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9) things you said when I was crying and Hoopkins please :>

hey, I’ve actually already filled this number! so I’ve changed it to no.8) things you said when you were crying– hope that’s okay, feel free to let me know if you’d rather have another prompt! <3

It feels so wrong whenever you cry. You are sunshine, and skipping, and sheer joy, and anything else is- it hurts me of course, but that doesn’t matter: it’s how your breath shakes and catches, and your shoulders hunch, as if you’re trying to hide it. And that the real thing that’s wrong with it. You shouldn’t be ashamed, my darling.

I come home too late one night- actually must be what two, three in the morning? a tough case- and you’re in bed. But I know you’re not asleep, your back’s too rigid.

I climb into bed and brush your hair off your neck. “Molly?”

You make a gasp of a noise, and turn into me. There are already tears. You’re trying to speak through it, and I’m trying to shush you, but you press on, you brave soul and-

“I-I’m sorry. I’m just b-being silly.”

“Not silly. Never silly.” 

I know there’s things you’re not telling me yet- can’t tell me yet. It’s okay, I’ve seen the photos: you and your Dad. There’s missing gaps there, of course, but I can surmise- and wait for the rest from you. Only when you feel ready. 

You start wiping your eyes and I offer you my sleeve. (A tradition) You snort, and it’s beautifully genuine.

“For the last time, no. Oh, put your uniform in the wash, would you? That won’t be comfortable to sleep in.”

A swift change of subject. You’re rather deft at those, Miss Hooper. But now’s not the time for much talking.

“Yes, my lady,” I simper, tongue in cheek, and narrowly avoid a pillow being thrown my way.

Time to rest.

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14; 42; 60x3; 22; 10; 16

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41; 9; 8

These Walls are Paper Thin

by reddit user AjayRedonkulus

The walls of my house are paper thin and while that sounds like a cliché it is entirely apt. I am seventeen and living with my mother and sister in our childhood home. The house was pretty simple and remarkably box shaped, nothing fancy but don’t get me wrong, we weren’t broke or on benefits or anything.

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Wait, so Isak has been walking around with the fact that: 

1. Even all of a sudden withdrew, with little to no explanation, after being really forward about wanting to be with him.

2. Realizing what he said to Eskild was wrong, and believing that Eskild avoided him for it.

3. Caught Even making out with his ex-(?)girlfriend after withdrawing.

4. Found out that Emma knows that he likes guys - before he was comfortable about it - and that she kinda hates him. Realizing she must have found out from Sonja, because how else would she know?

5. That the girl that hates him has the power to out him infront of the entire school. 

6. Thinking that his friends are mad at him for lashing out - because of his heartbreak - without being comfortable explaining why he lashed out.

No wonder that walk across the schoolyard was so hard. 

This is a quagmire. If there was ever a chance that a fourth episode could redeem series 4 for queer people, the BBC complaints department just blew it. Blatantly lying in your responses about what the writers have said and what the show itself contains does not help the problem in the slightest. Gatiss himself admitted to using homoerotic jokes and subtext, therefore the BBC saying there is none of that in Sherlock, is a complete lie. As someone who worked handling complaints for The Walt Disney Company, I can assure you the way the BBC is handling their queer audience’s complaints right now will only hurt them in the future. A company – a taxpayer-funded company – must never imply “you’re wrong to complain, you have no basis speaking to us”. A successful company will always say, “We see your concern, we will address the issue, we hope to do better in the future”. This is standard procedure. The fact they are not doing this makes me question just what they are trying to accomplish, because taking the matter seriously is absolutely not on the agenda.

“Now… you asked me to construct some more ciphers for you. I am sorry, my lord, but I must have misunderstood your requirements. What was wrong with the first ones I did?”
Vetinari sighed. “I am afraid they were unbreakable, Leonard.”
“But surely–”
“It is hard to explain,” said Vetinari, aware that what to him were the lucid waters of politics was so much mud to Leonard. “These new ones you  have are… merely devilishly difficult?”
“You specified fiendishly, sir,” said Leonard, looking worried.
“Oh yes.”
“There does not appear to be a common standard for fiends, my lord, but I did some research in the more accessible occult texts and I believe these ciphers will be considered ‘difficult’ by more than ninety-six percent of fiends.”
“They may perhaps verge on the diabolically difficult in places–”
“That is not a problem. I shall use them forthwith.”
Leonard still seemed to have something on his mind.
“It would be so easy to make them archdemonically diff–”
“But these will suffice, Leonard,” said Vetinari.
“My lord,” Leonard, almost wailed, “I really cannot guarantee that sufficiently clever people will be unable to read your messages!”
“But, my lord, they will know what you are thinking!”
Vetinari patted him on the shoulder.
“No, Leonard. They will merely know what is in my messages.”

