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Can I request a story were the reader knows about Remus being a werewolf but doesn't tell him, instead secretly protects him and keeping others from figuring it out and then his reaction to finding out? Btw love your writings so much


Imagine knowing that Remus is a werewolf but not telling him

“Oi, Moony!” Sirius called. Remus turned around and the two boys walked off down the hallway.

Behind you, a Hufflepuff boy in your year named Liam sniggered. He whispered to his friend, “What kind of a name is Moony?”

I glared at him from the other side of the hallway. “Better than Liam Higgenbottom,” you snapped angrily. Everyone was always ragging on Remus behind his back, and it was only a matter of time before someone else figured out that he was a werewolf. You, who had easily figured it out three years, ago, in third year, had taken to protecting him and keeping the blabbermouths and jerks from realizing. It was a job that made you feel like you were really helping. Remus, of course, had no idea of your efforts. And you planned to keep it that way. You didn’t want him freaking out.

Later, in the common room, you, Lily, Marlene, and Mary were lounging around in the common room, It was Friday night, the night of the full moon. You were gossiping and discussing the upcoming Quidditch games. Well, you and Marlene were talking about Quidditch. Both of you were Chasers for the team. Lily and Mary were talking about boys. 

A few minutes later, Remus, James, Sirius, and Peter came down the stairs. Remus stumbled over the carpet and grunted in pain, rubbing his temples. “Alright there, Remus? Beautiful moon tonight, isn’t it,” you said, grinning at him. He nodded, confused, and hurried out the portrait. 

“Hey, Evans, can’t talk long, but how about a date later?” James asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

Lily snorted. “Yeah right. Get lost, Potter.” And he did, but not before winking at her one more time. Sirius and Peter followed him out. 

After they left, Mary looked at Lily. “Why don’t you just let the poor guy take you out? He’s really great, once you get to know him,” she said.

Lily glared at her. “Yeah, how would you know?”

Mary’s face tinged with pink. “…I assume.” 

“Well, anyway,” Lily said, “Where do they always go? Always on the full moon, too. You don’t think one of them is a…” 

Your inner alarm went off. “A what, Lily? A werewolf? Yeah, and I’m Dumbledore. You’ve been reading too much Twilight.” The other girls giggled.

“Any Twilight is too much,” Marlene said. You nodded in agreement. Lily was smart. She would figure it out eventually. But you could hold her off.

It was a few days after the full moon when someone approached you about it/ “Y/N?” Someone said tentatively..

You turn around. It was Remus. Who else did you expect, honestly? “Hey, Remus. What’s up?”

He studied you. “You know. How long have you known?” He whispered.

You felt bad for the guy. He lived his life in constant fear that someone would discover his secret and think him a monster for it. But you didn’t. You couldn’t choose that sort of thing. You had no power to stop it. It wasn’t his fault. And it was time that he realized that.

“Since third year, Remus. It really wasn’t that hard to figure out. Disappearing on full moons, always getting sick before, the scars, the nickname. I mean, couldn’t you have thought of something a little less obvious than Moony? And James, Sirius, and Peter are Animagi, I assume. Peter, Wormtail, is a rat, Sirius…Padfoot, probably a dog, and James, who is Prongs is…ah, a buck? A stag? Something like that.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “Okay, look. You can hate me and everything, but please please please don’t tell anyone because then I’ll have to leave they’ll get expelled and I-I-”

“Remus. Don’t worry,” you said softly, smiling at him. “Your secret’s safe with me.”