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  • Astrid: You lying, cheating, piece of shit! You're not the man I married!
  • Arnbjorn: Then we're getting divorced! And I'm taking Babette!
  • Nazir: *sliding the gambling game away from them* I think you should stop playing now...

So, I’m looking at this lovely pic from the LSSC Daily Show reunion:

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Question! I noticed - maybe I'm wrong - that in all the adaptations, the casting for the main characters is similar: Darcy is dark haired, and so is Lizzie; Jane is blonde and (for some fascinating reason) Bingley is ginger-y. Is there a reason? something in the books that I missed? Some extra source? It seemed too much a coincidence (although I do love Ginger Bingley) thanks!!!

First off, I’m going to refer back to Mullan’s What Matters in Jane Austen? again, because he’s done a whole chapter on what her characters look like (and starts off with a basic examination of casting choices in adaptations and the admiration or outrage which always follows.) “How people look is often suggested rather than specified in Austen’s novels.” He then goes on to quote Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, “…paint her to your own mind–as like your mistress as you can–as unlike your wife as your conscience will let you.”

All we know of Jane is that she is considered very beautiful–as much is said by Bingley, her mother (who has no difficulty criticizing her children when they displease her,) and even Darcy must admit it as a fact. Looks are important in novels where often penniless girls must rely on other attractions in their manners and person–”…words used so frequently about characters when we first meet them: handsome, pretty, gentlemanlike, elegant…”. And yet she avoids specifics–perhaps as a reaction to other novels of her era, where a heroine’s precise points of beauty are totted up among her other virtues to make her a peerless wonder. Austen’s heroines are often described by other characters, rather than the narration, as it’s important to consider who is looking, and how, when looking at their judgements. Some people use a mention in Jane Austen’s letters about Jane wearing the colour green and Elizabeth preferring yellow to be some kind of marker of what their haircolours must have been in Austen’s mind’s eye, but that’s a tenuous argument at best, and if Austen had wanted the world in general to know imagined particulars about Jane and Elizabeth, she would have set them down in the text.

We know Elizabeth’s eyes are fine, and dark, but beyond that, we are given no details. On a genetic level, dark eyes are far more likely to occur in people with darker hair, but Austen wasn’t working with genetics–and dark eyes paired with lighter hair can sometimes be a rare sign of remarkable beauty, as in the descriptions of Irene in Galsworthy’s Forsyte Saga books. (A description which was entirely ignored in the casting of my future wife Gina McKee, but then Irene’s beauty and her allure is such a pivotal force in the novels that to pin it down as necessarily belonging to certain shades of colouring is to make it more trite than it truly is. Irene’s beauty is something beyond what one sees at first glance–it is transcendent charm.)

Dark could mean brown, or also a very dark blue or grey–it’s impossible to tell, exactly. Anne Elliott’s eyes are mild and dark, Fanny Price’s are soft and light, Harriet Smith’s are blue, Jane Fairfax’s a deep grey, (and her lashes and eyebrows called dark, giving us some notion of the likely shade of her hair,) Mary Crawford’s are sparkling and dark…eyes are often the only thing near to a solid description we are given of physical attributes, and even then half of the description is more to do with the expression of the personality or feeling of the character through their glances and gazes, rather than specifically the colour of their irises. (Only Emma Woodhouse’s exact eye-colour is known–they are “hazle” and no adaptation so far has given enough of a shit to make certain of casting.) Marianne Dashwood has very dark eyes, and there is a general comparative description of the figures of the two sisters–but casting directors rarely, if ever, I think, take specifics of figures into account beyond an ‘acceptable’ level of Hollywood slimness.

