i multi ship on this show

me: i’m not gonna like lotor. i already don’t like the way fans are shipping him with paladins, and i bet he’s gonna be just like a gross creepy villain. i’m not looking forward to his introduction

lotor: is an interesting multi-dimensional villain, shows he doesn’t have the same tendency for cruelty and wanton violence that other galra generals have shown, has a crew of female half-galra generals that he isn’t creepy with at all, brilliant tactician, maybe some ulterior motives besides continuing his father’s legacy, nice face & voice


Like or reblog this if you’re a (mostly) Supernatural blog who tags posts (if you’re a multi-fandom blog), Supernatural season 13 positive, ship hate free and character hate free (or at least tag it so I can blacklist).

I will be checking out everyone’s blog and possibly follow. I need more positive SPN blogs, and no more people who hate on the show and each other on my dash. 

Some things I want to say

I feel like making another post about this even though I’ve done it like a million times.

Its ok to be a Anti-shipper.
Dude, I’m not mad at you for not shipping this thing that I ship.
That’s cool and totally fine and valid opinion to have.

I’m mad because so many you Anti’s of so many ships in so many fandoms go around attacking people for these things.
Its fucking stupid and wrong.

Look, I’m going to give a example of a Fiction vs Reality thing.

I love Rick Sanchez.
I think he’s a interesting and amazing character. He’s intelligent and witty and self aware and such a well done character to look at.
Now, if I was forced to be around a real life alcoholic, narcissistic, megalomaniac then I’d either kill myself or run so goddamn far away.
I still love Rick as a character. But just that, A CHARACTER. Rick would be a awful person and NOT someone I would ever ever be around in the real world.

By the logic of Tumblr, Rick and Morty should be canceled and completely destroyed because it shows alcoholism, abuse and lots of other “problematic” things.
We should get rid of it forever!! What if someone watches it and thinks its ok to snort alien crystals and murder their multi-timeline selfs!!!!!!

But of course, that’s fucking stupid.

Rick and Morty is a beautiful and amazing show that makes me genuinely happy to know it got to exist. Some of the characters suck but that’s because their characters and that’s it.
Same applys to ships.
I ship RickMorty, I find their relationship interesting and complex and its something I like to read/write about.

Does this mean that I suddenly want to go shove my non existent dick down some children’s throats?

F u c k n o

We should not and will not censor art because some people don’t like it.

Anti’s say that it makes children more likely to be targeted if they see something like Maxvid because they’ll think its “normal”.
Ok no. First of all, you have to be 13 to use Tumblr and if a fucking 13+ year old sees some Maxvid or RickMorty fanart and thinks “oh yea that’s completely normal, good and healthy!”
Then just,
What the fuck?
How stupid are you that you see something on the internet and go “yea that’s exactly how real life works because fiction isn’t real and no one lies on the internet”

b O I.

And a lot of you guys seem to genuinely think that pedophilia literally only happened because a few people drew some pictures.

Yeah, no.

That’s a serious mental problem that doesn’t just happen because someone drew a picture of a kid and a triangle.

Again, I’m not mad if you don’t ship what I ship.
I mad because people go around calling me and a lot of other people these fucked up words, sending death threats and other not ok things.

You can rant and scream that we’re being problematic and horrible people but at the end of the day all we did was write a dumb story and draw something while you told someone they were a rapist pedophile

If you see something that upsets or triggers you or just something you don’t like then block the person, block the tag or just ignore it

Ship what you ship.
Don’t ship whatever you want.
Just don’t actually attack or hurt anyone, ok?


anonymous asked:

hey!! do you have any multi-chapter zutara fic recs?

DO I?! 

Originally posted by positivegrunge

Okay before I start, here’s a link to my original masterpost of fanfic recs. A lot of the masterpost is made up of one shots, but I do have some great multi-chapter fics on there as well. 



Once Around the Sun by eleventy7 (RATED K+)

Oh MAN. If you’ve been following me for a little while, you would know that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Zutara fanfiction. HOLY. CRAP. It’s so good. Taking place shortly after the end of the show, this post war fic is the slow burn we all deserve. Starts K//at/ang and M/a-i/ko, and it beautifully highlights the flaws of both endgame ships without demonizing either Aang or Mai. AND we get an amazing Ursa and an AMAZING Azula. Sometimes if I need a pick me up I just read the last two chapters and sob at the beauty.  

Fall of the White Lotus by Boo-82 (RATED T)

Do you love soap operas? Do you love sweeping romances? Do you love the idea that the entire Avatar-universe would be DESTROYED if Katara and Zuko didn’t fall in love??? If yes to any or all of those, than this fic is for you. An epic of a post war fic, this story could take the alternate title of ‘Road Trip of LOVE: A Zutara Story’. Has some Taang on the side, so if that’s your thing you’ve got that added bonus. 

Such Selfish Prayers by andromeda3116 (RATED T)

Didn’t you hate how in the comics Katara became a shell of herself who did nothing but wait on Aang hand and foot? Yeah, so did the rest of us. So here’s a story where Katara’s just chilling, watching the acolytes, and is like “Uhm wtf am I doing this isn’t me”, leaves Aang, and goes on to change the world because she’s that awesome. And yeah, Zuko just happens to be a part of her epic world changing. So beautiful. 

