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"but i thought it was too oc because it made reigen too nice" omfg im laughing (this is the OP of the post on their main blog btw!) i would have thought earlier that it's too oc too b/c it would mean reigen is spending money(!) on mob

haha I’m glad someone saw that! I felt bad for misjudging reigen but I was really surprised he went to all this trouble. I thought it must have happened after the seperation arc because he became noticeably nicer after that but no, that wasn’t until october, he’s just a really great mentor and he was feeling generous (and probably felt really bad for teru, the poor kid), and recall he buys mob food after many of the exorcisms. plus with more media attention he was getting bigger/more lucrative jobs around that time too.

but this was definitely more than I would have expected and it was a really sweet little omake. I especially appreciated how benevolently polite he was to ritsu/inviting him along despite ritsu…not liking him so much, because reigen’s a responsible adult and ritsu is a young child and adults shouldn’t be shitty/petty to kids under their care.

ok but sep arc was in october and this was summer so it must have been around the urban legends arc, because by mogami arc mob’s back to school and that’s immediately after plant dude arc. mob was also pretty bluntly sarcastic to reigen in the omake which is exactly how he was in the urban legends arc as well. the solo mission chapter is set here too in the manga, and the girls are all in school so I assume the manga skipped over a lot of July and August, assuming it started in May/June. like, urban legends is probably the only one that was arguably set in summer vacation time.

shou and serizawa weren’t around because WD arc hadn’t happened yet (a tragedy, I would have loved to see them). 

although dimple wasn’t around either, which is weird..I miss him a lot…

sometimes I think these omakes inhabit a place removed from the regular timeline and logic of the series but are interconnected within their own canon. I will cherish this omake for referencing the Shut Up and Eat incident if for no other reason


Thank you all so much I truly appreciate this,, I honestly never thought this would happen, at least half of this must be spam blogs but oh well XD

I want to do some shout outs to a few followers but even if you aren’t on here I’ll probably forget some people cz I have such a bad memory anyway XD just know that I really appreciate you and I love you all<3!!

@starburstskies Zaraaa You’re amazing! and tbh I can’t even remember how I met you but I’m so glad I did!! and because of you I’ve met so many other amazing people too so thank you ilyy<3

@christinelucka Christineee I remember you gave me my first colouring request and I was so nervous about it XD The meme queen and I’m so glad to know you!! love ya so much<3

@animoozies The typo queen and founder of @slutsforh2o Connie! ilyy I think you are so hilarious and just a great person all round your positivity and kindness is so refreshing and it helps me and a lot of people more than you know, also YOU’RE SO TALENTED those piano skills had me almost in tears wtff 

@terironi Ronnieee ah I’m having little flashbacks with memories of everyone now XD I think I still remember the first time we talked, when you asked me to colour one of your ft drawings and your mum said I was polite XD Your art is amazing and I love it when you post new drawings,  you’re also so nice and I’m so happy we’re friends<3

@thebluefuckingunicornblr hey it’s my mum, sarah! you are lovely and your lipstick is always on point XD and you have so many talents, you sing, you draw, you write I’m so happy I met you!!<3

@mustang-hawkeye17 Emma!! believe it or not you were one of the first people I ever spoke to on this site, You are such a nice person and you’re fics are adorable and so creative I love them and youre tags on my drawings give me life omgg XD ily<3!

@leashykitty-chan Leashy!! ilysm you were also one of the first people I spoke to on here and I’m so glad because you are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, you are so caring and supportive and I really love talking to you <3!

@juviarainworld Diya! I love your blog , you’re aesthetics are always absolutely perfect like I actually don’t know how you do it XD<3!

@erzawesome Aleena!! my wee cutie<3 I still can’t actually believe you follow me XD I read your fics before we even started speaking and omgg I can’t put into words how much I love them!! and that gift chapter omggg!! I still can’t thank you enough for that, I’m honestly like a fangirl XD but you are such a cool person too and I’m glad we met!<3


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hi guys! i hit 2k today and that’s pretty exciting considering i’ve only had this blog for a bit over a week and i think that it’s something worth celebrating!! i’ve been wanting to get better at making graphics, so i thought that this would be a good way to practice - by doing some url graphics! read more to see the rules

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I'm new to this blog and I have ADHD but I must ask, what is RSD?

Because I’m bad with words and explaintions, here’s a definition of RSD by ADDitude Magazine: “Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is an extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain triggered by the perception – not necessarily the reality – that a person has been rejected, teased, or criticized by important people in their life.”

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I loved ur HC's for MC leaving the RFA because she's too dangerous, can I get a follow up where they ask 707 to search for MC and he's only able to find information about why she left and who she really is, how would the RFA react to the truth about MC and the true reason for which she left? Still no happy ending because he still can't find her at all, just that information. Thanks! ^-^ Love your blog!

Lool, ok! But V is not in this one (You must know why, even if i ignore that fact he would do the same thing or he would always try to find you, so it wouldn’t be so good.) Thank you for your request and i hope you like it!



  • He was in Seven’s house after he called Yoosung because he said he have something to tell him.
  • Seven turns off his security system…He doesn’t want to let Yoosung angry or anything.
  • He knows that Yoosung is bad enough right now, he knows how to depress he is, how worthless he feels…
  • How he gives up on school and on his life
  • When Yoosung got there, Seven sighs….Sad to see his friend so destroyed.
  • But when Seven begins to talk about you, Young’s eyes brighten up
  • After that, he gives him a big smile and hugs him tightly “THANK YOU…!” After that, he just runs.
  • Seven give a little laugh, thinking his friend will be fine now.
  • Yoosung got home so quickly, with that big smile on his face! He’s just too happy that all those things you said were lies!
  • But when he realizes that all that information was useless…That smile got smaller.
  • And then he realizes that you’re probably not coming back…The smile fades away.
  • That didn’t change anything.
  • Actually, he is even worse now just to think about what could have happened to you…
  • He lost two important people in his life, two people were sent away.
  • Yoosung just can’t sleep…He needs medication.
  • But wait…
  • I think he took too many pills this time.


