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YOOOO I haven’t written anything in a long time and I’ve been wanting to write again and I’ve fallen into the Hamilton abyss so here we are.  also have you guys ever listened to taylor the latte boy bc I recommend it.  I’m accepting prompts/requests!!

title: hercules the latte boy
fandom: hamilton
pairing: hercules mulligan/reader
rating: t

Don’t be that person who walks into a coffee shop two minutes before close.  (Or do, if the barista’s hella cute.)

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10 seconds part 2 || Dan Howell

A/N: I decided to write a second part bc apparently I can’t say no. btw I’ll turn 18 tomorrow (April 1st) so I’m already super excited!

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by shinyphan

“Y/N is my girlfriend!” he shouted.

The eyes that were by now staring at me were burning into my skin like fire. I felt my cheeks heat up and at the same time, I felt unbelievably happy. It was true, I was Dan Howell’s girlfriend and nothing could make me smiler wider.

“Good joke, Dan.” Tiffany laughed joylessly while touching my boyfriend’s biceps.

Dan quickly moved further away from her and wiped his lips with the sleeves of his sweater.

“I’m not joking. Y/N and I have been dating for nearly 2 months now.” Dan insisted, dead serious.  

“Sure, and why didn’t you tell anybody about it? Were you embarrassed by her?” Tiffany’s high voice that was drenched with mockery and sarcasm rang in my ear, awakening the desire to slap her grin off her face.

“I didn’t tell you because a) we’re not friends and b) it’s non of your business.” Dan shut her up, his on point come back made the room grow silent.

“Now excuse me while I get my girlfriend a drink.” He said right before he got up.

After Dan had held his hand out for me and I reached for it, he pulled me onto my feet. As we walked to the kitchen together I could still feel curious eyes burn into my back but I really couldn’t care less.

The guy who threw the party stored all of the drinks in the kitchen and Dan was given the permission to get whatever he wanted. The kitchen was completely empty when we walked in, I immediately hopped onto the counter and let my legs dangle in the air while Dan went over to the refrigerator.

“Do you like beer?” Dan asked me, holding up two bottles while raising his eyebrows.

“I don’t know, I have actually never tried it.” I admitted with a shy laugh.

“It’s about time then, right?” He asked me before he opened the bottles.

“Sure, but you have to drink it for me if it tastes disgusting.” I told him before I took the beer he was holding out for me.

I took a little sip of the dark liquid, it tasted a little bit bitter but it wasn’t too bad. Still, I wasn’t sure if I could actually finish the whole bottle.

“Y/N?” Dan suddenly asked me, sounding a bit worried.

“Yes?” I asked, unsure of what he was going to say.

“Are you mad at me?” he then simply asked.

I blinked a few times in confusion.

“Why should I be mad?” I wanted to know, still not understanding what he meant.

“Because of Tiffany. That she kissed me.” He spoke quietly like he was feeling really bad about it.

“Oh that…”

I had nearly forgotten that it had actually happened. Tiffany kissed my boyfriend, sure she didn’t know that we were dating and it was a dare but still. Now that I remembered it, I did feel a little bit down. Dan was with me and I should be the only one who got to kiss him.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N. I tried to stop her before it happened but she was so fast and then it was too late.” Dan rambled unstoppably. I could really tell how sorry he was.

“It wasn’t your fault. We should have just told everybody in the first place.” I thought out loud. It was true I did feel relieved now that we didn’t have to hide anymore.

“I can’t wait to show you off to all of my friends.” Dan said with a wink, making me smile and blush at the same time.

I pulled his tall body closer to mine before I wrapped my arms around his neck. Since I was still sitting on top of the kitchen counter he was now standing between my legs. ‘He is so beautiful’ I thought to myself as I stared into his chocolate brown eyes.

“Nobody else gets to kiss you.” I whispered right before I connected our lips and felt my heart jump up and down at the same time.

“Just you” Dan smiled into the kiss and everything was alright again.

About 15 minutes later Dan had finished his and the last bit of my beer and we decided to join the people on the dance floor.

Although the music was way too loud the DJ played some good songs from time to time and I just danced and felt free. Both, me and Dan weren’t really the best dancers in the world so we tried our best and mostly just fooled around and invented new ridiculous dance moves.

I was a little bit out of breath when I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

“I’ll miss you.” Dan whined, making me laugh and roll my eyes.

I bumped into Jessica from chemistry class again in the bathroom.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you are dating Dan Howell?!” she squealed and hugged me tightly.

She clearly had a bit of alcohol running through her veins but she looked so excited that I just had to smile at her.

“You are so lucky, Y/N. He is such a gem.” She giggled on her way out of the bathroom, making me grin.

I splashed some cold water on my face, exhausted from all of the dancing me and Dan did. After one last glance at my reflection in the mirror I decided to walk back to my boyfriend who was waiting for me on the dancefloor.

But shortly before I could reach Dan I heard somebody say my name which made me instantly turn around.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you enjoying yourself?” Drew, a jock I barely knew from school asked me.

“I guess.” I answered brusquely not really interested in talking to him.

“I never realized that you look so hot.” He straight up flirted with me. He got much closer to me than I wanted him to. I was feeling quite uncomfortable and annoyed. The only thought I was able to think was ‘Get away from him’.

“I gotta go find my boyfriend.” I warned him and tried to storm away, but he held me back by my arm.

“I don’t think Howell wants to see you right now.” Drew said with an evil smirk while gesturing to where Dan was waiting for me. He wasn’t alone though, Tiffany was standing right next to him.

She was getting shamelessly close to him and from her body language I could tell that she was obviously flirting with him. Her hand was wandering up and down his chest and although Dan repeatedly tried to push her away she wouldn’t stop.

“She isn’t even here.” I could hear Tiffany purr and I was raging with anger.

“Tiffany, I’m not interested in you at all. I like Y/N!” Dan shouted so loud that a few people turned their heads.

I was about to strut over to her and slap that flirtatious smile off her face. Dan wasn’t able to do that because he would never hit a girl but I surely could. Although I wanted to do it so badly I was still held back by Drew’s firm grip.

I desperately tried to free myself but I wasn’t strong enough. I was sure by now that Tiffany talked Drew into doing this. I was angry and scared at the same time and I felt enormously helpless.  

“Why don’t you let go of her?” A guy behind me bellowed, coming to my rescue.

Drew immediately removed his hands from my arm in surprise and shock.

“Fuck off, asshole.” Jason, Dan’s friend threatened him.

Drew’s eyes sparkled with angst and anger but he did as Jason told him.

“Thank you.” I breathed relieved as soon as he was finally gone.  

“Anything for my best friend’s girlfr-“ Jason was about to say but he got interrupted.

“Are you okay?” Dan nearly shouted at me.

I didn’t really have the time to watch how Dan tried to get rid of Tiffany but it seemed like he had finally managed to do it.

“Drew was just being a dick. I’m alright.” I added and shot Jason a friendly smile.

“Thanks mate.” Dan said bro-hugging his best friend.

 “Let’s get out of here.” The three of us synchronically said at the same time, making us laugh as we walked to the front door and left the party behind us.

Theo Raeken x reader (part two)

words: 1718

request: “CAN YOU PLEASE DO A PART 2 TO THE "is that my shirt?” WITH THEO"

“Part 2 to wearing theos shirt? please”

prompt(s): nada

warnings: is jealous!theo a warning? because thats really all it is // implied smut whoops // this has a really bad ending?


That incident was a few weeks ago. After Theo had left, Scott came over in no time with Stiles at his side with a bat in his hand. If Theo had left any later, he would have had a bat-shaped indent in his cranium no doubt.

The two boys had done a full search and seizure of your house as soon as they arrived. You were lucky that minutes prior you had decided to throw the shirt– that belonged to Theo you were previously wearing –In the depths of your dirty hamper. You had changed into different clothes afterward.

It had taken almost an hour of convincing, but Scott and Stiles finally took your word for it that Theo had been pulling their strings and he had never actually gone over to your house in the first place. Even though the Stilinski boy was convinced that he erased your memory, or forced you to lie for your own well-being, he soon left with his best friend by his side.

So, for the past few weeks, you and Theo have been sneaking around– no, sneaking around was for friends with benefits. People just having sex. But your relationship wasn’t like that, because you really liked and cared for each other.

He had taken you on dates. Whether they were out of town, due to the population of supernatural beings that hate him, or in his truck eating gross junk food, or just simply inside your house watching movies, you loved them. And you loved the effort he put into each one.

Even though you had to come up with a cover up story to tell Stiles, or text Scott, it was always worth it.

It was still hard to believe that Theo Raeken, the bad boy, the popular boy, the boy that you’ve had a crush on for God knows how long, liked you back just as much.

He really made you feel happy.

And that’s why keeping your relationship was a struggle. From the pack, from your parents, from anyone.

So, along the way, you turned it into a little game for yourself. You knew how possessive and jealous Theo could get, and you used it to your own advantage.

You and Theo couldn’t hang out around school, unless it was in an empty classroom or janitors closet. But, you did see him in the hallways, mostly because your lockers were close to each other, and because he just wanted to see you. He’d be watching sometimes, just to admire.

Now, you were st your locker, and you knew he was watching. But Stiles was at your side, and you were talking to him. It didn’t take some supernatural creature to feel that Theo was angry and jealous.

He watched as you two laughed, he listened to the words shared. Stiles was flirting shamelessly (though stumbling over his words like Stiles does), and it looked like you didn’t care in the slightest.

You were thinking about Theo, though. You were thinking of the outcome of your actions later, and your smile grew as your heart sped up. He could hear it, too.

The warning bell rang, and you bid Stiles a goodbye as he walked off. You watched him at first, though your eyes wandered over to Theo, who was glaring at the boy as he turned the corner. You smirked triumphantly as you shut your locker, walking the opposite way.

Lunch rolled around, and you sat at your usual table with your friends by your side. Liam (who had decided to skip class) and Malia were across from you while Scott was in the lunch line, and Stiles and Lydia were at your left and right.

Theo was across the room, once again, watching as you spoke and laughed along with the Stilinski boy as if it meant nothing. But it truly meant everything to him that you looked so happy with Stiles at your side instead of him. He was so unbelievably jealous because of it.

Stiles touched your hand. And you knew that was where you had to dry the line, so you subtly reeled it back as he continued to tell his story of freshman year, with Scott (no surprise there).

Immediately after, someone’s footsteps became evident behind you, and soon there was a presence towering over you. Everyone looked up, anger or annoyance etched into their faces.

You turned around as well, and seeing the face of your boyfriend, your heart sped up. You smirked and raised your eyebrows, “Hey, Theo. Whatcha doing?”

“I need to talk to you,” He said, glaring at Stiles as he spoke. Only causing the boy to grip onto your wrist, leaning back into the table slowly as if it would cause you to lean back as well.

Liam moved forward, across the table and his hands held him up, “We were talking to her.”

Turning around, you shook your head. You began to whisper, “Liam, it’s fine. I think I can handle a one on one conversation.”

He whispered back, “I can hear your heartbeat, y/n. You’re just as scared of him as we are.” The young wolf wasn’t the best at the art of being able to identify which chemo sigmas were which yet. You were glad.

You shook your head with a small smile, “I’ll be fine, Liam. No worries.” You slipped out of Stiles’ grip and stood up, looking towards the chimera. You put on your best facade and crossed your arms defensively, “What do you want to talk about?”

Theo looks over at the table, then at you, “Something that requires somewhere more private.”


He took your hand and dragged you out of the cafeteria, and you did your best to look unaffected by his touch. But it was Theo Raeken, and that was merely impossible.

Once you were out of sight of your friends, or anyone else, for that matter, you began to laugh. You even let out a small laugh as he dragged you off towards his locker, he pushed you up against it. “What’s up, Theo?”

He frowned, his hands wrapping around your waist, “I don’t like you with Stiles. At all.”

“It’s just Stiles.”

He kissed your jawline, mumbling, “And Stiles has a very big crush on you.” He traveled down to your neck, sucking harshly, “And he needs to know you’re not available.”

When he pulled away, a large, purple hickey was taking place from where his lips were. It wasn’t long before he attached his lips to yours, and your arms wrapped around his neck.

The kiss began to get more heated, as hot electricity sparked between the two of you. Your hands raked through his hair, before someone interrupted you.

“Hey, you two!”

You and Theo looked over, fearful that it was a member of your pack, but you out collective sighs of relief when you realized it was just Coach.

He continued, “Get off each other! You look like you’re about to have sex in the middle of the hallway. And I don’t have any rubbers!”

The two of you pushed apart, and you straightened your shirt out while clearing your throat awkwardly, your boyfriend fixed his jacket while smirking proudly.

Finstock nodded and began to walk in the direction he was originally going. He took a second peak around the corner, after he walked away, thinking the two of you would get right back to it when he left, but you didn’t.

When he actually left, you turned to Theo, “I hate you.”

Theo smiled, “No, you don’t. At least, that’s not what you were saying last night.”

You laughed, the two of you beginning to walk towards the lunch room again, “Stop making those jokes!” He smiled as well.

You recollected yourself, Theo did as well, before entering the cafeteria. He lead the way, though parting from you as he made his way to his regular table and you made your way to yours.

You slid in your seat, a hand immediately reaching up and clasping the part of your neck that your boyfriend had left a hickey on. It was a little bit of an awkward stance, but as long as you were covering it, you didn’t care.

Liam leaned forward instantly, “What did he want?”

Pulling an uninterested expression, you shrugged, “The answers for Chemistry. He forgot to do it.”

Liam could hear your heartbeat. But since the moment you walked in it had been thumping quicker than normal, so he just assumed that the situation involving you being along with Theo, scared you a great deal.

“Really? The answers for chemistry?” Stiles butted in with a raised eyebrow. “He could have asked anybody else.”

