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I sit here alone and far from you, wondering if you think of me, if your thoughts still echo my name, if your fingers crave for my skin, if your heart asks you about me. I never knew how to be someone you miss, all I knew was your taste at 2 am and your voice at 10 am, all I knew was how your hands adored to dance on my body and how your eyes made my heart shine when you opened them into mine.
I am just a naive girl who fell in love with you, a boy who’s forgetting her as easy as breathing. A naive girl who spends the nights waiting for a call from you, a stupid girl who still listens to the songs we used to make love to. A girl who wants to get rid of all these feelings, who wants to turn the pain into the dust that lays on the shelf where also your “forever’’s and ’‘always’’s are.
The next time you call, I hope my mind won’t forget to remind me that you are a bad idea.

never knew how to be someone you miss.

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RFA: Accidental Turn On

MC accidentally turning on the RFA boys? ;3

Sorry no Jaehee, I just couldn’t think of a scenario for her.. Sorry if some of these seem repetitive, I was kind of running out of ideas ㅠㅠ


-  You sat on the edge of Yoosung’s bed, licking a popsicle while watching him play LOLOL

- But you didn’t know that he wasn’t focusing on the game

- His purple eyes were staring at you as you licked the popsicle

- Up, and down, up, and… down…. My face must be turning red now… 

- “Yoosung? You’re losing right now…” you tell him, and he flinched 

- “O-Oh, of course!” He cried out as he frantically reached for the keyboard, nearly making it fall 

- “Um… You have um… Something you should deal with…” While he fixed his set up, you noticed that he was a little… excited

- “M-MC…?” He avoided your eyes “W-Why don’t you help me deal with it?” His face was bright red now 

- The popsicle began to melt onto the floor, your attention focused on only Yoosung 


- Zen was practicing his script when you walked into his living room

- “What’s this one about?” You asked, sitting next to him 

- “It’s just another one of those overly complicated love stories,” Zen sighed.

- “Oh, can I see?” You bent over him, accidentally pressing a little too close as you leaned over 

- You were absorbed in reading a few lines of the script, but Zen’s mind was completely somewhere else as he noticed what was pressing against his arm

- MC… MC..!! Gah, I need to keep myself controlled… 

- You leaned back into your seat, and looked up at Zen, who had tensed up a while ago

- “Zen, are you feeling alright?” You asked, and reached out a hand to cup his forehead

- Worried, you lean over to scan the script again, causing him to lose his self-restraint

- He put the script away, and roughly smashed his lips onto yours. “Looks like the beast got out, what are you going to do?” 


- You were sucking on a lollipop, while looking at your phone on the bed. when Jumin came in

- He was assumably typing away for work, but you could feel his eyes staring at you

- You ignored it, assuming that you were just imagining things, and continued to browse Tripter with your lollipop

- But Jumin really was staring at you  

- That seems pretty vulgar… Do people usually eat that in public? Certainly not… MC doing that is making my pants- I should stop, it’s getting worse…

- “Jumin? Don’t you need to do some work instead of just staring at the screen?” You ask, trying to see Jumin’s screen

- “The only thing I need to do is you” He pounced on you, pinning you down onto the bed and kissing you, lollipop and all 


- You were sitting on Seven’s lap as he played games, his arms reaching out on either side of you 

- You watched how quickly his hands were moving, glancing up at the many screens to check on his game 

- Seven was very good at whatever game he was playing, but he constantly kept messing up on purpose, just to annoy you

- “Oh whoops I didn’t see the huge gaping hole in the wall” Seven grinned at you, running a hand through his hair

- “Seven you avoided the hole at least three times already!” You hit him gently, but continued to watch as he opened up yet another game

- Because you were watching the screens, you didn’t notice that Seven tensed up every time you fidgeted

-  Oh god, oh god, MC PLEASE STOP MOVING ON MY LAP I CanT coNCeNtRaTe 

- You saw that his hand movements were slowing down, and occasionally stopped altogether 

- He then turned you around, leaning you onto his desk with a sadistic smile, “Shh, the microphone is still on. You wouldn’t want my teammates to hear you, right?” 

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Beautiful (Snowbaz AU)

A/N: featuring selectively mute!Simon and soft!Baz

- - Simon - -

I don’t think I’ve ever been in the library before, but I have no idea where Penny is and this is my last reasonable idea (the next one being that she’s gone for a swim in the lake, but seeing as it’s about 10 degrees out, this is my last hope).

I walk in and start to call for her before being angrily shushed by a grouchy looking lady behind the desk. “Oops,” I whisper – well, try to whisper, which Penny says is basically a normal talking voice for anyone else when I’m in ‘loud mode’ as she calls it– “sorry, but have you seen my friend Penny?” The lady just glares at me and puts her finger against her lip, so I shrug and decide to just wander the shelves and try and find her myself. Too loud, I mentally rebuke myself. I’m always either too loud or too quiet. The only time I’m okay is when I’m with Penny. She’s good at letting me know. ‘Too loud, Simon,’ she’ll say, or ‘I can’t hear you, love, a little louder?’ I’m also not as anxious around her, so my tongue doesn’t freeze up and feel like lead, not anymore at least. I don’t choke over my words with her.  I shove my fingers into my jean pockets, desperately trying to regain feeling in them and wander deeper into the library. It smells old, but not bad. Like maybe a bunch of posh ancient  vampires lived here. The shelves tower overhead and I could probably get lost if I’m not careful. I’d need a trail of breadcrumbs or something to ever find my way back to the grouchy lady and the front door, but Penny will help me once I find her.

I keep wandering and weaving, peering around shelves and quietly whisper-screaming Penny’s name. I am hushed countless times by people sprawled on overstuffed chairs with thick books and annoyed frowns. After about thirty minutes I’ve given up; even if Penny is somewhere in this maze I’ll never find her. Plus, all the books are distracting (I’ve never been much of a reader, but the pictures on the covers are fun to look at).

Then another thing – well, person – catches my eye. He could be a posh library vampire if he were paler. He has long, dark hair pulled up in a messy bun like it was done up in a rush. Large hipster glasses are sliding off of his narrow nose- which is currently buried in a book. The shadows from the soft yellow lights in the ceiling fall against his face, accenting his sharp cheekbones and firm jawline. I stare open-mouthed at this boy, blinking a few times to make sure he isn’t just a figment of my imagination.