  • Zen can’t even look at himself in the mirror…He knows he is drinking and smoking too much.
  • He doesn’t even answer calls, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.
  • But that day Seven was banging on his door, so he opens it “Oh…Seven…What’s up?”
  • Seven’s face is a surprised face…What happened to Zen?
  • But he’s trying to play it cool…If Zen knows how horrible he is now…He would be worse.
  • “…I have some information about MC…” And then Seven told him everything, Zen’s paying attention to it.
  • When Seven finish Zen just gives him a little smile “…Did you find her?”
  • Seven sighs, look like that’s all that Zen wants to know “No…”
  • Zen’s face is now full of sadness “Thank you…”
  • He closes the door.
  • Seven knows insisting will not help, so he goes away.
  • Zen kept thinking and thinking with his eyes closed when he opens it… He is facing a mirror.
  • Now he sees how he is now.
  • He gives a little laugh with tears falling from his eyes, touching his face gently…
  • He looks like a monster.
  • He picks another cigarette and lights it up, sitting on the couch, smoking…He doesn’t care about his appearance at all…He finally realizes it.
  • He needs you…But he already accepts it…You’ll not come back.
  • And now he’s finished…Even if you come back…You’ll not even recognize him.
  • He doesn’t see a purpose of keeping this life.
  • He looks at the cigarette after he takes it from his mouth “…Why i heal so fast…?This thing will take ages to work on me…”
  • He sighs and he throws the cigarette on the ground “…I should buy a gun…It would a dramatic end…”
  • He smiles, thinking.


  • All those words…That hurt so much.
  • That pain in her chest is too much too.
  • Everyday sorrow, pain…Tears.
  • Everybody in that cafe can see that she is not well, but she insists on giving that broken smile to everyone.
  • And refuse any kind of help.
  • What is Jaehee Kang? A pity.
  • But one day Seven called her, and then he told her everything.
  • While he’s saying, she’s smiling so much…All those words…All of those words were lies!
  • Even when he said that he didn’t find you, she kept that smile on her face.
  • She will wait for you!
  • Every day, she is with a genuine smile on her face looking at the cafe door, waiting to see you!
  • People are really worried about her…But she always says that she is waiting for the love of her life to come back!
  • Jaehee never gives up…Time is nothing!
  • Even those white hair and wrinkles can stop her!
  • But…Time will soon.
  • He’ll stop her from waiting for you…After forty years.


  • Jumin Han needs answers…Everybody can see he doesn’t look the same.
  • But when 7 told all the truth to him, Jumin just…smiled, a thing he didn’t do for some time.
  • He was right, all of those things were lies.
  • You love him, you want to protect him, and he is feeling happy about it.
  • He can forget about a lot of things…Especially those things…He loves you, you’re his wife now.
  • He loses that smile when Seven says that he didn’t find you, he hangs up after a “Keep searching.”
  • He is waiting and waiting.
  • The alcohol is his best friend now, he keeps drinking and smiling, saying to himself that you were protecting him…But you’ll never come back at this rate.
  • His father goes to his penthouse after Jaehee say she was worried about Jumin state.
  • When his father arrives there…All the could see is a man, with a messy hair, tear up clothes, with a bottle of vodka in his hands next to a destroyed room…
  • That wasn’t his son…Jumin is not like that.
  • His father is crying, everybody was right…
  • Jumin Han is dead.
  • All they have left is a man who cries asking if you could come back.
  • He just wants to jump from the window…
  • But he takes a deep breath and he drowns in the hope that you might come back.


  • He couldn’t  find you…But then he sees he finds a lot of new information about you.
  • He read all that, with a surprised face.
  • When he finishes it, he starts to giggle with a little smile on his face, with tears falling from his face.
  • He starts to laugh a lot, with his mouth wide now, looking up, with the tears falling even more now.
  • He got sick.
  • You did the same thing as he was trying to do…Get away from you.
  • He knew you were lying when you said all those things…But oh god…He gave his life to you!
  • He doesn’t understand why you left even if he is almost just like you.
  • After laughing so much, he screams, throwing his computer to the wall falling on his knees to the ground.
  • He knows you’re not coming back…
  • And now he feels angry…How you made him stay…How you made him be there with you…
  • And when the same things were with you…You just got away.
  • He’ll try to find you, he has to talk to you about that!
  • He wants to die, but he wants to die peacefully after listening to your excuses.
  • But sometimes he can’t just concentrate, he starts to cry and then he has to start to pray…He wants to find you.
  • But he knows that not even God can help him now…This madness is too much.
  • He’s hurt…
  • Too much sadness to one body.
  • Error 707.
  • Shutting down.

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Do you have recommendations for Ereri/Riren blogs? Multishippers are good too!

Ok, lemme start remembering again. Uhhh..
Complete Ereri/Riren blogs: 

Blogs that post a lot Ereri, but with a sprinkle of multi-shipping: 
uhhhhh, I must be missing a lot of others again…my bad memory. But anyway, I tried. Hope this helps. 

When I was in my senior year of high school, I saw the Red Trailer.  This was the fall term when I was really getting into Rooster Teeth.  I had just finished RvB in time for the season finale and at the end of the finale they previewed Little Red Riding hood whooping the big bad wolves ass and I was in LOVE.  I must have showed it to everyone I knew.  It was between the White and Black trailer in March that with my younger sister we started the blog and we’ve grown with support and love ever since (seriously, in four years only one hate comment and a couple of sassy anons here and there? how awesome are you guys).  Did I ever think we would get over 25,000 followers?  No, when we got 2,000 I was like “We peaked!” but strangely y’all continued to follow.

