i must say


“ you’ll be the moon

i’ll be the earth

and when we burst

start over oh darling

Begin Again Begin Again “

yes. okay i actually did some good art and i must say im proud. i love it. i had this idea in mah head mkay. and i thought that it wouldnt turn out good because i was sketching it and im like shit. this is not gonna work. but mah gawd. 

I’ve always drew ridiculously detailed armor and I i think i never post any of my designs o.o. ( i draw…alot and dont post shit lol !) and they look sooo snaaaazzy ~! altough its not much of a cute drawing.

go listen to this song >>; this song inspired me to draw this .3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wo9BKChNGY

hup please accept this even though im late TT^TT 



Ah, so this chapter is going to be a constant stream of what the fuck, and then it’ll all be explained later.

This arc is really making me think of Thriller Bark, and how confusing it started out. I just have to wait patiently.

I must say, this is actually proving to be creepier than Thriller Bark, even though I preferred Thriller Bark’s aesthetic.

I must say, even with two months behind me– I am still finding it a bit hard to unpack everything; hopefully with this weekend coming off shift, I will be able t go shopping for a bit more things that make a home seem, a bit homier. But, besides that– how is everyone doing tonight? I’d like to venture out in meeting more people that are not in fields of my work, it would be nice to talk to someone not covered in blood or unconscious. Hopefully this site will help with that.


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:


“Okay, enough with the bad sound effects.”

*I didn’t know how to spell out most of what Hunk said, so I checked the episode transcript online, hoping to get an idea but…



It’s been a while posting here! <3 AND GUESS WHO FINALLY WATCHED SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMIIIIING jshfjahfhfs

All I can say is TOM HOLLAND FREAKKIN’ NAILED AS BOTH SPIDER-MAN AND PETER PARKER. Everything is SPECTACULAR especially Daddy Tony being a grumpy dad to Peter huhu.

Anyway! Hope to see more of Tom Holland’s performances in the future MCU!

Also BONUS (and spoiler-ish):