i must have been a creepy kid

Growing up within an Avatar family must have been so weird, like, 

as a kid you could knock on the door and walk in to your dad literally glowing and being all creepy like that–

Kid: Dad…

Aang: Kiddo, I need alone time, I’m in the middle of meditating on the subject of human-spirit relations and if I don’t solve it, like, right now we could all go to magical, terrible war, disrupt the balance, and fall into chaos. 

Kid: …

Kid: Okay… but Mom wants to know what you want for dinner, so…

Aang: Oh, noodles sound nice. 

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Ok it's time to meet 2D's band mates but there is some problem that Syd's mom doesn't know about his tremendous plans to come back to Kong after a long hiatus. His parents went to some relative's wedding or smth like that, so he has to take Syd with him. What was the first reaction of Noo, Russ and Murdoc when they met Sydney? :)

hmm, they probably were pretty shocked when 2D showed up with almost-two-year-old syd considering that he kinda kept the whole i’m-having-a-kid-situation to himself? like he most likely did his own thing during the hiatus and didn’t tell them anything beforehand. he just walked in with little syd on his arms and went “‘ello!!“

i can see russ being shocked at first but then remembering that this was 2D so something like that was probably bound to happen especially since 2D was neither the brightest nor the most careful person. he also probably questioned his decision of bringing such a small kid to kong considering that it was full of zombies, spirits and other creepy shit at the time but then he remembered (again) that this was 2D so he shouldn’t have been that surprised.

murdoc probably stared and when he registered the whole thing he most likely pulled some rude crap like asking 2D why the hell was he bringing his fuck ups there. pretty sure he’d mention how freaky it was that syd looked so much like him and probably added that 2D must have self-reproduced her or something.
the way i picture it murdoc felt an instant dislike towards syd mostly because of her appearance (she reminded him way too much of 2D so in his eyes she was automatically annoying…..tiny faceache lmao) plus she had this habit of staring (especially at him) that drove him insane so he couldn’t really stand syd even though she was a really nice kid that didn’t do anything???

noodle is an angel so i don’t think she minded at all tbh. like she was probably surprised too but actually found syd cute??? because she was like a really small version of 2D excepting for the fact that her eyes were fine??? also 2D probably asked noodle to lend him one of her tamagotchis to keep syd entertained and he promised her that he wouldn’t let the pet die but then it died and noodle got upset at him.

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just wanted to let you know that i just finished trawling through your whole creepy tags and to say im glad i have found another empath who appreciates the oddity of this world and not of it

that must have taken you some time! my creepy tag has been going for pretty much as long as I’ve had this blog, though it doesn’t get updated as often as I’d like now. I absolutely love creepy things, though, and I have since I was a little kid. I just can’t get enough of those ghosts.

because I never miss an excuse to shout out my boy Kim, if you like creepy content he runs a really kickass and consistent blog over at @doubleshuck. he’s even managed to post a few things I’ve never seen before, which is impressive considering I’ve been on this shit since I was four years old.

Game of Flags+Girls’ Day Out Thoughts

So King Butterfly married into the family. That’s new. :) This means that the royal lineage comes form Star’s Mother which is unique for a Disney show because it breaks tradition. There have been a handful of stereotypes that Disney always uses which Star just breaks, and I love it! MAKE HER A DISNEY PRINCESS ALREADY!

(EDIT: So I learned that River isn’t the first one to marry into Royalty, Aladdin has done it too.)

Kind of creepy how some of the comments section was obsessed with Queen Butterfly’s legs. I mean, come on….too much.

Poor Star, being stuck in the kids’ table must suck when all there is to eat is Mewnian Corn. Since Queen Butterfly interfered in the game, who was taking care of the babies?

The Uncle with the body of a horse was so fucked up, to be honest. I can’t believe he liked being in it.

And since Queen Butterfly has the same “Mewtation” does this mean Star will have a similar form when she grows up?

It’s interesting to see that Marco is kind of like the conscience of Star, bringing her down to earth, figuratively speaking, to make sure that the Game of Flags doesn’t ruin her like it has her Horse-Bodied Uncle, Manic Uncle who wants to kill everyone, and pretty much, both sides of the Clans. Another reason why #STARCO must happen.

Last thing for Game of Flags…nobody just brings any friend to a family reunion! It’s usually someone they’re very close to #STARCO signs are coming up, Seriously, think of all the questions both sides would ask Star off-screen or heck, King Butterfly probably bugged them about it too! And Kelly is in the intro now! Maybe I just noticed?


Moving on to Girls’ Day Out,

I’m glad to see Janna back. Although. a major flaw of the show is the lack of character development for the supporting cast. Maybe Janna’s parents work at the morgue like what a theory here on tumblr said. Why did all the girls love Marco’s Tentacle Arm? I want to meet Jackie’s Parents and other parents. Maybe have a Parent Teacher Conference and Mr. & Mrs.Diaz meet the other parents while Marco & Star are busy doing something

Is that permanent?

Why does she want to kill her Teddy Bear?

Did Oscar just get a costume change for the first time with the Wrestle-Rama shirt? There needs to be a Wrestling episode. PLEASE OH PLEASE! LUCHADORA PRINCESA MARIPOSA must happen ASAP!

I hate to say it but Oscar, and Star would be a good match because, they’re both such messy people. :/

And neither of them would care about it. Maybe Marco is there to really keep her in check in so many aspects.

