is attempting to leave your room What shall I do” This caused Bucky to snap his head to the woman only to be met with a furious glare. “ Don’t let her out yet” She said turning to Barnes. “ Natasha I need to apologize” Bucky pleaded his tone remorseful. “ Shut. Up.” she hissed catching everyone off guard. They were all expecting some sassy remark or sharp quip but were met with the exact opposite.

“ Do you have any Idea what the hell you have just done to her” she all but growled at the ex assassin. A confused look made it’s way it Barnes face while recognition beamed on Clint’s.

“Shit” muttered the archer, turning to walk beside Natasha.“ How bad is it’ He asked glancing towards the room your in. ” Not bad slight panic attack when I tried to leave, probably one when she woke up and realized I was gone. Her anxiety levels have all but tripled in the past hour alone. Expect nightmares tonight" Natasha started listing of that sounded like Y/N was dealing with Bucky not Natasha dealing with Y/N.

“ What the hell are you talking about” Bucky snapped effectively stopping the conversation.

“ Congrats Barnes you have just Wiped away all the progress me and Tasha have made in the past three years. YOU my friend just caused Y/N to have the biggest FUCKIN relapse of her life, and now we are back to square one.” Clint said gesturing grandly as if Bucky had done some big accomplishment.

“ Relapse” Bucky question stepping forward to the two assassins. “ What the hell are you talking about.” He demanded.

“ Y/N was a victim of domestic violence before she arrived at the tower.”

The entire group quited at the reveal of something that suddenly made everything about you so much easier to understand. The way you are uncomfortable around guys, how you avoid certain movies, and why you flinched about everything when you first moved into the tower.

“ She what….” Bucky said his voiced sounded heart broken, kicking himself for not realizing it sooner. All the signs had been there.

“ She had the living hell beat out of her everyday for two years” Natasha said bluntly using her words as a weapon against him. “ She was called every name in the book, Talked down too, made to feel fucking worthless, like she wasn’t worth shit. ”

Each word hit Bucky so hard you could physically see him flinch. Every time he tried to say something he shut it when he realized there was nothing he could say. He tried to push pass everyone into Natasha’s hall only to be blocked by clint and thor. He needed to get to her. needed to ask, no get on his fucking knees and beg for her forgiveness. He felt so disgusted with himself. He promised he would it okay if you didn’t forgive him, as long as you knew how much was regretted what had happened.

“ Your not going anywhere near her Barnes, god if I were her…”

“ Well your not her” Steve said Backing Bucky up per usual. “ Why don’t we let her See him maybe they can work it out.”

“Miss Romanoff ” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said but was unable to be hear.

“ I’m Not letting him anywhere near her” Natasha “ If he so much as steps in the same room as her i’ll…”

“NATALIA”  a voice rang out silencing the entire room. Everyone immediately knew who it was. There was only one person Natasha lets call her by her birth name.

“ Miss Romanoff,  Miss Y/N has escaped your room” F.R.I.D.A.Y.  said into the silence. Tony just chuckled under his breath and commented with “ A bit late with the program”

With the room still frozen, you pushed your way past thor and clint and went and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“ Drop it” you told her in a firm tone ,although it wavered. You took one look at bucky and tilted your head down. He went to say something but you stopped him dead in his tracks. “Stop. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say had you not just heard everything they just told you” Then turned and left the room Natasha in tow with clint following close behind.

The next two weeks were hell for Bucky he spend his night awake not being able to sleep without you in his arms where he knew you'de be safe… well at least with him. The worst part was your screams. Every night he would listen in agony as your screams ripped through out the tower echoing in his ears. He knew this was all his fault so when Natasha and clint were away on a mission he plotted to find a way to apologize. Call him selfish, but he’d rather you be with him and hurting than alone and hurting, and he knew you felt the same.

He got his chance a couple days later. He found you in the kitchen late on night nursing a cup of tea, steam spilling from over the rim. At first you didn’t seem to notice him, but when he saw that stray tear fall he knew you had seen him. He walked up to you and grasped your hands, your body trembling from the sobs wracked in your chest. It was only when He felt the small warmth of tears cover his cheeks did he fall to his knees and place his head in your lap.