The boy sighs and shifts and I quickly push myself back behind the shelves, knocking over a couple of books as I move. Shit, shit, shit, he probably heard that. I wait for a little while, listening for movement, but don’t hear anything. Maybe he didn’t hear it. I slowly move forward again, peering around the shelf. He’s still there, still reading. I drink in the sight of this absolutely beautiful boy. He coughs, startling me and I start to move back again- tripping over my shoelaces as I go. I fall to the floor with a loud bang, and land on my back. I turn my head and stare through the books, but the chairs on the other side are empty. The boy is gone. I sigh and turn my head back up to stare at the ceiling. Only-there’s a person in my way. Startling grey eyes meet mine and I swallow back a gulp. Wisps of his hair fall against his cheeks. He’s even more beautiful up close.

“Mind telling me why you were watching me?” His voice is deep, deeper than mine. And smooth. A light lilt following his words. I open my mouth to reply, and then shut it again and close my eyes. My verbal communication skills are shitty at best, and in front of a beautiful boy they’re bound to be horrible. I don’t want to ruin the moment (if this even is a moment).

A light thud to my left causes me to open them again and look over. His nose brushes mine from where he’s lying on the ground next to me and he smirks. “You’re staring again,” he whispers. I feel his breath against my face and smile a bit at him, blushing. He grins back and turns his head towards the ceiling. I stare a while longer before looking up as well. The ceiling is quite beautiful, with arches made of dark wood forming large frames for beautiful murals and paintings. We’re lying under a night sky, painted white stars shining down on us. He tilts his head towards me and points a long elegant finger up. “See those brighter stars? In the top corner?” he whispers, tracing them with his finger in the air. I nod. “That constellation is called Cassiopeia, named after a boastful Ethiopian queen in Greek mythology.”

I slowly turn my head away from the stars on the ceiling and back to him. To his bright eyes and small smile as he passionately explains the stories in the stars. He points out a couple of others before meeting my eyes again and pausing.

“I’m Baz.”

“Simon.” I whisper.

I watch him mouth my name, curving his lips around each letter as if treasuring and memorizing each one. Simon. “Well, Simon.” His voice is breathy and light, “what do you see in the stars?”

I look back up, glancing over at him continuously. He nods encouragingly. Hesitantly opening my mouth I wish to everything that words could tumble out but they catch in my throat. I press my lips together and close my eyes, trying to control my shaking hands. I almost wish that I had continued therapy, that it had worked so I could fucking talk to this beautiful boy. That my continuous panic attacks during behaviour therapy hadn’t finally made me give up. Deciding to instead learn sign language with Penny alongside me for rough situations anxiety-wise, where my words choked me and my mouth betrayed me.

“Hey, hey” he whispers, noticing my obvious distress. He reaches out and grabs my hand. “You’re okay, Simon” oh how he says my name. It rolls off his tongue easy and light. “You’re okay,” he repeats, “Do you wanna know what I see in the stars?” I clench my eyes together and nod trying to focus on my breathing. The last thing I want right now is a panic attack. Why couldn’t I have this? Just this. This beautiful boy with his smile and his whispers about the stars.

“Okay,” he continues and points again with his left hand, his other hand staying over mine. “Well if you connect those stars it looks kind of like a dog. I mean not really, but it’s called the Canis Major. Which basically means big dog. I suppose if you use your imagination you can see it. That’s what I love about constellations. You have to use your imagination, otherwise they’re just weird connect-the-dots that don’t look like anything at all.” He looks back at me and I squeeze his hand and smile at him, blinking slowly, trying to savor this wonderful moment. How did I end up on the floor staring at a painted sky with a beautiful boy who doesn’t care that I could barely get my name out. A beautiful boy who lights up when he’s talking about stars and who doesn’t seem to want to let go of my hand.

“Simon,” His breath caresses my face, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Would you like to go get coffee with me?”

“Yes,” I whisper back, my voice cracking slightly from unuse.

“Okay,” he says, “but first you have to answer one question.”

I nod eagerly.

He leans in, nose brushing mine. “Why were you watching me?”

I stare at his lips, not ready to look into his sharp grey eyes. “I- “ I pause, lick my lips, raise my eyes to his.

“You’re beautiful,” I breathe out.

He leans in closer, and his lips brush mine as he whispers back.

“You’re pretty cute too.”

A Quaint Bookstore || Wonwoo || Oneshot

Originally posted by allurity

Word Count: 1288

Genre: fluff, oneshot

Summary: A sweet romance in a quaint bookstore.

A corner or two away, sandwiched between a bakery and a café on a street that led to your house, was a quaint bookstore. The bookstore was the type that had aisles of shelves, lined from roof to floor with the register buried somewhere deep in the back corner, unseen and ignored until the customer actively searched for it once they were ready to check out. The shelves were constantly full as well and the books were slightly worn as it was also a second-hand shop. Though worn, it was still well kept and hidden jewels and brand new books could be found among them.

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Truth or Dare ? Young!Sirius x Reader

Warnings : None

Words : 1770

Request : No, just a thing I thought about and kinda liked?? Hope you enjoy, and if you don’t.. meh, sorreh

Note : There might be some mistakes, tell me if you find some ! + GIF is not mine xx

Originally posted by dearremuslupin

It was nearly 10pm in the Gryffindor common room, the boys, Lily and you were sitting on the floor around the small table near the fireplace. The beautiful red headed girl was sitting on your left and Remus was on your right, facing Sirius and next to him, James. Peter had been really sick lately so he went to bed early, leaving the five of you alone for what was supposed to be a homework session which of course took quickly another turn, much to Remus and Lily’s disappointment. They always held the title of the « nerds » of the group, though they didn’t mind it and couldn’t even try to deny it.

« Let’s play a game ! »

James had said these words with way too much excitement, and the smirk that started to grow on his face was enough for you to know that he had a bad Potter idea, again.

The exaggerated eye-roll Moony gave him after that proved that he thought exactly the same thing, actually only Sirius seemed to be enjoying the idea because he knew that his best friend always had the best plans to have some fun.

« Which game do you wanna play, Prongs ? » asked the dark haired boy sitting next to him.

