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There's a line that directly refers to Whitney's gender? I must've missed that; what is it?

In Episode 24, right near the beginning, when Percy’s talking about his family, Keyleth asks, “and how many brothers and sisters do you have?” Percy says. “I had six. Two sisters-” and then he gets cut off by Laura. Just before that, he mentions that his “brother Julius and sister Vesper handled matters of court”, and obviously his other sister is Cassandra. Those are his two sisters, so Whitney’s a dude :)



What if we were to suddenly have good timing? Just for an hour? What would that look like?

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Why did an anti claim that "reylos stole the color purple"? I've been around since tfa but I must've completely missed the post that quote came from.

LOL that is a gem. They were just mad because we were using purple as a popular color for our ship because red + blue is purple. A lot of reylo shippers were talking about wearing purple to movies so they could recognize each other. It was all fun and joking but antis took it seriously and for some reason thought a color was possible to steal?

I guess we stole it anyway 

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I must've missed the hullaballoo with the Dreamworks nonsense, but WHAT. THAT HAPPENED?!

- Someone took pics while on a tour of Studio Mir.
- They posted the pics online.
- Dreamworks slammed Studio Mir with legal action.
- Studio Mir begged everyone to take the pictures down.
- Some entitled fan brat said “herp derp I’ll take it down when you say my ship is canon”

That’s about it. Now everyone is sweating about the future of the show. 😩


Here’s the full volume 21 pv!

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You know, I can get why Will wouldn't want to be in a physical relationship, or admit he loves/is in love with Hannibal. He was mistrustful and slowly loosing his sense of self in season 1, hated Hannibal for two-thirds of season 2 and then he had no idea how he felt, and this season he went through some tough shit with and because of Hannibal. Now a season 4- and we will get a season 4- Will...I can see him falling in love with Hannibal, if they do the running of to an exotic location thing.


Yeah, Will realising he loves/is in love with Hannibal would really be the story of Will learning to be honest with himself.

I think what he wants in a relationship is to feel safe, and if he softens towards Hannibal in the remainder of the season, I think it’ll be because having Hannibal behind bars – so that Will can interact with him without feeling like he’s in immediate danger – serves to remind him of what their relationship felt like back in season 1, in the good old days before he knew what Hannibal really is.

Prison provides him a safe, controlled space in which to interact with Hannibal on his own terms, like exposure therapy. It’s a golden opportunity for Hannibal to remind Will what the ‘best’ of him feels like. 

And, y’know, I’ve realised that all I really want out of the rest of the season is this one tiny thing. A really inconsequential little thing. It would only take two seconds of screentime. 

And that’s for Will to touch Hannibal with affection, the way Hannibal has touched him. That’s it. That’s all I want. 

okay so i guessed i blacked out or smthng and missed a line where dean

and crowley

had an orgy

with triplets



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Hey! I saw it asked earlier but I must've missed Sherlock looking at the camera during T6T! Do you happen to know which scene that was? On that note, Culverton Smith is another one that looks at the camera, but in TFP, when he's being interrogated!

Hi Lovely!

Yes, you can see it in this scene here!

And I never noticed Culverton’s!

I thought he was looking off to the side. But yes, this is just after he says this:

CULVERTON: You know, I am gonna be so famous, now. 
LESTRADE: You’re already famous.
CULVERTON: Yeah, but, with this, I can break America.

… and as Sherlock’s voiceover comes up:

SHERLOCK: I had, of course, several other back-up plans. Trouble is, I couldn’t remember what they were. 

I’m not sure what to make of this, but there’s a LOT of 4th wall breaking in this season, which is why a lot of us either believe in the “Unreliable Narrator / John’s Alibi” theories or the “it’s all someone’s dream” theories. 

A lot of S4 is very inconsistent, and the characters CONSTANTLY breaking the 4th wall (with Sherlock LITERALLY DOING IT IN TFP) only help support my belief that we are not supposed to take it all at face value.

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Satanic Allosaurus & flying ankylosaur? I must've missed those.

To be honest, I only remember the flying ankylosaur. 

“Satanic Allosaurus” is just too good to pass up, though,

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(For headcanon thing thats super cool) Could you do Kyoya? Unless you already did him then oops XD I must've missed it


2-4 songs they’d have on their iPod:

  • Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds (kyoya would love marina dont even try to convince me otherwise)
  • Girl With One Eye - Florence and The Machine
  • Feel Good Inc. - Gorilliaz

The one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to:

  • at his desk. alllll the time. usually he’ll pass out late at night doing work, and he’ll either be stuck there till morning or wake up bc its too uncomortable and drags himself to bed.

The game they’d destroy everyone else at:

  • anything strategy related. fire emblem? yes. professor layton? score. dungeons and dragons? ur ass is his.

The emoticon they’d use most often:

  • He wouldn’t use them a lot, but when he does its usually the money sign and with tamaki, he uses them almost like a code and watches tamaki’s confusion in amusement from across the room as he tries to figure out what kyoya is trying to say about money THIS TIME.

The way they act when they haven’t had enough sleep:

  • R U N

Their preferred hot beverage on cold nights/mornings/whatever:

  • he’s definitely a coffee kind of guy, and he needs it for all of his late nights

How they take care of themselves when they’re in a slump:

  • kyoya doesnt tend to voice his feelings to anyone, but instead keeps a cool facade even when he’s having the worst of times. he’ll often throw himself into his work both for the family business and the host club to take his mind off of things until tamaki or haruhi ask him what is going on

What they wanted to be when they grew up:

  • he was raised as a business man, and thus is absolutely determined to take over his father’s company and outshine his brothers, but every so often, in his weaker moments, he wonders what it would be like not to run the medical company, but be a doctor within in

Their favourite kind of weather:

  • kyoya has a fondness for rain. he likes to read and hear it pattering against his window.

Thoughts on their singing voice:

  • kyoyas got a voice which only comes out when he’s trying to charm his guests, and he plays it off like he doesn’t know they’re watching him. Its all part of his plan really. But he does have a very soothing voice, perfect for under the breath stuff

How they draw/what they doodle:

  • kyoya doesnt really doodle, but he when he does he has a tendency to absent-mindedly draw leaves and intricate, artistic trees in corners of spare sheets of paper

- Admins Kits and Beckett