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Imagine #4 Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier - Part 2 (Request)

Requested by @mutantsupremecy: I request a fic where there’s a hit list going around the world for mutants, and the X-men along with the reader are on it? The reader can manipulate energy and stuff, and Erik wants to protect her but Charles becomes protective?? Please??

Requested by @lostamongstthecosmos (and kinda by @samariabarnes, like 20 years ago, who’s probably already forgotten about it): Would you consider continuing the Imagine 4th story? I’d love to see more

Not my gif

Words: 1927

Warnings: typos, fem!reader, also I kinda messed up the timeline, I hope you don’t mind 

Part 1  Part 3

The moment you entered Charles’ office, you knew that something was wrong. He usually didn’t call you to his office. He rarely called students to his office, let alone teachers, such as you. And as you stepped through the door, you realized that you weren’t the only person, who had been called in.

“What’s going on?”, you asked as you stopped in front of the professor’s desk and looked at Jean, who seemed just as confused. “I don’t know. I had to dismiss my students early, he usually waits till the end of the lesson, before he calls me in.”, she replied and you couldn’t help but feel a little sting of jealousy. Jean had been your best friend ever since you had arrived at Xavier’s a few months ago, and you knew about the close connection she had with Charles, due to her telepathic abilities and the fact that he had helped her through some rough times, long before you even met him, but you still envied her for their closeness. You were aware, that you weren’t the first person to have fallen for the professor’s intelligent charm, and you never even tried to approach him in that way. He clearly didn’t see you as anything else than a colleague and not that close friend.

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Physical overdose, 
almost reach the comatose 
from your heart’s chemical reaction; 
such flirtation, 
ended with mutual dedication. 
Bleeding mind, anticipation, 
breathing, believing in your loving communication. 
Wreck my inhibition, 
slam me with your ambition, 
recreational amiable 
turns into a temerarious conversable. 
Look at me while paying my fee, 
panegyrising low-key 
subliminal methodology, 
tantalizing mentality. 
So where do we stand now, 
shall I bow 
and keep you on the wow 
or just seal my heart 
from your charismatic dart 
and leave without having to start 
as this ignis fatuus must immediately part? 

D C de Oliveira - with Jasper and his curious gaze -

2016 - Promnesia Series I

kareshy  asked:

Is there a line or somewhere I can take a number to get my fluids drained by Elesia?

There is now.

Previously, people gathered around her without knowing, and had their blood cleansed.

Off of their body.

But for some reason, Elesia decided to get creative. How boring must it be to play with helpless maggots that she took up on this deceitful role?

At any rate, she seems more cheerful than usual.
Proceed with lining up?

1. Absolutely! [View the picture under the cut]

2. No. [Leave and disappear from this blog forever]

[NSFW under this cut]

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He Thinks You Cheated On Him With Someone From Monsta X (BTS)

I thought I would post a reaction before I go on vacation for you guys. Don’t forget to apply to be admin if you would like to. 

-Admin V


Jin trusts you so he didn’t question you when you came home late after hanging out with Hyungwon. Then, you spent more time out with him and Jin started questioning how much he trusts you. One night when you had come home he was sitting there waiting for you. He tried to stay as calm as he could but as soon as he opened his mouth tears streamed down his face. You had rushed to his side and asked him what was wrong. “Please tell me you aren’t cheating on me because I love you” He managed to choke out. After you convinced Jin you would never cheat on him because you love him too much, the both of you cuddled on the couch until Jin stopped hiccuping.

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Yoongi didn’t wait for you when you came home late. He went to bed and slept like a baby while you hung out with I.M, “Your new friend” is what you told Yoongi. The next morning Yoongi ignored you until you were fed up with it. “What the hell is your problem, Yoongi?” He looked at you unphased by your tone. Words were said, things were thrown, and the fight ended with angry sex. After you two had sex Yoongi told you how he didn’t trust I.M with you because you’re so beautiful. You had laughed, kissed him, and told him that your beautiful self was only his.

