i must have said it wrong

Rio: *Wakes up and Screams*

Reginald: “Rio! What’s wrong? You almost squeezed the lunch out of me!”


“wait what”


“I should not have said that.”

These Walls are Paper Thin

by reddit user AjayRedonkulus

The walls of my house are paper thin and while that sounds like a cliché it is entirely apt. I am seventeen and living with my mother and sister in our childhood home. The house was pretty simple and remarkably box shaped, nothing fancy but don’t get me wrong, we weren’t broke or on benefits or anything.

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Wait, so Isak has been walking around with the fact that: 

1. Even all of a sudden withdrew, with little to no explanation, after being really forward about wanting to be with him.

2. Realizing what he said to Eskild was wrong, and believing that Eskild avoided him for it.

3. Caught Even making out with his ex-(?)girlfriend after withdrawing.

4. Found out that Emma knows that he likes guys - before he was comfortable about it - and that she kinda hates him. Realizing she must have found out from Sonja, because how else would she know?

5. That the girl that hates him has the power to out him infront of the entire school. 

6. Thinking that his friends are mad at him for lashing out - because of his heartbreak - without being comfortable explaining why he lashed out.

No wonder that walk across the schoolyard was so hard. 

This is a quagmire. If there was ever a chance that a fourth episode could redeem series 4 for queer people, the BBC complaints department just blew it. Blatantly lying in your responses about what the writers have said and what the show itself contains does not help the problem in the slightest. Gatiss himself admitted to using homoerotic jokes and subtext, therefore the BBC saying there is none of that in Sherlock, is a complete lie. As someone who worked handling complaints for The Walt Disney Company, I can assure you the way the BBC is handling their queer audience’s complaints right now will only hurt them in the future. A company – a taxpayer-funded company – must never imply “you’re wrong to complain, you have no basis speaking to us”. A successful company will always say, “We see your concern, we will address the issue, we hope to do better in the future”. This is standard procedure. The fact they are not doing this makes me question just what they are trying to accomplish, because taking the matter seriously is absolutely not on the agenda.

Okay I just need to say something real quick before I lose my damn mind. Shippers don’t need to be saved by antis. Saying “we tried to warn you” or “ we told you so” does absolutely nothing to help the situation. Please stop demanding that we think and feel the way you want us to. We’re all independent people with independent thoughts and opinions who are capable of making up our own minds. No amount of posts stating “this is the truth!!!!!! you must believe it or else!!!” will change how we feel. I really don’t want to address anything that is said on your side but when it lands in my inbox then I have no other choice. Yes it seems as though you were right and we were wrong. Pat yourselves on the back and get it over with. Gloat all day long if you must, but please do it in your own corner. Getting a kick out of people’s pain makes you a shitty person. Fact.

Alec arrived at Magnus’s place a few hours before the party started to help set up. Magnus insisted that it wasn’t necessary because he could do it all by magic in a matter of minutes, but honestly, Alec needed to get away from his mother for a little while before he was forced to spend an entire evening with her, pretending that she didn’t hate his sexuality and his boyfriend.

His boyfriend.

Magnus Bane was his boyfriend.

That thought alone was enough to make him forget (or, well, almost forget) that he was going to have to spend an entire party - a party celebrating his baby brother’s first rune - trying to keep his mother away from Magnus and starting all kinds of drama that no one, especially Max, needed to see.

When he walked in, he must have looked stressed because instead of giving him a kiss, Magnus said, “Something’s wrong.”

“No, I’m fine.”


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You Like?

Requested by: @we-are-but-stardust

Request: Can you do a scenario where “y/n” and t.o.p have had so much sexual tension and have had to keep it on lockdown and hide it from the rest of the group. But finally get a moment to unleash all the sex and aggression?
A/N: Idk if this is the longest smut ever, but this is pretty damn long. I always imagined, and honestly believe, that TOP himself is aggressive or can be in the bedroom. He has attributes that he’s either said or I’ve noticed that lead me to believe that, so that’s how I’ve written him here. He’s aggressive and takes charge, and rips panties off with a look. Also, if you don’t need a metaphorical cigarette after reading this, I must have done something wrong. ENJOY!!
Warnings: This is the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written. SMUT!SMUT!SMUT! So much smut. There is also some BDSM, Dominant and Submissive play hinted in here. So please, be careful while reading.

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owner!
Genre: TOP x Reader

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Happy Story Time

andallthewildthingsroared submitted:

Told my girlfriend I was asexual today. We were lying in her bed in the darkness of her room and she asked if there’s anything she should know about me, anything I believed I couldn’t tell.
Because we haven’t been together long but I guess there are things you just can’t hide (and also shouldn’t have to).
So I said, yeah, I’m asexual and that’s why I didn’t kiss you that night and freaked out when you tried to, you know.
And I was so afraid that she’d reject me now that I was up and ready to leave and never speak to her again (even though this was the first time since I had realised that there was something wrong so many years before that I actually believed maybe, just maybe I didn’t have to be alone).
And she said, okay. Thanks for telling me, I can’t imagine what it must be like to admit something like that. But you should know that I’ll be careful and I want you all the same.
And I thought how lucky I was to hear that and that friends had beaten into me the courage to not be ashamed. So thank you, all of you, for that.



Gifs not mine.

ohyesmarvel said:                                                           

Moriartyx Reader- Imagine getting texts like “Miss me?” from an unknown number, but ignoring it. Later you see him on the big screen and you get another text with “Well you didn’t answered so I made sure you get my message” You are a talented writer❤       

A/N: Thank you! This is quite short but I hope you still enjoy. xxx

Miss me? - JM.

That was the third text that you had received from ‘JM’ this week alone. It was an unknown number but you hadn’t blocked them. You’d replied saying that they must have got the wrong number however they still contacted you. It was creepy but you hoped that you may be able to work out who it was if the texts kept on coming.



You’d decided to have a walk around London, which was where you had decided to live. Although it was quite expensive, you had found yourself a flat share with a consulting detective and an ex army doctor. They were, of course, the world-renowned Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. John was a good friend and you were very close whereas Sherlock remained a mystery to you no matter how many times you’d tried to break down his defensive barriers. Sounds of cries and gasps snapped you out of her daydreaming so you looked up. It was a man with a crazed look on his face and a voice saying, “Did you miss me?” It was only then that you realised that the man on the screen was Jim Moriarty. He must have been JM. There was a buzz from your pocket. You took your phone out and the text read:

Well you didn’t answer, so I made sure your you got my message. - JM.

There was a tap on your shoulder and turned to face the man who had been texting you. No one would have noticed him because of the crowds.

He said, “I’m James Moriarty. And now, I am at your service.”

For medical professionals/anyone who has had a body part removed

Can someone who has a body part removed (like a gangrenous finger, or a tumor) later keep the body part? I have heard nothing but inconsistency on this. Apparently some doctors say the part is medical waste and they have to dispose of it. Another doctor I talked to said “it belongs to the patient, of course I would let them keep it.” Other people say that they can keep their body parts if they claim it’s for religious reasons. If one doctor says it's hazardous to release parts, and other doctors say it’s fine, someone here must be doing something wrong. What are your experiences?

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  • Kuro: I must have said it wrong..