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hey i’m pal i hit 5555 followers the other day and i figured i’d do something 2 celebrate aka give a follower of mine some rly cute stuff like copic ciao markers, a bunch of awesome stickers from paperchase, and a cool gudetama backpack ayyyyyy~


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(adorable doodle of me by shauna!)

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It's been a while but random anon is back to check up on you. You doing okay? I hope you are. Remember that you are loved and admired. Keep making great edits (I personally love them and it makes me happy to see them whenever they pop up on my dashboard). Keep being you. You're awesome. :)

Oh, hey!

Yeah, I’m doing pretty good. For some reason, I wrote ‘door’ instead of ‘good’ there so I must be pretty tired. My mind’s been in about a dozen places at once today. It’s like my A.D.D acted up full force today. Especially around the end of the day. 

I woke up at 2? Something like that. Maybe 12pm? I don’t know. I just know that I woke up and received pizza. It was an unusual wake up call but I was down for it. 

Anyways, thank you! I’m glad that my silly edits make people happy and that people admire me for some reason. I’m pretty lame as far as people go. Just a big ole dork with nothing better to do, ahaha.

Since my second Tribute to modders turned out the be so popular, I decided to turn my first post into a Thumblr-post too. I hadnt started a Thumblr yet when I made this one. .

Here on Thumblr some of the pictures might be a littlebit altered since I have fiddled a lot with my screenshots since then, but the shots are the same.

(I have learned a bit more since then about screenshots and tools, this old ones arent the best quality but hey, i`ll make it original, and I will avoid the temptation of editing them (and hopefully I can find them all… :-) )

Tribute to Modders Nr 1 can originally be found HERE on Nexus (copy of this post)

Tribute to Modders nr 2 can be found HERE on nexus and HERE on Thumblr.

Tribute to Modders Nr 1

I would have stopped playing this game a LONG time ago, but..thanks to all you modders out there I keep playing this game, and I still love it.
I make few characters, but when I make them, I spend time on them. I want to develop a kind of relationship with them…and because you guys have dedicated some of your precious time creating mods that makes our toons beautiful, it is easy to fall in love with your character when you see the end result.

Thank you modders, for making this game fun time and time again. And thank you for sharing your art and hard work with us - we - who are completely and utterly incompitent and cannot make them ourself. (Ok, ok, I speak for myself now, tho, but…i KNOW im not alone:P )

- This is a tribute to you modders -

This must be my favorite toon so far. Frost is her name. She started out like this.

In reality she would be something like this….

…if it wasnt for you guys. And this is even with some mods active!! The horror…
In the pic above this you can see a mod active that can change your toons hair-colour, DAI Hair recolor utility by  Legion of the Living. It is indeed a awesome tool.

She started out with  lovely and skilled Ascendia`s Yennifer-complexion, together with a very popular mod made of Zolariel - New and Improved Makeup For All.

Throughout the game I have tested many different complextions. The last days I have used StepShy`s All about the face - Allisa-complextion with makeup, shown here:

In this pictures she is wearing Viviennes armor…How, you might ask? Easy. You download Borglet`s Live like Viv - mod. Then you can laugh in Vivienne`s face too!

And in company with the complextion I made her eyes beautiful with StepShy`s absolutely gorgeous eye-mod. I have tested a lot of them. Through the campaign I ended up with number 5, wich has turned out to be my favorite, as pictured here:

I have never liked face-tattoos on my characters. But… not long ago the insanely skilled StepShy came through with a new mod: Sheps Tattoo Collection. I could not stop myself. I had to take a trip to BE and get myself a tattoo!

Needless to say….. the modders are a tad better with tattoos than…you know… ahem… at any rate; this pic will explain it… a pic without a lot of mods enabled… Freshly out of Black Impodium, who, as we know, dont like mods.

There are so many skilled hair-modders out there, and I cannot mention them all here. But, I will admidt I got two favorites. Those who arent mentioned, you are not forgotten, and we love you. Skaramoosh with his extremely popular Hair Pack, I have used his Messy Wavy Bob through my latest game. Kadust is my other favorite, who has made a LOT of hairmods. I rarely play male, feels a bit odd since im a girl, but I did one playthough, and this is the hair I used on him, made by Kadust:

I used a lovely complextion on him, created by Tevinterscum. It was beautiful. And to make his vitaar a TAD more interesting I used  RockingAntelope`s Kieta’s new vitaar-mod.
His butt-kicking armor would not be possible without Atherisz`s Trespasser Skyhold PJ Replacer and Schematics - mod. Aaaand how could I possibly equip a warrior-armor since this toon is a mage? Why, you get the Tirnoney`s Armor - No Class Restrictions Remade-mod of course!