“Yeah, well, in case you haven’t noticed, he isn’t the most likable person.” You glanced up from your lunch tray to see Theo already looking your way. You held back a smile, biting the inside of your cheeks in attempt, your eyes darting back down to the gross lunch food.

“But he could’ve!”

“Okay, it makes a little bit of sense,” The Dunbar boy defended.

“How? How does it make any sense?”

“Maybe he’s just messing with us for asking y/n for the answers in chemistry, but she’s also pretty smart, so I can see why he would as her.”

The two boys argued continuously, Liam being the one to defend Theo’s actions and Stiles being the one that not finding a lick of it believable.

You smiled, your eyes dancing across the room once again and meeting your boyfriend’s. It was no doubt he was amused as the boy’s argued in front of you, about a lie you had just created.

Knowing your pack would go after him the moment you said you were in a relationship, you urged yourself to keep it a secret. You made up lies and schemes to keep it quiet, and you were glad it worked.

I know Coach isn’t really in season 5 but we can pretend okay

Permanent. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – No and yes. Guys, this is it! Tattoo Artist Tom ready to fuck you guys up. By the way, I am so late with this. 

Prompt – Finally deciding to take a risk in your life, you get a tattoo and possibly an unexpected lover. 

Warning – Feels. So much feels you’ll probably want Tom to actually be a tattoo artist. (I was listening to Tattoo by Jordin Sparks as I was writing this. It doesn’t really go with the story line, but it was nice to listen to.) 

Words – 1,309.


Tattoos are permanent. Once a person decides to get one, that’s it. There is no turning back unless they want to endure the pain of reverting their skin back to normal. Every tattoo should have meaning; it cannot be simply a random design that has no significance whatsoever. Tattoos will be a constant reminder of a risk that a person chose to take and it should be a great value to them. Small or big, a tattoo should be treasured on a person’s body like art.

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(shitty edit courtesy of yours truly)

Title: First Date

Pairing: Peter Maximoff (XMCU) x Reader

Warnings: Peter being a goof, excess fluff, lots of cuteness

For @candycountries, the sweetest little maple leaf. Thank you for believing in my writing, even when I don’t 💚

Based off the song First Date by Blink-182 & the endless Peter discussions I have with @candycountries

It was Date Night & Peter was nervous as Hell. You & Peter had began dating a few weeks ago, but this was your first official date. He wanted to make sure it was perfect, but his nerves were getting the best of him. He was parked outside your living area on campus, waiting anxiously for you. You were both professors at Xavier’s, although you were a new professor. Peter had been teaching Physics at Xavier’s for about 3 years now & you had began teaching earlier this year, just a few months ago.

You were a shy & quiet person, not really socializing with many professors, aside from Charles & Hank. You only really talked to your students & the rest of the time, you just graded & kept to yourself.

Peter, on the other hand, although shy as well, was very sociable & loved talking to others. He was a favorite among the students & the professors & it didn’t take long for the good word about the cute (& single 👀) Physics professor to come your way. Even so, you didn’t dare try talking to him for free of making a bad first impression. Thus, you kept your distance.

This drove Peter absolutely mad because he definitely noticed you & he was eager to chat up the gorgeous new professor. He tried his best to get to know you, but you instinctively shut him out & conversations with him were minimal. This all changed; however, during Xavier’s annual Halloween Bash.

You & Peter had been assigned chaperones to the dance, which means you both had to watch all the kids, dress up for the evening, & talk to each other so you could work as a team & not be bored out of your minds while the students had fun & you supervised them.

You came out of your shell a bit more that night, just because Halloween was your favorite holiday & it always made you feel secure because you could be whoever you wanted to be, even your true self, without fear of being judged.

Peter noticed how more at ease you were & he took full advantage of it. He chatted you up all night, cracking jokes & shamelessly flirting with you. He relished every laugh & blush you gave him in return. By the end of the night, you were much more comfortable around him & you’d developed a stronger friendship than you had previously.

Unfortunately, the night was coming to an end: the younger kids were heading to bed, the older ones were going with Charles & Hank into the woods nearby for a spooky campfire, & you & Peter were left to help clean up the dance room. It was an absolute mess, but with Peter’s speed, it was getting cleaned up in no time. Or, at least, it would have, if Peter hadn’t stopped to impress you with a crude & joking strip tease to Thriller, which had you nearly dying of laughter.

Later that night, when you & Peter went to supervise the campfire, Peter romanced you under the stars & asked you out officially, to which you agreed to.

Fast forward back to the current day, where Peter was still waiting anxiously in his car for you. He checked his watch for the nth time that afternoon, keeping his eyes glued to your door afterwards.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, you finally emerged. Peter couldn’t help but stare at you because you looked so different, so at ease, so comfortable. You were dressed more casually instead of the usual professional garb you wore when you taught class. He was dressed similarly in his favorite casual wear, instead of the more clean-cut outfits he wears for lecture.

He smiled widely at you as you got into the passenger seat, his cheeks flushing a little as he did so, “Hi.”

You returned his smile as you put on your seatbelt, leaning closer to press a soft kiss to his cheek, “Hi, thank you for taking me out today.”

His cheeks flushed darker & he lost all power of speech, simply from that little kiss.

He was already done for, & the date had barely begun.

Aside from the initial awkwardness & shell shock from your kiss, the rest of the car ride went smoothly. You both made idle conversation & you attempted to press Peter as to where he was taking you, but he was intent on keeping it a secret. In all honesty, he didn’t want to tell you because he was worried you’d laugh at him & find the date idea childish & stupid. So, he figured he’d take you there & if you hated it, he’d pretend he was joking about that being the date location & resort to Plan B, which was a movie.

As he neared the date location, his anxiety steadily increased to the point where when he finally reached the date designation, his heart was practically going to burst from how fast it was beating.

You looked out the window before looking back at him with an amused expression, “You brought me to the arcade for our first date?”

He swallowed nervously, “Um…yes?”

You grinned, “How did you know I can play a mean game of Galaga & DDR?”

“You do? I mean pfft yeah I soooo knew that duh!”

“Then you also know that I’m going to kick your ass & win more tickets, right?”

“Ooooh honey, if you think you can beat me, then you’ve got another thing coming.”

“Bring it on, Maxipad.”

He held a hand to his heart in mock hurt, “Be careful what you dish out, babe, because I’m dishing it right back.”

Peter knew right then & there you were the one because no one had ever outsassed him like that before.

He did; however, prove to be the better gamer & kicked your ass at nearly every game, aside from skee-ball, which he had purposely let you win. You of course, knew this, & challenged him to a rematch, but he just let you win again anyway. By the end of the day, the two of you (mostly him) had acquired enough tickets to win the grand prize, which you were very eager to obtain. It was the latest Atari game system, which you were dying to have, but you weren’t about to spend the thousands of tickets Peter earned on a prize for yourself.

“You should pick something,” you told him as the flustered guy at the ticket counter counted all your tickets, “you won most of these tickets, it’s only fair that you pick the prize.”

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion & surprise, “What? No, I want you to pick the prize, as my gift to you for giving me a chance & coming on this date with me.”

“Peter,” you sighed, a bit taken aback by the sweet gesture, “that’s really sweet, but they’re your tickets. You should pick the prize.”

He playfully glared at you, “Listen, this is less tickets than I usually win. I can come back any time & win double this in a few hours. Seriously, I insist: pick something.”

You sighed, biting your lip as you continued to feel guilty, “Okay, how about this, we both pick something?” that way it’s fair.“

He pursed his lips, weighing the option before nodding in agreement, “You’ve got a deal.”

You smiled, “Great, you pick first.”

He pretended to weigh his options before he made his decision, “I’ll have that sickass looking gecko,” he pointed to the prize & you glared at him when you realized how much it cost: one ticket.

The ticket counter gave Peter the little toy gecko & he grinned before placing it on the side rim of his glasses, “Alright babe, your pick!”

You sighed & gave in, picking the Atari game system, which cost the remainder of the game tickets. Peter hoped he would never forget that glorious smile that made its way onto your face when the ticket counter gave you your prize.

As you both excitedly made your way back to his car, you were quick to gently set the game system on your seat & grab Peter’s hand before he could race to the other side to open his door. Before he could react, you grabbed his shirt collar & pulled his lips down onto yours in an adoring kiss.

He squeaked in surprise, completely shocked by your sudden display of affection, but was quick to reciprocate. He let his hands rest gently on your waist, squeezing your hips a little as you deepend the kiss. When you pulled away, he had the biggest, dopiest smile on his face & he pushed his glasses up his nose, which were fogged up. You laughed at how cute he was, adjusting the gecko, which was barely clinging onto his glasses, “I really hope you were also included with the Atari system because you are definitely a grand prize,” with that, you gave him another quick & final kiss before you got into the car.

He tried to recompose himself as he closed your door for you, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding before mouthing a quiet “Wow” to himself as his cheeks reddened at your unexpected compliment.

The cute Physics Professor at Xavier’s was now the cute, completely taken Physics Professor & he was more than happy to spread the news when you both got back from your successful first date.

Tagging: @v-writings & @dragon-chica (hope you guys don’t mind being tagged! I thought you both would enjoy more Professor!Peter 💚)

Fandom Writing Challenge | qveenbradbury
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Cas (Sam/Jess)
Prompt: Letters
Word Count: 1,353
Author’s Note: In British English, the phrase ‘luck out’ means to run out of luck but in American English, it means to be extremely lucky. In this, we’re using American English.

“Uncle Dean!” A delighted squeal rings across his classroom and Castiel looks up just in time to see Mary Winchester hurl herself into the arms of a tall, gorgeous man.

“Hey, kiddo,” the man – Dean – greets, putting Mary down on her feet. “I missed you too.”

As soon as Mary’s back on the floor, she’s dragging her uncle towards Castiel’s desk, telling Dean that he has to meet Mr. Novak.

“And I wrote you a letter in class,” Mary tells her uncle proudly.

“Really?” Dean asks, holding her little hand, eyes filled with adoration. “Well, I can’t wait to read it.”

As he shakes Dean’s hand and gives Mary the letter she wrote (appropriately covered in glitter and stickers), Castiel absently thinks that the Winchester family definitely lucked out in the genetic lottery.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts when Gordon puts glue in Ava’s hair and, as he inspects the damage and reprimands Gordon, he (mostly) forgets about Dean Winchester.

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Imagine: Thanksgiving at the bunker

Originally posted by itssamforyou

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: Language and so much fluff

A/N: sorry this is up so late, guys! I wanted it out earlier for the holiday, but festivities with my family got in the way and I’m currently using shitty hotel wifi to post this. I’ll add a GIF tomorrow and do some editing because I still think this needs some work, but wanted to get it posted and go to sleep…


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Shadows Drabble

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,182 
A/N: I wrote this in one go, as a rewrite of something I wrote a long time ago. 
Warnings: some angst, but mostly fluffy as hell

Sliding into your sunbathing chair you undid the straps on your bathing suit and lay down on your stomach. Checking your phone, the temperature read a crisp 90 degrees. Smiling to yourself, you knew that you worked hard for this reprieve. Mission after mission had started to wear you down, and Steve had seen that you weren’t your usual happy-go-lucky self anymore.

When on mission, you were usually the one who had the rest of the team smiling, even in their exhaustion. Your cheery attitude and the way you and Bucky flirted shamelessly with one another had the rest of the team rolling their eyes. Unbeknownst to them however, was how your flirting was a way of distraction for Bucky.

Bucky dealt with what he called, ‘shadows’. The first time he confided in you was a night you would never forget. Running to Bucky’s room, you saw how scared he was when you finally were able to stop him from screaming into the darkness. “The shadows… I can’t unsee them, Y/N”, he told you, as he cried into your shoulder. He went on to explain that the shadows were of the lives he took as the Winter Soldier. The innocent who begged for their lives as they realized these were their last few moments.

After Bucky confided in you, nights spent with him were not only reoccurring, but happened every night. With you, Bucky was able to sleep soundlessly. Your arms around him assured him that he was safe. If he ever did wake up, he was quick to fall back to sleep.

Sleeping was not Bucky’s only problem though. Missions were tough on him as well. Bucky loved being a part of the Avengers but it was difficult for him as missions tended to bring up his memories of Hydra. In order to get him into a more mission-focused mindset, you took it upon yourself to make him happy.

“Hey Barnes, you should wear those pants more often, it really shows off your ass…ets,” you joked, looking into his bright blue eyes. Although Bucky was caught off guard, he smiled at you. “Yeah and that leather outfit really shows off that figure I love so much doll.” Although you started this game, Bucky’s flirting left you with an inability to form a coherent thought.

You shook off your thoughts of Bucky as you tied your bathing suit straps around your neck once more. As you started to get up from your chair, you saw that you had an incoming call. Steve, your phone’s screen read.

Picking up the phone, you didn’t even have a chance to say anything before you heard Steve’s panicked voice on the other line. “Y/N, it’s Bucky. I need you to come home. I’ve arranged for you to be picked up in three hours.” Before you could say anything, Steve cursed into the phone and hung up.

Before you left for your vacation, you knew you needed to have a talk with Steve. As you walked into his room, you sat him down on his bed, taking a seat beside him. “Look Steve, if anything happens with Bucky while I’m gone, I need you to call me.” Steve smiled at you, knowing how much you cared for his best friend. “I promise,” he replied.

Four hours from Steve’s phone call later, you were back at the Tower. Looking around, you didn’t see anyone. Not even Vision was there to greet you. As soon as you had thrown your bag onto your bed, F.R.I.D.A.Y. alerted you that you were needed in Bucky’s room.  

Opening the door carefully, you saw that Steve, Natasha, and Sam had pinned Bucky to the bed. Bucky was struggling to escape their grasp, but it was no use. As soon as Bucky saw you, however, his demeanor completely changed. Looking into his eyes, you could see that you were the first thing he recognized.

