i must go my fandom needs me

Just came across the sudden realisation that so many blogs are noticing the Mystic Messenger fanbase is dying.

I haven’t noticed anything yet but if so many others are, something must be happening.

Mystic Messenger has given me so many chances to improve my writing, talk to others and even make some friends along the way! It’s been so fun and I really wish it doesn’t ever end or die.

Let’s work together to keep this fandom going! Do anything! Write headcannons, imagines, scenarios, host events surrounding the characters or do some art!

It’s contribution this fandom needs and all of you can do it!

/rant over

EDIT: FALSE ALARM, not actually dying, but I think this is the first fright we’ve gotten as a fandom.

Long Lost Love: Pt. 2

Pairing: Kol x Kai x Reader

Warnings: Kidnapping

Word Count: 2498 aka a lot longer than part 1


Today, there’s a free music festival going on in the lovely city of New Orleans. The weather is amazing and all you see is happy faces surrounding you. Freya joined you and Kol, then ended up heading back home after a couple of hours to help out Elijah. Klaus was miles away taking care of what he called ‘business’.

As you were dancing to the upbeat music with the rest of the crowd on the freshly cut grass, Kol left to buy the two of you a beer. Wine was never your thing.

Moments later, you were at a loss for breath from all the dancing, so you stepped aside from the crowd to quickly rest. Admiring the music and soaking up the sun felt just amazing, but that fun soon vanished because a hand covers your mouth and you quickly pass out.

Finally, you wake up sitting on a chair. But this time, you aren’t at the festival. You are in an unfamiliar place, an empty warehouse from the looks of it. The first thing you tried to do was stand up and stretch, but your hands were tied behind you with vervain ropes. It stung like a motherfucker. “What the hell?! What is this?” You said aloud to yourself.

You hear footsteps approaching you, so you turn to face whoever it is. “You’re awake! Great!” The stranger says. He was a tall, dark male wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” You wiggled your wrists, but the vervain only pierced your skin once again.

“You’re Klaus’s precious sister in law right?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“Do you see a ring on my finger? No. At least not yet.” You spat.

“Who cares. I needed someone to get to him. And you were the easiest target. Poor Kol is probably wondering where you are.”

“Well Klaus isn’t in town. And even if he was, screw you.” You looked at him in disgust. There was no way you were going to rat out Klaus’s whereabouts. Especially to any enemy. No matter the consequences.

“Feisty one you are. Damn!” The man yelled in amusement and you scoffed at him. He sure was annoying.

“Since you won’t tell me where he is. Maybe this will help.” You furrowed your brows at his statement, then suddenly, his eyes turned yellow, revealing his fangs and didn’t hesitate to take his time sinking his teeth into your neck. The pain took over you, making you scream your lungs out. A werewolf bite is lethal to vampires and you thought to yourself how dead you are.

Finally, he stopped, but the dead weight of his body laid on you and the next thing you know, you see Kol above him, ripping his heart out of his back. Kol then threw his body off of you like a piece of trash.

“Oh my god, Kol. Thank goodness.” You sighed in relief. Your boyfriend sure is your savior.

“Hello darling.” Kol smiles as he’s wiping the blood on his hand to his shirt, then he quickly goes over to release your wrist from those damn ropes. He can handle the stinging of vervain way better than you can. “That’s a rather nasty bite you have there. Are you alright?” He added because he didn’t see it healing.

“Yup. Werewolves.” You shook your head as your were watching your wrists heal.

Kol cups your cheeks with his palms to draw your attention to his face. “I’ll call Nik so that he can cure that godforsaken bite.” He plants a kiss on your forehead, then reaches in his pocket for his phone to call Klaus.

“I should’ve listened to Elijah when he said for me to keep viles of Klaus’s blood. Now look where I am.” Luckily for the Mikaelsons, a werewolf bite won’t ever kill them, you were the odd one out.

“Not to worry, darling. He’s only a town away, last I heard.” Kol put his phone to his ear, waiting for Klaus to answer.

“Douchebag.” You sneered, looking down at the man that kidnapped and bit you.

“There you are, baby girl!” You flinched from the loud voice that wasn’t Kol’s. You couldn’t believe who it is. It was no other than your ex boyfriend, Malachai Parker walking in. This has to be the side effect of the werewolf bite making you delusional. But no, you noticed that Kol sees him too. “Out of all places you could be. New Orleans? Really?” Kai added, tilting his head in confusion.

You were speechless. Frozen. How is Kai he even here? The last time you saw him was years ago when Damon separated his head from his body. But you have to admit, he damn sure looks good.

“I’ll ring you later, brother.” Kol says to Klaus over the phone and hangs up. Kol looked confused as ever at the fact that you didn’t deny knowing Kai and you just stood there not saying a word.

“And who the bloody hell are you?!” Kol asks angrily.

“I’m her lover, duh. Cool accent by the way.” Kai jokes, then approaches you to look at your bite but Kol stops him by pushing his hand on his chest.

“Pardon?” Kol narrowed his eyes at Kai.

“Hmm…Did I stutter? Yeah. I don’t think so.” Kai quickly grabs Kol’s hand and siphons his magic. Kol tries to fight it, but he failed as he was weakening to the floor.

“Stop! That’s enough!” You vampire sped up to your boyfriend and your ex boyfriend, putting yourself in between the two. “First of all, how are you even here?” You asked Kai.

“Long story, babe. But please tell me who is this vampire that is that’s getting all worked up. You got a body guard now?”

“Kai, this is my-” You paused. “-boyfriend, Kol. He’s an original.”

“Yeah originally annoying. But ouch. I have to admit, that cuts deep.” Kai fake pouted on the outside, but on the inside, he was pretty hurt that you moved on while he was stuck loving you all these years. “And don’t tell me he’s the one that turned you. That was supposed to be my job.”

“Yes. But it’s been years, Kai. Years.” You over exaggerated the word ‘years’ because it’s really been that long. “I’ve moved on. Not to mention, you killed Jo. You killed all of those people. If you ran off with me instead we wouldn’t even be in this position.”

“This is enough. It’s no time to reminisce, love. Leave him be.” Kol looked at you while grabbing your waist, then looked at Kai. “Leave her be.”

“At least let me siphon her nasty bite.” Kai implied.

“She-WE don’t need your assistance. My brother’s blood will happily do the trick.” Kol glared, pulling you closer to him. Jealousy definitely took over him that he had to be stubborn.

“Kol, it’s alright. Let him help me.” You insisted.

Kol took a deep breath, scowling at Kai. “Fine. But make it quick.”

As Kai is siphoning your bite, he whispers in your ear. “This is what you really want?”

You looked back and forth between Kai & Kol. The old memories with Kai flooded your thoughts, but you fought it, replacing it with memories of Kol instead. “Yes Kai. This is.” You said while making eye contact with Kol. You knew that he was listening. And finally, that werewolf bite was all gone.

“Alrighty then.” Kai turned you around so that he’s hugging you from behind, then cloaks the both of you. 