An additional little teaser from Skaramoosh`s hairpack is shown here:

And let us not forget something for ALL the hairmods out there; SK Hair Re-texture by Skaramoosh.

Something that follows all your toons is eye-lashes and eyebrow-mods. I have tried them all. My favorites are
Improved Lashes by xStephyG, Lush Lashes by Sho aka Zirael, and Elongated lashes by Ascendia, wich I have used lately, shown here:

There are also a collection of eyebrows out there, most popular is Settra`s, MrJack900 and Shantia. I have used them all, but Settra`s is shows on this images.

I do not like some of the bodies in this game. Elves are to skinny and dwarves..well..yea… Thanks to Custom Body Models  by Aravasia my last character, who was elf, could have a little more skin on her bones! More to Sera`s taste…. Here shown with StepShy`s lovely Dark Faye PJ.

I also got the Custom body models-mod on my human too, as seen here (and on all the other pics, Doh..). Here I am equipped with Sera`s armor?! How, you say? well.. you can get Sera’s breeches-mod  by Iris!

There are a lot of recoloring / tints out there, and now the brilliant mind tirnoney with his Opulent Tint have figured out how we all can change the colors in a easy way! I gotta admidt, I havent tried. I am so completely incompetent that even that seems overwhelming to me. Therefor I have swore to other brilliand minds and used those instead! I have used colors from  Seasonal Palettes by Berelinde, Dragon (and Other) Crafting Material Recolors by Electricfish mainly, altho I have used others too, I got a huge list of mixes, but I cannot remember them now, unfortunately. Here are some examples on both my quizzys and my companions:

I am a outfit-addict, and love to try on pretty things. (I know, girl-thing) I wanted to show you my favotite PJ`s and at the same time thank the modders for making me something pretty to wear!
This is my favorite. unfortunately it is no longer available, so I will not write who has modded it, but I will honor it with two examples of it:

The Dress by jacknifelee - together with Atherisz`s formal wear replacer - wedding dress.

Human and Qunari female skyhold jammies 18 styles by luna1124

This lovely outfit is made by Kalaheria, from her Kalaheria’s Odds and Ends-mod:

And here is another one from her that I really love:

I dont have a lot of pictures of my companions, but I use mods on each and every one of them. There is a lot of awesome companion-mods out there! An example is this picture, showing a lovely retexture of Blackwalls outfit. Mod is Studded Blackwall, made of OriginOfWaves:

Here is a lovely mod that makes Cullens eyes heavenly blue!

Here is various mods shown on my companions and advisors:

There is a lot of other mod I use, I am a mod-addict. Mods, who lurks in the shadows and cant be seen. It is a bit cheat, but..I love Unlock and change Specializations by MxT–ZS. And I adore the influence-mods from Dheuster and Ghostifish. This is just some example, and I will never be done if I should write them all. At any rate:

A big thanks to all the modders out there, those who mentioned here, and those who arent. You bring this game to the next level!

My toon would never look like this if it wasnt for you!

- VickyDragon

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So many Viners (GREAT VINERS) start out posting their vines extremely often but then over the course of a year or two, get bored and post maybe once a week or a couple of times a month. Some of my favorites have started posting as rarely as once every other month. Yet you post a vine EVERY DAY! THANK YOU! I wanted to ask you if there's a reason why you do this? Is it important to you that you MUST post something on a daily basis?

Aww it’s my pleasure!! Um… well, I think it’s because I feel there’s some people out there that need a pick-me-up each day, and I try to provide something to those people, as sort of a check-in, ya know? To be like, it’s all good! We all need little distractions from time to time, and I’m happy to make that happen for some people! And hey, it’s fun for me too! So many awesome experiences!

Hi Taylor! My name’s Julia and it’ll be my 15th birthday on January 9th. I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done in the past year. The 1989 Tour was so magical and I’m so glad I got to spend it with you (and Rachel Platten! You re-introduced me to her so thank you!!! But seriously, her new album is amazing!!). And liking some of my posts is incredibly awesome because it always makes my day brighter! But most of all, thank you for being an inspiration to me. Despite the media and all the pressure you must have, you always seem to be calm, cool, and collected with a smile on your face. And seriously, that’s something amazing to do in this decade. Say hi to Olivia and Meredith for me because they are the absolute best. <3
I’ll always be dancing like it’s 1989 ;)
Love, Julia


Good morning, dear followers~ ♥︎

Today… today is a wonderful day. You know that? What– you didn’t? Well, then let me tell you. Today is Friday, and it is a GREAT DAY to MAKE GOOD ART and take silly selfies! :3

((Let me just grab my mic..))