– politics | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

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generally speaking i agree about your opinions on emma - shes quite the white feminist. but she wasnt born to rick parents quite the opposite i htink

i would like to issue a correction - people have been saying that emma watson’s parents were so poor they gifted her school supplies as like birthday presents. this is partially, but not wholly true.

emma watson’s parents divorced when she was young, and her dad wasn’t getting much money at the time. he sent her to a private boarding school in oxford despite not really having the money to justify this. that being said, that still makes her substantially richer than either of the people running this blog, and don’t get me wrong, her life must’ve sucked for that period where her dad wasn’t getting much money but like…

my parents are still together and they didn’t have enough money to send me to private school, despite the fact that it would’ve made my highschool experience much more easy due to the fact that i have disabilities that effect my learning. she got a kickstart in her life that i didn’t get. she didn’t pull herself up from her bootstraps and become a famous feminist. she got into private school, did lots of drama, got into a fucking blockbuster movie at age 11 and later went on to be a 20-something year old who repeated things feminists had been saying for thirty years infront of the UN and everybody praised her for it.

that being said, i apologize for the misinformation and misjudgement.

Alec arrived at Magnus’s place a few hours before the party started to help set up. Magnus insisted that it wasn’t necessary because he could do it all by magic in a matter of minutes, but honestly, Alec needed to get away from his mother for a little while before he was forced to spend an entire evening with her, pretending that she didn’t hate his sexuality and his boyfriend.

His boyfriend.

Magnus Bane was his boyfriend.

That thought alone was enough to make him forget (or, well, almost forget) that he was going to have to spend an entire party - a party celebrating his baby brother’s first rune - trying to keep his mother away from Magnus and starting all kinds of drama that no one, especially Max, needed to see.

When he walked in, he must have looked stressed because instead of giving him a kiss, Magnus said, “Something’s wrong.”

“No, I’m fine.”


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“Oh oh”, Magnus and you said in unison. “Do you know when it happened?” You asked then. “No, but I heard about such…” While you two talked, Alec’s expression grew more and more confused. “Parents that take the wrong kid with them after grocery shopping. Must have happened to us.” “Yep, can’t be Alec”, you agreed. Alec rolled his eyes. 

You Like?

Requested by: @we-are-but-stardust

Request: Can you do a scenario where “y/n” and t.o.p have had so much sexual tension and have had to keep it on lockdown and hide it from the rest of the group. But finally get a moment to unleash all the sex and aggression?
A/N: Idk if this is the longest smut ever, but this is pretty damn long. I always imagined, and honestly believe, that TOP himself is aggressive or can be in the bedroom. He has attributes that he’s either said or I’ve noticed that lead me to believe that, so that’s how I’ve written him here. He’s aggressive and takes charge, and rips panties off with a look. Also, if you don’t need a metaphorical cigarette after reading this, I must have done something wrong. ENJOY!!
Warnings: This is the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written. SMUT!SMUT!SMUT! So much smut. There is also some BDSM, Dominant and Submissive play hinted in here. So please, be careful while reading.

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owner!
Genre: TOP x Reader

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goodbye (kind of)

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been fed up with the phandom since I joined this god awful place. I’m sure people have wanted me to leave anyway, so here you go.

I wonder what dan and phil really think of you all. Surely they must know all the dumb and disrespectful shit that goes on if they lurk as much as they say they do. Then again, i wonder… if they know how bad it is here, why haven’t they said anything? Why can’t they put their audience in check? I know everything is mostly light hearted and fun but it’s not fun for me anymore. The only people who think the phandom is a peaceful utopia are the ones causing the problems. Some people are too blind to see it and some people might even try to argue with me on this post. Go ahead, I’ll leave the phandom with a fight. One last round for all the wonderful times.

You don’t ship phan? You’re homophobic and you don’t belong here. Also you just want dan to yourself and youre labeling him as straight and (if you’re lgbt+) you’re faking your own sexuality to prove a point.

You write dan/phil x reader? You’re a cringey laughing stock. You’re also homophobic. You’re also a straight white girl.

It doesn’t help that dan and phil subtly use Phan™ to make their income. There’s nothing wrong with that, but i feel like it’s driven some people in the phandom to be entitled and rude and put them on a high horse. It just normalises their invasive behavior. It feeds their fantasies to the point where they become tinhats instead of shippers. To be honest, im fucking tired of it. Not of dan and phil per se, of their audience for being so dimwitted they can’t see the obvious fan service. Look on the bright side: two already successful, rich men are being more successful and rich.