“Babydoll, I’m so fucking sorry” He croaked out, his words slightly muffled by the cloth of your robes. “ I didn’t mean… I would never hurt you intentionally. I was stuck in a nightmare and when you came towards me i just reacted. Please tell me you forgive me Sugar.” His words eventually became cracked and broken to the point where he couldn’t get a full sentence out without chocking up.“ It’s been hell without you, Baby. The beds all empty at night and i realized my nightmares aren’t whats keeping me from sleeping anymore. It’s the thought of you not being here with me anymore. The sheets are cold, and the whole room just seems like a ghost town.”

“ Please come back Babydoll.” He said grasping your hands and placed gentle kisses on them “ I can’t live without you in my life.”

You sat quietly processing everything. Truth was you had forgiven him a long time ago. You had just needed him to forgive himself. And by confronting you like this, it shown that he had.

 You slipped out of your chair and sat in front of him, and he started to cry again but this time with relief. You pulled his head to your chest as he continued to cry, and stroked his hair lovingly, cradling him to you as you always had, protecting the world from his vulnerability  and him from himself.  You kissed the crown of his head and gently whispered

“ I Forgive You”

Couples Counseling- Part 2

Summary: What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.


Warnings: Wincest, eventual smut (all the smut), slow burn, canon-typical violence

Word Count: 9,200

A/N: This is the second half! Hope you enjoy it, and I appreciate all the love you showed the first part! Feedback MUCH appreciated on this one! XOXO


“I got nothing.” Sam mutters to himself as he stares at the EMF meter, doing absolutely nothing in his hand. He looks up and shakes his head at Dean, who is currently flirting with Leah in the doorway of Dr. Sodhi’s office. He’s been there since he convinced her to let them into the office early, on the premise that Sam lost a glove, and they wondered if it might be in there.

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OCEAN EYES || Joe Sugg

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A/N HELLO! my second Joe Sugg imagine, I’m feeling quiet positive abiut this one. I hope you enjoy it! xo

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As I walked the London’s streets, passing by the extraordinary buildings, examine every single building closely. Gazing up the bitter sky as the birds chirp away. As the wind blows in my direction hair flowing in every direction; creating a birds nest. Which doesn’t bother me at all. So much to do, in one city although when you look close enough not all souls were happy, and Y/N was one of them.

An unfortunate soul that has to live this horrific life that she never wanted, born and raised in London the south end; with a strong posh voice that she always despised. London was never a place she called home nor a place to enjoy living. Y/N never knew what was wrong with London - actually, nothing was wrong with London, absolutely nothing. But in Y/N petite head; she thought that London was an absolute mess and she wanted to leave, fly away from the reality just like birds do. Even though Y/N wishes would never come true and she knew that very well, out of all the people that she knew well every single one of them could say the same.

She was trapped in London and she could never get out, for so many different reasons. one: her family lived here and as her mother and father are so ill, she couldn’t just leave them behind she would feel negligent like she doesn’t want to help her family. Y/N loved her family to full extend so leaving them in this enormous city would make her paranoid with terrible thoughts.

Two; Y/N knew leaving the city means leaving her best friend, Abbie, and the thought of leaving Abbie for Y/N was heartbreaking enough that she couldn’t live or do daily tasks that were needed without thinking that she has left Abbie alone. Abbie is a very exquisite girl and is such a lovely person, although, one word can describe her the best is: melancholic. meaning she suffers from depression and in any circumstances, there is a chance that she would try suicide as an escape. Y/N remembers the time she tried to suicide like it was yesterday, it was so vivid for her that she cried herself to sleep for days after the incident. Abbie was the only friend Y/N had and she didn’t want to lose her; losing Abbie means losing her life the little bit of light she gets from Abbie would be taken away and never brought back.

Walking around London gives her time to think about everything and how her life ended up the way it is. Y/N had one problem more like a bad habit and that was; trust issues. After her abhorrent break up (yes it even surprised Y/N that someone was interested in her that way) She never wanted to let anyone back in. She didn’t trust anyone, there was a moment when she didn’t want to trust her own father! Which was petrifying for Y/N as she loved him with her full heart and trusted him all of her life.