Now, for the casting trends (exceptions to the pattern you laid out being the 1940 P&P’s Greer Garson being a dirty-blonde/light brown Elizabeth, while Maureen O’Sullivan’s Jane had very dark hair; and the 1980 miniseries with Elizabeth Garvie’s Eliza also having light brown hair while Sabina Franklyn’s Jane was several shades darker–but indeed, the two more recent and well-known adaptations of 1995 and 2005 have the colourings you mentioned,) it’s probably just down to Hollywood mechanics where you’re going to have to combine the tropes of a comparative Ugly Duckling sister as well as a Best Friend/Beta Couple plotline. Coding a blonde woman (or man) as ‘good’ and a darker-haired person as ‘less good’ has been a Thing since long before cinema showed up on the scene. There’s a reason Laura Ingalls spends so much time inwardly (and outwardly) bitching about her sister Mary’s luck in being blonde (and also better-behaved, though this is never explicitly tied to the fact that Mary is blonde, but just ties INTO the overall notion that Mary is The Better Daughter.) Dark-haired heroines throughout older literature have bemoaned their lack of golden locks (notably also in LM Montgomery’s works, with Anne Shirley’s famous sensitivity about her hair being red, but also briefly in Emily Starr’s contemplation of her own black hair and atypical looks, which gets a bit of verse thrown at it which I can’t find sourced anywhere else so must have been made up by Montgomery herself: “If the bards of old the truth have told the sirens had raven hair. But over the earth since art had birth, they paint the angels fair.“

So culturally, in the west, there’s a pervasive notion (especially when it comes to women,) that dark-haired women are the ‘darker’ side of their humanity…the temptresses, the more-likely-to-be-bad. (Though any reasonable reader would be like “…well, they’re human, you see, not out-and-out evil.”) But of course anyone compared to the fair-haired saintly paragon of womanhood would look bad–and so equally is the angelic blonde woman a trope in literature, often but not always used in comparisons against her brunette foil.

In cinema, quite often it’s just to better differentiate between characters, and to use these assumptions which are deeply entrenched in our cultures to play upon our immediate and almost instinctive reactions to visual cues. Jane is super-good, so she’s blonde. Bingley is likewise a bright and easy-going character, with more elements of comedy about him, so he’s got lighter hair, too, either as a strawberry blonde or redhead–but he is definitely the sidekick. I, personally, would be all for a ginger Darcy. Or a ginger-everybody P&P. (But that’s not going to happen, because redheaded men are culturally de-sexed/made less masculine or attractive, whereas redheaded women are more inclined to be overly-sexualized. Humanity is weird.) Darcy is a brooding brunette, because darker hair in the case of a male character gives them gravitas and mystery. It’s that damn Byronic thing coming into play. Dark hair, dark secrets. It’s a visual construct we’ve trapped ourselves into, at this point. Also, when you’ve got two love-stories running more or less concurrently, an audience needs visual markers to help them quickly identify and individualize (and therefore emotionally-invest in) the characters. More morally-dubious and fascinating hero and heroine Elizabeth and Darcy are brunettes because we see them making mistakes and drawing our attention by being fuck-ups. Lizzie can’t be the Prettier Sister, so she’s more automatically made the Brunette Underdog. Darcy is brooding and mysterious–so it’s very easy to make him dark-haired. Their contrasts are in their secondary characters–Jane and Bingley. Jane is prettier, and good-hearted (moreso than Eliza, anyway,) so she ascends to Blonde. Bingley is the Good Friend, and seemingly with fewer social defects compared to Darcy, so as the Nice Man, he gets lighter hair to also differentiate him from Darcy and make him more matchy-matchy with Jane. Our brains are making these connections based on visuals even before we’ve gotten half a dozen words of dialogue from any of these people.

This happens often in films and TV shows–in Coppola’s Dracula, Sadie Frost (a natural brunette) was made a vibrant redhead as Lucy to contrast to Winona Ryder’s more sedate and mysterious Mina. (Though this also had the fun effect of tying in a possible reference to the historical link between redhaired people and vampires, and the whole mythos of redhaired women in particular and sexual allure/witchcraft/spiritual evil–particularly as THIS version of Lucy is much more heavily sexualized compared to her book counterpart. I don’t know how much of the hair-colour-change was on purpose from Coppola’s perspective, and largely it’s just handwaved as being so people could really tell apart the ONLY TWO MAJOR FEMALE CHARACTERS IN THE FILM, but personally I think it’s an interesting choice–particularly compared to Katie McGrath’s blonde Lucy.) Again, we see the contrasting of virtue coded in hair-colouring, as Lucy is a character known for her sweetness and purity…as well as being a secondary female character to the heroine, and hence her more-virtuous foil…with lighter hair. Mina’s place as an educated, working, and married woman, with a more active part in the narrative, particularly as her brushes with dark forces mark her as ‘unholy’, makes it easier to code her as ‘complicated’, i.e. a brunette. Interestingly, this is set on its head in Penny Dreadful, where Mina becomes the blonde, doomed damsel, and her friend/lover Vanessa is the raven-haired woman at the center of a maelstrom of fucked up shit full of vampires, witches, and devils. Essentially if you want your heroine to go ‘bad’ a little (or a lot), give her a better-by-comparison blonde friend and have at it.