I never knew how long this blog was going to last. I knew it would have to shut down sometime, and to be honest a small part of me hoped it would be alongside the end of RWBY.  But today, March 14th, four years since our first post! will be one our of lasts.

Why are we shutting down?  Well to be honest we’re in a burnout that we can’t seem to recover from.  This has been a persistent feeling even before vol. 4.  We’ve moved on, we’re moving on because we’re not filled with the same enthusiasm and positive affect that we had when this first started out.  We’re not doing justice by the blog or the FNDM with the way that things are and we think that if we handed the baton to another that it’ll be better for everyone.  (That’s an open invitation for someone to open a new confessions blog~)

So thank you to everyone, to the person who first gave us a follow, to you who followed us after this was posted and to everyone in between.  We’re going to keep the blog up so no posts will be deleted and, who knows, maybe we’ll come back one day. But for now this is our decision and we thank you for respecting it.  

The FNDM has been our friends and family for almost four years, this blog has been a unique and wonderful experience and I’m a little sad to stop but also filled with some relief.  You’ve all given us support and for that we can’t thank you enough for making these years worth while.  If you’re interested in still keeping in touch or something you can follow me on my personal blog but keep in mind that I’ve kept up a…warmer and nicer persona on the blog.  Not saying it was fake, but I am certainly a much more opinionated person on my personal. Also currently its just filled with my current obsession and memes. //Mod also has a not-so-personal IG account over here if anyone is interested coughshamelessplugcough//

Well, that’s basically all I have to say.  We may lurk around from time to time but other than that this blog is essentially over with. Thank you again for a good four years, really ❤️

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Okay, let’s break down what happened.

Harry supposedly tweeted a picture that featured Louis in it.
It was up for a full 30 minutes.
Yet no one seems to realize how serious this actually is.
For those who payed more attention and dug out into further investigation, this is actually disgusting and humiliating-
The caption itself is NOT a link to his single but in fact a Larry Porn Blog.
Now it isn’t fully known if the owner of the porn blog is at fault for this but it is known that he was most likely (very likely) hacked.
On a more serious note if you think about it this is the lowest we have ever gone. Whoever had the idea of hacking him clearly had no set of a right mind. I mean come on? Linking a porn blog to his million of fans?
This shows no /respect/ for him whatsoever, and Louis possibly all the boys too. We already have a bad reputation but this made it so much worse. They were inconsiderate and immature enough to humiliate him /to his own fans/, completely out of his control. Lovers or not it doesn’t matter you possibly could of just worsened their relationship even more. You literally harmed him and it’s so fucked up. Show some fucking sympathy, can you imagine what he must be thinking of right now? We literally betrayed him into a spot of unbearable humilation. it’s astonishing to see how low we all went and it truly showed the lack of empathy we have.
It even makes me shameful to be apart of this fandom.
This needs to stop. We need to leave the boys alone. They’re just humans, start treating them like one.

UPDATE: Link was originally down and wasn’t registered till minutes later. This leaves many questions on whether he actually was hacked or not? Perhaps it was just a innocent retweet he wanted to show us. Or he was hacked and that person only ventured to do a retweet. the messege still stands clear to that person who took advantage of the broken link and promoted the porn blog. This is one single person we are talking about, not the larries as a whole. Many are confused and think I’m blaming the entire fandom. Of course not I don’t care what you call yourself “anti” or “larry” this still happened. A single individual literally did harm to the boys and to all of us as a community, reputation wise that is.
What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you people?

