i named this pic i am going to fail


Hello all, my real name is Alicia. 20 bucks says you said it wrong lol. I sadly have no recent pics and currently sick so have my first drawing of me that I made on my tablet that just is horrid need to make a new one. I wasn’t going to do this because I feel like poo but my wall is filled up and so I thought why not! Looks like fun and so here I am, the pictures I added are of last night sick doodle of me and then Yoosung, it was my contribution for his birthday. I am 25 years old and fail at my own English language, I am a mother of 3 amazing spazzkins. My current life obsession is mystic messenger. In order of who get a my love is, 7, Jumin, Vanderwood, Searan, V, Yoosung, Jaehee and then Zen. I ship way to much as well, it’s bad the amount I ship. I also enjoy other hands on activities like sewing, sculpting, knitting, wood carvings the list is endless. I also write fanfics from time to time but sadly been to much into drawing to update. I have yet to master the art of drawing and writing xD i am pretty new still to tumblr but do far I have made at least 1 amazing friend and have seen many great artist. I enjoy watching youtube and my favorite are, Crainer, CaptainSparklez, Ssundee, Melizbuety, SuperCarlonsin Brothers, Danger Dolan and somtimes watch Pewdipie but more into sparkles as of late xD I’m planning on making MM clay figures one of these days. I am to suck to think of anything else also wrote this on my phone so sorry for any mistakes.
@oppajumin thanks for setting this up xD you are awesome!