« Well I was thinking about Truth or dare, I know how much Y/N loves this game. »

He winked at you and you just sent him a death glare that only made him laugh harder. You didn’t like that game, in fact you hated it. The last time you played you had to ask a Slytherin guy out on a date, and he had had the great idea to say yes. It had been the worst date of your life and when you came back to explain it to the boys, they found it really hilarious and teased you for days. Well, all of them except for Sirius who strangely never said a single word about it.

« Do I really have a choice ? »

« Nope Y/N, I’m really scared you don’t.» answered Lily between two giggles, as you just laid your head on Remus’ shoulder as a sign of resignation.


You had been playing for almost an hour, and right now you were watching Remus and Lily coming back from their respective rooms, wearing each other’s clothes. Lily looked more cute than ridiculous, but the black skirt that was barely covering Moony’s thighs made you all cry from laughter -except him, of course-. His cheeks were red and he mumbled something incomprehensible before sitting down next to you again, waiting for the four of you to calm down and get back at the game.

« Well it’s my turn and since you laughed at my face so bad, I’m choosing you my dear Sirius : truth or dare ? »

« You are evil. Truth. »

On the opposite side of the table, Sirius and James were looking at you, both smiling slightly and waiting for the question. Your eyes met Potter’s first and he winked at you in a childish way, before meeting Sirius’ gaze. Merlin, those eyes made you weak. To say you liked him was an understatement, you always had, since day one. Well how could you not ? He was charming, nice, funny but yet, you never had the courage to tell him about how you felt. He was so popular with the girls of the school and even though he only talked about it with his « mates », you knew he had a lot of hook ups and assumed he just wasn’t into stable relationships. You got back to reality when Remus cleared his throat, before he spoke again.

« Are you in love ? »

The question was simple, but everybody in the room froze, staring at Sirius. If his eyes had been knives, Remus would have died ten times already. Lily gently hit Lupin’s shoulder, saying something about how it wasn’t nice to ask such personal things. You took a sip of your tea, acting as if everything was normal but deep inside you, you could feel your heart beating fast and you weren’t even sure you wanted to hear his answer. Your Y/E/C eyes met his again, before he looked back at Remus and answered with the most calm and clear voice you had ever heard.

« No, I’m not. »

You instantly felt dumb about thinking he could have given the opposite answer, and finished your tea, avoiding him for the rest of the night.


It had been five days since you played the childish game, and five days since you last spoke to Sirius. You were avoiding him and everyone could tell that, but only Lily knew why. She always knew about your feelings towards him and she tried to talk about it with you but you didn’t want to. Right now, you just needed to move on and concentrate about the essay you were working on. The library was almost empty and you were alone, now that your best friend had left you to go to one of her classes. You jumped when a hand found your shoulder, turning around quickly to meet a certain dark haired boy you knew too well. But for once, he didn’t smile at you nor did he seem happy at all.

« For Gordic’s sake Sirius, I nearly had a heart attack. »

Completely ignoring what you just said, he took a sit next to you, frowning and letting a loud sigh escape from his lips.

« What did I do to you ? » He didn’t let a single sound escape from your mouth and continued. « You haven’t even looked at me for days, don’t tell me you just need some time alone or one of those silly excuses, because you’ve been acting normally with everyone. Everyone except me. »

He spoke louder with every word, clearly mad at you and not giving a damn about the fact that you were in a place supposed to be quiet. You sighed, looking at him right in the eyes, something you didn’t think you were capable of right now.

« I didn’t think you would notice it, why does it matter to you? »

He gave you a confused look, while you were just praying that somehow he would just shrug his shoulders and leave, but you knew him well and Sirius was not gonna leave until he had a clear answer to his questions.

« Maybe because you’re my friend, maybe that’s why I fucking care about it ! »

This time he was shouting, half angry, half frustrated. You let out an ironic laugh, closing your book quickly before standing up, knowking that if he kept on yelling you would get just as angry as him and you didn’t want to fight. Not with him, not now, not here.

« Yes, I’m your friend. But you’re not mine. »

He stood up with a speed you didn’t think was possible, and your heart broke when you saw the deeply hurt expression on his face. His dark eyes were staring right into yours, and you could feel his body tense in front of you.

« If I’m not your friend, then tell me, what am I ? »

You opened your mouth several times, but words didn’t come out. You knew you couldn’t escape, you knew you had to tell him, here and now. You took a deep breath, staring at the ground because you didn’t have the courage to look at him.

« I can’t believe you never saw it. Maybe you didn’t want to after all but here we go. I like you Sirius. More than a friend does, more than Remus likes James. I always did and now I feel so stupid for thinking even for a second that you could feel the same. I feel stupid for thinking you, Sirius Black the great women magnet, could feel anything at all. »

In a strange way you felt released, but now all you wanted to do was get out of this place and that’s why you didn’t let him a chance to say anything and started to walk towards the great Hall as fast as you could. Before you could reach the exit, a large hand grabbed your foreharm and made you turn around, bumping in the tall chest of the boy you left just seconds ago. He didn’t let go of your arm, holding it even more strongly while you slowly looked up at him. There was a look on his eyes that you had never seen before, and you couldn’t tell if it was grief or anger.

« That’s the way you see me ? Like I’m some kind of monster that can’t feel a damn thing? Well I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong Y/N, just plainly wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have lied the other night during that stupid game, but I thought you knew me enough to know I was lying. I do feel things, and yes, I’m.. » He looked down for a second, closing his eyes while inhaling, before staring right back at you again « … I’m fucking in love with you. »

His words were rough, and his lips even more. He crashed them on yours as soon as he finished speaking, cupping your face between his hands. The book you still held fell to the ground and it took you a few seconds to realise what whas happening. You moved your hands to his hair, pulling him closer, as you felt him smile through the kiss, moving his lips against yours while gently brushing your cheek with his thumb. You slowly broke your embrace, your foreheads still touching and couldn’t help but smile, giving him a peck on the lips.

« I feel like an idiot. »

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you before whispering in your ear.

« Well now you’re my idiot. »


Hidden behind a book shelf, a brown haired boy smiled childishly to his lover, holding his hand out to her.

« Sorry Lils, but it looks like you owe me ten galleons. »

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 8

A/N: derp (had to keep that line in there)

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As you walked alone, you came to the conclusion that John was overreacting. He just didn’t understand how things worked three hundred years later. This could have been the only explanation.

