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Disney Lyrics Starters

  •  "I want more.“
  • "I’m not meant to play this part.”
  • “If I were to truly be myself I would break my family’s heart.”
  • “Why is my reflection someone that I don’t know.”
  • “No man is worth the aggravation.”
  • “Who do you think you’re kidding?”
  • “Girl, you can’t conceal it.”
  • “No chance, no way, I won’t say it.”
  • “It’s too cliche, I won’t say i’m in love.”
  • “I thought my heart had learned it’s lesson.”
  • “You keep on denying who you are and how you’re feeling.”
  • “Face it like a grown up.”
  • “When you gonna own up.”
  • “Check the grin, you’re in love.”
  • “I won’t say i’m in love.”
  • “You’re way off base.”
  • “Get off my case, I won’t say it.”
  • “In your dreams you will lose your heartache.”
  • “Have faith in your dreams.”
  • “You’ve got power in your corner now.”
  • “You ain’t never had a friend like me.”
  • “Come on and whisper what you want.”
  • “I’ve got a powerful urge to help you out.”
  • “You think i’m an ignorant savage.”
  • “How can there be so much that you don’t know.”
  • “You think you own whatever land you land on.”
  • “I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.”
  • “Who’d have ever thought this could be?”
  • “I admit in the past i’ve been a nasty.”
  • “I’ve mended all my ways.”
  • “It’s a talent I always have possessed.”
  • “Someone couldn’t pay the price.”
  • “A girl who gossips is a bore.”
  • “It’s she who holds her tongue that gets the man.”
  • “Make your choice!”
  • “I’m a very busy woman.”
  • “I haven’t got all day.”
  • “It won’t cost much.”
  • “Now’s your moment.”
  • “We all must pay the price.”
  • “I can show you the world.”
  • “When did you last let your heart decide?”
  • “I can open your eyes.”
  • “I can’t go back to where I use to be.”
  • “Let me share this whole new world with you.”
  • “I can see what’s happening.”
  • “Disaster’s in the air.”
  • “Time is racing towards us.”
  • “Heed my every order and you might survive.”
  • “I only steal what I can’t affort.”
  • “One jump ahead of the hitman.”
  • “I’ve got that wanderlust.”
  • “The world is my backyard.”
  • “I’ve only got myself.”
  • “You’re alone and you’re scared.”
  • “Come on and lift your glass.”
  • “Every day is like the one before it.”
  • “Every guy here love’d to be you.”
  • “I never see you anymore.”
  • “It’s like you’ve gone away.”
  • “I wish you would tell me why.”
  • “People have been asking where you'be been.”
  • “Please let me in.”
  • “We only have each other.”
  • “Put on a show.”
  • “Make one wrong move and everyone will know.”
  • “It’s only for today.”
  • “It’s agony to wait.”
  • “I’m getting what i’m dreaming of.”
  • “But with you I’ve found my place.”
  • “it’s nothing like i’ve ever known before.”
  • “Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried.”
  • “Don’t let them know.”
  • “I don’t care what they’re going to say.”
  • “It’s time to see what I can do.”
  • “You’ll never see me cry.”
  • “I’m never going back.”
  • “The past is in the past.”
  • “That perfect girl is gone.”
  • “You don’t have to keep your distance anymore.”
  • “I finally understand.”
  • “You don’t have to live in fear.”
  • “I will be right here.”
  • “Your life awaits.”
  • “Just stay away and you’ll be safe from me.”
  • “I get the feeling you don’t know.”
  • “You don’t have to be afraid.”
  • “We can work this out together.”
  • “I can’t control the curse.”
  • “You’re not safe here.”
  • “This is where i’m meant to be.”
  • “I am on my way.”
  • “I’ve been around the block before.”
  • “I’ve given up hope that someone would come along.”
  • “I’m down to one last hope.”
  • “My words are a matter of pride.”
  • “It’s clear from your vacant expressions that the lights are not all on upstairs.”
  • “So prepare for the chance of a lifetime.”
  • “You will be rewarded when I am at last given my dues.”
  • “You’re expected to take certain duties on board.”
  • “As you thgouth life you’ll see, there is so much we don’t understand.”
  • “Things don’t always go the way we planned.”
  • “Can I still just be me the way I am?”
  • “Can I trust in my own heart?”
  • “Am I just one part of some big plan?”
  • “One day when you’re strong and big, you will be a king.”
  • “I’ve been exiled.”
  • “I get a little tense.”
  • “I hate to let them live.”
  • “The battle may be bloody, but that kinda works for me.”
  • “They can have the world, we’ll create our own.”
  • “I am home if you are right there beside me.”
  • “I know love will find a way.”
  • “This is what you give me to work with?”
  • “Well honey, i’ve seen worse.”
  • “You’ll bring honor to us all.”
  • “Sometimes it’s too much for even me.”
  • “I have your hearts and you have my pity.”
  • “I can improvise.”
  • “Why should I worry?”
  • “Why should I care?”
  • “You can own this town.”
  • “You can wear the crown.”
  • “You’ve got alot to learn.”
  • “You’ll feel right at home on the street.”
  • “We make an art out of staying alive.”
  • “Get what you want then get away.”
  • “Ain’t got time for messin’ around.”
  • “It’s not my style.”
  • “This town can slow you down.”
  • “I know exactly where i’m going.”
  • “People down here think i’m crazy.”
  • “There ain’t nothing that’s gonna stop me.”
  • “Things for sure are gonna go my way.”
  • “I’m almost there!”
  • “I’ve worked hard for everything i’ve got.”
  • “You’re my queen of the night.”
  • “Love is everything, don’t you agree?”
  • “Don’t matter where you came from.”
  • “When you find out who you are you’ll find out what you need.”
  • “That ain’t gonna make you happy.”
  • “All you need is some self control.”
  • “Maybe love will grant you peace of mind.”
  • “You’re something i never chose.”
  • “You’re the best I never knew I needed.”
  • “i need you here always.”
  • “Who knew i’d be here.”
  • “When will my life begin?”
  • “Stuck in the same place i’ve always been.”
  • “For the first time in forever i’m completely free.”
  • “Guess I always knew this day was coming.”
  • “It’s a scary world out there.”
  • “One way or another, something will go wrong I swear.”
  • “You’ll just upset me.”
  • “Go ahead and leave me, I deserve it.”
  • “On your own you won’t survive.”
  • “They’ll eat you up alive.”
  • “Don’t let him device you.”
  • “I won’t say i’ve told you so.”
  • “I’m where i’m meant to be.”
  • “At least I see the light.”
  • “Everything looks different now that I see you.”
Fairly you

Hi, thank you for requesting! I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. I initially loved the first draft I made but then this happened and I feel so-so about it. Nevertheless, thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy this.

PS: I no longer have a fever so that’s a good thing! I’m still coughing with the occasional runny nose. Just in case everyone missed my latest post, REQUESTS WILL BE CLOSED ON SUNDAY! So, if you have any you want me to write, I will be accepting them until Sunday! Refer to the post here.

JJ has been playing quietly by himself since he got dropped off by his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. P. That isn’t really her real name though. JJ just can’t seem to remember what her name is. He kicks a pebble and let out a sigh. Daddy had to work and could not pick him up because of work and since Daddy didn’t give any emergency contact to Mrs. P, she had to send him home. Mrs. P had waited with him for a while but had to leave after half an hour. So JJ has been playing alone in his front yard since then.

Bored out of his mind, JJ flops on the grass and closes his eyes. “I miss daddy.” He murmurs sleepily, his exhaustion finally catching up to him. JJ must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing he knows, he is being gently shaken awake and someone is holding an umbrella over him.

“Hey, JJ.” You sigh in relief when the blond kid with the beautiful blue eyes you have come to love finally open his eyes. You had been on your way to your house when you spotted the little boy sprawled on the lawn, unmoving and your brain automatically assumed the worse so you had run over to him, dropping your belongings beside him before trying to wake him up which brings you to your current situation.

