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During this Memorial weekend as we enjoy camping and barbeques we often forget the reason for the holiday: honoring the dead. Specifically, those who served our great nation. Laying their lives down for us, as Christ did, protecting our nation, our person, and each other for “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13. In the words of Ernest Hemingway “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” That these honored dead chose to serve as volunteers of their own free will, say great things about their character. Embodying the teaching of Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

During this weekend and on Memorial Day we must remember that others stand in need of our uplifting and support. At least 22 Veterans a day will kill themselves, and that number does not include data from many states. Remember that “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” John 13:34. Reach out to your brothers and sisters, both those from service, and those from flesh, a word of kindness or affirment may be all someone needs to stay with us. In the wise words of the Dalai Lama “If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.”

Each of us is unique and in our own special way important to the grander scheme of things, and at least that important to our friends and family. If any of you reading this are feeling overwhelmed or low, do not be afraid to reach out, to fellow service members, to clergy, God, or any other resources that may be available. You do not need to burden the load alone, please remember that the Good Lord is with you if you let Him be. Bring God with you at all times and in all places. Give Him your anxiety, your fear, and he will give you courage, when God is with you, who can stand against you “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.  In God, whose word I praise—in God I trust and am not afraid.  What can mere mortals do to me?” Psalm 56:3-4. Or try the Chapelton Stress Prayer:

“Dear Lord, I thank you for thy many blessings, I ask and thank Thee at this time for taking my stress, anger, fear (whatever issues you are dealing with) and all other negative energies from me. I ask and thank Thee that thou whilst grant unto me, peace, happiness, joy, (or whatever positives you stand in need of) and all other positive energies. In thy name and the name of Thy only begotten son, our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Amen.”

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever.” Psalm 23

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I love your interpretation of Kizana... You know what? One day I was gambling on Sound Clound and just typed Kizana and I found this piece called Valse pour Juliet ^^ I must say.. I really like it. So now... here is my question, what made you love Kizana? (Ah, btw how is Monster's Fall going?)

I can’t really explain it, I just saw her in the rival introduction and she seemed to have lots of potential to have traits my favorite characters have and I was like “this is love from the first sight”. Probably now I’m just…in love with my own vision of her.

(seriously tho, somebody still remembers this Monsters Fall thing? lol i’m kinda flattered, but sadly to you it’s over for almost a year, sorry)

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headcanon: theon drags robb to every pirates of the carribean movie midnight premiere. his favorite character is will turner

i’ve never see a pirates of the carribean movie so please forgive me my friends are doing a maratheon in the near future so for now here is my uninformed guesses 

Your headcanon is great and I love it BUT I will counter you with:

ASHA and Theon go to the midnight premiere of every movie. It’s been a tradition of theirs forever and really one of their main bonding activities. They own every movie and marathon them whenever they are both in town.

With Robb, Theon drags him the very next day because 1. Theon must see the movie a hundred more times in order to get the darn thing memorized (Asha and he have competitions), 2. Theon really wants Robb to be as enthusiastic as him (he isn’t, but Robb still enjoys the movies and likes spending time with Theon), 3. He wants to keep the two viewings with his sister and Robb separate because with his sister it is a family tradition and with Robb it is sacred best friend date thing.

Either way you go with this, Theon is a slut for anything pirate related and dreams to one day meet Orlando Bloom  Will Turner in person. He does have Robb dress up as Will Turner for a few Halloweens…and a few other times that aren’t public celebrates ;)… 

:D (hope I did okay with my lacking knowledge!)

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I just realized how much Yuuris parents must have lowkey shipped them from day one. "Good looking foreign guest" my behind. There's no way on god's green earth that the parents who bought 18 trillion posters, adopted a poodle, and paid for their son to skate because of the man wouldn't recognize his stupid pretty face. Instead of outright saying "Victor Nikiforov's here, go get your man," they went for "A good looking foreign guest is here ahaha let's let them figure it out on their own."

lmao they knew all along


get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite movies
↳ The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003)

I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why.


possible spoilers.

