i must not panic

you know it was a good pun if someone tries to kill you for making it
  • Girl: *lies on my shoulder*
  • Me: *ok but does this mean she's into me or like is this just a platonic thing where friends just casually wanna rest their heads on the nearest object in this case me cuz i must comfortable or smtg...*
More Humans Are Weird

Okay, but this: we’ve established that humans have an odd perception of injuries. But what about how many are afraid of doctors? 

Alien: Human Alana, that is a lot of blood. Are you okay?

Human, with cut foot: It’s just a cut. Hardly feel anything. *looks closer* Oh, cool. Hey, is that my tendon?

Alien: By my knowledge, if you are able to see the bones or tendons, you need stitches. Should we not get you to the medical bay immediately?

Human *uncomfortable*: Or… what would happen if I just, you know… didn’t? I mean, I’m fine with a bigger scar. Scars are cool.

Alien: But does your species not get infected wounds??

Human: We do… but I really don’t want to get stitches.

Alien: Human Alana, I believe I must insist! It is for your well-being!

Human: *starts to panic*

Alien: *Freaks the fuck out because they don’t know what to do*

This is the product of staring at a screen for seven hours and trying digital art for the first time. It started as a tattoo design, and veered off course. Until I figure out what’s going to go in the blank space that is currently occupied by “ZENITH,” here’s a snapshot of the work in progress. 

Staring at a reference for hours really teaches you things– I hadn’t known that the album cover features a dragonfly and a lotus flower in its printed embroidery. 


i have an eternal appreciation for Toby’s face in that last gif bc u can see the “oh god i was not prepared to have this revelation today i must go rethink my life because a lot of things are starting to make way more sense

This is what you get me to do when I just hear about hate on Tomco…!


To all those who hate me for it or hate this shipping so much, your welcome ;)

If I hear more hate comments or other things that say this shipping shouldn’t be loved, then I’m posting more Tomco art and maybe more… tedious hmmm…? It’s a warning for now you hear me…

Hello everyone, JAM here!

And yes is been QUITE a while I posted art, and I must say…





Like I was on panic attacks with my finals, as a person who has a goal to finish community college in 2 years,

I can’t fail any class…

and also I signed up for 3 summer online classes to accomplish all my classes before my 2 years are up…

So yeah no free summer this year ( ; - ; )


I still will be posting art and also still work with the BMC with TIAFOE Comic

So I’ve been looking here and see very little support for Tomco, so I thought:


And also got tired of people all over the media pissing on people’s shippings lately just because it’s not the MOST popular ship or you don’t agree to it.

Just let us be and we won’t be all upset, it’s just saddening to do this art while people just write hateful comments

Art by me

Tom and Marco belong to Daron Nefcy

God bless you :3

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a mix of 70 songs that Luke has tweeted at some point.

1. living louder by the cab. 2. nothing by lewis watson. 3. ocean avenue by yellowcard. 4. can you feel my heart by bring me the horizon. 5. if you don’t know by 5 seconds of summer. 6. sex by the 1975. 7. please take me home by blink 182. 8. whatever by hot chelle rae. 9. everlong by foo fighters. 10. 3 am by matchbox 20. 11. stop this train by john mayer. 12. give me one good reason by blink 182. 13. waiting for the end by linkin park. 14. chocolate by the 1975. 15. stuck on you by new politics. 16. machines by biffy clyro. 17. i’m a mess by ed sheeran. 18. astronaut by simple plan. 19. the man by ed sheeran. 20. baby you don’t wanna know by sum41. 21. basket case by green day.22. superman by goldfinger. 23. black chandelier by biffy clyro. 24. social casualty by 5 seconds of summer. 25. young girls by bruno mars. 26. wayward son by kansas. 27. can’t stop by onerepublic 28. science & faith by the script. 29. emotionless by good charlotte. 30. shove by angels & airwaves. 31. vegas skies by the cab. 32. the end where i begin by the script. 33. terrible things by mayday parade. 34. all the same by sick puppies. 35. hold onto me by mayday parade. 36. walking disaster by sum41. 37. pursuit of happiness by kid cudi. 38. i’ll take you there by sleeping with sirens. 39. something i need by onerepublic. 40. all that i’ve got by the used. 41. what i like about you by the romantics. 42. awakening by yellowcard. 43. i must be dreaming by the maine. 44. nourthern downpour by panic! at the disco. 45. if only they knew by a rocket to the moon. 46. nine in the afternoon by panic! at the disco. 47. sad by maroon 5. 48. ever after by marianas trench. 49. hey there delilah by plain white t’s. 50. obviously by mcfly. 51. honestly by hot chelle rae. 52. UNI by ed sheeran. 53. king for a day by pierce the veil. 54. postcards and polaroids by sleeping with sirens. 55. girls and boys by good charlotte. 56. break your little heart by all time low. 57. fix you by coldplay. 58. can’t be saved by senses fail. 59. latch by disclosure. 60. champagne supernova by oasis. 61. canals by all time low. 62. st. patrick by pvris. 63. i still haven’t found what i’m looking for by u2. 64. escape (the piña colada song) by rupert holmes. 65. where did the party go by fall out boy. 66. shake tramps by marianas trench. 67. i can talk by two door cinema club. 68. hallucinations by angels & airwaves. 69. super rich kids by frank ocean. 70. amnesia by 5 seconds of summer.