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (and, of course, everyone else not included within that silly binary), IT IS WITH GREAT JOY THAT I SAY THE FOLLOWING: TODAY IS A GREAT DAY TO MAKE ART. Indeed! The legends foretold of this happenings, and it was not until the unearthing of ancient texts that we were able to know with certainty that– YES, TODAY IS A INDEED TO THE DAY. Today is a FANTASTIC DAY to WRITE, DRAW, MAKE MUSIC, AND MORE! Whatever it is that excites you, whatever it is that makes you happy, then today is the perfect day to do JUST THAT.

I repeat:

  • WRITE.

And take lots of silly selfies! :D :D

Of course, if you’re the writer-type and are feeling like a challenge, I have just uploaded a new Writing Challenge on Youtube! You can click HERE to go straight to it, or HERE to go to the playlist!

And, if you are looking for some awesome music to listen to while making art, make sure to checkout my Writing Playlist Tag!

PS: As always, don’t forget to tag me (maxkirin) or tweet at me (@MistreKirin) if you make something, I want to see your creations and I also want to see those selfies! Cosmic Law states that you must show me those selfies. Sorry, I don’t make the rules :p

Now go, my pretties, today is the day! Go and fill the world with art! ♥︎

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I've recently started a book blog and I was wondering if you could recommend some blogs to follow? And why I should follow them? Thank you!!

Sure! I would be happy too recommend some lovely blogs for you!

rainydayscoffeeandbooks - Her blog is awesome, she post great book pictures, and she is so lovely! One of the best people on tumblr! A must follow.

gh-morgan - His blog is so calming and he post his awesome writing up there. A great person with a cool blog! Check out his blog and follow him!

nl93 - Her blog is so beautiful! She is sweet and the pictures that she post are always perfect! You have to check out her blog!!

bookmad - The queen on booklr! So sassy and nice. She knows a lot of about books and she is a wonderful blogger. Follow her!

missbookblogger - She is so nice and her blog is great! One of the most underrated booklr blogs. Check her blog out!

charlie-and-books - He is so nice and he is also one of the most underrated booklr blogs.

antstepsbooks - The cutest person alive! Her blog is amazing and she post awesome pictures.

theboywhoreadsbooks - He is so funny!! An awesome person with a cool book blog. 

hannahthebooklover - She is so sweet and her blog is awesome.

mychemicalbooks - She is the coolest person on booklr and her music taste is perfect!

tokillabookworm - He is funny, nice and has a great book blog!

dukeofbookingham - The Duke! One of the best blogs on tumblr!

duckduckbooks - Sassy and awesome! Need I say more? Follow her!

bookishmadness - So sweet with great taste in books.

buttermybooks - The art she makes is to DIE for! One day I hope to buy something from her! A really great blog! A must follow!

pollyandbooks - The sweetest person alive! Her blog is great! A must follow!

aperfectbookshelf - Her blog is so perfect and she is just cutie pie! Follow!!

paellego - Her art is life! Her blog is perfect! Follow now!!

paigeinbooks - Great blog and super lovely! Check out her blog!

I know I am missing some people but I have so much to do today that I can’t think of everyone right now! Sorry! But this is a good list. Follow everyone up here! Sorry if my reasons for following them is not great but I follow them because they are sooooooooo awesome! <3

iwillbeapolyglot’s 1k blogrates!

So first of all I want to thank you all so much for following me and reblogging my content (and for supporting @hpstudyblrcommunity!) My blog’s still fairly new, and everyone has been absolutely lovely. I also want you all to know that you can message me any time, or send me an ask whenever you like, my askbox is always open (including for anons!)


  • Must be following me (as this is for my followers)
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  • Ask me a question (about anything), request a masterpost, or tell me about your day! Make sure to add (br) or (blogrates) or something similar so I know you want a blograte!
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  • Must be a studyblr/langblr/some variation thereof.

Note: I’ll tag everything as “blogrates” and “polyglotblogrates” for your blacklists. Also, I will be doing these as long as there’s someone asking for them.