“Hi, Y/N.” JJ rubs his eyes sleepily as he sits up. “I fell asleep.”

You nod your head, kneeling beside him. “What are you doing out here?” You glance over to his house but it didn’t seem as if anyone is home at all. You spy JJ’s school bag in front of his door and now that you finally manage to look around, you also notice his dad’s red Maserati is not around too. Immediately, a frown appears on your face. “How long have you been out here, darling?” You turn to look at him, bringing him in your arms, lifting him up. JJ wraps his arms around your neck instinctively.

“I dunno.” JJ shrugs, enjoying being held by you. It reminds him of daddy. “Mrs. P dropped me off and waited with me for a bit because she could not reach daddy’s phone. She left after that though.” JJ explains when he remembers your earlier question. Besides, Mrs. P was a boring companion to be with – she didn’t even want to play with him.

The frown on your ace deepens. You are aware that JJ’s kindie often ends early – some days earlier than most – and today must have been one of those earlier days. You also know that JJ’s daddy – Jason Todd – is a very busy man. Not to mention sexy too. But that is absolutely beside the point. The teacher definitely needs a talking to, too. What if you had not decided to go home early today? What would have happened to the poor boy?

“How about we come over to my house first and then we can wait for daddy together? How’s that sound?” You pick up your belongings and head towards your own house when JJ nodded his head and unlock your door. You set him down and JJ opens the door, peeking in to your house.

“Thank you.” JJ looks back to grin at you and you almost sigh at how adorable the boy is. You push open the door wider and Max, your Alaskan Malamute, comes out running to greet the both of you happily. You laugh when Max jumps and licks your face. He does the same to JJ too when he sees his favourite boy. “Hi Max!” JJ’s giggle is very adorable and you smile.

“Alright, let’s go in. I’ll make us something light to eat.” You tell JJ as the three of you walk inside. Max skips happily in front of the two of you. “Are you hungry, JJ?”

JJ nods his head. “Yes!”

You close the door behind you and make sure the door is locked before dropping your keys and belongings on the counter. JJ runs off ahead with Max chasing after him, laughing happily as the two of them start playing chase. That is how you spend the rest of the day – playing with JJ and feeding the little boy.

Jason grunts as he parks his Maserati, letting out a few expletives. His work hard taken too much of his time and Jason had actually thought he would have finished it before JJ is let out of kindergarten but that was not the case. His house is dark and it is really late at night too. What the fuck had the teachers been thinking by leaving his son alone here? He really should have given them Alfred’s number as an emergency contact – but at the same time, Jason did not want JJ to be seen as the billionaire’s grandson! He wants JJ to grow up without the eyes of the public on him.

“Fuck.” Jason panics when he does not see JJ anywhere but stumbles upon his bag. He really should consider moving JJ to a closer kindergarten or maybe even considering just sending JJ to a private day-night care instead. Jason is about to call out JJ’s name when he spies a paper stuck on his door. “What the hell.” He rips the paper off of the door and squints as he tries to read it in the dark. His head shoots up and he looks at his neighbour’s house before sighing in relief.

Jason crosses the lawn and knocks on your door. He can hear JJ’s laughter from inside and Jason releases another sigh of relief. He can hear your voice telling JJ (“That’s your daddy, let’s go greet him,”) and Jason suddenly feels anxious.

The moment the door opens, JJ jumps towards Jason, causing Jason to reach forward to wrap his arms around his son. JJ giggles happily when Jason showers his face with kisses, momentarily forgetting about your presence. You, on the other hand, are melting inside at the display of affection. You have always known Jason to be a very loving dad – JJ tells you about all the things Jason has done for him – and seeing this right in front of you almost makes you feel shy.

“Thank you so much, Y/N.” Jason thanks you profusely and you shake your head, trying your hardest not to let your blush appear on your cheeks. Up close, Jason is seriously super handsome and how you are still standing is a mysterious. “I really should pay you for your time – I didn’t mean to be unreachable. I thought I could get back before JJ was let out of school.” Jason rambles and would have continued to ramble if you had not stop him.

You shake your head. “No, it’s quite alright. JJ is a very good company too. You don’t have to pay me,” You assure Jason but it seems as if Jason is not having any of your excuses so he takes out his wallet and tries to give you a few bills and you shake your head. This goes on a few times – Jason trying his hardest to convince you take the money and you rejecting the money because JJ is a very adorable, laughable boy.

Jason is about to insist you to take his compensation money when you blurt out, “How about you pay me by coming over to dinner instead? I make some mean steak.” Jason stares at you in surprise and you blanch when you realize what you have just said. Your face turns absolutely red and you almost stumble backwards.

“Can we have some mashed potatoes too, Y/N?” JJ asks excitedly. He really likes eating your food – it reminds him Grandpa Alfred’s food too. Jason looks away from you to look at JJ briefly. JJ seems very happy, excited too and he looks at you, waiting for your answer.

“Of course.” You smile at JJ. “We can have mashed potatoes too.”

Jason grins. “Only if you let me bring some wine over.” He tells you. You flush under his stare and nod your head. “We can have some steak, mashed potatoes, wine for us and some smoothie for JJ.” Jason takes out his phone and hands it over to you. “Put your number in – we can set a date sometime this week?”

You nod your head, inputting your phone in to Jason’s phone. “That’s a date then.” Jason chuckles and nods his head. The two of you stare at each other quietly and would probably have gone on much longer if JJ had not yawn. Jason seems to remember that it is quite late at night and JJ might have missed his afternoon nap too. “I’m going to go home now, thank you again for taking care of JJ when I wasn’t around, Y/N. You are a life saver.” Jason leans forward to press a kiss on your cheek and you grin at him, your heart beating wildly against your chest.

Jason leaves you standing by your door, cheeks flushed and there is a little bit of a spring to his steps. He definitely is lucky to have a neighbour like you – one that would take care of his kid willingly. He knows JJ can be a handful sometimes – JJ picks up much of his habits too! – and it can really be tiring at times but as he walks all the way to his own house, JJ has yet to stop talking about all the fun things he had done while at your house. He even talked about Max, your dog and how bigger the dog is than Uncle Damian’s Titus is!

Maybe it is about time he acts on his feelings for you. Suddenly, Jason is looking forward to having dinner with you. You might even be what his life needs.

Re-watching a movie and seeing the villain before they’re revealed as the villain like

Last night I walked through the gay neighborhood and it was full of hordes of straight people, some snickering, a lot of them there to “slum” or because “gays are good at dancing”. I don’t go to any of those places anymore. Every lesbian bar we used to have either became a place for gay men or went out of business.

I was talking to my friend, and he pointed out that if you can’t define a thing, it has to be for everyone. So when people started to try and redefine lesbian–I’ve seen it as “any wlw”, a woman “primarily attracted to women”, and “someone attracted to feminine aligned people”–what you end up with is something so nebulous it literally includes everyone.

And here is the thing when you are a minority or disenfranchised: if the majority is included, they will rule it. They will take it over. They will gentrify it until you can’t look at it anymore. And it will never be for you again. Because all classes in power have a feeling of entitlement, especially straight and male entitlement. That’s why we have lesbians trying to use the “queer” label on themselves. They want to fit into a community that has taken our labor and our community and diluted it so we can never find each other.

All those people, trying to get a taste of the “gays”. That’s why we walk past, we go where we won’t be bothered. At the “gay” bars, there are straight men there till late who say they’ll “pick off the fag hags”. There are women who try to get me to kiss them for their fetishistic boyfriends. Men grasp my breasts without my permission, then laugh if off because they are gay. If I am recognized as a lesbian, I become part of the show for the straight people and for the “queer” people I’m like something embarrassing.

Many of the gay men I know get mocked, too, though–they don’t look “cosmopolitan” enough. They didn’t put on the proper costume. Because “queer” means strange, and if we aren’t strange we must come up with more words to make us stranger. “Lesbians are boring,” I have heard time and time again. Straight people ask if I’ve been with a man before. “Queer people” ask if I would date a trans woman. None of them can let me exist without access to my life, without knowing.

