i named one of them 'robert'

Fun Fact:

Queen Elizabeth I, though known as the virgin queen, had many suitors and lovers. One of them being Francis, the Duke of Anjou. Of all her lovers, Queen Elizabeth was most fond of Francis and actually planned on marrying him at one point. Though, having second thoughts, she refused his proposal and shortly after ended their relationship. She may have refused their marriage, but when Francis left for France, she was actually quite upset. She wrote the poem “On Monsieur’s Departure” for him.

Queen Elizabeth often used unflattering slang names for her closest friends, such as “pygmy” for Robert Cecil, and “frog” for Francis.  Some believe this nickname was given to him because of the frog-shaped earring Francis had given her. 

Headcannon: Arthur, who was extremely impressed by his queen and looked up to her, sees the blooming romance between the couple. He notices the nickname she gives him and picks up on it. 

He starts calling France this, believing that the term is endearing. But France just ends up taking offense to it to England’s confusion. (The term also being rather derogatory at the time) Though Arthur may still use this phrase when frustrated with Francis, this nickname is nonetheless affectionate.

becoming mr sugden

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three times aaron was accidentally called mr sugden, and one time he wasn’t.

i. (the first time)

The first time someone accidentally calls him Mr Sugden, it throws Aaron. Sure, he’d heard Robert call him Mr Sugden a hundred times, in so way different ways - in that low, sultry, come to bed voice of his, in soft whispers over breakfast in the morning, but it sounded so different coming from the voice of a nurse at Hotten General.

“Mr Sugden? Your husband is finished up with the doctor,” she said, offering him a kindly smile.

Aaron’s too worked up to correct her, too worried about Robert to even really register that his name wasn’t Sugden. “Is he alright?” he asked, following her down the busy hallway.

He’d gotten a phonecall from the hospital to tell him Robert had been involved in a car accident, and he didn’t remember much more after that. Aaron had just grabbed his car keys and gone, driving over the speed limit the entire way from Emmerdale to Hotten.

He hadn’t thought much of not hearing from Robert for a few hours, knowing his husband was prone to spending hours schmoozing new clients during their initial meeting - Aaron had figured Robert would text when he could, so to get a phonecall from Hotten General to say he was hurt, he hadn’t exactly been prepared.

“He’s fine, just a bit shaken up I think,” she said. “Just a few cuts and bruises.”

Aaron let out a breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding as he’d sat, waiting to find how how Robert was. He was okay, he was fine - Robert was fine. He followed the nurse into the ward, Robert sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, his shirt sleeves rolled up and a gash on his forehead.

“Robert.” Aaron practically breathed his name, studying his face carefully, counting every new scratch and bruise. A cut across his nose, a bruise on the underside of his jaw, a lengthy gash on his forehead.

His self confidence would take a beating, until they healed.

“I’m okay.” Robert reassured, reaching out to squeeze Aaron’s hand, his grip tight. “A learner driver took the corner too fast, slammed into me. I’m fine, I swear - just a few cuts and bruises.”

“And a sprained wrist,” another nurse piped up, holding a clipboard close to her chest.

Aaron looked at Robert’s left hand, his wrist strapped up tightly in a support. “It’s nothing major, at least?” he said, an almost hopeful tone to his voice.

“Nothing serious.” Robert confirmed, still looking a little shaken. “I can’t say the same for my car though, the driver door is mangled.”

“As long as you’re okay,” Aaron murmured, leaning in to press a kiss to the top of Robert’s head, breathing in the familiar scent of his shampoo, the lingering scent of his cologne.

He hated to ever feel as though he was going to lose Robert, lose this, lose them.

“Mr Sugden?”

“Yeah?” Aaron and Robert said in unison, the two of them looking at each other in shock as the nurse laughed. `

“The Mr Sugden who was in the car accident,” she teased, paperwork in hand. “Sign here, and you’re free to go.”

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When We Collide

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”So what you’re saying is that I woke up this morning expecting everything to be butterflies and rainbows, called my chauffeur to pick me up and wasted gas all the way over to my office just because you couldn’t satisfy my request?”

Luke’s tone rose by each word that left past his pink lips, his eyebrows furrowing and his marker rolling between his fingers.

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A little edit and gift for my friend Alex that requested It ❤ I really like this edit and I love so much these two adorable guys *^* hope you like It too ~

(I chose the line “I’m not giving up yet” because I was thinking about the third place at the Grand Prix Final… NEVER FORGIVE NEVER FORGET.) Credits:

@ Aaron Taylor Johnson (photo icon)
@ Photo by Robert Frank, New York, 1947 (first pic)
@ Dylan Fosket, photo by Jakob Axelman (second pic)
@ Almaty, Kazakhstan (third pic)
@ Harley Davidson SuperLow (fifth pic)

As usual I found all of the pics on Pinterest and only one or two were credited. I tried to find all of the original owners but If you know their names please tell me so I can add them!

The Northmann in Winterfell- Part 2

Part 1

Lady Catelyn frantically put her kids in a straight line and tisked Arya for her rugged appearance. “Y/N, Dear, stand by Robb.” You obliged and stepped from behind him to his side. Everyone looked forward as the procession halted in front of the Starks. King Robert got down from his horse and everyone bowed.

Everyone stood as King Robert told them to rise. “Your Grace,” Lord Stark said as King Robert took the spot in front of him.

“You’ve got fat.” The two men bursted out in laughter and embraced each other.

“You must be Robb. You’re a pretty one,” he said to Sansa. Arya told him her name, Bran was giddy as he flexed for the King, and Rickon smiled shyly. “Ned, I don’t remember you having another daughter,” he said looking at you.

“That is Y/N Northmenn, Allard and Marlynna’s oldest daughter. She and Robb are betrothed.”

“Allard’s daughter! Tell me, how’s the old man doing,” he asked you?

“He is in good health, Your Grace.”

“Good. Good. Ned, take me to your crypts.” After the Queen’s protest and failure the Queen and her two youngest children left to their rooms. The crowd began to disperse to go back to their jobs and Robb turned to you. “Mother asked me to take Arya to her room and make sure she gets cleaned and dressed for the feast tonight. I’ll see you there,” he gave you a winning smile that still made you blush.

You stood alone and began walking towards your room when a sharp voice halted you. “You there.” You turned and saw Prince Joffrey walking towards you with his Hound following.

“My Prince,” you quickly curtsied, “is there something I can help you with?”

“What was your name? Lady Y/N, was it?”

“Yes, My Prince.”

“You’re very beautiful, do you know that,” he gave you a cheshire grin?

“Thank you, My Prince.”

“Call me Prince Joffrey,” his eyes looked over your whole body and you felt yourself extremely uncomfortable. “Would you care to show me to my room, Lady Y/N.”

You were about to make up an excuse when Jon appeared at your side. “Y/N, oh forgive me Your Grace. Y/N, Lady Stark says she urgently needs you in her chambers. Something about your wedding.”

“Forgive me, Prince Joffrey. I will see you at the feast.” You quickly left with Jon and went into the castle.

“You looked like you needed an out,” he said when you two reached a back hallway.

“Thank the Gods you saw me, Jon. He looked at me like a hungry dog looking at a hare.”

“I saw. That’s why I mentioned your wedding as casually as possible,” he joked. “I better get going to help prepare for the feast. I’ll see you around later.”

“Bye, Jon. And thank you.”


You sat talking with the women of Winterfell when a deep voice spoke from behind you. “Care for a dance?” You turned with a smile to Robb.

“Of course, My Lord,” you took his hand and let him lead you to the floor for a dance.