Our Fortunes Together by NomDeGuerre (RATED M)

Like arranged marriage tropes? Love slow burn? Well here have both of them in the SAME FIC. Yep, that’s right, a slow burn arranged marriage fic. Really awesome AU where rather than be banished, Zuko has to suffer with Azula and Ozai after the Agni Kai, and the slaughter of the group he tried to save is blamed on him. His final shame is being married off to a member of the Southern Water Tribe, our babe Katara. Excellent story. 

i didn’t know i was lonely (’til i saw your face) by raisindeatre (RATED T)

brb just sobbing over the beauty of this modern AU. I don’t like modern AUs. But I LOVE this one. It’s just… the best thing ever. Honestly. It’s so fluffy and cute and I’m blushing right now writing this summary for it. It’s the "I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in hospital" AU none of us knew we needed from Zutara. Also anyone else think of The Raven Cycle when they hear this song? Just me? Alright sorry this is a zutara fic rec I’ll stay in my lane

What Fortunes Lent by lewilder (RATED T)

Even So is one of my all time favorite one shots, but What Fortunes Lent by the same author is also an amazing worthwhile read. In this AU, the Southern Raiders mission comes when Katara is older and they take her prisoner rather than kill Kya. There are so many moments where you’ll clutch your heart and just want to cry but the ending is just beautiful if not horribly ambiguous… absolutely all around lovely fic. 


Southern Lights by colourwhirled (RATED M)

Now, I don’t really like drastic AU’s. They just aren’t what I’m typically interested in reading. But this one, oh man. I’m so in love and invested. It takes place in a universe where there is no Avatar (but there is Aang) and Sozin successfully conquers the world. The worldbuilding is FANTASTIC, characterization is amazing, and at this moment the plot is really picking up and getting interesting. Slow burn is absolutely fantastic in this story, and I’m so excited to see what happens. What I love the most is hints of events that happened in canon are sprinkled throughout, giving this feeling that some events are always meant to be, even in drastically different scenarios. 

Brightest Nights or Darkest Days by Kittenshift17 (RATED M)

I want to give a warning with this one. This Zutara fanfiction will not be for everyone. This author is mainly a Dramione writer, and you can absolutely see that in how she writes the dynamic between Katara and Zuko. If you love Zutara but hate Dramione, you probably will not like this. However, as someone who likes both, I can say that this is a really well written season 2 AU and in the last update we just got an interesting addition to the plot that appears to be here to stay. 

HOPEFULLY these will keep you busy for a while. Happy reading!!! 

2017 Fic Rec List

For Fanfiction Author Appreciation Day! August 21st, 2017. :)

Buckle in, I’ve got a lot of recs, for different fandoms and different ships — I’m a total multi-fandom multishipping nerd. And I love it. Means more fics for me!

Let’s see…

Stuckony  — Steve x Bucky x Tony

The Limitations of Wax and Hide a Heart of War by RayShippouUchiha @rayshippouuchiha
Of Spiders and Super-Soldiers by AuddieAussie
and you needed someone to show you the way by SailorChibi
The Mechanic, The Soldier, and The Captain by AvocadoLove

Stony — Steve x Tony

Ironsides by copperbadge

WinterIron — Tony x Bucky

The Imagine Tony & Bucky collection by Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar)

Stucky — Steve x Bucky

this city bleeds its aching heart by Renne
Mistake on the Part of Nature by idiopathicsmile
United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) by fallingvoices and radialarch

WinterShieldShock — Bucky x Steve x Darcy Lewis

MARRY, FUCK, KILL series by sevenfoxes
Everything She Didn’t Know She Wanted by bluecurls
Rule of Three by cylobaby27
Thor Odinson is Not Just A God of Thunder by Valeris
Irreverence Is My Superpower by Silent_journey
What Happens in the Safe House, Stays in the Safe House by meleedamage

Jonsa — Jon Snow x Sansa Stark

Found in Forbidden Nights by alienor_woods

SSHG — Severus Snape x Hermione Granger

Second Life by Lariope
The Problem With Purity by Phoenix.Writing

CaptainSwan — Captain Hook/Killian Jones x Emma Swan

Across Time and Space (repost from FFnet) by Annaelle @cuthian

Reylo — Rey x Kylo Ren

The Companion by bluetoast @soldierofhalla17
Thwarted, He Knows He Needs To Stop, Still, Decision by Perry_Downing @perrydowning
What the Hell is Wrong with Kylo Ren? by Tuli_Azzameen @tuli-azzameen
In My Bloodstream by EllieCarina @jackpotgirl 
Awake by ns241 @ns241 
Lies and Lightsabers by Terapid @terapid 
The Escort by grliegirl @grlie-girl 
When the Day Loved the Night by NotTheYounglings @nottheyounglings 
Psychedelic Inebriation by Annaelle @cuthian 
Sable et Mer by CoupDeFoudRey @coupdefoudrey 
The Phantom’s Obsession by Pandora_Spocks @pandoraspocksao3

Reylux — Rey x Kylo Ren x Hux

Broken Skin by Isharen @isharan
The Haunted by SleepyOwlet @sleepyowlet
Possession by Pallendrome (nerdherderette) @nerdherderette

Kylux — Kylo Ren x Hux

Misfits and Children, Wake Up series by hollycomb @hollyhark
In a Place Where No One Appeared by Gefionne

JediStormPilot — Finn x Rey x Poe

room of heartbeats by Gretahs
Didn’t Know How Lost I Was by Annakovsky

Damerey — Poe x Rey

i think i’m finally clean. by AquaWolfGirl @stoptakingmyhandx

Stormpilot — Finn x Poe

the coat thief and dots and dashes by Gretahs

Finnreylo — Finn x Rey x Kylo Ren

How Long is Forever? by SouthSideStory @southsidestory
If only we could change fate by Juulna (not many to choose from, but I wanna promo the ship so you get a rec by me haha)

Obianidala — Obi Wan x Anakin x Padme

Ouroboros series by Bedlamsbard @bedlamsbard

Johnlock — John Watson x Sherlock Holmes

Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68
Performance in a Leading Role by Mad_Lori
26 Pieces by Lanning
The Gilded Cage by BeautifulFiction

Hannigram — Hannibal x Will Graham

Shark Tank by xzombiexkittenx
Consenting to Dream and Blackbird by emungere
The Shape of Me Will Always Be You by MissDisoriental
De Profundis by AGlassRoseNeverFades
The Borderland State by nekosmuse
Hanging Tree by ChuckleVoodoos
The Fault in My Code by LiaSo

anonymous asked:

Okay but, I really like the Love Square. I don't like any other ship aside from the Love Square that's the only ship I'll ever like. I don't get why me not liking other ships makes me homophobic?? I also don't ship Alyanette because I see them just as best friends and I think the show only sees them as that too. I'm never gonna ship them as a couple so I don't get why that makes people awful and homophobic. You can't just make people make ships more popular

you and a few other people have left similar questions in my inbox so i’m going to do my best to explain this. there seem to be other users who are also confused. i really recommend you read @chatchevalier  ‘s explanation here since she also spoke about this. 

first, let’s get the easy thing taken care of. the prevailing argument from most of the queer people in fandom who made posts yesterday was we want you to respect our ships. respect. that means no sending us hate, no bashing our ships, no tagging onto our fics and art and posts about how much you don’t ship our ship. don’t like? don’t engage. i think everyone can agree on that point. 

now what seems to be tripping people up is the whole “queer ships being unpopular is homophobia” sentiment that’s spreading around. i want to make this clear, this is in no way meant to shame people for their ships. i’m a multi-shipper myself and ship most if not all the ships in this fandom involving the miraculous class. what i’m trying to draw attention to is fandom trends and consistent fandom behavior. 

so, i’l use the example i showed in my screenshots on the original post going around. oftentimes, i get people who come into my inbox telling me how much they hate chlonette (chloe x marinette) because it ships a bully with their victim. now that in and of itself isn’t homophobia i think we can all agree. you’re allowed to dislike that ship for that reason. i think a lot of people react to chlolya (chloe x alya) for the same reasons. 

but let’s look at chlonath (chloe x nathanael). we arguably run into a similar problem. chloe being paired with someone she bullies. chlonath is particularly interesting because chloe and nathanael don’t interact very often (maybe a total of 10 seconds in “evillustrator”). chloe interacts with alya more, and interacts with marinette much much more. but look at the popularity of each of these ships. (i’ll be using # of ao3 stories as a proxy for this). 

Chloe Bourgeois/Alya Cesaire: 38
Chloe Bourgeois/Marinette Dupain-Cheng: 90
Chloe Bourgeois/Nathanael Kurtzberg: 125

despite the fact that chloe has barely interacted with nathanael and bullies him right along with the other classmates, chlonath is more popular than chlonette and chlolya. this is also a good time to point out that this is the only straight ship of the bunch. 

this happens in media a lot. you have a common trope introduced, in this case it’s a bully/bullied relationship becoming a romantic relationship. another common one off the top of my head is the friends to lovers trope. now when we see it applied to a straight pairing, we love it. adrienette friends to lovers is ridiculously popular, and it seems that the bully/bullied to lovers trope in chlonath is also compelling to people. but the moment these same tropes are attached to a queer pairing, interest plummets. which is why chlolya and chlonette are less popular despite those characters interacting more in canon, and why alyanette is always seen as “just two friends” even though they interact more than adrien and marinette do. 

and, to top it all off: i’m gonna bet my bank account that users get more hate for shipping chlonette and chlolya than they do chlonath. 

we do this unconsciously as a result of heteronormativity ingrained into us through continued exposure to societal homophobia. everyone is socialized to think that heterosexuality is preferred. it’s why there’s so much straight romance on tv, and it’s why gay people are still getting fired for their sexuality in the US. we can’t help this stuff, but if you learn to look for it, it’s easy to see. the fact that we enjoy certain tropes as they are applied to straight ships but not those same tropes as they are applied to queer ship…..is an example homophobia. internalized homophobia, implicit homophobia, subtle homophobia but homophobia nonetheless

if you ship chlonath but not chlonette, this doesn’t mean you’re homophobic. but when you look at macro-level trends like ship popularity in fandom, you see patterns that are anything but a coincidence. it’s no coincidence that this pattern of popularity matches up with patterns of hate. chlonette and chlolya get questioned more, people get more hate for it. chlonath doesn’t get nearly the amount. it’s very subtle, but this is the kind of implicit homophobia you see in media. 

now the solution is not to force you to like pairings you don’t like. not at all. this is just something to be aware of and something to consider when people wonder “why are queer ships getting all this hate?” queer shippers notice this because we’re hyper aware of the popularity of our ships. if you deal only in the love square it’s hard to see this, so we’re just pointing this out. 

we’re not telling you to ship our ships. we’re not asking for more popularity. we just want you to acknowledge fandom homophobia and keep people from bullying us for the queer content we produce. 

Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - June 2nd, 2017

Source: https://twitter.com/wonderwomanfire/status/636717346170740736

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. A special thank you this week to @thebookjumper for organizing the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon - it has inspired so many amazing stories! Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them.

Redemption multi-chapter by @vaelisamaza Oliver returns for being with the League after five - this story gets better and better - you should be reading this! http://archiveofourown.org/works/9107518/chapters/22278866

Olicity Head-Cannon Post 5x23 by @lydiasmartass - What happened after the island blew up http://lydiasmartass.tumblr.com/post/161045430659

I Don’t Think Anyone Could Ever Love (The Way I Love You) by @the-ships-to-rule-them-all - How Oliver finds his family again http://archiveofourown.org/works/11001732

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances. http://archiveofourown.org/works/3912157/chapters/8757172

When I’m With You - How To Fall In Love multi-chapter by @sentence-fragments - ARROW AU - Felicity is a Merlyn. When she was only five years-old, her father dropped her off to live with the Queens. She had expected it to be a few days, but those days turned into weeks, into months and into years. This is the story of her friendship with Oliver, her struggle to find a purpose in life, and her life with an absent father. (Part 1 of the ‘When I’m WIth You’-Series) http://archiveofourown.org/works/1145338/chapters/2318809

Wavelength by @geneshaven - post 5x23 fic - so lovely! https://geneshaven.tumblr.com/post/161112012744/wavelength