Being a lesbian becomes very lonely when everyone thinks that we should all “experiment”. And at the end of the day, it’s the same old homophobia: if our lives are nothing but sex for pleasure, why can’t anyone play? And why can’t we put our sex lives on hold like any other vice?

When they tell me that having sex has nothing to do with dating, and that I should be open to males, what I hear is “love has nothing to do with your nasty homosexual sex”.

I was walking past the gay neighborhood, and I didn’t stop. We don’t live there anymore. We live everywhere and lost our homes.

So when somebody wants to come on here and insert themselves into lesbian conversations by trying to insist that we are close minded bigots for our homosexuality, I wonder when they’ll realize they’ve taken enough.

Only when the next fad comes, I guess.

anonymous asked:

I really love your imagines! Here's one: Old!Noctis and sassy s/o queen. During a council meeting, where s/o is absent, a foreinger ambassador rudely complain about the queen, pretending an apology by Noctis because she humiliate him after seeing him treating badly a young maid, suggesting Noctis to control his wife.

OMG SHORT DRABBLE TIME! :D This one’s gonna be fun~! This kinda strayed a little from the original request BUT it still holds the main concepts you mentioned :) Sir Luddenham belongs to me *HAHAHHAHA, Luddenham- it’s a place in Sydney somewhere and I’ve always wanted to name a dodgy OC after that suburb cos the name sounds so hilarious HAHAHA*

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @asendioncosplay, @lady-asuka, @hypaalicious, @rubyphilomela, @cupnoodle-queen and @xalexanderxkozachenkox <3 :)

PERMALINK: https://themissimmortal.tumblr.com/post/160514770980/i-really-love-your-imagines-heres-one

Excuse you, Sir.

As King of Lucis, Noctis had to deal with a few rather difficult individuals. Sir Luddenham was one of those rather difficult people. In fact, if you were present in Council that afternoon, Noctis was sure you’d probably call him a ‘bag of dicks’. Noctis barely held in a snort of amusement at the thought of you calling the unpleasant council member juvenile names. Feeling Ignis nudge him from his right hand side, Noctis sat up a little straighter and pretended that he was actually interested in what Sir Luddenham had to say that day in Council.

Seriously though- what kind of a name was Luddenham?

It sounded made up and foreign.

Noctis quickly shook the irrelevant thought out of his head and zoned back in on Sir Luddenham’s concerns. Trying to refrain from rolling his eyes at the topic of the rather pudgy council man’s discourse, Noctis merely leaned forward and bore his deep blue eyes down at the older man with a neutral expression on his handsome face.

“Your Majesty, I apologise for my lack of tact, but I must raise this matter with you now, or forever hold it in my consciousness…” Noctis frowned and nodded, giving his silent assent to let the man go on with his complaint. What Noctis really wanted to say was ‘keep your pity party to yourself’- he probably would have said so if you were in attendance with him. You probably would have been the one to shut Sir Luddenham off yourself!

That would have been funny.

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Chance and Choice (Part 6 of 10)

Summary: Reader has just about given up on love. A gag trip to a psychic reveals the supposed name of her soulmate. Will she ever find him?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, some side Natasha x Steve, Wanda x Vision

Word Count: 906

Warnings: language, drinking

A/N: This is a drabble series I’m trying out. It’s my second thing ever posted. PS - Let the confusion begin!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

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Could you do a scenario where Winter introduces her shy s/o to her family? And maybe include Winter defending her s/o when her father disapproves of them and says things to lower their self-confidence? (Let's face it, Jacques is a jerk and would not approve of his eldest daughter dating someone who is too shy to make direct eye contact with him.)

“Winter, I- i’m not really sure about this…”You gripped her hand tighter as she led you up the stairs to her house’s door. What a house it was, mansion was a more fitting term, a borderline palace. The sheer fanciness of it wasn’t calming your nerves one bit.

 Winter sighed “(Y/n), it’ll be alright.” She pauses on the step to turn back and look at you. “I know you’re nervous, and even I wish we didn’t have to do this, but unfortunately we can’t avoid this meeting forever. We’ve been dating for months now, father insists on meeting you.”

 “Right, your father is what i’m really worried about. From what you’ve told me-” The door opened, interrupting your worrying.

 A short, pleasant looking man opened the door. “Ms. Schnee, it’s so good to finally see you again.”

 Winter turns to him with a smile “Klein, it’s been a while.” She clasps a hand on his shoulder before gesturing to you. “This is my partner, (s/o).”

He smiles at you, and it could just be a trick of the light, but it seems his eyes soften to the point of actually becoming a lighter shade. “Ah, yes, we’ve been expecting you. You have no idea how happy I am that ms. Schnee has found someone special to her.”

You blush and duck your chin a little. “N-nice to meet you.”

There’s a hint of pity on his face, seeing you so nervous to meet your girlfriend’s family. He honestly doesn’t blame you. “Right this way.”

He leads both of you through the house, good gods, the décor of this place, until you reach the door of some kind of study.  Klein bows slightly “Your parents and siblings are in here, waiting for you. Are you ready to see them?”

Winter nods, her lips pursed. She looks to you, Klein’s question repeated on her face. You take a breath. Better to just get this over with. Her sister shouldn’t be too much of a problem, the brother’s a bit iffy, her mother would likely be more interested in her drink than the dinner according to Winter, but her father, the mister Schnee, would be the biggest issue. You haven’t heard very many good things about him from either the papers or Winter.

Another breath. You can get through this with Winter next to you.

You nod. Klein bows again and opens the door.

There, seated all on different chairs surrounding a gorgeous coffee table, is one of Atlas’s most influential families. With their pale hair, the same shade as Winter’s, in their light, elegant clothing, illuminated by the delicate light of the chandeliers amidst the lavish setting of the sitting room, they look like a gathering of snow faeries. A gathering of royal doves waiting for their missing member.

If you were to take a picture of this scene and show it to someone, it would look like the perfect family at the height of elegance. Yet actually stepping into the room, there is an unmistakable tense energy in the air. As if everyone in this room wished they had more space away from the others than their chairs could provide. They all look up as you in Winter enter, in a slow manner as if your entrance is no more interesting than two flies stumbling in.

Winter closes her eyes and nods in her family’s direction. “Greeting, father, mother.” Her eyes open and flick to her younger siblings “Weiss, Whitley.”

Weiss’s eyes shine as she looks at her sister, but it’s as if she puts a muzzle on her excitement. She gives a hesitant smile “Winter, I’ve missed you.”

The young boy, Whitley, straightens from where he lounged in his chair “Yes, I’m glad to see our darling sister around the house again. I hope the driver didn’t get you stuck in traffic or anything, it feels as though we’ve been waiting so long.”

There’s a flash of ire in Winter’s eyes, but she’s always been an expert at controlling her emotions “I apologize for our tardiness.”

“Well, when we’ve been waiting months to meet this apparent partner of yours, what’s a few more minutes.” Jacque Schnee radiates an aura of power, something that makes you cringe and feel so small compared to the ice king, no more like ice dictator, sitting before you. “Klein, dinner must be almost ready, yes?”

Klein dips his head low when talking to mister Schnee “It shouldn’t be more than a few minutes, sir.”

Jacque nods “Good. What perfect timing you two have.” HE waves a hand and Klein backs out of the room, likely to see to the dinner preparations. Once the butler is gone, the eyes of the patriarch of the Schnee family meet yours. Despite your best efforts, you find yourself shrinking back even more.

There’s a slight shift in his demeanor, and suddenly he seems more like a business man than before. He smiles, but there’s a slight tense feeling behind it. “You must be (Y/n).”

You nod your head “Ye-yes . It’s a p-pleasure to meet you, sir.”