“Jon told me our Prince was making eyes towards you today.”

“Jealous,” you cocked an eyebrow. “Afraid I might leave you to become your Queen,” you chucked.

“You’re already a Queen to me,” his sincerness melted your heart. “And no, I’m not jealous. I just don’t like the guy.”

“Robb, bite your tongue.”

“Everyone’s thinking the same thing. Come, let’s sit.” You took a seat at the table and spoke with Robb’s friends. Suddenly a spoon full of food launched and hit Sansa, leading her to start he whining. While you, Robb, and the rest laughed, Catelyn but Robb a look and he stood up, lifting Arya from her seat and carrying her from the room, you following behind him.

“I was just trying to have fun at that boring party,” he pouted as he carried her over his shoulder.

“Picking on Sansa may be fun but no in front of the Queen. Mother will not be pleased,” Robb scolded his sister. “It’s getting late anyway. Best you get some sleep before the busy day tomorrow.” You two tucked Arya into bed and closed the door behind you.

Robb went to walk back to the party but you pulled on his arm. “Do we have to go back?”

“What else do you want to do,” he gave a cheeky grin.

“Not that you oaf. But I don’t feel like being scoped out by everyone.”

“Shall we watch the stars from our tower?”


You had been called into Ned’s office and when you walked in Robb and Catelyn were standing across from him father also. “You called for me, Lord Stark.”

“Take a seat, both of you,” he commanded you and Robb. “King Robert has asked me to go to King’s Landing with him and become his Hand. And I have no choice but to accept.”

“You’re leaving Winterfell?”

“Yes, Robb. Which means you are to stay here and take my place as Lord of Winterfell while I act as the King’s Hand. The North needs you, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.”

“It also means that we are pushing up your union,” Catelyn added. “We’ve already sent a raven to your father to speak of it with him. We know you’d like him and your family to be present at your wedding. But, both of you can expect to be married just before the King and his Court leave here.”

“Now, both of you, leave and train those mutts of yours,” Ned tried to contain his smile.

“We are to be married in the next month,” Robb smiled outside of his father’s office.

“We are,” you kissed his cheek and turned away, walking down the hallway.

“Where are you going,” he shouted after you?

“I have less than a month to get my dress perfect,” you called. “There is no time to waist.”

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I know that this is a serious time but how cute does Robert look in casual. The baggy sweats and loose t-shirts😍😍

Yes it is a serious time but isn’t that all the more reason to try and focus on some of the positives. AND LET ME TELL YOU ROBERT SUGDEN IN BAGGY SWEATS AND LOOSE T-SHIRTS IS A GIFT DIRECTLY FROM THE GODS! LIKE I HAD NO IDEA HOW BADLY I NEEDED TO SEE HIM SO CASUAL!

Let’s just take a second and break this down. 




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Why do you think Ned listens to Jon's pleas when they find the direwolf puppies? Is it the sense of the prophetic and that link to Rhaegar? Or is it because Jon hits on the symbolic link Ned picks up ton?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I think the simplest explanation is best, what Bran himself thinks:

“Lord Stark,” Jon said. It was strange to hear him call Father that, so formal. Bran looked at him with desperate hope. “There are five pups,” he told Father. “Three male, two female.”

“What of it, Jon?”

“You have five trueborn children,” Jon said. “Three sons, two daughters. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. Your children were meant to have these pups, my lord.”

Bran saw his father’s face change, saw the other men exchange glances. He loved Jon with all his heart at that moment. Even at seven, Bran understood what his brother had done. The count had come right only because Jon had omitted himself. He had included the girls, included even Rickon, the baby, but not the bastard who bore the surname Snow, the name that custom decreed be given to all those in the north unlucky enough to be born with no name of their own.

Their father understood as well. “You want no pup for yourself, Jon?” he asked softly.

“The direwolf graces the banners of House Stark,” Jon pointed out. “I am no Stark, Father.”

Their lord father regarded Jon thoughtfully.

If there is something we readers come to understand about Ned Stark, it’s that, even more than being a just man, Ned is a merciful one. It’s what helps to cause his downfall - telling Cersei about his discoveries toward the children’s bastardy specifically because he knew Robert would kill them, and her, if he found out. He is not one to let weak and innocent things die by his own deeds, and I think that went for the direwolf pups as well. 

Still, I think competing in his mind was his unwillingness to single out Jon as not his son. Ned had taken unusual steps in raising Jon, beyond what would be expected of a highborn lord and his bastard son: he had not only acknowledged Jon as his son, but he had brought Jon to Winterfell, had him take lessons with his trueborn children, and had his master-at-arms train him in the yard alongside his heir. He had taken great pains, in other words, to show that Jon was his own. But, if Ned agreed to keep the direwolf pups, he would be making a public statement of separating Jon from his trueborn children; after all, without the party having discovered Ghost, Jon would have no direwolf pup to keep. 

Hence why Bran “understood what his brother had done”. Jon openly gave Lord Eddard an out. By announcing that he was “no Stark”, Jon set himself on the other side of that line, without Ned having to do it himself. Jon would acknowledge what Ned was reluctant to do: that he was the Bastard of Winterfell, with no more right to a direwolf than to the use of the one from his father’s arms.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

OKAY BUT DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN the companion who stayed with the Doctor the longest was a piper’s son named Jamie McCrimmon from 18th century Scotland who couldn’t read or write and had no idea what a radio or a toaster or an elevator was, much less a time-and-space-ship? And who probably mentally catalogued Daleks and Cybermen as “metal beasties” and “the other metal beasties”, and made fun of the Doctor for never, ever landing the TARDIS even remotely where he intended, but still called him a clever wee chappie and would follow this rumpled-looking little Englishman to the ends of the earth without hesitation?

And then remember how the Time Lords ripped the Doctor’s companions away from him and wiped their memories, and Jamie woke up in the middle of the Battle of Culloden with a redcoat shooting at him, and the Doctor was exiled on Earth with a broken TARDIS so he could never find them again?

And then remember that one time on the Scottish moors when Ten used the name Doctor McCrimmon.


“Sacrifice” - The Lightwoods

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REQUEST: (another Lightwood sibling one, kinda part 2 of “Home”). (Y/N) overhears her parents talking about making either Alec, Izzy or (Y/N) get married. One day, (Y/N) goes to her mom and tells her that she wants to be the one that gets married (even if she loves Raphael) so that Alec can be with Magnus and Izzy can be with Meliorn because all she wants is that her siblings are happy. At the end, Alec and Izzy find out and then lot of fluff.

“If this is really necessary, it has to be either Alec or Isabelle.” Robert Lightwood declared. “(Y/N) is too Young to get married.”
“She is only one year younger than them, Robert. (Y/N) is not a child anymore.” Maryse said sharply.
“That’s where you’re wrong. They are still children. We can’t force them into growing up, that’s why I don’t think this is a good idea.” Robert said, trying to talk some sens into his wife.
“Listen to me very carefully Robert. The Lightwoods have been respected by every shadowhunter around the world for décades, and if you want our name to keep its honor and its respect, one of our children had to get married, and it needs to happen now.” Maryse was cold, she sounded determined but also quite mean. “We are shadowhunters, we have to be selfless and make sacrifice. Alec, Isabelle and (Y/N) will understand.”
Little do Maryse and Robert know, (Y/N) was standing right outside the door and had heard the whole conversation. She didn’t have much reaction about it, she was mostly shocked. She knew how strict her -adoptive- parents were about the shadow world and its rules,but she was surprised to see how far they were willing to go to maintain their reputation. (Y/N) never really understood that, she didn’t care about what other thought of her, she didn’t pay attention to her “reputation”. But everytime she talked to her mother about it, Maryse would tell her that she couldn’t possibly understand the importance of a shadowhunter’s reputation at her age. Maryse was right, (Y/N) couldn’t possibly understand, no matter how hard she tried.
(Y/N) always tried to be like her mother, she was the woman she looked up to the most, the woman she admired and always obeyed to with great dedication, but there were things that (Y/N) never understood about her mother. Things that made her heart turn into stone.