But why did he have to call you stupid?

You looked around for the store that Alexander disappeared into. You finally came across the place, seeing a crowd inside. Sighing, you walked through.

Could these men stop creating crowds wherever they went?

There was a group of book lovers sitting in the lounge area? They were gathered around the man in the middle, his hair a mess. You sat in the back, listening to Alex read the poetry.

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☄Day 5☄
June, challenge your shelf
📚Book Review📚
This book has changed my life for the better and that is no exaggeration. This book has become my opening gateway to the classic books and now I am moving onto even bigger and more complicated books.
However, This book is something that I can always fall back on if i I ever need a new push to read more which is sometimes needed.
I would recommend this book to everyone no matter what type of book you read as all need to be the subject of the dashing Mr Darcy.

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 27


My palm is still raw from wrenching it off of the doorknob.  My phone was on my bed, too far away for me to reach, so I couldn’t even call for help.  I was left to grit my teeth and peel my skin off the metal bit by bit.  Then I had to use about five cleaning spells to get all the glue off the doorknob.  It was ridiculous.

           I use my left hand to sift through the books on the shelf I’m scanning.  My right hand is still bandaged around the palm.  I can wiggle my fingers, or hold a pencil, but it still hurts, so I move my hand as little as possible, letting it become stiff in its cocoon of bandages.


           I turn to find Agatha peering into my aisle, a quizzical look on her face.  Even when her eyebrows furrow her features remain smooth, like no matter what configuration she pulls them into, that’s exactly where they’re meant to be.

           “Hey Agatha,” I give her a half-smile, inching a book off the shelf little by little with my free hand.  I make a mental note to practice operating left-handed, in case anything worse ever happened to my right hand again.

           “What are you doing here?” she asks, drawing nearer.

           “This is the library.”

           “I know that,” she says, “but what are you doing here?  This is the curses section.”

           “Looking for curses.”

           “Who are you planning to curse?”

           I clench my jaw.  “Who do you think?”

           She nods knowingly.  “What did he do this time?”

           “He super-glued my hand to the bathroom door.”

           “And what did you do to deserve it?”

           I shoot her a raised eyebrow and she shrugs. “Penelope told me about your prank war,” she explains.

           “I tied his wand up in my cross necklace.”

           Agatha just nods, not admonishing my actions like I’d thought she would.  “So you’re going to curse him?”

           I open the book I’m holding to the middle, throwing a glance over the words but not registering a thing.  “That’s the idea.”

           Agatha peers at the book’s title.  “Curse First: A Guide to Harmless Cursing,” she reads aloud.

           “I don’t want to actually hurt him, just give him something to think about,” I say, flipping through a few pages but not seeing anything to catch my eye.

           “Have you tried psychological?”


           “From what I understand, all of your pranks so far have been physical,” Agatha replies.  “You’ve both attacked the body, so why don’t you try the mind?”

           I hold her gaze, weighing the idea.  “How would I do that?”

           “Unwanted thoughts can be maddening,” she tells me, her eyes cool and clear.  “If you can make the brain your weapon, you’ll have won.”


I take out the book and spend the next few hours poring over it in a far corner of the library. Every footfall has me looking up to see who’s there, to make sure Baz doesn’t find me studying up.  Even if I weren’t searching for spells to bring him down, I can’t concentrate when he’s around anyway.

           Returning to the room much later isn’t nearly as terrifying as it was last night.  I suppose it’s possible that he could break the rules and pull something out of turn, but somehow I know that he won’t.  His last move was strong enough that he’ll give me time to retaliate.

           I wonder how he’ll react if he doesn’t know I’ve made my move.

           I’m lucky tonight, he doesn’t go out gallivanting who-knows-where for a change, meaning I don’t have to wait as long.  I repeat the lines I’ve written to myself as I get ready for bed, ignoring the fluttering of my heart.  Curses tend to bring on spurts of adrenaline, which makes them harder to control.  If I can’t pull this off tonight, I’ll have missed my turn.

           When I emerge from the bathroom, Baz has already turned out the lights and climbed into bed.  He’s facing away from me, but I can be sure he’s not asleep yet.  So I pull back the covers on my bed, crawl in, and check to make sure the notepaper with my curse scribbled on it is still in my pocket.  Then I settle down to wait.

           Falling asleep is always easier when you need to stay awake.  Before long, my eyes are burning from holding them open.  The lines of my curse repeat and mingle in my head as sleep threatens to take over.

           Just a little longer, I tell myself, then I can rest easy.

           My eyelids slide closed involuntarily, and I blink hard to force them back open.

           I strain my ears, listening to every sound I can pick out.

           Baz breathes long and deep.


           Quietly I push myself up and peer over at Baz.  I can’t see his eyes, but the sheets rise and fall slowly.  Throwing back the covers and grabbing my wand from under my pillow (which is where I’ve started to keep it at night, just in case), I tiptoe across to his bed and squint to see his eyes in the dark.  They’re closed, and for a change his brow is light, smooth, like a boy instead of a monster.


           I send out a quick prayer that he won’t wake up while I’m casting, and then I bring the wand low over his face.

“Deep sleep, crawl and creep,

From him sweet peacefulness keep,

Turn his dreams to nightmares foul,

Eerie fog and hoot of owl,

Dark, unpleasant, not for fear,

But to keep in misery,

Do not wake for terror’s cries,

Lest you flee his sleeping eyes.”

           By the time I’m done casting, my wand hand is cramping up in its bandages, and I have to force the last sparks of magic out. Baz gives a long sigh in his sleep, and his brow comes together slightly.  Something has worked.

           I return to my bed as my heart slows back to a normal rate.  Sliding my wand into its place under my pillow, my eyes fall shut faster than I can lie down.


           Baz is a silent sleeper.  He doesn’t snore, doesn’t mumble or toss and turn, doesn’t shout nonsensical phrases.  Sleeping with Baz in the room is like sleeping with a dead thing in the room. Ironic, if I’m right about the vampire thing.

           So when I wake up a little later to the sound of his sheets rustling furiously, I know something is wrong.

           I sit up to see his bed in a flurry of motion as he tosses from one side to the other.  I can’t see his face as he moves, but his breathing is short and heavy like he’s running from something.