He narrows his eyes, scrutinizing you. Is wife sits in the chair beside him, looking bored.  Jacque leanes back and folds his hands “I wish I could say we’ve heard so much about you, but I’m afraid my dear Winter hasn’t been telling so many stories about you. Why, I was shocked to even learn of your existence hardly a month ago. You must have busy as we never received a visit from you since then, or in the months prior where you decided it was proper to date my daughter.”

Your face heats up and you look down at your hands “M-m-my apologies, sir.”

This night is going to be hell.

Thankfully, the actual dinner started rather soon after the initial introductions. It was probably the best food you’d ever tasted, but you were so anxious you couldn’t bring yourself to enjoy it.

Weiss and Whitley offered a few points of conversation, Whitley more smoothly than his sister, who seemed a tad stand-offish but mainly reserved, as though she felt she had to be careful of everything she said. Mrs. Schnee hardly supplied her own thoughts on whatever was being discussed, and Winter had no trouble keeping up with the polite conversation. You, though, felt such a terrible nervousness constrict your chest. The air in this place was so cold, so polite to the point it was clear it was all a façade, it was unbearable.  Mr. Schnee seemed to see right through you, he had a cool, business persona wrapped around him and he constantly directed the conversation toward you. Earlier, you had feared he would largely ignore you for not coming from a rich background, but this probing and toying with your clear uncomfortableness was so much worse. He acted so polite the whole time, the perfect business man, but there was a malice under that persona.

Winter noticed how uncomfortable you were and reached over to squeeze and hold your hand under the table. You give her a grateful smile.

You flinch as Jacque clears his throat. “(Y/n), it would benefit you to pay attention when your host askes you a question, don’t you think?”

You avert your eyes and stutter an apology. You hear him sigh. “Honestly, Winter, how could you think someone like this was suited to being with someone with the name ‘Schnee’?”

There’s a new kind of tension on Winter’s shoulders, and it leaks off into the air. Weiss shrinks in her chair slightly, Whitley looks on in amusement, Mrs. Schnee takes a drink. “What was that, Father?”

Mr. Schnee leans forward in his chair and looks between the two of you. “You may have turned your back on this family and your title as heiress, but you still have a duty to your name. From what I’ve seen, this stuttering child is not fit for someone of your station. They can’t even look a potential father in law in the eyes as they speak. I don’t care if you keep going with this military nonsense, just don’t let this person embarrass our family name.”

Your grip on Winter’s hand goes slack and you feel tears burn your eyes. This was so much worse than you imagined it’d be. Of course he wouldn’t approve, how in his right mind could he let his daughter date someone so stupid, shy, and… and…

“The only people I take orders from nowadays are my commanding officers.” Winter tightens her hold on your hand as you’re about to pull away.

You blink in surprise, as does Jacque. “Excuse me?” He says.

“I thought I made this clear, I am no longer a child under your roof, I am an Atlas military special operative. I will not take any orders on how to live my life, not from you. I only brought (Y/n) here as a courtesy, but I see that was foolish of me. I’ve made my dearest uncomfortable unnecessarily.” She looks over at you. “I’m sorry.”

You can’t even find the words to say it’s okay. Her father is fuming, his eyes cold and glaring at you and Winter.

“How dare you say this to me in my own house. I won’t have this!” Jacques rage is so hot, it begins to melt his composed exterior.

“That’s understandable. I believe it’s about time for us to be leaving, anyway. Right, (Y/n)?” Winter stands, pulling you up with her.

“uh, ye-yeah. Thanks for the meal…” You manage to force out.

Winter looks at each of her family members in turn “Mother, Whitley, good bye. Weiss, I wish you luck in your training. Father,” She looks him in the eye. “Take care.”

Before you exit the dining room, Winter stops to look back at her father one last time “You know, the name Schnee has always sounded too harsh to me. I think (Y/l/n) has a lovely ring to it, all warm and pretty, perhaps I’ll take that someday. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about me tarnishing your pristine name.”

She leads you out of the manor, past Klein who holds the door open and gives you a warm, reassuring smile.

You mutely follow behind Winter to the car, trying to process what just happened. What Winter just did, what she said…

You barely register her say “I’m sorry for that.” She’s stopped, a hand on the car door. “I never should have brought you here.”

“N-no! It’s alright, really. I- I just, what you said…”

Winter laughs “If that bridge wasn’t burned already.” She looks at you “I don’t regret that part. I won’t let any one look down on you the way he was. He’s an idiot for not being able to see your worth.”

You blush and duck your chin. Winter laughs again, warmer this time, and places a hand on the back of your head to pull you closer and plant a soft kiss on your hair. She tilts your chin up to kiss you a second time on the lips “Come on, let’s go. It’s far too cold out tonight.”

It Matters // Oli White

Word Count- 821


How about an Oli imagine where he’s been secretly dating y/n for a while but now he’s properly in love with her, he wants to introduce her to Joe and she’s super nervous because she knows Joe’s opinion matters to Oli?

A/N-  this is so short im sorry. i also wrote this a while ago so if it’s crappy then sorry


“Y/n, please.” Your boyfriend, Oli, begged yet again.

“Oli, I’m just not sure.”

He had been trying to get you to meet Joe for that past week and a half. But you weren’t ready. You knew how much Joe’s opinion meant to Oli, and your worst nightmare was to disappoint the older man. Oli was your entire world and you couldn’t lose him due to the fact that you couldn’t impress his friend.

“What’s got you so worried love?” he asked, reaching for you hand. “He doesn’t bite.”

“I just…” you sighed.

Oli rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb, signaling for you to continue.

“I know how much his opinion means to you,” you stared at the ground. “I just don’t want to lose you.”

He chuckled, “Joe’s opinion doesn’t mean anything to me. I couldn’t care less.”

You looked up at your boyfriend, “Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not,” he smiles, putting a hand to your cheek.

“It matters and we both know it,” you whispered.

“How can I prove to you that I don’t care what he thinks,” he lifted your chin so you were forced to look at him.

You placed your hand on his, “Just promise me that I won’t lose you.”

“You couldn’t lose me if you tried,” he laughed, leaning down to kiss you.


It had been a week since your conversation with Oli, and he hadn’t brought it up since. You felt bad, but you just couldn’t bear to think about losing him. Ever since he spilled his Jack and Coke on your brand new red dress, you two had instantly clicked. That very same night he persuaded you to go get coffee with him the next day so he could repay you for the accident. After the coffee shop you two took a walk in the park, and the rest is history.

“Hey Oli?” you ask as you lean against his office door.

“What’s up babe,” he smiles, taking out his headphones.

“Do you have plans tomorrow?” you question, causing him to fully spin around in his chair.

“I don’t believe so, what’s up?”

“Let’s go out to lunch with Joe,” you smile.

“What?” he stood up. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” you laughed.

“Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?”

“Fine,” you waved him off. “If you don’t want to go, then we won’t go.”

“No! We’re going!”


Tomorrow came faster than you thought. You stood in your shared bedroom, pacing back and forth.

“Ready, love?” Oli asked, throwing on a jacket. “Y/n! We need to leave in 10 minutes.”

You turned around, “I have nothing to wear!”

He exhaled, “He won’t care, please just get ready.”

“You choose,” you huffed in defeat as you sat on the edge of the bed.

“Fine,” he agreed, walking over to the open closet.

“Wear this… with this!” he threw you a cute sundress and a nice denim jacket.


“Oh, right!” he bent down to look at the selection. After a few moments of pondering, he handed you a pair of short, tan gladiator sandals.

“Now get ready!” he yelled as he made his way back to the living room.


After you put on Oli’s outfit of choice, you two headed to the restaurant.

“Don’t be nervous, I’ll be right here the entire time.” he squeezed your hand as you two entered the cozy Italian restaurant.

“Hey mate, sorry we’re late.” Oli said, hugging Joe.

“No worries!” he smiled and looked at you. “You must be the lovely Y/n.”

“Hi,” you smiled, hugging the older man.

“So, how have you been Joe?” Oli started the conversation.