Untitled by @machawicket - When the team arrives back from the island http://machawicket.tumblr.com/post/161112584452/i-dont-know-guys-i-find-the-cliffhanger

Under a Starry Sky by @juliesioux - This one shot picks up after the explosions on Lian Yu in Episode 5x23 but from Felicity’s perspective as she wakes up afterwards.She drifts between reality and dreams and remembers a night shared with Oliver under the stars one night before they returned to Star City in Season 3.5. It’s full of pain and confusion but it is all Felicity Smoak. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11012085

In Another Life (I Could be Your Man) multi-chapter by @angelicmisskitty - Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him. He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ) LOVE LOVE, LOVE! http://archiveofourown.org/works/8944795/chapters/20475253

Return to Me multi-chapter by @diggo26 - What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time? http://archiveofourown.org/works/10536999/chapters/23265480

A Day in the Life multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Felicity Smoak is an MIT graduate and assistant to Oliver Queen.   Suddenly she is his pretend girlfriend and in the spotlight.  Oliver Queen needs a girlfriend to get rid of an obsessive former lover and to please his parents. Fluffy, funny, happiness! http://archiveofourown.org/works/9229205/chapters/20931281

Summer House multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - Oliver Queen has been missing for two years. On the eve of his 2nd anniversary the local paper with the families consent has decided to run a memorial article since one was never done when he first went missing. Sara Lance was assigned the story at first but know the paper’s hotshot reporter Felicity Smoak has been assigned the story. Felicity must now put her personal feelings aside as she searches for the truth to Oliver Queen’s disappearance. http://archiveofourown.org/works/10918641/chapters/24282099

What I Did On My Summer Vacation by @wherethereissmoak - William reads Felicity his vacation report for school on the summer after the Lian Yu incident, and she thinks it may need some editing for secret identity purposes. Little does she know that Oliver might have gotten to it first. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11021412

To Make You Feel My Love multi-chapter by @smkkbert - One year after the Gambit went down, the incredible happens: Oliver is found alive and brought back to Starling City. All he wants is getting back to Felicity and Madeleine. Though Felicity welcomes him back with her arms wide open, Oliver struggles to find his place in the family. It seems like his place – at least in Mae’s heart – is already taken. And it doesn’t help that it’s his best friend Tommy who seems to have taken it. http://archiveofourown.org/works/10904208/chapters/24242493

Once Upon a Dream multi-chapter @beemichelle7 - Oliver and Felicity are away on their road trip when unbeknownst to them Barry loses control after Iris is kidnapped and runs so fast in an attempt to save her life that he takes them all back in time.  Oliver and Felicity start having visions and dreams of a life together that doesn’t yet exist. Part 1: https://beemichelle7.tumblr.com/post/127051653709/once-upon-a-dream Part 2: https://beemichelle7.tumblr.com/post/129967723699/once-upon-a-dream-part-2

Pacific Crest Trails by @imusuallyobsessed - After they drive off into the sunset and leave Starling City behind, Felicity and Oliver decide to go hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. Felicity soon realizes that her vision and the reality don’t match up, and Oliver does his best to convince her that backpacking isn’t all that bad. Part of the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon, prompt: summer vacation. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11024067

Trust Me multi-chapter by @felicityollies - When a prostitute meets the perfect client, she has to remind herself that there’s no room for getting close to someone in her line of work. http://archiveofourown.org/works/8487226/chapters/22503983

Under The Stars by @green-arrows-of-karamel - Prompt: Summer Vacations for Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon http://archiveofourown.org/works/11026278

The Perfect Couple multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Oliver Queen needs a fake girlfriend, Felicity Smoak needs a job and a place to live.  A deal is forged but how does that work out for them? http://archiveofourown.org/works/8414779/chapters/19282291

A Boy and His Socks by @laurabelle2930 - Just my first contribution to the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon. Sara and Felicity over a quiet lunch discuss what she did over her summer….Hint socks… http://archiveofourown.org/works/11027367

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Bring Me a Vacation by @gypsyfire1066 - Tumblr prompt- Summer vacation http://archiveofourown.org/collections/OlicityHiatusFicAThon/works/11027397

A Sight To by @releaseurinhibitions - Set between season 1-2 (I know, throwback) written for the olicity hiatus fic-a-thon | prompt: summer vacationhttp://archiveofourown.org/works/11018673/chapters/24580689

Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard http://archiveofourown.org/works/9243455/chapters/20960405

Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Life continues after Forever is Composed of Nows. Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens. - Not going to lie this week’s chapter is ONE OF THE BEST THING’S I’VE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. http://archiveofourown.org/works/8220479/chapters/18840356

Untitled by @deadlybingo - Prompt: Just pretend to be my date - http://deadlybingo.tumblr.com/post/161217379273/not-sure-if-i-should-send-it-here-but-this-is-one

Untitled by @deadlybingo - Prompt: Hold me back! http://deadlybingo.tumblr.com/post/161215186798/hold-me-back

Room in Your Heart for More multi-chapter by @wherethereissmoak - Army vet Oliver Queen returns from overseas to find out that he has a 5-year-old son. He is fighting for custody, but is struggling to prove he is a fit father. It’s especially hard because he really has no idea what he’s doing. By chance he meets single mother Felicity Smoak, who swoops in like an angel to help him become comfortable in his role as a father. Felicity is recovering from her a recent trauma, and as a vet Oliver is able to be the support that she needs. Together, they learn to open up their hearts in ways they never thought possible. I ADORE this story! http://archiveofourown.org/works/10700583/chapters/23700948

New Beginnings by @perfectlittlesoul - Watching the place he had once called hell, Oliver begs, hopes that he hadn’t just lost the people he loves so much. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11005971

Cabin in the Woods by @felicityollies - 01. Summer Vacation - Cabin in the Woods (smut) http://archiveofourown.org/works/11034534/chapters/24594711