After a sleepless night of thinking and overthinking about the conversation she overheard the day before, (Y/N) decided to do the right thing -like her mother always did- and confront her mother about it. (Y/N) wandered around the Institute until she found her mother, talking to Alec.
“What are you guys talking about?” (Y/N) asked, interrupting Maryse and Alec’s conversation.
“I’m talking to your brother, (Y/N). Go back to work, would you?” Maruse ordered.
“Actually, there’s Something I need to talk to you about, mother.” (Y/N) looked at Alec. “In private.” She added.
Alec frowned, curious to know what was going on but didn’t ask any questions.
“Is everything OK?” Maryse asked.
“Yes. There’s just something I’d like to let you know.”
Maryse looked at Alec and told him to leave her and (Y/N) alone for a few minutes. Alec obeyed and contained himself from asking questions. Though he felt like something was off about (Y/N), he walked away and let the two of them talk privately.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Maryse asked, not looking very interested. (Y/N) closed the door and looked at her mother.
“I heard you and dad talk last night.” (Y/N) said slowly. “About one of us getting married.” She added and suddenly, Maryse paid full attention to (Y/N).
“We have our reasons. I was going to wait until your sister comes back before talking to you about it, but -” (Y/N) didn’t let her finish.
“I’m not here to hear about your reasons.” (Y/N) declared. “I’m here to tell you that if one of us really has to get married, I think it should be me.”
Maryse Lightwood looked surprised. She expected (Y/N) to argue with her.
“Why?” Maryse asked.
“I owe so much to this family, I want to do the right thing and show you that I’m loyal to you.” (Y/N) didn’t believe a word she said. Of course, she was loyal to her family and she owed the Lightwoods so much for taking her in and adopting her when her parents died. But it was not the reason why she was agreeing to this, (Y/N) was doing it for Alec and Isabelle.
“I truly appreciate this (Y/N).” Maryse said with her chin up. “Though you owe nothing to this family, you are a part of this family. You’re not any less of my daughter than Isabelle is. I hope you know that.”
“I do. I just want to make you proud.” (Y/N) claimed.
“I am. I am really proud of you (Y/N). You made a very mature decision.” Maryse smiled.

It had been a week since (Y/N) had this conversation with her mother and agreed to get married to a total stranger. Well, it wasn’t so much of a stranger to Maryse and Robert because somehow they seemed to know every shadowhunter in the country.
“He is the son of good friends, very respectable people and a very nice boy too. I’m sure you’ll like him.” Maryse had told (Y/N) a few days ago.

(Y/N) didn’t want neither Alec nor Isabelle to know about any of this just yet, so she asked her parents to keep it a ‘secret’ until everything was sorted out. But rumors were spreading fast around the Institute, and Alec and Isabelle decided to talk to (Y/N) about it, hoping they were just rumors and nothing else.
“Did you hear what people are saying about you?” Isabelle asked (Y/N) when she found her younger sister sat alone in the library of the Institute.
“Whatever it is, I don’t care.” (Y/N) mumbled, trying to focus on her research.
“People say you’re getting married.” Alec said with a chuckle. He was expecting (Y/N) to make some kind of joke about this Rumor, but she didn’t say anything. She just pretented to read a book.
“Am I the only one who finds this unusual?” Alec asked.
“What?” (Y/N) asked absently.
“You’ve been ignoring us for the past week and now you’re still acting distant. And you’ve been having all those private conversations with mom everyday.” Alec said, crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s going on?”
“I’m not ignoring you.” (Y/N) said defensively.
“Actually (Y/N), Alec is right. It feels like you don’t want to talk to us anymore. Did we do or say something to upset you?” Isabelle asked, confused.
“No. You did nothing wrong. I just had a lot of work this week, that’s all.” (Y/N) shrugged.
“Enough with the lies (Y/N). Tell us what the hell is going on.” Alec sounded a little angry now, he was getting impatient.
“Fine!” (Y/N) said, closing the book she’s been trying to read. “What you’ve been hearing in the Institute lately, they are not just rumors.” (Y/N) looked at her siblings. “It’s true, I’m getting married.”
Alec and Isabelle didn’t know how to react to this news. Alec frowned, keeping his eyes on (Y/N)’s while Isabelle started laughing, as if (Y/N) had just said the funniest thing she’d ever heard.
“I’m serioud, Izzy. This is not a joke.” (Y/n) said with a more serious tone.
“(Y/N) what the hell are you talking about?” Alec asked. Isabelle looked shocked.
“Mom wants one of us to get married in order to restore the honor in our family.”
“How does getting married to a stranger at the age of 17 help restore the honor in our family?” Alec was now even agrier. “That’s bullshit!”
“And you agreed to this?” Isabelle asked, still confused.
“But why? Why would you do Something like that? What about Raphael? I thought you two were in love!” Isabelle almost shouted.

(Y/N) felt a whole in her stomach when she heard his name. She still didn’t tell him anything about this whole marriage thing, she was afraid Raphael wouldn’t understand, just like Alec and Isabelle didn’t understand.
“Of course I love him, but this isn’t about my relationship with Raphael, it’s about our family.”
“You sound like mom.” Isabelle declared. “But why didn’t you tell us?” She added.
“Because I knew you wouldn’t understand, and apparently I was right.”
“What is there to understand? (Y/N) this whole thing is stupid and you know it.” Alec tried to talk some sens into her.
“We’re shadowhunters, we have to be selfless and make sacrifice.” (Y/N) quoted her mother’s words.
“(Y/N) listen to yourself! This has nothing to do with being a shadowhunter, it’s just about mom trying to fix her own mistakes!” Alec shouted and his voice echoed in the empty library. “The Lightwoods lost their honor because mom and dad were in the Circle a few years ago. Our family lost its honor because of them so they should be the ones making sacrifice!” Alec was so angry about the situation that (Y/N) felt suddenly guilty about not telling them the truth.
“Are you really willing to live an unhappy life just to please our mother?” Isabelle asked, her tone was full of blame.
“You really don’t get it, do you?” (Y/N) shouted. “I’m not doing this for mom or for the Clave, I’m doing this for you! I’m doing this for the both of you!”
“What?” Alec asked confused.
“I’m doing this so you can be with Magnus,” (Y/N) looked at Alec and then at Isabelle, “and so you can be with Meliorn!”
“(Y/N)…” Isabelle started but (Y/N) didn’t let her finish.
“I agreed to this so neither of you would have to leave the person you love, so you wouldn’t have to live an unhappy life!” (Y/N) repeated Isabelle’s words. “Do you really think I give a crap about mom’s perfect idea of honor? Do you think I’m gonna enjoy telling my boyfriend that I’m getting married to another guy?”
(Y/N) was so angry, her cheeks felt as if they were on fire.
“(Y/N), you don’t have to do this for us.” Alec said calmly.
“Alec’s right, we don’t want you to be unhappy because of us. We’re your big brother and sister, we should be the ones looking out for you.” Isabelle added softly.
“I get that you’re not okay with this. But you guys fought a hard battle to be able to be with the person you love.” (Y/N) looked at Isabelle. “You, Izzy, who had to deal with mom’s speeches, telling you that shadowhunters couldn’t date sealies, that it was against the rules.” Then, (Y/N) looked at her brother, Alec. “And you, Alec, who had to push your feelings away for so long because you were told that boys should only love girls, and not another boy, especially not a warlock, and especially not Magnus Bane. And you’re fighting so hard to accept yourself and accept your feelings for Magnus that I can’t let anyone or anything ruin that.” (Y/N) paused and smiled at her siblings standing in front of her.
“You have both shown me what love really looks like, that it’s about fighting hard to have the privilege to be with the person you love the most. You also taught me that it’s about making sacrifice, to put your own little happiness aside in order to make someone else happy.” (Y/N) hugged both her brother and her sister.
“You both deserve all the love and happiness you can get, and I’m not gonna let this world and its stupid rules take that away from you. This is my sacrifice.”
“Then let’s talk to mom, let’s tell her that none of us is getting married anytime soon.” Isabelle said.
“I appreciate it, Izzy.” (Y/N) smiled a little. “But it’s too late. The wedding is happening in two days.”