“Y/N? I thought you were on vacation?” Bucky looked at you, and you moved closer to the bed. Motioning for Steve and the others to let go of their grasp on Bucky, you lay down beside him.

“Yeah, well, things change. How are you doing?” You asked, playing with Bucky’s soft strands. As you did so, Bucky’s rigid body began to relax. Steve let out an audible sigh as he and the rest of the team left the room.

Bucky sighed before letting you in on what happened. “I snapped. I didn’t mean to, but the shadows were everywhere. I confused Steve for one and I blacked out. The next thing I remember is being pinned to the bed.” Bucky turned to face you and the pain in his eyes was evident. “I blacked out, Y/N. I’m scared I may hurt you if it happens again.”

Running your hand down his face, you stopped when you reached his chin. “I’m a big girl Bucky Barnes, I can handle myself,” you said, smiling at him. Bucky smiled sadly back at you, but he knew that once your mind was made up, there was no changing it.

Deciding to lighten the mood, you did something risky. Knowing that this was something you’d always wanted to do, you moved closer to him. Lips ghosting against his, you allowed Bucky to decide if this was what he wanted as well. You were relieved when you felt his lips on your own. In one motion, Bucky was now straddling you and his lips were moving so in sync with yours that you couldn’t help but moan softly.

As the two of you continued, your hands pulled off Bucky’s shirt. You felt Bucky’s rough hands make their way under your shirt, and he had yours off in one swift motion. Running your nails roughly down his back, he growled in delight and began to nip at your neck. Bucky stopped suddenly and pulled his lips away from you. Groaning in response, you tried to bring Bucky back to you.

However, Bucky made his way off you and lay down next to you. As he did so, he turned your head so that he could look into your eyes. Instead of the terror, shame, or lust, there was something completely different in his eyes now. Something you’d only dreamt of: complete adoration.

“I… umm, want to take things slowly. You deserve to have only the best, and I want to be that for you. And in order for that to happen, I think we need to at least have a first date before we go any further than we just did.” Bucky wrapped his arms around you, bringing you so close to him that there was only a centimeter of room between the two of you. “Is that okay?”

You were so at loss for words by Bucky’s admission that all you could do was nod your head. Bucky smiled in response, and kissed your nose. With a taste of what was in store for the future, and a doting soon-to-be boyfriend on the horizon, you allowed Bucky to hold you for as long as he needed.    

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Mon Cheri (Sebastian Smythe X Reader)

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Sebastian Smythe X Reader
Word Count: 6,278 (I didn’t mean to make it this long I swear???)
Author’s Note: Blaine is no longer at Dalton (he’s at McKinley and a senior so I think Kurt would be in New York at this point but we’re gonna pretend that he was visiting Blaine for a little bit), Sebastian is a junior at Dalton (idk how old he is honestly oops), __y/n__ is a sophomore. I honestly dunno anything about Blaine’s parents, I just imagine that they’re like really open-minded and awesome?? Also: I believe that every person has an exception to their sexuality. Even though __y/n__ considers herself gay, she’s not against the idea of being with a guy, it’s just not something she’s ever been interested in trying (until she got to know Sebastian). Also, I think Sebastian’s bi or pan, with a tendency to have sex with guys. I know they say in the show that he’s 100% gay, but I still firmly believe that he is just more male-centric, and would be sexually attracted to a female if it was the right one. ALSO THERE ARE SOME SOULMATE! THEMES?? IT’S NOT LIKE 100% SOULMATE AU BUT THAT’S LIKE WHY THEY GET TOGETHER SO QUICKLY.

“You didn’t tell me that good looks ran in the Anderson family.” Were the first words you ever heard Sebastian Smythe say, his arm extending out a hand for you to shake.

You took it, struggling to not roll your eyes as he pressed a kiss to the back of your hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You said, slipping into your ‘male’ voice that you had been perfecting for the last year. It was a little deeper than your own voice, and it was slightly weird to hear it coming out of your mouth, but you felt like it helped with the whole 'pretending to be a boy’ thing.

You were Blaine’s sister, and Blaine had been trying to get the staff at Dalton to change the rules (could having a girl in the Warblers really hurt their chances at winning? Blaine didn’t think so) for years (he knew about just how badly you wanted to go to Dalton), but they always refused. Dalton Academy had been an all boys school since it was established, and that’s how it would stay.

Blaine, not one to give up, was the one who initially suggested that you dress like a boy. He thought that the rules were ignorant (a girl could really help with the Warblers’ vocal range), and he actually encouraged you to consider practicing talking and acting like a boy.

You had done as he recommended, and when you had finally approached your parents with the intention to ask your parents for the tuition money, they didn't judge you for wanting to go to the all boys school. Instead, they had laughed, said they thought it was a brilliant idea, warned you to be careful because they didn’t really want a lawsuit on their hands, and had given you the money you needed.

You, Blaine, and Kurt (he was in on the plan because he was Blaine's boyfriend and you loved him to death) had gone to the mall, bought you a binder, a new haircut, and a dozen outfits with Kurt’s seal of approval (meaning that you were going to be the best dressed cross dresser ever), and then you had applied to Dalton.

It took a bit of lying, your parents had even managed to get a copy of your birth certificate altered so that you were, legally, Eli _f/i_ Anderson, but you got in. Elizabeth was your given middle name, so you had taken the first three letters and used them as your male name.

Blaine wasn’t there anymore, but he told you that even though you couldn’t compete with the Warblers (no way anyone would be able to hear you sing and not think you were a girl), you could still trust the Warblers. Even Sebastian, who Blaine was actually pretty good friends with (much to Kurt’s distain).

Sebastian smiled, but it was more of a smirk than anything else. “The pleasure’s all mine.” He replied smoothly, and Blaine noticed with a grin that you were trying valiantly to keep the scowl off your face. You knew exactly about how he flirted shamelessly with Blaine, and with your extreme love for Kurt (seriously, if he was straight and you were straight, you would’ve snatched that boy up for yourself), you were not too fond of Sebastian. Even if he was a ridiculously good dancer and singer, his incredibly hot face meant nothing to you.

You extracted your hand from Sebastian’s, giving a real smile to the other Warblers. Them, you liked. You had watched almost every Warbler performance, but you hadn’t ever gotten to meet them before now.

“I’m a huge fan.” You said enthusiastically, and the Warblers looked at Blaine in surprise before chatting you with excitedly.

“Keep an eye on him, yeah?” Blaine requested, resting his palm on Sebastian’s shoulder.

Sebastian gave him a small smile that quickly blossomed into a smirk. “I’ll keep more than an eye on him.”

Blaine groaned and pulled his hand away from Sebastian’s shoulder, using it to smack Sebastian on the head. “Sebastian, no. Trust me, you’re not his type.”

Sebastian's green eyes flicked over to you, letting them trail over you appreciatively. You were petite, even shorter than Blaine, and you looked a little feminine, but it suited you. Your features were almost elfin and very different from Blaine’s, but he could still see a faint resemblance; in conclusion, Sebastian was immediately attracted to you.

“I’ve heard that before, and I’ve made my fair share of people change their mind.”

Blaine shook his head. “It’s not gonna work on Eli, I promise.”

“That sounds like a challenge, Anderson.” Sebastian said, and Blaine did not like the glint in Sebastian’s eyes.

“Sebastian,” Blaine started to warn him, but Sebastian waved his warning away and walked over to where you were talking eagerly with the other Warblers. He perched himself on a chair, and Blaine watched your gaze twitch over to Sebastian for a brief moment, before turning back to your conversation with Jeff.

Blaine grinned again. You could handle yourself against Sebastian’s charm, he was sure. With a wave to you and the other Warblers, Blaine disappeared through a door and made his way to his dad’s car, where Kurt was waiting.

“How’d it go?” Kurt asked, leaning across the seat and brushing a kiss across Blaine’s lips.

“Pretty good,” Blaine responded, a quiet light shining in his eyes as he looked at Kurt. “But I think Sebastian has a crush on __y/n__.”

Kurt looked at him for a moment in complete silence. “You’re not serious?”

“Wish I was.”

“Oh my god, this is the best day of my life.” Kurt said, right before bursting into loud, bright laughter that echoed off the walls off the car. “100% gay Sebastian has a crush on your 100% gay sister. That is too good to be true.”

Blaine grinned at Kurt. “I know. How he managed to choose the one person at Dalton that is literally not interested in him at all is beyond me.”


“Sebastian, for the last time, I am not interested in you.” You muttered, sighing as you shoved your history book in your messenger bag.

“Hey, I didn’t even say anything.” He said and held his hands up in defense. “I was just going to tell you that I have a lacrosse game that you might be interested in watching.”

You quirked an eyebrow at him. “Really? That’s it?”

Sebastian nodded. “That’s it. I promise.”

You offered him a fraction of a smile, because you still weren’t sure how you felt about him. “Okay. When is it?”

“Right after school. I’ll meet you outside of the commons so I can take you to the field?”

“Sure, that’d be great, actually. Still having trouble finding my way around this place.” You murmured, only a little sheepishly. You had been at Dalton for a little over two weeks, and so far, it was awesome. The work was harder than at your previous school, but you didn’t struggle with it too much, the food was incredible, and everyone was nice to you. There were some people that were a little too nice (like Sebastian) because they wanted to get in your pants, but you continued shutting them down and so far, it had mostly worked. It had worked on everyone but Sebastian, at least. Say what you want about the cocky, green-eyed boy, but he was extremely persistent.

Sebastian looked over your shoulder and frowned. “I’ve gotta go, but I’ll see you later.” He smirked at you before slinging his own messenger bag over his shoulder and practically sauntering out of the room. God, that boy was so easy to despise (so why couldn’t you?).

“Hey, Eli.” Trent, another Warbler said as he walked up to you, and you smiled at him.

“Trent! Good to see you, buddy.” You clapped him on the shoulder before gesturing for him to follow you to lunch. You looked at him, and noticed that he looked nervous about something. You stopped walking. “Everything okay?”

“Well, um, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but Sebastian only invited you to the lacrosse game so he could…serenade you.” Trent murmured quietly, and you rolled your eyes.

“What does he not understand about me not being interested?” You said, letting out a deep sigh. “Thanks for telling me, Trent. I can handle this.” You fell silent as you walked with him through the cafeteria, grabbing a tray and loading it up with food while you tried to figure out how to approach the situation.

There had to be some way you could beat Sebastian at his own game, you just needed to find it.


When Sebastian met you outside the commons, you had to physically force a smile onto your face so you didn’t strangle him. That boy was infuriating, and knowing what he had planned didn’t actually help your ever increasing dislike for him.

“Hey, ya know, I have a ton of homework, do you mind if I skip lacrosse practice? I’ll go to the next one, promise.” You tried, because you knew that this was not going to turn out well. You were impossibly surprised to see hurt flash across Sebastian’s face for a moment before his usual smirk flickered back in place.

“If you really want to, I won’t stop you. But scout’s honor that it won’t take long.”

“You were a boy scout?” You asked in disbelief, and Sebastian grinned.

“Why do you sound so surprised?” Sebastian questioned back, and you raised an eyebrow at him.

“Because you’re,” You gestured vaguely with your hands. “You, and you just don’t seem like the boy scout type.”

“I don’t seem like the type to do lots of things.” Sebastian countered, and you didn’t have a response to that because you didn’t quite understand what he meant. “Anyways,” Sebastian said, shrugging. “You coming or not?”

“Yeah, homework can wait.” You responded, and you could’ve sworn that a real smile flickered across his face for half a second before he was turning away from you and gesturing for you to follow him.

“Come on, we don’t have all day.”

Ah, there was the douche that you missed so much.


“This…isn’t lacrosse practice, is it?” You asked, even though you already knew the answer thanks to Trent. All the Warblers were gathered on the lacrosse field, and you figured it was good at least that they were the only people there.

Sebastian simply shook his head and led you over to a bench, helping you sit down. He then took his place at the head of the Warblers, and music started pouring out of a speaker (you had no idea how many strings he had pulled to arrange that).

Coming here unannounced, drag my nails on the tile
I just follow your scent
You can’t just follow my smile,
"Sebastian took lead vocal while the other Warblers began to sing backup, and even though you knew from previous Warbler videos that Sebastian could sing, you hadn’t expected him to pick a Fall Out Boy song (you also hadn’t expected him to sing it so well).

Your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine
They cutting me to the bone
Nothing left to leave behind
You ought to keep me concealed just like I was a weapon,
“He continued, and even though you hated his smirky meerkat face, there was something oddly hot about being serenaded by Fall Out Boy (no girl you had been with had ever done that and-no, bad thoughts, you were not attracted to Sebastian. God damn it, you liked girls!).

You raised an eyebrow at Sebastian as he continued to sing, because he really did not seem like the serenading type. You know what, two people could play at this game.

I didn’t come for a fight but I will fight till the end
This might be your battle, might not turn out okay
You know you look so Seattle-
“That was where you cut him off.

Hello Seattle, I am a mountaineer
In the hills and highlands,
“ All of the Warblers looked confused, as far as they knew, you couldn’t sing at all, that was why you hadn’t tried out for the Warblers, and even Sebastian faltered for a moment. Then there was mischievous glint in his eye, and as some Warblers joined your side, some of them stayed with Sebastian, and it was basically a riff-off between you and Sebastian.

By the time you were done, almost twenty minutes later (god, your voice was going to sore as hell tomorrow; you didn’t usually use your 'male’ singing voice because it was hard to keep it level, but damn it Sebastian had tempted you into doing it), you were all laughing hysterically (even Sebastian, and you realized with a start that you quite liked him when he was laughing), because only at Dalton Academy (and maybe at William McKinley High School) would something like this happen.

"Why didn’t you tell us you could sing?” Jeff asked after the laughing had calmed down, and you shrugged.