“Great! I had a photo shoot with Zoe yesterday, it was pretty cool.”

“For SuggLife?” you asked, but immediately regretted it.

What else would it be for, you dumbass?

“Yeah!” he said. “But I hate to bore you with my job, which you probably know plenty about. So, what’s the story behind the girl who captured by best mates heart.”

You chuckled, “Nothing special here.”

“Oh please! You know loads about me, time it switch it up.”

And so you did. You told him about your childhood, where you went to college, your summer trip to Barcelona and how your relationship with Oli had changed your life.

After a few more awkward moments, completely on your part, the conversation was smooth sailing. By the end of lunch, you had both of them laughing.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom before we leave,” you smiled, kissing Oli on the cheek as you stood up.


As you and Oli parted ways with Joe, you smiled. “So what did he say about me?”

He grabbed your hand, swinging it back and forth. “He likes you and thinks that you’re perfect for me… not that I care.”

“Mhm sure you don’t,” you giggled.

“Okay, maybe just a little.”

“I knew it!“

Favourite Great Comet lines (No discernable order... at all)

No one asked for this…

- “nataaaasha NATAAASHA it is essential that I see Natasha hOW CAN I SEE HER”
- “hey balaga ho balaga hey hey ho balaga hey hey balaga the famous troika driver”
- “who’s that madMAN”
- “just as a duck is made to swim in water, God has made me as I am”
- “shot by a fool”
- “ah mon cher mon cher. Quelle pied et quelle regard. What a foot she has, a glance, a goddess”
- “I dont consider myself bound to answer questions put to me in that tone”
- “and my handsome lips mutter something tender to myself”
- “which as a man of honOUR I will not allow anyone to use!”
- “he moved with a swagger, which would have been ridiculous, had he not been so good looking”
- “no more unmarried heiresses, so plain, so boring” “and a little too dangerous eh?” “?”
- “Natalie Natalie Natalie I must love you or die NATALIE NATALIE NATALIE”
- “I hate you I hate you. you’re my enemy forever!”
- “I burst into sobs”
- “and I don’t know what deprives me of the pleasure of smashing your head in with this”
- “how wonderful to have you here, instead of these gossips and crybabies”
- “Marya Dmitryevna Ahkrosimova” “Countess Natalya Ilynichna Rostova”
- “Marya Dmitryevna Ahkrosimova” “Sofia Aleksandrovna Rostova”
- “Suuunday morning, TIME FOR CHURCH”
- “Dolokhov was in the Caucasus when he killed the Shar’s brother, now all the Moscow ladies are mAD about him. Dolokhov the Assassin™”
- “Countess Hélène Bezukhova, the queen of society, beautiful - barely clothed”
- “yes Pierre that good man, a little sad, a little stout”
- “Natasha is young - and worthless and dumb”
- “What?! What? Don’t! Don’t!“ - “What?…WhAT?…WHAT?!” - “YOU WILL NOT NOT ENTER MY HOUSE, SCOUNDRELLLL!” - “Dolokhov’s coming round and we’re off to the club, will you come old man?” “I will come.” “Lend me 50 rubles.” - “Drink drink. Gonna drink tonight, gonna drink tonight, gonna drink, drink.”

Tale As Old As Time: A FinnRey AU

Chapter One

A/N: Okay, so I’m really nervous about posting this. This is my first fic written with two canon characters, and my first fic I’m posting publicly, so please be gentle! However, feedback would be much appreciated. This first chapter is a lot of exposition to get the plot rolling, but I promise chapter two will be much more interesting. It’s also very short, so sorry about that! Hopefully its enjoyable :)

Warnings: None :)

Word Count: 794

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Requests: “Okay so I know this is out of your comfort zone… (I think and I’m not trying to be rude) or this isn’t really the right blog to ask. But since you’re such an AMAZING writer I was wondering if you can do Grant Gustin// Barry Allen smuts/fluffs? It would mean so much! I seriously can’t find any other blog that is as good as yours. 👌☺️” (Shoot me if its bad please)

Tonight was different, an unsettling kind of different and you didn’t like it. Your boyfriend wasn’t answering any of your calls. Maybe he was called to another crime scene, maybe he just finally had enough of you. No matter how many times you tried to shake the thought off, it still made you feel uncomfortable. What could you possibly do to make him feel like that? That he wouldn’t have to call you or text you back?

You hugged your hoodie to your body and continued walking down the narrow sidewalk. Your eyes were kept glued to the cement and you watched one by one as your feet carried you toward your house. The only reason you were walking so late was because it calms your mind and you didn’t have a car. 

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Do you think MCU should kill off Dr Strange?

Definitely. Doctor Strange is not a cool superhero. His role in Marvel Comics is insignificant. To be honest, everything about him just plain boring. His powers are overrated. A complete snooze-fest. The cloak of levitation has been done before. I can’t believe he is going to be in the next Thor movie. Why must he be in Avengers: Infinity War?! He’s pointless. So he has the Time Infinity Stone? Whatever, man. The Sorcerer Supreme? So what? Big deal. Did I mention that they should get rid of him so we don’t have to look at his horrible face and unfit body? Save us from the agony.

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Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.

Joker Imagine - Guys My Age

Anonymous said:Could you do a fic bass off the song guys my age pretty please? Your work amazing

 -YASSS GIRL that song is fucking amazing! And thanks.

Originally posted by harlstheclownprincessofcrime

‘’It’s over’’ I reminded my now ex boyfriend Jonathan. He was smoking some stupid weed with his friends. ‘’Come on girl..don’t take it so seriously!’’ He whined ,but didn’t raise his sorry ass from the couch. His friends laughed and encouraged him to show me who’s boss. If he’d do that, I’d snap his neck.

‘’Goodbye’’ I whispered and walked away. It hurt a little, but I was so done with him. He didn’t know how to treat me, how to touch me or even how to keep me. He could do better with the next chick in his life. I was over that jerk. It seemed like dating a guy my age wasn’t right. They were all so childish.

          A couple weeks passed and I was stepping out of my apartment for the first time. It was Saturday and there was a wild party in the club nearby here in Gotham so I went there in my golden low cut dress and black heels. My hair was loose and I had a smokey eye makeup. I was ready to let go and have some fun after dealing with Jonathan for so long. Luckily I hadn’t seen him since we broke up.

As I entered the club, I heard loud music and I smelled the alcohol. People were dancing on the dancefloor and literally every little booth was full of people. The VIP area must have been very full for a change as well. The club was fancy. It had amazing lights and loads of dark furniture to make the lights stand out. I walked further inside and tried my luck with the VIP area. I had been there once before and it was fucking amazing.

A guard stood by the entry and I put on a wide smile. ‘’Hi sir’’ I chirped happily and caught his attention. The guard had a black suit, sunglasses and he seemed very serious. He had browns short hair and a stubble. ‘’Is there space for one more?’’ I asked him and twirled my hair in my finger. He looked around and then stepped aside. ‘’Thank you’’ I thanked him gratefully and then made my way to the VIP area.

I was surprised when I saw that the special booth was taken. It was nearly always empty and no one was allowed to take it. I never knew whose it was, but then I saw him. I stood there in shock, but my body was also frozen from amazement. The green hair was put back nicely  with gel and he had pretty red lips. The man was wearing a white button up, golden rings and necklaces, a black vest and black pants. He also had a purple and golden cane that he used to rest his hand on.

He had company by another man I didn’t recognize, but I sure did recognize Joker. The clown prince of crime himself. He had henchmen around the booth and they were armed. Yet people were dancing and going crazy here, not caring about the fact the most wanted man of Gotham city was here. 

Suddenly he saw me and I felt a shiver running down my spine. I could see his blue eyes from afar and the dark make-up around his eyes. First he looked serious and kinda angry, but his lips curved into a smile. It made my heart beat faster, but I smiled back a soft kind smile.