  • ‘ whatever i do, i do it to protect you. ‘
  • ‘ you’re confusing peace with terror. ‘
  • ‘ have to start somewhere. ‘
  • ‘ you will never win. ‘
  • ‘ come. we have a long ride ahead of us. ‘
  • ‘ is that ___ ? he/she/they look a little different than i imagined.’
  • ‘ what part of ‘urgent message’ do you guys not understand
  • ‘ you want to get out of here
  • ‘ congratulations. you are being rescued. ‘
  • ‘ i like to think he/she’s/they’re dead. it makes things easier. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve never had the luxury of political opinions. ‘
  • ‘ what we need is someone who can get us through the door without being killed. ‘
  • ‘ that is a bad idea. i think so, and so does ___. ‘
  • ‘ you find him/her/them, you kill him/her/them. then and there. ‘
  • ‘ why does he/she/they get a ___ and i don’t ? ‘
  • ‘ i find that answer vague and unconvincing. ‘
  • ‘ trust goes both ways. ‘
  • ‘ i will not fail. ‘
  • ‘ yes, i’m speaking to you. ‘
  • ‘ for that answer, you must pay. ‘
  • ‘ we’re not here to make friends. ‘
  • ‘ tell me you have a back-up plan. ‘
  • ‘ there are a lot of explosions for two people blending in. ‘
  • ‘ quiet
  • ‘ and there’s a fresh one if you mouth off again. ‘
  • ‘ let them pass in peace. ‘
  • ‘ is your foot alright
  • ‘ you almost shot me
  • ‘ there is more than one sort of prison, ___. i sense you carry yours wherever you go. ‘
  • ‘ not a day goes by where i don’t think of you. ‘
  • ‘ did they send you – ? did you come here to kill me ? ‘
  • ‘ all it’s ever brought me is pain. ‘
  • ‘ i will run no longer, but you must save yourself. ‘
  • ‘ it’s beautiful. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not very optimistic about our odds. ‘
  • ‘ i believe i owe you an apology, ___. your work exceeds all expectations. ‘
  • ‘ we stand here amidst my achievement, not yours
  • ‘ does he/she/they look like a killer ? ‘
  • ‘i don’t need luck, i have you. ‘
  • ‘ i have so much to tell you. ‘
  • ‘ you lied to me. ‘
  • ‘ you’re in shock. ‘
  • ‘ you’re in shock, and looking for someplace to put it. i’ve seen it before.’
  • ‘ i had every chance to pull the trigger. but did i ? ‘
  • ‘ i had orders. orders that i disobeyed. but you wouldn’t understand that. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t all have the luxury of deciding when we want to care about something. ‘
  • ‘ you’re not the only one who lost everything. some of us just decided to do something about it. ‘
  • ‘ be careful not to choke on your aspirations, ___. ‘
  • ‘ what chance do we have ? the question is, what choice ? ‘
  • ‘ the time to fight is now. ‘
  • ‘ every time i walked away from something i wanted to forget, i told myself it was for a cause i believed in. ‘
  • ‘ i couldn’t face myself if i gave up now. ‘
  • ‘ ___, i’ll be there for you. ‘
  • ‘ ___ said i had to. ‘
  • ‘ not used to people sticking around when things go bad. ‘
  • ‘ welcome home. ‘
  • ‘ one fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day. ‘
  • ‘ make ten men feel like a hundred. ‘
  • ‘ good luck, little sister/brother. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve got a bad feeling about this – ‘
  • ‘ light it up. ‘
  • ‘ why does nobody ever tell me anything, ___ ? ‘
  • ‘ here. you wanted one, right ? ‘
  • ‘ your behavior, ___, is continually unexpected. ‘
  • ‘ ___ ! come back ! please ! ‘
  • ‘ ___, don’t go. don’t go. i’m here. i’m here. ‘
  • ‘ it’s okay. it’s okay. ‘
  • ‘ this is for you, ___. ‘
  • ‘ do you think anybody’s listening
  • ‘ you may fire when ready. ‘
  • ‘ ___ would have been proud of you. ‘
Harry Potter Preference – Them Having a Crush on You Would Involve

- Trio Era-


- Draco would be super shy around you!

- You’d be really surprised when your friends tell you that they saw Draco standing up for you after he heard someone saying rude things about you

- He’s just extremely protective of you

- If you ever did something such as kiss Draco on the cheek, he’d act really cool about it but would continue talking about it to Crabbe and Goyle for days

- And they can’t exactly tell him that he’s being stupid about you because he’s rather defensive when it comes to you

- Catching him staring at you during meal times and when you smile at him, he gives you a small smile back and blushes furiously

- Draco’s really smart so if he ever sees you struggling with some work, he’d be at your side in 0.2 seconds offering to help you

- Whenever you’ve spoken to him in the morning, throughout the rest of the day he’d be really nice to everyone so you’d suddenly have people encouraging you to go out on a date with him because if he’s this nice when you just talk to him, imagine how great he’d be when you date him

- He’d probably be really cautious about bringing you up to his family. He knows his mum would fully approve of you but his dad, on the other hand, would be really iffy about it and Draco doesn’t want to push you away any further because of his family

- Draco would really want to buy you something to show that he likes you and so he finds out what your favourite sweets are. In the end, he can’t decide on just one treat to get you and ends up nearly buying out Honeydukes

- Would constantly deny having feelings for you even though it’s completely obvious and whenever someone asks him about it he’d go, “pfff, I do not fancy (Y/N)! Actually… why do you ask? Did she say something to you?”