           Clearly the curse has worked.  A little too well, by the looks of it.

           It’s harmless, I tell myself as I sink back down into my pillow, trying to ignore the commotion.  He’ll stop in a moment.

           Then the whimpering starts.

           I don’t think I’ve ever heard Baz make such a helpless sound.  It’s so quiet at first that I can’t even be sure I heard anything, but then it happens again and I’m certain.  He keeps tossing and turning, but now it’s vocal.

           He must be having a really bad dream.

           Which doesn’t make much sense.  The curse was only meant to conjure minor nightmares, things like falling, bugs, public humiliation.  Just enough to give the person a restless night’s sleep.

           Somewhere along the way, though, something must have gone wrong with my casting of the curse.

           Because Baz’s whimpers are becoming words, mumbled and then clear as day.

           When he blurts out the word “no”, it’s generic enough that I’m not overly worried, but then he’s saying things like “run” and “please”.  At the word “mother”, which he says louder than before, I flinch.  I don’t know much about Baz’s mum, but I know she’s long dead, and I know he was there, and old enough to remember for the rest of his life.

           I bolt upright when he says my name.

           Because he doesn’t say “Snow”.  He says “Simon”.

           I don’t think I’ve ever heard him call me “Simon” before now.

           I suppose we’re fighting in his nightmare, but there’s something about how he says my name.  It’s not angry or defiant, or even gloating.  It’s afraid, it’s pleading, it’s tearful.

           I shake my head and lie back down, trying to erase the memory.  What is it they say?  Most dreams only last a few seconds in real life even though they feel really long? Whatever Baz is dreaming, it will be over soon.  I pull my blankets closer over my ears to block him out, even though it doesn’t work. I can still hear him.

           It’ll pass.


           It’ll pass.


           It’ll pass.


           It’s not passing.

           I jump out of bed and run to him.  He’s clutching the sheets to his face like he’s trying to hide in them, and I still can’t see his features for the frantic shaking of his head.  Just as I reach him he gives a wordless cry, and I throw my misgivings to the wind.

           “Baz,” I say as calmly as I can, grabbing him by the shoulders, but he just swats at me in a new panic.  This time I shout.  “Baz!”

           He sits up like he’s been shot from a cannon, gasping and panting and looking around in terror.

           “It’s me,” I tell him, still gripping his shoulders. “You’re alright, it’s just me.”

           When his eyes meet mine they’re wild and dark, and heavy with tears.  I see the few seconds it takes for him to recognize me, and then the relief that floods into them as I brush a lock of his hair back from his face with my fingers, not even thinking about the tenderness of the gesture.

           “It was just a nightmare,” I say steadily, my voice low with sleep, and I can see it grounding him.  “Take a deep breath.”

           He tries, but instead I feel his shoulder start to shake as he comes down from the panic.  The tears spill over from his eyes and he looks away from me, back down at his lap.

           Have I ever seen him cry?  Maybe, but never like this.

           This is my fault.

           Suddenly I want nothing more than to fall onto his bed and hold him through his tears, to rub his back slowly and ride out the terror with him. “Baz…”

           “Just go back to bed,” he manages without looking at me, and for a moment I wonder if he knows what I’ve done.

           Walking away from him is like pulling a magnet away from its counterpart.  It aches in places I’ve never ached and it tastes like copper in my mouth.

           I climb back into bed and the feeling hasn’t faded.  It’s just as strong and just as scary.

           I’m so sorry, Baz.

           Some perverse voice in my brain tells me to drop the “your move” line, but the thought is so appalling that it makes my stomach hurt.

           I say nothing.  I make no further move to comfort him, even though every bone in my body is screaming at me to do it.

           I just lie there as he sobs quietly.

           My eyes fill with my own tears more than once before we both calm down enough to fall into a deep, exhausted sleep.


ON THE FAVES SHELF | howl’s moving castle by dianna wynne jones

“go to bed, you fool,” calcifer said sleepily. “you’re drunk.” “who, me?” said howl. “i assure you, my friends, i am cone sold stober.” he got up and stalked upstairs, feeling for the wall as if he thought it might escape him unless he kept in touch with it. his bedroom door did escape him.

Lionhearted - part 3 - nessian fic

Summary: Nesta and Cassian go on their first date and try to figure out how they work when they aren’t expected to bicker all the time. Nesta has a candid conversation with Feyre about their mother. Later, as Nesta and Cassian are beginning to find a rhythm as a couple, an emergency interrupts their progress.

Notes: This is… going to be 5 parts now. Just an FYI. I don’t know how this happened. Thanks this time to @acourtofstarsanddreams for helping me figure out jobs and apartments, and @illyriantremors for helping me make their first date more awkward :D

Part one, Part two : AO3 for comments : this chapter rated T : tw brief mention of Feyre’s abuse


When Nesta made this date, she wasn’t thinking clearly.

She considered canceling, considered calling and just saying that it was a mistake, no hard feelings, that she wasn’t ready to go out with anyone.

Instead, when she called Cassian the next day, she reminded him that she lived outside the city and that he would likely need to leave early to make it to her place on time. She still had that nagging question in the back of her mind and had considered backing out then. But the smooth, confident tone in his voice had done something to her doubts, and by the time Nesta had shoved her phone back into her pocket, they had decided on a restaurant and a time and he knew her address.

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Everything Fades - Pilot

A Jungkook story inspired by Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)


Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must’ve had, I can never quite remember. Yet, the sensation that I’ve lost something important always lingers for a long time…

Her: Just a normal day in my boring, calm li- HOLY SHIT I’M IN JEON JUNGKOOK’S BODY.

Him: Alright, let’s go to prac- WAIT WHY DO I HAVE BOOBS?

Originally posted by lacuna-matata

A/N: This is the pilot of a story I’m considering writing. What do you guys think? Should I? 

First chapter - PANIC MODE: ENGAGED

My eyelids flutter as I slowly gain consciousness, mind still foggy and body still numb.

“Hmm,” I utter.

I bring a hand to my mouth. “Huh…” I think. My voice is much hoarser than usual.

“A cold..?” I mumble.

“Get up, JK,” someone says.

“J-JK?” I ask in confusion, trying to focus on my surroundings.