Sacrifice. That’s what we do for the people we love.’ And (Y/N) was always willing to sacrifice an awful lot for the people she cared about and loved so deeply.

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okay, what are some of your favorite obscure ya books (as in, like no one has read them but youre trying to get everyone to read them bc you love them so much)?


and because im a total cheat, heres a couple of adult ones too (BECAUSE THEYRE AMAZING AND I GOTTA REC THEM)

also, you can find another list here but its not exclusively ya or anything (also sorry, it got pretty long woops)

SHIP #32


I ship you with Gendry:

• you worked in a tavern in King’s Landing. Your boss is like the worst shit of westeros, you’re so tired of the capital and the people who live in this city and just hoping for the right moment to leave.
• “Goddamn Y/N quicker with this ale! I don’t want to lose clients because you can’t move your pretty ass”
“ You’ll see if i can’t move it, you pervert” you whisper for yourself while serving some men.
Suddendly a fight exploded. You’re used to see sword fighting between drunk people but this time it seemed different. There were soldiers in gold armure. Step by step all the tables joined the combat, there were blood and bodies on the floor.
“What are you doing here m'lady?! Get out! “ yelled à young man you’ve never met. He pushed you to the door and close it with a plank of wood.
"What happened?" ” The king’s guards they are looking for the bastards of robert baratheon, i guess one of them was here"
“But… i lived here, I…”
“I’m leaving tomorrow with a bunch of people, Yoren Reed will leads us north. you should come”
• you are the only woman of the voyagers but anyway, not afraid about the long road. It’s almost like you’ve been waiting for this all your life. Btw boys are so much funnier than girls.
• “It’s stupid but i don’t even know your name" "I’m gendry”
“ gendry what?" "I don’t know, my mother raised me alone”
“You’re a fucking bastard!" "Shut up”
• there’s a boy with you, sometimes after a long day of travel he plays some nice music with his flute.
“Shall we dance” asks Gendry " of course" you mimicks the highborn girls with their demure smiles.
Both of you know you are as poor as young. But life is in front of you.
• Being together came so naturally, it was almost an obviousness since the begining
• you sleep together, body to body for “human warmth”. But everybody understand it is for more than this.
• he is a really tactile boyfriend but you’re far from being his toy. No man can control you or something. You’re free and told him hundred time you belong to no one but yourself.

I ship you with Draco Malfoy 

• “What’s going on between you two” “ ‘don’t know” 
you put a plenty of potatoes in your mouth “you had sex did you?” you left your eyebrow in a comic way and almost choke with your potatoes.
• “Come on, you’re such a pussy” you sneak out the ravenclaw common room ”I heard the sky is beautiful tonight” “I wish I never met you” your friends sigh.
“What do we have here” Draco and his band was near the door “You sure know how to use your Prefect privileges Malfoy” 
“Want to join?” he show you a bottle wrap in paper “Better not”, you grab your friends hand and run through a secret passage.
• Hogwarts choral was one of the best moment of the day, you perform today in the great hall. You spotted Drago discret in the corner of the hall, your heart pulse so much.
• “We’re very alike you know”, you puff “what? no” 
“The first time we met you told me to eat dragons ball” you laughed “what does that even say ‘bout us”
“you said us?” “ shut up, Malfoy” 
• “We should leave this country when we are done with school” said Draco 
“To where” you laid on your stomach and look at him, daydreaming on the bed 
“Anywhere” “Did you imagine we are still a thing since school is over so?”
“Shut up Y/L/N*” he trowed you a pillow 
• “Want to go for a drink this weekend?” Malfoy stand in front of you and all your friends at lunch, they all look at you “Yeah…” “Nice” he left and you immediately smile “ GIRLLLLLL” scream your best friends
    - “What was this things in front of my friends, I thought you wanted to be discret” “I’m tired of it, I’m so proud to be with you Y/N” You blushed, wow. 

I ship you with Chris 

Your group of friends is pretty cool, since you hang with the Penetrators you could say your band is hype. Chris and you are almost best friends, almost because you crush hard on him. Everyone keep asking if you two always had a thing, but even if you are really close nothing ever really happened. 
• You were laying on his stomach your fav position, just talking about anything
« I go to Cornelia’s house tomorrow night’ » you frown  « You serious right now?” « What? » you stand up « we are going to see rogue one remember? »
« Shit, ca we go an other time » « Yeah right » you took your bag and left his room.
• He send you many messages which you don’t reply, and you know he wouldn’t stop until you respond because he’s such a stubborn
• You heard a knock on your window and you know already who it was
« Why are you so mad, it’s just a movie » he looked at you with his deep eyes, his hair falling in front.
« Idk » you cross your arms « Talk to me » you bit your lips, he start to come closer and tickles you « come onnnnn »
« I don’t like that you choose to be with her than me » 
« Why? you’re always the one who introduce me girls and everyhting..”
« Not anymore » you took a deep breathe  « I like you » you say.
«  I know , I like you too » you rolled your eyes « Ok whatever » 
You turn back and he grab you by the hand « you mean..? » you nodded 
« are you fucking serious? , girl I always feel like you friend zoned me »
« What..? » « You always introduce me girls, and with your sexual sense of humor I can’t know if you’re being serious or not »
« So you.. too..? »  
« Since the first time I saw your green eyes » 
He was still holding your hand, and in a second he kissed you while his hand pull you closer. 
« We are so stupid » he laughed with his beautiful smile, your heart jumped so hard « Indeed »

* Y/L/N : your last name

Double Crossed

“You called Mr. Kimber.” You say from the doorway of his office.

“Ah, yes Y/N. You’re coming to the races this week with us, ok? Buy yourself a new dress.” He says, throwing some money at you across his desk. You smile and take it, thanking him and walking out of his office.

You started working for Mr. Kimber as a secretary, doing little things such as taking notes for him. You were convinced he’d only hired you because he thought you were pretty, and it turned out you were right when he’d start calling you into his office late at night to ask you to take notes on him. He paid you well and you needed the money, so a night or two with him wasn’t bad. Then suddenly he’d take you along to big important meetings, whether to show you off to his enemies or actually take notes, you weren’t sure but you liked the business side of things. You wanted to do more for him, but you knew he’d never let you.

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anonymous asked:

Could English kings actually just legitimize bastards, like in Westeros?

Yes, they could! Although it gets really really weird, in the best dynastic scholarship way.