The Predator multi-chapter @supersillyanddorky06 - I feel like the reputation of this story means I probably don’t need to say much. But if you aren’t reading it - START NOW. This is an amazing story where Felicity is the daughter of a mob boss and Oliver belongs to another mob and there is tension, oh sweet tension. http://archiveofourown.org/works/5077885/chapters/21891689

Utterly Irrational by @releaseurinhibitions - Set in a happy time nearing the end of season 5, with Olicity reconnected. Prompt: Mayor Oliver Queen doing an obstacle course for charity (much to Felicity’s enjoyment) http://archiveofourown.org/works/11018673/chapters/24611772

The Aftermath by @missyriver - Three days the island burned before Oliver could even start searching for his family. The only thing keeping him going is his son, William and the faith he has in team. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11035584

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter! http://archiveofourown.org/works/8035363/chapters/22542341

Summer Vacation by @crazycrystal10 - Short dialogue fic http://crazycrystal10.tumblr.com/post/161059082303/summer-vacation

Prompt #1: Summer Vacations by @some1foundme - Written for Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon http://archiveofourown.org/works/11036964

Recovery by @thatmasquedgirl - Oliver and Felicity engage in a little pillow talk. Takes place after Edge of Hope . Written for TheBookJumper’s Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon.  Prompt:  summer vacation. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11038149

Salmon Ladder by @oneofakindxx - Felicity makes another attempt at the salmon ladder http://oneofakindxx.tumblr.com/post/161290398756/salmon-ladder

Regrets at Dawn by @geneshaven - Post 5x23 after they return from the island https://geneshaven.tumblr.com/post/161297432864/regrets-at-dawn

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Defy the Odds by @dreamsofolicity - “Our chances of meeting in a city with a population of over five hundred thousand people were small to begin with but the likelihood of meeting in another country entirely are infinitesimal.” “So we defy the odds,” he said. “Yeah we do,” she agreed, finally weaving her fingers through his. “I like that.” http://archiveofourown.org/works/11057670

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William’s Summer Vacation by @cruzrogue - Felicity gives a website to Oliver giving him ideas on father/son activities for the summer. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11067627

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Ships: What is Canon, and What is Not.

When I joined the fandom I had a wrong hope that this fandom had way less ship wars becuase of what has been told canon to us.

Apparently, no matter how dumb this seems, this show has ship wars between the three canon ships.

Now I was thinking if I explained how all three of them are canon, I would change at least two people’s minds about [insert one of the three canon ship names here] being toxic assholes.

Now I guess it is time for me to explain what is canon.


Star has a crush on Marco, and she has for most of the show but most of the time she didn’t know. Once she finally confessed to Marco he couldn’t decide whether or not he liked her back, but before he really had a chance to decide she left Earth, and Marco went to go find her and help taking his mind off of the crush and the answer to whether or not he likes her back is a question still unanswered.


Star used to date Tom, but broke up with him, probably becuase of how angry he gets. Top tried multiple times in the show to get her back, one example being the Blood Moon Ball, but it always fails and although Star doesn’t hate him much anymore it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting back together anytime soon.


Marco had a crush on Jackie long before the series started, and eventually they started dating.

Things to remember:

(edit by @queenbean03)

Star and Jackie are friends

Marco and Tom are friends

Why the hell are we fighting?

you can draw fanart of Tomstar, becuase it’s canon, but they also means you can draw fanart of Starco becuase it’s canon. Multiple ships are canon at once in different ways, and the fandom, instead of taking advantage of that and most of the fandom being friends, we all decided that there is only one dominant ship and only one of them has to be canon. I ship all three without doing the traditional multi-shipping becuase I ship them all at different times becuase the show made them all canon at different times. They are all canon and it seems that nobody has accepted that.

Can at least some of us get along?

The thing is, I watch Shadowhunters for Alec Lightwood. And I would still watch it even if Alec and Magnus were not together. 

Alec’s a wonderful character on his own, he’s not just one half of a ship. He’s a son, a brother and a parabatai, he’s the acting head of the Institute, he’s a gay man trying to make a career within a strict military society and certainly, he’s a lover now, too, and it’s an important part of who he is, but at the same time, he has a whole life outside his relationship with Magnus (just like every character on this show). He’s multi-faceted, multi-layered and 3D. And to see him - and only him, did you notice? - reduced to nothing more than Ma!ec in the promos saddens me to no end.

Originally posted by natashasromanoff

i know i say i feel bad for posting this but desperate times come to desperate measures

i know that this isn’t necessarily fandom related but please read until the end. i’m begging you to stay with me until the long haul. then you can go about your lives like i don’t even exist. 

i have a youtube channel that i’m very proud of. i’ve posted about it before and post all my videos on here for all to see. and i’m always so ashamed to promote it because i have this thing called low self esteem where i feel as if i’m intruding on your being by making this known. but guess what. i’ve worked really hard this summer to make some great videos, so here goes my pitch. 

i started my youtube channel 4 years ago but have only recently started making more regular content. i don’t care if no one subscribes to me but what really makes me sad is that no one ever sees or clicks on what i make. i really want feedback on the things i make so that i can get better at that. but the only way to do that is to do self promotion. so yes this is a post of me shamelessly promoting myself even though no one will probably read this far down. on my youtube channel i make videos about my college life, fandoms, shipping, and artsy film/visual poems. if you’re into that stuff or you like to review videos then please check out what i’ve made so far and leave a comment on how i can make things better. 

here’s some examples of videos i’ve made that i think you would enjoy:

my unproblematic faves: a series of videos where i talk about unproblematic books, tv shows, etc and convince you to watch said show.

[episode 1: the bold type] [episode 2: degrassi - coming very soon]

ship to your hearts content: a series of videos in which i discuss my favorite ships and the controversies surrounding them (or i just talk about my love for them).

[episode 1: degrassi - zaya] [episode 2: gmw - multi-ships] [episode 3: riverdale - bughead] [episode 4: lgbt+ ships] [episode 5: scorpion - waige & stitchers - camsten] [episode 6: shadowhunters - rizzy - coming very soon]

music: i do original songs and covers. i don’t claim to be the best singer but i’m trying my best.