- George has to hear about you ever 5 minutes and if you’re ever nearby he has to tell Fred how many times you looked their way

- Waving at you during a Quidditch match, whether you’re in the stands or if you’re playing in the same game as him, and completely missing the bludger he was meant to be hitting away from Harry (Harry does not appreciate this)

- But if Fred was ever worried that it was too cold and you didn’t have enough winter clothes, he would write to his mum asking her to send any of Ginny or his old winter sweaters that he would then send to you

- He’d think you wouldn’t know that the Owl that lands in your cereal one morning with sweaters that have the letters ‘F’ and ‘G’ on them were from him but you’d kind of have a hunch

- Plus Fred would’ve been watching your reaction the entire time and when you’d look at him, he would look away really quickly

- Being showered in compliments by him. He’d never let you go feeling as if you were ugly or not good enough. Even if you’re just studying for an exam, he’d be sitting next to you complimenting how good you look AND how smart you are! (He has to cover all grounds of compliments)

- The only time you’ve ever seen Fred angry was when you told him about some people that were being rude to you. He’d take it very personally and would promise you that he’d avenge you – this would probably be one of the dead giveaways to you that he fancies you

- He’d find any reason to spend time with you. You kind of wanna have some girly talk? Fine, braid his hair and bitch about the rude Slytherin girl. You’re struggling with potions? He’d become a potions master overnight to help you

- Trying to subtly see if you like him back.

               - “Hahahah (Y/N), Angelina keeps telling me that we should just hurry up and date. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

               - “I mean, we would be really cute together. The fittest couple at Hogwarts, I reckon.”

               - “Fred, do you fancy me?” “WHAAAT? FANCY YOU? HAHAHA…. Why, do you fancy me? My answer is going to depend on what you say.”

- He’d plan out the best dates for the two of you. He wouldn’t specifically say they were dates but you’d kind of assume they were when you’d go to Hogsmeade and it was just the two of you (which rarely happened). He’d plan picnics, save up money so the two of you can have a decent meal together, go exploring together, ect. It would be lovely.


- George is the type of guy who doesn’t just fancy a girl right away. You’d start off as friends, maybe having a class or two together and one day he’d realise that he fancies you and when you go to talk to him like usual he’d be all sweaty and would be like, “is it hot in here? I think it’s hot. I must go”.

- He’s a tall guy and one of his ways of flirting with you is to tease your height

               - “George, I’m not even that short. You’re just a giant.”

               - But he would always give you piggy back rides, get things for you off high shelves and rest his chin on your head

- Fred would try to wingman him, even though George wouldn’t approve. And by wingman, you’d be sitting at your table during lunch and Fred would come sprinting in towards you, yelling incoherent things that was him attempting to tell you that George fancies you and George would full on tackle him in the middle of the Hall to stop him

- After long and stressful days, he’d really like going for walks with you around the lake or just around the grounds – he’d be a lot more insightful and wise than he’d let other people see.

- George would be a lot like Leslie Knope out of Parks and Rec in the way he’d have really weird anniversaries? Aside from your birthday, which would be the most important event of all, he’d celebrate the first day that you two met, the day you officially became ‘besties’, the day you fell down the moving stairs, ect

               - He’d also have gifts for you on those special days

- He’d blush really easily whenever you’re around. You’d find it really cute but Fred and Lee would probably make a game out of it to see who can give the best guess at how many times George will blush while you’re around

- Would make up facts and statistics to try and impress you. For example: “yeah, that constellation there is the… Mollyation constellation…”

- Sometimes you’d point out that you knew he was making it up but other times it was just so cute that he was trying his hardest to impress you

- George has 100% attempted bad pickup lines on you that Ginny promised him would work


- You would have Harry wrapped around your finger without even knowing. He would drop everything to help you and cancel any plans if it meant spending time with you. You probably wouldn’t realise this until you noticed that whenever other people attempted to make ‘chosen one’ jokes like you do to Harry that he’d get annoyed with them.

- All you’d have to do is walk into the same room as Harry and he’d instantly be taken out of his bad mood and be happy just because you’re there

- Everyone in the school would secretly be shipping the two of you. Professor McGonagall would have even paired the two of you up in class and people would Harry how his crush on you was going

- He’d really trust you – Hermione would tell him that it would probably not be a good idea to let you in on some of his secrets and Harry would be like “you’re right, Hermione” and then you’d sit down with them and he’d turn around and tell you exactly what Hermione just told him not to tell you

- Harry would make a fool out of himself in front of you 24/7. Water would come dribbling out of his mouth whenever you were talking, he’d trip over his own two feet and would take you with him – he’d really come to hate his luck

- He’d be super protective of you

- Even if someone just looks at you and their expression just doesn’t seem kind enough, Harry goes into full protective mode and his hand will remain on his wand until you’re safely away from this person. That person will remain on his watch list for a very long time.

- Will offer to help you with your problems even if he doesn’t really understand them. You’d have to tell him the story twice so he can see why that dude is an absolute prick and why Harry now has to hate him as well.