“Let go of me! Let go of me now, Kai!” You instantly try to free yourself from his grip but he was too strong, especially with the help of him siphoning some of your magic as well while he’s holding onto you. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” Kol cries out for you. He looked around 360 degrees and couldn’t see you or hear you, but you were right in front of his eyes.

“Don’t worry, babe. Your little boyfriend can’t see you. Boo hoo.” Kai’s voice started to fade as you were passing out from his constant siphoning.

(1 Hour Later…)

Waking up feels like deja vu. Only this time, it was your ex kidnapping you for your affection, not some stranger looking to kill you. Instead of waking up in that warehouse this time, you were on a bed in what looks like a hotel room. Kai was sitting on the edge of the other bed waiting for you to wake up.

“So….How was your nap?” Kai asked smiling.

You instantly vampire sped up to him, grabbing him by the collar. “Kai what the hell is going on?” You were so enraged that your eyes turned red and veins started forming under your eyes.

“Aw, someone’s groggy from their nap.” Kai joked, but you weren’t laughing. 

“This isn’t a fucking joke. You kidnapped me! My supposed-to-be-dead ex boyfriend kidnapped me!” You shouted, tightening your hold on his collar.

“Okay okay. First of all, you can let go of me now.” Kai uses his strength and grabs your arms, pushing you so that you’re sitting across from him on the bed, then he started walking back and forth from the nightstand to the TV. “And secondly, I just missed ya, puddin. I thought maybe we can hang without that Mikaelson pest that you’re grossly screwing.” 

“And how do you know that I wont try to escape?” You straightened yourself sitting on the bed, crossing your arms in front of you.

“Trust me, sweetie. You won’t. Because if you do, i’d happily put your boy toy in a sleeping spell how I did Elena.”

“You wouldn’t.” You exhaled through your nostrils, giving Kai a death stare.

“Oh I would. And good luck asking Bonnie for the spell because last I heard, her and the Mikaelsons aren’t exactly buddy buddy. Unless, she and rest of your gang know about you being with Kol Mikaelson.” 

Kai was right. Bonnie and the rest of your friends would like Kol dead just as much as Kai. Not to mention, the part where they have no idea that Kol is even alive. There’s no need to get them involved in this funny business at all.

“Okay, so basically you kidnapped me in hopes I’ll fall in love with you again? Yeah Kai, that makes perfect sense.” The sarcasm in your voice was hard to miss. The word ‘love’ triggered Kai. He stopped his pacing and sat next to you on the edge of the bed.

“You know I’ll never in my life hurt you. A day, all I need is a day. Maybe two to make up for lost time. And if you still want to be with that pathetic vamp, then I’ll let you go.” Kai frowned.

“Okay fine. Deal.” You agreed. “At least let me tell Kol that I’m safe. I know he must be worried.”


“We need to find her!” Kol commanded to Freya, breaking his bourbon glass he had in his hand. His voice was so loud that you can probably hear it all around the compound.

Freya had her witchy knick knacks laid out on the table including a map and your hair brush to try and locate you. “Just calm down. I’m trying. But he must be using a cloaking spell on her because it’s like she doesn’t exist.” Freya made known.

“What’s going on? What’s with this shouting, Kol?” Rebekah rushed into the room.

“Y/N’s past lover took her and vanished because she chose me.” Kol said as he was pacing back and forth.

“What? Who?” Rebekah asked.

“Some wanker named Kai. What I heard, he was dead and now he’s alive.” Kol turned his attention back to Freya. “Please Freya, I must find her.” There was desperation in Kol’s eyes as if he was afraid. Either he was afraid to lose you to Kai or he was afraid that Kai will hurt you.

“Do you think he’ll hurt her?” Freya started to feel worried at how upset her brother is.

“How should I bloody know?” Kol started losing his patience.

“Trust me, he won’t. That boy loves her.” Rebekah implied. 

At one point you’ve told only Rebekah all about your relationship with Kai because she was always there whenever you needed an ear. There was no way you were going to vent to Kol about him. She’s also confident in her answer because from personal experience, no matter what goes down between Marcel and the Mikaelsons, Marcel would never lay a hand on Rebekah because he loves her.

Kol’s phone starts to ring in his pocket, so he quickly took it out in hopes that it’s you calling. Lucky for him, it is you that’s calling, Kol’s eyes lit up and he answered it immediately. “Y/N. Where are you? Are you safe? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. I’m safe. I don’t know exactly where I am but don’t come looking for me.” You informed Kol.

“What? Are you mad? What has he done to you?”

“He needs me for two days and if I try to leave or if you come for me within that time span, he’s going to put you under a spell that even Freya can’t reverse. Kai won’t hurt me. I promise.”

“So the two of you expect me to just do nothing and wait for you to come home then?” The thought of you spending time with Kai made Kol sick to his stomach. You’re his and only his. He doesn’t want anyone else getting in the way of that.

“Pretty much.” 

Kol snapped. “That’s rubbish! You tell that bastard I’ll tear him limb from limb if he dares to lay a finger on you.”

“Kol, I love-” Kai takes the phone from your hand and breaks it in half. Tossing it behind him on the middle of the bed.

“Wow. He sure is violent.” Kai felt no guilt disrupting your phone call.

“You’re so annoying.” You scoffed, grabbing the nearest pillow, smacking Kai in the chest with it. This is the man you have to put up with for the next 48 hours. You felt terrible for how worried Kol is going to be, you’re just hoping that he doesn’t lash out and go on a killing spree or something.

“Yup. But remember, you loved me at one point and I’m hoping to bring that spark back you know.” Kai smirked. 

“Yeah yeah yeah.” You rolled your eyes. Yes, you did love Kai at one point and part of you will always have love for him, but you have Kol and he’s just an outstanding lover and friend. From listening to your gossip to telling you how much he loves you before bed and even making you coffee every morning.

“Alright come on. Go freshen up.” Kai patted your thigh as he lunged off of the bed. “We’re going out.”

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Can you recommend some good acotar blogs?😁


@highladyfxyre @aelin-and-feyre @highladyyfeyre @tacmc @faesbeforebaes for some wonderful fics honestly they’re amazing and their blogs are fab, also, @illyrianrhys acotar au fanfic is everything i didn’t know I needed 

@fck-tamlin @modernbookfae and @readinglikewildfire these babes have the most perfect headcanons god bless

this fandom is so damn blessed with such artists like @sncinder @arz28art @raconteurwitch @janarun @starofvelaris @feyre-archerons-scrapbook @feyremylove @horcrux7750 @jessdoodlesthings @montherox @pojainter @terminalprocrastinator @annashoemaker THEIR ART GIVES ME LIFE go check them omg

@aly-naith @aelin @gisabarrow for gorgeous edits honestly their blogs are aesthetic goals

GOTTA SHOW MY LOVE FOR @eviternalism @feysandsmut jay is awesome and her blog has some good™content™ that you must check @lronteeth luna’s blog is lit i love her sm !! shout out to my brazilian mutuals @towerofdawn @cassiancalore @rowanismybae @acotarwikibr @electricons such babes ❤  @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks (bianca’s acosap nsfw edits are heaven) also @nessiansmut @azriewl @bbyshadowbat @cassiandnesta @carrion-princess @aelinarcheron @runesandfaes @my-life-is-a-drama-book @nestasbucket @cinderashryver @azrielsiphons @amrens-jewelry @cass-ian @fay-ruh @foxboy-lucien @staywiththesuriel @highladyofluna @illyriangoddess @deathgoddessnesta @sjmaas-trashh @tog-trash @feyrearcheron-nightcourt @highlord-tarquin @highladyofemotions @lorcan-joined-a-circus @worldoffae @tntwme @ericatheweirdo @thebonecarver-official-ish @feysandfeels @rhysashryver @its-suriel @rowaelin-superwho @nestarchron @cruelwickedthing and @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos

❤ ❤   

Hey Bro-tatos! Commissions are back open again!