[if it helps you smile (original song)] [words ain’t enough | dodie and tessa cover] [sick of losing soulmates | dodie cover] [the end of vedj song (original song)]

school related stuff: i do vlogs about school life and am planning on making more once i get back to college.

[stanford university: the beginning] [i visit my old high school] [i lost my wallet on the first day of college]

artsy videos: i do these when i’m inspired and have something important to say.

[consumer - a commentary] [a hotel room in atlanta] [repetiton - a short film] [a nice chat]

subscribe if you want not just because i’m telling you. thank you for reading until the end. love ya and i’ll be back with the last chapter of Let’s Switch Partners this Friday.

OK Fandom-

I have reached the point where I am actually legitimately upset… 

I’ve been making a point thus far to keep my posts general and about issues I see in the fandom and academic as opposed to personal, but the combination of lack of sleep and hurt feelings is making me try another tactic. 

In general I try to be a good person. I multi-ship, I support people wanting to do things other than I do, but without encouraging the idea that that equates to not allowing people to speak out against the things you like. I make a point to support a wide array of artist, writers and fan works of all types many of whom have vastly different thoughts and opinions than I do because I think that is a wonderful thing to have in a fandom… 

for weeks now I have seen people tearing apart people who support problematic characters in this show- namely Chloe Lila and Gabe. You can feel free to look through my older posts to see my thoughts on the characters and their redeemability in general. 

Similarly I have been seeing a lot of discussions in the past few days specifically about the idea of Fandom Misogyny- the unfair treatment of female characters by a fandom in situations where their male counterparts get excused for the same type of actions. This is a very real concept that is true of most entertainment media. (you’ll see why this applies in a minute.) 

However while these things all apply, none of them are the reason for this post.

The point of this post is this- Do not come anonymously into my box to tell me that I am a misogynist and a terrible person. Partially because I am going to laugh in your face, and partially because that doesn’t make you a spokesman for your cause. It makes you a jerk. Don’t go around spamming anyone with hate to make your point. Or if you do want to tell me that I am doing something wrong by writing about ANY of the DOZENS of characters I have written about- including all three of the problematic characters mentioned in my previous posts- then do it civilly or have the guts to turn off anon and do it to my face. 

The same goes to anyone else you think this is ok for. NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE deserves to get hate mail. 

To all you people out there getting similar hate for any reason- I am so sorry. 

For those of you wanting to support your characters, or speak out against problems in the fandom I am cheering for you. 

For all of you thinking its ok to do that by sending hateful messages to people- go take a good long look in the mirror. 

I think you should be worried about your own redemption arc. 

Ps. for anyone who has been posting about fandom misogyny in regards to these topics I apologize if I have been harsh in any replies/debates. This is why.  

ok kids svtfoe fandom REALLY needs fics

im offering incentive….write any svtfoe fic + show proof that u posted it to either tumblr or ao3 and if we get to 27 fics (oneshot or mutli chapter, but multi-chaps dont have to be finished, just started and planned to continue) then i’ll release the only fic i ever wrote. its rlly fuckin garbage and y’all get the chance 2 laugh it up… also its not even finished (but 36 pages) and i dont plan to but ill free what i have.

only rules,

  • has to be svtfoe
  • has to be your work
  • any ship, or no ship at all
  • 500 words or more
  • you gotta, like. Try. It can’t be “star loves Marco” copy pasted 80 times.
  • NO NSFW.
  • it can be sourced from ao3 or tumblr but it’s gotta end up on tumblr with a link or something, also please tag my url so it’s easy to find

ik this seems like a lot but this is gonna hopefully be a pretty chill thing,yk. Just something going on in the background and if we happen to hit 27? Holy shit great!!!!

My Top 5 Ships

1. Stydia - Teen Wolf

Stiles Stilinski + Lydia Martin 

2. Bughead - Riverdale

Betty Cooper + Jughead Jones 

3. Everlark - The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen + Peeta Mellark 

4. Chair - Gossip Girl 

Chuck Bass + Blair Waldorf

5. Klaine - Glee

Kurt Hummel + Blaine Anderson 

+ bonus because I recently finished this show! 

Jancy - Stranger Things 

Jonathan Byers + Nancy Wheeler

Me in the Haikyuu fandom: multi ships everyone and everything, never is judged/judges for extremely rare ships or odd ones, everyone is super supportive, friendly, and fun to talk with, at the end of the day we sit in a circle, sing kumbaya, and remember the training camp arc and all our OTP moments contently. Me going into the Voltron fandom: walks five steps forward and lands in a pile of anti shit, everyone is angry about at least one ship, discourse galore, I silently sit in a corner, try not to attract the antis, and continue my multi shipping of Klance, sheith, plance, and shallura, muttering under my breath, “Jesus fucking Christ guys it’s just a kids show.”

Originally posted by bookishbellarke

anonymous asked:

do you ship anything in voltron?

THE DAY HAS COME. Voltron fandom asks me about my ships. It was expected i guess. Nowhere to hide.

I’m multi-shipper and non-shipper in one. You see I don’t draw something obviously romantic (don’t feel like that) but I let people interpret my art as they want. That piece with Lance and Allura comforting each other (x), for example. Some of people tagged it as couple, another ones as siblings-like interaction. I don’t mind, feel free guys. 
I like the characters, enjoy the show, read fanfics and I just draw what I want, that’s all. 

I know it’s pretty boring for vld fandom but I’ve already gone through all my ship wars/discources/shit-canon-cause-i-didnt-get-what-i-wanted at my teens.