She knew the break up damaged her, but she didn’t get any help nor visited the therapist; which suggested her grandma. She felt isolated, alone but she didn’t want help. Y/N was and still is a very stubborn girl. Thinking that it was a natural reaction and everyone goes through the same after a breakup. But deep inside of her she knew that this wasn’t right and she needed to get fixed or to get help.

Y/N never listened to her instincts and carried on with her life like nothing happened. When it was a year after the break up she could say that she recovered and felt much more delighted and smiled every day.

A deep sense of smell hit Y/N which made her hum in delight, closing her eyes and reopening them again, she looked up to be met with a cafe. A small grin appeared on Y/N face and she skipped across the road into the coffee.

Entering she was hit with a smell of coffee which she fondness. I wandered to the cashier ordering a small black coffee, as she nodded and said it will be a minute. I beamed with excitement and sauntered to the spare table next to the window, which had the most alluring view I have ever seen.

I heard this cafe was only opened yesterday and so many people are already visiting, it was truly mesmerizing, she watched out the window as to how people strolled by, some were rushing but some just was enjoying the sunny weather. It was a blistering day in London today, I was not going to lie it was one of my favorite days.


Y/N swollen her last bit of coffee and placed in on the table, she took out her phone to see what was the time and her eyes widened in realization; she has spent nearly over two hours she pulled a face looking up she shook her head in annoyance. that probably why the cashier was giving her funny looks earlier.

Y/N usually spends a lot of time in the cafes rather than outside. So many thoughts ran through her mind today that she wanted some alone time to herself. Whenever Y/N would come home late she would explode with apologies, tearing up a bit thinking her mother and father must be very vexed with her. Usually, her mother would tell her to calm down and take a nap. Mother and father would never be crossed with Y/N they knew how much she did for them which they were glad for to have such daughter.

“Sorry.. didn’t mean to intrude but is this seat taken?”

Y/N jumped a little she was a caught up in her thoughts again, she cursed in her head. She looked up and was met with blue ocean eyes, it made her trip and fall. She could look into those eyes forever and never get bored. There was so much in them that she wanted to know more. His fluffy blonde hair was quite messy probably the wind ruining it. She imagined running her hands through them.

She realized that she was staring now, and bit the inside of her cheek and shook her head lightly.

“Sorry, no no it isn’t. I was about to leave anyways so er, yeah..”

Y/N cursed, at how awkward she was and she stuttered what was wrong with her for the past year or so no one made her stutter in this way like she was nervous. She felt the heat rise in her cheeks, coughing a bit she looked away not making any eye contact to terrified to look at the stranger’s charming eyes.

“So why’s a pretty lady sitting on her own on such a beautiful day?” he asked.

Wow. was the word that rushed through her mind. Pretty she never thought of herself pretty so having this stunning creature like him telling you this cathed you of guard.

“You know just needed some alone time, but the weather is so glorious today not going to lie”

“That understandable, I do that quite often too, as I get caught up in work alone time is always a good one” he agreed.

It felt like we spoke for centuries I have never spend so much time speaking to a stranger like I did with Joe which I learned his name was mid conversation. But I knew I had to head home. Mother must be concerned. we told goodbyes and parted our ways.

Whiles walking home I felt disappointed that I didn’t get his number or that he didn’t ask, but I guess he just thought of me as another boring soul which I had to agree on. But the feeling stuck with me all the way home.

Who knew that one boy could corrupt a war in my head.

Presenting you officially miss redbot aka IRON FURY !


Hope you like her :D
I probably won’t draw her often since SHE’S A PAIN AND HAS TOO MANY DETAILS !!! But I might draw chibis maybe ;D
If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask !!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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empty eyes - 2/3[KHR]

- Swimming Lessons -

There are two things in Tsuna’s life he dislikes more than anything else. And unfortunately for him, both of these are constants. One is the bullies that chase him home, demand he hand over whatever his mother packs him for lunch, and beat him up if they decide he’s gotten a little too spirited lately.