You people  You Antis, NST, Truthers, Haters, wtfer name you want to be called or are called. You people. You know I’m talking to you @noshippingallowed @contemplatingoutlander @goldenoutlander @adhara112 @aliceinoutlanerland (oops you forgot the d in outlander. get a d.) @whylimewhyanything (put the lime in the coconut) @whoreallyknowswho (it’s whom! whom! unless you just forgot to finish your sentence) @prodigiousreblogger @bestof60 (are you 60?) @vividdreamer318 (your imagination is certainly leading you astray) @breezylouisey (is that you weezy?) @momofmusa (i thought you were mom of USA lol)  @alittlebitmasss (oops your s key got stuck)
Anyway, there are more of you and I’m sorry I didn’t give you a moment of thrill by acknowledging you by name but I mentioned the Tumblr accounts that I’ve seen making horrendously wild, hateful, fictional, hurtful accusations against other Outlander fans with no speck of proof - accusations meant to inspire others to emulate you and spread hate to those people as well. Let me get this straight. From what I can tell, you are super hopping mad about the content of certain Twitter and Instagram accounts. Fine. Totally fine. You are entitled to your opinions. I can see why those accounts might make some people mad. I mean, irrelevant to my life but maybe not yours.  You are mad that certain Twitter and Instagram accounts have been created for the sole purpose of throwing shade and mocking a certain celebrity you hold in high esteem. I get that. Fine. Be outraged! Express yourselves!!
Speaking of fine I know you will go through this post with a fine toothed comb for anything you can argue with and attack me over because god forbid you actually read the message, digest the information, thoughtfully consider the content and then share your thoughts and opinions and maybe answer some of my questions. Nope that’s not your style. Attack attack attack half-cocked and don’t put any thought or concern for reality into it. Yes you are the borg of Antis as the foil to the Shippers. I didn’t create that world, you did. You wanted to be the anti-shippers. You are gathered on Tumblr together to be this Anti-Shipper fighting army. Go forth and fight uhh I guess? WHY???? 
See, shippers are motivated by love. That’s really obvious. There are all types of shippers just as there are all types of people (and even all types of antis), but what brings them together is not just their love of Outlander (and you guys love Outlander too! Whee we have something in common) but their love of the LOVE parts of Outlander and all the LOVE associated with Outlander in promos, BTS, interviews, Q&As, social media banter between the cast and crew, etc. LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE. So you generally don’t see shippers on social media attacking people with hatred and lies and accusations of criminal activity. Wait wait wait. Correction! YOU see shippers doing those things but no one else does. You mostly see shippers doing those things with accounts that aren’t even recognized shipper names. They are basically troll accounts that you have deduced are shipper accounts. You do have these long convoluted narratives of what certain shippers are alleged to have done and you bandy them about so frequently that your telephone game grows legs and walks it’s own marathon and becomes some weird beast-mode attack shipper who does horrible things. You say you SAW these things but you haven’t. Show me a tweet, a facebook post, an instagram post from an Outlander fan who identifies herself as a shipper and has a known persona in the fandom and is attacking, hating, committing these horrendous crimes you claim. What I mean is, SHOW ME THE MONEY! SHOW ME PROOF to back up your narrative. You have specifically named a number of Outlander fans and made outrageous claims as to their character, behavior, beliefs, actions, off-line actions and more. YOU HAVE NO PROOF BECAUSE THESE STORIES ARE FICTION.
I’ll give you an example of how your lies have grown wings, run a marathon and turned into beast-mode:
So a certain blue check account posts that a certain object of your hatred and hate-mongering did something so illegal that she would have been arrested and would still be in jail. You all headnod, mouth breath, feel righteous for having attacked her because you were soooo right, bang away at your keyboards and continue the lies and hatred and stoke the fires for uhhh fun? Yet you all know that she isn’t in jail and couldn’t have done this highly illegal thing because you watch her every move and you saw her posting pics of herself just last weekend participating in a fitness event. Hmmmm. Are you collectively dumbing each other down with your groupthink or all you all that stupid? YOU KNOW IT’S A LIE. But you’ve all convinced each other it’s ok to lie about it, malign, spread hatred and misinformation about certain fans and tarnish their reputation in the fandom because… because? because why??? Help me out here. So it’s because someone has said rude bad things to an actress you believe is Sam Heughan’s girlfriend even though he has never once said so. You BELIEVE it so it’s your reality. And the fans that you malign? You do that because they believe something else. But the weirdest thing is that you do malign them by tossing out totally unfounded and false accusations about their behavior and ascribe all kinds of unsavory activities, motives, and behaviors to these fans you have chosen to malign. You do the thing to them that you so claim to hate they are doing to the objects of your admiration. 
I’m still working on this and I still need your help. So because you BELIEVE that two actors are dating and BELIEVE that it’s wrong that internet trolls make claims that they are not and some internet trolls say really rude things and tag them, you feel fully justified in making claims that the trolls are not just trolls but actual recognizable Outlander fans. Are you like shippers of trollworld or something? 
I’ll just come right out and say it. Kim Hickey is not behind any of those trolls accounts you claim she is. I know this and you know this. You know which accounts are legitimately hers because she identifies herself. You are even attacking her My Peak Challenge account that she posts inspirational memes and encourages people to donate to Bloodwise. Are you for fucking real? You’re attacking a charity endeavor in your blind hatred of…. hatred of who fucking knows.  Even if you didn’t know she wasn’t behind the troll accounts, you absolutely have no basis for claiming she is. You are making shit up and publicly proclaiming it as truth just like that thing that Shippers do that you claim to hate.  Also, let’s talk about me:  I am a public person online. I don’t hide behind cutesy names. You can look me up and it won’t even be doxing me because it’s all right there, isn’t it? I have no sock accounts. I put my name on all my accounts because I own what I say and share. This tumblr account was created in the middle of last summer as a parody of Starz Obsessable campaign therefore it did not need my name on it. I never had a Tumblr account before that and I have never even sent anons on Tumblr. I never pretended I was anyone else or made any attempt to be anyone else. I posted freely about myself and my life when it was topical, including photos of myself. If you were like BINGO I’m such a supersleuth I figured out who is behind that blog!! you’re not smart or observant. It was obvious. The thing is, though, shippers didn’t know who I was. Not because they didn’t know who was behind “Obsessive Sassenach” but because they didn’t know who Nipuna was. Isn’t that funny? One of the Outlander fans on the top of your BAD SHIPPER LIST WHO MUST BE EXTERMINATED list isn’t even known by other shippers. What makes me a shipper? Just that I have heart eyes for Sam and Cait and think they have chemistry and oh wait, whoah, ZOMG, Arthur Kade thinks that too. Josh Horowitz does too! and ummmm ummmm that one lady at TCA that one year and that one book author who was on the NYT best seller list and you know I could go on. It’s not a crime to be fully happy to enjoy Sam and Caitriona’s chemistry. And if that makes me a shipper, yay. But the only reason I’m actually a known component of the shipper community now is because you guys have dragged my name around and created ridiculous lies about me. It’s like I’m some sort of Shipper Legend (to you, not shippers) who does these super crazy Shipper things in AntiLand. Remember the grave story that was created by one of you weirdos because a family friend of mine who is a caretaker for a military graveyard in the USA was friends with Sam’s father? You guys turned it into: That Crazy Shipper Nipuna stalks Sam’s father’s grave in hopes of running into him and Caitriona making a baby on his dad’s grave in Scotland. Or something like that. Anyway, tour bus guides in Scotland think there are crazy Outlander fans who stalk Sam at his father’s grave but if they stop to think they realize they don’t even know if he has a grave or if it’s even in Scotland. 
You’re maligning the whole fucking fandom you freaks! You’re creating these outrageous, convoluted piece of fiction because you are all worked up about uhh something and then you tag other nasty people and get them to repeat the stories and then the stories get embellished and repeated and you sit back and watch the telephone game continue. But don’t you realize that you’re fucking the whole thing up for yourselves too? I mean, I guess not if you like chaos and mayhem. But most of you profess to care about people being nice and kind and cry out that bullying is bad and wrong. But then you do just that when you pick an Outlander fan and create detailed and convoluted lies about her behavior.  The people you lie about know they are lies, sure. And lots of other people know they are lies and ignore you, but you repeat the lies over and over and you know that saying about how if you repeat a lie often enough people will start to believe you. So you repeat and repeat and then sit back and with self satisfied smiles. Or maybe it’s just that your mouth is open because you’re breathing through it. Whatever. I don’t know your motives. I don’t know what attracts you to fan the way you do. I don’t know what fulfills you. I know it’s not LOVE. But do you even know? Are you just running around half-cocked and brainless and letting yourselves be lied to? What gives? Can you help me understand why you are constantly naming and targeting certain people and pointing others to attack them and if that doesn’t work creating stories that will hopefully motivate them to attack? WHY???