So, let’s talk English inheritance law! In Saxon England, all sons of a King were titled as “aethelings” and were eligible to inherit regardless of their legitimacy. The Papacy was not a huge fan of this, being rather a big proponent of the idea that Christian marriages should be important to monarchs and future monarchs, and tried to outlaw the practice, not always successfully. King Aethelstan (924-939) was a bastard, as was William of Normandy. But gradually succession through legitimate union took hold, sort of…

For a while, you had something of a mixed case, where royal bastards were given the last name of Fitzroy (son of the king) and wore royal coat of arms marked with a bend or bar to distinguish them - as we see above. Especially in the reign of Henry I, there were about 21-25 Fitzroys running around who were very very powerful people with Earldoms and Dukedoms, and while they weren’t guaranteed a place in line, they could sometimes have one. Robert Fitzroy Earl of Gloucester was a potential claimant for the English throne during the Anarchy, although he ultimately ended up backing Empress Maude over King Stephen instead.

You then scoot down to one of the weirder bits of dynastic tomfoolery that took place during the Wars of the Roses, and how it is that the Tudors wound up with a claim on the English throne. John of Gaunt, richest and most hated of the sons of Edward III, had a bunch of children with his mistress Katherine Swynford and then married her. The ex-facto results of this union were declared legitimate repeatedly by Kings, Parliament, and Popes, as quid-pro-quo for supporting Richard II, although the condition of legitimacy was that they had to give up their claims to the succession.

When Henry IV usurped the throne from Richard II, and was feeling insecure on his throne, he recinded the titles that had been given to the Beauforts through their legitimation, as a symbolic underlining of the situation, and got  the succession re-ordered in Parliament - although to keep them sweet, the Beauforts were given the lands of Owen Glendower, which is where the first Welsh connection comes in. A bit later, Henry VI didn’t have much in the way of close relatives, he did something very odd: he legitimated the Welsh House of Tudors, who decended from his mother’s second marriage to Sir Owen Tudor, in 1452, and then in 1455 married Margaret Beaufort to Edmund Tudor, linking the two families

The dynastic chaos of all of this seemed to have left an enduring lesson after the Wars of the Roses. While there would be powerful royal bastards - Henry VIII’s son Henry Fitzroy Duke of Richmond and Somerset, Charles II’s bastard James Fitzroy the Duke of Monmouth - they would never be added to the succession, even if it meant enduring the occasional rebellion (see Monmouth’s Rebellion). 

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To be fair to Brandon, I don't see him raising a hand to his wife or openly fondling a serving girl in front of her. He seems to like willing bed partners (or at least the appearance of willing). He loves and honors his family which would lead to providing for his by-blows. He hated the murders of Elia and her kids. Sad standards but that is masculinity in Westeros.

Oh no, I only meant Brandon was like Robert in sowing his wild oats all willy nilly despite being the heir to a kingdom. Brandon clearly was a person who cared for people, namely his family, which can’t be said about Robert, who cared for nobody but himself.

Brandon has a one up on Robert on a lot of things, but keeping it in his pants is not one of them.

Sunday Afternoon [ Avengers Cast x OC-Reader Insert ]

Prompt :  actor one-shot where the cast of Age of Ultron are hanging out at a party thrown by Robert Downey Jr. not romantic, just all of them goofing around

Pairing : The Avengers Cast x OC

Genre : General |   Warning : weird crack fic.

Author’s Note : I hope you guys enjoy it. Inputs/comments are more than welcomed. You can also request a oneshot. Send me your OC’s name, prompt, character and genre of your choice :)

Request here

(gif doesn’t belong to me)

Originally posted by kinginthenorths

“You have got to be kidding me.” [Y/N] gaped at the ball pit in front of her. Robert told her to wear something comfortable but she did not expect him to have this humongous ball pit for the party.

“This is fun.” Chris nudged her arm and gave her a playful grin.

“It is.” [Y/N] enthusiastically nodded. She tied up her hair before diving into the ball pit. Scarlett and Chris Hemsworth who were drinking some alcoholic drink let out a yelp when [Y/N] managed to surprise them.

“Robert should adopt me.” [Y/N] said to Chris Evans. Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo were talking about their projects in the other corner of the pit while the rest of the cast were scattered around the ball pit.

“Get in line, kid.” Scarlett ruffled her hair as she walked by.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and everyone was having the time of their lives. [Y/N] leaned back on the deck chair as she observed the garden she was in. They had moved on from the ball pit and now everyone was in Robert’s back garden. She has long replaced her leggings with a pair of shorts (thank you, Scarlett for bringing extra pair of shorts) and discarded her cardigan in Robert’s living room. She sipped the weird alcoholic drink Cobie Smulders handed her when she was a little distracted. Paul Bettany was sitting next to her, drenched in water after their male friends pushed (threw) him into the pool.

“You should change.” She grinned.

“I would if I brought another clothes.” He replied. “I hate you, [Y/N].” he added when she laughed at his defeated expression.

“You could go shirtless like Evans and Hemsworth.” She gestured at the two well-built men across the swimming pool.

“Are you joking me? I will not embarrass myself, [Y/N]. Their bodies are like Greek gods.”

“It’s an excellent view.” She nodded.

“You’re really drunk, aren’t you?” Paul Bettany chuckled. Her face was a little flushed from the alcohol and she has never felt better. Her bliss was soon ended by Scarlett’s glare. The woman took away her alcohol and gulped it down herself before putting the glass back on the table.

“SMULDERS, STOP GIVING [Y/N] ALCOHOL!” Scarlett hollered at Cobie Smulders who was on her way with another glass of colorful drink.

“This is fun but I feel dizzy.” [Y/N] mumbled.

“You’re such a big baby. Come on. Let’s get you some water, you lightweight.” Scarlett helped her up and led her inside the house.

“Drunk [Y/N] is the best. She beat Evans at beer pong the last time she was this wasted.” Cobie explained to Paul Bettany.

[Y/N] went back 15 minutes later with a weird grin on her face. She had a bottle of water in her hand and she walked towards the Chrises. Hemsworth gave her a confused look when she offered him the bottle but Evans quickly grabbed the bottle and gulped it down. He spitted out the water a second later, spluttering incoherent words.

“Is this vodka?” He choked out.

“Yes. Cobie said I could have some.” She said proudly. She was very drunk, they noticed.

“Scarlett’s going to kill you.” Jeremy Renner chuckled as he stood next to Chris Hemsworth.

“Not if she doesn’t know.” [Y/N] whispered in a conspiratorial tone. “I’ll share my precious water if you can keep this a secret.”

“Deal.” Evans immediately answered and took another swing of the vodka.

“Both of you are going to end up with the worst hangover tomorrow.” Renner shook his head.

“She will. She’s the most lightweight person I have ever known. It’s amazing how you could still stand up and walk properly with all those alcohol inside you.” Evans shrugged.

“Scarlett’s coming.” Hemsworth told her. [Y/N] turned her head towards the woman behind her.

“Did you drink more water?” She is such a mother hen, [Y/N] thought. Pretty redhead mother hen.


“Why are you giggling?” Scarlett knitted her eyebrows in confusion before her attention went to the water bottle [Y/N] is holding.

“Jesus Christ! You’re going to end up in the toilet if you kept drinking vodka, you idiot.”

“Hey, I feel fine!” [Y/N] harrumphed before she blacked out.

* * *

“Congratulations. You passed out.” [Y/N] let out a small groan when she heard the Olsen’s voice.

“Where am I?”

“Robert’s guest room. Here, drink some water. Scarlett’s trying not to kill Chris Evans right now.” She told [Y/N].


“Chris liked to channel his Steve Rogers when he was drunk. He fell into the ball pit.” Elizabeth laughed as she recalled the events.

