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Today, on “Forcearama Once Again Takes You Through A Highlight From This Absolutely Hilarious Star Wars Legends Book, The Jedi Path”: we learn that we must be good Padawans and not make our Jedi Masters look bad by doing things like hanging out in bars or getting high, something that I am so sure no Jedi ever do (just like they never do any of the other thousand things they aren’t supposed to do, like fall in love with each other and get people pregnant and turn to the fucking Dark Side.)

PLEASE NOTE WHICH FORMER PADAWAN OWNER OF THIS BOOK TOOK EXCEPTION TO THIS GUIDELINE. I love that he tries to claim that it’s purely in service of the mission, too. Sure, Kenobi. You can get “excellent information” there. The fact that they serve booze at these places is totally not a plus for you. 

Who among us is surprised? Hmm? Hands?

So, this is in the Jedi Guidebook, and not only was Obi-Wan like BUT WAIT BARS CAN BE USEFUL FOR STUFF, he then also proceeded to take his OWN Padawan to a bar.

This guy. I swear to God.

OH, I forgot to reminisce about a good thing yesterday! The one part I really love from that Ellen interview:

Louis cannot RESIST, this felt like a snippet of the endless commentary on Harry that Louis is always holding back…

You know something is a favored story for them when it includes hand motions. Look at how happy Louis is demonstrating the legs, he’s loving thisssss

I bet they’ve been through this many times before. Liam is like “yeah, good one”, Niall still thinks it’s beyond hilarious but Louis is really invested in the analysis and telling of the story. God, I bet they laughed but this flooring mishap must have killed Louis a bit, right?? This is a man who enjoys kicking water bottles out of way so Harry doesn’t trip over them.

Louis has ENDLESS commentary about this, ajsdfjjk, second watch through… time for Louis to go in depth

ZOOMED IN ON HIS POINTING IS EVEN WORSE!!  He’s like “wait wait this is my favorite bit!!” Whyyy does he make even Harry falling seem like the most brilliant thing. That he did well somehow, he looks so proud! He loves him so much, it’s incredible.

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Have you seen all the fan theories about the signal MV. I'm slightly hesitant after what we thought Knock Knock was going to be like but I want a superpowers concept so bad. Also, not to bring old wounds to the surface but... Coughsyrup??? With Ultraviolet school??? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I’m really praying this superpower theory turns out to be legit cause it would be so cool. But yeah the similarities between the teasers and Stormageddon10′s fics are hilarious, it’s really got me thinking that one of the girls must’ve discovered it or something cause what a coincidence 

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Meeting My Doctor; Or How I Accidentally Made Sure that Peter Capaldi Remembers My Smart Ass

Okay, I meant to write this all out on Tuesday to share the fun times with everybody, but I have literally been sick on my couch for like 48+ hours so it’s a bit belated.

Location and casting spoilers for S10 ahead, please use discretion if you don’t wanna know.

I found out that the Doctor Who folks were filming S10 in Newport, Wales last week. Looked it up and discovered that hey, it’s only a 3-hour train ride from where I live. Which is apparently a big deal in British time but is pretty much nothing in American time, so I said why not?

So I get up super early on about 3 hours sleep maximum, hop on the train, and go to Wales. I’ve never even been to Wales before. I did not know how many steep hills there are. I found out very quickly, upon hiking up a very steep hill in order to get to the set. This was not entertaining. Worth it in the end, though.

Most of the day was spent sitting with other folks across the street from Fields House, watching people set up and knock down props and cameras. We got to watch Pearl Mackie and David Suchet (plus a few extras) rehearse and film a scene, which was cool. Mostly we just sat around and chatted about stuff. I met another woman there who was a pro photographer and she’d brought her fancy camera, so we talked photography for a bit. Most of the folks visiting the set were from Wales, and they all thought I was crazy coming all the way from the London area (as I said, that’s apparently a long ways to them). It also came out that I’m from Chicago originally. There were only about 20 folks tops there at any given time, so it was actually quite an intimate, laid-back time.

Anyway, Pearl had free time first, so she came out and signed stuff and chatted with us, and the woman with the camera grabbed me and yelled “THIS GIRL CAME ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON!” which confused Pearl because I had an obvious American accent. Embarrassing, but she was really sweet.