- Has asked Hermione as to how he should ‘win you over’ and when she suggested just asking you out on a date, he rolls his eyes because that’s obviously a stupid idea

- Harry has definitely accidentally done something like give you a forehead kiss or held your hand when he was nervous. He wouldn’t even realise what he’d done until hours after it had happened and would actually curl up into a ball.

- He hates talking about the Dursleys’ but if he notices that you need some cheering up, he’ll tell you the most embarrassing things that they’ve ever done just to see you smile


- Neville would either be extremely nervous around you or really confident around you – it would all just depend on how he was feeling that day

- He probably has a habit of spacing out when you’re talking because he’d get distracted by how pretty you are

- Neville doesn’t really have a very large self-esteem so when he realises he likes you, he accepts it and tries not to do too much about it but there are often times that he still finds himself desperately trying to impress you just in case he stands a bit of a chance

- So any time you compliment him in the slightest, he’s the happiest person in school for several days. He’ll even fall asleep with the biggest grin on his face.

- He’s a very nervous guy but he’d do anything for you. Neville would just absolutely adore you and will always be one of your biggest protectors even if he doubts he’d do a very good job at protecting you.

- He’d get you plants that remind him of you:

- Even if, to you, the plants kind of look kind of ugly, you’d know that Neville doesn’t think you’re ugly and what would remind him of you would be the plant’s ‘personality’

- He’d write you a note of the plant’s personality so you can keep it and just remember how great you are

- Neville has probably sent you little secret admirer notes – whether they’re just telling you how pretty you look that day or how great of a person you are, sometimes he just thinks that the notes will make your day better (and they of course do)

- Notices small details about you and uses this to strike up conversations with you

- Neville lets you do just about anything. If the two of you were studying by the lake, he’d read out to you what you need to know for your upcoming exam while you make him a flower crown which he will wear during dinner because you said so


- Probably starting out as friends and you having a habit of tracing his freckles and making patterns out of them when you’re bored but now that he has a crush on you, he gets goosebumps really easily and his whole face goes bright pink

- Even though Ron is technically only the second youngest, his family would treat him like the youngest and Ginny, Fred and George would constantly be teasing Ron about his crush and trying to bring it up around you in not so subtle ways

- “So, (Y/N), how do you feel about our ickle Ronnickins? He might not be the best looking but mum swears that it’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

- Ron would probably have no idea how to act around you now that he has a crush on you

- Sometimes he’ll come off as cold or he can come off being really cheesy. He really just has no idea what he’s doing but he just wants you to like him back so bad.

- One of his brothers have definitely sent him a book on ‘how to get girls’ and you have caught him reading it

- His voice can be very loud at times and you have accidentally heard him talking about how pretty you look

- Naturally, when you’ve asked him about it he’ll completely deny ever even speaking about you

- Ron would be your biggest fan. He’d always be encouraging you in whatever you do and helping you reach your goals because he knows you’re capable of great things and he’d just be so proud of you!

- He’d be pretty shy around you and wouldn’t be the best at complimenting you but if you ever have even a hint of self-doubt, he’s there yelling at you just how great you are and cannot believe you would ever doubt yourself because you’re so amazing

- Him apologising over and over again if he ever did something like accidentally hold your hand when he was nervous or just absentmindedly wrap his arm around you and then getting even more embarrassed when you tell him that it was fine and you kind of liked it


Series: Hoseok | Jin | Jimin | Namjoon | Jungkook | Taehyung

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff; Soulmate!AU where you can hear music only if you have a soulmate.

Word Count: Roughly 3K

Note: Happy Birthday to our very own Min Yoongi! This is basically my way of trying to celebrate it, and it was supposed to only be a drabble but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

The silence only lasts for a moment. It’s brief, and it’s fleeting, just like your love seems to be.

Jinyoung’s looking at you, you can tell; you don’t need to look at him to know it, since you can feel his heavy gaze resting just between your shoulders, under your neck. The air is cold, just like your heart, and when you finally turn around, to meet his eyes, the gale stops too, as though it knows. Your head is empty, no soft music murmuring into it, and when you look at him, you can tell from the hollowness of his eyes that his is too.

“I guess…” You speak first, softly, fists clenching, “I guess this is where it ends?”

“It doesn’t have to.” He answers, just as quiet, though his stance speaks volumes, “We can still try.”

“It doesn’t work that way.” You cross your arms, head still ringing from the silence, and it’s tough trying to stop your eyes from stinging, “You…You know that as well as I do.”

“Soulmates aren’t everything, Y/N.” Jinyoung asserts, looking at you with his eyes crinkled, not in joy, but in solemnity, “Just because you don’t hear anything doesn’t mean you can’t feel it.”

“You found your soulmate though,” Your words are flat, dead, “I have no place in your life anymore Jinyoung, and I think…I think we both need to accept this.”

You hold up your wrist, showing him the faded mark.