“Where’s everybody?”

“Passed out drunks or wolfing down foods, except for Scarlett and me. Because we’re responsible adults.” Elizabeth grinned.

“That’s nice.” She rolled her eyes.

“Come on. The party’s not over.”

“I just passed out and you want me to get out there?”

“You still need to beat Chris Evans at that weird drunk games. I bet a thousand dollar on you and there’s no way I’m going to let you go home.” Elizabeth beamed. [Y/N] slowly smiled before she wobbled to her feet.

“Let’s do this, then. You better treat me to a fancy lunch if I won.”


okay listen up y’all if you don’t know about towndré take a SEAT

So I’m revisiting TURN 3.02, and holy hard-boiled eggs, y’all – I knew André was weirdly shippable with Bobby T, but I’d forgotten just how much.

The fact that this ship is even on my radar is 100% @capetian​‘s fault, by the way. She is the captain of this tiny beautiful rowboat of crack. But is it just crack? Is it??? Cause like, let’s No Fear Shakespeare this business:

A: “Dare I try my luck against the devil’s?” [translation: can i get lucky w/ u]
T: “Don’t tell my partner, but luck has little to do with it.” [oh you think i’m gonna put out just cause ur cute, guy? step up your GAME] 
A: “Rivington’s your partner?” [shit he got a bf??]
T: “I have an interest in the establishment.” [yeah that’s right i don’t need no man to “provide” for me, MMKAY]
A: “And you are an entrepreneur.” [oh BUSINESS PARTNER whew]
T: “I suppose you could say that, yes.”
A: “I’d be proud to.” [i think ur  g r e a t]

T: “You are a poet as well as an artist.” [maybe this guy’s worth my time after all??]

T: “I fear I am keeping you from a more engaging conversation.”
A: “I’ve already had that conversation. I require more monastic pursuits these days.” [i have been Hurt™]
T: “Fortunately, your monastery is in your head, allowing rapid egress as mood or conditions warrant.” [yeah but you don’t need to stay hurt wink wink]
A: “I forgot to ask your name.”

…Is this not supposed to sound like flirting? Cause this is flirting. When you go over to a stranger in a tavern, ask if you can join him, and then immediately start complimenting one another and bantering and being like, “Nah, forget about my hot ex, tell me more about you~~ 😉  😉  😉 ” …?

…That’s flirting, John. That is how we flirt.

And then, later, Andre first tries to buy Robert a drink before uttering THAT FAMOUS LINE:

T: “I have a weakness or two.”
A: “I hope none of them are women.”

I feel like I should point out that this exchange takes place in 3.04, btw – an episode devoted almost entirely to two plotlines (Annlett and Ben/Sarah) about a patriot and a loyalist engaged in a

~*~ star-crossed romance. ~*~

Maybe … just maybe …Towndré est réel.

Robert’s Mistress...

Imagine being the long time mistress of King Robert Baratheon and trying to convince him to give House Martell the justice they deserve for the deaths of Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon.

((Slight AU where Robert stays fit …he’s still a drunk though, at least a little bit. ALSO…I kind of ramble at the beginning, sorry! This is a…rough ROUGH draft of an idea for a one shot I had so…it might not be ALL that good!))

Word Count: 2,169

Almost every King in the history of Westeros had a mistress at some point. Maegor the Cruel had nine wives and a few of them had started out as his mistresses. Aegon the Unworthy was said to have had ninety-nine mistresses and the Mad King, Aerys the Second, was said to have quite a few himself. Whether cruel, insane, or weak, each King had their favorite mistress, and for Robert of House Baratheon, the first of his name, his favorite mistress was…well, it was you.

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My Favorite Fanfictions!

For Fanfiction Appreciation Day! (Get ready with some odd ships)


The Many Faced God Must Have His Due - by Madaboutasoiaf

      Everybody’s favourite No one has been given a mission but she has no idea what she has gotten herself into

Promise Me - by Mizu_umi

     Promises are sacred, promises must be kept, even after thirty years. AU: There was no war of the five kings, and Robert Baratheon remains on the Iron Throne.

The Wolf of King’s Landing - by stopdaenerys2k15 

    Arya is kidnapped by House Targaryen in the war to retake their throne. Once Aegon is seated on the Iron Throne, he gives House Stark a choice: sacrifice their lives or sacrifice Arya to live as a ward in the Red Keep for the rest of her days.


I shouldn’t want you but I do - by Mitchiew

       Forbidden feelings are revealed when an innocent game is played can they ignore them or will they give into temptation

Tumbling on You - by LadyBee & Nanimoon

     “What are you supposed to wear when you are going to attend your big brother’s wedding at countryside? Correction! What are you supposed to wear when you are going to meet you idol/major crush/very famous cousin?”


Venomous Claws - by Bloodysteel

       Rhaegar stole the two women he had cherished more than anyone. The first was raped and murdered but Oberyn will not let his she-wolf have the same fate.

Of Sand and Snow - by lj_todd

    This was not how it was supposed to be. But one mistake, one stupid mistake, has changed everything. Neither Lyanna nor Oberyn are happy with the demands of their families, neither wish to be married, most certainly not to each other, but they’ve little choice in the matter. They are expected to marry. To be husband and wife. Yet how can they be when they can barely be civil with one another? Dorne has seen its share of conflict, but nothing could have prepared the nation for the clash of wolf and viper that this union will bring about.


Awry - by Drwho    

        “One feather is of no use to me, I must have the whole bird.” - Jacob Grimm

Impact Event - by Drwho

      “The cries of the dead are terrible indeed; you should try not to hear them.”   -Philip K Dick

Tourniquet - by Drwho    

      Sansa Stark’s mother gave her an address. A name. Petyr Baelish.


Times Like These - by ariel2me

      AU in which Robert Baratheon died, Rhaegar Targaryen did not kidnap or run away with Lyanna Stark, and Lyanna Stark married Stannis Baratheon.

A Moment Under the Mistletoe - Sterek Fanfiction

          for @toofarforward​. Happy birthday, beautiful.

Stiles glanced down at his phone, scrolling back through the messages he and Scott had been sending back and forth. He read them carefully:

             SCOTT (10:34 am):

            He’s getting suspicious. How’s it going?

            STILES (10:35 am): 

            We need more time.

            SCOTT (10:37 am):

            How much longer?

            STILES (10:38 am):

            An hour?

            SCOTT (10:39 am):

            I’ll be lucky if I can keep him distracted for ten more minutes.

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Wouldn’t You Like To Know… // Chris Evans x OC Character (RDJ Daughter)

This was requested by the lovely @ateliefloresdaprimavera I hope it lived up to your standards lovely!

“Lavender Downey, how are you?”

“Nervous. To be honest, I hate television interviews because I babble, like- not that I h-hate your interview. Am.. I babbling? Am I? I am..now.” Blushing hard and putting my head down, my hair covering my blushing face. I heard laughter and look up between the curls of my dark brunette locks. I saw them laughing… laughing at me? I took a glance at Jimmy and he reached out and put his hand on top of mine chuckling as well, “Well don’t be worried I won’t ask about anything pertaining to Chris Evans, and you, and your father and what side you may be on.” He was still talking but the screams in the room erupted like metal in a microwave, making me sit back in my seat feeling the studio almost shake from high pitched screams from just the mentioning of my Fiance and my father.

As if I hadn’t gotten asked this question a million times since my father had joined the Civil War movie. I was always confronted by this GD question so much so that I finally wanted to just tell them I’d rather just be on Fury’s side since he’s somehow not around during the whole fuckin’ movie?