JSD’s Rom-Com Challenge

Hi! This week I hit 4k followers (thank you, thank you!) so here goes nothing! I wanted to celebrate cheesy love stories, so I’m hosting a writing challenge! A list of rules and prompts can be found under the cut. Don’t be afraid to put your writing out there, this is just for fun!

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forget northern downpour
why does no one talk about mad as rabbits?
it was the last song brendon and ryan ever sang together and it was a fucking love ballad and it was the last song with the whole band and if you’re not in tears by the time brendon sings his last single note then you’re living a life of blissful ignorance and im jealous of you

To live when one desires to die:
A skill requiring utmost might

To trace your scars and feel such pain
Yet compel yourself to breathe again

My my! Just what a gift you are
How you eclipse all of the stars

To live requires utmost might
The strength you harness on this night

—  you will get through this I promise, you will get through this I promise, you will get through this I promise // A.S

I spent last week in a psych ward. This is my first day back at work. For two years, my depression has told me I can’t, while my anxiety tells me I must. But today, I’m celebrating no panic attacks. I’m celebrating a quiet mind. From now on, I’m celebrating each moment.

Imagine Snape takin care of you (third year)

-The day before the first day of your third year your father insisted that you met him in his office, which was always a comforting place to you, seeing how it was the only place you didn’t have to call him Professor Snape during school hours. However upon entering the small space filled with many different magical things (including a shelf of the potions you have made him over the years) you could tell this wasn’t a pleasant visit. 

-“As I am sure you have heard among the other teachers, this is to be the year that…." 

"The great Harry Potter is to enter his first year of Hogwarts. Yeah I have heard it once or twice.” You finished his sentence as your body sunk into the uncomfortable chair across from your father. 

“He is to never know…" 

"Too late.” You interrupted again, his eyes staring at you in disbelief. 

“Hagrid.” He hissed before raising from his own chair, and fleeing the office, leaving you alone. 

 -Upon arriving at Hagrid’s Snape found himself pounding on the door of the hut, demanding that the half giant open the door at once. Hagrid opened the door of course for him, which triggered him to storm into the small space and dramatically twirl in a half circle. 

“Do you have any idea what you have done?” Snape hissed. 

“Now Severus I have no…." 

"You told the boy of [Y/N]…. Do you have any idea what this means? What if the Dark Lord returns, captures the boy and whist torturing him he reveals her to him. Do you have any idea whom could have heard you…" 

"Harry already knew of her.” Hagrid voice loudly boomed through the stone walls as Snape stared at him wide eyed, “those good for nothing Dursleys told him that James and Lily Potter died in a car crash, and that while they tried to house his two year old little sister, they found the job too much to bear and sent her away. He asked me if she would also be at the school. I never told him she was housed by a professor or that the muggles were lying, all I said is she is, she is a third year, and a mighty intelligent student here just like her mother.” Hagrid continued, this time more softly then before. 

 -Snape left without another word, and upon returning to his office noted that you were now gone as well. He sighed deeply before sinking to the floor and looking at the shelf of different size bottles, each with a small tag around the neck of it, with a small beat heart charmed upon it. 

