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I just spent the last three days reading through the tweets of Eric “Bitty” Bittle (not ashamed), and these were a few of my favorites.

I read them on omgeverytingplease

(If you asked me for a solid reason why I love this song so much, I couldn’t give it to you. It just never fails to make me warm and comfortable, but excited. It never fails to make me feel at home. I guess I really am a folksy music girl at heart. It’s a must-play for a long drive for me.)

I know there’s California, Oklahoma
And all of the places I ain’t ever been to but
Down in the valley with
Whiskey rivers
These are the places you will find me hidin’
These are the places I will always go

Just got home from Disneyland/California Adventure! My sister and I were bummed we didn’t go yesterday, which was their official “Gay Day” and had a lot more stuff going on, but people were celebrating today too. It was nice to see so many LGBTQ+ couples being open with their love and proudly owning who they are. The main color of this year’s Gay Day was red, and there were so many folks dressed up in red “I Love My Husband/Guy/Wife/Girl” shirts or “Gay Day 2016” shirts or just red shirts in general. Even if we live in a state as liberal as California, people here can still be biggoted and it’s really comforting that a place as big as Disneyland/California Adventure would openly support our community. That really means something, y'know? To have that safe space for a whole weekend and have a company like Disney as an ally is amazing. Stuff like that doesn’t happen every day.

And trust me, they were really supportive. I didn’t realize they went all-out for occassions like this. I mean, they had cast members all over Disneyland holding rainbow picture frames for folks to snap photos with. At restaurants (I only went to one but I’m positive they sold them everywhere throughout both parks), they sold rainbow cookies, slices of rainbow cake, and reusable cups decorated with the Disneyland castle in rainbow colors (I bought one of those and now I’ll be toting it around all over my college campus). And that’s only stuff I saw today! I bet yesterday had even more LGBTQ+ festivities going on!

I just wanted to share because it made me so happy to be there on this specific day/weekend. Made me so eager to come back and get onto this blog and share my experience with all of you – maybe even put a smile on your faces.

And to make it even sweeter, just imagine McCree and Hanzo walking around Disneyland/California Adventure on Gay Day. Imagine them holding hands or throwing their arms around each other while proudly sporting matching “I Love My Husband” shirts. Imagine them sharing a slice of rainbow cake or splitting a rainbow cookie. Imagine them stopping to take a picture in every single rainbow frame they find. Imagine them interacting with other LGBTQ+ couples and constantly retelling the story of how they (McCree and Hanzo) became an item. Imagine them both acting like little kids when they sit down and watch any of the parades. Imagine them kissing under the fireworks and allowing themselves to get caught up in the joy of the moment. Imagine them leaving the amusement park with the biggest smiles on their faces, a balloon in McCree’s hand, a few shopping bags in Hanzo’s, and their fingers laced together while they try finding their car in the big ass parking structure. (Hanzo is convinced they parked on the Mickey Mouse level, but McCree is positive they’re parked on the Goofy one.)

why is lube always right there in fanfics
i want a fic where there’s no lube and the characters are just like fuck we needa go to walgreens put ur dick away

Your wish is my command! *does a fairy godmother spin*

Rating: MATURE HAHAHA (Top Chilled - srry)


Hands, that was one thing Chilled loved to use to his advantage, and he knew just the right thing to do and when. Squeeze my butt here, tug at my hair there, scratch down my back, he was great with his hands. 

Right now his hands were at my wrists, pressing them up against his kitchen wall. It was one of the times I decided to make a secret random trip to New York to see him, scheduling videos so it made it seem I was still in California. We were sneaky, I must admit, and I guess that sort of added to the fun? Like this was something we weren’t supposed to be doing and the risk of getting caught was right there and we were just teetering on the edge. But we loved it.

“I’m so glad your here,” Chilled pants into my ear, grinding up against me as he does so making me take in a sharp breath and gripping my nails into his shoulders.  "God, you’re so hot.“

"A-Anthony,” I gasp out as one of his hands wonders down to grip the growing issue in my jeans, making me buck against his hands. A rough laugh comes from him as he leaves kisses crossed my jaw line, just at the edge of my beard. “I need you.”

He stays silent for a bit but puts more pressure on me with his hand and nibbles at my ear, making me putty in his hands, untimately he notices and taking this time to flip me around so my front was now pressed against the wall. As I pant I can feel my hot breath reflect off the wall and back into my face making me even hotter than I was before. 