Of course, since these tropes are so pervasive, we do see stories where this is purposefully mirrored or mocked, where the icy blonde is the femme fatale or turncoat who uses her appeal to deceive others–but this relies just as heavily on the initial assumption that a fair-haired character is intrinsically ‘better’ on a moral level.

To conclude, this is why I think we see that general trend with colouring when it comes to casting/styling these characters in cinematic adaptations, as we have really very little in the text to go on, but from the characters themselves there are long traditions to draw from for visual cues to quickly and adeptly condition audiences to draw certain assumptions about these characters which enable us to rapidly bond with and understand them to some degree. I want to specify “Western” audiences because the blonde/brunette thing is at its roots kind of a colourism thing which is grossly pervasive in a white supremacist society going back for centuries, and Caucasian beauty standards do not and should not apply globally; but as the media most of us are familiar with is dominated by this white heteronormative patriarchal history, these tropes and codings exist for ultimately gross reasons. Frankly we could all do without them from this day forward, but change can be slow and so these stereotypes continue to exist and blonde people on-screen for now often continue to be the tacit code for ‘these people are the purest bestest people’ while the darker-haired people are almost always more morally-grey, complicated–even troubling–and made more ‘fascinating’ by their more flawed natures. It’s a shitty way of doing things, but we’ve been culturally conditioned to respond to things like that, and so it works.

Anyway, thanks for asking this one–my answer went to places I wasn’t fully expecting me to go, but I enjoyed blowing the dust off my film studies qualifications and I always love yelling about culture.

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is the snaggletooth tag full of the same coyote? :0

oh my god. i assumed not even though they all look very similar, but out of curiosity i just went back and looked to see if the photographers mentioned the location the photos were taken and… all of them were taken in point reyes, CA. so it probably is all the same yote! how neat!!

i actually live just about 2 hours from point reyes and have been there a couple times, i must go back and find Snaggletooth the coyote!!


Preconceived Notions

Though much of this might only be relevant to my practice, I thought I would share some general advice for spirit work. Please keep in mind that these are the things I adopt within my own spirit work that I have found work best for me and the spirits I work with. Much of this is extremely different to what others would suggest, so I am a little uneasy sharing this, but I know there are others out there that might benefit from it.

Preconceived notions, standards, and beliefs

When practising spirit work, preconceived notions can be quite negative and limiting, for several different reasons. Firstly, it can create situations where there is a lot of inaccuracy, where the brain auto fills in the blanks of spirit work based on your existing expectations or assumptions. Think of it like when you are doing a pendulum reading when you have passed judgement on the answer (expected or assumed a certain answer would come). More often than not you receive exactly what you might expect, or what you focus on, but this doesn’t mean that the result is an accurate one as it has been altered by your own intent. I know most people probably don’t consider beliefs or assumptions to be a manifestation of intent, but they are, and it’s best to refrain from that. In order to get the most accurate and true results, your own self has to shrink into the background, otherwise you risk inaccurate results.

Secondly, it can create issues with spirits that you will come across in general spirit work. To work with spirits, it requires the ability to be completely open minded, as well as removed from your own beliefs and expectations. If you are looking for something specific, have some sort of expectations, religious or otherwise, or one track minded toward a certain goal, I would advise staying away from general spirit work and perhaps taking up spirit companionship. When it comes to working with spirits, it isn’t about what you personally want, or what you expect is right for you, much like tarot, the results of working with spirits are more so what you need, and potentially the last thing you expect. Please don’t practice spirit work if you have a particular set of expectations. This will certainly cause issues with many spirits that you could come across that don’t fit your ideals.

Also, too much research is a bad thing. Yes, it is plenty good to have a lot of knowledge about religion and mythology etc, but this also adds to your preconceived notions and expectations. It makes a person much more likely to place a spirit into a category based on their understanding that may or may not be completely accurate. There is no way to verify if every source of information you come by on the internet or in books. Don’t rely on such things. My suggestion is to look for information first hand from your own practice, and not an outside source. Verify your findings with another source, if you must. I know this is something most others may not tell you. Avoiding going off the information of others will also allow you more diversity in your spirit work, and a greater deal of unique experiences.

