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i honestly think people are being too hard on big mouth. once you get past the shock and the weird art style, it's actually a reasonably smart, funny show. i actually kind of loved the female monster in particular.

Yeah, I think the first glimpse of it I saw was an ad on a grimy metal bus stop bench in LA, which, coupled with the way it looks, wasn’t a good first impression.  I think maybe years of MacFarlane-esque dumb cartoons with bad designs just sorta compounded and everyone’s sick of it… I was also under the impression that it was just gonna’ be skewed towards a male perspective of puberty, which there’s nothing wrong with, but…

Then I saw that clip floating around of the girl talking to her vagina?  And I was like… okay, shit, this actually looks really charming.  Then a friend of mine (who’s taste in shows I usually trust) highly recommended it, and honestly, I was on board with it by the end of the first episode.  It captures all of the worst, most awkward feelings of adolescence, and also some really subtle stuff that would be glossed over on any other show (Jessie wearing her red bra comes to mind; the weird mix of “confident/empowered” and “shameful/grossed out” she feels is a fairly complex thing to try and depict over the course of just a few moments, but they did it?)  There’s a lot of nice touches to it, and frankly the show sorta… needs to be ugly in order to cover these topics appropriately, I think!

(Also the style really isn’t even that ug when you’re watching it.  It’s one of those shows that doesn’t take great stills but works pretty well when it’s moving I think)

And yeah I’m… absolutely fucking in love with the hormone monsters, they steal the goddamn show!!!!  Maya Rudolph is incredible… IDK, I’m really enjoying it!  If this sounds at all up anyone’s alley, please give it a watch. 


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Did he actually say he's been with Eleanor for six years? That's messed up we literally saw him for like 2 years blatantly not with her sorry I must've missed this

yeah in every interview he says he’s been with his girlfriend for a very long time and that she was with him whe his mum died thats when everybody was like wtf ????? because they shoved down our throat that desperation of danielle for a year and when it didnt work they fired her and erased her presence but she was there in december when his mum died so the timeline was clearly fucked up in order to talk about how good and great nasty was (lmao) and to erase danielle from his life like those embarrassing stunts of 2016 didnt happen. end of the story: they tried too hard and now its even more obvious that it was damage control because they saw the reaction of fans and louis definitely leaked that lyric on purpose because they pissed him off.


What if we were to suddenly have good timing? Just for an hour? What would that look like?

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i will say the one thing (i know they amended it later in the first episode) but I was initially so put off/ angered by everyone (besides keith's) lack of mourning for shiro, I think it was a really emotional way to emphasize keith's feelings and frustration at the others and wow you can just see how important shiro is to him it was so much it killed me. and then even when he gets "shiro" back ITS NOT EVEN FUCKING SHIRO GIVE KEITH HIS MAN BACK. anyway im dead

honestly i just want to wrap up keith and shiro up in a blanket and keep them safe from hurt and harm and suffering forever. i want to do that to all my voltron children actually

YEAH GOD LIKE keith loves shiro so damn much (whether you see that platonically or romantically) and this season just…. showcased the hurt he feels whenever shiro’s gone

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There's a line that directly refers to Whitney's gender? I must've missed that; what is it?

In Episode 24, right near the beginning, when Percy’s talking about his family, Keyleth asks, “and how many brothers and sisters do you have?” Percy says. “I had six. Two sisters-” and then he gets cut off by Laura. Just before that, he mentions that his “brother Julius and sister Vesper handled matters of court”, and obviously his other sister is Cassandra. Those are his two sisters, so Whitney’s a dude :)


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Hey! I really like your fic recs but I feel like I've read everything! I'm fairly new to fandom though so I know I must've missed a lot of the older fics so what are your favorite kind of pre-2012 fics? Thanks

if i’m being honest there are a lot of “old school” fics where cas is quite wooden and robotic and he’s had so much character development since then that they’re a bit jarring, but that said there definitely are some i still reread and enjoy!! (these are all 2012 or older)

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Why did an anti claim that "reylos stole the color purple"? I've been around since tfa but I must've completely missed the post that quote came from.

LOL that is a gem. They were just mad because we were using purple as a popular color for our ship because red + blue is purple. A lot of reylo shippers were talking about wearing purple to movies so they could recognize each other. It was all fun and joking but antis took it seriously and for some reason thought a color was possible to steal?

I guess we stole it anyway 

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Hi there! I must've completely missed something - who is this "Masked Rebel" that you were talking about earlier?

I mentioned in this post- during the rebels taking the Zaiforge Cannon in s4e5, she’s the third person on the ship with Matt and Olia. She’s given numerous reaction shots and included in several others, in that picture I linked she’s the one on the far left in white and gold armor. Sticks out a bit compared to the rebels she’s hanging out with, and has one line of dialogue in a smooth, low, feminine voice- she’s the one who suggests they get the Blade to use their cannon to breach the defenses on the flying one.

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I hate when people reply to posts on this blog with stuff like "actually she's gay and loves having sex with her girlfriend", like???? bitch me too but I still hate aphobes. Must've missed the bit where it was gay law that you can't be friends with aces.


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