Marisol is Hamtaro

Another voice actor observation, Phil LaMarr, and Scott Menville were on. I’ve heard Scott Menville in Mewberty before but, this is the first time I heard Phil LaMarr on the show. Now, Bender, Hermes Conrad, Beast Boy and Robin have been on the show. I’m geeking out more about the actors than the cartoon for these 2 episodes. XD 

I’m sure Scott Menville is the guy and I think Kari Wahlgren was the girl.

One of the best scenes of the year.


What are your thoughts?


Hi everyone!

In the 549 days that this blog has been around, you have been the most inexplicably understanding, disproportionately generous bunch of weirdos I could have ever hoped for. Through all the nonsense and the terrible art and the creepy obsession with Jesus, you’ve somehow decided to stick around, and for that I really can’t thank you enough.

But… it is a sad, immutable truth of life that everything must – at some point – come to a HAHA NO JUST KIDDING I’M GONNA BE TRAVELING FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS, SEE YOU MID-AUGUST! BESOS

Little Gift Shop of Horrors

If you still had any doubts that Gravity Falls is currently giving the middle finger to all cartoon censors, this episode will probably change your mind.

No, really. They even made a not very subtle middle finger joke here.

I mean, DAMN! Considering this is supposed to be a kid friendly show from Dinsey Channel, we had some pretty disturbing things here (as we’ve been having since this season premiered).
And i love it! Gravity Falls is supposed to be a mystery show, after all. It must have as much creepiness as it has funny moments, in my opinion.

But, i digress. Let’s talk about the actual episode.

It was great, in my opinion. I simply loved that they used an ‘avatar’ character, who was supposed to represent the audience in this episode. When this kind of thing is done right, it’s usually awesome, and it really worked here. Having these stories told directly to 'us’ (and even adding some interaction with the twins, in the ending) made everything way more fun and creepy than it would have been with a regular character.

The first short story was personally my favorite one. That Witch character was hilarious! And the direction the episode went was quite unexpected (unlike the other two shorts). I honestly never thought at the beggining that the reason the Witch cursed Stan was because she was lonely and wanted a boyfriend. And that it would end up with Mabel organizing an makeover on her house (all “Extreme Makeover” style) and with her actually hooking up with a hunky hiker dude! All of this bizarreness is what Gravity Falls does best.

The second short was cute and had some funny moments. I do like to see how connected Mabel is to Waddles, and how he returns that affection; even when he gains sentience, he gives it up for her. Having a pet myself, things like that are always adorable to see.

And i liked the fact that the hidden parts of the book were finally used for something! This has been bothering me for the past few episodes. It’s like a whole new book that has been discovered, and yet we have barely seen any of it. I hope they are saving it for something pretty big, in the future.

Also, Waddles is voiced by Neil deGrasse Tyson, that automatically makes it cool.

Finally, the third short was a clever use of claymation! I laughed especially hard at the part where they discuss how expensive claymation is, while showing us just the shadow of the fight traditionally animated. Actually, this entire short was filled with animation jokes and i loved it!

Stan calling Mabel sweetie was adorable, too. And even though he’s being the usual jerk to Dipper here, is still noticible how much he cares for both of them when the situation gets dangerous.

Still, damn, Stan was pretty creepy in this episode. That ending was surprisingly dark, even for him. I got some uncomfortable 'House of Wax’ feels from this.

Although i do think this will fuel even more the Stan fetish the fandom seems to be having right now…

Anyway, another great episode for this season! And may the show stay as deliciously disturbing as it is now ~


“draw this again meme" 

i drew the first thing for my parents for christmas when i was like 5 or 6 (idk how old exactly, just know i was very young) we found it when we were decorating the tree and lots of laughs were had.

i must have been pretty a messed up kid tho like holy cow what is that thing why does it hAVE RED EYES

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im glad i'm not the only person who likes michele, i'm very close to my sister too just because we've always been together so when people say they get creepy vibes from the crispinos i just think it's because theyve never been that close to their sibling before or they don't even have any siblings.

i mean i get where people are coming from but yeah i feel like some of the people saying this may not have siblings?? personally i’m guilty of trying to scare girls away from my little brother so i can relate to Michele’s protectiveness. as we saw in the show, Sara was bullied as a kid and Michele had to defend her, so that must have carried over into their adulthood. he didn’t even make a big deal about her saying they have to separate! he accepted her wish completely and said his FS would be the last time he skated for her. i think many people aren’t looking past his initial clinginess which is a shame!! i think he’s a sweet character.

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I just noticed the awesomely creepy thing Gillian English is doing as Mama Klaus at 4:08 of the Christmas special - that sort of hand holding pose like one of the Von Trapp kids from the Sound of Music. I dream an AU in which she's SIlas' weird Cafeteria lady (or uni-equivalent)

Huh, that had never really registered in my brain! Must have been distracted by something happening in the foregound 😝

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I'm so sorry! I'm the "Creep" anon and I just want to apologize. I don't know if this will help, but I didn't know what I was saying. I didn't realize how creepy it was until I saw your replies, and I've been so embarrassed since. I'm so, so, SO sorry for all the trouble I've caused. I didn't reply since I was worried that you wouldn't accept it or it would just make everything worse. I won't say anything like that again. You don't have to accept my apology though, that was very creepy of me.

Of course I accept your apology.

I know it must have been hard to send this. I…am very sensitive about things involving children. And of course I am over the top when my own kid is involved. I saw that and I thought the worst. I felt physically sick. Saying you are going to SS someone’s kid is never a good idea.

Thank you. So much. For sending this to me and clearing that up. I feel so much better knowing it was a mistake and not someone with true ill intentions.

It was a mistake. We all make them. Let’s just not talk about it again?