Peter came out a lot later and was signing for everyone. Because there were so few people, he actually took the time to chat with everyone a bit individually, which was really cool. He signed for the camera lady first, and she handed her camera off to a friend of hers to take photos of them together. Unfortunately for her, her friend turned out to know absolutely nothing about photography and didn’t get a single photo. She was upbraiding him for it when I met her gaze and said “You want me to?” and she just nodded gratefully and silently handed me the camera. I took some photos (that actually came out) while Peter very obligingly and graciously posed with her again.

As soon as they were done, she pulled the exact same wonderful, kind, embarrassing bullshit on my poor ass. She turns to Peter, points at me, and this time goes (again, very loudly) “She came all the way from Chicago to meet you,” which is patently false, but it did get his attention. His mouth just popped open in amazement, and I went over and admitted that no, not really, I’ve actually been living near London for the past year, to which he shrugged and said, “Well, via London, then.”

He took my things to sign and told me that he’s never been to Chicago but would love to go, and I advised him to visit in autumn because every other season is awful (truth). He asked why it’s called the Windy City, and I confirmed that it is very windy (a partial and severely annotated truth).

That was when I cleared my throat and told him, “Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for your performance in Heaven Sent. It really meant a lot to me to see that, and had a deep impact. So thank you.” And I managed to do it without getting emotional, so good for me! Still, though, it must have struck something, because he stopped what he was doing in signing and raised his head to look me straight in the eyes and told me, “Thank you. That’s really lovely to hear. I mean it.” Which made me smile. All the while the camera lady had been snapping photos of us, so he very suddenly wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in for a pose for her (which was a super super super nice feeling, gotta admit).

Anyway, this is where the whole story takes a hilarious and embarrassing and utterly surrealist turn and I am still laughing about it days later.

He must’ve glanced down at my chest tattoo because suddenly he goes. “Oh, is that Tolkien? You know, I went to Hobbiton down in New Zealand.”

I say something along the lines of “Oh wow, I wish I could afford a flight to New Zealand, I’ve always wanted to visit there,” and he shrugs it off saying, “Well, we were doing a promotional tour for Doctor Who.”

At which point, my smart mouth immediately says “So they’re big fans of Doctor Who in Hobbiton, then?” in the perfect deadpan I always do when I’m being a smart ass piece of shit, because I apparently have no fucking filter.

He pauses and tries to figure out what I’m saying, before continuing. “No, I mean we went to Hobbiton…”

He’s not getting it, I think frantically. Oh God, he’s missing it. So I pitch it to him a second time, looking him in the eyes and practically begging him to please get it this time. “Aaand Hobbits are big Doctor Who fans, huh?”

And I swear on my mother’s name, the poor man got a rather concerned look on his face, because in this moment it was absolutely clear that Peter Capaldi honestly believed he had misled a girl into thinking that Hobbits are real.

“No, no, no,” he begins explaining to me, “We were in New Zealand, promoting Doctor Who to the New Zealanders, and as a special treat they took me for a visit to the set of Hobbiton.”

Now, this entire time I am just about to lose my fucking mind because how has my life gotten to the point where Peter Capaldi is standing there in full Doctor costume explaining to me that Hobbits don’t exist? But instead I just stand there like a deer in headlights, my cool very slowly breaking as the smile on my face gets wider and wider and wider until I think I’m going to break, and I can no longer restrain the giggles fighting to escape my lungs, God help me.

And that was when the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all fucking year happened: Peter Capaldi (looking very stern and severe in his black sweater and long black jacket and black sunglasses, not to mention more than a little worried about this poor deluded child standing in front of him) finally notices my grin and the fact that I am very close to dying, and this look of pure unadulterated realisation just washes over his face. I can still see it in slow motion in my head. It was glorious.

He stares at me, trails off mid-sentence, and then silently mouths an “…oh.”

I could no longer hold it back. I started giggling like a moron. I apologised to him, thanked him, and left him standing there staring after me before he moved on to signing things for other folks.

And that is how I accidentally and unintentionally rekt Peter Capaldi.

Snowbaz coma short

Snow always gets away with everything.
Oh? You blew up half of Uxbridge while fighting a big beast? No big deal, here’s a medal for your bloody bravery. (It did look good on him though…) But of course it didn’t come without one of his dramatic breakdowns (seriously, there were enough dramatics to produce another season of Downton Abby). This time, he shot up during dinner mumbled something along the lines of “all your fault Baz,” (typical) and fainted on the spot. It was hilarious. Have you ever seen a thanksgiving turkey? Now imagine that turkey falling flat on his stomach with its wings and legs spread out. Yeah, Snow was such a dork that he can’t even fall like a normal person, although I must admit, it was a beautiful sight.