-You sat that night between the Weasley twins, whom chattered your ear off about how they met the Harry Potter on the train. Neither boy knew of your relation to him or Snape, so as they chattered you clung to every word, nervous to meet your brother. However soon the doors flung open and a large crowd of small humans entered the hall dressed in generic black robes. As the group passed you heard Ron say a quick, “Hey [Y/N].” However your eyes were glued to the fragile boy beside him, with black hair, shining green eyes, and a faint lighting shaped scar upon his forehead 

-“Harry Potter!” Minerva called, as the small boy slowly approached the singing hat, while the hall filled with mutters. For this was The Harry Potter here, all professors had their eyes glued to him, except for one, Snape could not look away from your face as you watched the sorting, and how your face lit up when the Sort Hat bellowed, “GYRIFFINDOR!" 

-Snape also watched as you extended your hand to him when he sat down among the Weasley crowd, and while he couldn’t hear what he said, he noted the way the boy’s face lit up. He feared the worst. 

 -when the feast was over you excused yourself from Percy’s grand escort and made your way to the dungeon, where upon entering you heard, "I see you have met the Potter boy. Tell me, was he overjoy when you told him…" 

"I introduced myself as [Y/N] Black. I have no intentions on revealing to him yet about my name. However when he asked if I knew of a [Y/N] Potter, the boys and I expressed how we had never heard that name.” You said, as Snape finally looked up from his potion book to met your eyes. 

“Very well. Well what would you like to do tonight then? I have all the ingredients to make some simple example potions for tomorrow if you would like to help in making them.” He stated as you both smiled. 

 - The boys and you began pranking people on the first day, causing most teachers to be cross. However when they mentioned pranking Snape by filling the room with fire works, you snapped at them both, and told them that pranking Snape was a horrible idea. 

 -Snape was proud to hear after the first month of classes that you were at the top of your class. All the professor bragged about you to him, and he couldn’t be more proud to say that he was your adopted father. 

 -At Halloween time, when the troll was released into the dungeon, you also went to the Third Floor, to see Quirrell was there, along with Snape (It was much to his disapproval that you were there). You both were the ones to head him off, but not before both getting minor injuries. 

 -no one noticed you were both hurt… On the opposite legs….in the same spot.  

-Quirrell began to be extra careful around you, and both you and Snape feared the worst. 

-On one of the nights Snape caught Quirell sneaking about the castle, and confronted him, Quirrell snapped, “I would keep an eye on the Potter girl you care for so dearly, would hate to find out something happened to her." 

-Snape pulled you from that class, and demanded Dumbledore have the staff (except Quirrell) keep an eye on both you and the Potter boy. 

- For Christmas you got Harry a small bag of candy, and never addressed who sent them. Before going to give you potion of Heartbreak Teardrops to Snape you sat with the Weasleys and Harry unwrapping gifts, and couldn’t help but smile when Harry’s face lit up at the candy.

- "He knows.” You whispered upon running to the office. 

“Knows what?” Snape demanded 

“Harry. He pulled me aside in the common room and asked why I didn’t tell him I was his sister.

"How did he…" 

"I don’t know." 

 - As someone who knew all the secrets of the school, you were aware of the Mirror of Erised. And upon further discussion with Harry, you discovered that it was through his discovery of the mirror that he learned your identity. He was still in the dark though about your relationship with Snape, and even voiced to you his distrust of him.

-While Harry was ecstatic about meeting you, and learning that you both shared very similar interests, Snape was less enthused. For he viewed your relationship with Harry as a threat to your safety and wished that you both would accept that you were both putting the other at risk. 

-It was Dumbledore who set him straight. 

“You know Severus, Harry is very excited to have discover who his sister is. She is the only family he has left who truly cares for him.”

“Yes but it is her safety I am more…”

“Do you remember how alone you felt before taking her in. If I recall correctly you spent most of your life without any real sense of family, your only friend was…”

“What is your point Albus?”

“Don’t let the boy experience the same pain you did as a child. Let [Y/N] bring joy into his life as she did yours.” 

-You were in full support of Norbort, knowing about the egg before the golden trio did.

-Scolding Harry for getting in trouble, and getting detention. However you started laughing halfway through the lecture, cause you were mentally noting how much like Snape you sound like as you did. 

-You showed Harry the book Snape got you, however you didn’t show him the pages which displayed both you and Snape. You were also the one who gave Hagrid the idea for the book. 

- On Valentine’s Day Snape thought it was funny when he saw you walking around with a large bundle of flowers, which when he questioned you later in the evening about them you revealed that they were given to you by Oliver Wood. While Snape didn’t like the idea of another man loving you as much as he did, he could see the happiness radiating off of you when you discussed the flowers.