Barry Allen Deserves Better Than Iris West

I would like to start this off by saying this has nothing to do with Iris’s race or Candice Patton. I don’t know Candice Patton, so I have no real opinion on her. I think she’s a very beautiful woman and she seems nice from her interviews, but other than that, I’ve never met her, so I really don’t know what she’s like. For the record, I don’t really like Iris in the comics either where she is a white woman, so it’s actually how the character always seems to be written and not anything to do with an actress portraying her and it certainly has nothing to do with her skin. Judging someone based off their skin, whether it’s in a positive or negative way is stupid and bigoted and I don’t tolerate it. I only like someone if I think they’re a good person, just like I only dislike someone if I think they’re a bad person. I’ve tried really hard to like Iris and WestAllen, but guess what? I am done. I have been bullied by WestAllen shippers for being a multi shipper, making me question why I ship the pairing at all, and guess what? WestAllen is no longer one of my multiple ships and Iris West is no longer a character I will pretend to like. Who she is as a person is just awful. 

Also, I want to make it clear that I put this in the anti tag, so no one better come along and stupidly accuse me of using their tag, because I didn’t. If you see this post when looking up Iris or WestAllen, it’s probably because of tumblr’s crappy tagging system. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up anti westallen or anti iris west and have gotten stuff that’s positive about her and the ship. So, why don’t all of you stay out of the anti tag?

So, onto why Iris West is not deserving of Barry Allen. If you’re an Iris West or WestAllen fan, I really don’t recommend reading anymore and if you show up with your comments attacking me for my opinion, I will either ignore you or report you depending on how offensive you are, (because some of you can get REALLY offensive. I’ve had WestAllen shippers come at me with foul language, false accusations, telling me or my family to go die, etc. And they did this without me even saying something negative about their precious Iris. It was just because I made a Snowbarry post since I multi ship and Snowbarry is one of my ships. And as usual, they accused me of putting it in their stupid tag when I didn’t).

Barry Allen deserves far better than Iris West. Honestly, in season one, she had a boyfriend, yet chose to lead Barry on and try to sabotage his relationship with Linda several times in order to keep him as her safety net, her next best thing. She told Linda about his feelings for her, she crashed their date, and flat out told Barry she wasn’t the right one for him. Iris didn’t do this because she wanted Barry to be available so she could be with him, she did it so he’d be available to be her safety net. If Eddie’s love fell through, Barry would always be there to pick Iris West back up and that’s exactly what she wanted. Sure, she cared about him, as he was her best friend, but she treated him rather poorly. She was shallow and selfish and didn’t deserve him in any way. She also wigged out when she found out he was the Flash, but Barry has a right to his personal, private life. Honestly, Iris has kept secrets too. She kept her relationship with Eddie a secret, she kept Joe’s son a secret from him, and she helped keep Barry’s identity as the Flash a secret from Wally, so Iris wigging out because Joe and Barry kept it secret from her when she was constantly putting herself in danger and they were worried about her putting herself in even more, makes her a hypocrite. I also hated it when she just automatically assumed that the only reason Barry went to CCPN was to check on her, when really he had a lunch date with Linda. I was so happy when she looked upset about that, because she honestly deserved it. As if his life revolves around her. She needed to stop assuming things. She also needed to stay out of his love life. He was supportive of her and Eddie, yet she was a bitch about him and Linda. The only time Barry ever tried to pursue her when she was with Eddie was after she confessed to having feelings for him and kissed him in another timeline. And who wouldn’t try to get someone they were in love with most of their life to maybe be with them if they knew that a part of them really did love them that way? Barry had a conversation about it with Iris and she shot him down despite everything she did to his own relationship even after he told her he didn’t have feelings for her anymore. What makes what Barry and Iris did different is he just went and talked to her. He didn’t go sabotaging her and Eddie’s dates nor did he say anything to Eddie about it. And when she shot him down and he realized he was wrong, he went back to always been supportive, something Iris never did for him and Linda. Barry even got on Joe’s case for not giving Eddie his blessing when he wanted to marry Iris. And honestly, I don’t know why Iris told Eddie about that conversation she had with Barry and then expected everything to be cool between the two of them. Was she really surprised Eddie went after Barry? She basically sicced her cop boyfriend on her best friend who he has to work with. Thank God for Caitlin and her lightning psychosis. 

Then on to season two. The only reason Iris decides to get with Barry is because they’re married in the future and they’re married on Earth two. It’s not because she’s actually in love with him, it’s because she wants some fairy tale ending and a bunch of destiny crap rather than forging her own destiny. She is in love with the idea of Barry, not actually with him. This is further proved at the end of season three when the reason she is so upset that Barry is going into the speed force is because ‘they were supposed to have their happen ending’ and ‘she’s ready to be Iris West-Allen’. I also hated it in season two when she is prompting him to start a relationship with her despite the fact that he is in no way ready and his father just died. If it wasn’t for her doing that, maybe Barry wouldn’t have felt the need to create Flashpoint. After all, remember when he said, “If I’m ever going to be worth anything to you, I need to fix what’s wrong with me”? Flashpoint was for Iris. Iris is the reason he took all of that hate in season three.

And then we got season three. I was liking her in season three and enjoying their pairing, until 3x15. I don’t care why Iris called off the engagement, as she has a right to do that if she thinks getting married is a bad idea, but she was a vindictive bitch about it. Barry is lying in pain after Savitar shattered his clavicle and threw him off a building, in STAR Labs, and he is so happy to see her when he wakes up. Until he sees that she just had to put the hand that used to have a ring on it on him and then walk away. Iris deliberately stayed in the room until he woke up, showed off her ring-less fingers, and then left him lying there. What. A. Bitch. She couldn’t have waited until later to tell him she’d called off the engagement? This is a man she supposedly loves, yet she seems to enjoy hurting him.

