i mustache you to stop being so cute


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I tried drawing some kind of concept art for Mettaton (Mettatón? Hehe!)I’m also wondering if you ship Papyton, eheh. Sorry, I did this so quick so it turned out really sucky ;3;

SHHHSSHSHSHHS! Stop saying its sucky! I love it!! :D 
As much as I like the original idea of Metatton being a character like Soraya, I also like him still being a good guy. I mean, he’s actually a sweetie pie in the game. you know..after he tries to kill you like 10 times oops.

dancer mettaton would also explain why papi knows how to dance so well.

matching mustaches. <3
Also I dont really ship them? but I think its really cute. I guess as friends or a couple, but nothing sexual tho. uvu)b