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The traditional Altean masquerade ball! Neither was particularly interested in it, but Lance bet Pidge couldn’t get the juniberri princess to dance with her, there was no way she could refuse it, right? And maybe it turns out the princess is not so bad…

For the @alluraotomeweek day 1 - Princess

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The Dads at Jim and Kim's
  • Robert: Let's <i>whiskey</i> away the rest of the evening with alcohol.
  • Damien: I already drink three glasses of wine because I know I'll make <i>pour</i> decision.
  • Craig: We want to make this night a <i>pitcher</i> perfect memory after all.
  • Joseph: I'm so glad we gave this drinking night idea a <i>shot</i>.
  • Hugo: Let the drinking night be-<i>gin</i>.
  • Brian: This is going to be a <i>brew</i>-tiful night.
  • Mat: I must <i>flask</i> a question, who's going to pay for the first round?
  • Dadsona: Gentlemen, alcohol is not exactly my <i>vodka</i>bulary, but I read once in <i>whiskey</i>pedia that if you drink too much, it's likely <i>tequilya</i>.
  • Mary: All of you, stop this shit.

Took some pics on todays trip. The top of the mountain was covered with clouds so the view wasn’t as spectacular but the feeling of being (almost) on the top is so good!


Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts



Shiro: The head of voltron. Though he’s always level-headed, he’s struggled w/ regaining memory of his year in alien captivity. Everyone’s depending on him to lead, but he doesn’t want a repeat of what happened to his team on the Kerberos mission.
Keith:The sword arm. Dedicated to fighting for the team. Kieth struggled with finding himself, reaching to space for answers about his past.
Pidge: The shield arm. Protective of those she cares about, Katie never stopped reaching to space to find her family. She misses them dearly, but must remain with the team to deal with the threat of the Galra Empire.
Lance: Voltron’s right leg. He’s essential and supportive of the team (though clashes with Keith at times) & smiles with them though his heart badly aches for home. 
Hunk: Voltron’s left leg. Hunk is the other major support for his team. He misses home as well, and like a team Mom of sorts, he worries for his friends and the dangerous situations they get into.

listen i should be going to sleep rn, 100%, but i must write this post first. I love present mic so much??? like if there was some imaginary character design contest in which the prompt was happiness, i would definitely choose mic as the winner. That’s what ideal happiness looks like to me as a human character, just look at this man

I cannot think about this character without smiling. It’s impossible. Actually sometimes, like when I’m at work, i have to tell myself to stop thinking about mic bc i really must look like I’m about to start laughing any minute, and then the thought of this making me laugh makes me want to laugh. A vicious cycle. Also this

I used to stand around my hands like that so much as a kid that i got compared to a mongoose. What a dork. Look at his face. Mic you need to relax your eyebrows. I love this character so much hdbffhghj i would love to see more of him in the future

in her shadow | eighteen.

genre: angst
word count: 1.9k

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ok but why is no one talking about the best part of the origins episode????



Fushimi Inari, the number one tourist spot in Kyoto.

I never get full of this place. It’s a must-go for every first timer. This was early in the morning, so not much people were there. Some hikers, no tourists (maybe just a couple or two).

This place is still one of my recommendations to visit if you go to Kyoto.

Photos by Ean Dacay (me)

Don’t Ever Come Back (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Reader is Peter’s best friend and doesn’t know his secret identity. She is waiting for him to come home while lying on his bed reading a book. Suddenly, Spiderman enters through the window and takes off his mask without realizing reader is there. They have a fight and Peter ends up telling her he did it to protect her because he loves her, but if she’s gonna judge him, she must go. Super cliché, I know.

A/N2: This is my first imagine ever, so sorry if it is too bad!

Warnings: One or two cuss words. 

You were reading a book lying on your best friend’s bed whilst waiting for him to come home. You had arrived thirty minutes before, and Aunt May had told you Peter was out doing the groceries and that he would be back in ten minutes. Thirty minutes after, you were still waiting for him. You were trying not to worry, but after seeing him come home with bruises for a few months, you didn’t know if you should believe him when he said that he was just clumsy.
Suddenly, you heard the window opening, and looking up from your book, you saw the famous Spiderman. You tried to keep your mouth closed, but you couldn’t help but wonder what the superhero was doing in your best friend’s room.
Without seeing you, the superhero took off his mask, and was beginning to unzip his suit when he turned around and saw you.
It was Peter.
Your best friend was Spiderman.
You quickly got up from the bed, not knowing what to do.
‘Peter?’ You stammered, ‘You are Spiderman?’
Peter just stood there, frozen, trying to figure out what to say to you. ‘Please, don’t be mad. I can explain.’
‘How could you not tell me? We’ve been best friends for years. You know everything about me. How cou-oh my God, you are Spiderman. It all makes sense.’
You felt the tears fall down your cheeks, feeling betrayed. Why didn’t he tell you? Did he not trust you? Had he actually told anyone? For how long had this been going on?
‘[Y/N], I swear to God, I can explain. Please, just calm down.’ You could see his worried expression, although you were crying and everything was blurry. ‘Sit down and let me explain.’
‘Why? Why didn’t you trust me?’
‘Please, [Y/N]. Nobody knows. Not even Aunt May. I didn’t want to put you at risk.’
‘Are you fucking serious? You didn’t want to put me at risk so you thought lying to me straight at my face was better? How many times have you lied? How many, Peter?’ You were shouting by now, feeling both angry and sad.
‘I didn’t want to have anyone after you. Having you know the truth was dangerous.’ He was getting mad by now, you could tell by the tone he was using.
‘Peter, you know everything about me! You know I can defend myself, why didn’t you tell me this? This is huge! And you just kept it to yourself! How could you?!’
‘Because I love you! I love you and I didn’t want you in danger!’ He shouted, not containing himself anymore.
You stopped on your tracks, frozen and not knowing what to do. ‘What? Since… since when?’
‘Since forever, okay?! I always have! And you never realized!’ You could tell he was trying to calm down, but he was nervous and shouting.
‘But… Why didn’t you tell me?’ You didn’t know what to say. ‘Peter, I… I’m gonna go. I need to think about this. I’m still mad. You can’t just come up with this to make me feel guilty. I don’t even know what to say.’
‘Go, and don’t ever come back if you are gonna judge me. I do this to help people, and if it bothers you, I don’t want to worry about making you happy. I have other things to worry about.’ He turned his back to you, and stared out of the window.
Feeling hurt, you left his room, saying bye to Aunt May and leaving the house, not knowing if you were going to be able to fix your friendship. What had you done?

Say fucking cheese, pal.
We gonna take a selfie.

Happy New Year from the Hong Kong side of earth!
And may I welcome everyone to add yourself into the pic!!
Let’s make one big new year celebration photo here!!!

(Feel free to join this little New year collab lol, all of this is just for fun, since I feel like it is a good start to leave a memory on the start of 2017. Yeah let’s try this out)


You are not alone; you are right at home.

Happy birthday, Johanna!