“Were they ever closed?”

I don’t remember honestly.. lol

BUT ANYWAYS! I'm here to announce that im going to be doing some commissions again cause I’m really behind on things that I need! (new clothes n stuffs for a job, and I also need to pay my phone bill again ;-;)

So! Prices are below! If you cant afford one or don’t want one PLEASE at least reblog it, so that way someone who wants to buy a drawing from me, can see it! Thank you! ^_^)/

Also, I’m not confined to any kind of fandoms/ocs/rating ect heres no limit to this. It means there CAN be NSFW, but of course you still MUST BE 18 AND OLDER.

Sketches: 15$

Lines: 20$

Base Colored: 25$(Not including the background)

Colored + Shaded: 30$ (background not included)

W/ Backgrounds: +20$

W/ Backgrounds + Effects: +25$

Additional person is +5$ ontop of what you order! :D

Comics are 50$ and up, depends on how long they are. (theyre 50$ because I really don’t like doing them. but I’m willing to do it, with enough motivation lmao)

NSFW: +15$

And there you have it! Remember! please Reblog even if you are or aren’t buying! MESSAGE ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!

I’m going to use multiple tags just to make it easier to find. remember, theres no limits on this! :D

ahhhh wait,now that I think about it,limits should be put..

-no child pr0n

-no noncon

-furries are allowed… just be easy on me I’m still.. hesitant about the attention it brings

- Also (I’m probably going to break some hearts) NO INCENST!!!

Okay! rules set! Ready? Set? LETS DO THIS! >:Vc


(your beautiful point of view)

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed as I usually do. Retweeting really good fan art and random shit DIY’s as I please.
Until I come across a post. It’s tagged in my username. Since I’ve been dating Dan I’ve been ignoring the posts, I’ve been tagged in.

But I’m too damn curious. The link was to a YouTube video. Titled “15 REASONS WHY (Y/N) (L/N) IS UGLY AND FAKE”  Now any normal person would have clicked away, but you see I’m not normal. I clicked on the video. I watch until about reason 7.

I clicked out. I looked at the retweet it was “tbh they make a lot of sense. She’s only with him for views and she’s playing him. Dan doesn’t deserve someone like her.” The video had pinpointed every single insecurity I had and a few I didn’t even realize I had.

I went to Dan and I’s shared room. I opened the door. He wasn’t there. I flopped on the bed, I wrapped myself up in the monochrome covers and cried.

Daniel POV
I unlocked the door, sorta stressed because​ I had to go to the store, AlOnE. I put the groceries away. I was listening for (Y/N)’s loud seal like laugher. Silence. I listened for Phil’s soft muttering of him vlogging in his room. Nothing. I listened for shouting from the gaming room. Nada.

I finished with the groceries. Making sure to hide my precious  cereal child. Oh crunchy nut how I love thee. I slowly approach the stairs up to my room, not wanting to scary anyone. Until I hear soft crying. (Y/N) must be looking at that (Marvel interview/Favorite Fandom you potentially cry about) again.

I go in expecting her to be crying with a phone in hand. (Y/N) is crying but her phone’s on the other side of the room. She’s in my sheets wrapped up like a burrito. She’s practically sobbing. I scrambled over to the bed.
“(Y/N) why are you crying, Who do I need to fight?” She looks up at me with her (e/c) eyes. “I’m fine.” She lays in my lap. I stroke her hair. I notice her phone open on Twitter.

I see it’s a rant about how awful (Y/N) is. She looks up at me tear filled eyes. “ I’m fine, I’m over-” I shake my head. “No, ( Y/N) this isn’t okay, they shouldn’t be doing this.” She sits up and leans her head in my shoulder. I sigh. “I’m sorry they’re so damn​ agressive, You don’t deserve this.” She sighs, “do you think i’m only here for your fame because I promise I’m not, I love you and I hope you know that.” Her voice sounds so sad and depressed. I pause, she looks up at my face.

“I know that your a beautiful person and you love me and I hope you know I  love you.” I kiss the top of their head. She pulls me back into the sheets and wraps  her arms around me.

I lay back with her, she squeezes me and I wait until she falls asleep. I pull out my phone open to the Twitter who posted the video and the rant.
Do you think this is okay?
I really shouldn’t even be acknowledging your clear ignorance. But your actions aren't​ affecting me. They are hurting one of the most beautiful person in my life. Your words are hateful and mean, I don’t mind if appreciate you’re being an opinionated fan but don’t attack someone because you “think” they’re bad for me. You don’t have a single clue as to what
(Y/N) is like so please don’t say anything more like this thank you.“

I read over my tweet, liking how it sounded. I posted it. I looked at (Y/N)’s tear stained face.  She was smirking and clutching on to me. I put my phone on the charger and curled my arms around her and gave her a small peck on the forehead. I fell asleep not worrying about the fan but only about holding onto (Y/N).

I want to thank @regrettablewritings I didn’t think I was going to post any of my fanfictions but I decided to just do it, I was scared super nervous but what’s the worst that can happen. 

Non-Kpop fans react to Kpop

So, this morning I found out that I did not pass the test to enter University. There were 400 seats(?) and I was number 409. But I’m not too grumpy about it, because being number 409 out of 1703 is pretty good.

Anyway, to distract myself for a bit I’ve decided to start a series of posts I hope you will like.

Non-Kpop fans’ first impressions of K-pop songs

I asked some friends of mine (non-Kpop fans) to watch some videos and performances of K-pop idols and groups and to tell me their first impressions, because I love to hear the opinions of non-k-pop fans. How am I going to proceed? I’m going to translate my friends messages and put them here. Simple.


This series will start with my dear friend Angelica, the one who actually directed me towards K-pop 5 years ago. She was a k-pop fan back then so she is familiar with the genre, but isn’t in the fandom anymore.

QUICK DISCLAIMER (I don’t know if it is needed, but I’ll write it anyway). Everyone has its taste and everyone’s tastes must be respected. So don’t feel attacked if the person who watched the videos did not like a song you love. I love all these songs and artists, so.

Triple H ~ “365 Fresh”
• “The rhythm is really catchy, the girl is hot af and I guess all three of their names start with H, which makes their group name pretty cute. Surely the videos changed a lot since when I was in the fandom LoL. The fact that I do not understand the language kinda weirds me out, but it seems to me that the song doesn’t really get along with the meaning of the video… well, I don’t really know HAHAHAH. Plus, the blond one with the black shirt [she’s talking about E’Dawn] looks like Light Yagami (from Death Note) aw, hot patootie.”