Ditch your human concepts. This includes the concepts of what you believe is morally wrong or right, or good and evil. These are not universal concepts, and when working with spirits it’s important to keep in mind that just because you think you are morally good, doesn’t mean a spirit from an entirely different culture or background, isn’t going to think you are immoral or evil, sometimes for entirely strange concepts. This is a big reason that determines if I classify a spirit as black art or not, it is less because they are malicious and more because morally and culturally they are so vastly at odds with humans that it takes a great deal of development to work with or understand them. I am not saying get rid of your morals and beliefs, but put them in a mental box and lock it whenever you intend to do spirit work.

This also includes structure and standards created by humans. The way we define things is often human specific. You ask a dog if it is a dog, it doesn’t know it is a dog. You call a dog as a dog often enough, it learns it is being referenced that way and adopts the word, but not much more than that. What you see as an angel, if they have worked with humans long enough, might reference them self that way, but that doesn’t mean it is an accurate standard to describe them, nor does it help establish a better understanding. Just because they glow white, have wings, and a halo, doesn’t define them as angelic or give you the right to apply any sort of standard upon them, that’s just a popular UPG.

It’s important to point out that spirits no longer have a physical biology, so referencing them as a species is not only inaccurate, it can create misconceptions, especially if this is a spirit that has never worked with humans. It also adds to your preconceived notions (ie if you see a spirit that resembles a unicorn, you might expect book definition results based on inaccurate UPG and end up receiving those results based on your own mind filling in the blanks). Spirits, at least some of them, do gather in societies, and sub societies, and factions, similarity to how humans gather to the same religions or corporations. Birds of a feather, flock together, but this doesn’t mean they are fundamentally the same. Energy is fluid and changing, a spirit chooses their form, usually with what they feel resonates with them best to reflect their motives. This doesn’t always mean it is their true form. Honestly I have met a lot of spirits that look by book definition as one way, but are actually entirely different, or even have multiple forms and multiple factions.

On that note, please don’t ask a spirit what they are. I don’t understand why others don’t consider this really rude. You wouldn’t walk up to another human and ask them what they are if they seemed a little different to you. In the earlier days of my practice I did this, and either the spirit would seem confused by the question and respond with something like “I am a spirit, I am energy,” or at times even referenced themselves by colours or their associated element. It just frustrated them and me trying to force a terminology on them. If they did have more experience with humans they might respond along the lines of “I’m similar to this “insert human term here,” but also different.“ Which made the whole attempting to reference them completely redundant, in the end.

What I do suggest when working with general spirit work, is to start off by asking who a spirit is. Get to know the spirit as an individual. Ask what resonates with that spirit. Ask them what elements they are drawn to. Ask them about what they do with their time. Develop an understanding of their inner nature (vampiric, demonic, angelic, that which defines what they do and not what they are) As humans we reference our soul and spirit as who we are, and our vessels as what we are. So who is the much better question to ask a spirit, rather than what.

Do be non judgemental. Just because the most terrifying visage ends up in the middle of your living room, doesn’t make it warranted to be aggressive or attack it in any way. Accept the presence of a spirit, no matter how frightened you might be at first. It is by embracing our greatest fears, that we find the most growth. Learn about a spirit even if they scare you, in the end you might find yourself surprised, and realise that your basis on what is good and evil or safe and dangerous are entirely fiction. A spirit can only harm you if you let fear, and doubt, and hate cloud your judgement and rule your actions. If a spirit does act aggressive toward you, try to understand their motive and get to the root of the problem. The same way a dog whisperer wouldn’t refrain from working with a dog that growls, or bites, I do not think anyone should be calling them self a spirit worker if they bail the moment they’re uncomfortable.

Be open and receptive to spirit communication without being particular. Let whatever spiritual energy that is drawn in to come to you naturally, without putting any intent or will into it. This does require practice and experience, but you will find much better and clearer results doing this, then trying to sort through your mind looking for your intent within the communication. I have found doing this has introduced me to some incredibly surprising, variable, and unique spirits. There is so much diversity of spirits out there, it would be sad to limit yourself to only what you know already.