“My soulmate’s dead. There’s no way to turn that around, and I’m okay. But you’re not,” You gesture helplessly at his wrist, where an intricate pattern of flowers blooms beautifully, rich with its pink hues, “You still have someone out there waiting for you, crossing their fingers to find their soulmate, so you can’t leave them all by themselves.”

The tears finally spill out as you take his hands—his warm hands—in yours, smiling up at him through blurry vision.

“Y/N—” He breathes out, his own eyes glistening, and you shush him, reaching up to card a hand through his hair.

“Always remember,” You say gently, voice shaking, before you lean up to press your trembling lips against his, letting the tears slip freely, “That I love you.”

He looks at you once, before his arms come to wrap around you, and you let him.

This is a goodbye, after all.

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Robot Lingo

I imagine “get rekt” has a much different meaning on Earth than it would Cybertron.

Like for them it’s probably “get wrecked” as in literally crash. Like it’s a legitimately rude thing to say. 

So imagine human friend jokingly says “get rekt” and their Cybertronian friend is absolutely horrified and offended. I thought we were friends??? Why would you say that??? 

And like jokes about being trash also. A human saying “I’m such trash” and Bot friend is like “WHO TOLD YOU THAT I’LL FIGHT THEM”

Not to mention frag,scrap, etc. are just regular words here (for the most part. i think there was one word also considered rude in some places?).

Basically just imagine all the miscommunication that must happen… 

Just Pretend    *NSFW*

Summary: Reader wakes up from a dream about her ex; all hot and bothered.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1470

Warnings: NSFW; Smut; Masturbation (male and female); Unprotected sex (just use a condom); some angst.

A/N: Okay, so I originally posted this on a side blog that I created (@bbuckmebarnes) but I decided that I will not be running it anymore as I don’t want to end up neglecting one and I focus more on this one anyways. SO. I’m moving the one piece that wasn’t so terrible here! Again, feedback would be great!

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Supergirl AU

Cat Grant knows her assistants are cheating, she just doesn’t know how yet.

She even knows the exact date it started almost two years ago, when suddenly her constant stream of incompetent aides began to improve, to last longer. All her life her assistants have been barely adequate, but for some reason the last handful have gotten sharper and sharper. 

It’s been three weeks with this new one and, while his performance within CatCo is lackluster at best, he has yet to make a single mistake with her coffee or food orders. And if there is one thing Cat values more than all else its what she consumes; she spends all day creating media for the consumption of millions so what she herself takes in is of the highest priority.

This week she had a stress headache and she sent him off with a screech to get her some sustenance. Now she had very low expectations for this, so imagine her surprise when he comes back with a perfectly made bacon wrapped hamburger (her headache guilty pleasure) and a medium latte with just a dash of cinnamon. 

There is no way on Earth that this Witt fellow should know about that. Her guilty pleasures are closely guarded secrets, and Cat Grant has never explicitly told anyone about her infatuation with bacon and cinnamon (both separate and together). And yet when she needed it the most, he just happens to get it exactly right. This assistant hasn’t even made it a month yet; there’s no way he knows this is a weakness of hers.

Which means there’s a snitch somewhere feeding answers to her assistants.

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Newcomers Pt3

“OH MY GOD!!!” private Hesty screamed as he held onto the toilet for dear life “AHHHHHHH”

Finally his anus widened enough to let the shit out and he breathed better and his body relaxed but he continued to make odd noises. “OH GOD I THINK I JUST GAVE BIRTH!!”

He eventually made his way out of the restrooms to the horrified expressions of the non human crew, he smiled and awkwardly walked down the corridor muttering to himself about never having that curry again. His train of mind was interrupted by a mass of Humans running towards him.

“What’s going on?” he asked

“The new transport from home is here”

His eyes widened and he joined them heading to the hanger.

Polt was there in his pristine uniform to greet this Sergeant Stabby that all the Human spoke highly off, from what he could tell this Sergant likes to go around stabbing people to which they find funny for some reason. The Humans gathered and the non humans did to out of curiosity. There was never a dull moment when you had a Human around and they had thousands.

The ship docked and the crew came aboard, having more Humans aboard was something Polt was not sure he wanted but at least these ones were only going to be here for a few days.

Then the weird stuff started, one of the Humans began sniffing, a lot which was followed by others. He had heared that Humans have a powerful sense of smell and whatever has caught their nose must be good for them. One moved towards the transport crew still sniffing making them smile.

“Is that what I think it is?” he asked them and the crewman opened a small container that let off steam as it opened. Then as one all the Humans screamed as one voice.

“PIZZA!!!!” and stampeded towards the crates opening them and devouring these pizzas as if they held the secret to eternal life.

Polt turned to ask Captain Clerk about it but found he too had descended on the crates, so intent they were on getting this new food that a few broken noses had occurred but as they usually did, they laughed and carried on.

Trying establish order among them was futile but once these pizza’s were getting handed out they quietened down.

“Sorry about that, it’s been a long time since we had pizza” Clerk said his mouth still full.