CL ~ “Lifted”
• “Okay. American style and it shows. She’s really cute, but I feel like she’s trying to be a Korean Nicki Minaj and idk, it looses something because it doesn’t seem like her style. I WANT THAT GUN HAIR CLIP. I don’t really like the song, it sound too repetitive for my taste.”

DEAN ft. Zico ~ “Pour Up”
• “UH I LIKE THIS ONE. Nice suit + shoes [She’s referring to DEAN]. Nice start, even tho he switches from hot guy on the plane to Taylor Swift on Blank Space’s stairs LOL. The girl with the black and white dress reminds me of a deodorant commercial LMFAO. BTW the red suit is sooo nice, I really like it. I just noticed that this guy [always DEAN] makes me think about Malec’s son LMFAO [she’s talking about Shadowhunters], but the black hat does not suit him at all. I really like the song, I don’t understand the words obviously, but t’s really nice on the ears”

K.A.R.D ~ “Hola Hola”
• “They couldn’t have done a video more American than this one. OMG THOSE GIRLS OMG THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I love the pairings Boy/Girl, but PLS we know you are all GAYFOREACHOTHER. The song is nice, but not one of those that make me say OMG I have to listen to it again. More like “meh, I’ll put it on my Ipod and if I listen to it it will be okay.
P.S. Why do everyone look like Light Yagami?! [She was talking about J.Seph if I remember correctly]”

Heize ~ “Don’t know you”
• “About this video I have to say that I’m against violence on teddy bears, because I’d love to stuff my bedroom of teddy bears. I don’t really like her, the way she speaks/raps makes me think about Manuel Agnelli [an Italian alternative rock musician] rapping and singing in Korean with autotune to have his voice more feminine. About the rest… I LOVE THE PINK OUTFIT.”

Jay Park ~ “Aquaman” [Let’s be real, I had her listen to this song because it makes me laugh so much]
• "OMG the title already is cracking me up, more because you told me about the content of the song. Koreans speaking English remind me a lot of Spanish people speaking French lol. I too want the car with the pool. So comfy during Summer. I don’t know if the singer wants to be himself or a mix of Derulo, Pitbull and Bruno Mars (because of the height, he looks like a smurf near those super tall models). The girls are all so hot, but I don’t like the song. Sorry, but it’s not my genre.”

BIGBANG ~ “Fxxk It”
She knew them already, she was a big fan back then, but hadn’t heard this song.
• “OMG BABIES! WHAT HAPPENED?! This song was released in 2016, mh, I feel old [she’s a ‘97 liner like me]. GD I LOVE YOU. I’m so loving this song. I love BIGBANG, my beautiful babies. OMG TOP’S VOICE (and the pink hair, I loove it). I really really like it! Definitely the song I liked the best till now. And also, I love those outfits *^*”

EXO ~ “Power”
• "The intro is so funny it makes me laugh, but the moment the song started I found myself bouncing my head. I love that Koreans never grow old, so lovely. But they’re super cute and the special effects make me laugh, this video brightened my mood. HOORAY FOR EXO.”

BLACKPINK ~ “Boombayah”
• "I’m love. But why do I even tell you. These girls are sooooo hot. This song too is super catchy and the outfits are 100% on point. L O V E I T. And probably the chorus won’t leave my head for the next hundred of years LMFAO.”


This is all for today, I hope you appreciated it!

I had my friends pick most of the videos they reacted to, BUT I had all of them react to “365 Fresh” by Triple H because I soooo love the video.

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Can you link all of the princess Betty fics/royalty fics? I can't seem to find them! So sorry to bother you

YES I CAN! (also - you are never a bother, Grayface. Ever!) 

I can only link to the ones I’ve seen already. I’m certain there will be more - but as of publishing this answer - these are the ones I’ve got:

Shattered Kingdom by @bugheadandjughead

No Sooner Met by @malmo722

Princess Betty Part 1 (and now Part 2) by @bughead4days

Crowns by annoe 

If you Love Me for Me by @itstenafterfour *

The Serpent and The Swan by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency *

For context to people who are new - there was this awesome post by @southsidevixens of Lili’s recent photoshoot mashed up with one of Cole’s from a while ago. They looked like a Prince and a Princess and the fandom erupted in a desperate need for fic. (I swear this wasn’t just ME demanding it!)

THEN @itstenafterfour made this amazing aesthetic and it only made the fandom MORE desperate for fic. So then I declared that I must have fic and other people figured - hey, we should listen to Jandy once and a while (lol this is not actually how it went down) - and I woke up the next day with Prince Elizabeth and Prince Forsythe fic! I didn’t even have to wait until my BIRTHDAY! 

Anyway - I hope there is lots and lots more fic in this AU going to be written… and if you know of a fic that isn’t posted here - please let me know and I’ll edit this original post. <3

* Edited after original posting.

Skittle’s One Prompt For All 100 Followers Challenge!

Hello people! It’s-a me, Sunny, and I just want to begin this by saying: Thank you, everyone, for following my shitty blog! Y’all gonna make me cry tears of joy! I love y’all awesome peeps!

I seriously didn’t think I’d ever get 50 followers, much less a hundred seeing as I’m a Tumblr account of just a few months old and I only have a couple of works published! I’ve met such wonderful people here, both writers and readers alike from the same fandoms, different ones, and just, y'all are the bomb! I love each and every single one of y’all wonderful people!

And with the worst case of writer’s block and a couple others things that happened within the last week, I’m surprised to see that people would still wanna follow me.

Now! Getting right into it, yes, this is a one-prompt challenge for all, as the title of the post states, and it’s my very first challenge too!

Below the cut is a list of rules for this challenge, so if you’d like to participate, send me an ask so I can keep track of you guys!

For this challenge, I’m giving a quote that you must add to your prompt in order for it to be valid:

“I know you. And you’re better than this.”

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nooling  asked:

I just came across your work and I'm like already in love. It's so nice to see positivity around ffxv cos even though it's not perfect it's a little tiring to see nothing but negativity y'know? Also I saw someone mention that comrades came out on their birthday (happy birthday for tomorrow!) and it reminded me that Ep. Ignis comes out on mine, so please spare a thought for the pain I'm going to suffer then.

Ah, thank you! I’m glad that I can bring some positivity to the fandom! I must be nestled into a good corner, because the people on my dash love the game, though they address its faults, and I often agree with them! :>

And omfg Episode Ignis comes out on your birthday… No need to blow out the candles when you can just douse the flames with Your Tears

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[ So. Well. After months of quiet simmering, I finally need to get this off my chest and I fully expect to lose followers over it. By all means, do go on. But I must say: the way the fandom handled the entire Eurus ordeal has taught me rather a lot about victim blaming - and the victim I am talking about here is not Eurus. Everyone that has been following my blog for a while knows that I intensely dislike the way Eurus was written: I dislike the way they handled her sexuality, her mental health and her intelligence; it was like an ignorant throwback into the values of gothic literature that hundreds of years of writing have tried to improve. And just as in gothic literature, Eurus, the apparent “climax” of the series, was written for little more than the shock factor, without paying any attention to the effects on the main characters of the show. 