It’s been three days and Snow hasn’t woken up yet. I’ve been visiting him every day now. Crowley Snow I thought even when you’re in a coma you find a way to draw me towards you. The nurses said he was stable, but showed no sign of recovery. This reminded me of a story my mum used to tell me called Sleeping Beauty, in which a charming prince wakes a sleeping beauty with the famous “true love’s kiss”. Only this time the sleeping beauty was my arch nemesis and I was anything but a charming prince. I studied Simon Snow’s face, every detail, every little mole (they were very appealing) then I studied his pink lips, perfectly shaped, the perfect size, just perfect .
I muttered the spell under my breath true love’s kiss.
Our lips connected. Nothing.
I stood up and walked towards the door.
I exited the room.

Love you too, Simon Snow

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I agree with you on a lot of points but your opinion about Eren and Mikasa is wrong. Though they met when they were 9, they are still adopted, which means siblings. You aren't the only one I've sent this to, I just need to get this out to the Eren and Mikasa shippers.

Right. Okay. This ask is hilarious and I can’t tell if you’re trolling?? But I’m taking a break from my 15 minute laughing fit to answer. 

First of all…. your dedication to informing Eremika shippers that their ship is incest is, um, admirable. Really. Since you’ve sent this to lots of Eremika shippers you must be really passionate about it. Good for you. 

Next, let’s take a look at some definitions. 

So first, you tell me that my opinion is wrong.

opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

As you can see, an opinion is not based on fact. An opinion is someone’s view of something, so an opinion cannot be wrong. My opinion is my view, and your opinion is yours. Even if Eremika were blood related, I could ship them if I wanted and my opinion would still not be wrong.

Next, let’s look at the word incest, which is what you’re implying Eremika is. 

incest: sexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other. The crime of having sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild.

Now, Mikasa and Eren are not related by blood. Also, Mikasa wasn’t officially adopted. She was taken in by the Jaegers, but as far as I know there was no formal paperwork making her Eren’s sister. Being cared for by someone does not make it incestual to be in a relationship with them. If I lived with my best friend for a year (or however long) and we fell in love, living with him/her would not make us closely related, and therefore it would be okay for us to be together. 

Also Mikasa, like you said, was nine when she was taken in by the Jaegers. One year later is when the titans attacked Shiganshina. She stayed with the Jaegers for one year. Again, if my parents died when I was nine and my neighbors took me in until I was ten, would it be incestual to eventually date their son years later? OF COURSE NOT. Living with someone does not automatically make you their family. 

Not to mention, EREMIKA IS PRACTICALLY CANON. Both the manga and anime are making it completely obvious that Mikasa and Eren have something greater that friendship/siblinghood. They have a LITERAL red string of fate connecting them, and I’m not completely caught up on the manga, but are we forgetting chapter 50? Are we forgetting every single interaction between them? Have you even SEEN the anime/READ the manga? I doubt it as this is your understanding of their relationship.

In conclusion, I want to let you know that, as noble as your quest is, you don’t need to get this out to the Eremika shippers. I assure you that the Eremika shippers know. We have ALL heard these claims before. It’s literally the number one reason that Eremika haters use to invalidate our ship. And it’s literally, AS I HAVE SHOWN YOU, ridiculous to say that after a year of being taken in by a family, it would be incestual for Mikasa to ever have a relationship with Eren. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to ship Eremika. It’s perfectly okay not to like a ship. But don’t try to invalidate it with bogus claims and tell me I’m wrong for liking two people together. Thank you for the laughs and have a nice day.


Oh boy, Alph found one of my practical shenanigans again. I mean, you shouldn’t touch other peoples’ stuff, but it honestly looked like a genuine shower gel. I kinda feel bad for her … Originally i had this intended for a former science colleague or anyone in need of a good old prank. Between you and me … i hope Alphys doesn’t get tired of my shit. I wanted to stay here for a while… - Sans

I know you shouldn’t touch things of others. But seriously. Why would you place something like that in the shower if it’s not for using… I must admit though… I thought it was hilarious. He must never know though. Anyways… at least I was under the shower so getting dirty didn’t matter, but that was definietly a waste of pie. -Alphys