“Attention, stand to for Sergeant Stabby!” someone shouted and all the Humans fell into rank and file and awaited. Polt fixed his uniform and eagerly waited for this Sergeant.

But it wasn’t a military mad that approached, it was one of their mechanics carrying a small box.

“Umm…Sergeant Stabby?” Polt asked.

The mechanic shook his head and placed the box on the ground and this odd disc shaped thing with a fork taped to it came out. All the Humans quickly saluted this thing.

“Um, Catpain Clerk”


“What is this?”

“This is Sergeant Stabby, a roomba with a fork tapped to it” he said as if it was the most normal thing in the universe and he said it with pride. The Benemar who were observing from above we equally confused as was probably everyone else.

“Sergeant Stabby, go about your duties” Captain Clerk ordered but the roomba made no noise or motion. After a few seconds Clerk leaned down nad flipped the ON switch and the roomba went off cleaning the floors.

“It’s a cleaning machine?!” Polt exclaimed.

“it’s a roomba” private Hesky corrected stepping out the way of it as it approached him.

“All this for that thing?!”

“Yeah, I was wondering why you are all dressed up” Clerk said walking off and soon enough the Humans all dispersed leaving everyone else confused.

Polt laid on his couch nursing a headache, these Humans were driving him insane and they had only been here for a few weeks. Some part of him thought it would be easier to just hand command over the Clerk and be done with it but alas he could not, then one more crisis occurred.

A knock at his door stirred him “If this is another complaint about the Humans you’ll have to deal with it yourself”

“No sir, we have receive a distress call”

“From where?”

“The Remer colony, they are under attack from the Gal”

“Divert course immediately”

Polt was on the bridge with the Benemar Chief and his clan leaders along with the Humans captain and officers. The Chief and Clerk glared at one another, they clearly did not like the other and Clerk stuck his tongue out as some kind of insult but the Chief did not understand it.

“Approaching Remer colony now” the helmsman said and the fleet broke into realspace to see the entire planet burning, its defences destroyed and it populace fighting for their lives.

Polt looked at the Gla fleet, it was huge more than twice the size of his and who knows how many of them were on the planet.

“Plan of attack sir?” Captain Clerk asked.

“Don’t think we can, the Gal are already planet side once that happens the chance of driving them off is almost zero” Polt says with a heavy heart.

“But there are still millions of people down there” Clerk argued.

“They’re not your kind why should you care” Chief said.

“So what? Admiral if the Benemar are unwilling to take the fight to them you have thousands of Human soldiers ready willing and able to do so”

“there are probably ten times your number down there”

“Then it makes it harder to miss”

Polt looked at them both, normally he would have ordered the retreat but the look it Clerks eyes made him think otherwise. Why were these Humans so concerned about the people? They were not Humans.

“Please my men are really bord”

“Yeah and I’m PMSing like a bitch in heat I need to vent”

Polt didn’t know what that meant but he understood their resolve.

“Do you really think you can retake the planet?”

“Just give the order” Clerk grinned.

“Very well, man your pods”

Clerk banged his chest with his hands and smiled along with his officers and left the bridge, the mustering hall where the Human soldiers were gather all eagerly awaited to hear what their orders were.

“Right lads!! We’re on so lets get this done and give those Gal a dam good kicking!! Who’s with me”

The Humans cheer shook the hull as they ran to their pods that would shoot them from the ships straight onto the planets surface, this means of deployment was considered insane but somehow the Humans keep doing it and surviving.

The Benemar not wanting to be shown up demanded to go to and boarded their shuttles.

The Liberation of Remer had begun.  

It’s Not a Fetish

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 512

Warnings: crack (not the drug), joking about a book!fetish, implied smut, Sam being a cutie pie over books

Submitted by @mamapeterson for my 6k Gif Drabble Challenge

Sam loved books. He could spend hours at the library, his sharp pointed nose buried in a hundred-year-old history textbook that smelled like old, musky paper. Anytime an opportunity came to rent books for research, he was always the first one in the Impala, like a kid on a ride to the candy store.

When you’d discovered the bunker, Sam had practically suffered a heart attack from just how many books were actually there. The library wasn’t the only room that housed books. Classic volumes with peeling covers and weak spines were stored in the basement, held together by thick strands of spider webs and a light layer of dust.

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An Open Letter To The People Of France

The 7 May is going to be your day to choose, to vote for a new president. 

I am very much a German and I do realise that some of you might think now that I probably shouldn’t say anything, as Germany has its own problems with the right-wing etc. (but our election is in September and not in six days) but I’m here, I’m upset and I’m gonna say this anyway:

YOU, every SINGLE ONE of you (French people), who are of voting age, NEED, MUST, HAVE TO go VOTE on MAY 7. 
This is your DUTY. 