-It was the next day when Snape told her that he thought Oliver Wood would make a fine boyfriend for her, in which you replied with, “Well that is good, seeing how we have been dating for two months now.” 

“Excuse me?”

“Dad, I am a teenage girl, most girls hide their boyfriends from their parents, especially when their parent is a professor in the school they both attend. Plus didn’t you find it odd that when I attended the matches I was wearing Wood’s extra jersey?”

-He was convinced he never paid enough attention to the minor details in your life so from that point on he made sure to notice the little things. 

- Unfortunately Harry let it slip to Ron that you were his sister…. and it was Fred that told you. 

“I feel like an idiot.” He sighed when he slammed the door to the dorm room, where you sat alone reading for Herbology in your sweater from Molly, your face meeting his as he leaned against the door. 

“Well what did you do…”

“How did I never see that you were [Y/N] Potter… the [Y/N] Pott…”

“How do you know?” You hissed, shock filling your face as he looked at you. 

“Well Ron told me. It makes sense….”

“I have to go.” You frantically answered before racing from the bed, and out of the dorm. You only wanted to go to one place, and as you raced to the dungeon you noticed everyone stare at you and whisper, the word Potter repeated multiple times by multiple people.

- You burst into the Potions class room, while Snape was teaching, his eyes showing concern when he saw your panic, “Miss Black, I assume someone must have…”

“Don’t you mean Potter sir?” A blonde Slytherin boy asked, a sneer on his face. And then Snape knew why you were panicked.

- “Sorry Sir, I was just trying to get to Hagrid’s, Fang is sick, I must have taken a wrong turn.” And you ran from the room, tears building up in your eyes as you ran into the grounds and all the way to Hagrid’s, leaving Snape to slowly worry, as the boy who asked the question whispered to his friend, “What until my father hears that the Potter girl has been living at Hogwarts all this time.”

-Snape excused the class early and after all the students had disappeared from the dungeon he briskly walked to Dumbledore’s office, to find the headmaster looking towards the door. “I was expecting you.” His voice boomed as Snape entered the office. 

“Sir I fear…”

“That her true identity has been revealed and that you fear for the girl’s safety.” 


“Severus.” Albus’s voice was calm as he spoke, “I trust that she can protect herself from the students, and we plan on protecting her. However it is time that she stop living a lie and embrace who she really is.”

“Yes but what if…”

“We will deal with the issue when it arises. Now she will need you to guide her though, seeing as she probably feels as though she has failed you.”

-Snape made sure that when you returned he made it clear that you would be fine and that he wasn’t angry with you…. however Harry and Ron both failed their next potion assignment for the slip. 

-One night you entered his office with puffy, red rimmed eyes, sniffling slightly. He was concerned and offered you the seat across from his desk, where you told him that Oliver had dumped you, claiming he couldn’t date someone who would lie about something as big as their identity to him. Snape was enraged, however he respected your wishes to leave Oliver be after he threatened to put  Weedosoros into his morning pumpkin juice.

-When you found out Harry was in the infirmity, you made sure you were there every day, never leaving his bedside till he awoke. As he sat in bed you both feasted on the candy that Ron had been munching on, as he told you that it wasn’t Snape who wanted the stone, but Voldemort. The mere mention made your blood run cold, however you never told Snape of this discovery. 

-Saying goodbye to Harry and everyone else on the platform with Hagrid, promising to write whenever you can. You also made sure to remind Fred and George to tell Molly and Arthur that you planned on visiting soon. 

- “Harry reported something interesting to me before leaving the school.” Dumbledore started, “It appears that Quirrell was infected with a parasite, for he was allowing Voldemort to live within him. Upon his death however the spirit was released. I am assured though that he will never be able to harm [Y/N].”

“So she is safe.” Snape replied

“For now.”

-Snape never told you what Dumbledore told him.

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Other Installments:

2-12 years old

14-16 Years Old

Marichat May Day 10: What If?

Sleepy Heroes- What if Chat and Ladybug were too asleep to remember to detransform?

The akuma that morning had taken four hours to defeat. By the time we defeated it school was about to start. We both left in our separate directions, and I landed behind the school to detransform and ran to class. I fell into my seat and put my head down on the desk.


I felt Alta stiffen next to me, and I saw Adrien freeze in the doorway. Mme Bustier called my name out from the board and I raised my hand, keeping my head down on the desk. I felt someone tap my shoulder, and when I looked up Adrien was standing next to me.

