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has yana ever hinted the two Ciel theory in her tweets?

Mmm, I personally think this blog post was about 2CT, especially this part:

[… ] I didn’t want the readers to pore over the hints too much and then get disappointed in the end like “Huh? What’s with all this foreshadowing?”.
That’s why I planned to give [little] hints which readers don’t notice at first and therefore can be left unanswered, but at the same time those hints are supposed to make the readers go “Wow!”, once their meanings are revealed later in the story.

I didn’t want the readers to worry too much about it, that’s why the hints are supposed to make people think “Huh? That was a bit weird… but who cares!” and continue reading. Those hints [regarding the main plot] don’t affect the ending of each arc, anyway.

So… you don’t have to think about it too much… but if you are concerned, of course you can think about it as intensely as you want (lol)
Just enjoy the story in the way you feel comfortable with.
The meanings of all the hints are going to be revealed some day, anyway.

Now that I reread this, I can’t believe the big secret is FINALLY going to be revealed very soon!!! :D


………. *letting out sounds that aren’t human*

^this MC sums it up pretty well for me, even though I’m also trying so hard not to jump on walls and stuff >///x///>

and that smile and cute frown of Helena’s!!! like I can’t take it!!! *dies of over dose of happiness*

if you wish to be accompanied by Sheriff Mac and Rory, and meet Altea and Helena in Halloween 2017 Rainbow then choose the right portal(when you’re given the choice to choose either left or right portal)!


Red Rain- Hunters/ Slayers

It took me months just to come up with what would suit these boys. Months of thinking and searching for the perfect clothes.

I had to piece together hundreds of clothes. I’m not kidding. 

This AU is my baby and I’m so glad to finally seeing it come together. Even if it’s just the concept art of their gear.
It actually started with an anatomy study. The base, actually. Just the anatomy study took me weeks.
Then I had to come up with what their fighting style would be… Their preference of clothing, seeing how it will move around with them, how it would “protect them”, and their overall aesthetic. I posted a WIP MONTHS ago and wow… I actually never stopped coming up with designs and going back again and again because I want everything to be perfect. XD

I’m not very good with words but I hope you guys can see every single detail I took into consideration. I would ramble about every single batboy in their own post because this commentary would be hella long if I did. Haha! 

Anyway… I just want to share this with everyone because of all the love and effort I placed into it.

I never built a world like this before and it was soooo much fun! Actually just seeing the finished result and showing it to you guys is already such a dream for me.

Hope you’ll love these designs as much as I do! (◡‿◡✿)

Click here for more detailed info on their gear and clothing!

Dick || Jason || Tim || Damian