Then we’ve got 3x16. Barry asks Iris if he lost her or not and rather than give him an answer, Ms. Bitch decides to walk away without a word. That’s not healthy. Relationships rely on communication and she should have given him an answer. But she didn’t, because she is an immature, unstable human being. And then when he is about to go into the speed force to rescue HER douchebag of a brother, she hesitates to tell him she loves him. What the hell? Even if she isn’t in love with him anymore for whatever dumb reason, she has still loved him as her best friend since they were ten. Thing is, what Barry did didn’t warrant hate. Sure, his proposal did come from a place of fear, but that fear came from a place of love. She overreacted and behaved poorly afterward. Anyone who is stable can recognize that. If Barry had died in the speed force, these moments between them: her just walking away from him and her hesitation and lackluster ‘I love you’ you could tell she said out of a sense of duty rather than actual love, would have been the last moments she ever had with him, and it would have served her right.

And the last complaint I have about WestAllen being toxic is Iris’s video message. When Barry left her to go into the speed force, he told her how much he loved her, but that she needed to keep living her life, keep loving… he made it clear just how much he wanted her to be happy. When Barry went back in time and got a video message from Eddie to give to Iris to help her move on, the message was of Eddie telling her how much he loved her and that the one thing he really wanted for her was for her to be happy. But what did Iris do when leaving a message for Barry? She recites wedding vows. No wonder emo Barry never got over her. She twisted the knife that was already dug in by her death and now he can’t get it out. It would have been hard enough for him to move on from her at all, but she really ensured that he never would by reciting wedding vows rather than telling him that she just wanted him to be happy and keep living his life without her, something any good person would want for the one they love.

I have come to the conclusion that I only ship WA because it makes Barry happy and I care about his character. For a while I was just like I can take or leave Iris. I like her but I don’t love her, but after all these things I’ve realized with how she is emotionally abusive toward this man, I think she can go to hell. It sucks, because in the first episode, I was ready to ship them. I liked how Iris was like ‘nope’ to detective pretty boy; it was funny. And I loved it when she saw him coming out of his coma and leapt into his arms, hugging. I was like “yeah, I’m going to ship this!” And then it all went down hill from there and I am out of chances for Iris. I would prefer Barry with many other women: Caitlin, Patty, Linda, hell even Felicity, which is hard for me to say considering how much I ship Olicity. I wouldn’t mind it if they brought in another love interest for him. Perhaps Meena Dhawan, a speedster and former scientist for STAR Labs, who is also a woman of color, so if we brought in Meena and had Barry date her, no one could falsely accuse, (or at least usually falsely accuse. I know there are some bigoted idiots out there and I don’t tolerate any of them, but WestAllen shippers don’t realize that they’re a minority and that even some black people have told me they don’t like Iris or ship WestAllen), the writers or anyone who preferred that pairing to WestAllen of being racists. And Meena and Barry were a rather cute ship in the comics while they lasted, so I’d be all for seeing Meena come into the Flash show and date Barry.

Also, as an added note, I would love to say how the die hard WestAllen shippers have come after me despite the fact that this is in the anti tag, calling me racist, even though I’ve made it clear how that has nothing to do with what I’m saying and that I’m not bigoted at all. That argument has gotten pathetic and laughable. If I was bigoted, would Lincoln have been my favorite character on the 100 and Linctavia been my OTP? If I was bigoted, would I love Bonnie on the Vampire Diaries and ship Bonenzo as hard as I do? If I was bigoted, would I have had a major crush on a black boy in my freshman year of high school and my first boyfriend been Mexican? If I was bigoted, would a black woman be my female lead in one of the books I’m writing?  And one WestAllen shipper tried to accuse me of being misogynistic. Um, I’m a woman and a feminist. That means I believe in the equality of the genders. It does not mean I have to like every single woman on the planet or hate men. I want to judge people based on their actions, not their race, sexuality, gender, etc. Just who they are as a person, and I don’t see Iris West as a likable individual. It has nothing to do with her skin or her gender. Though, I’m willing to bet that if the roles were reversed, if she was a white man and still did the emotionally abusive things she does to Barry, everyone would hate her and call her sexist. Aren’t double standards just amazing?

Hey sheith fans,

Me and @n-o-homo decided to make a stream for season 3 when it airs. We’re doing this through rabb.it, so there’s only a limited number (23) of people who can join our group. If you wanna join feel free to message me about it. I ask that you join if:

1. you either don’t have Netflix or the show isn’t available where you live
2. if you ship Sheith. I was hoping to keep this a Sheith centric thing bc it’s a really nice community of people. (Multi-shipping is fine too! I’m mostly doing this to avoid antis tbh) And it’d be fun to meet some other sheith fans.

I honestly don’t know how many people will be interested in this, but don’t be afraid to ask about it if you’re interested. Specific times will be decided once I have a group of people. I’ll try to work with Time zones and people’s schedules and such. It may be all the season in one night. (If enough people are interested I could try to get together a second group for the overflow) I’ll accept requests to join (depending on how many people end up wanting to join) till the end of June. I may extend it longer, idk yet.

I’ll try to keep ya’ll updated on how this is progressing. Hopefully we can make the Season 3 premiere fun. ❤️

Steven Universe Review: Seasons 4 and 5 (PART 1)


Okay, so, I haven’t done one of these in quite some time (I think like two or three hiatuses ago). But we’re once again at a point where we don’t know when SU is coming back to us, so I feel like this is a good time to get caught up on my thoughts of the show. This is gonna be a two-parter since I’ve skipped over so many episodes.


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@xagrok​ asked: May I ask what you think of Jercy and, if you like it, whether you might draw them sometime? This isn’t meant to pressure, by the bye, so my apologies if it comes across as such, but I figured I should/ could ask. Thank you in advance, both for answering and for the art you’ve drawn. Your Percy is aesthetically very pleasing.

Show me your wild side, wolf boy.”

I’m neutral on Jercy. I mean, I always casually multi-ship (unless I find the ship SUPER OBJECTIONABLE) so Jercy is fine for me. Bi!Percy is one of my favorite HCs, and we know he has a thing for blondes, so yeah I’m pretty OK with Jercy.

and thanks, I find my Percy very aesthetically pleasing too. :D