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Feathers Fantasy XV

Today we have a peep Ardyn joining ze party. Yes, he’s an owl and he sure is amused by Noct and Promp angrily tweeting at him. Gladdy and Iggy not sure if they should interfered or not, lol.

(Peep Ardyn undercut)

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Autistic Acceptance vs Autism Awareness.

The following are my thoughts on Autism Awareness vs Autistic Acceptance. None of what I am saying here is new and my fellow Autistic people have been saying this kind of thing for years. However I must say these things more because we have not been listened to yet. On that note let us begin.

So April is coming up and with it all the “Autism Awareness” bullshit that comes with it. Why is it bullshit you might ask? Let me explain.

1: Autistic people don’t want or need this type of Awareness

The type of Awareness that comes out in April does not lead to Acceptance, hell it doesn’t even lead to understanding. It creates fear and further misunderstanding of Autistic people. They treat it like a disease, something to be cured, hidden and fixed. That sort of Awareness will never ever lead to acceptance or at least the acceptance us Autistic people want and deserve.

2: Aware of what exactly?

If I told you I was aware of giraffes that wouldn’t tell you anything and it wouldn’t require anything on my part. Which is of course part of the many reasons why Awareness is bullshit. If it doesn’t require anything of people it won’t positively effect the Autistic Community. In fact its made things worse in a lot of ways. We think parents, caregivers and people who know Autistic people know more then actually Autistic people, its madness.

3: Now what about Autistic Acceptance?

Now you might be thinking if you have stayed for this long, ok dude we’ve heard your thoughts on awareness now what about Acceptance? To that I say good question let me explain. Autistic Acceptance is about embracing Autistic people aswell as Autism as a natural neurological difference and a part of Neurodiversity. Wanting Autistic people to have inclusion, tolerance, understanding, support, autonomy, acceptance and to be allowed to be different.

4: In closing.

Now this April I want you to not only think/talk about helping Autistic people, do it. Donate to Autistic Self Advocacy Network or Autism Womens Network, light it up gold for Autistic Acceptance or red instead of light it up blue for Autism Awareness, Talk to Autistic people about the best ways to advocate for us, support films/businesses/TVshows/restaurants/products etc made by autistic people and so much more you could do. Remember though, never talk over Autistic voices in Advocacy if your not Autistic and are a ally ask actually Autistic adcovates how best to help.

5: Terms used

Neurodiversity: Neurodiversity is a biological fact, hence ADHD, Autism, OCD, Neurotypicality and even that there is a Neuromajority in the first place.

Autism: A neurological difference

Autistic Community: A community made up of Autistic people.

Sidenote: Please ask any questions you have.

~A Autistic person from Alberta Canada

I’m writing this as I’m watching Mark’s video so don’t mind me if this doesn’t make sense.

I think the feeling of being ‘lost’ is something that comes and goes often after high moments (if I may be so bold, these past few months with collabs, live streams and A Date With Markiplier have been a really awesome high point). It’s healthy and normal.

I know Mark worries about disappointing us but I must say I’ve never felt more apart of a youtube community than I do now with the Markiplier community. As a viewer these past few months have been nothing but a blessing in my crazy life. When I was having my hardest times Mark (and Amy and Ethan and Tyler and Kathryn) were there for me. With a community of 17 nearly million it can be hard to keep that authenticity but watching Mark and his friends raise money for charity or do funny challenges or create awesome videos for us to enjoy has made me feel like I’m apart of their group. I’ve never felt unimportant in this community.

“I’m not a fan of anything but you guys.” We know Mark, we know you care so much about us. Thank you <3


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i actually thought shiro's white hair a combination between his asian genetic and extreme stress. like, idk... i know a lot of cis asian guys around my age (20ish), like my college buddies or family members who have white hair in their black hair. my brother's hair is already that salt-n-pepper color when he hit 20. (i say cis guy because i'm a trans guy but i still don't have a single white hair even tho i'm almost 30)

This is so interesting! I never knew that genetics might play a larger role if you are Asian. This would be a pretty cool option I must say, especially if the creators did their homework this well. Thanks so much for sharing this, I never would have known!. Another great option into the Shiro’s hair theory pot ;)

genivae  asked:

I must say, good sir, you have the most wonderful way with insulting words. It always brings a smile to my face when I see a post of yours calling out a "turdload" for what they truly are.

aliyah-7  asked:

Hey! I'm sorry if this is very very late. A few days ago I finished reading 'Dogs of Future Past' and I got teary eyed (I don't cry in public XD). I must say that I loved the story, I loved your work and I loved how you pulled everything through. It left me a similar sensation the game left me: like the story is over but it's not REALLY over, happiness has just started. And I think I should thank you for that. It was an amazing ride. Hope you continue being awesome! Bless~!

Hey being late is totally fine! But thank you so so much, this was lovely to hear! :D I’m happy that you enjoyed the story this much! 