He held out his hand. “Do you want to go outside to change, Ladybug?” He asked, staring at me. I suddenly woke up at the sound of my alter-ego’s name. I looked down at my hands and squeaked. I had never actually detransformed before I went into the school. I took Adrien’s hand and walked out of the classroom. We walked down the hall until we found an empty classroom.

“Spots off.” I said, and Tikki fell into my hands, exhausted. “I guess my identity’s blown now. Just don’t tell anyone else. I’m going to have to come up with some story to tell the class for why Ladybug was in our class instead of me.”

Adrien grabbed and hugged me, and I heard something squeak inside his shirt. “My Lady, I think the whole class figured it out. You weren’t exactly subtle.”

I shoved him away. “‘My Lady?’ Who do you think you “ I stopped and stared at Adrien, who was blushing and staring at his feet. “You’re Chat Noir aren’t you?”

He cheekily grinned at me and bowed in an over exaggerated way that only Chat would ever do. “At your service My Lady.”

“Okay, well, ummm…” He wrapped his arms around me awkwardly as I continued to fumble to use any words.

“No, none of that stuttering. I’ve literally seen every side of you. There’s nothing to worry about.” I leaned into him, hugging him hard. Chat-Adrien always knew what to say to diffuse my anxiety. “Do you want to go to class or back home?”

“Class. I need some semblance of normalcy, and time before I deal with my parents.” I replied after a moment. “But I’m switching with Nino and you’re dealing with Chloe.”
“You must be kitten me My Lady.” He said, trying to use his best kitten eyes. “You’re throwing me to Chloe?”

I laughed and we both walked back to class arm in arm.


I looked over to Nino to say good morning and he was staring at me. I turned around and saw Alya filming me with a wicked grin, and Marinette who looked somewhere between exasperated and confused.

Mme Bustier called my name and I raised my hand. The whole class was staring at me now, even Mme Bustier.

“What’s wrong? Is my hair or makeup messed up or something?” I poked Nino, who was still silently staring at me with his mouth hanging open.

“Look at your hand.” Marinette said, her voice solid. I raised my hand to my face and flew out of my seat and out the door. I stopped only when I had reached the top of the Eiffel Tower, a place where I figured no-one would be able to find me. I must have caused a small panic on my way over, but I didn’t really care. All I cared about was that now my whole class knows my identity, and that My Lady’s probably going to be really mad at me.

I sat down on the steps and just stared at nothing, zoning out so much that I didn’t notice when someone landed behind me until her hand was on my shoulder.

“Kitty, why did you do that?” She asked. I put my head in my hands and groaned. The news must be spreading like wildfire because of Alya.

“The news must be spreading if you know.” I said. There was a flash of pink behind me, and I turned around to see Marinette standing behind me.

“The news actually isn’t spreading. I transformed in the front of the class and told everyone to stay silent, and then came after you. So I guess you aren’t the only one with the blown identity.” She was definitely blushing now, but why? “Alya’s gonna kill me for not noticing this before.”
“Noticing what?”

“Oh, nothing. Just the fact that the boy I’ve had the biggest crush on for a year has also been flirting with me for a year! Are you really that oblivious? The whole class knows.” She stared down to her feet.

“We’re both stupid.” I concluded. “We’ve been sitting in front of each other for an entire year and we never noticed.”

‘If you want stupid you should start with the fact that you forgot to detransform before coming into the classroom. It’s not like we can make the whole class forget about either of us. We’re going to have to tell our parents at this rate.” Marinette tried to look down her nose at me, but ended up looking more at my chest than anything else.

“I can’t.” I put my head in my hands. “I can’t tell my father. I have no idea what he would do. He might even take away Plagg.” I started petting Plagg’s head. In a rare moment of comfort he bent up to my hand and purred.

“You’re father will be fine.” Marinette said, leaning on my shoulder and dangling her feet over the edge. “We’ll deal with him together. That’s a Ladybug promise.”

“Ladybug? I don’t see her.” I pantomimed searching and Marinette whacked my shoulder.

She stood up and transformed, and waved for me to follow her. She looked over the city, and I fell in love with her all over again.

“We need to get back to school, at least to do damage control. Are you ready to go back?”

“As long as I get to be by your side it’ll be purrfect.” I snuggled into her shoulder and she pulled away, throwing out her yoyo.

“Catch me if you can Chaton!”

I whooped and followed her, the way I always have and always will.