“I can’t, not really.” They all looked at you incredulously.

“No, you actually can.” Sebastian interjected (why did that mean so much coming from him?), and after sharing a look with the other Warblers, Sebastian’s trademark smirk crawled onto his face. “I think you should join the Warblers.”

“What? No.”

“I second that.” Nick contributed, and Sebastian’s smirk widened.

“If there are no objections,”

“Me! I object!” You said, a little desperately because there was absolutely no way you could deepen your voice for every Warbler meeting and there was no way they’d believe you were a boy if you used your actual singing voice.

“Then the motion carries.” Sebastian continued, ignoring you. “And Eli is officially a member of the Warblers.”

The other Warblers cheered and patted you on the back before one by one they trailed off the field, until it was just you and Sebastian. This day couldn’t get any worse. Not only had Sebastian just fucking serenaded you (and you had actually loved it), now you were going to have to join the Warblers, and everyone would find out you were a girl and you would definitely get kicked out of your dream school.

“Are you okay?” You were surprised to find that Sebastian sounded worried.

Good, You thought bitterly. This is all your fault.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said, running a hand through your short hair distractedly. “I just have some homework to do, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You started to leave, your mind running through any possible way you could get out of this situation, when Sebastian’s fingers curled gently around your wrist and pulled you back around, bringing you close enough to him that your chest brushed his. You blinked up at him in surprise, but before you could respond, he pressed a finger to your lips.

“I know I might be really out of line with this, I’ve never really been in line when it comes to attractive people, though,” He said the last part mostly to himself before continuing. “But can I kiss you?”

You didn’t say anything, you were frozen and just too shocked to move, but you blinked rapidly as Sebastian’s face got closer to yours.

“If you want me to stop, tell me and I will.” Sebastian murmured, and as his lips got nearer to yours, close enough for them to brush, you finally found your voice.

“Stop, stop.” You whispered, pulling away from Sebastian as quickly as you could. “I’m sorry; you’re a great guy, sometimes, I just,” You shook your head, trying to clear it. “I’m really confused and I need to work through some things. I’ll see you around.”

You disappeared without saying else, and when you reached your dorm, you kind of wanted to curl up and cry. Your life had never, ever been this confusing before you met Sebastian. You liked girls, and only girls. Sure, you knew when a guy was attractive, but you didn’t want to actually have sex with them. And now…you didn’t know what you wanted. Sebastian was kind of an asshole, sure, but there were times when he could be nice. Like ten minutes ago, he had found out that Fall Out Boy was your favorite band and chosen one of their songs, and he had asked for permission before trying to kiss you.

The worst part was, you had wanted him to. You wanted to know what it felt like to kiss a gu- actually, no, scratch that. You just wanted to know what it felt like to kiss Sebastian. But you couldn’t, in good conscience, let him kiss you when you were really a girl, and he was gay. He liked boys. You liked girls. It should be simple.

But honestly? You had never been more confused in your life.


You had finished your homework, barely, and then you had tried to go to bed. You didn’t have a roommate, which was nice, but only because, at the moment, there was an uneven number of boys at the school and your parents had requested one. As soon as someone transferred, you’d get a roommate, and your secret would definitely come out. Instead of sleeping, you had tossed and turned until two in the morning, at which point you stomped out of bed, grabbed a towel, a pair of underwear, your binder, and a long shirt, and made your way to one of the bathrooms.

Dalton Academy was quite large, so it had several rooms that were full of just showers and sinks. Every dorm room had a bathroom, but it only had a toilet, a sink, and a mirror. Every time you wanted to shower, you had to go to one of the community showers. Which was nervewracking; if someone came in just as you were getting out of the shower, they’d see that you had boobs and then everyone would know that you were a girl.

And, of fucking course, that was (almost) exactly what happened.


You shampooed your hair, trying to sort out your thoughts when you heard the door to the showers swing open. Usually, you were the only person that showered at two thirty in the morning, but apparently someone else had the same idea.

You heard clothes falling into a pile on the ground and paused in your washing. It’s not like they could see through the shower door (the glass was frosted, so all they could see would be a very faint outline of your body), but your arms crossed across your breasts regardless. After a moment of feeling foolish and waiting for the other person to get in their own shower, you uncrossed your arms and continued washing your body.

You were done after a few more minutes, but now you had to wait until the other person was gone to get out of the shower. You waited with the water running for ten more minutes, but the other person was still showering.

You huffed to yourself and turned off the shower, but you didn’t get out yet. Instead, you stood patiently in the shower for another ten minutes before you heard the other person’s shower turn off and then the sound of wet feet slapping on the tiled floor.

“Are you going to get out, ever?” You were surprised to hear Sebastian’s voice from the other side of the glass, and your eyes widened.

“Uh, no. I’m not too comfortable with my body.” You responded, making sure to lower your voice.

You could practically hear Sebastian rolling his eyes as he spoke again. “There’s nothing wrong with your body, Eli.” Sebastian chuckled, a little bitterly. “I’ve seen enough of them to know.” When you stayed silent, Sebastian spoke again. “Listen, if it’s about earlier, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise.” He sounded a little bit shy (something you had never expected from him) when he spoke again. “I do still want to be your friend though.”

“It’s not that simple.” You murmured, twisting your hands together nervously. You couldn’t get out of the shower until he was gone; if you did, he would know that you were a girl and he would tell the school board and you would be kicked out of Dalton Academy (and he would probably hate you).

“Friends are allowed to see each other naked,” He pointed out. “If it makes you feel better, I have a towel and underwear on, and I’ll turn my back when you step out.”

You sighed. He wasn’t going to give up. It was probably better to just tell him before he opened the door himself and saw your chest. “I need to tell you something first.” You took his silence as agreement. “I’m, uh, not exactly who you think I am.”

“Please tell me you’re Eli Hawaii, because I saw that coming from a mile away.”

You stayed silent for a moment, trying to understand what he meant. “Did Sebastian Smythe just make a Hannah Montana reference?”

Sebastian chuckled, and the sound made your heart stutter. “I did.” You laughed, and you could hear the frown on his face when he spoke again. “In my defense, I do have a younger sister who used to make me watch it with her all the time.” He was silent for half a second. “And Mitchell Musso was hot.”

“Really? Mitchell Musso’s your type?”

He snorted. “Please, Mitchell Musso is everyone’s type.”

“I cannot believe I’m having this conversation with you right now.” You said, shaking your head. Sebastian Smythe watched Hannah Montana, and now he was trying to defend himself for it, even though you really didn’t care. He could watch whatever he wanted, heck, you had watched it when you were younger too. Honestly, you just found the whole thing rather adorable.

“I can’t either. Are you going to come out?”

“Already have.” You said, because that was the first thing that popped into your mind.

“I thought you weren’t into guys? Excluding me, of course.” You could hear the thick layer of confusion in his voice.

“Uh, yeah. I’m not.” You said and slowly opened the door to the shower. You cautiously stepped out, keeping your arms crossed across your breasts as you snagged your __f/c__ towel and wrapped it around your body. You turned to look at Sebastian only after your body was covered, and you were surprised to see that he was just smirking at you.

“So, you’re a girl?” Sebastian asked, and you nodded. “I suppose this is the part where I have some dramatic reveal about myself and my sexuality, but really, I still like guys.” That made your heart ache for reasons you couldn’t fathom. “But I still feel the desire to kiss you, so I guess you’re an exception to that.”

You blinked at him, once, twice, then three times. “Pardon?”

“I still want to kiss you. I’m not repulsed by you, if that’s what you were expecting. You’re still Eli, and believe it or not, I didn’t just like him for his looks.”

“You liked Eli?” Your brain was having a really hard time keeping up with that Sebastian was saying.

“Since when have you been deaf?” Sebastian asked, rolling his eyes at you. “Yes. I liked Eli, and I like you.” He glanced around the shower room before gesturing to the door. “Seeing as how you’re trying to keep this a secret, we should go before someone else comes in for a midnight wash. Come on.” You barely had time to scoop your clothes into your arms before Sebastian was grabbing your hand and dragging you out of the room. He kept you behind him as much as possible as he led you to his room, but you paused outside the doorway.

“Isn’t your roommate in there?” You hissed, and Sebastian shook his head as he opened the door.

“He’s at his boyfriend’s dorm tonight, we’re fine.” Sebastian responded, and you trusted him enough to follow him inside. Sebastian took a seat on his bed, and gestured for you to do the same, but you shook your head and remained standing.

“Are you going to tell the school board about me?” You asked after a moment of silence.

He shook his head. “Of course not. Before we have this conversation you might want to put some clothes on. Not promising I can stop myself from doing something stupid if you stay like that.” As Sebastian said the last word, he gestured at your towel, which had been slipping down your chest and barely even covered your ass.

“Oh. Yeah. Right.” You had been so worried that you had forgotten about your state of undress, and you hastily turned around, pulled your underwear on, and dropped your towel. You started to tug on your binder, but Sebastian’s voice stopped you.

“You don’t have to do that, you know. I already know that you have breasts.” He looked thoughtful. “As a gay man, I have to say that they’re actually quite nice.”

You hid your faint blush as you continued to put on the binder. “It’s not for you, it’s in case anyone bursts into your room.” You said, shrugging as you pulled on your shirt before turning back around to face him. “So, back to the issue at hand-”

“Is that all you’re wearing?” Sebastian interrupted, and you looked down at yourself with a frown.

“Yeah, why? Something wrong?” Everything was covered, and your legs weren’t really masculine or feminine, they were just there so you didn’t have to worry about someone seeing your legs and going “Oh, Eli’s definitely a girl!”.

“You’re still too undressed.”

“I never thought I’d hear the day those words came out of Sebastian Smythe’s mouth.” You said, teasingly, and grinned when it got a small smile from Sebastian.

“Yeah, yeah, make fun of me all you want but if someone comes in, their first reaction to you wearing just a shirt is going to be assuming that we had sex.”

You shrugged. “Honestly, I’m pretty sure that everyone already thinks that. You’re pretty hard to resist.” You pointed out, before running a hand through your hair. “Fuck you, Smythe.”

He looked at you, bewildered. “What did I do?”

You groaned. “I’m gay! I’ve known I was gay since I was five, but now I want to see what being with a guy is like and I’m so confused about everything, but you’re so different from everyone I’ve ever met and just…fuck you.” You let out in one breath and blinked in surprise when Sebastian’s arms were suddenly resting on your shoulders.

“Hey, this is confusing for me too. I’ve always been more homo-flexible than homosexual, but this, whatever’s between us, is new to me. You’re a person that I don’t just want to sleep with. I mean, yeah, I do, but I also want to kiss you and sing with you and hold hands with you and-” A frown curled the corners of his mouth down as he thought of something. “And I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s __y/n__.” You spoke quietly, your eyes searching his green ones as you tried to figure out if he was telling the truth.

The softest smile you had ever seen spread across his face, and you knew without a doubt that he was telling the truth. “I like it. It fits you better than Eli.”

You smiled. “I’d hope so.” You flicked your gaze away from him for a moment, eying the clock on his wall. You still had plenty of time before Sebastian’s roommate was supposed to come back. “Can I kiss you and we can worry about if you’re going to get me expelled later?”

Sebastian didn’t even use words to respond, he just brought a hand up to cup your cheek and pressed his lips to yours. It was a lot gentler than you thought possible for Sebastian, but you relished in it, letting your eyes slip shut as you wrapped an arm around his neck and kissed him back.

The kiss would’ve gone on for longer had the door to Sebastian’s room not burst open.

You instantly pulled away from him, stepping behind him to hide yourself from whoever was entering the room.

“Hey, sorry.” Sebastian’s roommate, a brown haired boy who you thought was named Dan, said apologetically. “Just need to grab something, I’ll be out in a second.” He rummaged in his nightstand drawer before pulling out something wrapped in a sock (you had no desire to know what exactly it was), before ducking out of the room again with a sheepish smile.

“Well,” You started, hopping onto Sebastian’s bed and tucking your legs underneath you. “That was fun.”

Sebastian smiled lazily at you before crawling onto the bed beside you. He twisted an arm around you and pulled you into his arms, brushing a feather light kiss to the back of your neck.

“Never pegged you for the cuddling type.” You murmured, but you were smiling and there was no venom in the words.

He shrugged and kissed your neck again. “People change.”


People do indeed change.

That was something every single Warbler, and other Dalton students, noticed over the next couple of months. Sebastian was nicer. Well, as nice as Sebastian could get.

He would still snark at everyone, but everyone knew that he only did it in fun. He was nicer, and his singing and dancing were better than ever.

You managed to convince him to kick you out of the Warblers, something he had been reluctant to do because “__y/n__, your voice is amazing and I’m not letting you stop using it”, so you had promised him that on weekends you would go out with him and sing karaoke (if you were away from Dalton, you could use your normal voice).

Unfortunately, being with Sebastian did have some problems.

You were slipping. When you were around Sebastian, you often used your regular voice, and when you were around him and the other Warblers, there were times when you would slip into it without meaning to. Every time that you did, Sebastian would raise his eyebrows at you and kiss you to get you to stop talking, but you knew that the Warblers were starting to get suspicious.

And then it happened.


You were waiting in the practice room for Sebastian with the other Warblers when you felt your period start. You’d had periods before at Dalton, but they always started when you were in your dorm or Sebastian’s, so it was easy to grab a pad.

You felt a dull, deep ache in your lower stomach, wrapping your arms around your midsection to try and ease the pain. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t work.

“You okay, Eli?” Jeff asked, resting a palm on your shoulder as he looked at you with worried eyes.

You gave him a pained smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a stomach ache.” You assured, but you knew by the look on his face that he didn’t believe you.

The blonde haired boy opened his mouth to say something else, but before he could, Sebastian swept into the room, and everyone’s eyes snapped to him instantly. He certainly knew how to command a room.