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Hoseok was chilling at your shared apartment when you had come in laughing and you weren’t alone. “Hey babe” You greeted Hoseok with a kiss on the cheek. “Minhyuk oppa brought me home after we went out for lunch” You had this big smile on your face that Hoseok hadn’t given you, Minhyuk did. “That’s nice” He said with boredom in his voice. “Um I should go, I will see you later” Minhyuk winked at you as he left. There was a clear blush on your cheeks when Hoseok walked away. He slammed the bathroom door behind him and sat on the toilet thinking. You stood outside the door and lightly knocked. “Babe you okay?” You asked. “Go talk to Minhyuk” He said coldly. “Hoseok, what are you talking about?” You sat on the ground next to the bathroom. “You’re cheating on me with Minhyuk, it’s quite obvious” You could hear him roll his eyes. “But Hoseok no one makes me as happy as you do” You smile at the door. Just then it opens and Hoseok joins you on the floor.

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Rap Mon:

“You’re making a big mistake, Y/N” Namjoon said the second you entered the apartment. “What” You chuckled. “Cheating on me with Jooheon is a big mistake. I bet he can’t pleasure you the way I can, or buy you everything you’ve ever wanted. Can he do that Y/N? Can he?” Namjoon questions you. “Does he even come close to being as good as me in rapping?” He stands up and you laugh. “No, he can’t do all those things…because he’s not my boyfriend you are” You wrap your arms around his neck. “Now, why don’t you show me who does it better than anyone” You offer and he takes you up on that offer.

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You had brought Wonho over and Jimin came home from lunch with the boys. He saw you laughing while Wonho tickled you. Jimin scoffed making you aware of his presence. Wonho turned to the source and didn’t try hiding his smirk. You on the other hand, your smile wasn’t as bright when you looked at Jimin. “Hey” You chuckled. Jimin stared at you with his jaw clenched while you sat there in the arms of Wonho. “Well I think that’s my queue to leave” Wonho grabs his jacket and stops at the front door. “See you later, Y/N” He winks and then leaves. “You’ve got to be kidding me, Y/N” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair. “What?” Your face scrunched up in confusion. “Out of all the all guys in South Korea you chose him to on me with?” Jimin points to the door like Wonho was still there. You couldn’t help but let out your laughter. “What” Jimin said sternly. “You must be some idiot to think I would cheat on you,” I smile up at him, “but you’re my idiot.”

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“Y/N can you come here for a sec” Taehyung calls out. You made your way to the living room to see Taehyung staring at his laptop. “What’s shakin bacon?” You joke as you plop down next to him on the couch. His facial expression didn’t change, he didn’t laugh or smile. “Tae, what’s up” Your eyes catch the picture displayed on his computer. “Taehyung it’s not-” You try to explain but he cuts you off. “Don’t.” He says in a bored tone. “Don’t try to tell me this isn’t what it looks like, because it looks like your date got interrupted by paparazzi” Tae’s eyes boar into the computer screen. “Tae stop” You close his computer, but he still doesn’t dare to look at you. You watch him leave you in living room. You pat your body trying to find your phone, once you find it you dial Shownu. After long talk between the three of you, Tae felt stupid while you and Shownu were a bit amused. “I can’t believe you thought I was dating my cousin” You laughed at Taehyung. He pouted ever so cutely and you couldn’t help but give him a kiss.

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Jungkook had been busy with the boys so you started hanging out with Kihyun more to distract you from bugging Jungkook. You and Kihyun became close in a matter of days. Jungkook had a few days break and when he asked if he could come over and hang out you replied I’m hanging out with Kihyun right now. Jungkook was a bit confused so he texted back, Kihyun? Like fro Monsta X Kinhyun?. You confirmed it was that Kihyun and Jungkook didn’t reply to your text because he was too furious to reply. A few days later you called and asked if Jungkook could come over. That’s all you said which made Jungkook think you were breaking up with him to date Kihyun. When Jungkook got there he was nervous and scared. “If you’re going to break up with me just know that I love you and I don’t wanna lose you” He says quickly. “Jungkook, why would I break up with you?” You asked. “Because you’ve been hanging around Kihyun lately” His eyes are full of hurt. “So I don’t bother you” You blurt. “Bother me?” He looks up at you with a confused expression. “I started hanging out with Kihyun so I don’t bother you while you’re doing work” You explain.