People were staring at me because I had been standing still for so long. I shook my head and forced myself to move to the dancefloor. But I was fascinated by the Joker. Seeing him so close was so..strange yet amazing. I couldn’t explain it. He was perfect. And that smile. His look had already captivated me.

Before I could even grab a drink or anything, I felt a someone tapping my shoulder. It startled me, but I turned around and saw one of Joker’s henchmen. Did I do something wrong? Oh no..

‘’Boss wants to see you’’ The man told me with a deep voice. Joker wanted to see me? What.. ‘’Okay’’ I muttered nervously and followed the man. He led me to the booth surrounded by golden ropes with pearls. There was a table in the middle with ice and drinks. Joker looked at me silently as I walked closer. People around us kept glancing over curiously. ‘’Why hello doll face. I haven’t seen you around before’’ He purred happily and kept his eyes on me. His friend was quiet and didn’t dare to speak up.

‘’I-I’m usually at home..’’ I answered him nervously and felt tense. Damn. ‘’Oh take a seat. There’s plenty of space here’’ He let me know and patted his accessorized hand on the black leather couch next to him. I made my way there and sat down, crossing my legs nervously. Jesus Christ this was like a dream. I could see all his tattoos way better now that I was closer. He had ‘damaged’ written on his forehead, a star next to his eye and a ‘J’. He baffled me by being himself.

Yes I knew that he was a little older than me, but I didn’t even care anymore. He was truly grown up and not a whiny little brat like Jonathan. ‘’Now what’s your name pretty?’’ He wanted to know, giving his attention to me. I felt special. Such a busy criminal stopped whatever he was doing in the first place to talk to someone like me. ‘’I’m Y/N. I suppose you’re the Joker’’ I smiled and tried to relax. As long as I wouldn’t disrespect him ,I should be fine.

‘’Such a pretty name for a pretty girl. And yes. Someone did their homework’’ He chuckled and sounded pleased. Well duh. The thought of Joker had always tangled my mind. I was really interested in him in a strange way even tho he was a criminal. I don’t know why but whenever I heard news about him, I felt happy. He gave this city some life and excitement.

‘’Would you like to tell me why you’re here tonight?’’ He questioned me and seemed to scootch closer to me.’’I was bored. Also my idiot ex kept me from having fun for a while so now that he’s out of my life, I have something to do’’ I explained and started to twirl some hair in my finger. Joker’s hand touched my knee and it made me kinda happy.

‘’Mhh..He must be really to stupid to let go of someone like you’’ He snickered and made me blush. This was so wrong but it felt so right. ‘’I guess so’’ I chuckled and smiled widely. The man that had been here before me spoke up. ‘’You don’t have to guess. If I lost a girl like you, I’d be devastated’’ He tried to get into our conversation, but he made me cringe. Joker’s smile faded and he rolled his eyes, making the guy shut up again.

‘’Did I tell you to interrupt us?’’ He growled and suddenly grabbed a gun. My heart started beating faster in my chest as I saw it. ‘’S-Sorry..’’ The man stuttered and got sweaty. Joker literally growled at him, but I found it sexy. ‘’Get him out’’ He demanded to his henchmen that immediately grabbed the man by his arms. I watched as he tried to wiggle away, which was a wrong move. Joker loaded his gun and shot his foot, making him yell out in pain. Blood splattered on the floor, but it didn’t stop the henchmen from dragging the guy out.

Joker turned back to me and put his gun away. ‘’I’m sorry about that’’ He apologized and ran his hand through his green hair. If I would be sane, I’d be afraid. I guess I wasn’t as sane as I thought because it turned me on. ‘’It’s okay’’ I smiled and this time I was the one that moved closer. J noticed that I didn’t mind what I just saw at all. ‘’Besides from being such a beauty..you’re crazy too?’’ He giggled and made me feel so different than ever before in my life.

‘’I guess that’s up to you to judge’’ I let him know. Joker seemed so pleased. ‘’Oh you’re wonderful Y/N! Where have you been all my life?’’ He cheered out loudly, causing some frightened people to look at us. ‘’Obviously wasting time with a boring idiot’’ I answered him.Our eyes met and for once I felt like someone understood me. It just happened to be Joker.

‘’Oh we’re going to have so much fun’’

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gay men love dick and lesbians love vulvas, get over it and have a nice day

Do terfs really have nothing better to do? Y’all must be bored all the fucking time to sit around telling people what they like and don’t like


Man, I wish someone had told me that that was how my sexuality worked. I’ve been under the impression that loving women meant loving women, not vulvas. I’ve been doing pansexuality wrong for so long!

—“I’m a fan of humans!”
…There was a famous movie with this line, remember?
A demon played by a famous actor said it to provoke a very serious human boy; that he was a fan of humans.
I’m not a demon, just a typical human with no special abilities whatsoever, but I’m a fan of humans, too.
We could even say all humans are fans of humans. Don’t you think so?
To be a fan means to have a degree of fanaticism, after all; infatuation.
Humans are often infatuated by other humans.
There are probably people who would deny that.
Of course there are. That’s how humans should be.
There will be people who hate humanity more than they can bear, and people who could care less about humanity.
But even that hatred, even that apathy, is a form of ‘infatuation’.
Infatuation; that is to say, ‘heat’ and ‘madness’. Do you understand?
(*Infatuation(熱狂); heat(熱) + madness(狂))
To be maddened by the heat itself. To be maddened by exposure to the heat.
And also, sometimes—the heat within yourself goes mad.
The heat you have for other humans grows out of control.
There’s the overheated type, like me, that ends up loving humanity itself.
There’s the over-frozen type that hates humanity.
Even the type that, regardless of environ, remains neither hot nor cold, always lukewarm; that kind of heat modulation is mad in its own way.
To be in awe of nature, to feel the terror in being attacked by a wild beast… a personality that has undergone such things sometimes goes beyond human.
But the only thing that can alter the passion one has for humankind is humanity itself.
Let’s take an example; say there’s a man who says, ‘Everyone around me is tedious scum. Nothing is interesting.’
If you asked me, I’d say this person’s actually been strongly influenced by other humans.
Because the people around him have evoked the emotion of ‘tedium’ within him.
It’s easier said than done to exert a long-term emotional influence, you know?
If you’ve hated a kind of food since childhood, it’d be hard to change your tastes spontaneously, right?
For humankind to constantly evoke ‘tedium’ in this man must take quite some energy, I think.
Think about it.
Watching a lump of rock is boring, but that’s because the rock doesn’t move.
But humans are in constant motion. It’s in their nature that the more you look at them, the more facets you discover.
To constantly find them banal regardless takes some serious effort.
Does that sound like nonsense?
Well, that’s expected. I made it up on the spot.
—  Orihara Izaya, Durarara!!SHx3, Words of a certain informant, translation by Popsiclete on wordpress

The Drinny Thing (Part 1)
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Ginny stood at the edge of the parade route as the newly dubbed Golden Trio walked by, waving. She’d never resented Harry before but, suddenly, she did. He smiled to the crowd and slung an arm around Hermione and Ginny knew it was an act and he hated the attention but, for the first time, she didn’t care. 

 Her fingers crept to one of the scars she’d received during her hellish year at Hogwarts, learning what torture felt like under the hands of the Carrow twins. People spoke in hushed voices about what Hermione had endured, a secret the world knew, but no one spared a thought for the people the Trio had left behind. She knew what the cruciatus curse felt like. They all did.

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Gallfrey was never good enough

When The Doctor had first heard of it, he hesistated.

He hadn’t been invited. It was easy to let it slide, tell himself the Time Lords weren’t used to have him around anymore, after their long time locked away from the universe.
But truth was, they must had known what would happen.

It was quiet in the huge courtroom. As usual, The Doctor was late. Just in time, of course, but even just just.

He entered unnoticed. If they did notice, they weren’t paying attention to the inconspicuous, swift man that found his way to the nearest wall and just stood there, silent, waiting, watching.