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I tried to read wolf guy but I rlly didn't like it? Idk there was so much rape in it it made me so uncomfortable and idk I feel like it was only for deepen Akira's Man Feelings and the overall plot was pretty meh

We all have, my friend, different tastes and preferences. While the rape scene was indeed a way too long (I’ve got all the volumes in Japanese and the scene starts in 7th volume and ends in 11th volume so…) otherwise I enjoyed Wolf Guy tremendously. I know such a dark story which contains such “easy” themes as kidnappings, mass murders, gang rape (also a rape towards a man), murders and partly also cannibalism because Haguro eats Akira’s cut off fingers in his twisted extacy isn’t really… how can I say it… eh… “general audience’s” thing. 

I must say I don’t know how the original story from 1970′s is and I definitely need to read it someday and see how much the plot has been adjusted. Is the original plot as dark and twisted as the version I have read I wonder? I do know Haguro kidnaps Aoshika in the 1970′s version and she gets abused.

But, I have always loved dark, twisted stories which are well told (and well drawn). And Wolf Guy is definitely my kind of a series, hands down. I fell in love with it the first glance and I followed it from the very beginning when it started 10 years ago. Haguro is the best villain I have seen in any medium if you ask me haha.

I also love Oyasumi Punpun to death and Nozoki Ana is great, too! Oyasumi Punpun is a very heavy story, but still in a different way than Wolf Guy. It contains themes as domestic violence, mental health issues, hallucinations, murders, suicides, violence in relationships, child abuse, insane religious cults, cult suicides ect. Nozoki Ana it’s just an erotic story with very lovable main characters, but it has some twisted kinky elements.

You don’t have to like it. Absolutely not. Yet, no one’s dislike for something I love won’t make me love that thing any less or deem it as “bad”. I’m a way too old for such group pressure or need for validation to my likes and dislikes from others  haha :’DD

I hope you have found some manga which you enjoy as much as I enjoy of Wolf Guy! Let me know if you have any recommendations; I’m honestly always open for suggestions as there’s zillions of different manga series and it’s easier if someone points out “I liked this, you should try it, too.”

Into the Woods!

As I’ve said before, I am a music teacher. We’ve all had our March concerts, and spring break begins this weekend. So most of us are showing movies this week. I glanced into the choral room today, and noticed that they too were watching a movie. Guess what it was? Into the Woods! And there, up on the big screen, for all the middle schoolers to see and enjoy, was Mackenzie Mauzy! And I must say, she sounded beautiful and did a wonderful job. And her performance with Meryl Streep was great. And the kids were watching like a hawk, not a sound to be heard other than Mackenzie and Meryl.

For some reason, it made my day.

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I must say that while the story you have crafted is well handled, the world you have crafted feels like the goal Nick and Judy are hoping to strive for is next to impossible for it to last. Like this universe has been running off of the hate and fear the species have for each other that the idea of not doing so would cause everything to collapse. In fact, I'm most eager to see how things collapse instead of how they reform. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

oh yes, collapse is inevitable. but is it good or bad?

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I must say I greatly appreciate a healthy JDonica, but I saw an interesting prompt the other day. What if JD convinced/'corrupted' Veronica and they went on to kill all who they saw fit?

Ehhhh idk. I don’t think Veronica ever would, it would be too OOC for her you feel?

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The call out post was kinda unnecessary, this could've been settled in private and you wouldn't be dealing with gate anons. And neither would springy. I've been following you for a long time and I must say I'm disappointed, not that it matters anyway. Take this as a learning experience. Be an adult next time

The call out post was a thing me and others agreed on,I’m not calling out for myself,I’m calling out for others,others have the same opinions as I do,that’s why I made it,what do you think I spent time writing something just for myself ? :))))
and I want to point out as clearly as possible,I’m not attacking her,the copy art was nothing to me,i’ve dealt with these problems before,its nothing new here
Yea I obviously know that I’m a dick for calling her out and embarrassing myself,but I wanna make things right,they can’t continue doing stuff like this
Again,I didn’t send any death threats,I wanted to point out the mistakes that she made,even if it was 1 year ago,she could have learnt from it

So keep disappointed in me will ya,I can’t make yall happy or anything :)

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I admire your patience. If I was you I would have given up on this a long time ago so thank you for carrying on. Just in reply to an anon a few posts down asking what he means by 'You Gem'. Once again us Brits use it as a term to mean something is great. So for example if I was saying 'You absolute Gem' I would be saying 'You absolute wonderful person'. :) We have some weird sayings I must admit.

Thank you for clarification. I guess it doesn’t matter how many years you learn a language, you’ll never be able to understand it 100% like native-speakers do :))

Imagine if One Direction had just won an award and got up there and said, “This doesn’t have Zayn’s name on it, does it?”


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…


Ring! Ring! Sehun is calling! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪


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