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Obi-Wan: *hermiting in the desert*

Hondo: *bursting in through the door* “Kenobi! My friend! Quickly, you must come and help, no time to explain!”

Obi-Wan: “What are you doing here?”

Hondo: “I said no time! Come! I will explain on the way!”

Obi-Wan: “No, I mean what are you doing here? I’m in hiding, how did you find me?”

Hondo: “’How did I find you’? Well, you’re my friend! You think Hondo doesn’t know where his friends live? Now come, quickly, we must go!”

I met Andrew Scott and I cannot express how much of a beautifully kind human being he is! I told him after my photo that he saved my life (because he has, and I won’t go into detail) in ways that he couldn’t imagine and that I was so pleased to have met him, to which point, he held my hand to stop me from walking away and asked if I was okay, because I looked so nervous. I said that I was and that he didn’t need to worry, then said thank you and walked away with a smile.

Being so overwhelmed, I soon started crying from pure shock and happiness, moving to my friend and cuddling into him, Andrew must have seen as he soon stopped the photos and the queue to stop me from leaving again and open his arms, asking for a hug. I obviously hugged him and he wrapped his arms around me. I have never had such a tight hug from someone! This was not a sympathy hug, this was a hug from someone who cared and I cherish that so much. I pushed my best smile and tried not to embarrass myself and cry again! Andrew then took my hands again telling me “there are always brighter days ahead” I have never been so fortunate.

Thank you, Andrew Scott. Thank you for everything.

So… I think after careful consideration and some days to sleep on it. I am going to officially declare myself on hiatus for sometime. There is a lot of change outside in my personal life that I must attend to and adapt to properly. I have a feeling that this sudden change is going to leave me with very little time to actively maintain a stream of activity. In this case, this blog is going to become a queue-only blog. So it’s unlikely that the time frame of replies will ever be consistent. But my time on Kiran on if it’s free will be little to none for now. Thought I drop this PSA and leave it at that. Hope you all have a good evening.

All Thanks to the Sorting Hat

Summary: For muggle-born wizard Dan, being sorted into Hufflepuff is his only was out of his currently friendless state… Or is it?

Warnings: none

Genre: Fluff, Slight angst (not really, who am I kidding?), Harry Potter AU, Platonic!Phan

Word Count: 3k

A/N: Hiya! Sorry about the lame summary, but I can’t put more without spoiling it. This is dedicated to adorkable-phangirl who requested I post this one! Enjoy, and leave me feedback in my ask box. Also, if you deem it worthy, likes/reblogs would be much appreciated and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside :3

Dan stared petrified at the Sorting Hat, oblivious to the chatter of the young witches and wizards around him. He must have been 20 students away from the front of the queue, and it was advancing much too fast for his liking. It didn’t seem like there could possibly be a good outcome. At first, when he began to leave the Muggle world and join the Wizarding world, he was excited, and saw it as an opportunity to turn his life around. He had never had a best friend, or even a good friend for that matter. In his primary years at Muggle school, people only ever talked to him out of necessity or pity. To be honest, sometimes, Dan preferred it that way; it meant no one would bother him while he was reading or daydreaming, both of which he tended to do a lot. But often, it got quite lonely. Here at Hogwarts, he was hoping to be able to make at least one friend, but so far, that wasn’t turning out too well.

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On Coming Home

How to Leave Her When She Drops You at the Airport:

Step 1: Try to stay

Step 2: You can’t stay

Step 3: Go

It’s funny walking away from someone when it feels like the absolute wrong thing to do. It’s funny because what can you do but laugh at the way your bones are saying if you drop the bags and run you could still catch her before she drives away and your brain is saying go find where to check in, I think I need a snack, where is my passport? Bleakness, blues, then banalities, boring details. Contrasts. Bones, brains, funny words. Funny times. It’s funny, so don’t cry.