Every single Time Lord was staring at Missy, their looks unforgiving and cold. The Doctor knew, there was a file longer than Rassilon’s robe, filled with crimes of years and years, titled with “The Master”.

He knew, an insignificant smaller file about himself existed, probably being ignored for Rassilon’s own good. After their disaster with the confession dial, after winning the Time War for them, he was untouchable, he knew.

Missy wasn’t.

Yet, she stood there, like she was. Head lifted proudly, chin in the air, her sharp gaze cold and calm.

The Doctor had always admired these skills of complete composure. He knew, whenever he tried to copy it, there was always a fire glimming in his eyes, bright, but so, so cold. He could feel it in his veins even now, freezing at sight of Rassilon, freezing in burning stings, as the other Time Lord was standing in front of Missy, the Hand Of Omega raised.

“Stop,” The Doctor said.

Calm, because he knew they knew calm was his dangerous.

Everyone in the hall looked at him, even Rassilon stopped in his movement, the deadly weapon still raised above Missy.

“Execution,” The Doctor spoke into the tense silence. “I’ve never been a fan of execution. Too much death. But then again.. You were always very eager to kill with that thing, weren’t you?”

He added the last part directed to Rassilon, determined to remind him, oh no, he hadn’t forgotten. Never would he forget that day he found Gallifrey again, after decades and decades of torture, just to be threatened with death.

“Doctor,” Rassilon greeted him while turning around, teeth grinding, anger in his voice.

Nowadays there was always anger in his voice, war had made a once wise man so, so bitter.

Behind him, Missy smiled.

“I can’t remember inviting you.”

The Doctor chuckled.

“Funny, isn’t it? Me neither.”

Murmuring underneath the Time Lords. The Doctor enjoyed it like a good guitar solo. Every act of own thinking, of rebellion against Rassilon’s foolish striving for power, it was a step towards the right direction.

Talking about steps…

He walked closer to the scene, right into the middle of the room, didn’t stop until he stood next to Missy, a cold smile on his lips. Everyone in the courtroom looked at him now, tensed, waiting for his move. Even Missy observed him, with slight curiosity in her blue eyes, reserved just for him. A silent question, a hint, the plea to tell her, he had a plan and she wasn’t going to die today.

She really should know him better than that. He never had a plan. Especially not when it came to executions. His plan was to prevent them - He usually didn’t bother with hows.

Rassilon seemed to guess his intentions.

“Now Doctor. The list of The Master’s crimes is long. We have robbery, murder, attempted overthrow of our Council, tempering with the Matrix, - ”

“Are you really going to count all of these up?”, The Doctor asked. “Because, you see, I’m pretty sure I witnessed all of them.”

Missy chuckled.

“I made sure of that.”

“You see, all those precious little Almosts on that list… Almost invasions, almost genocides… I created them.”

There was nothing not to enjoy about Rassilon’s expression right now. The Doctor thought about his years spent inside his own confession dial, about a certain drum rhythym that hade made an enemy out of someone that should’ve been a friend.

And then it came to him, the closest anything ever came to a plan - An idea.

He smiled, one secret smile only for Missy, because as much as they weren’t the same persons anymore - Oh, she would understand.

And she smiled back at him, once his hand grabbed hers and within a double heartsbeat, they had both started running. Straight past a very puzzled Rassilon, straight out of the courtroom. There was the deafening clong of the heavy doors falling shut behind them, before the Time Lords could even process what just had happened.

Missy and The Doctor however were already on their way out. Hand in hand, like the old days, running through the corridores, laughing at each other, laughing at their freedom, laughing, imagining their faces.

And like in the old days, they came to a sudden, cold stop, when someone stepped into their way.

“Still running with the wicked, as I can see, Theta.”

Missy and The Doctor changed a set of looks. She hadn’t heard his old nickname just as long as he hadn’t.

The Time Lord in front of them chuckled.

“I never forget my pupils,” he pointed out. “Especially not my worst. Still breaking all the rules, as I can see.”

Missy grinned, recognition in her eyes.

“I always brought out the best in him.”

“The worst,” their old teacher corrected, “the worst.”

But he seemed only half serious, a kind little smile played on his lips.

“I’ll ask you the same as I did back then, Theta. Are you sure, this is the person you want to be?”

“And I’ll tell you the same as I did as a child,” The Doctor spoke calmly. “I wouldn’t be who I am without her. And I never want to find out, who I’d be instead. None of you do, believe me.”

The Time Lord in front of them smiled fondly and nodded.

“Then I’d better not stand in your way any longer. Run you two. Gallifrey never seemed big enough for the two of you anyway.”

Missy grinned.

“No planet is,” she stated, just before The Doctor started moving again, dragging her with her.

“Hey,” he smiled back to her while running. “Someone ever shown you how to steal a TARDIS?”

Missy shook her head fondly.

“Show a bad girl how it’s done.”

// bitter winter // •joshua x male reader•

song: bitter winter by san cisco

[soulmate au]

{requested by anon}

joshua looked down to his thigh to see stars, planets, galaxies and moons forming in black ballpoint pen. he smiled, picking up the blue sharpie on his desk to draw a few flowers before he was interrupted by his math teacher.
“mr hong, pay attention,” the teacher said, slamming his whiteboard marker on his desk and storming over to joshua.
“yes, sir,” he replied, quickly stashing the permanent marker in his pocket, sitting up straight (which he was not) and holding back a grimace. his teacher truly was an eyesore.
“what were you doing that was more important than this class, mr hong?” he asked the boy.
“literally anything is more important than this class, sir, no one uses quadratic equations in everyday life,” he replied with a smirk.
“detention, mr hong,” the teacher said, walking away.
“what? i just said-” joshua began.
“de. ten. tion,” his teacher interrupted.
“but i-”
“but nothing.”
joshua simply went back to drawing and by the end of the lesson he had drawn a garden on his forearm and a black rectangle was on his thumb, the words “contemplate life later” on the back of his hand, a cactus on his wrist and “save the arctic” on his upper arm. his soulmate truly was an interesting guy, wherever he was.


y/n was bored in his drama class. sure drama games were fun, however, watching everyone else perform terribly was not fun and it would be more enjoyable watching grass grow.
on the topic of watching grass grow, he began to notice flowers and grass and a sun form on his left forearm in blue marker. he chuckled to himself, impressed with the artistry on his skin. he knew his soulmate must have been bored in class too, whoever and wherever they were. he looked to his right thigh. he quite liked the space scene he had drawn there, wondering if his soulmate liked it.
“y/n,” his teacher said sternly.
“huh? yes, sorry, i was zoning out again, sorry,” y/n replied hastily, rushing his words.
“that’s the third time this lesson young man. i’m sorry y/n, but you’ve got a detention at break,” she said. the class all stared. it was basically impossible to get in trouble in drama. it was arguably the easiest subject.
“okay. i need something to do anyway so indulging in my self hatred should occupy me,” y/n replied, going back to drawing on his arms.
“have fun?” his teacher replied.
“will do.”