“It’s already 6 am! We have to go to the interview, remember?”

“Interview?” my small voice asks.

A pillow is thrown at my face.

“Get up!”

By the time I’ve lifted myself on my elbows, the person is gone. Nonetheless, that’s not the part that worries me. What worries me is that I have no idea of where I am. There’s a feeling of déjà-vu, but I don’t actually recognize the room before you. Eyebrows furrowed, I look around with emergency.

Am I dreaming? Did I keep kidnapped? What the hell is happening…

For one, I seem to be in a bunk bed. Carefully, I move towards the little ladder and climb down. The space is quite small, and there aren’t any lights on. I let my vision adjust, then take a moment to scan the room. There’s a shelf containing books and CDs, a desk on which are scattered electronics and a few piecces of clothing on the floor.

Well…“ I tell myself. ”If this is a dream, it’s a super realistic one… Wait, is it possible to see in first person in a dream?

I pinch myself. It hurts.

Well shit.

I lick my lips.

Alright… Alright… I’ve been kidnapped.

I swallow, throat tight.

Wait… that doesn’t make sense either! I-I’m just a broke college student! Who would spend any energy to kidnap me? That’s utterly-

“Jungkook-ah! ” a voice calls, interrupting my train of thoughts. “Quit sleeping! Come out already!”

“…Jungkook-ah?” I breathe.

And then it hits me.

“Th-that’s not my voice?!” I say, panic creeping into my words. “Holy shit.”

I literally slap myself in the face.

“THAT’S NOT MY FACE!” I cry out.

“What?” a few distant voices say.

“Uh…” I murmur, growing frantic. “NOTHING!” I shout back.

Motionless, I try to calm my racing heart. There’s noise outside the room, and I can tell there are many people walking around.

I bring a hand to my head, but flinch away when my fingers don’t meet the familiar texture of my relatively long hair.

I need to find a mirror… or a cellphone… or anything..!

With that thought anchored in my mind, I push the door open.

“Finally,” a voice says. “Jin-hyung was starting to get mad.”

I turn to the speaker.


It’s Park Jimin.

…Park… Jimin…



He frowns, and my soul has pretty much left my body. “You seem disoriented…” he comments gently. “Did you have a bad dream?”

I laugh nervously, letting my gaze pry away from the magnificent piece of art standing a few feet before me. That’s when I spot Min Yoongi looking down at his cellphone, and, as my brain shuts down, I proceed to collapse to the ground with a great thump.

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Library Lovers.

Originally posted by iamobsessedwiththings

Pairing: Gaston x reader

Word Count: 890

Tagging: @girl-next-door-writes  @captainemwinchester @little-red-83@impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt @hobbithorse19@feelmyroarrrr @lefouismylife@redimagines @letowolfie @ciaprincess@speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lani elenawrit

A/N: This was a request I received from a anon:  I am so in love with Gaston right now. Can’t ever get enough. But if you’re feeling up to it, how about a gaston fic where reader works at the library and gaston admires her so much, that he asks her if he could read with her, even though he hates reading but finds that he actually enjoys it, especially her voice when she reads to him?

A/N: Well of course I can! I really enjoyed writing this piece! Requests are still open to submit Gaston story fic ideas! 

Warnings: N/A 

Everyday now during Gaston’s gallivants through the village, he always seems to find himself at the library. A place he used to avoid at all costs. He didn’t enjoy reading, or barely had the time. But one day, to escape all of the people who crowded him. In order to find a place of sanctuary, more like a good place to hide in a hopes of them dispersing.

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picturesinhismind  asked:

I had about a half dozen 'requests' as I go through your archive, but I saw you mention the Tripods and sat bolt upright in my chair. I was going to ask about them after I hit your posts about the War of the Worlds! Anyway, I read those books as a teen in the mid-to-late 90s and I STILL have the anthology on my shelf, in the mid-to-late-2010s when I'm in my early 30s after about a dozen or so moves. I never saw the tv show or nuthin' but here I am. Witness me.

The John Christopher Tripods novels were great fun. I once heard the greatest definition of young adult literature ever: “a YA book is a book for adults that people actually read.”

I have wondered why Tripods haven’t been revived in some form or other, because this should be their moment of supreme pop cultural relevance: they’re dystopian post-apocalypse novels aimed at young adults with boy and teenage main characters rebelling against the system. 

After thinking about it some more, I think the tragedy here is that the taste for the young adult dystopia novel in the modern form is based around things that the Tripods doesn’t have, like girl heroes and love triangles.

In other words, because Tripods is a “boys’ series,” it could be a casualty of what librarians and educators call the “reading gap,” where girls are more likely to read novels than boys, and read for pleasure in general. This is a tragedy that goes way beyond one fandom for one novel series. I’m very worried about the “angry young man” in society, especially when it comes to how our educational system often fails boys who are labeled difficult or troublemakers.

usha [ jin ]

verb : to enjoy looking at the opposite other ; appreciate their beauty by staring.

knock knock. who’s there? two idiots who are in love with each other.

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre: fluff
type: hogwarts au
word count: 2,380 words
warnings: none
author’s note: it’s been over two months since i had last written anything, and last night, i was reminded again of how intrinsically rewarding and absolutely wonderful writing is after talking to @jheartseok, so thank you again, ave ♡ this is based on bits of my own dreams and how i see #seokfie aka @syubits and jin in a hogwarts au ily elfie even though i know you love jimin most but you refuse to admit it still

As one of the Hufflepuff prefects, you are making your rounds around the basement floor in the hallway opposite from your house’s entrance. You had passed the barrel fifteen minutes ago, now strolling down the kitchens corridor. It is quiet, which is the usual noise level down here. Hufflepuff students tend to stick to curfew hours more so than other houses, so you rarely find them sneaking out. Any clamor made by the house elves in the kitchens is sealed away behind the massive painting of the fruit bowl. You have not seen The Gray Lady floating by, so you assume she is haunting a place elsewhere tonight.

 A soft melody stuck in your head, you hum quietly and loosely hold your wand in hand, rhythmically tapping the tip of it against the side of your thigh as you continue your stroll. Suddenly, the edge of a heavy metal painting frame makes its way into your peripheral vision, and you quickly scamper away before you can suffer from a possible concussion, or a future visible bump on the forehead at the very least. 

