i named the psd file for this

How to quickly add PSDs to your icons

Or– create an action that’ll automatically do all the work for you.

After making 400+ icons, I tend to dread individually applying each PSD to each one– making the switch between PSDs or errors in ones I already used extremely annoying, so I figured out a way to do it without doing it.

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nthecaptin  asked:

I love ur drawing of the ot3 but poe looks awfully pale in it. his skin looks even lighter than rey's

Yeah, he does. I drew it from memory without knowing Oscar Isaac’s name or who he was. I certainly wouldn’t fuck that particular thing up NOW and if I can find the PSD file I’d love to update it with something that fucking LOOKS RIGHT >_

Oh righ, now i remember why photoshop elements is not as good as normal photoshop. I can’t make here stars that easily D:

I decided i must start to finish some things, because newest layer is named 86, and there are 2-3 layers for one picture, and all of that in one psd file.  

I have 4 psd files like that.

I can’t find anything now :_____:

Not the most polished thing, but I can claim emotional compromise when the file name for the image was “goodbyeklaine.psd”.

But man do I have a lot of cheesy and philosophical things to say but I won’t because I’ll probably embarrass myself haha. But thank you Chris and Darren for making Kurt and Blaine come to life. These characters are incredible, both individually and together, and I’m gonna miss them so much <3


@suzannart made a series of wonderful Senator Amidala AU instragram themed posts and it totally inspired me to make this. Finally – This has literally been months in the making. lol

It’s call ‘firstagram’ a new program that lets cadets in the first order socialize and share information. It’s was originally created for sharing important notes, and messages across the first order but … well things got a little out of hand. 

I just wanna add two little notes:

One: @hux-you-up I hope you don’t mind I totally stole your tumblr name for Hux’s user name. Idk I always liked the way your tumblr name sounded so I took it for Hux. lol 

Two: If you guys really want the layered PSD file, send me a note and I’ll upload it somewhere where you guys can download it. You’re free to use it to make your own FO instagrams, a little note with a credit is all I ask in return. :)

when i was figuring out how i wanted my fursona’s new appearance to look i tested stuff out by editing an existing drawing (in this case the sonic sweater drawing i did for anthony’s birthday) so here’s this too. it was a weird but nice sensation to see my old fursona get improved like this

the file is named titty test.psd