“You guys ready to start?” Sebastian asked, before his eyes landed on you. “What are you doing here?”

You smiled and stood up, pressing a brief kiss to his lips. “Wanted to say hi to you before Warblers practice started.” You said, shrugging.

His arms wound around your waist as he smiled back at you. “Hi.”

You chuckled, brushing a kiss to his jaw before pulling out of the embrace. “I should let you get started, but I’ll see you at dinner, yeah?”

“Of course.” He responded easily, and you offered him and the other Warblers one more smile before grabbing your bag and leaving the practice room.

Jeff turned troubled eyes to Sebastian. “Is he okay?”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t he be?”

“He had a stomach ache, I just wasn’t sure if he was sick or something.” Jeff said, and the Warblers all noticed the concerned look that sparked in his eyes.

“Do you guys mind if I go check on him?” Sebastian asked instead of responding, and the second they shook their heads, Sebastian had already moved towards the door.


“What are you doing here?” You questioned in confusion as a pair of firm arms wrapped themselves around your stomach. “I thought you had Warbler practice.”

“I do, but I wanted to make sure you were okay. That time of the month, huh?”

You groaned as you nodded. “Yeah. Periods suck. Be thankful you’re a boy, Smythe.”

Sebastian’s arms disappeared from around your waist, and you turned to look at him, already missing the feel of his arms on you. Your eyes brightened as you saw the chocolate bar he was pulling out from his pocket.

“Oh my god, I think I love you.” You said without thinking, grinning at him as he handed you the brown, plastic package.

You both froze. You gripped the chocolate bar tightly as you waited for him to say something, and when he still remained silent, you cautiously brought your gaze to his. 

Sebastian was smiling, and there was a light in his eyes that you hadn’t ever seen before. “You’re the first person that’s ever said that to me.”

“What? Really? But you’re-” You gestured vaguely at him with your hands. “You, and you’re incredible and thoughtful and a lot sweeter than I thought possible since when I met you, I thought you were a sarcastic asshole but-” Sebastian cut you off with a kiss, his hands flying up to cup your cheeks as he kissed you gently.

“I think I love you too.” He murmured against your lips, stroking a thumb gently across your cheekbone.

You heard someone gasp, and both your and Sebastian’s eyes snapped to the doorway of your room. Nick, Jeff, Trent, Thad, and all the other Warblers were gathered there, looking at you and Sebastian with wide eyes.

Jeff smacked Trent on the shoulder. “Dude!”

“I’m sorry!” He said apologetically. “But this is precious.”

Sebastian stepped in front of you, keeping you behind him as he eyed them warily. “How much did you hear?”

“Enough to confirm that Eli is a girl.” Nick said, shrugging.

Sebastian’s eyebrows knitted together. “Confirm?”

“It wasn’t that hard to figure out.” Thad pointed out. “Eli slipped into her actual voice occasionally, and you called her __y/n__ without meaning to several times.”

“Please don’t tell anyone.” You piped up, peering out from behind Sebastian. “I’ve wanted to go to Dalton since I was five, I couldn’t handle going back to regular school.”

They all looked at you incredulously. “Why would we do that? You’re our friend.” Trent said, rising to his feet and smiling at you. “We don’t want you to leave either.” The other Warblers nodded in agreement, and you felt the sudden urge to cry. They were all so sweet.

You gave them a wobbly smile. “Thank you. It means a lot.” Sebastian wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pressed a kiss to your temple as you looked at the Warblers, a silly group of guys you had idolized for years and who were now your best friends, with glistening __e/c__ eyes. “You guys are the best. Seriously. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank us.” Nick said at the same time Jeff said “We should be thanking you for making Sebastian nice.”, and you snorted while Sebastian pretended to glare at the blonde-haired Warbler.

“I’m gonna take that as my cue to go.” Jeff said sheepishly, waving before disappearing from the doorway.

“We should go too.” Thad said, offering you a smile. “Oh, and Sebastian, we can handle practice on our own today.”

The Warblers filed out of the doorway one by one until Trent shut your door with a soft click, and you turned to look at Sebastian. You leaned forward, wrapping your arms around his neck before hovering your lips over his.

“You have awesome friends.” You whispered.

“I know.” Sebastian said, nodding as a smirk spread across his face. "And I have an awesome girlfriend.“ Sebastian chuckled against your lips. "Never thought I’d say that.”

“Never thought I’d have the best boyfriend in the world either, but you know.” You shrugged, grinning. “Life is weird.” You pressed your lips to his fully, your fingers tangling in his short hair as he kissed you back easily, a hand resting on your lower back and pulling your body as close to his as possible.

Dalton Academy was even better than you could have ever hoped. You had gained a bunch of new friends, an amazing boyfriend, and you got to go to your dream school.

Sebastian blinked in confusion as you suddenly burst into laughter, raising an eyebrow at you as you broke the kiss to catch your breath.

“I can’t wait to see Kurt’s face when I tell him that I’m dating Sebastian Smythe.”

Sebastian grinned. “Please let me be there when you tell him.”

“Oh, absolutely.” You winced as a fresh wave of cramps washed over you, dragging Sebastian over to your bed and pulling him down on it with you. “Cuddle me while we picture the horror on Kurt’s face?” You offered, and Sebastian’s arms were instantly tucking your body closer to his.


End.  <3

My Harry Potter Fanfiction Masterlist

It was about time I separated out my fandoms.

BBC Merlin Here

Yuri on Ice Here

Update 23/5/17 - I have decided to no longer post my Harry Potter fanfiction online, this is what pushed me over the edge, and more about how I feel about it, and why I chose to do this is in this post, this post, and this post

The short of it is that yes, posting fanfic online is opening myself to negativity and people being pushy and disrespectful, yes, I am aware that is an unavoidable part of posting online, and yes, I have the option of accepting this as a part of posting fanfic online, and pushing through it to continue, and I did that, for a year, even though at times I hated it, but there is another option. I can stop. I can stop posting things and opening myself up to it, opening myself up to these things that are making me upset. So that is the option I am taking, because I put up with steadily feeling worse and worse for a year, and that’s not working for me now, the negativity/pushiness/disrespect, and the feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy they awaken in me is now outweighing the good, so it’s time to stop.

That is my decision, for my own emotional wellbeing.

This is predominantly because of the Harry Potter fandom and my fanfiction there, so I am, at this time, tentatively continuing with my other fandoms and with the 5-line prompted drabbles, as I still enjoy those and so far people have been respectful about them.

I’ll figure this out as I go.

You can find me on FFnet and AO3 with the same username. Everything on AO3 is also on FFnet, but on FFnet, some of my ficlets are organised within one fic because the formatting for series or collections is a nightmare over there.

#my headcanon for some of my headcanon posts

#my drabbles for anything short (such as ask-prompted things like ‘send me 1 line I do 5′ and such) - various pairings

My prompted 5-line drabbles are collected here on AO3 (rules here)

Mostly Drarry, but also HP f/f pairings Pansmione, Ginsy and Parvati/Pansy.

Non-Drarry will be at the very bottom of this post.

Titles link to AO3, but click ‘ffnet’ to go there instead.

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Our Times 我的少女時代 (2015)

Release date: 14 August 2015
Director: Frankie Chen
Cast: Vivian Sung, Darren Wang, Dino Lee
Genre: Romance, comedy

Lin Zhen Xin - your average Taiwanese schoolgirl struggling through the awkward years of pubertal adolescence - secretly pines after the most popular and perfect guy in school, Ouyang Extraordinary. Meanwhile, the school’s resident gangster and notorious badboy, Hsu Taiyu, harbours a secret crush on the school’s prettiest and most popular girl, Tao Minmin. Zhen Xin and Taiyu strike up a deal and decide to work together to help each other win the hearts of their dream dates. However, as the two grow to become unlikely friends, they begin to discover what true love really means and how growing up is never how one expects it to be.

My first impression of Our Times was how much it reminded me of You Are the Apple of My Eye. A coming-of-age film - set against the backdrop of a humble Taiwanese high school - and featuring the ever-present badboy (that has since become a staple in all teenaged films) who, against all odds, falls in love with the school’s prettiest and most perfect girl. Of course, the protagonist of this film here happens to be an ordinary, if socially awkward, run-of-the-mill teenager instead of the gloriously flawless Shen Chia Yi of You Are the Apple of My Eye.

Both films feature somewhat similar storylines about young love, growing up and receiving a hard knock on the head courtesy of reality - but it’s a theme that everyone can relate to, so it’s something that works. With its flashbacks to the 90s, Our Times creates a sense of nostalgia as it allows us to reminisce on the days without Internet, without mobile phones, without computers - where life was simpler, relationships were harder and love was as evasive as ever. Of course, this non-linear timeline and retro recollections is something that You Are the Apple of My Eye coined first, but Our Times does a lovely job of recreating and paraphrasing it.

The protagonist of the story is the loveable Lin Zhen Xin - with her dorky spectacles, tousled locks and bumbling clumsiness, she’s the epitome of the awkward adolescent girl and you can’t help but secretly root for her as you watch her mature from her schoolgirl naivete and blossom into a capable, functional adult. Vivian Sung does an excellent job in creating a character that all of us can love and cheer for, in spite of what seem like insurmountable odds and her character’s apparent mediocrity.

But the star of the show, really, is Hsu Taiyu. Can I just shamelessly admit up-front that I do not think that the movie would be half as enjoyable if it hadn’t cast such a good-looking lead actor? Where does Frankie Chen even find such people!!

You know how mothers and well-meaning friends always tell you to avoid badboys at all costs, because we all know how badboys and broken hearts have such an excellent track record together? Well, Hsu Taiyu is the exact reason why you should just throw all that advice out the window. As the school’s most notorious gangster, he skips classes, engages in mini turf-wars with other gangs, flirts outrageously with girls, drinks way too much beer, doesn’t seem to give two hoots about his future or education  - the list goes on and long story short, you wouldn’t want your daughter to go near Taiyu with a ten foot pole.  

However, as the plot unfolds, we realise that beneath Taiyu’s hardened exterior lies a softer, more sensitive side of him that has been swept into seclusion by a terrible accident involving his best friend several years earlier. From the little gestures and thoughtful presents that he procures for Zhen Xin, it’s not difficult to figure out that beneath his bravado, Taiyi is just this big ol’ softie. I guarantee you that by the end of the movie, you would have fallen hopelessly in love with Taiyu and you will leave the cinema disgruntled and discontent with the world and its apparent lack of real-life Taiyus.

Taiyu and Zhen Xin are utterly adorable together - watching them fumble through the beginnings of their awkward friendship and wade through the ambiguous seas of young love, there’s that “Will they, won’t they?” feeling that keeps you guessing about whether or not they will FINALLY acknowledge their feelings for each other and get together already. It’s rare to care so much about a couple but these two really are characters that you grow to love over the course of the show and by the end of the movie, you’ll be smiling, laughing and crying along with them.

An honourable mention goes to Dino Lee, who plays Ouyang Extraordinary (LOL - I swear his name doesn’t sound so stupid in Chinese) - the school’s valedictorian and the most perfect, clean-cut boy you could ever imagine. For a first timer, I have to say that he does a pretty decent job of providing a worthy rival in love against Hsu Taiyu and it’s a good effort as his debut performance. I think he could live off doing toothpaste commercials for the rest of his life because he has the most brilliant smile EVER.

In spite of the excellent casting, fantastic cinematography and sharp, witty dialogue, Our Times does fall a little short of You Are the Apple of My Eye in terms of character development and its plot. While I enjoyed seeing Jerry Yan pop out of nowhere as future Hsu Taiyu, the jump in the timeline (THIRTY YEARS) is way too large for anyone to form any sort of attachment to the grown up versions of Zhen Xin and Taiyu. Over the course of the movie, we’ve grown to love the actors Vivien Sung and Darren Wang and their electric chemistry together - something that Jerry Yan and Joe Chen (who plays the older Zhen Xin) clearly lack because they only had like 3 minutes of screen time together. You Are the Apple of My Eye understood the importance of continuity and while the film did jump a few years into the future, it chose to retain its original actors and make them appear older and more mature so that we could see for ourselves, how the characters had grown up over the course of the years. And this sense of continuity is so important because it creates a sense of finality as we watch all the loose ends get wrapped up, as we see our favourite characters with the same faces (if older looking) get the endings that they deserve. Throwing in new actors to represent the old characters that I had grown to love just made me feel like I was watching an entirely different movie altogether and this really cheapened the ending of Our Times, leaving me feeling a tad bit unsatisfied. 

In terms of plot, Our Times can be a little bit draggy in the sense that it focuses a little too much on the blossoming romance between Taiyu and Zhen Xin to the extent that the supporting cast drifts off into the backseat and becomes more of background noise than anything else. I’m never one to complain about romance or the excess of it, but I loved how You are The Apple of My Eye was a story about friendship as well as love; because this made it all the more relatable. Aren’t the best memories of our high school years mostly about the friendships that we form in boring, stuffy classrooms; the buddies that slogged with us through agonising exams, the classmates that we giggle with as we spy on the cutest boy in school? Because really, unlike Zhen Xin, how many of us have had the privilege of being chased by the hottest, baddest boy at school?

Nevertheless, Our Times definitely has a stronghold over You Are The Apple of My Eye in terms of its happier, simpler ending (Although in my opinion, You Are The Apple of My Eye has a better ending - while it may not be fairytale-happy, it’s realistic, mature and really makes you reflect on your youth and how you’ve grown up since then). Our Times does well in borrowing some of our favourite elements from the latter - the nostalgic feel of dusty, rudimentary classrooms, the simpleness of life in the 90s and its lack of technology, the understanding that young love - no matter the era - will always remain as frustrating and as heart-breaking as it always has been.