2k blog compliments!!

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As a thank you, I’d like to do some blog compliments! I started not so long ago back in April. Now, here I am with 2,000 followers and counting! I love every single one of you and I love it when you send me a compliment in my messages! But now, I’d like to return the favor <3


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Uh… wow. New song in the credits? It’s like… creepy atmospheric whale songs? The heck–

Right. Anyway. This episode was… okay, if a bit predictable. I’ve already forgotten the song, for what it’s worth.

I rate episode 111, Three Gems and a Baby, a 6/10.

And… I have some bad news. This is the only episode I am watching today. I have multiple reasons for this.

1: Yesterday, I blogged essentially five episodes, which exhausted me to hell and back.

2: This morning, I was glued to the toilet for three hours. Right now I feel like dying.

3: My parents have started to comment that I’m getting worn down by this daily liveblogging, so I guess it really must be affecting me in the long run

4: I feel like my analytic edge has dulled since around the middle of Season 3, and in my gut I feel I’ve been doing a bad job liveblogging.

So… Yeah. Sorry. I need to rest.

I’ll catch you with more Steven Universe… in a few days. For the sake of my health. I’ll come back when I’m at my prime. No less than that.


some highlights

  • alex’s general inability to speak to his fans and engage them
  • the midori cosplayer being obviously uncomforable when alex was going to “stab” her
  • alex legitamatley speaking so quiet that u can’t hear him the majority of the video
  • really bad trivia game?
  • when did i make a blog post and what color were yandere chans socks
  • still refers to ayano as yandere chan
  • giving out 1 creepy body pillow yansim shirt
  • the entire general feeling of awkwardness
  • yandere dev smiling with no teeth showing like a kid in first grade
  • the weird music that starts playing at 6 minutes
  • alex kneeling for a photo with a short girl bc for some reason in every photo he must have his arm around their shoulders
  • people being more comfortable around budo’s va than alex

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I love your blogggg. I keep seeing people talk about Woojin's dark past. I must have missed something?!? Can you explain it please?? Thank yoouuu!!!

hi! thank you for loving my blog!!

Also, netizens seem to enjoy digging into a idol’s past and bringing to light old things they’ve done that are seen as bad and call it a dark past.
The main reason they dig into the idol’s past is to find something that can make the idol look bad but for Park Woojin, they dug into his past and couldn’t find anything bad about him! So his ‘dark past’ is just a bunch of funny and embarrassing photos and videos~ 

So don’t worry! Woojin’s dark past is pretty clean hahaha it’s just a light joke~

ACOWAR, Mor’s Sexuality, and Representation

warning: this post is pretty positive but since I know some people have been upset over the discussion of Mor’s sexuality I just want anyone reading to know that this isn’t an entirely positive post. 

So I’d first like to start off by saying that representation is NOT one size fits all. What I feel represents me, as a bisexul woman, well, does not necessarily represent all bisexuals. There is no monolith for bi experience. We do not all feel the same way about things, and so similarly, we are not all going to feel the same way about Morrigan. And that’s okay. It’s inescapable. Especially given that this is Sarah’s first prominent LGBT+ character and she is new to writing their story arcs. 

That being said, I really, truly connected to parts of what Mor said during her coming out scene. How she feels…is part of how I feel currently. And…I haven’t gotten that in a book before. So before anyone comes at me telling me that SJM fucked this all up entirely, note that this is a story that I have really connected with. And that is what representation is all about. I know a few other bi girls who feel similarly. But I know there are also bi girls who don’t feel represented by Mor’s story. And that’s okay. My blog is a safe space for ALL of your Mor is bi feels, good or bad. 

But notice that I refer to her as bisexual. I’m going to keep doing so. The fandom seems confused on how to label her sexuality, but it’s concerning to me that we can have a character who has expressed sexual attraction to both men and women and followed through on it be labeled as a lesbian? I mean not that that label is bad or anything, just that irl bisexuals are always being told they must like one more than the other. By straight people and the gay community. Like lets not marginalize bi girls for legitimately enjoying sex with both genders. And just because Mor “prefers female” does not mean she isn’t bi. Yes, in some instances she did sleep with males in order to appear straight. But she also says, flat out, that she enjoys sex with both males and females. So yes, part of this does have to do with compulsory heterosexuality, something I’ve certainly felt before, but it also has to do with Mor just…liking sex with both genders. And let’s not erase that aspect of her queer identity. 

I’ll say that a large part of why I feel represented by Mor is that SJM gets the whole “blurred lines” aspect of bisexuality (at least in my experience) completely correct. The feeling of being unsure, the feeling of not knowing what you prefer sexually and romantically, of feeling like you have to present one way in order to be validated by a particular community…those are all things I have experienced. They are real parts of the bisexual experience. Mor preferring women romantically but still finding pleasure in men, it’s completely realistic. And rarely do I see that represented in bisexual stories. Many bi characters are presented as half and half. And that’s…not how it works friends. So Maas got that aspect of Mor’s story completely correct. 

(side note: please please don’t use my connection to Mor’s story as a way to scream that SJM GOT IT RIGHT because there are still some legitimate issues here and not everyone in the LGBT+ community thinks she got it right and my opinion does not represent everyone’s opinion.)