joshua huffed as he begrudgingly trudged to detention. he slung his bag on the back of his chair once he’d found a seat and sat back, admiring the artwork on his skin as drawn by his soulmate, wherever he was.
a boy with h/c coloured hair waltzed in, dropping his bag to the floor and sitting next to joshua.
“hey,” joshua said.
“hey, i’m y/n,” he said.
“joshua hong.”
they both sat in silence before joshua noticed a few stars and a ufo on y/n’s thigh that matched the ones on his perfectly.
“wait, show me your arms,” joshua said suddenly, sitting upright and turning to face y/n.
“uhhh, why?” he asked.
“because,” joshua said, pushing up his sleeves, showing the drawings on his skin. y/n gasped, showing his arms.
“now way,” the other boy said, trailing off. “holy shit. you’re my-”
“soulmate. yeah, it seems that way,” he replied.
“i never would’ve guessed it be you, you’re that quiet guy in my english class right?” y/n asked.
“yep. that’s me.”
“we’re soulmates?”
“and we’re both very gay?”
“okay then, we don’t really know much about each other though,” y/n said.
“that’s not quite true. what do you think i’m like based on all the stuff that i’ve drawn on myself that’s appeared on you?” joshua replied.
“well, you’re creative, funny, cute, awkward probably, gay, smart, dedicated, really sweet and you really like flowers,” y/n replied, smiling to himself as joshua giggled. “seriously, you draw flowers a lot.”
“i’m not cute,” joshua said.
“yes you are, shut up,” y/n said.
“well, you’re sarcastic, not the most focused student, forgetful, funny, creative, gay, sweet, strange, adorable and smart,” joshua said.
“i’m not adorable, i’m a rat,” y/n replied.
“you’re adorable in every sense of the word,” joshua said.
it was silent for a while, the teacher on duty was asleep the entire time so she didn’t really give a shit.
“so, what does this mean?” joshua asked. “the whole soulmate thing. like i knew i had one, but i never in wildest dreams expected to actually meet him, but here you are.”
“i guess it means whatever you want it to mean,” y/n.
“what do you want it to mean?”
“well firstly, i want it to mean that you move next to me in english. secondly, no idea.”
“i was thinking we could go out after school. we could just go get some food, maybe see a movie. i really want to go see fantastic beasts and where to find them,” joshua suggested.
“that sounds nice,” y/n replied. “do your parents know that you’re gay?”
“nope. they don’t need to know.”
“okay, i just want to make sure you’re safe, you’re my soulmate dude, i don’t want anything to happen to you,” y/n said.
“do your parents know?” joshua asked.
“yeah, they just let me do whatever. they don’t really give a shit about what i do,” y/n said.
“we can go to your place later then, yeah?” joshua asked.

pay no attention to the corpse in the back

“Pay no attention to the corpse in the back.”, said the professor, as we entered his classroom.

That’s how my second term Biology class started. I was in University, fresh off my winter break and mourning end of a good holiday season. I had stayed on campus and spent my time getting drunk with my buddies. The fun was over, and it was time to get back to studying. I had looked up my bio teacher, Mr. Blackburn, on Rate My Professor the night before, y’know, to know what to expect. His reviews were underwhelming: the guy was apparently a total bore. Students said he was monotone, never joked, and never cracked a smile. That’s why I was surprised at the state of the corpse in the back of the room. Mr. Blackburn didn’t strike me as a funny man, but I guessed he must have had a bit of a devious streak in him.

The body had been placed behind a row of discarded tables and broken chairs. It sat on a sturdy wooden crate, wearing a civil-era uniform. There was a sombrero on its head and a pine air freshener dangled around its neck like a lame gangsta medallion. Again, I didn’t peg Mr. Blackburn to be the kind to joke around. Maybe the old coot had grown a sense of humor, or maybe he’d lost his marbles overnight. Either way, this being Biology class and all, I figured the body was there for a reason other than giving us a good laugh. I squinted and examined the corpse. It looked old. I don’t mean it was decomposing, mind you. Heck, it was so well-preserved that it didn’t even emit an odor. I mean the person it used to be was an old man. Its skin was shrivelled up and mummified-looking. Its arthritis-ridden arms stretched out at sinister angles that reminded me of tree branches in the dark. I looked at its face and saw its mouth and eyes were wide open, giving it an appearance of shock and terror. Man, must have been a rough death.

Mr. Blackburn started the lecture. He certainly lived up to his reputation…and by that, I mean, I fell asleep after ten minutes of hearing him drone on and on. In fact, I can’t recall a single lecture that didn’t end with me dozing off.

After class, the other students and I exchanged theories about the corpse and why it was there. Over the next few weeks, we started to notice that someone, presumably Mr. Blackburn himself, changed the body slightly between classes. Trying to figure out what the prof had done to it became our new pastime. Sometimes, its arm had been repositioned, other times, it was several feet away from its starting position. Even its eyes could, at times, be spotted looking in a different direction. The corpse became our creepily awesome mascot. Whenever Mr. Blackburn caught us looking at it; however, he would clear his throat to draw our attention to the front, and repeat what he had told us on the first day:

“Pay no attention to the corpse in the back.”, he’d say slowly, his voice colder and harsher.

It was weird, because he had this gleam in his eyes whenever he told us not to look at it. I swear, it was like he was taking pleasure out of knowing we were peeking. He had the exact same look a toddler has when he drops his trousers in front of a group and lets loose on the carpet, knowing he’s doing something wrong but relishing the moment anyways. There was something off about Mr. Blackburn.

One snowy afternoon, Cynthia, a really hot chick that sat across from me, dropped her pen. It rolled to the back of the class and stopped right between the corpse’s feet. She sighed loudly, looking more annoyed about having to get up than frightened to approach the body. Now, I’d been pining over Cynthia since the start of the semester, so it was only natural that I turned my head to check out her fine behind as she bent down to pick up her pen. She suddenly shrieked like a harpy, and I knew exactly why.

“HE’S STILL ALIVE!!”, she yelled, confirming my suspicions.

The class erupted in laugher, assuming she was playing some sort of trick. I knew better: I had seen it move, too. Its foot had twitched ever so slightly when she reached for the pen. I even saw its contorted fingers barely outstretch, as if trying to grab her but not having enough strength to do so. I overheard someone making a joke about the stiff trying to check out her rack. I was too freaked out to respond. Cynthia threw the pen at the body and ran out of the classroom, frantically dusting herself as though there were bugs all over her. The class erupted in indiscernible chatter. Upon hearing all the commotion, the teacher stopped his lecture. He calmly turned his attention to the corpse, and then to the rest of us.

“Class dismissed.”, he said, in a calm and unaffected tone.

Mr. Blackburn straightened his papers, collected his things, and calmly exited the classroom without another word. His nonchalance seemed to put the room at ease. Had the other students seen what Cynthia and I had seen, I’m not sure they would have left the room cheering about their good fortune. I overheard someone say the teacher had probably rigged the body with electrodes or something to cause it to jerk. I wanted to check, because I wanted it to be true. Still, as the mass of students barrelled towards the door, I felt compelled to follow and leave with them, like a mindless lemming. In hindsight, I regret not examining the body before I left.

The next day, the corpse was gone, and it wasn’t the only thing missing: Mr. Blackburn didn’t show up for class. The old man never returned to school. No letter of resignation, nothing. The police was eventually called to investigate, but found no traces of him. After an internal investigation, the school discovered that massive amounts of powerful anaesthetic and embalming fluids were missing from the storage room.

As I passed through the hallway near the Dean’s office a few days later, I saw a plaque with the pictures of all the school’s faculty members. Whoever it was that had been teaching our Biology class for weeks wasn’t Mr. Blackburn. No, wrinkly old Mr. Blackburn looked a lot more like what we thought was just a corpse in the back.


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Could you do a question for me? "You: *accidentally admits to having gone on a date with 2p's 1p*"

You: *accidentally admits to having gone on a date with a certain 2P’s 1P*

2P!America: BLEH, you actually went on a date with that fatty? what, did he take you out to McDonald’s or some shit? pfff…

2P!China: oh. heh. did that old man bore you out of your mind or what?

2P!England: ah, I see~ he must have been such a gentleman! *suddenly sneers* he’s so two-faced… however, I can be quite deceiving myself… hehe *grins innocently*

2P!France: whatever.

2P!Russia: ah.

2P!Italy: *shocked* er, you… excuse me? *chuckles* I don’t believe I heard you correctly…

2P!Germany: with Mr. Serious? bruh, no way?!

2P!Japan: oh… *scowls* I must admit I am a little jealous of him.

2P!Canada: ahh… he’s such a sweet kid… you better treat him right, got it?

2P!Romano: Tchh, that hothead barely even has any fashion sense! I honestly thought you had a better taste in guys, girlfriend! *whines and points to himself* like, as in me?!

2P!Prussia: *smiles* he’s nice to me, so I’m sure he’s nice to you too.