Your eyes are met with the outer corner portion of an ebony cloak first, then the golden lining stitched inside of it, and finally, the rather handsome side profile of the perpetrator is brought into view. Moments later, you can clearly see the man you caught red handed, who is still hastily attempting to shove something beneath his robe—Merlin’s beard, is that a two layer, frosted, decadent chocolate fudge cake with all the works?

“Seokjin, what the heck?”

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this is why we broke up: Scared to Receive (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 923

Warnings: emotions

Authors Note: the next four chapters will be super personal to me. as always let me know what you thought!

Summary: What exactly did those four postcards say? part 1 of 4

this is how we broke up: 6 P.M. (part 1)

this is how we broke up: Missed Calls (part 2)

this is why we broke up: Scared to Receive (part 3)

this is why we broke up: Scared to Give (part 4)

this is why we broke up: Scared to Break (part 5)


Originally posted by lobo-de-luna


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My FE collection Update (5/19)

While I wait for my copy of Echoes to get here (Chloe is playing the one from Gamestop) I decided to reorganize my FE collection.  It was getting too tight on 3 shelves and I couldnt add the Echoes SE so I moved the amiibo collection and spread it to 4 shelves. 

Top shelf is the special editions, genealogy figures (gotta replace sylvia one of these days…), Lucina Figma, and Chara-Forme Chrom

Second shelf is Archanea/Ylisse/Valencia books and Cipher and pins and clear keychains.

Third shelf is all the other books, the Ninderoids, and rubber keychains.

And last shelf is the Echoes chrome print, the OVA, soundtracks, and amiibos (with room for Alm and Celica lol)

Never Be Afraid//Theo Raeken

Anon: can you write an imagine where y/n is dating theo and they’re trapped in the library and y/n sees theo fight another wolf and he has to explain what she saw cus she didn’t know he was a wolf

 I don’t know how long other schools keep their libraries open for so I asked a friend, I thought I’d be weird if he was kickin’ another wolf’s ass in the middle of the school day, ya know?


 Staying late in the library has been a frequent occurrence the past few day. Midterms were coming up and if I didn’t pass, my grade would drop dangerously low.. I’ve been accompanied by Theo by past couple nights; we’d silently sit together and flip through pages, helping the other if they needed it, secretly stealing glances while the other wasn’t looking.

 We’d been here for hours, and my eyelids became heavy. The soft golden lights from the  lamps were aiding in my sleepiness as the smell of old books filled my head. I was snapped out of my almost slumber when my phone buzzed from across the table.

 “Crap, it’s almost 8, we should go” I said, reaching for my phone while checking the time.

“Yeah you’re probably right”. We shut all the books scatters around the table and started packing away our things. I swung my bag over my shoulder and took our pile of books back over to the shelves. I heard the doors open and I peeked my head around the shelf and saw Theo tense up. He glanced back to me and and moved his hand, gesturing me to stay where I was. Confused, I stayed behind the shelf, peering through the spaces in the books. I couldn’t see who was standing in front of Theo, but I heard an unfamiliar voice.

 “I told you to stop looking into me, Theo. I did. It’s a shame you didn’t, now I have to show you what happens to those who don’t listen” the man said, voice deep and unkind. My heart dropped as he spoke, who is that? What does he want with Theo?

 I watched as Theo’s fists curled, his knuckles turning white, as a growl escaped his lips. Wait, did Theo just growl?

 The next thing I know, Theo pounces forward, out of my sight. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around myself as I slid to the cold floor. As I curled my knees to my chest, the noises I was hearing were making it impossible for me to keep calm. My whole body began to shake as tears rolled down my cheeks. A sharp whimper filled my ears, making me flinch before a silence fell over the room. After a few moments of quiet, I finally mustered up enough courage to speak.

 “Theo?” I whispered, wiping the remaining tears from my cheeks. Before I could speak again, a limping Theo rounded the corner. His hand holding a bleeding gash on his side, eyes weary, and walking with a slight limp. The tears flooded my eyes once more at the sight of him.

 “We need to go” he muttered. I scrambled to his side as we quickly made our way to the door. I helped him through the dim hallways and through the dark parking lot, where I placed him in the passenger seat of my car as fast as I could without injuring him further.

 The entire ride to my house was quiet, except the sharp inhales of breath from Theo everytime the road got uneven. After what seemed like hour of speeding through the winding roads of Beacon Hills, I pulled into my driveway and ushered him up to my bathroom.

 I sat him on the edge of the sink and I frantically looked for my first aid kit. C’mon Y/N, it has to be around here somewhere. I rummaged through my bathroom cabinet as quickly as I could, trying not to let the tears from my eyes spill onto my cheeks.

 “Y/N” Theo said calmly as he grabbed my wrist, making me turn to him, “I’m fine”. The words didn’t register in my brain and my hands still shook.

 “Look” he said, holding up his blood soaked shirt, “I’m fine, really”. But-but how could he be okay? I watched him bleed. He was hurt.

 I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I ran my hand over where the deep wound was, now fully healed, not a scratch left behind. My mind was spinning and I started to feel dizzy, when his hand came to my shoulders.

 “There’s something I need to tell you” he explained, “well, it might be easier if I just showed you”. His hands came down to meet mine as he bowed his head. When his eyes rose to mine, they weren’t the same. They were.. glowing? The rest of his face came into view, and I ran my hand down his cheek. His k9 teeth were longer, and as I brought his hand up to meet mine, short clean nails turned to dark long claws. I stood in awe as the boy I loved changed right before my eyes.

 “Don’t be afraid, Y/N, I’d never hurt you” he said quietly, voice almost shaking.

 “I could never be afraid of you” I replied, leaning down to place a soft kiss against his cheek. I would never be afraid, as long as I was with him.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you like it! I think I went a little off prompt, but anyways here it is. Requests are still open :)

Book Shop ::: Ashton Irwin

Pairing: Y/N and Ashton

Word Length: 3800

Rating: Smut

A short story where you catch Ashton Irwin reading smut. Oops.

****This is a rewrite of a story that I previously published, but about a million times better. 

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Chase - 2

Pairing: Steve x reader

Summary: Steve finally meets you after the long wait and is pleasantly surprised.