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Discovering Me

I haven’t posted in a while. Things got too busy, but something has changed since the last post. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and the most important thing I’ve learned has to do with this month, Pride Month. 

Buckle up. This will be a long ride. But don’t worry. There will be a tl;dr at the bottom.

CW: Discussion of Erasure, Discourse, brief discussion of rape (#6 on lists), some foul language, let me know if I missed anything.

This past year, I learned that I am asexual. Not only am I asexual, but I’m questioning my romantic orientation. Maybe I’m heteroromantic, and maybe I’m biromantic. Questioning is what started my journey to discovering my asexuality, so I’m embracing this next step in my journey, to fight against my internalized behavior and view on certain subjects and break free to discovering me. But this post isn’t so much about that. That will be a different post, maybe tomorrow or maybe next year. Who knows. Discovering Me Part 2 is on the way.

This post is about my experience within my first year of embracing Asexuality. No one else, though part of my observations have included many people within the Asexual community. If you want to skip this paragraph, feel free, but this is a quick summary of the discovery process. Many moons ago (cheap way to get out of actually having the figure out the years) I met one of my closest friends on a website. We began discussing many subjects, and eventually landed on the subject of sexuality. It was at this point that I learned what Asexuality was. It was the first time I’d ever heard of it. Outside of biology, of course. I had so much to learn, and in learning, I discovered that we had a lot in common. It took me years to figure out that this was because I was, in fact, asexual. My whole life, I’ve been asexual, and never knew. 

Since coming out as Asexual, I’ve never felt better about myself. I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with me, because there are others like me and I am valid. It’s okay to not feel sexual attraction and it’s okay to not want to engage in sexual activities. Even more so, sexuality is a spectrum and one can be fluid. It’s now my belief that sexual and romantic orientation can be static or fluid equally, and it depends on the individual.

Now, the reason for this post. It’s the end of Pride Month. My first Pride Month. I was so happy to be me, and I was so happy to be able to celebrate with the other Aces I’ve met through group pages on Tumblr and Facebook. There was a lot of positivity for each other in these groups. But what I found outside of them?

Quite frankly, a lot of the behavior has been disgraceful.

Now wait. I’m sure there are plenty of people already writing responses to say how I’m ‘making something out of nothing’ or ‘trying to play the victim.’ Hell, I’m sure there are people who already stopped reading to tell me how I’m not valid. But see, that’s the point of this post. 

Let me list a few things I’ve learned this month about Asexuality specifically. If I talked about everything, this would be the longest post ever, and no one is going to read it anyway so I might as well just cover the one thing. I may or may not agree with these things, we’ll get to that later. This is just a list of what I’ve observed. I will edit as necessary.

1. Asexuals are not oppressed. 

2. Asexuality isn’t a real sexuality.

3. Cisgender, Heteroromantic Asexuals do not belong in the LGBTQIA+ community.

4. Asexuals likely suffer from something (trauma, low libido, blahblahBLAHblahblah, what have you…)

5. Asexuals, by creating their own community, are threatening the LGBTQIA+ community. 

6. The use of the term “Corrective Rape” is inappropriate and an insult to lesbians for which the term was originally used.

These were the biggest ones. There were others, and if anyone is reading this, please feel free to continue this list if you like. Discussion is the point. Also, before we continue, yes, I know not all LGBTQIA+. We have a ton of supporters in the community, and we’re all aware and grateful for the support, just as you are of your supporters. But the others. Those who don’t support. They often have the loudest voices. I’m sure you know. 

Now, I’m not trying to overshadow anyone else’s problems. Trans and Bisexuals in the community are getting a lot of hate from the community as well. I recognize and understand that. Most of us in the Asexual community do. So let’s just start with one easy fact we can all agree on, yes?

For most of us, we feel we were born this way. Of course, other situations can play into our current orientations. But most of us believe that the way we are is the way we’ve always been, at least to some degree. That’s part of the joy of being ‘out,’ isn’t it? So I can’t blame a gay man for only liking men in that manner. Nor can I blame a trans woman for being a woman. No one can blame me for not feeling sexual attraction, or a demisexual for only feeling sexual attraction after creating a strong emotional bond. See, sexuality and romantic orientation are almost impossible to lump into groups. Everyone has a different experience, and that’s why spectrums exist. We need to respect that while someone is under an umbrella term, they may not identify entirely with the majority. One small change is all it takes to be viewed as an outsider. Or at least that’s what I have observed. All sexualities are valid. This does not include anything outside of sexual attraction, though. Do not be confused, and do not tell me pedophiles belong in the lgbtqia+ community. That is a different discussion. Moving on. Let’s talk about the list. 

1. Asexuals are not oppressed. Wrong. NOW WAIT! Before you start typing away, here’s why: Oppression comes in many shapes and sizes. No one is saying we are getting killed in the streets during daytime because we don’t feel sexual attraction. Literally no one, and I’ve been looking. We are not comparing ourselves to other members of the community. We are not systematically oppressed. Sure. But we are oppressed to some degree (This is not to say we are oppressed by outside hate groups). Oppression isn’t a race to the finish line. It’s not a ‘who has it worse’ game. Oppression sucks no matter how much you experience. Telling me that I have never been called an abomination just walking down the street, so that doesn’t make me a member of the community, is the most ridiculous fucking thing I’ve ever heard. “Did you get threatened today? I did. Out with you!” Hi. I have news for you. Perhaps we are not getting death threats from as many straight people as you. But guess what? If you’re about to type in the comments “If you’re not systemically oppressed, you don’t belong in the community,” Many people would say YOU’RE THE OPPRESSOR HI HELLO.

