i mostly failed at getting the pie in there

asterlark  asked:

how bout nursey and dex finally team up to play the Ultimate Prank on the rest of the team and pretend they're dating and act like they're super in love and mushy and gross and everyone's a bit surprised but not all "whAAAAT???!!" like they were hoping so they UP THE ANTE and get GROSSER hoping to annoy the team but everyone just thinks they're really cute together so it completely fails but then oh wait they actually start to like each other this was Not the plan fukc goddammit

In the kitchen, Dex says, “I love you,” and Nursey says, “I love you too.”

For some reason—no one is surprised. Finally, Bitty says, and throws himself into making a congratulatory pie; Nursey and Dex should be glad for the food but mostly they’re trying to understand why even Jack is nodding his head claiming that he saw it coming.

“You guys will be good together,” he says, and it’s just sunk into Nursey that everything is coming out in all different flavours of wrong. “Could help to improve your performance on the ice.”

Shit, Dex mouths at Nursey. They’ve gotta step up their game with this prank.

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