Ever since TFP was broadcast, I have come across sentences such as these: Mycroft was so stupid. Mycroft was so out of character. Mycroft is abusive. Mycroft treated her terribly. Mycroft is the true villain of the show. Mycroft does not deserve Sherlock’s forgiveness. 
And the best thing is - Mycroft would probably agree with all these opinions. TFP didn’t end on a good note for him. It has left him in a place that might actually be fatal for his mental health and his career. He has a clear, very distinct childhood trauma that still haunts him and suffers from PTSD. His sister is his greatest fear, to the point where he consciously banned most childhood-related memories from his mind and his home. The childhood flashbacks actually show us some very interesting information: Mycroft was an extremely troubled, very unhappy boy who, nevertheless, had a close, loving relationship with Sherlock. He was charged with the tasked of taking care of his siblings, being the eldest and most responsible (a role into which he has been forced by circumstance. Mycroft has been made to grow up far too fast), and he felt that it was his duty to deal with Eurus’s destructive outbursts. He was the one that asked her sensible questions, tried to understand what was going on and how to help her. I often see people pitying Eurus because she had “nothing” - what did Mycroft have? He didn’t have friends. He only had his books. Mycroft, too, was left without his little brother whenever Victor came over to play (which is not, I repeat, not a reason to resort to murder). Mycroft didn’t have being the family favourite, he didn’t have being the most intelligent, all he had was being … just Mycroft. Isolated and trying to drown himself in food. 

What happened then was that Eurus systematically destroyed all their lives. She burned their childhood home to the ground (and again: hello overused gothic stereotype). She delighted in making Sherlock, Mycroft’s passionately beloved little brother, suffer. And she killed a child. A child Mycroft could not save. Sherlock was unable to overcome his trauma, so Mycroft, essentially still being a child himself, developed a strategy to make him forget, to pull him out of his misery and help him cope. The fandom likes to call this “emotional abuse” and “gaslighting”. Where were the parents? Where was the mental healthcare? Mycroft did all he could, and he did it well, considering the intense emotional pressure that rested on him during the entire time. He encountered the first death to be blamed on him at the age of what - thirteen, fourteen? And it is at this age that an older, more experienced family member decides to take matters into his hand and entrust Mycroft (tiny! teenage! Mycroft!) with the responsibility of keeping Eurus’s fate a secret. Mycroft is not the one that locked her in - he was forced into this situation by a relative he viewed as authority. And for all these years, Mycroft has had to live with the knowledge that Eurus still wants to destroy him, that Sherlock will never be safe from her, that the psychological help she receives remains ineffective, that she violently rapes and disfigures staff members, that she is his to care for, that he is the only one that will be made responsible for her crimes. 

And that is what actually happens when things get out of hand. Mycroft handled many things poorly. He made decisions that can not be excused, but then, how could he be expected to remain logical and rational in this matter? Mycroft is a victim. He was an actual child when this happened and he nearly lost his life over it. More importantly, I believe he also lost a good deal of his already crackling self-worth. Am I trying to say that people should not relate to Eurus, a mentally ill, tragically misrepresented, incarcerated woman that ought to have been handled much more adequately by the writers? No. But stop blaming Mycroft for everything. There is too much suffering that needs to be recognised. All things considered, it’s not a surprise at all that he was puking with fear and guilt once the situation escalated.

And what did he get in exchange for years of trauma, terror and loneliness? Nothing but an Idiot boy. You should have done better. 
And let’s not even talk about Sherlock. 
Honestly, just save Sherlock and Mycroft from the terrible, terrible Holmes household. They should and could not have done better. But they deserve better. Much, much better than this. ]

Ale's Olicity Fic Recs List

In honor of my three years on tumblr, I wanted to make this list of my top favorite olicity fanfics i’ve read since i joined the arrow fandom. Honestly this list could have been so much longer but alas i’ll make myself make a part 2 sometime in the future. I hope you find new fics you haven’t seen before or that you choose to reread an old favorite. Thanks for being so amazing darlings, your talent and creativity has made my experience with the olicity fandom one of the highlights of this past year. 

Also a special shoutout to an amazing blog that i ALWAYS go to when i need to find new fics to read. theolicitylibrary check out this blog, follow it or bookmark it and enjoy all the amazing fics this fandom has to offer <3 

Enough chit chat, happy reading everybody!

Must Reads - These are the fics that I literally read over and over again without ever getting tired of them. And if you were to ask me which fics you should read first, these are it. Start with these ones. 

Pink Drinks and Pick-Up Lines - Frea_O, complete, rated t, strangers au, blind date au, there is just something about this fic that makes me laugh and smile and squee every time i read it. I think its the fic i’ve reread the most i practically have it memorized by heart. 

what does home look like? - sarcastic_fina, wip, rated t, series- 2works, i am SO obsessed with this fic, i just want to know what happens next and gah lovesick oliver always just makes me emotional. no island au, high school au, family feels , Lance is Felicity’s stepdad, Sara and Laurel her stepsisters kind of au. there is also a oneshot from Oliver’s pov that i practically know by heart i’ve read it so many times. 

The Victory- December_Daughter , not rated, complete, fluffy chance meetings au, this fic makes me smile and my heart melt i love it

Convergence - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, porn, straight up porn without a plot, strangers au, sooo fucking hot

should’ve left my phone at home (this is a disaster) - leviosaphoenix , complete, rated t, fluffy strangers au , so cute and fun and perfect to distract from all the angst

Dear John - Shideezhi, complete, explicit, i cannot say enough good things about this fic, felicity decides she needs to leave the arrow lifestyle, oliver doing everything to get her back, reeead it.

Open Heart and Lithe Tongue (Speak and We are Undone) - RosieTwiggs, complete, explicit, a fic dedicated to oral sex, need i say more?

Hang My Head Break My Heart (Built From All I Have Torn Apart) - ciara2531, wip, mature, starts off with a strong Thea x Felicity relationship before it gets to olicity. its incredible. 

and you know what??? honestly read all of lee’s fics, (sarcastic_fina) i mean i already posted a few of my top favorites into this list but ALL of her fics are amazing and i love all of them and it would take forever to post them all so here, this is a link to her ao3. have fun reading <3

Bratva!Olicity/Mob FicsThe title speaks for itself. I adore these fics, there is just something about them that has me hooked. also this genre could be an extension of my must reads, i reread these fics all the time too.

you could be the king (but watch the queen conquer) - sarcastic_fina , wip, explicit 

A Matter of Trust - bluesuedeshoes, complete, explicit, arranged marriage au

Russian Roulette - Caiti (Caitriona_3), series -7works, wip, teen

What He Needed - GeorgeHeesto, complete, explicit

Behind The Hummingbird  - GeorgeHeesto, wip, explicit

Я чувствую это слово для вас - angelica, complete, rated g,

Just following the map that leads to you - ohmypreciousgirl, complete, mature, arranged marriage

Russian Speaking Oliver - Mimozka, complete, rated t, series-3works, bratva

Oblivion (Is Calling Out Your Name) - seetheskyaboveus, wip, mature 

I let it burn, not afraid to feel it shine on me. - fueledbybooks, complete, mature

The Reluctant Queen - December_Daughter, wip, rated t, blackmail, protection au 

No Island Au’s- Sometimes its just nice to get away from canon. These fics do it remarkably well. All kinds of aus.