We want other people who AREN’T THE SAME AS US to say “Hi. You’re Asexual? That’s neat. I’m ____. Wanna be friends?” Instead of “Hi. You’re Asexual? Here’s why you’re not.” This, friends, is erasure. It takes many forms, but this one is pretty common. “Oh you just have a low libido/you haven’t met the right person yet/have you tried having sex/etc.” Basically, people are telling us our sexuality is not valid, and more of a ‘phase’ that can be ‘cured’ in some shape or form. Is erasure oppression? A little bit, I’d think. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I mostly think that because other groups have brought up their own erasure as a form of oppression in the past. So….? Let’s move forward.

I’m going to bring number 6 up as it’s own, so have patience. We’re gonna skip right over to the community here. We covered erasure. Let’s next talk about the definition of Oppression. Feel free to look it up on google. Here are some keywords/phrases: Burdened by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety, etc. The exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner

Oh, Tumblr. How guilty you are. Not just you, of course, but let’s just jump right into the toxicity of many loud bloggers. Cisgender Heteromantic Asexuals often experience not only erasure but straight up bullying. Yes ladies and gents and those in between, cyber bullying. This is not my main blog. This is my ‘who cares what anyone else reads or says of mine’ blog. I have been told I don’t exist. I have been told I don’t belong. I have been told I don’t belong in the community. I have been told I must be a bad girlfriend, unable to provide. I have been told I will never find love, and will die alone. What was that definition again? The exercise of authority or power in a what manner? Get this! most often than not, I am not asked my romantic orientation. I am not given a chance to say “I currently identify as heterosexual, but I’m questioning if I may be bisexual.” That is an afterthought, after all the acid has been spewed. 

I have been told I just need a good lay to be normal. I have been the butt of jokes, because being Asexual is apparently funny. I have been coerced into sexual activities with their partners, even though I didn’t want to. I have been told that I can be ‘fixed’ if I just open up to a therapist (which, btw, for those who don’t know, I’ve been told multiple times that Asexuality was considered a mental illness until like 2013). I have been told, many times, that I should just ‘kill myself’. Not only by straight people. That’s right. Members of the community. All of these Ace Hate pages? Yes, hello, welcome to the party. You are the oppressors! 

I also want to point out that, again, everything is a spectrum. There are Cisgender HETEROROMANTIC Bisexuals. It happens. There are Cisgender Heteroromantic Homosexuals who may choose not to identify as bisexual, and that is their choice. So what makes me straight if I identify as a Cisgender Heteroromantic Asexual? That is not heteronormative.

2. Asexuality isn’t a real sexuality. Well, maybe you’re right. I don’t know. I’m not the authority on this, and you sure as hell aren’t either. I didn’t sign up for this. But let’s talk about sexuality. When we label our sexuality, we are effectively saying “this gets me going.” We’re saying I am sexually attracted to ____. So Asexuals are saying “I am sexually attracted to nothing.” Now, that’s a generalization because again, spectrum, but you get the idea. So maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s just a name for nothing. But where it gets tricky is when we talk about sex-positivity, sex-neutrality, and sex-repulsivity. These are a part of the spectrum of Asexuality, and I’m sure you’re all smart enough to figure out what it means. Basically, you either view sex positively and may like to participate, you don’t care either way, or sex is gross for whatever reason. Everyone perceives sex differently. That’s okay. I think by saying Asexual isn’t a real sexuality, people are erasing that some Asexuals do actually have sex. I don’t know. Could just be me. Either way, I consider Asexuality a real sexuality, because otherwise, I am nothing. I’m not straight. Just a bit of space dust on a rock. :) 

3. Cisgender, Heteroromantic Asexuals do not belong in the community. Why? If you read the last couple paragraphs for my explanation of number 1, as well as my response to number 2, this shouldn’t still be an argument. Let’s discuss what it means to be straight. You must be 3 things to be straight. 1) Cisgender. Check. I bring this up because, while it has been pointed out this is a transphobic statement (which is not my intention,) it is used in arguments literally all the time against asexuals, and therefore, it is only my observation that people are using this to reinforce being ‘straight’. Many people in the community are cisgendered, so watch out! You could be straight, too! Hold on, calm down, two more to go. 2) Heteroromantic. Check(ish?). Phew, some of you are safe! But, still, not all. See, as I stated above, being a certain orientation sexually is not always mirrored romantically. For instance, and this is a real person I know, I have a Heteroromantic friend who is quite Bisexual. There’s totally nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s great. Because, again, spectrum. So look out! You’re not all safe yet! Here we go…..drumroll….3) Heterosexual. Ouch! Missed by one. How’d everyone else do? If you said yes to all 3, you’re straight! If not, guess what! You’re not! And that’s awesome. Everything is awesome. Be who you are proudly! But most of all, stop shitting on everyone else. Now, I understand some straight people are shitty. But some people in the community can be just as shitty. Please see my response to number 1. ;) Basically, if you ain’t straight, you’re in the community, friend! It’s based off of an early principle of the community - You are welcome if you fall outside of heteronormativity. 

4. Asexuality is likely a result of abuse, trauma, illness, etc… Okay so most of the time I hear this from straight people. I’m not surprised. It’s okay to not understand something. But know when to listen and have an open mind. At the end of the day, you need to stay in your lane. It’s cool. It’s a learning process.

Now, for community members who say this. Are you for real? Don’t you remember when people were saying that about you? Treating your orientations as a phase? Telling you it must be from all that abuse, or because mommy let you join choir instead of football, or daddy didn’t let you date? Don’t you remember when everyone thought it was a mental illness? They still say it! You’re still hearing it! Or have you forgotten so quickly? Why do you say this to us? And for those of us for which this statement is true, why in hell does this make us less valid? Whether it was the result of abuse, trauma, etc., or not, it’s not your job to tell us why we are the way we are. Instead of shaming us for the result, try welcoming us and treating us as friends. Again, we’re not getting killed in the streets. No, I don’t fear for my life because I say I’m Asexual. But our emotions are valid, and emotional trauma as well as physical trauma is tragic when happening to anyone. Just because asexuality =/= death (yet, since it’s still barely known who knows what could happen), doesn’t mean we don’t need a space. It’s a smaller space. We’re fine with that. 