“You stay here, I’ll go get the lube and a condom,” He mumbles, leaving a few kisses on my neck before I can hear his footsteps go up the stairs, letting my relax a bit, leaving my head on my arm as I wait. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I can hear the muffled words come from upstairs, making me raise an eyebrow. “We had it yesterday, there’s no way we already lost it.”

Oh no. I hear a grumble as footsteps descend down the stairs, looking over my shoulder I’m met with a disappointing, slightly annoyed Anthony. “Do you know where the lube it? I can’t find it.”

I think about it for a moment, flipping around so I was leaning against the wall now, before shaking my head no and frowning. 

He lets out a frustrated groan, spinning in a circle before turning back to me. “Put on your pants and your shirt, we have to go to Walgreens.”

I let out a noise of disapproval as I pull up my pants that were pulled around my ankles, trying to avoid the problem that had not disappeared in my underwear. Once I had zipped up my pants, looking over at Chilled, I can see he has the same problem as me going on. 

Quickly slipping on my red shirt that was thrown crossed the kitchen, Chilled grabs my hand, along with the keys to his Jeep, pulling me outside into the chilly fall air of New York. 

On the drive to Walgreens, which was only a few blocks away, I had to slap Anthony’s hand away a few times as they began to wonder to places we definitely didn’t need them at the moment, giving him a pointed look. “Just wait, you impatient fuck,” I roll my eyes, smirking at him. 

“Sorry, you’re just soooo irresistible!” He cues, throwing a grin at me, making me try to hold back a smile as I shake my head. He carefully leans over, keeping his eyes on the road but just enough to be able to whisper in my ear. “Seriously though, I can’t wait to fuck you when we get home.”

I can feel my cheeks turn a shade of pink as my eyes flick over to Anthony who leans back into his seat with a smug smirk. “Oh look, we’re here!” He exclaims, pulling into a parking spot. 

“Do I have to come in too?” I frown, shifting uncomfortably at the awkward thought of going in there together, buying lube, with obvious boners. 

“Duh, you can’t let me do this alone, that or we can just wait for another time,” He sings as he steps out of the cars, making me sigh and slowly but surely exit the car as well. 

“Knew you couldn’t resist,” He teased, grabbing my hand proudly as we walked through the doors. Chilled was a lot more open in public about our relationship, which surprised me. You would think he wouldn’t be one to flaunt a relationship, much rather a gay one, and one that we were trying to hide, but he loved holding my hand in public and giving me sweet little pecks on the lips when we were out getting coffee. It makes me wonder what it would be like if we were out completely as a couple, to subscribers and friends, the thought scares me a bit, the reactions and all, but I feel like being with Anthony would be worth it, ya know?

As Chilled drags me through countless amounts of aisles, getting distracted by Halloween candy that was beginning to pop up for the upcoming holiday, finally we found the aisle that we needed, along with Anthony grabbing a few bags of random chocolate and such. 

“Oooh, Ze, look, maple syrup flavored condoms,” Anthony wiggles his eyebrows, raising the box up, making me scrunch my face in disgust. 

“Just hurry up and grab the lube, loser,” I rolled my eyes, smirking. 

“And you say I’m the impatient one,” He mumbles as he picks out a regular bottle of lube and throwing it into the cart before heading to the check out desk where we loaded up our stuff onto the table for the lady to scan, she looked quite nice, early twenties, brown hair in a long braid. 

“Quite a lot of candy you’ve got here? Preparing for Halloween or just pigging out?” She smiles, looking between the two of us. 

“He’s going to pig out, for sure, I’ll try to save some for Trick or Treaters, but the chances are very slim,” I chuckle, throwing a thumb Anthony’s way. 

She chuckles a bit as Anthony pouts looking at me. Soon she reaches the last thing we had put on the table, the lube, when she sees it she doesn’t say anything but looks between the both of us and laughs slightly before scanning it and plopping it into the bag. “Your total is 13.54.”

Anthony quickly whips out a twenty dollar bill before I can even reach for my pockets. Getting change back and grabbing our bag, we wave, telling her to have a nice day. 

“Have fun, boys, Happy Halloween,” She sends us a wink as we walk out the door. 

Once in the car, I lean my head back sighing. “Let’s never forget lube again.”


I live in California & I’m sure there must be more of you that live here too. Please have California (Firefighters, families, etc.) in your prayers. Many have lost their homes, etc. & as of yesterday someone lost their life due to the fire. Thousands of acres have been burned down. ALL prayers would be appreciated. Blessings.

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