How to Not Cry After She Drops You at the Airport:

Step 1: Don’t read anything she wrote for you

Step 2: Read it. You are fighting a losing battle, my dear.

You’re in transit now. The purgatory of the gates and the desks and the tickets and all the things that seemed so new and exciting the first time around. They were the crescendo turned now to diminuendo, they’re playing you out when you’re ready for encore, encore, one day more, just give me one more day and I swear I will go home then and I will find it funny and I will not read anything she wrote for me. And I will go home. I swear.

How to Come Home:

Step 1: You have no choice.

There are little bright things everywhere, and sand everywhere. Everything is ending - that’s funny, right? Your bedroom floor has chips of another land’s glass, your book is filled with another hand’s work, and you can’t look at the things you bought that match. You remember her beside you - easy to reach out to, easy to see, easy to watch - you watched each other - but mostly you watched other things together. 

She’s not near you now. Still you look into air as if you could see her and laugh, because it’s funny - it’s funny! And because it gives you a wisp of the feeling -

- you had before.

How to Leave a Friend Behind:

Step One: Walk Out the Door.

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we expect dawn in the morning
i trust in the rise of the sun
i’ve been up late with the night birds
begging the dawn not to come
oh how i don’t want to leave you
so much i can’t hardly bare
i have some things i must tend to
would you stay as you are lying there
kissing the rain off your shoulders
answering questions with stares
holding my chest like a wild horse
running my hands through your hair
the sun kicked the moon off the mountain
that is my queue to leave
long tears of women are silent
so they don’t wake those who sleep
i know that you don’t know how to say goodbye
keeps you on my mind
i try with all i can try to keep you off my mind
there’s nowhere to hide
there’s nowhere i can hide
i’m in love with your son
and there’s nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing to be done
what can i do
it’s an absolute truth
and it makes me want to run
makes me want to run
what have you done
what have you done
you don’t know what you’re doing little one
and i’ll die it’s been said of a kiss from god
what a way to go
—  laura marling (x)

theflashrunner  asked:

"If you're Pan's girlfriend, then that mean's you're Rumple's, like, teen step-mother. That's too much information for me to handle" Prompt with once upon a time Peter Pan?

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DRABBLE #100 (Quote of Your Choice)

You sighed, absently tugging at the enchanted restraints that held to the tree. The merry band of heroes had come to rescue the True Believer, but they had found you instead. Hook had immediately recognized you and taken you hostage.

“Peter Pan’s girlfriend. God you’re worse than that demon,” Hook sneered.

“If you’re Pan’s girlfriend, then that means you’re Rumple’s, like, teen step-mother. That’s too much information for me to handle,” Emma muttered.

You laughed and shook your head.

“I may be evil, but at least I’m not pathetic, Hook,” you said, looking him straight in the eye. “Dedicating your whole life to avenge her and knowing that it won’t change anything.”

Hook snarled and you threw your head back in laughter. It was all too easy to get him riled up.

“You could leave with us, you know,” Snow White said, softly.

You peered at her, wondering if she was at all serious. She must believe he was keeping you here against your will. What an idiot.

“I’m not joking. You could get away from his… control?”

“Oh my. I don’t control (Y/N). I don’t think anyone could, certainly not you bumbling fools,” Peter drawled, stepping out from the tree line.

The heroes were all on guard and the Evil Queen had summoned a fireball.

You grinned devilishly at Peter and he grinned back. You took that as you queue to break away from the enchanted bonds.

“Surprise,” you said with a wolfish smile.

Masterlist (One-Shots) | (Drabbles)

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must read ziall fic(s)?! I'm gonna go on a semi hiatus on tumblr/the internet for 7 month due to a stay abroad and i wanna fill my kindle with the best fics of every 1D pairing, since ziall is one of my favorites i really need you guys and your followers to help me out. which fics to I have to have on my kindle before i leave? (doesnt have to be a specific setting or AU I read anything as long as it's well written!)