5. Asexual communities are a threat to LGBTQIA+ communities. How? Somewhere I read that Asexuals currently make up less than 1% of the population. Maybe that number just came out of someone’s ass, but we’re definitely a minority. I know 2 people irl who identify on the Asexual spectrum. 2. In 25 years of living. Honestly, who knows how many of us are out there, because many people don’t even know what Asexuality is yet, as evidenced by the “you can’t reproduce by yourself” messages some Ace groups get. They’re quite funny. Anyway, yes. We have our own community. It is the Ace community. Are you Ace? You’re in the community. Welcome. Are you Trans? You’re in the Trans community. Are you Gay? You’re in the Gay community. See how this works? And, are you not straight? Welcome. You are in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Nay-sayers have been telling us to create our own community since we’ve been vocal about our sexuality. “You don’t belong here. If you want a safe space, make your own.” We made our community a little more solid. “How dare you try to overshadow us and steal our resources!” Okay. You’re ridiculous. 

The fact of the matter is, you’re not going to be happy so long as we exist. It’s a lonely world out there, especially when you feel like you don’t belong. Or did you not experience that? Must be nice. Maybe you’ve forgotten. No one understands us completely except for other people like us. So of COURSE we have a community. Just like you do. It’s nice. It helps us feel valid. It’s a support system for when something else in our life falls to hell because, surprise, we’re not ‘normal’. But we’re so. small. We want to be part of something bigger so that we can feel accepted and bond over our shared experiences, instead of being reminded of how we’re different. Isn’t that what you wanted? Did you forget? 

One last note on this. I have seen a LOT of arguments about whether or not the A stands for Ally or Asexual, or both (I mean, the Q is Queer or Questioning, right?) but some people (in and out of our community) feel that straight allies receive less push back than asexuals in the community. Strange. Now, I haven’t seen this because I steer clear of most LGBTQIA+ events. Why? Well I would love to participate, but I’m afraid of being harassed by people who think I don’t belong. So I can show up as an Ally, but I can’t show up as an Asexual? What if I want to be an Ally? I want to help your fight. It’s awful what happens to you. I can’t be, because I’m Asexual? Because I’m not going to keep my Asexuality to myself. I’m proud of my Asexuality. So evidently, I can’t be both. Isn’t the community about several smaller communities coming together to fight for rights and visibility? If the Asexual community wants to join your fight and help the larger community, why is that so terrible?

6. Corrective Rape is a term that was created specifically for Lesbians is how this was first put to me. I nearly choked on air. Yes, Lesbians and female bisexuals (males as well? Let me know if this is the case-) are treated horribly by many societies. Yes, they are raped to teach them the ‘correct’ way to be. It’s disgusting. Everyone knows it’s disgusting, and as a woman who was assaulted in a very different situation, I can tell you firsthand it’s one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. 

I have a story that some of you may not want to read, so skip this if you feel you may get upset. It involves a woman who is Asexual, and a man who is not. The woman trusts this man. He is a father, or brother, or relative, or husband, or date, or stranger. This woman tells this man that she does not feel sexual attraction. Maybe she needed to tell someone. Maybe she needed to tell him so he didn’t create expectations. Maybe she’s just very open about herself and very proud of who she is. Then, this man laughs at her and tells her she’s silly. He tells her she just hasn’t had a good fuck. She becomes offended, and tries to explain her sexuality, but he continues to laugh at her and says he knows how to ‘fix’ her. Maybe he tries.

Get the picture? I won’t continue. We all know what happens next. What does that sound like, to you? Does it sound like a normal rape story? Sure. Except for one keyword. Fix. What about if the man suddenly became irrationally angry? Does that make it more convincing? That happens, too. Either way, in some way or another, it is done with the goal to ‘fix’ her. Or him. Or them. Whoever it may be in this story. Because there are a million different ways this story could go. So tell me. What does this sound like to you? Does it sound like rape with the purpose of correcting? 

Some people argue that the term was ‘coined’ (as was said to me) for Lesbians. But this term is describing an event. Look up the definition. Whether or not that is the case, this is the best way to describe this situation. And it happens. Like it or not, you can’t change that. No one can. And to look someone in the face and say that despite your experiences, you’re not valid? 

Like it or not, if someone is not Cisgender, Heteroromantic, and Heterosexual all at the same time, they are not straight. That is what straight is. You can’t change that definition to *gasp* exclude someone. It’s not your job. This community is about providing a safe space, for everyone to feel welcome and included because we don’t fit in with straight people. Yes, some groups experience more dangerous oppression than others, and they deserve all the resources they require. Yes, other groups needs to recognize when they do not need certain resources. But we all need to realize that oppression in any form is toxic. It is painful, and we could all use love and acceptance. This is working together to understand that we all hurt, but some of us are privileged in being able to have only emotional hurt, instead of physical and emotional hurt. That doesn’t make the hurt less valid. Ever. But it certainly means we have a space, and we need to stay in it. Everyone in the community should be of this mindset: “Come in, join us. You belong somewhere. You are valid. Here is your space. Please stay in your space.” This is working together to create a better community than we left. A better community than the one that rejected us all. 

Happy Pride Month, everyone. I’m PROUD to be a Cisgender, Heteroromanticish Asexual, and I am PROUD to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community! 


You know what? I can’t condense that. It’s all too important. But I WILL leave a reminder: I am but one person speaking on my own about things I have observed in and out of the community. These are my thoughts as it stands, and of course are subject to change. I am open to discussion, and more than willing to learn more about other people’s experiences. 

Finally, most of this post WAS aimed at the minority. Most people in the community do not sit around and hate on Asexuals. I said it earlier and I will say it again and again. But hopefully this post was informative for somebody.