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Ily but not every conservative is racist sexist homophobic and xenophobic and especially as a white person you shouldn't be making blanket statements

1. literally nobody said “every conservative is racist sexist homophobic and xenophobic” we said “if you are racist sexist homophobic and xenophobic” like yikes if you’re offended by that then maybe there’s a reason

2. yeah im white, what the fuck is your point????? as a white person i recognize that there is a lot of racism and that the very large majority of it comes from white people. like what the fuck are you trying to prove here im screaming

3. again literally nobody said “all conservatives are evil” we said “conservatives who are racist and sexist and homophobic and xenophobic and islamaphobic etc. are disgusting” so frankly if you arent then i have 0 clue why youre offended, and if youre offended then maybe analyze yourself yikes

To my Ebenezer Scrooge,

As I write this you are at home sick, too many late nights at work and too many finals. So many in fact that your body has given up on you. Ironic isn’t it? You tell me that if I don’t start taking care of myself I will crumble but here we are, you in bed and me taking my tests and keeping up on work. That is besides the point, the point is that I cannot continue to give you my love. In light of the holiday season, I’ve found many similarities in our relationship to the A Christmas Carol.

Once upon a time, before you applied to seventeen colleges and took all college courses on top of your incredibly ambitious senior project, you told me that I was your light. That being around me gave you a break from all of the stress and pain we have been living through for the last two years. You said my smile was the purest, and it gave you so much happiness to see me wearing it. I remember dancing around your living room with your sister, laughing and cheering you to get up from your essay to join us. You looked at me an idiot but let me drag you up from that spot on the couch and you danced with me. At a dinner with my parents two months later you told them I was the “only thing that kept you from working 24/7” and that “somehow, she makes me smile when I don’t think I can anymore.” When did that stop being enough? When did the constant work and the stress take over the light soul I knew.

Now you are turning into a bitter old man at the ripe age of 17 and eleven months, skipping right over adulthood into an unhappy shell of a person. Everyone you talk to says you seem meaner and angrier than before, and I can’t even make it stop. I tried, I truly did, but my constant efforts to pull you from the dark hole you’re mind is in have proven entirely faulty. I had a dream about another boy last night, a different boy than you. That hasn’t happened in over a year. He kissed me and we laughed and went to a festival. You didn’t even come up. I miss you more than words can tell, but if you continue to smother my light and to let the work take over, I will be forced to leave and find someone that loves my light and my smile the way you used to.

I hope soon you realize the monster you’re becoming, because I won’t stick around to see the final product.

Your Belle.

I made a small little compilation thingy of all the funny lil’ text bits in mark’s new video because why not I was bored-

Hope u appreciate this thing that took me like- half an hour? ‘S poorly made, but I really found it fu nny so why not

“The mask feels cold, but he welcomes the change in temperature because his cheeks have been burning for the past ten minutes. Lance’s fingers feel good on his face. Relaxing.”

@dimplesandcurlsss‘s most recent fic is so good.