i named it 'pep is gone' :(

Fred & Ginny: Ginny remembering Fred teaching her to fly before her first Harpies game, for anon

She poked her head out of the changing rooms, her stomach nervous as she saw the size of the crowds. Still, it wasn’t difficult to spot her family, and Ginny waved in the direction of the redheads, noting with a pang the empty seat beside George.


“Look, Gin, if you want to play with us you have to be good.” Fred circled around his younger sister. “Which means if you grip onto the broom like that there’s no way, you’ll fall of in about 30 seconds.” He adjusted her hands. “Better, now kick off, and I’ll set your form right.”

Ginny did so, circling around her older brother in the air to demonstrate her skill.

“Okay, so nicking our brooms out of the cupboard has taught you something, but you’ll be a Chaser, so you need to know how to,” he threw their version of a Quaffle, a large football they’d found in a field. The ball sailed through Ginny’s outstretched arms and into her chest, knocking her backwards.

She hadn’t even started to scream before Fred caught her, flying her back up to where her broom (technically Charlie’s broom) hovered.

“Sorry, Gin, I always forget that you’re not as strong as Bill. Do you want to call it in for the day?” Fred asked.

Ginny shook her head. “I’m fine, I want to get it right.” She insisted stubbornly.


“Hey, Weasley, get your arse in here for pep talk!” Ginny hurriedly wiped the tears that had gathered in her eyes, walking to join the huddle of her teammates.

They straddled their brooms, and before her name was called, Ginny took a deep breath.

“Playing for the first time tonight, it’s Ginny Weasley!” She pushed off, and she could’ve sworn she saw Fred’s seat occupied, but when she looked again, he was gone.