The second is Tsuna’s no-good father, a man named Iemitsu that Tsuna really, really doesn’t like. His mom tells him to call him ‘dad’, and sings his praises about how wonderful he is, but surely if he were as wonderful as she claims, he’d be home more. He’d be a good dad to Tsuna, teach him how to read and write and spend time with him like other kids’ parents do.

He wouldn’t come home, drink until he’s asleep, and then drag Tsuna around like a rag doll and demand ‘father-son bonding’. He wouldn’t make Tsuna feel like an anxious, scatter-brained mess simply by being in the same room with him. But perhaps most certainly, he wouldn’t put Tsuna in danger every time he decides he needs to learn something.

“Today my boy, I’m going to teach you how to swim!”

Like that.

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bts + seventeen coming soon! 


  • is your bodyguard but also fashion adviser as in he can’t pick out outfits for you but he always reminds you to straighten out your collar or adjust your necklace or check your hair in a mirror he carries on hand and holds for you 
  • if you’re out shopping and you reach for something that is very last season he’ll cough and shake his head and tbh you’re like yeah…..you right 
  • doesn’t look like he can break a dude’s hand but oh believe me he can break more than a hand 
  • carries knives in his sleeves probably he just looks like the type to do something like that like he’s a bodyguard not an assassin but lbr he gives off the suave assassin feel
  • knows that there are certain things or people you do not want to see so he deliberately puts himself in front of those things so you don’t have to deal with them 
  • doesn’t judge you when you want to just drink wine and complain about shitty people in the world like he can’t drink with you but he’ll carry you on his back when you can’t walk anymore and will agree with everything you say just to make you feel better


  • you’re not sure how he got into this line of work but his sheer height intimidates people so it’s been working well for you two
  • sings in your car and the chauffeur tells him to stop it’s impolite but you never want him to stop so you’re like it’s fine keep going it’s nice
  • would willingly embarrass himself to get you out of an uncomfortable situation because his first priority is to keep you safe, he doesn’t care if he has to sacrifice looking weird to other people in order to protect that. 
  • “the earpiece? I wear it because it looks cool.”
  • you didn’t think you’d ever get into any physical danger but once someone looked like they might come after you and i kid you not ken body slammed him and you were just like WHAT and ken got up like nothing happened, smiled, and was like “let’s get out of here before the idiot can recover.”
  • he’s a bodyguard but he doesn’t even really care about that when he compliments you on being the most gorgeous person in the world every morning and you’re like are you supposed to say that is that in your contract and he’s like no i say it because i mean it 


  • the equivalent of a very big very silent guard dog 
  • doesn’t even need a weapon he could look at someone from the corner of his eye and they’d like turn to stone like no one even thinks of messing with a dude who looks like one word might set him into overdrive 
  • memorized your schedule and when you ask him what time it is he’s like “five minutes before lunchtime” 
  • thinks you don’t notice the way he yawns with his whole face when he’s bored and how his cheeks puff out and you think it’s cute so you laugh and he’s like “is something funny?” and you don’t want to say “you” because if you did you’re sure he’d melt 
  • has an affection for animals and so whenever you stop to pet a dog and another bodyguard tries to hurry you along leo is just like “let them do what they want. let them pet the puppy.”
  • will never show you but he has a little journal where he records little things he’s noticed about you like how you don’t really like places that are incredibly noisy so if you end up somewhere like that leo puts your headphones on your head and stays close to your side 
  • held your hand to stop you from being nervous and then immediately apologized a grand total of 23 times 