“No, no. Well I should at least ask you about the book that you actually wrote, at age… 16?!” I nodded, smiling at his mentioning of my book, which was stood up on his desk. “Yeah! Uh, I wrote that, starting at 16 and finished it at 17. I edited it myself for around two years and then sent it to a publishing agency under my very very obvious pseudonym Rowena D. Jilinger.” Jimmy looked at the front and giggled, point at the embossment in small lime green stitching at the bottom of the hardcover book. I had insisted they did stitching instead of printing it for the hardcovers since it was symbolized in the book that the character was knitted and pretty much stitched together with memories of her past that she refuses to look back at until she has too.

“In the book the character is… what people are assuming, not to different to you? Is that true, because it talks about a rough childhood which has been told about you by your father multiple times.” I nodded and felt a little nervous at talking about the reasoning this book was even made, but I didn’t exactly have any time to debate with myself over whether to share or not; so I improvised. A gift I blessed my father for giving me in his genes.

“Well she’s quite set in her ways at the beginning, she doesn’t want her routine broken because she had built it, on the base of her very tossed around childhood that unravels within the book, obviously by the title.” I gestured to the title, “And this is actually your cursive writing?” I nodded and brightened up at his obvious research into the book. *I mentally wrote down a note inside my brain, Get Jimmy and staff a gift of chocolates and candies and wine. Note to self: He seems like a wine drinker*

“Yeah it is! Obvious written on the original but I wanted the title to be authentic with the smudging that my writing does since I’m a lefty and us lefties know that you can write anything without a huge stain of pencil mark on your hand.” Hoots and hollers came from the audience and I turned at smiled at where I thought they were coming from. I couldn’t quite see since the lights were stinging my retinas with the brightness that seemed unhealthy for one human to have to sit and look at everyday.

“But come on, 16! How- can someone write a novel this amazing at 16! At 16 I wasn’t even reading anything but Play Boy still and even then I was in it for the… ya know.” I nodded, smirking, “The photography?” He clapped his hands and laughed with me, “Yes. Of course, those photographic skills were just…” “They were quite exquisite you could say.” I deadpanned to him. Another humorous trait I’d had since birth again from my father. “You really are you father’s daughter, huh?” I giggled and looked down nodding, “He’s literally my best friend- well. My Fiance is, but he’s like 49% with Chris. Like He’s 2% away from earnin’ that number one spot.”

Jimmy chuckled with the audience and suddenly this interview wasn’t feeling as anxiety inducing as before. Somehow I felt at ease with Jimmy, like he was generally interested in my book, not my personal life.

“How come you never wanted to be… like-”

“Promoted?” I stated. Jimmy nodded and continued,

“Promoted or bragged about by your father I mean, what was your belief on that? Because it was a hard time to get this book published with your age and the fact it is such a heavy, darker comedic book.” I nodded, and fixed my dress trying to gather an answer, “I don’t know, I guess I wanted my work to be done and shown to the world without it having a stain on it.” Jimmy looked at me and nodded, gesturing to continue with the analogy, “I mean you mention one person’s name and the books out there and people know who is the author and they think this is about this thing! She’s talking about this man and this situation. I just wanted my book to not already have a stain or an imprint of what people thought about it. I wanted them to read it and take it in as just a book by a writer. Not a celebrity, or Robert Downey Jr’s daughter. It was a choice of becoming my own person; I’m not my father or my mother. I’m not my brother either. We all have different ways of life and I chose a different path early on, and my brother never got that chance to do so. I forgive my father for the childhood I had- because grudges just weigh you down, and honestly I never was mad at him. Addiction is a illness that the mind and the body have to internally deal with. It causes families to break up and heartbreak when you see the people you love suffer inside and yet you feel mad for what they are doing. It’s not a singular person disease. Addiction is a whole family issue, and I love my father - he’s honestly my best friend.”

I wasn’t pleased that this interview would be out in the air forever, but in all honestly I felt like nothing I said would hurt anyone. That was my number one concern on this topic, especially in regards to my father; the last person I would want to hurt. He was the man who literally became a different human, changing his brain’s stem cells and their cravings for the toxin’s he was so used to for year., and fought with lawyers, judges, superior courts just to get me back home. He got the best lawyers, found the best sources to file a lawsuit on Judge Mathis. The Judge who declared my birth certificate to have the orphan status written over my parents signatures. Fighting tooth and nail to have me home for the first time. I was depressed, 16, living in Scarsdale with the Frenchie’s.

They were very…off. Their home had nothing but grey, black or white colors. They all had straight hair, ate dinner in silence, and made me read a bible at night, out loud. They looked like robots, weird skinny little robots with blonde hair, dead blue eyes.

I remember having enough after a ‘prayer’ session where they made me read a sentence on rape being acceptable within the bible. I told them this was not okay, and I must have angered their overlord because they took their bibles that had been resting in their laps, and started hitting me with them. I got out the door, after declaring I was satan while they whipped their bibles at me, not even saying a word. Just trying to smack the crap out of me. But Satan worked, I knew it world; they all scurried away to their bedrooms like the fucking little rat freaks they were. I took a bag and stuffed food in it and left, finding a payphone and calling the closest legal agency.

I was fifteen by then, he was three years sober and married.

He had the boxes all checked off in the checklist to gain back parental right; yet the judge refused.

That’s why I called the legal agency, who helped me free of charge after finding out my abuse at my foster home, as well as seeing the facts of injustice within my father’s request of guardianship. I was offered an alternative which would allow me to see him again, just not legally as his “daughter”. I took the deal, and started emancipated myself from both parents. Becoming a “legal adult” by the age of 17. The moment those papers arrived, I told the robots to fuck off and did one last duty by calling the foster agency and giving them the details on what those Robo-French Fries were doing; then I got the hell out of there, driving all the way from Indiana to Los Angeles with some money I saved up. Then I was finally there, - right at my father’s door. I don’t remember ever feeling happier than the moment when I saw him sober, clean, and happy at the front door.

Crying as I finally got to hug the father who fought his abuse and lost. Fought again to become sober and leave prison, losing again. Demanding legal guardianship of me, and losing. He was the one person who actually cared about me back then, that was until I met my first and last real boyfriend, Chris Evans.

“Is this book very close to everything in your life?” I felt like a jolt of energy come back into my body. My self conscious being thrust into reality. Jimmy looked at me and I smiled, thinking about my answer. I knew my father would never be hurt or bothered by it. He had shown the strength and courage that I have riddled within my bloodstream. He was my dad, and I knew he wanted me to be honest about this books real identity;

“Yeah… um, she kind of is me, but not in my life. No events in this book happened to me. But her characteristics, and her feelings towards these fallouts and breakdowns in her life were definitely taken in by personal experience. I feel like when writing this book I took the feelings of fear and anxiety with the press taking an interest in my father and I. I felt so isolated when he left, I had no mother, technically. I was twelve so I got to visit my father and I saw him change into the man I knew he was all along. He was becoming stronger, and his brilliance was showing through. I believe my main character, Blair, is the mixture of me and my father during that time. I blended our feelings and frustrations during those years and really pushed it all into one characters crazy physiological struggle to regain that structure of a normal life.” The audience enjoyed us talking back and forth. That’s when I knew the personal questions were about to be dropped on me like a bomb,

“Even after you started dating Chris Evans?” I think I peed a little when he said those words. Blushing a fire engine red, I just shrugged, looking down again with a huge smile on my face. I felt shy again, and unsure of what to say about my lovely Fiance, who was backstage probably watching this live.