A/N: guess who’s not dead. ME!! I am so sorry I haven’t been able to write much lately. I really won’t be able to because I have finals coming and new session will start soon. I mean I have a maths exam on my birthday so you can pretty much make out how deeply and utterly fucked I am. I wroe it in a hurry so please ignore the little mistakes. Wish me luck. Hope you like it!

Warnings: none! No swearing!

Word Count: 1115


Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

Steve lied on his bed shuffling. He was feeling a mixture of emotions. He was scared, anxious, impatient, frustrated and not forget, excited. He lied on his side and let his mind wander. You were the only thing that occupied his thoughts. He couldn’t see your face but he could feel you. he could smell that intoxicating smell of yours.

  He tightly shut his eyes to get you out of his brain, but he failed. He remembered how your body was pressed up against him, how your (y/e/c) eyes had a glint of mischief in them, how you had tightened your grip on him, how your lips had brushed against your skin when you had said,

‘catch me if you can.’

Steve woke up with those words again. What was it that you had that he couldn’t think straight? He quickly got out of his bed and got ready. He couldn’t wait anymore.

He walked into the common room to inform the others about his plan for the day.

‘please tell me you will get her today.’ Tony walked up to him.

‘yup, that’s what I have planned.’ Steve said.

‘I don’t understand, why did she choose you out of all of us.’ Wanda rested her chin on her hand and furrowed her brows.

‘oh, you should’ve seen them. That girl had our captain all hot and bothered.’ Clint grinned and everyone looked at Steve with suggestive smiles.

‘capsicle’s got a crush on our antihero? I swear this is like some weird movie.’ Tony crossed his arms over his chest.

‘it’s nothing like that.’ Steve rolled his eyes. ‘I will go there, talk to her and get her to join us.’ he explained.

‘after what we have heard, of course you will.’ Natasha grinned and Steve shot her a glare.

‘I guess that would be enough of the jokes, I’m leaving.’ He declared.

‘yeah, mustn’t keep a lady waiting on the first date.’ Bucky entered the room after listening to the conversation. Steve rolled his eyes and left.

Steve tapped his fingers on the wooden table as he waited for your arrival. The night had been long enough and now these passing minutes felt like hours. He sipped on his coffee and looked around.

The café was a small cosy place, away from all the hustle bustle. Couples and early birds filled in the place. love birds holding hands, students mugging up for last minute tests, lonely souls sitting quietly, artists lost in their own worlds, then there was him. A super soldier waiting for the so called antihero. His concentration was focused on the vapours of his coffee now, just the quite noises and the sweet smell in the air was what he living in. a tap on shoulder snapped him out of his thoughts.

‘you kept your promise.’ He heard a familiar voice. He quickly turned around and finally saw your face. you didn’t look like what he expected, but so much better. Your (y/e/c) didn’t have that mischievous glint today but a certain softness, your face a dewy glow, a blush dusted on your face and your lips.. ‘I’m sorry I kept you waiting, I had to make sure there wasn’t anyone who would see us.’ you sat down and his eyes didn’t leave the sight of you.

‘I kept my promise, time you keep yours.’ he tore his eyes of you. you looked down before smiling at him, making his stomach flip.

‘um, okay, what do you wanna know?’ you asked.

‘your name, if that won’t be much of a problem.’ He leaned forwards.

‘my name’s (y/n) (y/l/n).’ you said. ‘yours?’

  ‘Steve, Steve Rogers.’ He gave you a genuine smile. ‘So, everything changes when you wear that mask?’

‘yeah,’ you grinned. ‘you know people don’t change when they wear a mask, they actually become their true self for they are no longer obliged to be someone everyone tells them to be.’

‘impressive.’ He nodded and you chuckled. ‘tell me something about your powers.’

‘I first discovered them when I read Matilda, I remember trying to move a book and every book of the library fell off the shelf. Then everything else was discovered by little incidents.’ You explained and he listened with great interest.

‘super strength, telekinesis and flight, huh?’ he asked and you nodded.

‘enough about me, tell me something about yourself.’ You crossed your arms.

‘okay, well I am mostly responsible for looking after the team-‘

  ‘no-no,’ you shook your head and he stopped mid-sentence. ‘tell me something about yourself, as in what kind of a person you are, what you like to do.’ you said and he nodded.

‘okay,’ he scratched his cheek. ‘I am originally from Brooklyn, I like to listen to “old music”,’ he made quotation marks in the air and you chuckled. ‘I like to draw and I am probably the oldest person in the room.’

‘I knew you weren’t from around, your voice has the ring to it and you still have the slight accent.’ You said. ‘it’s nice’ you said and a smile settled on his lips.

You both had almost forgotten about the main reason for your meeting. You were sipping on your coffees as you both talked about everything. Steve couldn’t help but listen to you and look at you. you were so beautiful, inside and out. You looked at your watch and got up in a hurry.

‘you’re leaving?’ Steve asked with sadness evident in his voice. He was having such a great time.

‘yeah, I have something to take care of.’ You wore your jacket and put your half on the table.

‘wait, how could I forget, are you in or not?’ he got up.

‘of course, I am. They seem nice, I won’t have to hide. It sounds swell.’ You smiled.

‘can you come there tomorrow?’ he asked as he walked beside you out of the coffee shop.

‘sure.’ You looked around for a cab. ‘address?’ you asked.

‘I can, um, message you that.’ He shrugged and you smirked.

‘if you wanted my number you could’ve just asked.’ You said. he rubbed the back of his neck as a blush crept to his cheeks. You quickly scribbled your number on a notepad and gave him the slip. A cab finally stopped and he opened the gate for you.

 ‘good bye for now then.’ You offered him your hand to shake.

‘goodbye.’ He smiled and held onto your hand for a few minutes before letting go. You got in the cab and waved at him.

 ‘I’ll see you tomorrow!’ you called out.

‘I’ll be waiting!’ he waved with a grin watching the cab disappear in the traffic.


My series TsumTsums are here, and my Tangled TsumTsum collection is complete! ♥

I plan to get some doll stands, so that the 10″ dolls can stand on that lower shelf, and move the 6″ dolls back up to the upper shelf when I do. I anticipate this collection getting arranged and rearranged as more merch comes in! My shelves are deep, so I expect the books will be able to sit behind things on the shelves, too!