  • the clumsiest bodyguard ever and not because he’s like that by nature but because he gets nervous protecting you because well what if he messes up?? what if you get hurt??? and there he goes he tripped over the rug again 
  • you mentioned that you really like lilies so he picks a fresh one every morning and pins it to his suit and the other bodyguards told him to not do that but you thought it was adorable so you asked him to keep doing it
  • isn’t the best comforter in the world but when he sees that you feel down he tries to cheer you up in a whisper when no ones paying attention he’s like “this is out of place, but please smile!” 
  • loves sad ballad songs and you didn’t know until you heard him listening to one through his headphones and you were like ok how can he get even cuter???
  • is actually really agile and fast so if there’s ever danger he’s the first to sense it and pull you behind him. he’s not good at close range fighting so he carries a gun which he has admitted even scares him and you’re like hongbin you’re the one carrying it and he’s kinda like haha it’s still scary like have you ever held a gun and you’re like no and he’s like right right you’re not a bodyguard i am the bodyguard oops
  • once someone came running toward you and hongbin stepped between you two and it was a woman and she was like “may i have your autograph????” but not to you. to hongbin


  • when you first met he tried to remain stoic at all times but you cracked a dumb pun and he started laughing so hard everyone in like a mile radius turned around (the other bodyguards forced him to formally apologize to you but he couldn’t. he was still laughing too hard.)
  • you noticed that he has tattoos on his body and you commented that you think they’re cool and ravi couldn’t stop thinking about how you called him ‘cool’ for the whole day
  • keeps getting in trouble for having the first three buttons of his dress shirt unbuttoned but tbh like you don’t mind ……hehe
  • gets spooked by random noises and is in general scared of bugs more than you are and so when there was one in the car you squashed it with a magazine and turned to see ravi with his knees to his chest and you were like …..i can’t believe you’re the bodyguard in this situation 
  • probably accidentally called you something like ‘master’ and everyone was like mmmmm ravi no no that’s no don’t and you were just like isn’t that something more suited for the bedroo- and ravi was like I seE YOUR POINT exCUSE me
  • secretly loves watching your sleeping face because you look so at peace and your life is so hectic (afterall it must be you have /bodyguards/) and he just wishes you could get a break
  • you almost fell once and ravi literally shoved past the three bodyguards infront of him to get to you first 


  • notorious for being the most athletic and intimidating one of the bodyguards but let’s be freakin honest he’s the most memey 
  • and like don’t get me wrong he can knock someone out with one punch but like he reads manga during his breaks and hides candy up his sleeves 
  • scoffs anytime some gross dude makes a comment about you and is like “you want me to give him a black eye?” like it’s the most casual thing in the world 
  • for a while he wore black sunglasses and you were like why do you wear them inside too and he was like i thought it was part of the uniform is it not and you’re like ….no……. 
  • gets sassy with you sometimes too like if you’re just like “i wish i was at home” hyuk will be like “same i mean at least you’re sitting, ive been standing here not doing anything for an hour do you know how bored-” and the other bodyguards are like we’re sorry for his dumb mouth but you’re like it’s fine it’s fine because it’s actually nice to have someone around that’s being truthful with you
  • but if you ever get sick or are scared of the crowds of people don’t worry hyuk will throw his jacket over your head and pull you into his side and being against his broad figure just makes you feel so safe
  • and he’s oblivious but he’s so straightforward that he doesn’t understand saying something like “I will protect you with my life till the end” is as well meaning as it is …….well…..heart-throbbing 

Reminder: This is the first actual piece of writing that I have ever posted. It’s short and it’s not my best but it’s kinda cute. Please don’t be too hard on it. Much love to you!