That’s just my two cents on this topic. :)


A realm of primordial chaos… Who knew it would be so… empty…? I walk this world in search of exit, but I cannot even find the door I first entered through. Every step I take, every drop of my soul screams as it burns. I do not belong here… No, nothing belongs here. The chaos eats away at the remnants of the light that holds my existence together, like a blackhole tearing a star apart to consume it… But I have to hold on. I must endure. 

I was born with a purpose. A purpose I am proud to serve. I was entrusted with a great mission… And only I can fulfill it. Without it, I… I would have no reason to exist. I must exist, because I want to exist. Because… because I am… important… 

How many suns and moons have risen and fallen since I’ve been imprisoned here in solitude? What happened to the world of the shattered El? I do not know… But now… my senses are… slowly becoming dull and numb… My memory… hazy. Why… am I here…? I was… created by… I must… do something…? …Who… am I? Everything… is becoming dimmer… 

I wilt away like a lonely flower in the middle of a barren desert, forgotten by everyone, and remembered by no one. Eventually the sand of time will bury what’s left of me, and it will be as if I had never existed. Even if I disappear, nothing will change… The thought alone surprisingly calmed me. In the sea of nothingness, I slowly closed my eyes. 

Maybe withering away is the only exit out of here…

It was then when I heard someone calling out my… …Name? Yes, my name. I had a name… I have a name. And someone remembered me… After all this time… I am remembered. I was not… forgotten. I am still… needed… somewhere. I must… answer that call. I must get out of here.

I searched for the sound, struggling to remember the familiar melody I had heard in my earliest memory. I grew desperate; before the song ends, I must find its source, before I am lost in this labyrinth forever. When I turned around, there it was, the beacon of my salvation, shining against the darkness and becknoning me to my destiny. I looked upon it like it was the very first sun that had risen to break the long spell of lightless winter. 

I am returning… to the place where I belong.

I shut my eyes to brace myself for the blinding light that broke into the rift. It’s been so long… I almost forgot how the realm of existence felt. Soft breeze gently caressed my skin, and I realized I was free from my eternal prison. I opened my eyes and what came into my view was… an unexpected sight: in the middle of a lush green forest, a red-haired boy stood before me. He either didn’t notice my arrival, or was expecting its exact moment that he did not see the reason to turn around to face me.

He did not utter a word but I instinctively knew who he was, and so, I knelt.

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Poem 459

The wind warns of polar death
While the birds banter, merrily and lovesick
In these sources I must find precedent
To justify my application to extend my deadline
At twilight

“I see a black squirrel, though most are gray
The same can be said for the hue of the day
I have never seen an all white one
But I have high hopes for this summer”
Or something like that…

Weapons of Mass Distraction

As always, warnings for mild swearing. Rusame if you squint, and funny fluff. I do not own Starbucks or Hetalia.

Russia packed his things after another stupid world meeting. If it wasn’t for free market trade, he wouldn’t bother showing up at all. The highlight of today’s pointless events would arrive in the form of a barely legible text. Naturally, it was from the inane America.

Not that America was unintelligent. How he kept calling at all was strange, since Ivan kept changing his number. Remembering the ash blonde had to contact his USA connections to covertly attain a copy of the younger nation’s newest house key, Russia frowned. Things with his former enemy were… strange. Defining it seemed wrong either way.

As the beige haired Russian read the text, he rolled his eyes. “Meet me @ GER *bucks were I totz shot ur leg.” was quickly responded with “No. I’m not going out for coffee with you again. You ruined Starbucks forever.” After a minute, America typed back “Pleeeeeese. Its about secret weapons!!1!”

Already writing a reply, Ivan paused. Secret weapons, well that could be anything. Perhaps this was a secret weapon to aim at all of Europe. Maybe it wasn’t that kind of weapon at all! Maybe it was a nebulous plan of glorious evil to take over the planet? American media and fast food was already attempting this malicious manoeuvre. Such a task clearly wasn’t beyond America’s rarely used wit. He had crushed Ivan’s economy into the ground twice without firing a single bullet.

Hesitantly, Russia erased his rejection and sent off a shy “When?” Forty minutes later, the tall nation was approaching a Starbucks in the trendy heart of Munich. Ivan spotted the always obvious America in failed ‘stealth’ mode. He was wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, probably part of some silly ploy. Ivan internally conceded that the younger nation looked good in such things. He probably knew that too. Bastard.