Our Times is one of those feel-good movies that no one (not even the older folk I think) will regret watching. It’s funny, it’s warm and it’ll pull at your heartstrings even - just don’t expect it to be realistic or logical and you won’t be disappointed. If only young love could be as simple and as rewarding as Our Times makes it out to be!

How good the movie was: 7/10
How much I enjoyed it: 9/10

Favourite scene (spoiler alert!)
At this point in the movie, it’s evident that Taiyu and Zhen Xin have begun to develop feelings for each other but neither of them has the balls to admit it. Zhen Xin continues to openly chase Ouyang and Taiyu pursues Tao Minmin with an almost resigned sort of vengeance.

In this scene, Ouyang sprains his ankle in the middle of one of his ever-famous basketball practices and hobbles over to the side bench, nursing his swollen ankle. Zhen Xin, who happens to be in the little provision shop just behind the bench, procures a popsicle stick from the store in hopes of offering it to Ouyang for him to ice his ankle. But instead of going up to him, she remains in the doorway just out of Ouyang’s sight, clutching the popsicle to her chest and hesitating to approach him.

Taiyu, who happens to be eating his favourite seasame noodles within the provision shop at the time, sees the entire sequence of events unfold and understands that Zhen Xin is way too shy to approach Ouyang on her own. He gets up, gives Zhen Xin a little push towards Ouyang and flashes her his trademark smirk, as if encouraging her to go for it. 

As Zhen Xin happily offers the popsicle to Ouyang, Taiyu turns his back to her and we see that his eyes have welled up with tears and he’s trying his best not to cry as he watches the love of his life walk away from him towards another boy. :(

Someone hand me a tissue already!

The Back Room - C.H.

Originally posted by 5secofperfectioon

I’ve had a lot of people tell me I should write an imagine based off of my ex, so here it is. This is very loosely based off of it so don’t think that I really did shit in the back room of my restaurant with my ex.

“Just like, all those things that ruin your lives, you know?” the kitchen manager Jared said while speaking to Luke who stood by his station at saute.

“Like Carbs?” y/n chimed in while grabbing her food of the line, both parties stopping to look at her before laughing loudly.

“God, I love you,” Luke said shaking his head before continuing to cook mussels over the stove as y/n grabbed the two plates bringing them back behind the bar to the waiting parties.

“Here you two are,” she said simply before looking around to see if any other customers had come in, only to notice it was her ex walking through the door causing her to sigh. He must have picked up a shift for someone because he wasn’t scheduled to work with her at all this week, yet, here he was dressed in his black tee that was tight on his arms and black jeans. It had only been a week since their split, not many people knowing because they chose to keep their private life separate from work. Luke was really the only one because he was good friends with Calum outside of their job.

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic’s a bitch,” he said simply avoiding her gaze dropping his keys and phone into the tip jar so he wouldn’t lose them before clocking in to the computer ready to start. It was going to be a long night if it was just the two of them on together.

“No worries,” she said back clearing empty plates from another guest into one of the bus buckets under the sink behind the bar before taking their card for them to pay. The night went by smoothly for the first few hours, both being too busy to even think about what the other was doing, until a group of four guys walked in seating themselves right in front of y/n, a smirk on one of the guys face as he watched her. “What can I get for you boys?”

“Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Gin and Tonic, Kettle on the rocks, and your phone number please, darling,” the smirking boy said smoothly, the spark in his eyes as he shamelessly looked her over caught her eye. There was no harm in flirting, but she had no intention of doing anything with him, mostly because of Calum. She may have initiated the split, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

“Drinks, yes. Phone number…we’ll see how the night goes,” she said simply before winking at him walking off to start their drinks, she could feel eyes on her, looking over to Calum who didn’t look to pleased. He heard everything she said, the bar being small so there was no way that he didn’t hear it. She shook it off, turning around to make the drinks quickly. She brought the glasses towards them making sure to pour the liquid in front of them as protocol stated before garnishing it off with whatever it needed. “Did you boys want to get something to eat as well?”

“I’d love some Salmon, and maybe you for dessert.” She tried to keep herself from rolling her eyes, biting on her lip laughing slightly, more at how straightforward and persistent he was.

“You are just very straightforward, aren’t you,” she said feeling Calum brush by her from behind, a hand lingering on her ass for two seconds too long. She bit her lip to stop herself from whining at the loss of contact when he finally walked away, y/n putting the four orders in before adding settings in front of them with plates and utensils. While she was reaching over to hand them everything, she felt the hand on her once again slipping under the black dress she had from behind rubbing her through her lace for a brief moment before walking away, bottle of vodka in his hand. “You know what, hon, you can have my number,” she said knowing she was pissing him off, writing down her number quickly before handing it to him before moving on to service bar to start on their drinks. She groaned when she noticed that she had run out of one of the bottles of wine needed, grabbing the key to the large wine cooler in the back room asking for David, the front of house manager to cover her as she went on a search for the expensive wine.

The back room was dimly lit, no one clearly had been in there all day, so when she turned the light on and went to shut the french doors behind her, she was surprised to be forcefully pushed against the wine cooler roughly, a large hand over her mouth as she made eye contact with a pissed off Calum.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, princess?” he questioned, y/n not being able to move at all due to the fact he had her pinned to the cooler. “You’re really just going to openly flirt with that guy out there? In front of me? That’s disrespectful, baby.”

“You’re the one that was sneaking around hanging out with your ex when we were together without mentioning it. I don’t see anything wrong with talking to a guy. I bet he’d be a better fuck, anyways,” she spat back, Calum nodding his head slowly before covering her mouth once again, leaning his head into her ear. She could almost hear the smirk grow on his face, his breath hitting her skin as her legs shook with anticipation.

“Princess, no one can make you cum like I do.” His free hand traveled down between her legs rubbing slightly at the lace, smirking to himself at how wet she already was before pushing her panties to the side, forcing two fingers inside of her as she cried out, her moans muffled by his rather large hand over her mouth as he mercilessly finger fucked her in the back room. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she struggled to keep her eyes open, looking into his lust filled ones as her grip tightened, his two fingers hitting all of the right spots. “That feel good princess? You like it when my fingers are deep inside your tight pussy?” All she could do was let out a muffled moan, looking over to the doors to make sure no one had caught them before looking back to Calum, her legs shaking slightly at her increasing orgasm as Cal started to slow his movements making them more deliberate as they went deeper inside of her, y/n tilting her head back against the wood of the cooler, eyes screwed shut as she let her ex carry her to the brink of her orgasm. “Say you miss me, baby, and I’ll let you cum,” he muttered, forehead pressed against hers as her eyes opened, his hand left her mouth as she tried to form coherent words, Calum’s movements slowing even more, y/n knowing if she didn’t speak up, she’d be denied of her orgasm.

“I miss you, Cal. I miss you so much,” she moaned, Calum smirking before pressing his lips to hers, his fingers speeding up again as she moaned loudly, her legs shaking as she came all over his fingers, y/n holding on to Calum tightly for support. When she regained her strength, she loosened her grip on him, trying to control her breathing as she stared at Calum, the brunette having a stupid smirk on his face.

“You know I didn’t cheat, right?” He questioned, his expression turning serious as she sighed.

“This isn’t a conversation to have a work, Calum.” He laughed dryly letting go of her shaking his head.

“You just fucking came on my fingers and your telling me that we shouldn’t be talking about this at work…cool,” he said simply before getting ready to walk away. “I love you, y/n so forgive me for not exactly agreeing with the fact you won’t let me explain myself.” She stopped short registering the first three words he said to her, for the first time nonetheless, as he continued his walk to the door.

“Wait,” she said just before he reached it. “I have an expensive bottle of red back at home if you want to talk after we get out. It’s Italian.”

“Wine sounds great, babe.”

In Which our reader is a badass with feelings for Leonard Snart. Would her feelings affect her friendship with team Flash and the Rogues?

Anon Request: could you do a imagine of the reader being a sarcastic general badass who is friends with Team Flash as well as Lisa (who notices the mutual attraction between her brother and the reader) and while at a Gala, the reader helps Rogues escape being caught because of her feelings for Leonard?? I simply adore your writing and blog BTW

Warning: None that I can think of? Maybe some bad words? Smut? Fluff? Idk I’m all over the place!


“Okay, Y’N repeat after me..I..”


“Will not..

“..will not”



“Cisco in the crotch anymore!”

You burst into laughter at the serious expression on Cisco’s face.

“This is no laughing matter Y/N this is a serious issue!” Cisco says over your laughter. “Did you know that 45% of men won’t be able to have kids because of their jerks of friends like to hit them in the crotch. And trust me sister, I wanna be popping out babies by the time I’m 30.”

You laughing soon turns into a fit of giggling. “Oh really? With who?” You ask and you notice how quickly Cisco turns his attention away from you. A deep blush forming on his face.

“Ooooh, I think I know who.”

“Don’t..forget I said anything. It’s no one.” He replies quickly, wanting to dismiss you and the whole conversation but you only smirk.

“It’s Lisa isn’t it?”

“Shut up.”

“Whooaa I can’t wait to tell Lisa this!” You say.

“Tell Lisa what?” And on just like that, Lisa Snart walks into the room in a usual clothing.

“We REALLY need to get some locks on those doors.” Cisco replies.

“Well if you do then we’re just going to have to break in.” And soon, Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, wanders in after his baby sister.

“Hi Lenny.” You says with a smile and you feel heart sky rocket when he gives you his world famous smirk.

“Oh here we go again!” Cisco expresses loudly, rolling his eyes. Barry soon walks into the room with Caitlin right behind him.



“What are you doing here?” Barry ask, looking between you and Snart quickly who slowly turns his attention away from you to Barry.

“We’ve got a problem here kids.” He says and Barry crosses his arms. “Yeah we do, you’re in my lab.” Barry responds.

“Technically, it’s our lab. Ya know..sharing and what not..” Cisco says who soon looks away, looking for something to do to avoid Lisa’s staring.

“There’s a threat to Central City and we need your help to take it out.” Snart continues.

“Is it another meta?” Caitlin ask, coming over to her deck top. Lisa leans back on the deck, tossing her hair to the side. “Some freak that can stop time.” She says.

I raise an eyebrow, both you and Cisco looking at each other. “STOPWATCH!” You both say loudly at the same time.

“We’re not naming him.” Barry says before nodding for Snart to continue who has a very amused look at his face.

“Mick, Lisa and I were knocking up a few bars when this..meta, came out of nowhere. I shot my gun at him but next thing I know, my ice hits Mick.” Snart says.

“And he was not very happy.” Lisa chimes in.

“I’m sorry but, what does this have to do with us?” Caitlin ask. “This is your area right? Plus, he’s moving in on business and I’m not a big fan of someone out robbing me.” Leonard says.

Before Barry could say anything you chime in. “We’re in!”

“We are?” Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry ask, looking at you as you shrug your shoulders. “Yeah, why not. We haven’t dealt with any meta’s in months so it’ll be nice to actually get out and stretch our legs.” You says before looking at Snart. “Plus, you owe him one Barry.”

Leonard smirks, looking at you fondly before Barry sighs. “Okay fine, we’ll help but no dirty tricks this time Snart.”

“I’m a man who always keeps my word speedy, so no need to worry.”

“I’ve got a bad feelings on this one.” Cisco replies before slurping his drink.

It’s not long after that you, team Flash, and the Rogues work out a plan to catch the meta that can stop time. Barry wanted you in to help mostly since you have your own metahuman powers to use time as well but only send objects either to it’s past or future state.

During the few days of working with all of them, you notice Lisa Snart sending you a knowing look whenever you and Leonard were talking or going over the plan. You know Lisa knows about your feelings towards Leonard, hell everyone does. It’s not like you try to hide it. Both you and Leonard shamelessly flirt with one another whenever you’re in the same room. It’s also noticeable to you when Leonard sends you long looks or how whenever he gets a chance when no one is looking he always uses an excuse to touch you.

After a few days of planning the team finds away to catch StopWatch. “Central City is going to be hosting a Gala where the most expensive diamond will be on display. If this guy really has sticky fingers then I’m positive he’ll be there.”

Leonard soon broke the team up into groups. Both Barry and Caitlin will be on the inside, scooping out the place while Lisa and Cisco are outside. Cisco holding a tablet that has footage from the inside and then there’s you and Leonard Snart left to catch him.

You were dressed up in a dark blue slim fitting dress, the color almost similar to the suit Leonard was wearing.

“Okay guys, we got eyes and ears everywhere so be on the look out for this guy but don’t make it so obvious.” Cisco says through the ear piece.

“Well, you heard the man. Care to dance Y/N?” Leonard ask and you smile. “How could I say no to that face?” You say as Leonard guides you too the dance floor, pulling you close to him as you both soon begin to waltz.

“So, you’re working with the Flash now?” He ask and you shake your head.

“No, they’ve helped me out before after the explosion happen. I guess I couldn’t find anyone who understood what I was going through.” You say, not caring if Barry and the others can hear you.

“Until you met me.” Leonard says with a smirk, pulling you closer to him and you smile, content with where you are.

But your moment is short lived when Cisco voice comes in through the ear piece, bringing you back to reality. “Guys, hate to ruin your moment but he’s here!”

Both you and Snart turn around and see him, StopWatch, disarming the guards quickly before making his way to the diamond. You both push you way through the crowd, ready to attack with Barry rushing in but time seemed to stop. The crowd, Leonard next too you, Barry running. It all came to a stop. Expect for you.

StopWatch stares at you in shock as you continue running towards him. “B-But how?”

“I’m a meta like you who can control the past and future so your time here doesn’t work on me!” You quickly land a solid kick toward him, knocking him down to the ground but you don’t stop there. Quickly, you grab the diamond just as StopWatch time effect wears off and Barry comes to a halt, looking down at him.