This was sitting in queue limbo for so long. Sorry and hope you prosper on your journey. 

- Kendra

For Being You

Fandom: Supernatural

Character: Sam

Word Count: 1612

Prompt: 6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

          His hips rocked in tandem with hers causing endless waves of sheer bliss to course over her entire body. She was achingly close, but it seemed he was purposefully keeping her on the edge, teasing her.

          “Please, Sammy,” she mewled breathlessly.

Sam brought his lips down to hover over hers as he demanded, “Say it. Say you’re only mine.”

She could barely keep a straight thought, but somehow she managed to give in, the words a soft breath against his hungry lips, “I’m all yours.”

“My, oh my” you breathed focusing intently on your computer screen. Scrolling down on the page, you continued reading with a shameless smile on your face. A knock on the door caused you to panic and shut your laptop quickly and quite audibly.

Sam poked his head into your room. “Hey Y/N. Dean wants us geared up in five. There’s a case a few towns over…,” he trailed off taking in your quickening breath and flushed expression. He squinted suspiciously, letting the door swing wide open and stepping inside. “What were you doing before I walked in?”

“Research,” you replied a little too quickly.

Lifting his chin, Sam stared down his nose at you. Seeing his authoritative expression reminded you of the story you had been reading just moments before and only made your cheeks flush a deeper red.

“Research, huh?” he scoffed, a knowing smile on his lips. “Why don’t you show me? I’d love to help with that ‘research’.” His perfect brows lifted at the last word.

Before you could respond to his proposition Dean’s voice called from downstairs, “Y/N, Sam, let’s move out!” Without another thought, you stashed the laptop under your pillow, jumped off the bed and walked towards the door. Pushing Sam backwards through the door, you tried not to think about your hands on his broad, muscled chest. It didn’t work.

Willing yourself to pull away, you turned locking the door and stuffing the key in your bra. Sam’s eyes, you noticed, lingered there just a second too long before dropping his gaze to the floor. Very matter-of-factly he stated, “You know I could pick that in, like, four seconds flat, right?”

“Yeah, but I know you’re better than that, Sammy,” you replied looking up at his face. His eyes lifted meeting yours and you were suddenly mindful of how close you two were standing. A long, impatient honk from the Impala brought you both back down to reality and you forced yourself to walk down the hall, Sam’s footsteps echoing behind you.


“Did you really have to slice that son of a bitch on top of me?” Your top was soaked through with vampire blood, making your torso, neck, and arms feel disgustingly sticky.

“You better not get any of that on Baby,” Dean muttered from the front passenger seat.

One of the larger vamps had tackled him from behind landing on him with full force. You were pretty sure his left arm and at least a couple of his ribs were broken, leaving him unable to drive. The same vamp that got Dean also managed to pin you down before Sam was able to chop its head off.

Sam didn’t respond, but from the rear-view mirror you could see his smug smile. He was obviously enjoying the situation. It was going to be a long ride back home and you seriously did not feel like letting him bask in your discomfort so you let yourself doze off.


Opening your eyes, you woke in total darkness. Feeling around your nightstand for the knob on the lamp your hands found something else. A wet towel. Then, you remembered the stickiness of your body caused by the night’s events. Peeling your shirt off you smiled at the realization that Sam must have carried you upstairs.

You unhooked your bra, stopping when you heard something clatter softly at your feet. Bending down to pick it up you realized it was the key to your room. A weird mix of feelings came over you: first, embarrassment at the thought that Sam could have taken the key from your bra; then, relief that he hadn’t; and finally, irritation at the fact that he had picked the lock on your door.

Flinging your bra across the room you pushed everything from your mind. You were too tired to deal with any of it at the moment. You grabbed the wet towel and began wiping the dried blood off of your body. When you were done you became aware of exactly how sore and drained the hunt had left you and decided not to bother with putting on pajamas.

You slipped back into bed relishing the feel of the cool sheets against your aching body. You had almost dozed off again when you heard the door squeak open.