Sitting quietly, Russia gave a stiff greeting of “I am here. Now what?” “Dude! Shhh! Our target’s just over there!” Alfred hissed in hush tones, gesturing to the other side of the crowded cafe. Northern Italy and Germany were seated with complex tea drinks, discussing something animatedly. It was a miracle that the sharp eyed German hadn’t notice two superpowers stalking him. Then again, Italy could be very distracting.

Suddenly much more interested, Ivan slid a bit lower in his seat and watched. Stalking was fun after all. It was the closest you could get to visiting someone without getting an invitation. “I did not know you enjoyed stalking, Alik.” Ivan purred, surprised at the honey blonde that regularly proclaimed he was a 'hero of the world’. Alfred looked away, abashed, muttering “Well… No. Shut up. It’s totally not why I’m here.” Ivan huffed at laugh at his comrade’s denial, whispering “Of course. Why are we not stalking them?”

“Watch Italy. I think… he has a secret. A weapon so powerful, it makes atom bombs look like fireworks.” Alfred proposed, looking far too excited. Ivan raised a brow out of skepticism. “No, he always gets free stuff from anyone, and doesn’t work at all, and everyone loves him! What else could it be but a crazy form of mind control? Or drugged water…” America rambled, very paranoid.

“… or the greatest defence ever devised.” Ivan agreed suddenly, watching Germany fork over all of his delicious cake slice to the vapid Italian. He even did so with a small smile. If Russia could inspire such levels of subservience without raising a hand in violence, the things he could accomplish.

“So you understand?” Alfred noted, still low in his own chair. “He must be observed. We need to know his secret. Then we can weaponize it.” Ivan replied, relishing the challenge. It was in that exact moment that Northern Italy looked in their direction. His brown eyes didn’t open widely in shock or surprise, as if he knew the duo was there the entire time. “Shit! Shit!” Alfred cursed. “Act calm, like it’s an accidental meeting. It’s like you’ve never been caught before!” Ivan hissed, sitting up straighter and turning back to the American.

In no time at all, Italy bounded over. “Hello! How are you?” he greeted warmly, practically bubbling over with sincerity. “Oh… I’m fine. Fine.” Ivan stammered, not expecting such a nice welcome. Normally people treated him like trash. “That’s so great, and how are you Mr. America?” Italy asked, turning to Alfred. “Um, good, I guess. Thanks for asking, man.” America replied honestly, looking equally disarmed.

There was brief pleasant chatter while Ivan observed, until America did the unthinkable. He gave away all his overly expensive Starbucks sugar cookies. Taking them, Italy replied “Oh, but you don’t have to. This is too generous, Mr. America.” Shaking his head, Alfred assured “No, it’s okay. You’re so cute that it’s okay.”

Ivan watched in utter disbelief, brows raised. America never gave anything away, ever. “Ludwig tells me that all the time too! He’s so kind and sweet. I must be going, but thank you!” Italy bid farewell.

A minute later, Alfred’s dopey smile dropped off as he came to realize what he had done. He looked at his empty plate with utter despair. “What… what happened. My cookies…” Alfred whined softly. “I don’t understand, but it’s clear what we must do. Find the source of his power.” Ivan began, quite serious. “Yes. If I fall to this weapon, who knows what he could do to you?” the American agreed solemnly.


Several days later, a groggy Canada was ripped from deep slumber at three in the morning. The obnoxious “Party in the USA” theme song Alfred demanded he install went off. Feeling blindly in the dark without his glasses, Matthew answered the device. “What do you want.” he grumbled, not feeling overly pleasant right now.

“Mattie, Mattie! Did you get my texts? It’s about a new weapon! It’s powerful enough to take over the planet, and Italy has it… What the hell, give me some space bastard!” Alfred sounded to be in a struggle. A moment later, the chilling voice of Russia was heard. “This is a matter of world peace. You are a fan of not hitting people in the face, correct?”

“What?” Canada mumbled, confused. “He just took my cookies like an evil wizard! I want my cookies back!” America wailed in the background, while ominous Russian nonsense was uttered in response. “Guys. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s way too early for this shit. Good night.” Canada muttered, hanging up.

Ugh. Those guys were idiots.

I must find my own demons, my own sources of power and blood, and not pretend to divine inspiration or muses or duende. I pluck a string. It vibrates. The vibration is a poison I drink. If it kills me, let it kill me, then I can begin. If it does not kill me, then there is no hell to make a home. I am a bull in a ring. That is all I want to be.