♥ not my style ♥ nice ♥ cute ♥ awesome ♥ perfect ♥


♥ not my style ♥ nice ♥ cute ♥ awesome ♥ perfect ♥


♥ not my style ♥ nice ♥ cute ♥ awesome ♥ perfect ♥


♥ not my style ♥ nice ♥ cute ♥ awesome ♥ perfect ♥

Original Posts:

♥ okay ♥ nice ♥ great ♥ awesome ♥ perfect ♥


♥ no, but your blog’s great ♥ yes ♥ I am now ♥ always ♥

Studying Aesthetic:

Personalised to your blog! 



Dear viewer;

Do you want to find love? Do you want to get paid and have a blast doing that? Do you want to become one of the twelve lucky souls who will get to court one of these two?

Apply here and try your luck**!

**Things you need to know about this BC!

> it is NOT on a first come, first served basis. I always lose out on cool things because I’m at work etc when they get published, and they’re always full when I’m back! Obviously, I don’t want to be biased either… so…:

> Apply ON ANONYMOUS. Send an ask with your potential sim’s basic bio (also  name, gender and age etc if you want, but that can come later), and who they would like to compete for (or, if you don’t mind which, please let me know in case there are too many for one and not for the other). The bio can be something like “bookstore worker, one sister he loves, one he hates. Parents divorced but on good terms. 26 and a uni drop out. Likes to bake but has more skill in making fires than anything else. Likes to sit at home with a bottle of good wine, cheese and some horrendous reality tv show - URTICA.” or more or less! 

> On Tuesday evening,~8pm GMT, I will probably close the ‘submissions’ if I have enough, and then people can claim their anons. However, I won’t publish them, but instead I will make a post with a copy and pasted list of anons that have got through. This will be based on the snippet of bio you send me. Just to cover my ass, please also include a two digit number or something in case more than one person tries to claim an anon. I doubt that’ll happen, but better to be safe…

> This BC is going to be story based. I will take pictures of what happens, and based on that write up what happens (the pictures will probably be posted later, under a cut, as outtakes). This means you’ll be seeing your sim in poses and such, but I won’t write something that hasn’t actually happened in game. 

> There are going to be no voting eliminations. Mostly because I cba. 

> Because it’s story based, a long and in depth bio is awesome! But more about what eps I have and the bios when (if) I confirm the anons. 

>Your sim MUST be a Latin berry! Find a flower you like, find it’s Latin name, name your sim that, and use the colours of that flower for your sim. 

> Any questions (I’ve no doubt forgot to cover something) please ask away! 

>(sliders are cool but I’ve had some problems about sims with tons of sliders showing up differently in my game, even though I’ve got most of shock shame’s master list. Also, CC is okay for make up and every day outfits + a couple of bits extra clothes, and hair. Skin, I’d prefer to use the one I’ve already got in game but it’s not a huge problem to get more, just wanna keep the game tidy. The berry i use is the blueberry pie one by brntwaffles).


Good afternoon, dear followers! ♥︎

It is time for what you have all been waiting for: no, not my face :0 Today is Friday! And you know what that means right? Today is a GREAT DAY to MAKE GOOD ART and also take silly selfies :D :D

((What? The pictures suddenly look way better than last week? You can thank your writerly friends for that! Thanks to you – sweet, wonderful you – I was able to buy a new webcam. Now you will get to see my face in glorious 1080p I am so sorry :x))

Anyways, what were we talking about? Oh yeah– IT’S TIME.


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (and, of course, everyone else not included within that binary), IT IS WITH GREAT JOY THAT I BRING TO YOU THESE NEWS: TODAY IS INDEED, UNDOUBTEDLY, UNQUESTIONABLY, ADVERBIAL-OVERKILL-LY, A GREAT DAY TO MAKE ART. If you were waiting for a sign that today should be a day for you to WRITE, DRAW, MAKE MUSIC, ECT– then THIS IS THAT SIGN. Take this day to do the things that EXCITE you and make you HAPPY.

I repeat:

  • WRITE.

Now, today I am going to be working on some super-duper secret projects that you are not, at all, going to see go up on my Writing Advice Youtube Channel starting on Monday :3

What about you, though? What awesome things are you planning to work on today?

PS: As always, don’t forget to tag me (maxkirin) or tweet at me (@MistreKirin) if you make something, I want to see your creations and I also want to see those selfies. Cosmic Law states that you must show me those selfies. Sorry, I don’t make the rules :p

Now go, friend! Today is your day~