Stories Of Duke Of Starling - Saturn_Queen, wip, mature, historical au

You’re The Boss - gnimaerd, complete, explicit, prostitute au

Taste of Your Poison Paradise - HoodiesandComputers , complete, explicit, prostitute au

Felicity The Virgin - javajunkie , wip, rated t, inspired by Jane The Virgin

Let it rain, let it pour - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, pwp, strangers au

Creatures of the Night - thierhappystory, complete, rated t, prostitute au

Cleared for Take Off - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, strangers au

Confined Chaos - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicity, strangers au

Eye of the Beholder - Bre_o, wip, rated t, beauty and the beast retelling

My Little Corner of the World - javajunkie, wip, rated t, friends to lovers au

Camp Crush - bluesuedeshoes, complete, rated g, summer camp au

The Accidental Boyfriend - javajunkie, complete, rated t, pretend wedding date au

Let’s Remix This Business - Frea_O, complete, rated t, social media au

Everything To Lose (Everything Gained) - Hann789, wip, rated g, college au

Executive Stress Therapy - trueplainhearts, complete, mature, prostitute au

Canon Divergence-  So this is basically fics that are based off of canon but at some point take their own path.  

If I Were A Better Man - sarcastic_fina, wip, explicit, series- 3works, pre S.1 , season 1 rewrite 

You’re His Hope - ChronicOlicity, wip, rated t, EPIC, more than 78 chapters, post episode 9 in the 3rd season, league of assassins Oliver.  

What happened in Vegas… - Jules_Ink, wip, explicit, season 1 rewrite, vegas au

The Dilemma - goingvintage, complete, explicit , pwp, masturbation

Rivers and Roads - angelica , wip, not rated, season 1 rewrite, felicity is oliver’s psychiatrist

Click - LadyChi, complete, explicit, smut, CEO & Executive Assistant 

Hands - redtoes , complete,  rated t, post S.1 , friends to lovers au

Don’t you just love the desire taking hold of you (well, I can tell you do) - sarcastic_fina, complete, explicit, CEO & Executive Assistant

What’s Your Fantasy? - chasethewind, wip, explicit , series - 15 works, smut smut and more smut here 

Felicity Smoak, Technical Advisor - thatmasquedgirl, wip, rated t, season 1 rewrite, fucking AMAZING, one hell of a series. 

Devil’s Backbone - anthfan, wip, explicit, post sara’s death.

Sins - SmoakandArrow, wip, mature, season 1 rewrite

Without a Thought (Without a Voice) - cindysark, complete, explicit, something was bound to happen on the training mats

And A Bottle of Wine - ciara2531, complete, rated t, 

remove all doubt - puzzledhats, complete, explicit, post S.2 pre S.3

What happens in Vegas… - redtoes, complete, explicit, not to be confused with the other fic, if the different authors didn’t give that way already. vegas au, 

You told me I was like the Dead Sea (I never sink when you are with me) - sarcastic_fina, wip, rated t, island au

This Ain’t Love (It’s Clear To See) - callistawolf , complete, explicit, season 1 rewrite

One night stands and vanilla cupcakes - redtoes, complete, explicit, jealous oliver oooh, felicity doing what needs to be done to be happy, fuck yes.

Late fees - redtoes, complete, explicit, pwp, 

Lengths - rosietwiggs , wip, explicit, bdsm (but focuses more on emotional aspect and not just the sexual, its so beyond incredible)


Little Talks - december_daughter, complete, rated t, friends to lovers au, 

Filled with Gold - december_daughter, complete , explicit, sequel to Little Talks

Drabble Collections- So many writers in this fandom do these, they are wonderful and encompass everything from tropes and au’s to episode fixers and requests. I love reading them and they are quick reads too. 

Take a little piece of my heart (and keep it for yourself) - sarcastic_fina, wip, rated t

Sultry Sunday Smut Series - callistawolf, wip, explicit 

throw your soul through every open door - effie214, wip, rated t

Dim Sum After Fisticuffs - ihatepeas, wip, rated t

Olicity Flash Fiction - ihatepeas, wip, rated t

Fragile Things - bluesuedeshoes, complete, not rated

Russian Sunshine and Other Terms of Endearment - bluesuedeshoes, complete, not rated

Tropes - anthfan, wip, rated t

At First Sight - thatmasquedgirl, complete, rated t, all KINDS of au’s that lead to different series, all amazing. also these are more oneshots than drabbles, some of them are pretty long actually and so fucking amazing. i can not say that enough.

I’ve Never Truly Loved (Until You Put Your Arms Around Me) - thierhappystory, wip, mature 

Bits and Pieces - mimoska, wip, rated g

But You Stood By My Side Night After Night (You Loved Me Back To Life) - ciara2531, complete, rated t

I can’t escape this now (unless you show me how) - callistawolf , complete, explicit

Drabbling in Your Love - rosietwiggs, wip, explicit, series- 3works, 

Domestic Olicity/Family Fics - basically these are the fics where Oliver and Felicity are married or parents, fics where there is team arrow family fluff, and even fics where Oliver and Felicity aren’t together (yet) but everyone still considers them a couple/family figures.

nothing comes from nothing (nothing ever could) - effie214 , complete, rated g, ITS SO SWEET AND PERFECT AND I CRY DAMN IT, kidfic, sound of music appreciation life forever!!!!

Like A Queen - leli1013, rated g, complete , everyone can see it au

Legacy - ash818 , rated t, complete , next generation, 

The Man Under the Hood - ash818, rated t, wip, next generation

His Little Genius - CSM, complete, rated g, precious fluffy fic, kidfic

Give a Little Love - jemmaniac, wip, rated t, inspired by life as we know it , godparents to guardians au, kidfic

The Gorgeous One - ohmypreciousgirl, complete, rated t

Sunshine and Rain (Make A Beautiful Thing) - ciara2531 , complete, mature, kidfic

Ways To Grow - lizook12, complete, rated g 

You can tell - mariss95, wip, rated t, everyone can see it au

Olicity + Others - Not gonna lie, sometimes I indulge myself and read some smoaking canarrow or better yet some smoaking billionaires (i mostly just read tommy felicity oliver but if you have recs for smoaking canarrow let me know, i’m not opposed). Threesomes can be so much fun.