You have the RIGHT to vote in a DEMOCRATIC country and if you can’t even do that, then you do not have the right to complain about the politics in your country.
You also do not have the right to complain, if you make your vote ballot INVALID/VOID/CAST IT IN BLANK. That is NOT how you protest vote. This election you should not protest vote at all! This isn’t some joking business, the right-wing IS on the rise and if you do not realise that Le Pen and her people are NAZIS, then you need to slap yourself right in the face. 

You go VOTE and you do it PROPERLY, no funny business just because you’re mad that both candidates are shitty.
You know which nation also thought both of their candidates to be the same level of awful?
Oh? Yeah? That’s right! THE USA. And you know who they got? TRUMP. Nasty right-wing ass racist homophobic sexist ablist fuck Donald Trump. 
And if any of you think that that was a BAD IDEA… then you should know what to do. 

If any of you, mainly the left-wingers who were for Melenchon, have any kind of compassion in you, any kind of realist thoughts, any kind of mind for the future of the lesser fortunate than you… then you should know what to do on May 7. 

I know you’re upset Melenchon did not make it to the final round but NEITHER DID BERNIE SANDERS. This does NOT give you the right to NOT go vote.
If you’re all rage against Trump, then you should know what to do on May 7. 

If you’re against Nazis and right-wing bullshit, then you should know what to do on May 7. 

Macron needs the votes, especially the votes of the youth and the left-leaning. 

Le Pen is going to get her votes either way, probably the Fillon voters, too and all the votes of people, who voted for other conservative/right-leaning parties. 

This is not a time to be dumb, blinded by anger. This is the time to make the right choice and that is to vote for Macron on May 7. 
If you cannot see how he is the better choice than Nazi-bride Le Pen? Then I can’t help you. 

Also, as a side note, Frexit? Does that, after Brexit, seem like a good idea to you? You know full well that France profits from the EU (as did the UK). 
THE EU IS NOT THE DEVIL. THE EURO IS NOT THE DEVIL. BRUSSELS IS NOT THE DEVIL. The EU did so many great things, achieved so many great stuff, are we just gonna forget about that? Are we gonna forget that a treaty between FRANCE and Germany was the foundation for the EU? 
Cooperating with Germany is NOT a bad thing, cooperation with the EU is profitable and certainly does not take away from your French nationality.

You’re not less French, just because France is in the EU. 
You are FRENCH AND EUROPEAN. Just like Namibians are African. Just like Chinese are Asian. 
Being European and part of the EU does NOT take away from your identity. It adds. (Although, and that is just my personal opinion, your national identity should NOT weigh as much in any decision as it does… for a lot of people.)


Ni Macron, ni Le Pen?

Is the wrong fucking mantra, is the wrong fucking motto. 

Melenchon is OUT of the RACE. 

Your decision now lies between MACRON and LEPEN. 

And if you decide to throw away your vote and with that your voice? A lot of things are going to change for the worse once Le Pen is president and you need to be aware that this is a possibility that can happen, that will happen. See: USA + Trump. Even also see: Turkey + Erdogan. (Also perhaps see: Hungary + Orban). 

You don’t like Macron? Fine. Make his time as a president absolute HELL. 
But be aware that he IS left-leaning and he is more likely to listen to your demands than Le Pen. Le Pen is NOT going to help the left. She is not going to listen to your voices. Le Pen is going to try to appeal to the less right and more center (conservative) voters. And she will succeed, with what I heard she even talked about that she’s not going to force Frexit upon France? That is, what we Germans call it: Wählerfang (voter catch/haul/hunt). That is what most politicans do, of course, but with her it’s dangerous. She’s gonna promise less radical things to appeal to the people. That is dangerous.

It’s dangerous especially when the young left-leaning voters are throwing their vote away, just because they don’t like Macron. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, go vote on May 7 and choose wisely.
This is not the time to protest vote.
Once Macron is president, you can protest, you can will him to listen to your demands.


We don’t need this.

We don’t need Le Pen.

We don’t need Petry… or now Alice Weidel, I guess(?)

We don’t need Trump.

We need a Free World and a United Europe. 



Our favourite supersoldier is turning 100 on March 10th! What better to celebrate on this blog than with smut?

Here’s the idea. There’s this lovely list of 100 kinks and I think together we can cover all of them with drabbles and on the 10th of March we’ll have a list of smut to indulge in. 

Important information: 

- Please send me a private message or ask to reserve the kink you want to write about, if you want to remain anonymous just give me some sort of signifier   

- Check here for kinks taken (will be updated daily, open in a new tab or go to http://bucky-plums-barnes.tumblr.com/100kinksforbucky

- No doubling up please because I want to do all 100, but you can write more than one! 

- Must be a new drabble 

- Send your drabble to me here or send me a link to it on your blog (submit allows anonymous submissions) - if you post it on your blog a little mention of this would be amazing <3

- I’ll be updating the page every day so we can see what kinks are taken 

- Deadline is midnight March 9th EST 

- Between 200 - 1,500 words 

- Must include Bucky, the kink and smut in some way 

- Reblog this to help me share the word! 