“Cisco, he’s down.” Barry says into his ear piece but he doesn’t get a response so he tries again. “Cisco? You there?” But still no answer. “Hey Y/N, go check on Cisco..” As Barry turns around he see’s that you’re gone along with Leonard and the diamond.

You and Leonard walk through the crowd quickly towards the basement area where Mick has already taken out the guards.

“Good to see you again boss. Mrs. boss.” Mick nods towards you and you can’t help but smirk.

“Everything already packed up?” Snart ask, walking through the parking garage where Lisa is waiting next to a red Mustang and a all black Harely.

“Took you long enough. I was starting to get bored.” Lisa replies while Leonard, without asking, hands you his suit jacket. “Sorry, got held up. Where’s the kid?”

“Passed out on a bench.” She replies before giving you a smile. “Good job Y/N.” She says before handing Mick a sit of keys to the van. “Same spot as always Lenny?” She ask and he nod before turning his attention back towards you.

“You know, you can always go back and explain yourself away.” Leonard say, stepping towards you.

You all but shake your head. “No, I think I’ll stick with you for a while.” You say with a smile. Leonard smirk and soon cuffs your face before kissing you on the lips passionately before pulling back.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks.” He whisper, rubbing his thumb over your lower lip gently before planting another kiss that ended away to quick for your liking.

Leonard soon gets on his bike and you follow suit. “Ready for our next adventure?” He ask over the sound of the bike coming to life.”

“Ready as I’ll ever be!”

And soon you’re both taking off down Central City.

A hundred million dollars richer.


Another request down. Sorry if this isn’t as good as any of my other stories. As some of you may know I had something happen in my family that really through me off to the point where I couldn’t even write. And normally, writing is my escape from reality but I couldn’t find that comfort in writing like I used too because now when I’m writing these stories they feel more like demands then my actual want. And I get it, I started this blog where people can send in request and I’m suppose to make those request but I feel like I need to draw a line at some point for some of you so you can all understand that I can’t write all the time. I am going to need some days off or I just won’t be in the mood. I know when some of you ask me when am I going to post next, I know some of you aren’t asking to be rude but some are. I don’t want to come off as bitching but sometimes it rubs me the wrong way when people demand a lot from one person. I enjoy writing these stories and I enjoy having you all read these stories as well and send me your feed back but I’m just getting back into writing and the last thing I want to see is someone demanding me to post.

I’ll try to post up as much as I can but for now it’s going to some slow updates. I totally understand if some of you don’t want to stick around, I get it. But to those who do, I promise I’ll try to get back to my old self so I can put out good stories. As always, I hope everyone has a good night and good morning!

I’m playing along

Word count: 2312

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader (finally!!!)

Summary: You fail to admit your feelings for your favourite fighting frenchman, and the subtle hints just won’t do it, so you use jealousy as your weapon.

Warning: Swearing, Light smut??? Actually not, idk. its very subtle i guess.

Note: Ya,I wanted to write a fic for Lafayette so long!!! But I had no ideas, so I asked my dear @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines to help me for the plot, but I’m not sure how much of that is still left?
Also Laf turned out a lot more salty than he is??? Headcannon for laf btw: Him calling hamilton alexandre instead of alexander. because it sounds nice. also. good french!!! Shall i translate it?

“Bonjour Lafayette”, you greeted your french friend, giving him a sheepish smile as you sat down next to him, holding a steaming hot coffee in your hands. “Oh, mon amie.” He looked up from his phone to greet you with two kisses on your cheeks in the typical french manner, making you blush in almost an instant. As always, he was wearing his hair up, and you had to resist the urge to run your fingers through it. The bright smile he was flashing you was contagious, so you decided to return it.

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content: Castiel just wants to spend a nice dinner with his friends, but they decide to flirt with their handsome waiter instead.

word count: 1251

Castiel can’t help but roll his eyes.

All he wanted was a nice dinner with his old friends from college. Just some time to catch up and bicker and enjoy their time together. They meet up at least once a month and Castiel cherishes these dates although some of his friends aren’t especially nice and he wonders for years now why he even stayed in contact with them in the first place.

Meg at least nearly stabbed him with a fork the first time they met. And instead of avoiding her like the plague she became one of his closest companions after no time at all.

Maybe Castiel is just some kind of masochist.

That would at least explain why he even bothers to make himself suffer every single time. Like right now, for example.

The evening started like any other – with a lot of hugging and talking at the same time –, but as soon as the waiter appeared at their table and smiled at them, everything else was forgotten and the women spent the last two hours competing for the man’s attention. They began to flirt shamelessly with him while kicking each other shins (and Castiel’s by accident as well on multiple occasions) with all the force they could muster.

The worst thing, Castiel can’t even blame them.

When the man introduced himself with the words, “Good evening, I’m Dean and I’m your waiter tonight”, Castiel was a little bit lost too. He met his fair shade of attractive men in the past, but Dean is seriously the cherry on top. He’s easily the most handsome man Castiel ever encountered and above all that he seems nice and witty and utterly patient. And when he quoted Vonnegut as he served their dessert, Castiel was sure he met his dream guy.

Unfortunately Dean had been so busy with all the female attention that he didn’t really interact with Castiel at all.

Quite a shame, but maybe even for the best. Because guys like Dean are mostly straight or taken or both.

And Castiel doesn’t need more disappointment in his life.

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Change of Heart

* Laurens × Reader × Lafayette

* Hamiltime

* Requested by @isis278

* Request: a John x reader x Lafayette were they met the reader in a bar and both of them fall in love with her but she decides to stay with John but then he dies and she is pregnant and Lafayette helps her raise the child and at final she decides to give him a chance.

A/N: Here’s an older request. Its long and I don’t think it’s even for both guys so sorry…I also didn’t proofread all this but I hope y’all enjoy it!

Word Count: 4,570


You took another sip of your drink. You were sitting at the bar, trying to block out the noise of the bar behind you. However, that was made increasingly difficult by the table of four men. They frequented the same bar as you. You could stop coming here, but sometimes it was funny.

You usually ignored the group but sometimes they were like a comedy show. Of course that was when they were drunk. When sober, they were mostly just loud. One of those times was now. They were talking loudly over one another, only making it louder. Then one of the men came up to the bar. “We need a round please.” He said to the bartender. He leaned his arms against the counter top and waited.

“You and your friends are being awfully loud.” You commented. You turned to look at him. He was now looking at you as well. He had some curly hair pulled into a ponytail. He also had freckles covering his cheeks.

“Oh, I apologize Miss.” He said, sounding surprisingly genuine.

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“Loki.” [One shot] SEQUEL TO: “Mr.Laufeyson”

Inspired byImagine: Loki pretending to be a Midgardian and living in the same building as you.

Prequel: “Mr.Laufeyson” [Loki - One shot]

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Here it is, finally! Second (and last) part of “Mr.Laufeyson”. ( LONG.) 

Special tags: @purelunacy25 @nejicanspin

The sound of knives being sharpened was all that could be heard in the room; the sound echoed as I shifted in my seat at the dinner table.

Why on earth did I wear this little black dress?

Was I underdressed or overdressed?

I snapped out of my inner monologue and continued to watch Mr.Laufeyson moving graciously around the kitchen after sharpening those knives.

This was the longest we had been in the same room.

It was past midnight and I had dropped by his place as he had suggested in his note.

Was this reckless of me? I still couldn’t put my finger on it but I just knew I wanted to be here.

-I’m glad you’re here, Miss Edwards. –He said without looking at me and interrupting my train of thought.

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Characters: YoongixReader
Length: 2886 words
Genre: Fluff
Comments: It has been a long week so I needed some plain ol’ Yoongi fluff, which means there is cursing because Yoongi.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

He usually came with the sun, arms enveloping you like warm rays falling through a window, and strands of hair tickling your face like the light of day tugging at your eyelids. Sometimes he would try not to wake you, carefully slipping between the sheets next to you and resting a hand on your waist as he pressed a soft kiss on the skin under your ear. Sometimes he would pretend not to want to wake you, his arm snaking around your body to pull you flush against his chest before touching his lips to your shoulder blade and letting his hand roam, a cheeky Oh, you’re awake? whispered when you would stir awake and mumble his name in a sleepy haze.

And sometimes, like today, he would crash his lips onto yours making you gasp in surprise as you were ripped from sleep, his mouth already busy working its way down your jaw and neck, and he would smile against your skin when your hands found their way into his hair and a content sigh left your chest as you closed your eyes and enjoyed the warmth spreading through your body, warmer than sunshine had ever made you feel.

He wasn’t a man of many words. You could lie in bed in a pleasant silence until the sun was high in the sky, stealing kisses and glances and I love yous. On the rare occasion that he could stay for longer than a few hours, you would let him lay his head on your chest, fingers tangled in his soft green hair, listening to his calm breathing as he finally found some sleep.

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The Cursed Immortals

I want to thank two unbelievably supportive friends for helping me with this story because it was a great undertaking to write up in a whole other world and I couldn’t do it without them.

@lynyrdwrites, who worked it over in one night and basically helped put together the ending the next rather selflessly too.

@alovelikethisneverdies, who is my writing rock and pushes me into writing things that i don’t think I’m capable of.



Caroline hears them long before they sneak up the drive climbing the walls of ivy to scramble across her lawn as quiet as possible. She rolls her eyes thinking about the long phone call she’ll have to make when Damon the leader of the Scooby gang steps on her azaleas. At the edge of the maze garden they split up as Caroline removes her robe and stalks down the stairs from her bedroom.

She feels the fabric of her night slip clinging to her flesh as she eyes the sparkling chandelier with vexation. The blonde vampire loses her expensive slippers before stepping on the cool marble flooring of the first floor as she hears Elena and Stefan on the third floor by her bedroom barely managing their level of silence. Her perfectly filed nails dig into her skin as she hears him, Klaus as he calls himself now enter through the front door.

With glass filled with bourbon swaying in one hand she fluffs her already immaculate curls smiling as his eyes widen at the sight of her. His adams apple bobbing at how hard he swallowed Caroline sipped from her glass knowing it would cause her strap to fall over her shoulder down to her arm.

She hated how much she loved his attention even after all this time they’d spent apart. Caroline tips her glass to him swaying her hips as she went to sit on her throne, or rather the lone stud embroidered broad back chair by the lit fire. She sat delicately crossing her legs gesturing for him to take a seat/

“Is that the only way you know how to break an entering? I expected more from you,” she simpers setting her arms on the rests.


Klaus stands tall his shadow looming by the parlor as he watches her make herself comfortable his body taunt from the sight. Something that happens each time he’s near her, this tug at his heart a pull from his mind he can’t seem to put his finger on.

He moved her five years ago eager for a new start after his novels started to get published but his friend’s had noticed he wasn’t aging. Stefan had asked him to give Mystic Falls a chance And Klaus had been far from his best friend too long so he gave it a go. Everything was good up until two months ago when she had appeared at the Mayor’s community Christmas party buying him free drinks and shamelessly flirting all night.

Klaus had been flattered up until Caroline stabbed Damon damn near his heart, not that the bloke didn’t deserve it for one thing or another. After things escalated they had figured out Caroline had a game plan of her own and they were determined to stop her which led them here this evening. Something was amiss with Caroline as in she was missing.

It was as if she was dust in the wind, no activities of a dangerous nature, no threats, no jokes about his bunny diet. Klaus had yet to admit to even himself but he kind of missed her lurking about dropping expensive pencils in his loft or appearing in the least likely places. 


So he smirks giving into the need to banter, “From a vampire half your age?” he utters striding toward her.

Her chin lifts, Caroline’s mouth parting in a seductive pout, “Age has nothing to do with knowledge, experience, or attraction.” she informs him sipping from her glass.

Klaus makes a noncommittal grunt as he finds a seat across from her, “You’ll find I want nothing to do with your attraction,” he replies with irritation.

She bites her tongue between her teeth a sight that has him stirring down below before she speaks, “Oh Nik, so sweet and durable, I might just keep you on a leash.”

He tangles his fingers in his lap, “I have no reply to that,” Klaus tells her at a severe loss for words while his body gave into baser instincts.

Her legs uncross shining under the flickering light of the cackling fire, “No, but your body does, it tells me a great many things Niklaus,” smiling to herself as he sucks in a breath.

Klaus struggles smelling her arousal, “We’re getting off topic Sweetheart,” he remarks, his voice raspy as her fingers dance along the lace hem.

“You came for the ash dagger,” Caroline responds tucking her feet under her, “I’m not giving it to you so while we’re just sitting here let’s have a chat,” she says.

He straightens in his seat growing annoyed, “How’s this for conversation then? Ancient or not I’m still going to kill you,” he promises though his words hold no weight.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you?” she asks, “Death is only the beginning, besides I’m already dead. You killed me.” she tells him and unlike his earlier words hers do hold weight.

Klaus blinks, his mouth parts, it closes, it parts, his mind doing that thing where it tugs at him when she’s around, “I’m sorry?” he probes.

“There’s a big black hole,” she begins and already he can tell he’ll have to stomach more than he might be able to handle.

“An empty space in the back of your mind you fill with stories, Stories like the ones you write in your novels,” Caroline says implying that she has read his works but also something more.

He leans his elbows on his thighs leaning forward to rest his head on his knuckles, “How do you know that?” Klaus asks disconcerted.

For the first time that night she looks as exposed as he feels when she speaks, “Because I lived those stories with you, you asked me to remove them.”

At this he shakes his head, “You said yourself, I’m younger than you, how could I possibly..” he doesn’t end his sentence because Caroline frowns.

“You said that, I never did,” she corrects him, “You turned me, and time alone, time without you has made me this way.”

That bomb hits him hard and he takes it, running with the theory, “I’m an ancient so make me remember it if it’s true,” he pushes.

Again she shakes her head mocking his simplicity quietly, “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” she replies swinging back the rest of her drink and setting the crystal glass aside.