How the Mighty Fall (in Love) - abbie & rosietwiggs, complete (ish?), explicit, smoaking billionaires, 

Lustful innocence - nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, smoaking billionaires, strangers au

You Owe Me - bluesuedeshoes, complete, explicit, smoaking billionaires 

After Hours - chasethewind, wip, explicit, smoaking canarrow , prostitue au, bdsm

Curse of Cuervo - redtoes, complete, explicit, smoaking billionaires

 Where Heaven Stops and Earth Begins - rosietwiggs, complete, explicit,  smoaking billionaires 

“Forever” is a show about resurrection. Let’s prove it.

The supernatural crime drama “Forever”, about Dr. Henry Morgan (Played by Ioan Gruffudd of a notable roster of historical epics like 2004′s “King Arthur” and James Cameron’s tour-de-force “Titanic”, as well as “Horatio Hornblower” and, as a cute turn of fate, a film called “Forever”, out later in 2015) his juggling repeated returns from death spanning two and a half centuries with an ordinary day-job as the chief medical examiner for the New York Police Department, was not picked up for a second season. 20,000 people signed petitions. Every post the show made on any public media was met with overwhelming fan love and support. Despite all of that, it wasn’t picked back up. 

Here’s why we need a show like “Forever”:

- The cast has incredible chemistry that flows easily and features formidable talent. These actors have notable acting pedigrees and the love of their fans.

- The crimes are technically the bare bones of the episodes, but they tie into much larger and more universal themes like death (naturally), love, loss, protection, character, saving face, secrecy, and family blossoming from where you least expect it. 

- Love period-themed dramas and glimpses into history? As we see Henry’s flashbacks into past lives we are actually educated on topics like the slave trade, the Holocaust, World War II, and other happenings that we must understand in order to avoid repeating. We see Henry’s constant battle to be a good man despite those around him showing truly human weakness, as is often displayed in such conflicting events. He does his best to judge their actions but never discount the people themselves. He truly sees the precious gift of life as just that. The themes of racial injustice and genocide surface often and are still so painfully relevant today. We need a show with this perspective to bring up these dialogues to fearlessly.

- Love something as simple as Ioan Gruffudd’s dreamy voice and good looks? How about a show where you constantly see him bare-ass naked? Henry’s condition means that when he dies, he’s reborn in the nearest body of water, swimming for his life without a stitch of clothing on. Hence, he’s stuck in a loop of being thirty-five. For decades. However, we learn that he’s not the only one, and Burn Gorman (”Dark Knight Rises” and “Pacific Rim”) plays a man in a similar position with deadly panache and grim charm. 

- His bond with his son, Abraham, is extraordinary. Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch have such an easy rapport with one another that it’s hard to believe they haven’t actually known one another all of their lives (and lovingly berated one another all the while). When you stay 35 years old and your son is a septuagenarian hippie who never grew up and sees laws as gentle guidelines to be occasionally ducked under, the world is indeed a colorful place.  

- The precinct’s premiere figures of authority are Lieutenant Reece, (eminently wise and dry-but-fair, and played brilliantly by Lorraine Toussaint of “Orange Is The New Black”) and Detective Jo Martinez (brought to life by Alana de La Garza, of previous “Law and Order” acclaim). They are two capable, whip-smart and strong women of color that are given great depth by the glimpses of their vulnerability, which is never shown to be feeble or womanly, merely human. We see Jo on the heels of her husband’s untimely death and she and Henry grieve the loss of their spouses in tandem, propping one another up as they go without ever seeing the other as weak.

- Henry sees the women of his daily interactions rightly as equals and figures of their positions without hesitation and clearly shows them their due respect. He wears it as if it is the duty of all proper men not to coddle or humor women but to see their strengths and encourage them. He calls upon sex therapist Iona Paine (Hilarie Burton, sensual and sharp as a tack) as a consultant on a case and is baffled (pleasantly) by her insight in the case. Her works is just that to him, and he sees it as fascinating. They even experience a potent romantic attraction and not once is her work considered an unpleasantry to be skirted around. It’s actually his own past pain from the loss of his wife that keeps him from truly embracing her. At one point, a suspect begins to berate her repeatedly for her line of work and Henry, the scarf-loving and pacifist ponce that he is, bashes the brute in the jaw for it. 

- The story of Henry and Abigail is a truly beautiful one. They meet during the Holocaust as war doctors and not only do they quickly fall in love, but adopt one of the camp survivors, an infant named Abraham. Abigail’s loss is referenced repeatedly in the show as a long-running mystery that whipsaws Henry and Abe alike, and their unshakable bond is tested through their journey to unearth the truth about her final years. Abigail (The pixie-pretty Mackenzie Mauzy) is kind, loving, generous, nurturing, but in the end falls prey to the very human fears of inadequacy and judgment of her peers. 

- Later on, it’s a a potential romance between Henry and Jo that brings another layer of intrigue to the series and it never quite gets properly brought to light. While admirable to keep it a slow burn, many a fan wants to see precisely where they might end up.

- The other main men of the precinct, Detective Mike “Handsome” Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz from “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Adjustment Bureau”) and Medical Examiner’s Assistant Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore, seen in “Dodgeball: a true Underdog Story” and James Cameron’s lush epic “Avatar”) , round out the main cast with equal parts intellect and wit. Where Mike is the closest we get to the typical tough and dry New York cop we expect, he still displays warmth and charm, and works well with Detective Martinez. Though she doesn’t need it, he readily halts a suspect’s sexist attitude toward her without pause. He’s a family man who seems the most grounded, reflecting many concerns with which the audience can easily identify and agree. Lucas is a lovable nerd without being a punchline (which, frankly, we direly need.) and brings equal parts finely-honed talent and goofy lovability. Henry often doesn’t know what to think of him but Lucas never falters as a loyal and eager accomplice, even when called upon to re-enact the sometimes grisly circumstances of some of their murders. He only flinches most of the time. All the same Henry recognizes Lucas’ work ethic and sees his worth, past the references that clearly go right over his head (not least because he’s almost a head shorter than Wahl’s lanky frame on a good day).

So what can we do?

There are several options. The show’s Twitter account, @ForeverABC and Facebook account (Simply “Forever”) are swimming with devoted fans showing overwhelming approval on every post the series has to offer. The writers and actors (Sans Judd, who seems a wee bit less tech savvy that his on-screen counterpart who consistently bests Henry in the realm of all things electronic) are very active on Twitter, and clearly love their work. We’ve moaned, we’ve wailed, and some of us have dropped colorful language. But what we need now is fandom. 

The kind that brought back shows like Community and Arrested development for more seasons. Hell, if we’re lucky, the kind that got tiny half-season Firefly a BIG DAMN MOVIE. 

Make shirts. Draw fanart. Post jokes. Cosplay. Make Vines. It’s not enough to type sad posts about missing the show. We need a show like this and we need to show the execs what a gem they missed. The show is being heavily lobbied to Hulu and Netflix, where it has a great shot thanks to its built-in fan base. I feel like this is our strongest chance. Contact both entities (politely!) and tell them what a great series this is! The more you wear your fandom on your sleeve, the better a chance it has. Even if you make one little doodle, spread it on every form of social media and tag the heck out of it!

If nothing else, the world always… ALWAYS needs more butt-naked Ioan Gruffudd. 

Attack on Titan characters react to their fandom selves!