Slower Burn
  • Izzah/Ithan:
  • I watch with keen surprise as something is sent though the main computer system. In a flash out comes a girl. I freeze up sensing something about her.....??
  • (Calama): "Grandfather!? Ooo I know by genetic memory ALLLL about you!"
  • I look at her a bit disgusted at that title and turn away from her with heavy embarrassment over the Izzah situation.
  • "What is happening..."
  • I ask carefully, Hydra just left after all. The report from the girls after all sounded promising. Did they loose their land already?
  • She was looking back at the machine - looking for JIM confused why he did not come though -
  • A moment later EVERYTHING processes not only to me but everyone. A virus brought back an uncontrollably strong jolt of energy and we all feel it as he breaches the GRID.
  • I felt him - Hydro - though the mainframe and see and understand all that happened outside in a blurred rather static way. A rip in the grid??
  • This was not good for us at all. Maybe the others holding on to Droplet's DNA had some bodily weight outside but slowly the smart particles would not have a stable ground outside. Thats all I was now truly..
  • (Indivar): "I must find the source of such a strong soul.."
  • He licked his lips not feeling hungry for the first time from just the process. They drain souls and eat so much flesh of these life forms yet its never enough..now one of these gods would fuel us quite well longer. There seemed to be enough of them to go around...
  • (Thinking to Hydro): ((Come here..)) I take control of him though my dommoinet virus status
  • I wanted to see this. A few more also manage to slip back in the grid bringing back power as well.
  • "Lets not go near the crack for now..."
  • I look at Indivar.
  • "If you stay outside to long you will end up like the others, remember only a few returned with a god soul."
  • (Indivar): "We must not be cracked as well!"
  • "Yes...I need to make more shields.."
  • I turned away frustrated yet somewhat fascinated with a brief 'glance' at what remained or at least something more..
  • I look as Hydro pixeliated dangerously still damaged by being outside, the worms or smart particles and fibers would grow and multiple inside him giving him stable form. I grab a trandimensional infuser and hover it over him as it chargers the smart particles to multiply more rapidly. I treat the others who returned before fading out but not for any personal reason, seeing Hydra's children as mere unexpected further experiments to this little game I started. After that was settled and we were all put on guard far more now that we know the grid was breached. I sense black magic outside on the beach. I was distracted by that TRIGGERED by many Golden Tower priestess flashbacks I didnt yet sense that Jezebel 's portal shot out some people into the underwater base. Included Elon and ???

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Hello. I was wondering the interwebs lately and I've found confusing info about Baekhyun's ears. Random, I know, sorry. I thought you, in your bbh expertise, must have the answer. Are his ears pierced? I cannot find a knowledgable source anywhere. Thanks. Also, love your blog. You're a star. Cheers.

hello yes i am indeed a baekhyunologist, and from what i know; no his ears are not pierced. But he does enjoy wearing fake piercings for the aesthetic.

Eyes on You (Part III)

Part III

Monster AU

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a/n: I don’t know what I did to get such lovely readers, but you all are the bomb! I’ve been getting so many encouraging words and it just makes me wanna write non-stop for you guys! Even when I’m not writing, I’m thinking when I could/should be writing, so just know I’m always thinking about you lovelies! Now enough chit chat and let’s get to the stuff you came for, yeah?

It has started, I’m sending a danger signal from inside

Staring at the door, you notice no handle on the outside. Why does this surprise you, you have no idea. The lab keeps revealing more and more how secretive it’s supposed to be, so it’s no wonder they don’t want anyone finding a way inside. Though, Helen did mention needing an ID, so there’s probably a reader of sorts somewhere; not that it’ll do you much good. Dusting yourself off, you decide to head further down and see what you come across.

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homo-janai replied to your post: New Capsule Album “PuZZle” 3/7/12 1. PuZZle -Liar Game Reborn Theme- 2. BLaST 3. End of the Line 4. never let you go 5. daTa 6. Where is 7. can’t stop 8. bREATHE 9. cloudcover 10. sOLVed 2nd Disc 1.BLaST -extended mix- 2. bREATHE -extended mix- 3. sunLIGHT -exclusive track-

it’s alomost 3 am and i just screamed out loud