“Y/N,” Sam’s voice whispered, “you awake?”

Opting to ignore him, you kept your eyes shut and remained completely silent. The door closed, cutting off the dim ray of light that had been momentarily let in.

You had assumed Sam left the room until you heard his feet padding on the floor toward the right side of the bed, opposite you. And then you felt a little twinge of pain and disappointment as you recall ed that your laptop was still under the pillow next to you. But you didn’t care that he would see what you’d been reading. Hell, it wasn’t even about that anymore.

It still made you angry, though. Before you could open your mouth to tear him a new one for violating your privacy like that, Sam surprised you by carefully climbing in under the sheets. Just like that, the anger bubbled down and was replaced by embarrassment as you remembered your lack of pajamas. Or clothes, for that matter.

Clearing your throat in an attempt to hide the nervous pitch in your voice you began, “Um, Sammy?”


“Quick question.”


“Erm, is there a reason you’re in my bed?”

Sam’s throaty chuckles caught you off-guard. “You mean my bed.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re in my room,” Sam clarified, speaking over his shoulder. Keeping his back to you he continued, “When you fell asleep on the ride home, I brought you up here because your door is locked, remember?”

There was a long pause before he added, “I can sleep downstairs on the couch if you’re not comf-”

“Sam, I’m naked,” you blurted out. You would feel terrible kicking him out of his own room and there didn’t seem to be a dignified way out of this so what the hell, right?

You heard him shift on the bed. Daring to turn your neck slightly, you could see the outline of his silhouette in the dark. He was sitting now at the edge of the bed with his back still to you.

“Uh, oh-kay,” his slightly amused voice finally replied. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” he asked, throwing your own words back at you.

No idea how to properly explain the situation, you let it all rush out. “I thought this was my room and I was too lazy to look for, let alone put on, pajamas, which I probably wouldn’t have found anyway since this is obviously your room and-”

“Here,” Sam said cutting off your nervous babbling. You felt him drape something over your bare shoulder. Sitting up in the bed you felt over the material realizing it was his shirt.

With your back to his, you quickly slipped the too-large tee over your head and down your bare torso trying not to think about the scent it still carried. It didn’t work.

After another moment of silence, you couldn’t help but ask, “Should I go to my room now?”

Sam’s response didn’t hold the same amused tone as before, “Do you want to?” In fact, he almost sounded disappointed.

“No.” It was the truth.

You both laid down back to back once more. After what seemed like forever, Sam’s low voice broke the silence.

“Can I hug you?”

You turned your body reaching out to touch his bare back with your fingertips. You felt him stiffen under your touch and realized that he was waiting for verbal consent.

“Yes, you can.”

Slowly, he turned allowing your bodies to finally face each other. He rested his right hand over your waist, seemingly hesitant to move any closer. Closing in the distance between you, you let his hand fall over your waist and felt it inch slightly up your back . Lifting your head, Sam’s other hand slipped under your neck allowing you to rest on his upper arm.

“Is this okay?”

You placed a hand on his chest feeling the steady rise and fall. Despite the darkness, you were sure he turned his face down to meet yours. the soft, rhythmic breaths from his nose on your cheek gave him away.

“Yes,” you repeated. Trailing your left hand upward along his chest and past his neck you rested it on the side of his jaw. You raised your head once more touching your lips to his stubble-ridden cheek. “Thank you, Sammy.”

Your hand began to drift back down between you before Sam’s own took hold and positioned it back on his cheek.

“For what?”

The possible answers to his question were endless. For ganking that vamp. For carrying me upstairs. For respecting my privacy. For the wet towel. For sharing your room. For sharing your bed. for sharing your clothes. For asking for consent.

“For being you.” You felt him smile against your palm as he leaned down to leave a soft kiss on your forehead.

“You’re welcome.”


A/N: SOoooo apparently I set this in my queue for 8am not 8pm. *Sigh* Typical me. ANyway, I hope you enjoyed this! For some reason I can’t ever keep Sam fics short. Must be the moose effect.