As people in the SnK fandom may have noticed, we sometimes tend to dumb character’s personality traits down to only a basic few, sometimes for humorous purposes. Basically, here are my interpretations of the exaggerated versions of the out-of-character Attack on Titan cast as invented by the fandom, as well as how the actual canon characters might react to their other selves!

1. Fandom Marco meets canon Marco

 ©Marco: …

 ©Marco: I appreciate that my personality is probably the one that’s been changed the least out of the ones on this list, but this fandom seems to have a really hard time grasping the fact that I am in fact canonically dead.

 © Marco: Half my body was gone, guys. Accept it.

2. (Fandom) French, fancy Levi meets canon Levi.

 (F) Levi: Hon hon hon,shall we adjourn to the salon, my beloved?

 © Levi: …

 © Levi: What the actual titan shit happened here

 © Levi: Also apparently being humanity’s strongest means having no muscles whatsoever.

3. (Fandom) Crazy Hanji with a titan-fetish meets canon Hanji

 (F) Hanji: Ahahaha let me lick your arm, Eren! Ahahaha I’m going to dissect you now!!

 © Hanji: …

 © Hanji: I am afraid that you are a health hazard and must be terminated.

 © Hanji: Although this concept of alter egos is very intriguing… I might just dissect you afterwards.


 © Hanji: … Dammit

4. (Fandom) Angry Eren meets canon Eren


 © Eren: Ok it feels really weird to say this to myself, but dude

 © Eren: I’m just trying to protect the people I care about. I don’t know what it is you’re up to, but you seriously need to chill

5. (Fandom) Un-feeling, cold Mikasa who is obsessed with Eren meets canon Mikasa

 (F) Mikasa: My speciality lies in the slicing of meat. And also in Eren. Eat your vegetables, Eren. Shower regularly, Eren. Never leave my side, Eren. Where are you going , Eren.

 © Mikasa: *repulsed look*

6. (Fandom) Food-obsessed Sasha meets canon Sasha


 © Sasha: As someone who literally fended off a titan with nothing but a bow and arrow I must say I’m kind of insulted.

7. (Fandom) Screaming/crazed genius Armin meets canon Armin


 © Armin: …

 © Armin: What. Just what.

8. Fandom Jean meets canon Jean.

 © Jean: Well at least you don’t have a crazed gleam in your eyes that’s a good sign-

 (F) Jean: *puts on horse mask*

 (F) Jean: *neighs*

 © Jean: Ok guys it’s starting to hurt a bit

so at the end of my shift tonight i met a customer who had this gorgeous necklace and was looking for cat food. So i was walking alongside her, and chatting about Halloween, when she asked me if i did anything for the holiday. So i told her that i dressed up as Bast the Cat Goddess.
And i swear, her face just lit up. And she told me that she had a Bast statue in her house, and how she would burn incense and how she felt connected to Her since her early twenties. I swear, we talked for what felt like hours. Words cant express how amazing it was to be able to talk to someone like that, to tell them about my relationship with Mama Bast and listen to their’s in turn. Gods, it was just so amazing. And the entire time, i just felt Mama hovering over me and nodding, all smug and pleased XD She totally orchestrated that, i know it.
But anyway it turns out that my customer didnt know why she was so drawn to Bast, but now that i explained to her what Kemeticism is she’s pretty sure she’s been honoring Bast this entire time without realizing it XD i just feel so honored to be able to help her realize that. Tbh, this may be what i needed to pull me out of my fallow time funk thats been going on for months now.
Anyway, im still just shocked and awed that this happened today and my mind may or may not be reeling but yeah that was my night lmao

Voltron & Steven Universe crossover

So first of all, you need to understand that what i’m going to write is from my point of view and i don’t want you to think that you MUST think that way. Okay? Thanks buddy.

First : Lance

So here we go. When I entered the Voltron Fandom, i saw many fanart of Lance as Lapis Lazuli. Don’t get me wrong, they were beautiful! But I didn’t think that Lance looked like her. I know that this Fandom see Lance as the Blue paladin related to water, the sand guardian, GUARDIAN OF THE SAND ! But honestly it’s not because he is related to water like Lapis that they look alike. For me, Lance looks more like Amethyst than Lapis. WOAH I said it! Finally!

Here is my argument : they just both make jokes to cover up their pain, they both have self-confident issues, I mean they think they are useless or not enough.

Well that was it for Lance. I hope i’m not the only one who see Lance as Amethyst ;^;

Secondly : Keith

Ok. Here is a little story time to show you HOW SHOOK I AM.

I was peacefully searching for some crossovers on instagram when i saw a cute fanart of Lance as Lapis. Intrigued, I went on the comment section. AND THEN I SAW THE DEVIL : “OMG :3!1!1!! If My Lancey lance 💙 is lapis, keith should be Peridot !+!1 😄”




I totally accept Lance as Lapis i found kinda cute, BUT THAT ! (I m so sorry if you think that Keith should be Peridot but i’m strongly in disagreement with you.)

Keith and Peridot have nothing in common (if you find something tell me). Peridot is Pidge. You can’t tell me otherwise. (I’ll make a point about that)

Keith FOR ME looks like Lapis.

OOOOOH! Stopp it! Don’t try to change my mind! For me Keith is Lapis.

Argument :

They both are wild and reserved. They both isolate themselves. They both are… kinda always angry? Except when they start getting along with the other (Keith with the team and Lapis with Peridot and Steven). Idk how to explain that but they just look alike for me.

That was it for Keith. I hope again that i’m not the only one to think that way.

Thirdly : Pidge

Okay. Do I really need to argue about the fact that Pidge is Peridot ?

“Argument” :

  1. Nerd
  2. Science
  3. Technology
  4. Meme
  5. Green
  6. Grimlins
  7. Glasses
  8. Cute

Honestly, they are so many reasons but i’m just too lazy to prove you that Pidge is Peridot. I don’t need to prove it to you if you watched steven universe and Voltron you know it’s true.

Fourthly : Ships

If you haven’t read what i sayed on the second point about the ships. Here it is :


I accept the fact that Keith looks like Ruby. But, again, just because Keith is Ruby, doesn’t mean that Lance should be Sapphir. Stop seeing klance everywhere ! I don’t see a common point between Lance and Sapphir excepted their ice power.

It just pisses me off to see people making crossovers based on their ships. For me a crossover is assigning characters of different fandom and universe based on their personnalities, not their relationships.

Finally : The others

Shiro remind me of Pearl. Kinda a Mom kinda a Dad.

Hunk remind me a little bit of Garnet. (A bit.) Or maybe Bismuth ?

Allura remind me of Pearl too…. WHAT DO I DO ! Or maybe Steven !

Coran. Idk. I never know for him! Maybe Connie ?

Omg. I just can’t stop thinking of Lotor as Jasper xD The hair tho


Oh, and before you come at me saying i’m totally wrong, I want you to know that I accept construcitve criticism.

I’m opened to any other opinion ! So if you want to talk about crossovers or anything. Well ok only if it’s CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM !

PS : I’m not English. And I hope everthing was okk for you read.