Never have I met an audience more entitled and more bratty than this one. I can’t help but feel like dan and phil did have something to do with this, seeing as they never addressed the problems within their community. (I mean, dan tried to in 2012, but that year doesn’t exist!1!!1 meanwhile 2009 is hard hitting proof. seriously get over yourself.) It’s hard work, and I’m sure in Dan’s cynical eyes theres nothing that can be done about it, but it is possible. Look at jacksepticeye’s community. When do you ever hear about drama going on there? Do you see any type of hierarchy going on there? Now look at that phandom. I mean, throwing a fit because they slept on separate floors on tour?? Get over yourself. Accusing them of queerbaiting because they act like actual friends and roommates on camera?? Come ON. Sending hate to their friends? Are you really going to stoop that low, all in the name of a fictional ship? Even worse, when popular blogs send their followers on rampages when someone goes against the norm (the norm being shipping phan and constantly overanalyzing their every move.) It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I could go on forever about the bad stuff in this place. I’d like to mention some of the good as well. I’ve come across plenty of wonderful people who have complimented me on my writing, people who have backed me up in the ‘not-shipping-phan’ thing. I technically got in my first relationship through this fandom. I have internet friends that I never want to let go of. I’ll always remember the people who sent me kind words when I went on hiatus.

Dan and Phil are a significant part of my life. They’ve gotten me through some tough shit, they’ve made me smile. I looked at their first book on the day it was released and was glad i didn’t kill myself. Dan made me feel less alone and more comfortable with my cynicism. Phil has calmed me and made me smile when i felt like the crying would never end.

But at the same time, they’re so aggravating! Why can’t they tell their audience to cool it? Sure, people will send sarcastically rude things to Dan and everyone will laugh and have a good time. But what about when people stalk their personal lives? What if either of them has a significant other and the phandom goes into a frenzy?

That’s honestly what’s kept me here for this long. There has always been a part of me that just hopes that they’ll acknowledge phan, or come forward with a significant other. I wanted to stick around to see that. But I’ve taken the phandom’s shit for a bit too long, and I’ve seen the phandom tear my friends to pieces. I cant take it anymore.

Sidenote: this blog isn’t going to deactivate. I’ll leave it up solely for the people who read my writing (if y'all are still out there lmao.) And I’ll probably talk about me and my girlfriend here, should i find the need. I probably won’t reblog Dan and Phil anymore. Not that it matters, I’ve been losing followers anyway. If anyone cares here are my main, jse, and aesthetic blogs. You can find me there.

Anyway congratu-fucking-lations, phannies. You win.

Happy Story Time

andallthewildthingsroared submitted:

Told my girlfriend I was asexual today. We were lying in her bed in the darkness of her room and she asked if there’s anything she should know about me, anything I believed I couldn’t tell.
Because we haven’t been together long but I guess there are things you just can’t hide (and also shouldn’t have to).
So I said, yeah, I’m asexual and that’s why I didn’t kiss you that night and freaked out when you tried to, you know.
And I was so afraid that she’d reject me now that I was up and ready to leave and never speak to her again (even though this was the first time since I had realised that there was something wrong so many years before that I actually believed maybe, just maybe I didn’t have to be alone).
And she said, okay. Thanks for telling me, I can’t imagine what it must be like to admit something like that. But you should know that I’ll be careful and I want you all the same.
And I thought how lucky I was to hear that and that friends had beaten into me the courage to not be ashamed. So thank you, all of you, for that.



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Moriartyx Reader- Imagine getting texts like “Miss me?” from an unknown number, but ignoring it. Later you see him on the big screen and you get another text with “Well you didn’t answered so I made sure you get my message” You are a talented writer❤       

A/N: Thank you! This is quite short but I hope you still enjoy. xxx

Miss me? - JM.

That was the third text that you had received from ‘JM’ this week alone. It was an unknown number but you hadn’t blocked them. You’d replied saying that they must have got the wrong number however they still contacted you. It was creepy but you hoped that you may be able to work out who it was if the texts kept on coming.



You’d decided to have a walk around London, which was where you had decided to live. Although it was quite expensive, you had found yourself a flat share with a consulting detective and an ex army doctor. They were, of course, the world-renowned Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. John was a good friend and you were very close whereas Sherlock remained a mystery to you no matter how many times you’d tried to break down his defensive barriers. Sounds of cries and gasps snapped you out of her daydreaming so you looked up. It was a man with a crazed look on his face and a voice saying, “Did you miss me?” It was only then that you realised that the man on the screen was Jim Moriarty. He must have been JM. There was a buzz from your pocket. You took your phone out and the text read:

Well you didn’t answer, so I made sure your you got my message. - JM.

There was a tap on your shoulder and turned to face the man who had been texting you. No one would have noticed him because of the crowds.

He said, “I’m James Moriarty. And now, I am at your service.”

  • Mahiru: I take that as a compliment!
  • Kuro: I must have said it wrong..