You sit at your favorite table, waiting for Gemma. She had convinced you to get out of the house and go hang out for the day instead of staying inside and doing nothing. So here you are. Staring blankly at the menu that you know way too well, you think of Harry or what he may be doing at the moment. He had work, a lot of work, and is currently traveling with Jeff. It’s one of the long trips again. The ones that lasted months. You miss him and he misses you, too. FaceTime, messages or phone calls are not enough. You hated to deny that every time he’s away, you mostly stayed home. But Gemma on the other hand, loves to get you outside. She’d always say"Life is too short to drink wine and lay down on the couch on a sunny day.“ You moved your gaze as the waitress approaches you.’ Hi Miss Y/L/N! What are you having today?’
‘Oh, I’m just going to order later because my-’ you pause as Gemma enters the restaurant.
‘Hey Y/N!’ She greets you with a bright smile, sitting down.’ Sorry for keeping you waiting. Did you order?’
‘It’s fine,really. What are you having?’ You hand Gemma the menu.
'I’ll just have the salmon please. Thank you.’
'May I have the usual?'you look up at the pretty waitress who scribbles something down quickly.
'The food will be up in a moment. Would you like wine with those?’
'Whichever is recommended will do.’ You answer.
The waitress nods and leaves your sight.
'How’s you and Michael?'you ask.
'Really good, honestly. He’s at work still.’
'You guys are really lucky to be around each other all the time.’
Gemma surely notices the sadness in your voice.'Trust me, I love him and all but too much of anything can’t be too good.Sometimes, a little time away might be a wise thing.’
The waitress came back with the wine and food. Gemma and you thank her as she put the dishes onto the table.
'Harry is always away for work. I respect that, I do. I never want to make him feel like he can’t go anywhere without me bawling my eyes out and acting miserable. I don’t do that. Anymore. But I get so lonely all the time, Gem and it’s just hard. I miss him and I cannot close my eyes without seeing him. He’s not physically close but mentally, he’s there in my mind. I’m going crazy.’
'No, you’re not going crazy. And it’s alright to miss someone badly. It’s natural. At least you’re in love, right? At least you’re not some kind of emptied metal robots with no feelings whatsoever.’
You nod, acknowledging Gemma’s kind words. She’s truly an angel. Much like her brother. The two of them knew how to cheer you up no matter what was going on. So you smile because after all Harry won’t magically appear in the corner of your eyes. That’d not happen.
'You need to know that Harry loves and misses you too. I think he’s the one that’s going crazy.’ Gemma continues, taking a sip of wine.’ He calls me to check in on you and if I don’t pick up he’ll call Michael and make a big deal out of it. He also said that I should take you out for dinner here. No idea why. But he was very specific about it. Timing and table. It had to be the table that you normally sat at. Would you excuse me?I need to go to the bathroom.’
'Not at all’ you response. Gemma stands up and goes to the bathroom.
You look around the restaurant. It’s surprisingly deserted. There is only another man sitting far back one of the dimly lit booths. You return to your plate of food. Picking up the fork, your curiosity makes you wonder if that man was Harry. But it can’t be. There’s no way. Right? So you turn around again. This time no man was in sight. The music starts to play in the background. A lovely song that is so familiar.
'Hi.’ A warm voice makes you jump. It is Harry. Your one and only Harry, he wore a black suit, looking very formal, this time there’re no printed shirts or patterned pants.
'Harry!’ You utter.
'Do you realize where we are?’ He asks making you think.
'In my favorite restaurant, at our table. The table that we sat at on the night I agreed to be your girlfriend.’
'That’s right. And is today any special day?’
It suddenly dawns on you. It’s your anniversary! How could you not remember?
'It’s our anniversary.’ you reply, very curious about what happens to next .
He nods. 'Tha’s correct. So on this occasion, I wanted to ask you something.’ He gets down on his knees. Holding your left hand. He gives it a kiss.'It had always occurred to me that all the achievements I have achieved up until this very moment didn’t come close to the time you agreed to be mine. But you have always been more than just a girlfriend to me, you are my best friend, you are the endless inspiration for my songs, you are the only thing that put me to sleep and keep me up at night, you are the owner of my heart from the moment I knew you. You have it, darling, you do. It kills me to be away from you. I know it’s unbelievable but I have wanted to share the rest of my life with you for so long and I recall asking your father’s permissions.I thought I messed up but he gave me his blessings anyways- which was a relief. I’m rambling now. So Y/F/N will you please ma-’ he pulls out a red velvet box and opens it revealing a beautiful diamond ring. The corners of your eyes are stinging and you can’t see well, but you nod. 'Yes, yes, yes!’ You say, interrupting him.
’-marry me?’ He finishes his sentence,slipping the ring on your soft finger.
You wrap your arms around his neck, almost jumping onto him.'Of course I’ll marry you, you idiot!’
He chuckles, kissing your hair.'I love you.’
'I love you, too.’ You cry happily.