Much love, Gen

Edit: Please write reader insert! 


Title: Revelation
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Humor / Angst
Rating: T

@levihanweek​ Day 3: Sense  - - - A continuation of my Day 2 piece. The shenanigans with Pastor Nick continue. And the angst too.

Read Day 2 here.

Hanji took a long, slow breath and conceded, “You’re right. I know you’re right. But I keep going over it in my head. Analyzing every moment, considering if there’s something I could have done differently.” She laughed quietly, bitterly, “not that it matters now anyway.”

“You’re still talking like a fucking idiot.”

Nearby, the pastor shook his head, muttering under his breath, “That’s no way to talk to your soon to be wife.”

That snapped her out of her thoughts. Hanji’s head jerked up, “-your soon to be what?

“It’s not – just – fuck,” grabbing her ponytail, he forcefully turned her away from the pastor, “Ignore him.”

The pastor hummed, “You should tell her about my offer. Life is short.”

Levi’s ears flushed red. He hissed, glaring murderously over his shoulder, “Shut the fuck up.”

Hanji looked at the pastor, perplexed. An offer? Could it be - had he agreed to open up about the true nature of the walls?

Levi must have read the excitement on her face. Grimacing he shook his head. “He hasn’t agreed to help us with anything useful – yet,” he ground out the last word, an unsubtle threat.

“My ceremonies were quite sought after in Stohess, actually. I even allow time for individuals to include their own vows,” the pastor said, effortlessly changing the subject.

Levi rose in one fluid motion. “Yeah, you’re gonna wait outside.” Grabbing the pastor by the front of his shirt, he dragged him up. The pastor yelped as Levi sent him stumbling out of the tent.

Hanji watched the exchange, mouth agape. It almost sounded like the pastor was talking about,“…Levi, is he offering to-?”

“He’s an old, senile bastard and I think you rattled a few brain cells loose when you hung him off the wall,” Levi muttered. The tips of his ears were cherry red.


Hanji almost left it at that. Almost. But he looked so damn uncomfortable. She couldn’t help herself.

“Is there any particular reason why our friend Pastor Nick wants to marry us?”

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So You Want to Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So you may have heard that Buffy the Vampire Slayer just turned 20 years old and now everyone’s talking about it and you’re thinking of watching it, but there are just so many episodes and it might expire on Netflix at the end of the month, so how are you going to manage that? 

WELL GUESS WHAT, I have made you a bunch of curated episode lists depending on what you want to watch for. 

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craving you

Originally posted by uncensoredsideblog

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Female Reader
Rating: M 
Warnings: Smut, language, depictions of unprotected sex (don’t do this, kiddos) - 18 years+ only please! 
Summary: Your job keeps you busy, and Seb’s keeps him busy too. You’re not really sure how to define what the two of you are, but you know when he’s away, it’s the worst, and when you’re together? It’s pretty explosive.
Author’s Note: I heard this song, and I had to write this, because my daydreaming once again got the best of me. The title comes from the Thomas Rhett + Maren Morris song of the same name. 

You’re in the back of the conference room and you’re pretty sure he hasn’t spotted you yet. You’d be able to tell if he had – his eyes would light up and that slow, easy grin would slide onto his face. You love that smile and hate it in equal measure, because it turns you into a flustered mess, and he knows it.

You watch for a bit as he answers fan questions and you have to smile at how generous he is with each and every one of them. When he literally comes off the stage to sweep a girl into his arms, the screams are deafening, and you’re smiling so wide it hurts.

After the panel is over, you head over to the roped off section that you’re pretty sure leads to backstage, and you hope he sees you. None of this is planned - he doesn’t even know you’re here. He comes out from behind the curtain, and stops for a few photos even as he’s being rushed along by his manager. There’s not a ton of people here yet, but his eyes skip over you quickly as he looks up, and you find yourself holding your breath as he double takes.

“My god–” you see him say out loud, and you can’t control your smile now. He takes a few quick strides to where you’re standing, and pulls you in for a hug, your arms already outstretched towards him when he gets close. “Jesus Christ.” He says. “Did I know you were coming?”

“Nope.” You say, muffled into his jacket. “Surprise!”

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(Mei/Mercy, around 2k words. AO3)

They were cute, Mei decided.

It wasn’t that she thought they were cute. They looked like some radial cousin of a bacteriophage, infinitesimal wagon wheels with a ring of grasping spines. She wasn’t above a deep discomfort with the idea of it; a thousand of the little constructs darting about their purpose in every milliliter of her blood.

Still, she understood. They were something on the other end of the scale from her work, and no less important. Climatology, as Angela had once told her after a few drinks, was the science of making sure we as a species get our security deposit back.

Mei had asked the question begged: “Get our deposit back after what?”

Angela had orchestrated her answer with a wave of a half-empty beer bottle. “After this, Dr. Zhou. After all of this is done.”

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