“Then why tell me this now?” Klaus demands to know as he stands speeding to her, standing before her seeking the truth.

“Because it’s important you know why I’m doing this,” she reasons with him not bothering to stand up as she meets and matches his expression.

“…Burning the town to the ground,” he grumbles reaching for the glass besides her crushing it in his grasp, “Why can’t I remember? What did you do?” he yells.

The blonde’s voice is even as she speaks, “A very powerful witch, the original witch, cursed you to punish me. After you forgot you were never meant to remember.”

He notes not one quiver which only pushes him harder, “Why punish you?” he asks harshly gripping her shoulders tightly.

“For existing against her wishes, Nik, the original witch was -is your mother. I’ve been drawing her out.” Caroline shouts back at him her mind and body strong.

“All this time?” he asks letting her go to pace by the fireplace, “This -thing between us it was real, you really were protecting me?” he breathes.

“You hardly needed protection but yes,” she growls flipping her hair back as she stands up keeping track of the three bodies upstairs.

“And my friends?” Klaus asks carefully cursing the plan they had set up for this evening, mostly because it was his.

He’d been going stir crazy without having Caroline around and had convinced them that they needed to check out her home. Klaus silently pleaded their hearing wasn’t as good as Caroline’s and apparently his own though he had yet to register one thing.

Caroline knew they were there she showed as much by pointing upstairs, “They declared war first, I only came to find her and I found you instead.”

His tongue darted out licking the seam of his mouth, “And I turned you,” he speaks but he speaks only to himself, asks himself, “Did I despise you? Did I love you?”

“A little of both” Caroline answers for him, “Not to worry, the feeling was mutual. We were born in a time where love was fleeting much like now.”

“Explain,” he beseeches slowly walking to her no longer surprised, no longer afraid, more eager to figure out his feelings for her and somehow she senses this.

“The first time we met I clocked you in the jaw,” she laughs softly re-living it Klaus can tell by the look of her eyes, “My hand hurt for days after.” He watches her hand flex as if in memory.

“We fought constantly,” she smiles sadly, “It only got worse after learning we were to wed.” Caroline says practically jumping in her seat. All at once memories sprang forward in her mind, her hateful stare the day they married, the night he drunkenly asked if he could join her in their home.

“I’m the cause of the scar on the left of your collar.” Caroline informed him,” You came into my bed one night sloshed and I cut you with the blade you gifted me.”

Klaus sits on the rest of the sofa listening to her recount their story, “I didn’t know it was you not that it made me anymore sorry. You entered without my permission.”

He hums as a moment of incredulity strikes him, “Why should I believe you?” he asks trying to push the ever present, ever persistent ache of his head to the side.

“You already know what I say is the truth, I can see it on your face.” her presence dominates, her shadow growing over his by the flames while she stands from her chair.

Klaus expects her to touch him that much is evident to her but she can’t bring herself to so instead she baits him with truths. With mannerisms, private jokes, stories, afraid to let him go and knowing it’s for the best right now because not everything is ready. Everything she’s worked for so long to coordinate and if he remembered her at all he’d know how much of a control freak she truly is, even now.

“I recognize everything you think,” she tries cringing at the look on his face, “Feel, how you use your words, the way you lift your brows, tuck your hands behind your back, smirk when you know you’ve bested a foe.” Caroline replies.

“I know what you look like when you cum, I know you.” She articulates as the heat between them grows stronger both nearly forgetting they have a listening audience.

“Then tell me of you, your weaknesses and strengths for I am at a loss,” Klaus gripes struggling with his new reality because yesterday all he had to worry about was his deadline and his limited blood bags.

“I trust my Nik,” she responds honestly, “I don’t trust you, I won’t be revealing any of that,” the blonde communicates to him without remorse.

“What if I don’t want any of that back?” Klaus asks because there must be a chance that he can walk away without and consequences, surely,” I have a life here, a damn good one at that,” he tells her.

“I never planned on forcing you back into my life Niklaus,” she groans her own irritation rising to the surface, “I simply need her to give you the option of a choice.” Caroline persists.

A wave of relief flooded him at her words, “You would do that?” he questions drawing closer to her the idea seeming more intimate than sex.

“I’m complicated, not evil,” she clarifies taking a step back not as eager to be close to him as he was to get closer to her.

He bristles, his egos feathers rustled, “Your attacks say otherwise,” he rejoinders accounting for her previous moves on Elena and Damon.

“A girl does have a reputation to uphold, I can’t have baby vampires thinking I can be put down but I never killed them.” Caroline reminds him putting her chair between them.

Her hands play with the silver studs of the long back of the chair in lieu of looking at him, “I wondered about that,” Klaus laments.

She purses her lips biting her tongue, measuring her words, “It would have been easy but they are under your protection,” the other vampire explains.

He ignores the dig at his friends focusing instead on the obvious, “What would it take to make me remember?” he articulates.

“A night no one has seen in nearly a thousand years,” Caroline responds, this time sounding more like the force of nature that he had found himself under the mistletoe with.

“Like the one in three days’ time,” he realizes quickly asking, “And the moonstone?” Klaus follows her from the room making a serious effort to look at the back of her head and not the bouncing of her skirt.

“You simply touch it and you’ll know me,” her head turns as she speaks her eyes watching him in his struggle, she smiles her own ego soaring.

“I have until then to decide,” he murmurs as she takes a step in the direction of the stairs sliding into her feathered slippers.

“You do, now I’m sure you have a lot to think about so why don’t you ask your friends to come out from their hiding spaces in my home and leave,” Caroline states expecting him to be gone soon.

Something she sees as a fact as she takes the stairs slowly picking up her robe hearing each of them disappear one by one speeding off into the night. Caroline figures they’ll most likely regroup at the grill where almost all of her minions will hear them.

Meanwhile she’ll be upstairs finishing the bottle she started earlier very much alone in her bed. Evil, she thinks. She reaches her door slipping inside her darkened room unsure of why the French doors are open, until it all because clear.

“You stayed,” she sighs finding his towering frame from behind the flowing curtains she felt her near dead heart jump to her throat.

“I forgot something,” Klaus remarks shutting the doors to give them a semblance of privacy while he gravitates to her unable or unwilling to help it.

She frowns muttering, “Forgive me if I don’t find that funny,” as he laughs softly his nose brushing hers with their bodies fully level.

“Did I want to forget you or what I’d done?” he enquires while his arms wrap around the center of her waist pulling her to him roughly.

“It wasn’t about me,” Caroline tells him, the knowledge of his stubble scraping against her sensitive lips not escaping her for a moment.

“I thought as much,” he affirms as his lips taste hers gingerly his hot breath igniting her bones, pushing a sweet heat down in into her belly as he walks her backwards.

“Klaus,” she cries into his mouth as he nudges her onto the bed crawling after her his mouth chasing hers as he nestles himself between her legs.

The world seemed to shimmer as Klaus hovered over her, the moment ascending in time, expanding perfectly as her head hit the pillows. His familiar eyes watching her from above as she gripped his sweater over his heart the heat of his body making her body tingle, a whimper escaping her lips without permission.

He smirked as his hands glided down her neck and shoulder over the silk fabric that would a moment later become scraps on the wooden floor.
His lips devoured hers drawing sounds from them both while he pressed the hard planes of his clothed body over her exposed flesh.

He groaned feeling her heat pressed up against the rough texture of his black jeans rubbing over the metal of his zipper. Caroline’s fingers clung to his belt looking for the strength to undo it as he kissed her mercilessly. His touches matched the fever of his lips as he gripped her hips pressing them both impossibly close while Caroline wished to remove him of his clothing piece by piece.

It had been so long, she thought, since he had touched her like this in a moment of passion that demanded her legs be wrapped around his waist rutting angst him. His fingers kneaded her thigh rousing a deep shudder as her nails dug into his shoulder blade.

Klaus feels her under him, a quivering mess, Caroline, she was his, his to touch, he thought as his hands slid over the curve of her ass squeezing gently making her cry out into his mouth. He squeezed with more pressure next feeling her purr as he moved his hand closer to her center from under her ass. Her leg twitched as her experimentally rubbed just under her opening.

“Nik,” she cried against his panting lips, “Please,” she moans needing more of him, his touch, his drugging kisses, all of him. All he would offer.

The rough pads of his fingers from working with his brother’s after they married, the sweet taste of his lips along with the mesmeric feel of his tongue dancing with her own. She paws at him begging him quietly to remove his shirt so she can feel his bare chest against her own as he does this their faces inches apart Caroline smiles.

His nose brushes hers as if finding her again, her heart whispering that it is so as his movements become more delicate. The tips of Klaus’ fingers tracing the side of her breast his thumb caressing the rosy bud until its tight and at its peak.
He’s helpless in his effort to keep from tasting her, his head dips low taking the mound in his mouth sucking until he’s satisfied.

His free hand pinching the other breast making her squirm as he blows over the saliva the cool air causing her to shiver before he repeats his ministrations on the other breast. She moans softly as he shifts his boots hitting the floor along with his socks as Caroline finds his belt her fingers working deftly rewarded with the sound of the metal falling apart.

He groans as her fingers dip inside the line of his jeans grazing the taunt muscles making him buck against her. She feels him firm as his base, her fingers holding him as his eyes squeeze shut, his forehead dropping to her own as he pants harshly.

Klaus’s voice is strained as her name tumbles from his lips as she drags her hand down his shaft thumbing his head before sliding back towards him. He curses colorfully when she does it again his rocking his hips only adding to the hot friction Caroline created within him. His hand presses against her center causing a strangled moan to tumble out.

“I need you naked,” she whispers against his mouth Klaus only nods unable to do much else with her hand wrapped tightly around him feeling devilishly good.

“I don’t think you heard me,” she sighs as her hold loosens on him making him sag against her as she breaks the button of his jeans and drags his zipper down.

He helps her dispose of his jeans neither registering the sound they make as they hit the ground a second later too wrapped up in the feeling of their bodies pressed as one. He takes her quickened breaths in, her blown out pupils glazed over in lust with ruminants of something like love.

He looks at her in awe, Caroline’s waved mussed over the pillows, her skin sheen with sweat, how he craved her, he thought as his lips brushed her neck. His eyes nearly yellowed at the sound of her blood rushing back and forth through her system. Her scent familiar, heady, Klaus felt his fangs drop as he nipped at her collar.

Her neck stretched invitingly as her hand held him in place by the ends of his curls, her breath hitches, it’s the tiniest of noises but it’s all Klaus needs before he’s tasting her. He feels her writhe under him as her wet heat rubs his hardened length igniting a fire within him causing sparks behind his eyes as he drinks.

Caroline bites her lip to the point of breaking, his mouth leaving her neck to chase the drop of blood before he’s letting her taste her own blood on his tongue. Her stomach leaps with hot anticipation as he pushes onto his elbows still immersed in kissing her swollen lips as his fingers trail over the soft hairs over her entrance.

“I wonder how good you’ll taste here,” he murmurs against her mouth. Klaus’ thumb glides over her clit applying little pressure enjoying her overall reaction before doing it again.

Her head falls back in rapture, as his finger circles before pressing a little more firmly making her gasp as he drags his hard cock across her moistened swollen lips. Caroline feels her muscles clench in response as he leans back on his knees, his hands massaging her inner thighs all the way up hooking at the bend of her legs.

Klaus pulls her body across the sheets closer to his taking appraisal of her perky breasts bouncing with each breath. He watches with astonishment as her fingers dig into the comforter as his darkened gaze trails from her face. Caroline feels it burn down the valley of her breasts over her navel to her bare centre where he licks his lips.

Her face grows hot as the quiet laughter deep in his throat escapes him, “Later,” she growls impatiently compensated with the low timbre of his chuckle as his hand grips his cock.

Her lips chase his as he uses his hand to angle himself inside of her not yet decided if he’s done toying with her for all the trouble she’s caused him. His body more than eager to punish her for it if only loving this creature wasn’t part of the equation, and he does love her. He can recognize that now.

Klaus holds his length as he sets his body over hers leaning on his elbow as he pushes inside of her feeling her warm walls welcome him. Collectively they groan as he waits his other arm pushing under her body angling her clit perfectly against him so it brushes with each thrust. She cries into his neck as he pushes out setting a grueling pace she all but matches in her haste to catch the stars.

He sighs her name hoarsely against her lips as he uses his elbows at her shoulders as a way to level himself above her his hands tangling in her curls coercing her lips to his. A wave of unknown longing hits him as she cries his name, her lips soft and lush against his own as her walls begin to quiver around him.

A soft silent cry of eagerness overtakes her as she feels Klaus fill her each time working her body up and loving her like only her Niklaus could. She senses tears budding in the ducts of her eyes as she kisses him, it’s impossible that after so ling he’s here, solid, in her arms, filling her so completely. Needy noises escape her throat without consent as the tension builds deep within her core as her walls clench around his cock.

She chases the bright lights as he rocks steadily against her compelling her body to fall apart underneath him with abandon. His words of encouragement in her ear as she bites his shoulder drinking from him as he uses body to draw out the tiny quivers of aftershock before he’s coming with her. Klaus clings to her, his cock twitching with nearly every breath she exhales by the scar near his collar.

Hands-On Experience

Requested by @lashluster: Charlie jokingly flirts with reader. Dean gets jealous and proves to the reader that she’s his.

Word Count: 1200

Warning: Smut, semi-public sex stuff

Wearing a skirt to the restaurant was a bad idea.

Once dinner was over and you were just enjoying a few drinks, Dean’s hand had become a problem. It had started out resting innocently on your knee, then rubbing small circles into your thigh, then sliding inward under your skirt to graze your panties. You saw his smirk when he felt your wetness seeping through. You couldn’t believe he was doing this in public! At least it was loud in the restaurant, and you were squeezed between Dean and the wall, in a mostly private booth.

The problem? Charlie and Sam were sitting across from you.

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