“Come on… give me like a taste or something like, what was your dad’s first reaction? Did he approve or did he pick out your first date outfit?” I giggled, and slapped my hand on the table,

“Totally! I texted him and said, OMG! GUESS WHO JUST ASKED ME OUT, YOUR CO WORKER CHRIS EVANS! No! Common Jimmy, let’s be real.” What the fuck? WHERE WAS THIS ME ALL ALONG? It’s like the actor in me was just birthed onto this stage, was I in my moment?  “He wasn’t all like, YEAH! That’s awesome! Let’s all grab some brunch!”

“He was happy for me, and he supports me and Chris in our relationship, and he’s still as important to me now as before he made a gigantic war destroying machine that almost killed my fictitious Fiance,”

The audience started laughing for the first time since we started in on the deep shit. I had no heavy weight on me now, I had what felt like 20 lb dumbbells sitting on my chest before the interview. All night I couldn’t sleep, I flopped like fish out of water so much Chris was woken up by my moving. Just so I could vent my anxieties about this interview he stayed up and held me while we talked, as he calmed my nerves and I calmed him… in a very different way in return as my thank you.

Jimmy laughed at my reference to Iron Man and Captain America- I mean, it was about to be brought up anyways? What were they gonna ask about my dad? How I thought he was in Tropic Thunder? No. People in this world want gossip to sip on until they’re thirsty for more.

“So speaking of Marvel… what the hell side are you on? Because, look! You have broken the world record for most retweeted world on twitter for the most retweeted tweet that said,” It was displayed on screen with a picture I had attached, @RobertDowneyJr I think you may lose a supporter, this guy decided to get the big guns out.

The picture attached was my ring finger that now possessed a rose gold band with a morganite stone on the top.

The audience roared with screams of the photo I posted a week ago, which had been my blunt way of telling TMZ to fuck off after trailing me for days, even trying to knock on my door. I just gave them the truth instead of causing a war. Yes, Chris had proposed to me.

“Why not take control and tell the story myself?” I said bluntly, shrugging my relaxed shoulders. Jimmy smiled at my confidence boost and asked to see the ring.

“No! You’re going to steal it! I know your games, Kimball.” Laughing he threw his hands up in the air, recusing himself. “WOAH!” Another roar of the audiences love in my deadpan humor.

“Fine! God, I just wanted to touch it… and put it on..but I guess not!” The red light of the interview ending was starting to come up and I saw Jimmy look at his notes, getting his last question in, “Now, let’s talk about the giant elephant in the room, Captain America: Civil War… what side are you on?” I let my head fall back laughing into my seat, then going stone cold and looked at Jimmy with my eyebrows up high, “Wouldn’t you like to know…” Suddenly I heard something behind me and felt arms snake around my shoulders and a loud scream in my ear certainly wrapped this terrifying surprise in a nice little bow.

I think I scream like a girl in a horror movie, because even my ears were ringing with my scream’s pitch. The arms didn’t let go but when I heard his laugh I knew it who it was. “Christopher Robert Evans, I am going to fucking kill you.” I squirmed out of his arms with him still killing himself with laughter. “That’s what you get for not picking your Fiance!” I rolled my eyes and saw someone suddenly sitting next to me on the couch, making me jump when I felt a hand on my knee, “Darling, this is the man- excuse me.. Little boy you actually want to marry?” I smiled and hugged my father seeing his face smiling at me when I turned to see who was creeping up on me. The audience gave a loud awe and clapped at our hug(?) Pulling away I saw Chris take the spot on the other side of me and I let go of dad, leaning my head on Chris’s shoulder. “Yes, father. What can I say? I’m a fool in love with this blue tight-wearing man- who’s mentally 11.” Giggling I looked up at Chris’s beaming face and Jimmy yelled out something about Chris being the winner, but I couldn’t hear him from the trance I was in, live on stage looking at my soon to be husband in just two months. “How’s our jelly bean doing? Was the scare too much?” Chris whispered to me, looking me in the eye worried about our secret we had yet to tell. “Jelly Bean is fine. Don’t worry. But you aren’t. You’re in for a world of dishes and laundry my friend. Jelly Bean has decided that’s your punishment.”

“Oh really?” I nodded, smiling bright as the studio lights, pulling his head forward and kissing him softly.

“Okay, I know I said it was cool to get married but kissing is not!” I laughed at my father pulled me back and hugged me to his chest.

By now the camera was off and it was just us and everyone in the studio, laughing at our exchanges but never hearing a word we were saying since our mics went off the air. “Well… if kissing is off the table then maybe we should wait until dinner to tell you our news.” I said, looking at him with puppy dog eyes. He smirked, releasing me free to stand up with the help of Chris’s hand since my heels were four inches too high for a stable person to walk in. “I already know, Lavie.” Mine and Chris’s heads spun in sync at my father, still sitting on the sofa, relaxing as the crew took off his mic set.  

Chris held my right hand with his arm around my shoulder, both of us slightly frightened by my father’s all too scary disposition. He stood up finally and smiled warmly with his glasses off and in his hand. “I know that glow, and that smile, L.L.. I saw it when you met Spangled Stars over here, and I saw it when you walked through the door yesterday, coming from a doctor’s appointment.” He took my free hand, and held it too his lips, kissing it swiftly and holding a tight grip on it. I saw tears in his eyes and I knew what those tears meant. Because I saw them only once before in my life -

The day he opened the door and saw me standing there, after 10 years apart. “Congratulations Lavender. You two will be, the best parents. You know why?” We shook our heads and my father chuckled, sniffling just a bit.

“You already have seen the biggest fuck ups a parent can do. It’s only human nature to do the opposite or do the same thing your parents did. Seeing you grow up, clean, educated and intelligent. I know you’re going to raise this.. Jelly bean up to become an amazing person, thank you.” He smiled, letting a tear fall down his face, looking at Chris and I, still holding my hand to his chest, “Thank you for making me have a reason to be alive, and to get to see my daughter have her own baby… Thank you for saving me.” I shook my head and threw my arms around my father, my best friend, my guidance in this crazy world.

“Thank you for never giving up on me.” I whispered in his ear.

Walking out of the studio, and into natural daylight we got in the car and were heading for McDonald’s, since the cravings for McFlurries and chicken nuggets with french fries had kicked in already today. Usually it hit at 7 p.m. but today Jelly Bean wanted that McFlurry early.

Before parting ways, my dad had to give us one more sentence of wisdom,

“Just don’t name him Robert, please? Let’s let that name lie… okay Christopher ROBERT? I’m fine if you name him Steven or even Roger. Just not Robert, too many Roberts in this goddamn family. And now combined?! No, fuck that.” With that he took off in his sports car, leaving me and Chris in our car staring out of the window as he drove off, “What about like- Robin?”

“I’ll smack you down with the hand of God, Chris Evans. No more Roberts, you heard the man…Besides, I know it’s not a boy. It’s a girl, I can feel it.”

“How!” He exclaimed looking at me in delight while I curling up in my seat, still in my outfit I wore on the show. It was nice and breezy for the warm summer day,

“I have the feeling that you get when you know. When you know what something you never thought you would. Just like when I had a feeling that I was most definitely in love with you.” Chris kissed my cheek and we drive off into the summer heat, and golden rays shining down on us from up above. I felt strange, almost as if the interview didn’t even happen. It was like as soon as Chris came around, I was myself again. No more feelings of the gross celebrity glue-like feeling was attached to me anymore. I was just Lavender Downey, soon to be Lavender Downey Evans.

“By the way… what the hell side are you on!” I smirked at my Fiance’s frustration and gave him an look of secrecy.

                                    “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

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